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This is a long story about several women and their fates. Not all is fantasy but based on personal experiences as a Master. Some is clearly pure fantasy, which is which is up to the reader to decide.
14. Dinnertime

Tina had arrived back at Master's quarters and was now enjoying time in the

shower. Master had said nothing to her when she arrived back except get yourself cleaned up and presentable for dinner. Gina had gone into the bathroom to help Tina and to freshen up as well.

"Things will be ok now Tina." Gina whispered.

"No, they won't." Tina sobbed.

"Trust me Tina. It will be ok. I can't say more now but you are sleeping here tonight and tomorrow you'll see." Gina was still whispering.

"Are you sure? Really sure?" Tina asked.

"Yes, but I can't say more now." Gina replied.

Gina hoped the shower had drowned out the conversation otherwise she might be in even more trouble.

If Master had been at his desk he would have both heard and seen what was going on in the bathroom but as luck would have it for Gina, he was sitting on the couch and smoking with a drink. Gina helped Tina dry off after her shower and then handed her a pair of white stockings to put on. She also gave Tina white 6inch heels to wear. Tina was dressed in white and Gina in black. Tina fully expected Gina to put her thigh straps back on and stretch her pussy lips but Gina put those straps away.

"Shouldn't you put on my straps?" Tina asked.

"No Master told me to just dress you without any extras."

"Really?" Tina asked.

"Yes, do not worry about it."

"You have stars in your collar Gina I wish I had some too." Tina was about to start crying again.

"Yes, but don't cry now we don't have time to do your make up again."

"Come Master is waiting."

"What is that on your hip Gina? Let me see."

Tina bent down to take a look at Gina's brand.

"Oh, that must have hurt terribly."

"It did, and it still does but it is ok." Gina replied.

Gina attached a leash to Tina's collar and again prompted her to move along. Tina was still in pain, but it felt good to be able to walk without the pulling and stretching of her pussy lips. Tina felt a little better now, but she was still very apprehensive. Gina had not had an easy day either and although Gina now had stars in her collar and Tina had to obey Gina, there was still a form of kinship between the two women now.

Master looked up when the two slaves entered the main room.

"Come over here and sit on each side of me."

Both Gina and Tina was a little surprised that they would be allowed to sit next to Master instead of kneeling beside him.

"Gina. I have decided to postpone your punishment until tomorrow. Tina in case Gina has not told you already, you are sleeping here tonight but not in your cot."

Tina's heart sank she would not get to sleep in the spare bed. Master had

surely though up some uncomfortable way for her to spend the night.

"Instead you will be sleeping in the bed with Gina and me. It will be your task to take on the ass fucking tonight instead of Gina, but she will be allowed to eat your pussy." Master continued.

Tina felt immediately much better. Even if she had not been fucked in her ass in a long time. In fact, she only had one cock back there. Still this evening might be a good experience after all and maybe this meant Master had changed his plans for her. Maybe just maybe Gina was right after all. Tina looked at Gina and Gina winked at her with a smile.

"You have nothing to say slave?" Master directed at Tina.

"Sorry Master It was just so unexpected. Thank you Master."

"How long has it been since you had an ass fucking?"

"A very long time Master."

"Ah you will be nice and tight then."

"Yes. Master."

"Gina you better lube her a little then when you prep her."

"Yes Master."

This was even better Master would even allow lube to be used tonight. Tina

started to relax.

"Gina. You are not off the hook but for tonight it is better to just relax, and I will punish you in the morning."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Gina was actually grateful. Being punished by Master was a lot easier to handle than having all the others punish her one at the time. The evening was shaping up a lot better than both Gina and Tina had hoped for. Master was watching Tina carefully to see her reactions. Master and the two slaves relaxed and made small talk until there was a knock on the door. Master motioned to Gina to push the button to open the door. Sarah and Sammy arrived wheeling carts with dinner and Sarah began setting the table.

"Evening Master." Both Sarah and Sammy greeted Master.

"Evening Sarah, Sammy. Dinner all ready?"

"Yes Master."

"Good then we are just missing Alex and Sue."

"Sue should be along any second she just went to fetch Targ. She had already feed and put away the bitch." Sammy informed him.

Master glanced over at the monitors and saw that the bitch was lying in her

doghouse. Alex was nowhere in sight on the monitors. Sue and Targ arrived and Gina again let them in.

"Evening Master." Sue greeted him.

"Evening Sue."

"Hello Targ."

Master petted the Great Dane that had rushed over to see his Master, wagging his tail happily.

"Wonder where Alex is?" Master said.

"Don't know Master. I haven't seen her since she changed tubes on the cow this afternoon." Sue replied.

Gina had noticed that Sarah, who was dressed in blue, was also wearing a

half-cup bra and not just the blue stockings and heels. Sammy who was dressed in black also wore a half-cup bra. Sue was also wearing a bra and was dressed in


"Master." Gina said.

"Yes Gina?"

"Should I have put on a bra just like the others?"

"Yes, Gina you should have but I failed to tell you that, so it isn't your fault. The rule is any slave with stars in her collar dresses up for dinner. That means wearing a bra for a less formal dinner and if on the rare occasion it is a formal dinner then you wear panties and a see through dress, all in the same color, with shoes to match of course." Master explained.

"I'm very sorry Master I didn't know."

"Not your fault this time. I forgot to tell you." Master replied.

Gina rose and went to get a bra. She put on a black half-cup bra and returned to the couch. Master smiled. Gina was learning fast and she was using her head as well.

"Should I put on a bra too Master?" Tina asked a little nervously. She didn't want to mess up what sounded like a good evening.

"No Tina. Only slaves with stars dress up." Master replied.

"Only one thing that is still wrong with your outfits."

"What is that Master." Sarah asked.

"Oh, I see now. Sammy and Gina are both in black." Sarah said.

"That's right. Now whose fault is that?"

"Mine Master." Sammy said. I should have told Gina to wear red.

"Yes. Since Gina didn't know about the dinner dress code, you should have

informed her, Sammy. But since it was pure luck that Sarah and Sue didn't match with Tina or Gina, it could just as well be their fault. In fact, it's all three of you that are at fault." Master said.

"Yes Master." Sarah, Sue and Sammy replied in unison.

"Well. It is a minor error and easily fixed." Master said.

Gina being very alert rose and went to the dressing area and a few minutes later returned, now dressed in all red with red heels. Again, Master was pleased with Gina. She had gone and changed without a word from him. She was shaping up nicely.

"Now everybody is present and correct. Now where is Alex?"

Tina felt a little left out being the only one not wearing a bra. Then again, she had no stars or a brand either. Alex arrived, and Master motioned everybody to go sit at the table. Gina and Tina trailed after the others not sure where they should sit or if they even should sit. Master went to the head of the table

where he always sat, and Alex went to the opposite end. Sammy took the chair to the right of Master and Sarah the one to the left. Sue sat next to Sarah and that only left two places. Gina figured that she was supposed to sit next to Sammy. Tina was left with only one choice and that was sitting next to Gina just to the left of Alex. The empty seat was left between Sue and Alex. Sarah and Sammy got up and started to pass the serving plates around. Sammy poured wine for everybody. Tina was hungry, and her mouth watered when she saw the food. Real food. Sarah had made filet medallions, with sautéed potatoes, various vegetables, and a delicious sauce. There where fresh baked bread, still warm and red wine. Neither Gina nor Tina had tasted wine in a long time. To them this was a real feast. Sarah had also made a chocolate cake for dessert.

"Let’s eat then we will have coffee over at the couch and discuss some things. We have a few things that needs to be decided here." Master said.

"Master." Tina spoke up.

"Yes Tina."

"Are we allowed to talk during dinner?"

"Ah yes. When we are all having dinner like this then slaves are allowed to talk freely within proper boundaries of course."

"Thank you Master." Tina felt much better now, emotionally. Her udders still burned and ached from being so full.

Dinner was a pleasant experience for all even if Tina wished she had been seated away from Alex. Alex kept giving her udders a glance now and again and gave Tina a few grins. She did however not say anything to Tina. Dinner was very delicious and when everybody had finished, they moved over to the couch area for coffee.

Gina and Tina served the coffee and the cake to everybody. Sue was getting a little fidgety at this point. Targ had been sitting next to Master all through the meal and he was rewarded with tastes from Master's plate. So even Targ had a feast, he even got his own plate with cake. He was now lying down at Masters feet.

"Now let’s have an update on our new trainees. We can skip Gina. I'm fully up to date on her progress. As you all can see she has all her rings in, her brand and now has her 2 stars. She has completed the first stage of her conversion to slave. Any comments, Gina?"

"No Master."

"Are you happy to be a slave Gina?"

"Yes Master."

"And you will serve and obey in everything?"

"Yes Master. I will do my very best to be a good slave."

"Without question? No matter what is asked of you?"

"Yes Master. Without question."

"Do you wish to stay on the island?"

Gina was now a little unsure what the meaning of that question was. Did she have a choice? If so what were her choices? Gina quickly figured that if she said no it probably meant she would be sold to another Master or Mistress and not sent back where she came from. Gina decided.

"I wish to stay on the island and serve you Master." She finally uttered.

"Very good. Then you shall. No going back now Gina."

"I understand Master."

"It will take hard work to earn more stars, but you have the potential of one day be like Sarah and Sammy if you prove to be a loyal, obedient and pleasing slave." Master continued.

"Yes Master. I will do my very best to always please you."

Gina's fate was now more or less sealed.

"That takes care of Gina. Let’s move on to Tina."

Tina felt like she was on trial and she was about to get the jury's verdict.

"Alex. Want to update me on her progress?"

"Sure. Tina as completed her injections as per your instructions. Her suckers and clit are now an inch long, meaty, but still very sensitive. They should stay that way now without any further treatments. Her udders once the swelling goes down should be a perfect 38DD. Nice and perky. Her pussy lips are also done, they might need a little more stretching, but they are now at nice and meaty 2 inches.

Her bush has been treated for thicker growth but no visible results as of

yet. Her fuck hole has also been treated and it appears she gets more easily excited and wetter now than she used to. She should also start to produce milk in a day or two. Small amounts at first but then depending on demand and how often she is milked her production could increase. Basically, she is ready for the whorehouse." Alex concluded.

"Very good. She does look very nice and if the bush treatment works she will look really good."

"No reason it shouldn't maybe we should shave her and then apply some oil and let her grow out again. If she is shaved on a regular basis that might help the growth."

"That's certainly worth a try." Master said.

"Tina. Do you feel like you are getting wetter now and more easily excited?"

Tina was almost in shock. They were talking about her like she wasn't there and Alex had of course mentioned that horrible word whorehouse again. The

uncertainty was really affecting Tina.

"Master. I'm not sure. It is kind of hard to tell." Tina was trying to be


"Any nasty effects from the paste?"

"Not really Master. It stings a little and feels a little irritating at first."

"Let’s continue the bush and fuck hole treatment for another week and then see how you respond Tina."

"Yes Master."

"Gina, tomorrow you will go to the lab."

Gina almost got her coffee down the wrong way and she started coughing.

"And pick up the paste and oil you need to keep Tina's treatments going. It will be your responsibility to apply those as directed by Mistress Alex."

"Yes. Master" Gina replied with a sigh of relief.

"Tina, you must obey Gina in everything."

"Yes Master."

Tina too was relieved. At least she had another week before she had to go to the whorehouse and with Gina doing her treatments instead of Alex she would not suffer.

"Any comments or questions, Tina?"

"No comments but I do have a question Master."

"What is your question?"

"What will my duties be for the next week while my treatments continue?" Tina asked.

"Mostly you will do what Gina tells you to do but it seems like you work well with Sarah in the kitchen, so you might be told to help down there too."

"Yes Master."

Tina didn't mind helping Sarah in the kitchen. They got along well. As long as she wasn't put in Alex's hands, she was happy.

"And after the week is up Master, then what?"

"We will just have to wait and see your progress, Tina."

Tina had hoped for a more definitive answer, but it was better than "then you go to the whorehouse."

"Anything else Tina?"

"No Master."

"Anything more about Tina?"

"No. I don't have anything." Alex said. She was still a little disappointed that Master wasn't going to send the whore off right away. In Alex's opinion she was only good for being a whore, the way she had resisted in the beginning. Tina would make a good moneymaking whore if she was put to work. Alex would make her views known to Master later. For now, she wouldn't say anything until she had her lab rat.

They others just shook their heads indicating they had nothing to say on the topic of Tina.

"Good. Then let’s move on to the bitch."

"Sue you haven't started working on her yet have you?"

"No Master. I thought I would get the cow in the barn first then really start to train the bitch."

"Ok but give the bitch a bath tomorrow and clean her up a bit. How is her

general condition?"

"Yes, I will Master. She does need a bath. Her ass hole is stretching nicely, it still swollen and sore but she can take the hounds easily up there now. Still not able to get the knots in her ass though but I'll work on that. Her fuck hole is sore to, but she has fewer problems taking the knots there. She still doesn't stay wet and that's probably why her fuck hole is sore. So maybe we should treat her with the paste too. She still shows signs of rebelling at times. Over all with more attention and training she should come along in a few weeks and either be ready to be breed or sold, whichever you decide Master." Sue finished her


"No milk yet?"

"No Master. She is feeling a little tighter, but I think she won't milk unless she is either breed or Mistress Alex injects her."

"What do you think Alex?"

"I think Sue is right. The pills alone will not bring her to milk."

So, the question is do we treat her or just forget about having milk from her."

"I think it better to have her not milk." Sammy said.

"Why?" Master asked.

"Because there are no milking equipment in the pens and if the hounds get a

taste for her milk the might nibble at her udders even bite her to get her milk unless she is supervised the whole time." Sammy explained.

"Good point, Sammy. They might even bite her suckers of."

"There is that risk and that would decrease her value for sale." Alex added.

"Have you sent out the wedding tapes promo and other info on the bitch?"

"Yes. I have, and we have had two more inquiries about a purchase."

"Are the bids any good?"

"Decent but not anything fantastic. I still haven't heard from our most likely buyer though."

"I have gotten lots of orders for the full tape. The tape alone should bring in nearly 25,000 dollars I think." Alex said.

"Not bad. The question still remains if we should sell her or breed her first then sell her."

"From a training standpoint. Breeding her would be a good attitude adjuster." Sue joined in.

"I agree." Sarah nodded.

"Do we have an outlet for her puppies?"

"Not yet but I'm working on that." Alex confessed.

"Until we have a secure outlet I don't want to breed her and if we get a good offer in the meantime I will sell her. The hounds will miss her but the purpose from the beginning was to train her and get her ready for sale."

"I am not in the mood for a pet bitch running around my quarters and neither are you Alex."

"No. I have better things to do. Especially if you let me have that lab rat." Alex chuckled.

"Anybody else want a pet bitch?" Master asked.

"No fox hunting on the island otherwise I could have used a bitch." Sammy


Everybody even Tina found herself laughing at what Sammy had said.

Maybe the wine had loosened her up because it really wasn't funny sitting here listening to poor Jackie's fate being decided in such a casual manor. Master was watching both Tina and Gina to see what kind of reactions they were having during this discussion. Tina appeared a little drunk, the reason for that was probably a combination of relaxing, the wine and the injections. Gina didn't seem disturbed at all.

"I don't want one either. "Sarah grinned.

"A little piggy in the kitchen I could use but not a bitch." She added laughing.

Sue looked deep in thought. She was trying to show Master that she was deserving and capable of running the pens.

"I have a couple of ideas." She finally said.

"Ok. Let’s hear them."

"I was thinking there might be a good market for well-trained hounds, hounds that would fuck on command. Many women like to be fucked by dogs and in the bdsm community, it is common for slaves to have a dog master as well. Maybe we could raise hounds and use the bitch as a training bitch. It could be a good income source for you Master."

"We could also make more tapes of her and sell"

"Finally, I was thinking maybe Sarah could make a cat suit type of outfit for her, made of dog fur, with holes for her udders and fuck holes but cover the rest of her body except the head."

Everybody looked at Sue. Nobody had really figured Sue for being very smart, but this idea had some merit.

"Not a bad idea. We need to find out what sort of money we could get and how big the market is for trained hounds. We pretty much know how much we could get for the video tapes of her fucking, of course with fur on her it might increase the value."

"What about giving her the bush treatment all over?" Alex asked.

"We really don't know if that works yet and if she only grows hair in spots she would be useless for sale." Master replied.

"Until you have perfected that in you lab. That idea is out." Master


"Could you make such a suit, Sarah?"

"I'm sure I could if we can get the right materials and it wouldn't need to be real dog hair. Nobody would be able to tell unless they felt it."

"Let me think about this but it isn't a bad idea, Sue."

"Gina you will find out what the market for trained hounds are, you can have Tina help you and you can use the computer in the main office room."

"Sue will show you in the morning."

"Yes Master." Gina said, and Sue nodded.

Gina had no idea how to do this, but Tina whispered I'm good with computers. Tina had a flash idea; maybe if she and Gina could use the computer they could send a message for help. Maybe this was a chance to get rescued.

"Are we finished with the bitch then?"

Everybody nodded.

"That leaves the cow. Where are we with her?"

"Her suckers are stretched to the 2 inches and the tubes can come off the day after tomorrow. I will inject her milk glands one more time and she needs one more injection to bring her udders up to a good 40DD. Her ass hole has been given a good workout, but we had to give her a breather because it was starting to get to swollen. She might even bleed a little when she takes a shit the next few days. Her pussy is filled with paste and sewn shut, so we will see how effective that has been. No bush treatment on her but we can start that if you want. As soon as she starts milking, which should be in a day or two, we can move her to the barn and get her settled there. Sammy needs to brand her and put her ring in. Other than that, we should have milk for our cereal again." Alex laughed.

"Sue before you go to bed you need to re arrange the cow in the cage, He looks like she is losing all feeling in her arms, so make her comfortable in a new way. Tomorrow take her down to be ringed and branded." Master told her.

"Yes Master. I'll see to it."

"Good. That takes care of the new arrival here."

"I understand Jason is on his way with four more?"

"Yes. He should be here tomorrow afternoon or thereabouts." Alex told him.

"Anything we want to buy this time?"

"A lab rat. Not sure about the rest. We could use a pony to get around the

island and to haul the supplies from the dock. That way we can stop using the van. Getting gas here is always a problem and the van can't go everywhere the cart can. Another cow wouldn't hurt either. With more people here now one cow won't produce enough milk for our use." Alex explained.

"So that would be three, in that case we might as well buy all four. Maybe have a third cow or second pony."

"Or use one of the new ones as a money whore." Gina ventured.

"Trying to protect you little ward are you Gina?"

Hmm. Yes Master. It was just an idea and I thought we were allowed to speak


"You are." Master said smiling.

Gina felt relieved. She really had not meant to speak up. Tina was grateful. At least someone was one her side and tried to help her. Gina may not have any influence but still it was nice of her to try Tina thought.

"Anything else we need to hash out tonight."

Nobody had anything else they wanted or needed to talk about. Sue was trying to think of something but there really wasn't anything else, so she knew it was about time for her little show with Targ.

"One little change for tonight. Gina I believe Sammy needs some help in the

stables tonight, so you Sarah will sleep up here tonight and help Tina with her first ass fuck."

Gina was a little taken aback about that, what help did Sammy need? Then it

dawned on her when she saw Sammy's wide smile. Gina would spend the night eating Sammy's pussy. Sarah wasn't unhappy about that little change either and neither was Tina. She liked Sarah and Gina. Only Sue and Sammy scared her a little. Especially Sue. She hadn't really encountered Sammy. She just looked a bit scary to Tina.

"Sarah why don't you get some drinks and I believe Sue has prepared a little entertainment for us this evening."

"Sure Master." Sarah replied and went to get some drinks from the carts.

Sue knew it was time for her show nothing to do about that. She stood up and started to dance around a little stroking her udders and playing with her clit. She also stuck a couple of fingers in her ass to make herself loose back there.

Her ass hole was still sore from the mint oil treatment Alex had given her and it would hurt having Targ back there, but she could get through it. She stuck her fingers deep in her pussy and then in her ass hoping she could lubricate herself a bit with her pussy juice. Then she called for Targ.

"Come here Targ."

Targ got to his feet and walked over to Sue. Sticking his nose in her crotch and licking her pussy. Sue started to moan that felt good. She was starting to get excited. Sue let Targ lick her for a few minutes. Taking more of her pussy juice with her fingers and applying it to her ass hole. She squatted and reached under Targ for his cock. Massaging the sheath, the cock soon got nice and hard and Sue took him in her mouth and started sucking him. It didn't take long before Sue got the first few spurts of pre-cum in her mouth. Not wanting to spoil the show, she dropped down on all fours.

"Up Targ." She commanded.

Targ mounted Sue without delay and his now thick hard cock was probing her

pussy. Sue decided to let him slip in and let him fuck her pussy first before taking him up the ass. Hoping the cock would be a little lubricated by her pussy.

"That is, it fuck me hard Targ."

Alex was watching and hoping Sue would forget herself or that Targ shot his load in her pussy before she could get him in her ass.

"Oh yes Targ that feels so good. Fuck me deep Targ." Sue moaned.

Sue felt that Targ was letting go some small squirts in her pussy and started to worry she wouldn't get him in her ass in time. She quickly leaned forward so that Targ would slip out. Targ wasn't slow to counter and followed her move he pushed in deeper almost getting the knot in.

Sue had to quickly reach back and pull his cock out. Targ was humping away wildly. Targ didn't let up and it wasn't easy for Sue to get him lined up with her ass hole. Sarah seeing what Sue was trying to do. Bent down and took a strong hold of Targ's cock allowing Sue to spread her ass hole. Sarah guided Targ in and with one painful push, he was buried deep in Sue's ass.

"Ouuuch." Sue let out.

"Fuck me Targ. Take my ass hard. Give me your hot load." Sue urged him on.

Targ was big and thick and every stroke hurt but Sue was close to orgasm.

"Come on Targ fuck my ass. Shoot it up there."

Finally, after a rough ass fucking Targ let go a big load up Sue's ass. Sue came about the same time but Targ kept humping a few more times before he dismounted. Sue kept her ass high in the air but reached around for Targ's cock and sucked it clean.

Her ass was burning again after the big intrusion and Sue squatted holding her hand under her ass hole and began to push the cum out in her hand. She then licked her hand clean with a smacking sound like it was the tastiest meal of the evening.

"Good show Sue. Now if you handle the bitch and the cow properly. You will soon receive your fourth star." Master praised her.

Sue was happy. Alex was pissed off, but she had no choice but to agree with


"Nice. I guess you will get your fourth star." That was all Alex said.

"Let’s have one more drinks then it is off to bed for everybody. Don't forget to tend to the cow, Sue."

"I won't Master and Thank you. I will pass on the drink and put Targ back in the pen if I may. Master."

"You may. Good Night Sue."

Master petted Targ as he and Sue passed by and he also gave Sue a slap on her ass.

Sue left to put Targ away and tend to the cow. She was happy and content even if

her ass hole burned and was sore.

Alex was the next one to leave saying she had to make some preparations for the new cargo Jason was bringing.

Sammy and Gina stayed a little longer.

"Master." Sammy started.

"Yes. Sammy."

"Are we really going to get a couple of ponies again?"

“I think so Sammy. At least one if there is one that is suitable among the new cargo."

"Would you mind Master if I came and took a look?"

"No in fact why don't you take the van and pick them up. You can keep Gina down there to help for the day tomorrow."

"Show her around the stable a bit."

"Thank you Master."

"I'll pick up the new cargo and bring back Gina then."

"That is fine."

"Goodnight then Master"

"Come along Gina."

"Goodnight Master." Gina added.

"Goodnight slaves."

Gina and Sammy left. Gina was a little apprehensive. The showing her around the stables idea was a tad worrying. Sammy sensed Gina was a little on edge.

"Don't worry Gina. We will have a good time tonight and tomorrow. There won't be anything that is painful going on. You will eat a lot of pussy tonight though and get a few licks yourself too." Sammy laughed and patted Gina's pussy.

Gina spent most of the night between Sammy's legs her face buried deep in her pussy. When they finally went to sleep, Gina's face was all sticky from Sammy's pussy juice. Sammy had managed to squirt several times again. Gina was content too. Sammy had gently eaten her pussy allowing her several orgasms, still taking care that she didn't disturb the piercings. To be safe she cleaned them right before they went to sleep in each other's arms.

Sue having put Targ away headed for the cage that held Linda the cow. Linda

heard the clicking of high heels against the floor and started to shake that was never a good sound. That clicking meant one of her tormentors was approaching.

"Evening cow"

"Mahhargh." Linda tried to moo but with the tongue tied to her clit, it wasn't easy.

"That's no good. Pull in your tongue and answer properly."

Linda pulled her tongue in which pulled hard on her clit."


Linda stuck her tongue out again to relieve the pull on her clit.

"That's better. I see you both shitted and pissed in you cage. It really stinks in here. I'm not cleaning you cage tonight. It is your own fault you stink."

Linda stayed quiet. She knew full well it stunk in the cage.

" Master thought you looked too comfortable so we need to re arrange you for the night."

Sue released Linda's legs from the lower bar and made her stand up. For the

first time in hours, the pressure on Linda's arms was released and the blood started to flow back into her fingers and hands making her all tingly feeling. Sue released Linda's arms next.

Linda could barely bring them back over the bar and down to her side. She was very sore and bruised in her armpits and upper arms that had carried all her weight the last few hours.

"Now squat cow."

Linda squatted.

"Move forward but stay squatted until I tell you to stop."

Linda did as she was told slowly moving one foot after the other.

"Stop and sit down on you fat ass cow."

Linda sat down. As soon as she did, she realized she was sitting in something wet and gooey, her own waste. Not giving Linda any chance to move Sue pushed her

down flat with her high-heeled shoe in Linda's chest. Linda was now flat on her back in her cage. Sue secured the wrists cuff together and with a chain attached to the higher bar in the cage. Pulling it tight enough that Linda's arms where stretched but not far enough that she had to lift her back of the ground.

Linda's head was held bent forward by the thread between her tongue and clit and if Linda laid her head on the floor she would pull her clit maybe even rip it

out. Sue thought that would be an interesting dilemma for the cow and enough to keep her awake all night. Sue lifted Linda's legs, spread them wide, and attached her ankle cuffs to the lower bar. Spreading her legs as far as the cage would allow. Linda was now firmly secured sitting in her own waste. Sue made one more little adjustment. She took the tube from the catheter and pushed inside

one of Linda's stockings this way when she peed again it would run down her leg and down her sewed up pussy and make a pool right by her ass.

"That looks good cow. Now don't rip your clit during the night. Even if cows don't need a clit it nice to have one." Sue laughed and closed the cage door.

Linda heard the clicking as she walked away. Her was neck already straining.

Sue went to Alex's room but found the door locked. Sue would have nowhere to sleep. She went down to the main hall, where Linda was resting in her cage and found one of Master's chairs. Sue curled up and went to sleep there.

Sarah was busy with Tina in Master's bed. Tina was on her back and Sarah was eating away at Tina's pussy. At the same time, she had 3 fingers up Tina's ass.

Sarah was licking and tugging at Tina's meaty big lips. Tina moaned she was

getting very wet and Sarah lapped up her juices. Sarah got the lube out and

worked a big blob of it into Tina's ass.

"She is ready Master."

Tina was moaning she hadn't felt this good in ages. Sarah leaned over and

started sucking Master hard.

"Ok. Tina get up and get my cock in your ass."

Tina crawled over and straddled Master. She was a little afraid since this was only the second time she had been ass fucked. Tina was facing Master and hoped he wouldn't touch her still burning udders. He grabbed her by the waist and told

her to put her hands on his shoulders and then just sit back. Tina did, and Sarah guided Master's cock into Tina's ass hole.

"Sit all the way down." Master ordered her pushing her down by her waist.

"Ahhhh" Tina groaned as her ass expanded to except the cock inside her.

"Now ride up and down."

Tina started to ride the cock in her ass and after a few strokes; it slid in and out fairly easy.

"Faster now get to work."

"Yes Master."

Tina increased her pace and she could feel her own orgasm build. Sarah helpt by fingering her pussy as she rode the cock faster and faster. Tina moaned and sweated.

"Keep going Tina. Take the cock all the way in."

Tina tried to sit down harder forcing the cock even deeper inside her ass.

"ohhhhahhh" Tina moaned.

Then on a down stroke Master shot his load up in her ass. Tina without asking came and fell forward on Master's chest. The burning in her udders flared up as they made contact with his chest. Tina didn't care she was content. For the first time she was spent but in a good way. Sarah kept stroking her back and ass. When Master slapped Tina's ass she knew she should dismount and clean his cock in her mouth. Tina almost fell asleep sucking on his cock. Sarah snuggled up to Tina and stuck a finger in her newly fucked ass. Then Master turned out the light and they went to sleep. Everybody got a good night sleep except Linda the cow.
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