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This is a long story about several women and their fates. Not all is fantasy but based on personal experiences as a Master. Some is clearly pure fantasy, which is which is up to the reader to decide.
15. New Additions

The next morning Master woke up with his two slaves busily sucking his cock. He decided Sarah needed a good slow morning fuck and besides he hadn't used her in a while. Sarah was ordered up on all fours and Tina to put her head between her legs lying on her back. Tina started to eat Sarah's pussy while Master gave Sarah a few hard strokes in her ass. Sarah was in heaven it had been awhile since her Master had fucked her. While Master pounded away in her ass Tina was licking and eating her pussy like a pro.

"Can I cum Master, please. I can't hold it any longer. It's been so long." Sarah exclaimed.

"Wait. Work your ass, Sarah. When you feel my load, you can come."

"Yes Master."

Sarah tried her best to hold back but it wasn't easy. Tina was sucking on her clit like a baby and the cock deep in her ass. Finally, Master let his load go and Sarah came with a bang, Collapsing on top of Tina. This caused the burning to start up in Tina's still swollen and tender udders. Once the three of them had recovered, they headed for the shower and then dressed. Sarah was sent down to get breakfast and Tina was sent to the lab to pick up her supplies for her fuck hole and bush treatments. Alex was already in the lab and was busy doing last minute preparation. Alex was excited about her lab rat and therefore didn't give Tina much of a hard time.

"Master told me to pick up my supplies for my treatments." Tina said.

"He sent you whore. I guess that means he wanted me to double check my


Alex walked over and grabbed Tina's udders squeezed them and mauled them for a while then pinching and pulling the suckers and clit too. Tina groaned, and the burning sensation grew much stronger again.

"You are really not good for much except being a whore and you just wait. I'll make Master see that and soon. Since you are here, drop to your knees and show me what a good pussy-eating whore you are. Do a good job or I'll tan your hide."

Tina hated Alex. She had no choice. If she refused a direct order Master would not say anything about Tina being whipped by Alex.

"Yes Mistress."

Tina knelt and started licking Alex's pussy. Alex had as luck would have it just been to the bathroom and had not wiped her pussy after she peed. Tina got a good taste of Alex's pee to start with. Tina worked her tongue hard both on the clit and pussy lips, sticking her tongue deep in Alex's pussy. Alex reached down so she could squeeze Tina's udder a bit more, causing her more agony. Tina was stuck between Alex's legs for a good 15 minutes before Alex came. Pushing Tina away so hard, she almost fell flat on her back.

"The supplies are on the table whore. You better work on your skills in eating pussy even if you won't get much pussy at the whorehouse. Now get out of here.

I have no more use for a worthless whore like you here."

Tina stood up, got the supplies, and left. She was almost in tears. Alex had a way of getting her every time. Tina also knew she would do anything she could to have her sent to the whorehouse. When she returned Sarah and Master was already seated at the table.

"What took you so long?"

"I'm sorry Master. Mistress Alex wanted service.

"That figures. Well, sit down and let’s have breakfast."

After breakfast, Tina was sent with Sarah to clean up the mess from dinner and to help with the dishes in the kitchen. Before they left, in the absence of Gina, Master applied the paste and oil to Tina's bush and fuck hole, respectively.

Master went over to his monitors as usual. Gina and Sammy was busy feeding the horses. Gina's face was still shiny with dried pussy juice. She clearly had a busy night. Sammy appeared to be in an extra good mood. Sue was feeding the bitch her morning meal.

"You know what bitch. We discussed what to do with you last night. Master left you in my care, so things will be different from now on. You will make sure you collect all the drippings from your ass and fuck hole in the bowl I gave you and you bring that in your mouth every night when I come for you."

"Yes Sue."

"It is yes Mistress from now on bitch."

"Yes Mistress."

Jackie was aware of the crop Sue was carrying and knew given just the least bit of excuse she would use it on her.

"When I'm done with the cow, I'll be back to give you a bath or maybe I'll just wait until tonight." Sue continued.

" I want you well fucked today in both holes. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

Sue bent down to squeeze Jackie's udders.

"Still no milk but they are nice and full. Once you have puppies you should fill up with milk pretty good, bitch."

"You want to have puppies don't you, bitch?"

Jackie didn't know what puppies Sue was taking about. She couldn't have puppies, only babies. Maybe they would bring her some puppies to suck on her udders. That was a disgusting thought but Jackie answered the only way she knew wouldn't give her the crop.

"Yes Mistress."

"Finish you food while I check on your holes this morning."

Jackie gulped down the beef and rice dog food that was in her bowl but found it hard to eat with someone poking and prodding her ass and pussy.

"You look fine back there. You are certainly ready for some more hounds in your holes today. No major swelling back there. So, let’s go. Heel."

Jackie took a quick drink of water then crawled up beside Sue and tried to keep pace with her as she marched into the day pens with all the hounds.

"Go play bitch."

Sue closed the pen door and left Jackie and her hounds to another day of sexual pleasures. At least for the hounds it would be pleasure. The bitch was starting to show some wear and tear in her holes from the frequent use. She was getting very red back there. Sue headed straight for the cows cage and as soon as she got close with the bucket of cow feed, she noticed the stink.

"Phew it really stinks in here. You stink cow. I'll have to give you a bath. A real warm one."

"Moooo" Linda uttered.

A bath sounded nice. She was about to drop her head and most likely tear her clit open. Sue seeing, she was about finished cut the thread that connected the tongue with the clit. Linda's head fell back with a bang. Her neck hurt something terrible.

That wasn't the only thing that hurt on Linda, just about everything did. Her pussy was irritated, and the gooey paste mixed with the juice from her pussy felt like a sticky mess. Whatever that paste contained it made her horny and with the tugging on and off on her clit Linda was in state of needing a release. Linda was released and told to stand up. She slipped on her own shit and fell down, but she managed to stand up the second time. Sue just hooked on a leash to her

collar and then dragged Linda into the room with the pool and pushed her in. Sue raised the temperature of the water to a hot setting. She handed Linda soap and a brush.

"Don't lose the soap. In your hood we would be here all day trying to find it again. Now clean all that shit of you and clean yourself good." Sue ordered her.

Taking a bath in a hood and with corset, stockings and heels wasn't what Linda had in mind but with the brush and soap she started to clean everything she could. The tubes on her suckers didn't help either. Linda soon noticed the water was getting warmer and warmer and she started sweating under the hood.

"You better hurry up or we will have boiled cow for dinner tonight." Sue


"Moooooo" Linda answered.

The water was now almost too hot, and Linda tried to get out of the pool. Sue pushed her back in.

"You need to scrub your ass better."

Linda scrubbed her ass once again as fast as she could the water was getting a little too hot for her now. Finally, Sue let her out of the pool.

"No need to dry you off. You can dry outside on your exercise wheel."

Sue pulled on the leash and the cow followed her back to the cage here she was given 10 minutes to eat her breakfast in the bucket. When time was up, Linda had managed to eat a good deal of the food. The only blessing was that they at least gave her real food now. Sue again pulled on the leash and followed by the cow she headed outside to the exercise wheel. Linda was strapped onto the wheel like before, but she still had her heels on, so Sue set the wheel to a slow walking pace.

"I'll be back later to see how you are doing but you need the exercise. We don't need flabby cows in the barn. The bulls don't like that." Sue laughed again.

"We also need to go see Sammy at the stables for some fittings."

Linda was left to walk around in her wet shoes and outfit. Just walking made the gooey paste in her pussy move around and she couldn't help starting to feel horny again.

Out at sea Jason and Jack had the four new victims ready to go to market. They had been cleaned, dressed, and properly terrified. Penny having the largest breast had been the one they had selected for the rape horse. Even if there were only two of them Penny still had gotten both her holes filled a couple of times.

She spent longer on the rape horse than Gina did since Jack and Jason had to reload in between and take a break. The four girls were in the same state as the last delivery. Jason had decided to sail straight to the island. He could always drop off any leftovers that the man didn't want to buy. Jason had also decided he didn't want to live on the island but had come up with the idea of living on the coast instead and provide shuttle traffic out to the island. Jack had already reached an agreement with Sanchez at the whorehouse but if Jason needed him for short trips he would be able to do that. Jason didn't have a virgin among his cargo this time and overall the quality was not as good as last time.

Lisa was the exception. Penny wasn't too bad, but Tess and Jane were a little plain looking even in their make-up and dressed like whores.

The yacht was about half an hour away and Jason could see the island on the


"Are the girls all ready?" Jason asked.

"Yes, just need to bring them on deck but they are all shackled and secure." Jack replied.

"We should dock in about 30 minutes. I'll go up and watch the sale and talk to the man. You stay here, or do you want to come along?"

"I'll come along. I would like to see the sale for once." Jack said.

"Ok. We will both go then."

Sammy and Gina were already at the dock waiting for the yacht. Sammy had Gina on a long leash and she had her high-heeled boots on. She also wore a bra and panties. Gina was still in her red outfit from last night minus the bra.

The two slaves had agreed or rather Sammy had told Gina that they should act in a way that would terrify the new animals the most. Alex would greet them at the complex as usual, but it didn't hurt giving them a taste on the dock too. Sammy would inspect them so she could tell Master which one or ones she thought would make good ponies.

"What will you be looking for?" Gina asked.

"Pretty strong legs. Not to big udders and general good build. If they are

petite they won't have enough strength to pull the cart. It's better if they are fairly tall to."

"You would make an excellent pony." Sammy added.

"I don't think so." Gina replied.

"Oh yes you would. You did well last night and in the stables this morning."

Gina blushed, and she wondered if Master had seen her when Sammy instructed her to suck Thunders cock. It wasn't unpleasant, but she nearly choked when he let is load go in her mouth. She wasn't prepared for the big load a horse had and the force it came out at. She had swallowed some but most of it dripped out of her mouth. Sammy had laughed and said Gina looked like she had taken a cum shower and the surprise on her face was priceless. Gina just felt embarrassed she wasn't upset with Sammy but still there was something not right about sucking horse cock. Sammy had said it was just a matter of taste and ponies learnt to swallow better.

Sammy also told her it was necessary to give the stallions relief once in a

while, it made them easier to handle. Gina was curious but wasn't sure if she should ask if Sammy did anything more than just suck them. In the end she couldn't help herself she just had to know.

"Sammy do you do anything more than just suck them?"

"You mean do I fuck the horses?"


"No. That is what ponies are for." Sammy laughed.

"Oh. Then I wouldn't make a good pony."

"Sure, you would but you would have to train a bit first. You are to tight in your fuck hole now." Sammy explained.

"Well....I hope I don't get to be a pony." Gina said.

"Based on what I saw last night. I think you are pretty well set as Master's serving slave unless you screw up really bad."

"You think so?"

"Yes, but Master wanted you to see some of what a pony would have to do. In case you had any doubts."

"Oh, I'm very happy being a serving slave. Will you tell Master that?"

"I won't have to Gina. I think he knows that or you should tell him." Sammy


"There is the yacht now. Won't be long now before we get a look at those new critters." Sammy burst out laughing.

The Yacht reduced gliding slowly up to the dock. Soon it was securely tied up at the dock and Jack went below to fetch the cargo. Jason put the gangplank in place and headed toward Sammy and Gina. He was surprised to see Sammy and Gina.

Seeing Jason again made Gina shudder. It brought back memories of the brutal fucking she had received on the yacht.

"Look at you whore. All nicely dressed up with your rings. You haven't forgotten me have you?"

Jason reached out to touch Gina's udders and rings. Sammy quickly slapped his hand away with her crop.

"Hands off. No touching Master's property without his permission." Sammy said in a firm voice.

Jason pulled his hand back with a surprised look on his face. The slap wasn't that hard, but Jason got the message.

"Jack and I will ride with you up to the house. I need to see the man. " Jason said.

"Sorry there is no room in the van for two extra people, you will have to walk." Sammy informed him.

"Now where is the new cargo? Master doesn't like to be kept waiting because of a lot of nonsense." Sammy continued.

Jason was very annoyed with being told off by Sammy, but he also knew one word from her and the man of the island could ruin all his plans. Maybe even just send him packing without buying his cargo and Jason needed to get as much as possible for them. There was one more concern he had. He didn't know who or how many people was on the island and if he made any trouble nobody would really miss him or Jack, if they just disappeared.

"Jack will be right along with the cargo. "Jason said.

Jack was having a little problem with the cargo. Lisa was giving him a lot of verbal abuse and she was trying to stall but not walking when Jack pulled on the

leash. Jack finally got tired of her nonsense and gave her a good taste of the cattle prod on her ass.

"Any more of this and it will be on your clit next." Jack warned her.

"Aaaaiiiieee." Lisa cried out.

She did get the message though and soon the four women was walking down toward where Sammy and Gina where standing. When they saw Sammy and Gina they gawked. Penny started crying, she was already in a poor state after the rape she had received onboard the yacht. Lisa now subdued had decided to go along for now and the other were simply just shaking with fear. The all knew nothing good was about to happen to them, but they were still not prepared for the half naked Gina with all her rings in plain view. Sammy looked even more terrifying than Gina did to them, so it didn't look like they were in for anything pleasant at all.

"Welcome to Devil's Island Whores. I'm Mistress Sammy and this is slave Gina. We will be inspecting you right here and now and if you don't pass my inspection, you'll go right back on that boat and I am guessing Jason here will just sell to the whorehouse on the coast." Sammy started when first Jane then Lisa rudely interrupted her.

"What is this place? Who the hell are you?" Jane exclaimed.

"I am not a whore." Lisa chipped in.

Sammy gave no warning; she simply let her crop fly with full force up between Jane's legs. The blow landed with a loud smack, right on her pussy. Jane gasped and then screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell to her knees. Lisa didn't have even a chance to react before Sammy's second swing caught her right in the pussy too. Lisa screamed and closed her legs, trying to turn away from Sammy both Jack and Jason were taken aback by Sammy's firm action. She apparently was more than just a slave and not to be tampered with. Jason thanked his lucky star he hadn't tried to challenge Sammy earlier and was now very happy about walking instead of riding in the van.

"On your feet whore or do you want another one across your miserable tits too?" Sammy continued.

Jane gingerly rose to her feet. Tears were running down her cheek and she was sobbing loudly.

"As I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted by these two whores here, I am going to inspect you. When I tell you to spread your legs, you spread them. When I squeeze your tiny tits, you stand still. When I stick my fingers up your asses or pussy, you keep your legs spread. The next whore that doesn't obey or moves or opens her mouth, will be hung upside down at the tree over there and have her pussy beaten bloody.

“Any questions?" Sammy barked in her best Mistress voice.

The four women said nothing they just sobbed and shook their heads. They were shaking and utterly terrified now. Obeying seemed to be the only way of avoiding pain and this woman was clearly capable of just about anything. Sammy ordered the women to spread their legs and she couldn't help smiling when the women now almost immediately spread their legs like nice obedient little animals. Sammy squeezed their tits, felt their legs, and stuck her fingers in their pussies and assholes. None of the women moved or made a sound. Penny got a little extra attention from Sammy. She had nice strong legs even if her pussy was a little tight; she was the only one that was useable as a pony. Her tits were a little big for a pony but only marginally. Lisa on the other hand was a little too old already even if she could be used as a pony as a second choice if Master wanted two ponies. The other two was in Sammy's opinion not worth anything at all. With the treatments they could make good cows but that was the only use she could see for them. They weren't pretty enough to even make good bitches. Of course, as moneymaking whores, they would work too. Sammy looked over at Gina.

"What do you think Gina?" She asked.

Gina didn't know what to think. Sammy's inspection of the four new women had brought back memories of her own arrival and seeing Jason and Jack again had not helpt either.

Even more importantly, she didn't know enough about what to look for in these women.

"I don't know. You have far more experience than I have."

"That's true but do you think Penny looks strong enough to be a pony?" Sammy asked.

"She does look fairly strong." Gina replied.

"Let’s get them in the van and up to the house. I think we are done here."

Gina opened the back doors and Sammy pulling on the leash, brought the four

women over to the van.

"Get in and be quick about it." Sammy ordered them.

The women obeyed without causing any trouble and Gina closed the doors. Sammy and Gina got into the van and drove off toward the complex. Leaving Jason and Jack behind.

The two men started walking.

"That Sammy is scary." Jack said.

"I have never seen her before." Jason replied.

The two men continued walking at a leisurely pace. Jason wasn't happy with the turn of events at the dock. He got a strange feeling something was wrong, but he couldn't figure out what. The fact that Sammy was at the dock and that they were made to walk all the way up to the complex, where two factors that nagged on Jason's mind. He usually got better treatment than that.

The van arrived at the complex and Sammy and Gina got out of the van. Alex was there to meet them, instead of making her little speech to the new arrivals, she told Sammy and Gina to just follow her and lead the four women directly to the main hall. When they got to the main hall, the women where each placed on a circle on the floor, a collar attached to each of them and then pull tight by a chain from above. Just like Gina remembered, she had been. When the women, you were still sobbing, and shaking were on their tiptoes and secure, Ales said.

"We are just supposed to wait for Master without giving any instructions to the whores. Master wants to make a quick check before he meets with Jason." She continued.

Sammy and Gina both nodded but said nothing. They waited for Master in silence.

They didn't have to wait long. The door swung open and Master walked in with Tina, Sue, and Sarah in tow. Linda had been brought back inside and was back in her cage. She was strapped spread eagled in the cage, facing the area where the new women were standing

"What have we got here this time?" Master asked.

"A pretty poor bunch in my opinion." Sammy informed him.

"I agree." Alex said.

"You four whores look to your left. See that cage? It is called the training and discipline cage. You will all get a chance to visit inside. Just like the cow in there now." Master said in a stern voice.

The women all glanced toward the cage and seeing Linda made them even more

terrified then they already where. What was this place? They all wondered.

"Oh good." Lisa exclaimed.

"OHHHHHH." Penny uttered.

The other two remained quiet. Tess was to stunned to say anything and Jane was still hurting from Sammy's crop.

Alex didn't waste any time. She quickly gave first Penny then Lisa a good taste of the cattle prod right on their nipple. They both screamed loud as the current hit.

"No talking unless you are told to whores. Next time it will be an even stronger jolt and right between your legs as well. Penny and Lisa stopped screaming but they were now so frightened that Lisa peed in her panties.

Master pointed at Tess.

"Sammy take that one down and put a leash on her. Then follow me. I see Jason has arrived. You come to Gina."

To Alex he said.

"I'll be back shortly. Keep our guests entertained."

The three of them, with Tess dragged behind on her leash, left the room and went to the reception area where Jason and Jack where now waiting.

"Hello Jason."


"This is the worst cargo you ever brought me. Why is that?" Master asked Jason.

"Well. I thought the guinea pig was a rush order, so we just brought what we could."

"I see. Well this one I am not interested in at all. She is to plain and body shape isn't great either. You can take her back." Master continued.

Sammy handed Jack the leash to Tess.

"The other three I'll buy but I'll only pay 75,000 for them."

"That isn't enough." Jack joined in.

"We want at least 50,000 each." Jason said.

"Then you can have them all back and sell them to Sanchez. He will pay you no more than 10,000 each, maybe 15,000 for the Penny girl."

"Sammy go and get the others." Master ordered Sammy.

"Yes Master."

Sammy turned and started to walk away.

"Wait. Let's split the difference." Jason said.

"No 75,000. Take it or leave it. Since I understand this is your last trip I'm being generous."

"How did you know it is our last trip?"

"I make it my business to know everything. If you are wondering, I don't need any shuttle service from the coast either. I already have that."

Jason wasn't just confused. He was worried. How did he know all this? Sanchez had probably told him about the deal he had made with Jack, but Sanchez knew nothing about Jason's shuttle plan. Jason looked at Jack. Was he the one that had told him? Jason didn't like the way things were going.

"My condolences by the way, I heard Ben and Larry were killed in a very bad car accident." Master added.

Jason knew nothing of this. Ben and Larry were dead and the man standing in

front of him knew about it or was it a bluff? Just to intimidate him. Then it dawned on Jason it was an arranged accident. That is what the man was telling him. Jason had totally underestimated the man and his capabilities. It was now clear that Jason's slave trading operation had been kept under close surveillance by the man, but by whom? Why had he not noticed? Jason was now really worried, was he about to have an accident too? Is that why Jack for the first time wanted to come along to see the sale, so the yacht was left unguarded? There were so many questions and no answers.

"Ok. 75,000 it is then. We have a deal." Jason said.

"Good" Master replied.

"The money will be transferred into your account as usual. Good luck to you

since we won't be doing business again."

Master turned and walked away. Sammy and Gina following him. Jason and Jack

returned to the yacht with Tess in tow on her leash. Jack locked her back in one of the cells and the yacht left the island for the last time or was it the last time?


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