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A teenager going through the painful process of discovering his sexuality.
NOTE About Story: This story was originally named: Obsessed with doing myself. I wrote it back in early 2009. I decided to give it a tune-up which ended up leading to a part two.

It is based on somebody's real-life experience, yet the exact events were tailored to make it a story. I still put it in true stories though because I like to keep all of my stories in one place. I which the site had a creative nonfiction genre. Part two is pure fiction.

Shouldn't That Scare me More?

By Bistander

Before the scoopful of cereal reached my mouth, milk dropped. Shit, I thought, a direct hit. My ball sack constricted and rolled my nuts. I shouldn't be able to see my package at the breakfast table, but my parents are away for three days, so I seized the opportunity to walk around naked. For reasons I don't understand, it excites me in a twisted way.

A second carelessness act splashed my partially erect dick. It jerked and pumped blood toward the head. A thought went through my mind that should have been immediately rejected. My balls danced again and a rush of lust chemicals surged through my body. I scooped the milk and cornflakes up with the cold steel and cleaned the spoon in my mouth. My cock jerked upward when I got the white spritzes of milk off my nut sack.

The spoon touching my balls wasn't pleasurable, but putting it back in my mouth aroused me. It was an odd psychological excitement. My brain seemed to connect the spoon and my sack, which meant I had licked my balls. More blood pumped into my expanding shaft. I wondered if I'd lick my balls if it were possible. I'd like to think that was a rhetorical question for every boy.

If it wasn't, did that mean there was something wrong with me? Not only would I lick them, I'd suck them. My tongue had already touched my cockhead. I couldn't suck it, but I got the tip between my lips. It had been taxing on my spine and unsatisfying because I wanted to suck the whole thing. I wanted to feel it slide over my tongue and hit the back of my throat like I'd seen women do in porn movies. I wasn't attracted to guys, but sucking my balls and licking the soft skin between my nuts and asshole was something that I imagined. I would cum in my mouth and swallow the load, but not someone else's. Did that make me gay or just weird?

I peeled a banana. Maybe if I could get a girl to give me a blowjob worthy of the one I imagined

I'd give myself, then I wouldn't have these thoughts? Sucking off a guy wasn't an option, but if it were, would that show me how good it would feel? That thought scared me, but not enough. I stroked my cock and slid the banana in and out of my mouth. The roughness was eased by the excessive juices that filled my throat. I pulled the banana out and coated my stiff cock with spit. The warm fluid spilled on to my balls. My excitement meter was quickly approaching lack of self-control. I jerked my dick and pushed the phallic fruit into my face. My balls snugged up against my body. I shoved the full length of the banana down my throat and thrust my groin forward. Now, I was out of control.

The sight of cum launching from my cock and spraying across the table should have been disturbing, but I continued stroking and let the perverse pleasure fill me. The second burst hit my glass of orange juice and ricocheted into the remaining cornflakes. I kept on slamming my fist and jettisoned the rest of the massive load all over the wood surface. Why would blowing a load where I shared meals with my parents be wickedly erotic?

That question wasn't one I could answer, but I realized I was going to be late for school, so I quickly finished my breakfast, not thinking twice about eating my jizz. I wished I could have felt my dick pump it directly into my throat.

I cleaned off the table, wondering what Mom would think if she knew I covered it with cum. Shocked, I'm sure, but it might be her fault I turned out like this. She doesn't think I know about that day, but it's burned into my brain for life. Years earlier, I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother on her knees, her tits were hanging out, and a giant cock was in her mouth. My father's large hands held her head, pulling my mother's face forward to meet the thrust of his hips. Inch after inch, he fed her that huge dick. I swear I saw my mother's throat bulging. My father backed up and slowly extracted the reddened, spit-shined flesh. Before the head came out, he plunged it back inside my mother's head. The sight of a massive one-eyed monster would have been terrifying enough but seeing my dad face fuck my mother altered my psyche.

For months afterward, I looked at my tiny little stick and hardly noticeable balls, wondering if they would ever grow. I got over it after a while, but I'll never forget my dad's massive tool going so far down my mother's throat that it must have been in her stomach.

Later, after football practice, I still hadn't completely put that morning out of my mind. It was bad enough that I had cum on the dinner table and eaten my own jizz, but the banana and the thoughts it conjured up were too much. The idea of sucking a dick to know what it felt like to have my own in my mouth was ridiculous. It was crazy to think I could go there. I'd never get a girl if that got out, but I couldn't forget that banana in my throat while my throbbing meat spewed sperm. I had to know what it was like.

All the guys know the rule about looking around in the showers, but the only way to know if anyone was checking you out is to look. I decided to chance it.

Rick's cock was like a third leg hanging down, swinging from thigh to thigh. I couldn't believe how dark it was, much darker than his skin tone. The head was an angry purple and thicker than the tube it hung from.

I didn't know the swinging dick had hypnotized me until my cock twitched. Fuck, I was getting hard. That's all I needed was to get caught with a boner in the showers. I rinsed and rushed back to my locker, hoping I wouldn't get a full erection. I dressed quickly, trying to erase the images of that super-sized penis from my mind.

On the bus ride home, I sat alone in the back with my trouser tent. It was tempting, but I didn't chance beating off. I had enough to worry about; Rick might have caught me checking out his freakishly large tube steak. You'd think I would know if he had, but I didn't.

That evening after a TV dinner, I went online to see as many tits, asses, and pussies as I could. No dicks. Once I found a good movie, there were ten more thumbnail windows below it showing me what the site thought I'd also like to watch. It probably wasn't a conspiracy, but it felt like one because I had searched for lesbian videos and got previews of movies with giant dicks in them. The pointer hovered over a thumbnail, and I couldn't resist. Pow, a dude was stuffing what seemed like fifteen inches of cock into a smoking hot chick's face.

The kitchen door closed and someone called out my name. “Andrew.”

I cursed myself for not locking the door and minimized the browser. Before I could turn to leave the room, my next door neighbor appeared in the doorway. “Oh, hey, Mark, what's up?” I asked, hoping I didn't sound guilty.

Mark said, “Your mother told me to stop by now and then to make sure everything was good. Mothers, you know how they are?”

It annoyed me that my mother would have the high school senior check up on me, but I knew Mark wasn't the one to take it out on. I had known Mark for years. I looked up to him the way a younger boy does when an older boy starts driving. He had always been cool with me, and he never treated me like a freshmen dweeb the way most older kids did. “Yeah, I know.”

My anxiety waned, and I thought about the ridge up the front of my sweatpants. “Everything is fine, just fine,” I said and turned, hoping to hide my stiffness until Mark left. Then, I could finish watching that guy face fuck the girl.

Not only hadn't I stopped the video feed, but the browser window suddenly popped back to full screen. The chick was being stuffed at both ends. Her tiny asshole was stretched wide, and her mouth was packed with that massive dick. I scrambled to make it stop, but Mark laughed and said, “Relax, everybody watches porn.”

“Yeah, but nobody is supposed to catch you doing it.”

“At least it wasn't your mom,” Mark said. “That's embarrassing.”

I gave Mark a questioning glance. He nodded while walking over. “Yup, my mother walked in on me and fuck, that's bad . . . a game changer.”

Maybe I should tell him I walked in on my parents? “Shit, that sucks.”

“Damn, that guy has a huge cock,” Mark said and focused on the computer screen.

Once again I didn't know how to respond, so I nodded and watched that magnificent dick slide in and out of the girl's mouth. Her eyes were watering and spit dripped from her chin. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the log in Mark's pants. My own erection had returned to full on boner. It needed to be stroked. Mark's hand casually grazed his bulge, faking an adjustment, then rubbed it with more intent.

After watching a few minutes of fucking and sucking on the screen, and catching Mark touching that thing in his pants, I blurted out, “You can take it out and do that if you want.” I quickly added a laugh, but it was too late to undermine the sincerity that my tone had conveyed.

Mark appeared uncomfortable. I panicked, my face flushed, and my brain scrambled for something to say. Mark's eyes shifted back toward the computer screen. The guy's dick had gotten so stiff the rivers of blood bulged from the skin like they would on a weightlifter's arms. In my peripheral vision, I spotted Mark's zipper going down. The girl in the movie got on her knees, pressed her face and chest to the carpet and offered her ass up. It wasn't by choice when I turned my head to stare at what flopped out of Mark's pants. A porn worthy cock bobbed provocatively before my eyes. I tried not to gasp, but I was a little boy seeing my father's one-eyed monster again. I forced my focus back to the woman getting stuffed with dick, but out of the corner of my eye, I was staring at the hand moving slowly up and down Mark's cock. Would my neighbor actually blow a load on my floor?

Mark got more comfortable, I supposed because his fist was moving faster. I took it as an invitation and watched. I had never been that horny, but it was probably desperation that made me open my pants. My dick sprang free from my underwear, hit my groin, and stood there. In my mind, it felt like a throbbing cartoon thumb that had been hit by a hammer. Mark turned, stroking his cock like he planned to shoot his cum at me. He stared at my dick without pretense and grinned. “You wanna suck it?” Mark asked and stepped closer.

His words replayed in my head in slow motion. I heard, “Okay,” but I wasn't sure if I said it aloud. My face was on fire. Mark put his hands on my shoulders and I got on my knees.

I said, “I've never done this before,” but Mark didn't give me the instructions or encouragement I was hoping for.

The smooth, silky crown jerked upward when my lips touched it. It terrified me, but when it fell back to my mouth, my tongue swiped at the purple dome. I couldn't say what it tasted like or if I liked it, but my mouth opened wide. Mark pushed forward, and I circled the head, getting it wet. We both moved at the same time, and it felt like a small plum had been shoved into my mouth. My cock surged, and my balls squeezed tight. I wanted to give myself the best blowjob anyone had ever gotten, but it was Mark's dick I was sucking.

The dense flesh didn't stand straight up like mine. Instead, it sloped like it was designed to slide into my throat. It twitched every time my tongue touched it, so I grabbed the shaft and squeezed it. I shoved my hand toward Mark's groin. The cock head swelled in my mouth, and my neighbor thrust it into my throat. The immediate, instinctual urge to gag hit me, but I surprised myself and didn't jerk away. It was fatter than the tip of a banana but easier to take deep because it was smooth. My throat flooded with thick, slippery juice. I forced my face toward Mark's curly mat of hair. The spasms quickly subsided, and my throat seemed to welcome the intrusion. The initial shock of what was happening subsided, and I became aware of what I was doing.

I imagined they were mine and cupped the older boy's balls. They felt different than my own, yet the same. I worked them around in my hand, growing more eager and less conscious of Mark. With a slurp, I took the cock head from my mouth and lifted the dick. It laid against my forehead. The smell of balls made my body quiver. I took one of the older boy's balls into my mouth and stiffened as if someone had sucked my own sensitive orb. I inhaled deeply. The musky aroma made me suck hard enough to pull the other nut in. They both clogged the opening of my throat, so I tilted my head back and sucked even harder. With a mouth full of testicles, I stuck out my tongue and licked the flesh between his balls and his asshole. Isn't that what I'd want someone to do for me?

When I went back to Mark's cock, the skin on his shaft was stretched tight. I fisted the base and plunged him into my throat. I gagged, gasped and opened for more. My lips reached my hand, so I pulled it away and lodged the cock-knob in the narrow, gulping part of my throat. My gag reflex tried to save me, but the insane need to take all of him overrode it. I didn't stop until my nose hit his curly hairs.

With a gasping breath, I pulled away. The monstrous meat pole, slick with my throat lube, reminded me of my father's giant prick coming out of my mother's face. I did exactly what Mom had done; I crammed inch after inch of the glistening flesh back into my mouth. The bulbous head found a more accommodating passage this time, and my nose quickly crashed into Mark's groin. I sucked hard and backed up.

Mark moaned his approval while I face fucked myself and massaged his balls. They had tightened, and I knew what that meant. What I didn't know was whether or not I should let him shoot cum in my mouth. His already thick shaft swelled, jamming my airway. I gulped, trying to make room for the increased girth. Mark's hands moved to my head, and he humped my face.

Not being able to breathe released survival chemicals. Along with a rush of adrenaline came a wicked surge of lust. I closed my watering eyes and saw my mother's crimson face. My father was pulling her hair and ramming her throat. I knew a load of sperm was coming. Hopefully, it wouldn't make me puke.

The rapid-fire thrusting of Mark's cock down my throat was interrupted. He made a few short, choppy jerks. The ridge down the underside of his cock grew and pressed down on my tongue. With my nose smashed into the older boy's pubic hair, I felt the flesh tube expand at my lips, and the first load of ball juice rushed through the length of cock. When it burst from his bloated dickhead, I didn't have to swallow or taste it. My neighbor's cum was being pumped directly into my stomach.

I sucked hard and squeezed my lips on the dick while Mark extracted it from my face. A trail of leaking sperm followed the head all the way to my lips. The taste pleasantly surprised me. I licked my lips and savored the salty flavor.

Once my mouth was empty I got on weak legs; my erection standing strong. I imagined my balls pulsing and growing as they filled with more cum than they could hold. Mark sat in a chair, panting. I had just sucked off the guy who lives next door, yet I was afraid to jerk off in front of him. Though, if Mark offered, I'd let him return the favor. He clicked a link and another movie started. I saw a guy ass fucking a girl while another guy ass fucked him. Mark's hand was on his cock, working it. Cum oozed from the slit. He was getting hard again. I stood there with my pants around my ankles. My eyes move back and forth from the threesome to Mark's thickening prick.

“You want to try something else?” Mark asked.

Maybe I did; I may have even nodded; I'm not sure, but the older boy grabbed my hips. I stepped out of the pants, faced the double anal scene and let Mark guide me. I glanced back and saw his cockhead coated with the slime he'd milked from his rod. On the computer screen, three people were fucking in rhythm. The guy's asshole was getting pounded while his dick plunged into the girl. My puckered anal ring tingled with curiosity.

Mark slowly lowered my virgin hole to that wrecking tool. I was about to object, but the hot, slippery wetness of the boy's cockhead touched my tender asshole. It felt good. I grabbed my dick and jerked it while Mark's bulbous nob speared my anus. It wouldn't give way. He spit on his cock and pulled me harder. I widened my stance and submitted. My cock surged when the other boy's dickhead snapped through the tightness. I jacked myself like a madman and allowed Mark to lower me down on his pole. My balls tightened and pressurized more with each inch of cock.

Fuck, I was so close to blowing. Mark grabbed me around the waist and stood up. He bent me over the desk. The double ass fucking movie was inches from my face. Mark grabbed my hips and did exactly what I was looking at; he pounded my ass. I yanked my dick in rhythm with his steady fucking, imagining I was fucking a woman's butt-hole.

There wouldn't be words to explain how good it felt to have my ass violently stuffed while an orgasm mounted in my groin. I stopped stroking my cock and watched it bounce. Bam, bam, bam, the older boy's dick smashed into me. Then without touching myself, it happened; a white stream of cum flew through the air. It cleared the keyboard and splattered the computer screen. Mark rammed in with greater force, and another burst flew. It was a climax like no other. The pleasure peaked and kept on growing. Even after I stopped spewing cum, my cock stayed hard, so I used the orgasm fluid as lube and started stroking. My dick slid with ease through my tight grip.

Mark grunted every time his groin slapped my ass. I whimpered and beat my cock. A second orgasm was building. The older boy's fingers gripped painfully. He pulled me back so hard I thought he was trying to stuff his balls in me, too. A hot, lubricating stream eased the friction deep in my ass. I shuddered and let my squirting dick go. Time stopped, and every nerve ending in my body became hypersensitive. I felt Mark's dick swell with each burst of steamy cum. It soothed the walls of my abused ass tube and leaked from my asshole.

Neither Mark nor I spoke or rushed to break the connection, but after a minute Mark's waning erection slipped from my stretched hole, leaving it slippery with cum and ass juice. My dripping prick slumped as well. I was afraid to face my neighbor, so I stared at the cum that ran down the computer screen.

Mark pulled his pants up and said, “Thank you. That was incredible.”

I faced the older boy, wondering if I was supposed to agree or swear I'd never tell anyone.

“Phew, yeah, it was.” Did that mean I was available for more?

“I better go,” Mark said. “If your mother ever asks again, I'll tell her you're incredible, ah, incredibly capable of taking care of yourself.”

I smiled and thought about my mother's face at the moment my father came in her mouth.

“Thanks,” was all I said and watched my neighbor leave.

Now I knew how it felt to have a dick in my throat, and in my ass, but I still didn't know what a good blowjob felt like. Maybe Mark would eventually ask if he could suck me off. The next thought scared me, but not enough.


2019-12-29 05:21:38
i love sucking big cock and swallowing all the cum, i blew three boy friends in a row.


2019-11-14 00:40:04
Fantastic story, so sexy. I would love to hear the follow-up with the young sister. Please tell it!

Anganell BrigetteReport

2019-02-03 03:10:42
This story is as you mention a tuned up version of something you wrote years ago. The trademark of an excellent story teller is the writers ability to switch genres so easily. The plot in this story is so different from Neighbors incest or Potential, however is still a fun, entertaining and interesting story.

The Great TashReport

2018-11-01 10:21:30
Great work.


2018-08-14 15:31:05
Plenty of positive votes, thank you, but no comments. I'm assuming that means no interest in the second part I mentioned in the other comment. It's not a huge effort to post something here, but it is time-consuming. Plus, there is a chance that the sister's age might be an issue, so I'd have to make a few changes.

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