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A violent femdom story, with a fatal ending. I do not own the character Cammy White, nor do I make money from the story.
Leonhard was using his computer for complex chemical equations, wracking his brains in service of a nasty dictator named Bison. He was caught in a raid on his own workplace, and given the choice of a very lucrative pay, or demise. The choice was obvious. Still, even with no direct pressure on him, the man knew he was working in dangerous conditions. He suspected his work was needed for some sort of weapon...

Cammy smiled as she saw the poor nerdy-looking male typing away at a computer. She slid out of the air duct and then made it look as if she was walking up to him. Her boots clacking against the tile floor of the building. She even went so far as to put a little extra sway in her hips as she moved towards him. Leonhard heard the clacking, and turned his swivel chair around, petrifying in a moment as he saw an intruder in his room. A sexy, female intruder. Trying to keep calm, he asked, in a slightly foreign accent: “Who are you, madam?” It seemed she had a military background. Cammy grinned having achieved the exact response she had intended to from the scientist. "I am one of Bison's lieutenants. I want an update on your progress." she said, moving to sit on the counter in front of him where he would be able to see between her legs. Leonhard was now rather anxious. Still, he suppressed his fears to an extent: “The requested chemical has sufficient controllability to be used. Reactivity with Kevlar is excellent; however reinforced concrete is proving to be mildly resistant.”

Cammy nodded her head listening to the report being given by the scientist. “That's good.,” she said to him as she spread her legs allowing him a view of her covered crotch. Now the scientist's eyes ballooned, as he bit his lips. “Indeed.”, he says, breathing deeply. Leonhard had no luck in private life, since...well, his birth. “Mmmhhh… see something you like?” she purred to him as she reached between her legs to outline her pussy. “You seem like you might know more than that. Would you care to tell me?” she purred to him as she used her other hand to trace the outline of her breasts in the green leotard. Biting his lips, Leonhard says in a clearly distressed state: “Eh...the chemical requires electrical impulses to detonate.” He had soon developed a boner, and was overheated from the reaction of his body to the erotic display of this woman. Cammy smiled, nodding her head. “Anything else that needs to be done?” she purred pulling aside the crotch of leotard to expose her pussy to him. “That can't be all there to it, mister?” she purred lustfully to him.

With his skin tingling intensely as the sight of a woman, exposing her body to him affected his mind more and more, Leonhard took time to formulate a reply: “Well, it is not expensive to produce; however, operators must use solid protective equipment, since the compound is toxic.” Cammy nodded as she gently extended her legs so they wrapped around his shoulders. With a gentle flexing of her knees, she drew him closer to her moist pussy. "What sorts of protective equipment should be worn?" she purred to him. Leonhard was close to mental incapacitation by now. Yet, he did not dare to lick the operative's pussy. He was a bit too polite for that. “N-not neoprene. I know...asbestos itself in unhealthy, but I'd use that...or something coated with platinum, maybe?”

“Ah I see. So if I was to transport it how should that be done, exactly?” she purred to him as she her fingers between her legs then fully spread her pussy lips. “I wouldn't want the compound...to be driven on a...bumpy road. Teflon containers...” he says, as his eyes roll around. She nodded her head. “Good. Any other special precautions that are in order?” she asked somewhat firmly while she gently pushed his head with her legs closer to her crotch. The scent would be filling his nostrils by now. “Don't mix with water...,” the man says, as he moans lightly, taking in the scent of this lady's moist pussy, as his eyes close partially. “So what should one do if he were to… say accidently spill it?” she pressed on with her questions, pushing his head nearly to her pussy.

“O, dear...run...run fast...” the man said, but his sounds are muffled by the woman's pussy, as he briefly wonders about whether the operative would like to write all these things down. However, his concentration levels were very low, now. Cammy smiled. “Mmm… good. So since you've been such a good lad for me, why don't you lick my pussy? Go on, I don't mind in the least. A helpful lad like you deserves a reward.” she purrs. Breathing in slight relief, Leonhard starts to tremble as his tongue begins going all over the outer lips of the blonde's pussy. At some point, he kisses the private area of this inquisitive lady, while his body heats up tremendously. He has never had a chance to do this, and so his body reacts strongly to the sensations. Cammy leaned her head back moaning hotly as he did so. “Unh…in fact I'm so grateful that you may take your dick out and stroke it to a climax. Go on, I like a show.” she said. Cautiously, the scientist hesitated a bit, before unzipping the trousers, and pulling his penis out, which was already erect. He wasn't stroking it hard, since the very sounds this woman was making had the potential to make him cum. He began licking her faster, while going right inside her pussy with his tongue. Cammy moaned as she felt his tongue on her pussy. “Ahhh…yeah that's it! Fuck yeah lick my pussy good!” she moaned to him. Trembling as he could sense the woman's excitement and pleasure, Leonhard licked faster and deeper, moaning a bit himself, before deciding to shift his tongue-work on her clitoris, hoping she would like that.

Cammy smiled and moaned as she felt him unzip his pants and expose his penis to stroke himself. “Yes! Like that! Just like that!” she moaned getting closer to her orgasm now. Striving to make the woman cum, Leonhard tries to make his tongue into a living vibrator, as he flicks it over her clit and pussy, while speeding up his strokes. He feels a climax coming within seconds...”Yes fuck yes! Just about there!” she screamed as she gripped his head tightly with her legs feeling her orgasm coming. “Just a bit more!” she screamed feeling her body tightening up like spring. The scientist gave his all now, licking fast and deep at the very inside of her pussy, what he could reach with his tongue, while the dick in his hand twitched, firing cum at a nearby cabinet. He was moaning in pleasure… At the sound of his moaning orgasm “Yes! I’m cumming! YESSSS! Die! YESSSSSS!” she screamed as she twisted her legs with all her might several times, with each of the sharp jerking motions causing a crack.

The orgasm began washing over her, bathing her in erotic bliss as the wet snapping sound of Leonard’s cervical vertebrae that followed was exactly what she had needed to orgasm. The man was still left with a blissful expression on his face as the neck snap shut his nervous system down. Remaining electrical impulses manifested themselves through twitching of limbs, but these too, ultimately slumped down. Cammy smiled as she released the good doctor to lay back against the chair as she got to see the his dick twitching and still spurting cum. “Mmm… I suppose your death got you to orgasm again.” she said to him as she got up off the counter and took whatever files she could from the server before wiping it and leaving the building.
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