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Lil glares at Rose and Rose's parents are none the wiser.
POV: Lil

"Rose!" Kate yelled from the table facing Rose's room. "Dinner is ready!"

I suddenly peeked towards the hallway that led to the bedrooms and instantly began licking my lips. 'Now the twenty-year-old goddess is coming,' I thought before my right hand nonchalantly made the trip under my skirt.

I just sat there with my eyes on the 6 x 10-foot opening, awaiting Rose's arrival.

'There she is, a dazzling brunette, with great breasts, a perfect smile and of course that phenomenal body. That one that made my hand come in my panties, and is making me vibrate now,' I thought as she walked into the dining room with us. 'Oh, Kate, you gave birth to one sexy chick,' I thought before I drooled a little bit.

"Hey, Mom, hey, Dad," she greeted them before she sat down across from me. "And hi, Lil, how are you doing?" she pondered, peeking at me.

'Quit staring at her tits, stop it,' I thought, biting my lip.

Then my head slanted up. "I'm fine, Rose, you are looking good."

"Yes, that's the word that fits here," Chase pointed out, glancing at her. "Hun, are you really gonna sit at the dinner table with a guest wearing a tank top and gym shorts? Can't you put a t-shirt on, at least for Lil's sake? She is like a second mom to you, so go put something on, Rose."

"Dad," Rose whined, looking at him. "Lil has seen me slightly underdressed before; it isn't anything to get upset about, okay? It is not like I'm making her feel uncomfortable. You let your guard down when it comes to family, even though she isn't genetically related to me, I don't kiss her ass or treat her differently from mom."

I viewed her crack again. 'I'm not uncomfortable, none whatsoever, in fact, Chase. Your daughter is one sexy chick, and I love seeing whatever skin she wants to show it. Hell, I'm even okay with her showing a little more. I understand why you don't like seeing her dressed like that, but I certainly love the sight sitting a few feet in front of me,' I thought before I squinted at her boobs. 'Shucks, she is one lucky bitch. I've never even been with a woman, but yet, I'm rubbing my pussy with both of your parents just within sniffing distance of me.'

"Well, Lil?" Kate asked in a tone while glancing at me. "Do you have anything to say?"

I gazed at her for a moment as neither of us spoke a word. Although, Kate moved her head towards Rose a couple of times.

I studied Rose for another moment and did my best not to cheese. 'I can only guess she wants me to say something negative about Rose's outfit, but to hell with that. Fuck me; I want your daughter so badly right now, Kate. I don't think I'll ever tell you or her about my lust, but every time I see her, I seem to want her a little more.'

"Lil, are you going to say something to your goddaughter?" Chase groaned.

I swallowed as I bit down on my bottom lip for a moment. I peeked at both Chase and Kate a couple of times, but then my eyes landed back on Rose. I found her to be unphased; she just ate the spaghetti as if there was no elephant in the room.

'Does she know I want her? How else would she be so calm right now?' I thought, continuing to rub my cherry. "I think Rose should only wear her blue tank top and red gym shorts if she is comfortable in them. Even if I'm technically a guest here in this house, I don't think she should have to dress up on my behalf," I mentioned before my eyes settled on Rose. "She is an adult in college now, and I think you two should at least respect her choice in clothes while she is just here at home," I said while breathing heavily.

"Ha, you see, Mom and Dad, Lil understands," Rose said before she took another bite. "I'm sure Maria dresses like me now and then."

Everyone stayed silent for a moment, but my hand never stopped moving. My mouth opened up a bit, but I kept a somewhat low profile.

"Fine," Kate murmured, sitting back. "You are lucky I love you, Rose."

"I know," Rose agreed, prior to looking at me. "Hey, Lil, my mom told me that she gave me my name because you brought her red roses? And you were the first one to bring her something in the hospital, even before my grandma?"

"When she came to see Maria for the first time, she didn't bring me anything though, so I just named her after her grandma, but yes, that story is true. I thought she was nuts, but you are her daughter, and you just as special as the best looking and smelling rose in the world."

Rose's eyebrows went up, and she leaned back a bit too. I nearly thought I pressed a wrong button, but then she calmly stood up and came to me.

"Thank you," she said before she encased her arms around me. 

"Your welcome," I stated, returning the favor.

We held each other for a moment, but said nothing after that.

'Shit, shit, shit, my panties completely soaked, and I think some juice might be leaking off the chair too. Damn, this sensual young woman is doing things to me. Crap, what if I act on my desires and I mess things up with everyone in this room?' 

She delivered a peck on my cheek and sat back down.

I let out an extra deep breath. "Fudge," I muttered as softly as possible. "I just came."

I felt a full body high with them all still there. I wasn't sure if anyone had their eyes on me, but I did my best not to give myself away. It came as no easy task, but I calmly let my hand out of my panties and brought my hand into the light.

'Chase is spouting off about something as Rose and Kate have their eyes on him, so I'll nonchalantly let my fingers into my mouth,' I thought, prior to doing it. 'Now I'm sucking off all my of juice as they seem to have no idea of my actions. The best juice comes from my fantasy with Rose.'

I let my fingers out a moment later, but then I glanced at Rose. Her eyes met mine, and she smirked at me. Not a naughty smile, but like a sweet one. I was completely unsure if it meant anything, but she had me more than curious.

She broke eye contact with me, but I brought my fingers to my lips. 'Crud, what if I freaked her out though? She could know I was masturbating, and maybe she didn't actually like it. Damn, but I could be paranoid now.'

She seemed okay, but whether she was faking it or not, I had no idea. Chase and Kate went back and forth for the rest of the meal, and Rose did make eye contact with me several times over that time too.

I fought the urge to let my hand back into my panties again, but then I got up. "Thanks for the meal, Kate," I said, peeking at her.

"Fuck, you are practically part of the family, Lil. These two know how much I love cooking without making a dime, you don't need to thank me. The Roses said it all, so you don't need to thank me."

"Okay, but would it be okay if I took a shower? My water heater is busted."

"Yes, take forty minutes if you want, babe. Did you get enough to eat though, you only had one plate?"

I bit down on my bottom lip for a few seconds, and I saw Rose for a split second. "Yeah, I'm good, thank you," I replied before I headed into the hallway.

I hurried as quickly as I could without running. I certainly didn't want to make the floor creak, but I quickly made my way into the bathroom.

I went in and shut the door. "Shit, Rose might know that I want to get right between her legs and eat her out," I moaned, turning around and pressing my backside against the door. "She really got my slit wet, damn, it was inappropriate for her to wear those clothes to dinner, but I wasn't about to tell Kate and Chase that she should put better clothes on," I let out, prior to lifting my skirt again and letting my hand into my panties. "Who knows, maybe a cute twenty-year-old light brunette would be interested in an older dark brunette. I have bigger cans and a pretty face, just like her. Maybe she'd be open to at least experiment. She could be interested somewhat in seeing if she just might like girls. There is only one way to find out," I moaned, caressing my twat. "I feel weird, but I can't just stop. Whether she wanted to or not, Rose made my heart blossom with lust and love for her. I can't justify it correctly, but it seems to be eating me up inside now. My water heater is working perfectly; I just had to get some privacy."

I rubbed my cherry fiercely for a few moments as I could only hear myself breathing, rubbing my lips down there and my back scrubbing the door. As time went on, my hand went faster, as if a faster orgasm meant a better one.

It really felt like it was just about being anxious and ready for her. I knew everything I'd ever want to do with her if I ever got the chance. So, it was just a matter of that awkward time when I had to tell her I wanted her.

"I want you so badly, Rose, but I just can't tell you. I would rock your world in bed, and make you one sexier woman ready to please any woman you could ever get your hands on, including me. I'd eat that sweet pussy for you and drink every single ounce of juice you could let out. I've never eaten a snatch before, but I'm more than confident I'd make you love me as a lover. I'm more than positive, you adorable angel."

My mouth opened wide and I undid my skirt. It fell right off, and then I closed the gap between me and the sink. I slanted my body down and let my free hand down. I grabbed onto the end tightly and held it.

I stuck a couple of fingers up into my slit. "Yes, I'm almost there, Rose," I moaned, moving my fingers even faster.

My entire body shook, and I felt like I just got out of the shower. I hadn't been in there yet, but I needed to get myself off thinking about Rose's sweet body and mine together. I failed to utter another word for another moment, but then there was a knock at the door.

"Lil," Rose called out, knocking. "I don't hear the water running, and I need to use the bathroom."

"Shit," I whispered, prior to going to the shower. "Yes, I'm just about to get in, just wait a minute."


I bit my bottom lip and clenched my fists. I didn't know what to do exactly, but I just stripped and hurried right into the shower. I turned on the water and shut the clear, but blurry door. Shortly after that, I heard the door open.

I licked my lips as I looked at the door. 'There Rose is, I'm naked, and she is in the same room as me.'

I knew she could peek right back at me, so I made sure not to stare. Although, I did notice that she pushed her shorts down and sat down on the toilet. My figure vibrated even more than when I was masturbating a couple of minutes ago.

I felt the urge to put my hand right back on my pussy, but I resisted in attempts not to give myself away. I just washed my hair for a moment as Rose did her business. After I rinsed it, my eyes went back to her and then she rose up.

So I had to look away as I heard the toilet flush. I just clenched my fists again, and my feet began tapping the floor as I just waited for the ravishing woman to leave. Although, after a full minute as she flushed, I noticed she was still there. I kept my eyes off her and tried to remain cool.

It came as no easy task, but I waited for another moment before I had to glance again. 'I think she is underdressed and standing right in front of the shower. Why is she doing that? Crap, maybe she does know about my crush.'

"Hey, Lil?" she asked.

I covered my face with both palms for a few seconds, but let them slide down. I felt my heart beating incredibly fast, and I nearly thought a heart attack was approaching. I swallowed once and calmly grabbed the door.

I slid it open enough for my head to poke out. "Rose, why are you just in your bra and panties?"

She just smiled and stood there for a moment. I couldn't help, but to examine her figure and lust after it like the horny chick I was.

"So, were you actually just masturbating, thinking about me, Lil?"

I failed to utter a word, but my tongue and lips said everything. I couldn't stop myself to save my life, she just put herself out there, and I had to take advantage.

"You are eyeballing my boobs now, Lil, are you a lesbian? Does Maria know?"

"No, but those much bigger and sexier up close and without that top," I muttered, ogling them.

No one said a word for another moment, but then I felt her palms come onto my cheeks. She angled my head back up and calmly brought her hands back. Her eyebrows went up, and she nodded once.

The whole time, I just breathed heavily and fought the urge to attack her. "You aren't going to tell your mom, are you?"

"About you masturbating thinking about me a few minutes ago, eye fucking me at the table or about you doing it now?"

"All of the above."

She shook her head no, and she brought her face close to mine. I had no clue what idea she had in mind, but she stopped only a couple of inches in front of me.

'Does she want me to kiss her? I can't just do that, what if it is a trap? She could tell her mom, and then there'd be this giant odd wedge between us,' I thought, licking my lips. 'On the other hand, what if she is at least interested in finding out if she likes me?'

"Lil, I know you are like a second mom to me, but this is where you kiss me."

I failed to think any further, I just opened the door up entirely and pressed my lips to hers and closed my eyes. I wasn't sure how long she was going to let me go, but I just went for it.

'Holy shit, I'm kissing her now.'

After forty seconds, she gently pushed me off her. "I knew it; you want to fuck the shit out of me, don't you?"

I just took an extra deep inhale, followed by an exhale a moment later. "You could say that, Rose. May I please you without that cute pink bra and panty set?"

"Sorry, Lil, you have to take me out to dinner first," she broke the news, backing away somewhat.

I bit down on my bottom lip and glanced at her bosoms. "When and where, Rose?" I pondered, looking back at her face.

"No, Lil, that was a joke," she objected, putting her hands up. "We can't get involved. I'm not even really into girls, but you are stunning," she complimented me, checking out my body. "Even if I was a lesbo, you are still you. I've known you my whole life, so there is a lot of conflicted emotions there, but I had to confirm my suspicions though. You can't get away with leering at me so many times, I've caught you over ten different times just in the past month. If you are curious, I suggest you find someone else to be sure. Ask one of Maria's friends."

I stayed silent for a few seconds, and I found myself tingling a bit inside. "Then why dare I ask: did you let me kiss you?"

"Well, you being like an aunt or second mom to me did get you that benefit," she replied before she leaned down to grab her clothes. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," she assured me before she glanced down. "And I wasn't full of shit: you do have a dazzling body, Lil."

"Thank you."

She went to the door, and my eyes were pasted to her like white on rice. She turned around and peeked back at me again. I thought she'd say something, but then her right hand went to her back. I immediately felt some juice flow down my legs as I saw her bra slowly come off.

"I take it that you like my melons," she pointed out before she jiggled them around.

"I do," I answered, nodding.

She stood there for another moment and let me soak in her knockers anyway. I wasn't sure why she let me see them, but I just enjoyed the view.

"Wow, you have a perfect formula for a great rack, Rose. Your boobs are perfectly sized for her body and perfect pink nipples too."

She giggled and then she put her top back on. "Have fun playing with your bald pussy, Lil," she said before she began to turn away.


"What?" she wondered, peeking back.

I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. "May I please see your pussy?"

"Not right now, but never say never," she said before she blew me a kiss and disappeared out into the hallway.

I immediately closed the shower door and leaned back on the side wall. "Fuck me, did that just happen?" I asked myself before a pause where I closed my eyes. "Yep, it happened. Those tits are tattooed in my head now," I murmured before I placed my hand back onto my slit. "If you wanted to give me masturbation material, you did well, goddaughter," I moaned before I began playing with my twat.

She was already in my system, but her actions suddenly made her spread throughout my body like a sexual virus. I didn't know what to make of it all, but I was indeed happy at the moment.

"Yes, I'll lick those nipples for you, Rose. I'll do it, just say the word."

My back rubbed onto the wall again, and I felt my whole body become weak. I leaned down as already became challenging to stay upright. I was just too busy assaulting my cherry even to care that she had me under her spell.

Even with the hot water splashing me, I knew for sure that I was letting out my juice rapidly and I was getting hotter than hell. Everything and nothing seemed to be wrong. I knew because of our relationship, it was screwed up, but her allowing me to see her made it alight.

"Yes, I want to do it with you, Rose. I want to get you in bed and keep you in it for over a week straight. I'll eat your pussy, scissor with you, fuck you with a strap-on and everything else I've seen in porn. Even if neither one of us is lesbians, I'll make sure we're both down with the pussy by the time we walk out of the bedroom."

I spouted off endless sexy things about her, as I came several times. I didn't seem to have a goal in mind; I just wanted her in my mind for as long as possible. Regardless of what it meant exactly, I was more than okay thinking of her in that way.

I fingered myself over and over again as I just maintained the exact position. The water became cool after a while, but it didn't phase me. I never opened my eyes either, but I made sure to keep my ears open in case someone came in or knocked.

"Shit!" I cried, hitting the side wall. "I must fuck that bitch. I gotta have her at least once if only to get her out of my system. I want to see her pussy now, along with the rest of her naked body. Shit, she is beautiful in every sense of the word, and having sex with her would just be own personal heaven."

I got out a few minutes later, dried off and got dressed too. I didn't even bother saying goodbye to anyone; I just needed to get out of there for the time being. Maybe I was afraid that I was too horny then, or it'd just be too obvious what my feelings were for Rose.

Anyway, I went home and headed straight to my bedroom. "Fuck me, Rose is ravishing," I muttered, walking in there. "She looks even better than Kate did at that age," I said as I began to strip.

As I got down to my bra and panties, I strolled to my mirror. "I think I'm sexy, and I know I could surely attract a lesbian if I tried. I just know it: Rose would love me even more if she gave me the chance to pleasure her. I know she must be at least slightly curious, considering she let me kiss her," I explained before a pause. "Shit, there has got to be a way to appeal to her. In one way or another, I'll find it."

I went to my bed and turned on my laptop. I licked my lips as I knew what I wanted to do.

"Here is Pornhub and now let's go the lesbian category," I whispered before the cursor went over a few different videos as my left-hand dove into my panties. "I might not see Rose naked here, but I will see some other beautiful nude ladies play with each other," I moaned before I began rubbing my slit.

My eyes went over the pictures for the videos several times as I seemed to enter a dream-like state within only a few seconds.

I stopped on one. "Oh, that's a sexy MILF with a young woman. I can see the young thing on her stomach eating out the elegant MILF. I can't resist," I whispered before I clicked on the link.

I put the laptop next to me and lied down on my back. My hand never vacated my underwear, and my eyes never looked away from the screen.

"And there is the older woman: a sexy black haired chick with big tits, which is nothing to dislike. She is stripping now and letting me see her rocking breasts and her somewhat hairy pussy too," I pointed out before a pause. "I guess they want me to see her entire body before the younger woman comes in there."

I examined the high thirtyish MILF for a moment while I could as I never halted my pleasing. I bit down on my bottom lip and felt some drops of sweat coming down my forehead.

"And there is the young woman, and she is just in a white tank top and red gym shorts, but I can't get a good look at her face. Now, of course, the MILF covered up, and now they have to talk a bit before they get busy. Even in porn, I couldn't just expect them to have sex right away. It is alright ladies, the MILF is sexy, and now I need to see that charming younger chick," I moaned before another pause. "How is it so hot? Why does chick on chick sex arouse me so much? Now you are kissing, good. Show me your cute face down, woman."

I saw the older woman push the other down on the bed. "Holy shit, that's Rose."

"Strip me now, older, but splendid woman," Rose said in the video.

My eyes nearly felt like they were about to fall out as I saw the MILF heading to Rose's shorts. In less than twenty seconds, I saw a completely naked Rose on my computer screen. I couldn't help, but to shove my fingers up into my twat.

"You bullshitter, I can't believe what I see right now. You are getting eaten out by a MILF right now. She looks to be around my age too, but yet you said you weren't a lesbian. You lying tart, I know I'm incredibly turned on right now, but you have me pissed off right now too," I ranted before I opened my mouth completely.

I masturbated countless times in the shower, but then I suddenly had this visual to go along with my mind. It went from paradise to like super heaven so to speak in a minute. I could see all of Rose's naked goodness and even just on a computer screen; it was flawless.

I gratified myself as if my life depended on it. I couldn't help it, but as I watched Rose jiggling around as the MILF fucked the hell out of her, nothing else mattered again. Rose planted her seed in my body, and the video made it morph into the sexiest virus imaginable.

My hand felt like it had a spike in it, but considering what the cause of it was, I loved it and just kept going at it. I perceived to be in a hot tub, just steaming a bit and covered in sweat too. I tried to breathe normally, but my masturbating priority was compromising that.

"Yes, yes, yes, Rose, now you're pleasuring that old skank with your mouth," I moaned, bringing the laptop a little closer to me. "You damn hussy, you are a lesbo, you are going to town on that pussy like it is an all-you-eat buffet. Holy shit, I already thought you were a beauty, but now I don't even know what to think. I might be obsessed with you now, you have managed to mind fuck me. You did it without even knowing about it. Shit, I love you, Rose. You just a witch wrapped in an angel, but I feel those feelings now. They might just be purely sexual, but they are there now, gorgeous wench. I will get you into bed come hell or high water."

I bit my lips, slathered them and sucked on them too. Even though I got myself off frequently, I was just out on another endless masturbation session. I saw the progress bar on the video coming towards the end, but I knew I was gonna hit the 'reset' button.

Seeing Rose's beyond sexy body was nothing short of amazing, so I had to take advantage of the sight. Every time I let out a little more juice, I felt a slightly more on edge. The sexual side where I just couldn't stop. I knew it was coming, but yet, my fingers never stopped moving. I watched the video again and then a few more times after that.

"I find myself addicted to this, and I haven't even bothered to find out if she had another video uploaded to the website. I'm clueless, but it doesn't matter, I'm good with this one," I let out before releasing another strong orgasm. "Shit!" I moaned, shoving the laptop off the bed.

"Mom?" Maria asked through the door. "Are you alright?"

I let out a deep breath. "Yes, sweetheart, I just a small accident."

"Okay, I love you, goodnight."

"Goodnight, Maria, I love you too."

I just lied there for at least twenty minutes after that, and I brought my hand to my snatch. I didn't masturbate, but I just grunted several times, breathed heavily and fought the urge to pleasure myself again.

I covered my eyes with both hands. "Shit, even though I stopped masturbating, the damage is done. My slit is on fire, I did technically lie to my daughter, and I feel completely drained too," I muttered, rubbing my face. "I'm not even sure I could get off this bed right now."

I tried my best to catch my breath and regain strength. I never felt as depleted before in my life as I did then, but yet, I didn't think I had ever been so happy before though. I finally got to see Rose nude, even though it was just on a computer screen.

"You filthy lesbo, just try to reject me, I dare you," I yawned, stretching out.

I picked up my laptop and phone. "I'm making sure to bring that page up on my phone too and to save it. Now I certainly have a plan in mind to least get her to admit she might be interested in me. She has to confess it; I'm confident that she liked kissing me and seeing my naked body too."


Anyway, I went back over there the next day. I just let myself in as I always did, and made my way over to her bedroom. It was closed, but my wet panties made me push my luck. I knew all bets were off when it came to me getting what I wanted. Although, I was willing to find out.

"Oh, Kate, your daughter is doing things to me now," I muttered, slowly making my way to Rose's bedroom.

I strolled right to the door and grabbed the knob.

I twisted it and immediately opened the door. 'Oh,' I thought, halting in the doorway. 'Rose is getting naked now.'

Suddenly, my objective changed. As I saw Rose's bra drop to the floor, leaving her in just a dark green thong, I had to retake the advantage. She just stood in front of her mirror and examined herself. I could easily see her left tit, but she wasn't paying attention to the door.

Even as my intentions changed, I couldn't help, but to let my right hand back into my panties. I instantly began rubbing my cunt going up and down ever so slowly. I saw Rose's hands come up and she lifted her bosoms up somewhat.

I had no idea what she was doing accurately, but it didn't matter. Just as it wouldn't matter what she did in the video, she was naked, and that was perfect for me. She failed to utter a word, so I stayed quiet too.

Although, she took a toll on my system, so I had to breathe a little louder. I managed to keep a lid on it for the time being, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out forever. I focused on her butt then, and just studied it as if my life depended on it.

I licked my lips mercilessly and even moved into her room a little bit more. I pushed my luck a bit and just did it. I couldn't say for sure that she wouldn't scream if she saw me, but I couldn't care less. The fact that was making my juice come out again was mind-blowing.

'Holy shit,' I thought, opening my mouth completely. 'My goddaughter is lowering her thong now, so she is completely naked now. Fuck me, I can see the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet naked right now,' I thought, scrubbing my clit.

In no time at all, my hand felt like it had an icepick lodged in it deep. I couldn't help it, Rose was just like a drug to me, and I was hooked. I could imagine what effects would come to me if I did fuck her.

Then I undid my skirt and let it fall off me. Rose didn't hear it land, so I took off my tank top as well, just leaving me in my bra and panties.

I glared at her as my hand slithered back into my underwear. "You liked what you saw, skank," I mumbled, beginning to stroll towards her.

On my third step, the floor creaked.

"Lil?" she whined, turning around. "What the fuck?!" she yelped, shooting me a dirty look.

I bit my lip and slowly leaned down to my skirt. I pulled out my phone while keeping my eyes on the hot chick and then I began walking towards her again.

I peeked at her melons. "Holy crap, you have an exquisite body, Rose."

"Lil, get out of here," she ordered me, covering them and her pussy. "I don't want you seeing me in here."

I kept my eyes on her and my mouth shut as I attempted to gather my thoughts. 'It turns out; I have no idea what actually to say. My wet pussy led me into her bedroom, but didn't my brain figure an actual plan other than just showing the video,' I thought, hesitating to smile.

I just stood there and stared at her. She failed to utter a word, but I knew deep down there was a particular reason for that. I just let her have her moment because I knew she wasn't about to kick me out. I waited her out and hoped she'd speak first.

"Are you masturbating?"

"Maybe I am, what are you going to do about it?"

"Lil, leave, it isn't going to happen between us. I'm just not interested, and this is incredibly inappropriate too. Just go before I have to tell my mom about this. You are borderline pervy at the moment, and that is so unlike you. Please, go away."

My eyebrows went down, and my feet began moving towards her. She didn't let her eyes off mine, and she refused to uncover her private areas. I stopped in front of her and scanned her body once again.

"Lil, are you not hearing me? Get lost!"

I shook my head no and calmly evicted my hand from my panties. I brought it up and let her see it.

"What, are you just figuring out now that juice comes out when you rub it, Lil? Are you that fucking stupid?"

"Damn, I love and hate this new side of you, Rose. I hate the words, but they are making you so much sexier now," I mentioned before I began licking my hand.

She just featured a disgusted face and leaned back slightly.

"May I kiss you, Rose?"

"No," she objected, putting her hands out. "We're not doing anything together, sexual or not for a very long time. I'm not even gay; I wouldn't even know what to do if I was interested."

I peeked at my phone and brought up the video. "Funny," I said, bringing it up. "I'm pretty damn sure you know a few things. You are about to do some sexy things to this MILF in this video."

She looked at it while it was just the older woman there and her eyes widened as if I just busted her for murder. She just watched it as I held my position until she came into the scene.

"That is you, correct?"

"You dumb bimbo!" she growled, snatching the phone and throwing it at the wall. "How the hell did you find out about that?" she cried, waving her arms around. "You didn't tell my parents about it, did you? Please tell me you didn't, Lil," she pleaded, bringing her hands together. "Tell me now, just say it."

I breathed slowly and kept my eyes on her and tried to comprehend her situation. I was clueless on how to proceed, but I needed to address her first.

"No, but you certainly know how to please a woman though, Rose," I praised her, heading to my phone.

I grabbed it, and the video was still playing.

I strolled back to her. "You are truly gorgeous and one woman that I respect more than anyone else in this fuck up world, but that's just bitchy," I told her before a pause. "How the hell could you possibly think I'd betray you like that? Porn is quite wonderful in the right context, and you seem to be loving your work here," I explained before I put the phone down and closed the gap between us.

I just looked down at her as I was slightly taller than her.

She glanced right back into my eyes, but kept her hands down. "I'm sorry, Lil," she cried.

"Don't sob, Rose," I told her, hugging her. "I still love you dearly."

'I know I have her in the palm of my hand now, but I have to be more than careful about this. She is delicate and very sexual obviously, but I know she can scream too.'

"May I kiss you, Rose? Just once, pretty please?"

"No," she protested, breaking away from me. "Fine, you found my video, which is bullshit, it was supposed to be taken down. Some amateur shot it and posted it there without mine or that woman's permission. You busted me, so you know I like girls too, but I'm still not comfortable getting involved with you, Lil. You are the closest thing to an aunt I'll ever have."

Neither of us spoke a word for a couple of minutes, but I still tried to think of how to convince her to let me have her. She broke eye contact and peeked down towards my melons.

'Now she is bitting her bottom lip. She likes what she sees, so maybe I will just go for this,' I thought before I calmly brought my hands over to my back.

I lazily undid my bra and very slowly took it off myself. I let my nude breasts out into the light, but Rose just glanced back up at my face. I saw her shooting me one hell of a dirty look at me, which made me cheese like never before.

My fingers shallowly dug into my panties, and I pulled on them gently. "You seem to like my tits, Rose. Am I wrong?"

She couldn't formulate words, and she even began grinding her teeth. I couldn't help, but to keep my eyes on hers for the time being. I waited for her to say something though; I was dying to hear some kind of response.

'Either she is pissed off and is about to storm off, or she is about to give into temptation. It is just standing right in front of her, but on the other hand, maybe I can sweeten the pot even more,' I thought before I casually leaned down and slid down my panties as well.

I stood back up and let her soak my naked goodness in dead silence. I watched her scan my figure as if her eyes were magnifying glasses and she was in love with the sight. After five minutes, I nonchalantly moved forward, but still left a small gap.

Suddenly, she quit grinding her teeth and began drenching her lips. I could quickly peek at what I found myself lusting after, but I just smoothly grabbed onto her wrists. I slowly transported her hands over to my breasts.

She immediately shuddered somewhat and let out a deep breath too. "Holy shit, you too do have a great set of melons, Lil. Maria should be happy to have these one day," she toasted me, looking back at them.

"Oh, I know," I whispered, covering her hands with mine and closing the gap completely. "Now may I kiss you?"

"Do you promise you won't tell my parents about this?"

"About any of it?" I pondered, bringing my lips close to hers.

"About us getting involved," she answered, moving her head back. "And about the video, Lil."

I let my head back and just looked at her. "My lips are sealed," I let her know, placing my palms on her butt. "Just let me have you once, Rose. You don't have to sleep with me every night for the rest of your life, or even once," I said before I kissed her. "Although, I'm open to it if you change your mind," I whispered, pulling her to me. "Now why don't you kiss me?"

She held still for a moment as no one uttered a word again. We pressed our bodies together somewhat, but her hands maintained their position. I couldn't help, but to caress her butt cheeks ever so softly as we kept our eyes on each other.

She calmly leaned towards me and let her lips come to mine. We kissed each other for a moment, but our tongues stayed out of the equation for the time being. My hands halted movement, but then I grabbed onto her cheeks rather hard.

'Jackpot, I'm making with this sexy piece of heaven, and I'm very hopeful something else may happen now. She does have very soft lips too, and my slit is leaking yet again.'

After a three minute makeout session, my lips slowly parted from hers. "Do you mind if we move over to your bed now?" I wondered, bringing my hands back.

"Sure, horny floozy," she branded me before she grabbed my hands.

She walked back towards the bed and kept her eyes on me. I felt tingles surging throughout my body, and my juice was leaking out too. My entire body vibrated a bit, and then I saw her sit down on the bed.

I lazily arched my back towards her and kissed her again. "Do you prefer older women to younger ladies?"

She snatched my hands and brought them to her knockers. "It more depends on the chick, rather than her age, Lil."

"Good to know," I whispered, prior to getting on the bed beside her without taking my hands away from her.

Although, after another wordless moment, I let my palms off her and I calmly positioned myself behind her. I allowed my right hand come back onto her tit and I pressed my body onto hers again. She angled her head back, and I just peeked at her cherry.

I was sure she had her eyes closed and enjoyed the lust between us. I just eyeballed her down there and found myself more than intrigued. Even as I felt her naked body, it was so much more than physically touching her; it was like getting on an emotional roller coaster.

"May I feel your slit, Rose?"

"Yes, go to town if you like, Lil. It won't bite unless you want it to, busty woman."

I licked my lips for another moment and even let a little drool out. The hot chick failed to say a word and just allowed me to have my moment. I nearly felt like I was about to lose my virginity all over again. After two minutes, I very slowly brought my right hand to her twat.

"Oh, there is your fingers, Lil. Now you are feeling the snatch that you've been lusting after," she moaned, rubbing her back onto me. "Finger fuck me now and make me want you more. Make me love you in ways I probably shouldn't."

My eyes widened, and my fingers did technically move back and forth, but it was due to me being nervous. My hand acted as a vibrating cellphone, and Rose seemed to like it so some extent.

"Oh, I do like that, you slut, but you have to rub my pussy though. A jiggling hand isn't what I want," she let me know, peeking at me. "Give me a kiss now."

I looked right into her eyes. "You are so elegant, Rose, but everything is freaking me out. Your juice down there, that smile and this whole picture. Please don't tell your parents about this."

"We already established that, tart, now finger fuck me like it is the last thing you do. I will not accept any half-ass pleasuring. You better please me; you got that?"


I felt my hand getting wetter and wetter by the second, and I seemed to be giving her a hand job. I heard her moan somewhat, but I distinctly knew she wanted more. I unquestionably desired to make her feel like a whole new woman, but I froze.

'Please this woman; you wanted her, so do it. She is in the palm of your hand, you dumb chick. Rub her pussy already and make the juice come out faster.'

I bit my bottom lip and even shed a couple of tears too. I fought with myself for a few minutes as Rose just seemed to wait me out. I couldn't imagine what might have been going through her mind, but I just went with it.

I took in a deep breath and just visualized myself pleasuring her. I smiled and jiggled around somewhat. I loved the idea, but doing it was entirely different. Although, I knew I'd never forgive myself if I didn't do something eventually.

So, it seemed to be a never-ending conflict within my mind, but then I just pushed her off me. "I'm sorry, I can't do this, Rose," I whined, getting off the bed.

"Why not? You've undressed me with your eyes a million times, how can you say that now?" she pondered, closing the gap between us.

She grabbed onto my hands and brought them up to her face. She kissed them both a few times as she just smiled at me. I didn't know what to say, but I suddenly felt better. As if she literally injected love into me.

"What do you want to do with me, Lil?"

"I want to do everything with you, Rose. I want to feel every single inch of your body with mine."

She brought her hands to my butt and kissed me. "There is no need to worry; I won't bust you, Lil. Do you know why?"

"Why, Rose?"

"Even though we're not actually related, I love you, and you love me," she replied, prior to bringing her hands to my chest. "Now I'm going to show you that love is real," she warned me before she shoved me on the bed.

I cheesed and just peeked back at her. I viewed her calmly lower herself down to me and then her hands towards my slit. I couldn't utter a word to save my life, but I managed to get up on my elbows. I eyeballed her as her eyes stayed on me.

Her fingers slowly set down on my pussy lips and she immediately began rubbing them going up and down ever so lazily. I felt shivers going all throughout my body as I just loved the feeling of her. I couldn't pleasure her, but she could do it for me.

"Just how many times did you masturbate to my video? Blink one for under one-hundred and twice for over one-hundred."

I blinked twice, and she nonchalantly leaned down to my twat. "That's a lot," she mentioned before her tongue fell out.

It slid right in between my pussy lips, and I immediately fell back. "Holy shit, you are eating me out now, Rose. I love it already, so keep going."

"Shut the fuck up, Lil," she ordered me, inserting a couple of fingers into my cherry. "Lie back, and enjoy."

I did just that, but it was like I was getting a tooth pulled. You'd just have to replace the pain with pleasure and the tooth with my cherry. I jerked around, but I did my best to stay put. I felt her tongue touch down on my clit for a split second, but she also got all over my pussy walls.

"Holy shit, this is like Christmas morning now, Rose," I muttered, bringing my right hand to the back of her head. "I do love you, and I just want you so badly. I'll make you return that love more than ever."

Her eyebrows went up, so I just bit my tongue and stayed silent. I felt like she was poking at my pussy with a needle, it appeared to be so pleasurable that it was painful as well. I just caressed her head as softly as possible and held firm.

'I'm sure that she is going easy on me because I saw her eating that MILF like a pro. She fucked that chick like it was nothing. Oh, you have beautiful brown eyes, and they seem so much sexier now that you are eating me out. Shit, I'm crying somewhat now, she is making me feel so damn good.'

I tried breathing regularly, but it wasn't in the cards. Even just feeling Rose's lips on my slit lips and her tongue grazing my pussy walls was pushing me towards the edge. My entire body appeared to be drenched in sweat too, but every disadvantage was worth it.

Having her tongue anywhere on my body made me love her more, but of course, in that sexual context, she tore right through the roof. I loved getting my pussy eaten, but she brought the emotional impact more and more with each passing lick.

Her eyes just stayed on mine as if they were locked together. She was fucking me without missing a beat, but was more than capable of eyeballing me like a hawk on a snake. I had no idea why, but that made her even sexier.

"Shit," I cried. "I can't last much longer. Would you be willing to go at it with me for a little while longer?"

Her mouth calmly rose up a few inches, but let her fingers play with my slit. "My parents aren't supposed to be back for a few hours, so I'm wide open. Whatever you want to do, I'm willing to try with you, Lil. You, slutty bitch, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"What do you mean, Rose?" I sobbed, twitching around.

"You are one sick wench, spying on me. That wasn't appropriate at all, but I'll forgive you, only because I love you," Rose muttered, prior to bringing her face back to my cherry.

"Thank you so much for your forgiveness," I moaned, placing my hands back on her head. "I can't thank you enough, Rose. You are one disgusting hussy too, considering you are eating my pussy now. I love that about you, but your twat eating skills are making me a little biased."

Her hands calmly came up and landed on my breasts. She squeezed them tightly and had me lean down on my back. I couldn't see her perform her sexy actions, but the feelings were worth it. I just pictured the video, on how she was fucking that MILF without missing a beat.

I fought nonstop to hold off on shooting my lady juice, even though she said she was willing to do more. It just felt fantastic, and I couldn't imagine it just suddenly ending. Not feeling her tongue inside my cherry just seemed heartbreaking to me.

'Shit, I'm crying again. Rose is a rose that is blooming into the sexiest chick in the world. Crap, now her tongue is coming out on my clit, just don't lick it. I'll have to shoot.'

I just jerked around even more as she pressed down on it. "Fuck yes, Rose. Screw it, do it, make me cum all over your pretty face. I didn't want you to do it so soon, but do it already. Then I want to clean off your face with my tongue."

Her face calmly came up again. "We're going to have to work on you holding some stuff in, Lil. How to deal with the pleasure so the one giving it to you will love it too."

"I'm sorry, babe. I'll be better next time," I assured her, peeking at her.

She blew me a kiss and went back to my beaver again. I let my head back, and I closed my eyes too. I let my defenses down and allowed her to gratify me in ways I couldn't even imagine. My body felt to be as hot as hell, and she made it so much better than ever.

She even took my lips into her mouth and sucked on them. She only was the pro that I saw on the video, just so much sexier as I got the chance to try her out for myself. Literally, nothing could compare to doing it with her.

'Feeling that tongue on my clit is amazing, but only really hope that I do get to do it with her again,' I thought before I felt her tongue slam down on my labia.

"Oh, shit, yes, Rose!" I roared, leaning up with her. "Just like that, Rose," I sobbed, burying her head. "Here you go, sexy babe," I moaned, prior to letting my orgasm out.

It hurt like hell, but it was, in fact, the most pleasurable agony I could ever know. Squirting my juice out was beyond hot already, but as I knew the target was Rose's graceful face, it just made me want to let out all juice I possibly could.

Her head remained down there for the whole duration of my orgasm, so she took quite a shit load of my cum and as far as I knew, she loved getting every single drop. It was quite evident after I finished, she kept her face right down there.

She placed her forehead on my mound. "Wow, Lil, you are quite a squirter."

"Thank you," I groaned, placing my hands on her head.

We stayed silent for twenty minutes or so and enjoyed the cooling down period. Rose's head never parted from my cherry, but she did actually rub her face on it now and then. After those twenty minutes, there was a knock at the door.

"Shit," she groaned, quickly rising up. "I think my mom and dad came back early."


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“Fudge, I just came,” has to be the best line I’ve ever read in a sex story.

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