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“Get out you perverted sonofabitch, I’ll never fuck you! You’re my fucking brother and shit like that is totally wrong, GET OUT!”
She was lying on her bed with her phone in hand sending a message to someone. She wore a dark blue midriff length tank top and pink lacy panties, nothing else. I stepped to the bed and sat next to her. She lifted her large brown eyes from the screen of her smartphone, quickly pulled the corner of her blanket over her legs then demanded “What are you doing here?”

“Let’s have sex.”

Her eyes widened in surprise “What the hell? What did you ask me? Sex? No way! Get out, no, I’m not going to do that.”

“Hey, we’re alone, mom and dad will be gone for hours.”

“Are you insane? Get out of my room!”

“Come on Dee, I know you aren’t virgin, Paul has been screwing you so it’s not like you’re giving up something precious.”

My sister bloomed red in the face and sat up straight on the bed, she shouted “What? Has that bastard been talking about us? What is he saying, who knows!?”

“Everybody knows, you were the number one school rumor ten minutes after you crawled out of the back seat of his car. I think it was like three months ago. Why do you think you got so popular all of a sudden, why guys keep asking you for dates?”

Her face blanched white, her lips compressed in silence as she stared at me forever with unreadable eyes, her pose told me she was freaked out, “Paul told everybody we have sex?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t said anything to mom and dad. Come on Sis, let’s get it.”

“Get the fuck out of my room!” Abandoning modesty she slammed away the blanket then leaped off the bed and grabbed my shoulder to push me out of her sight. “Get out you perverted sonofabitch, I’ll never fuck you! You’re my fucking brother and shit like that is totally wrong, GET OUT!”

I didn’t feel rejected, I didn’t cringe in shame as I walked out of her room. She slammed her bedroom door so hard the walls shook while swearing like an unpaid whore at my back. Not only was she pissed at me, her relationship with Paul was about to come to an end. I left quietly without argument because I knew something she didn’t. Dee would have to give in and let me in because I had something she would not want our parents to see.

I had Paul’s smartphone and he had a ton of pictures of my sister; many not suitable for public viewing.

Why did I have my sister’s boyfriend’s smartphone? He left it on a side table two nights earlier after visiting Dee at our house. I found it and fully intended on giving it to Dee but then I figured out his swipe pattern and started looking and reading. Some of the texts between him and my sister were not just texting, they were sexting, some damn hot sexting. Then there were pictures. Pictures of her in the back seat of his car, in his house, selfies from her room and some even taken at the park at Loon Lake. He also had a couple of videos that revealed a lot about my sister. She did have clothes on in most of the snapshots but some exposed a lot more of Dee than I had ever seen. Without clothes my sister was a wet dream waiting to happen. There were even selfies of his head or cock between her legs, her mouth on his prick. The hottest picture though was a close up of her pussy dripping big globs of cum. That one made my cock swell up fast. My sister’s unclothed body, the poses she took and what they were doing were like doses of steroids to my libido. I was determined, if he could do it, I could do it.

I didn’t find any clue that he had been sharing the pictures of Dee with anyone or on social media so her secret was just between them and me. But that could change. I waited until Dee could look at me again without burning red and swearing; about three days. When she stopped leaving a room when I came in I decided it was time to hit on her again. I knocked on her open bedroom door, she acknowledged my presence. “Hey look, Dee, I didn’t mean to make you so upset, I’m sorry” I lied.

She looked at me warily, wanting to trust me but not letting herself “Sorry? Sorry for what Paul said or sorry that you want to screw me?”

I ignored the question “Did you kick Paul to the curb?”

“To the curb, over a cliff and almost into a hospital. I literally kicked him in the balls. He was rolling around on the floor asking me why.”

“Did you tell him?”

“Hell yes! That motherfucker won’t ever say anything else nasty about me.”

Her language wasn’t for public ears just then, but it gave me added fuel to do the reveal “Did Paul lose his phone?”

She looked at me for a few moments, suspicion grew in her eyes “Well, yeah, about a week ago. Why?”

I said “I have it.”

Dee froze in place, her eyes burned into mine then her cheeks turned red, she asked “Are you going to give it back to him?”

Time for the bombshell “You want me to delete the pictures before I do?”

My sister leaped off her bed “You hacked his phone, you saw the pictures!? Give it to me!”

“I don’t think so Dee, I’m going to hang on to it for a while.” I left my sixteen-year-old sister standing in her room looking both enraged and devastated.

Later that day I was gaming online when she came into my room and sat quietly on the edge of my bed. I glanced at her but wasn’t about to die in a toxic cloud just to ask her what she wanted so I ignored her while my buddy DeathDealer lobbed nuclear hand grenades through a time warp bubble. Dee sat and fidgeted until I could pause without dying “What?”

“Can we talk?”

I signed off with my team, set the controller aside “What about?”

She snarled “You know fucking well what about.”

I was blunt “About all the blowing and screwing nudie pics on the phone?”

She dropped her eyes to the floor and nodded slightly, “Yeah” she sighed. She looked back at me and pleaded “Mitch, you can’t show anybody, you can’t tell anybody. I would kill Paul, you and myself if any of that got out.”

I sat back and studied her. She is my sister and in spite of what I found she was still someone I wanted to protect, to keep her safe from harm in any form. She was family. Family comes first. “Dee, I won’t ever do anything with the messages unless you go total bizarre on me. You can have phone and delete all the evil shit on it. If you want to give it back to Paul, that’s up to you.”

She eyed me skeptically “I can have the phone?”

“Sure, I have no reason to keep it.”

“That means you already copied that all stuff doesn’t it?”

Dee may be blonde, but not stupid “Not all, just the pictures.”

Anger flared across her face and I thought she was going to say something vicious but the moment passed “Give it to me. Please?” I took the smartphone from its hiding place then showed Dee how to swipe it open. She grumbled ‘thanks’ then left my room.

I kept my silence for another week, the entire time my sister was edgy whenever my parents were together with us. She didn’t need worry, I wasn’t about to say or show anything to them about Dee. I had other plans. Finally, she could take the strain any longer.

“Mitchell, I need to talk to you.”

Wow, she used my full name but I was Forging an Empire and didn’t pause “What?”

“Stop the game” she commanded.

I did her bidding “Okay, what’s up?”

“What are you going to do with those pictures?”

“Donno, maybe keep them for a wedding gift to your new husband.”

“Goddamnit asshole, this is serious. If those ever get out and mom and dad or my friends see them I’ll die. I might as well run away and change my name.”

“I’m not thinking of publishing them if that’s what you think, I just like looking at them. You’re pretty damn hot, I get a boner looking at them.”

Venom flashed from her eyes “Fucking pervert, is that all you can think of?”

“The truth? Yeah, I think we could have a real nice time if you want the pictures back.”

She asked warily “What do you mean?”

“What the hell do you think? If you want them back, if you want me to delete them from where I put them you’re gonna have to earn them. I have 23 pictures of you nude, near nude and doing some pretty hot stuff with Paul. You want to be sure they never get out, you gotta put out.”

Her jaws clenched, her brows pinched in anger “Asshole Bastard!” She fled my room.

20 minutes later Dee sent me a text ‘Can I come in’


My door opened halfway, my sister stuck her head in “Close your eyes.”

I shut my eyes half expecting her to slap me or something but heard her feet shuffle across my floor then the bed groaned softly. “Okay” she said.

I turned to see Dee on her back with my blanket pulled to her chin, she looked like she wanted to be anywhere else when she said “Come on, if I have to do this then let’s get it over with.” As I looked into her intense brown eyes my cock exploded to giant size. I tugged on the blanket but she gripped it harder in her hands. I pulled with more force so she let go, it slipped down to her waist to reveal my sister’s nudity. She bloomed red in her cheeks, down her neck and across her firm standing B cup tits. I tugged the blanket farther down then almost came in my pants as I looked at the puffy outer lips of her clean-shaven pussy. It took me only seconds to strip from my jeans and briefs.

Dee glared at my erection swinging back and forth while I got onto the bed. I tried to push her legs apart but she resisted then said “Take your shirt off, I’m naked so you gotta do it too.” My t-shirt fluttered to the floor in less than a moment. Dee rested her head on my pillow then with an effort to not watch me she spread her legs far enough to let me in. I moved up and over her then grabbed my cock to aim it then rubbed it up and down her slit. She was dry so I hawked a gob of spit and wet the end of my erection then put the palm of my hand on her pussy to rub her wet too. She jerked under my touch and turned her bright red face to the pillow. I bent my back then with a lot of anticipation split my sister with the head of my hard-on. I pumped three or four times pushing deeper until I felt her pelvic bone against mine. I was as deep into her as I could get so I started fucking my very angry, very sexy little sister.

I knew she was letting me only because she wanted the pictures so I didn’t bother worrying if she was enjoying what we were doing. She wasn’t hot and turned on, she just lay there and took what I was shoving into her with no complaints or censure. Since I was screwing her the first time and she was forbidden fruit my lust reached boiling point in just a few minutes. Dee was watching me carefully and when she saw me tensing up she slammed both hands on my chest and pushed me up “Don’t you fucking cum in me, no way!”

“Come on Dee, if you get knocked up you can blame your boyfriend.”

Her brows squeezed together “No, not ever. Remember, I don’t have a boyfriend and I won’t be forced to marry some first date just because you don’t have ball control. If you make me pregnant I’ll go straight to dad.”

Fairly warned I thrust back into her then with a couple of strokes more I reached overload. It took a lot of concentrated effort to pull out of her velvet pussy and shoot long streams of cum all over her stomach. I was on my hands and knees over her body when she looked up at me and snarled “Thank you asshole.”

I wasn’t done. As I looked down on her my cock bounced and refilled with lust. I bent my back and pushed back into Dee before she could protest. Not a full minute after blowing my balls I impaled her again. She gasped, her eyes flew open and she tried to push me up and off but I wasn’t about to stop until I came a second time.

She protested the second assault briefly but must have accepted that she had to let me. She didn’t turn away, she lay on her back with her eyes drifting across my face then down our bodies to where we connected. I started getting less spontaneous about screwing my sister, I mean I took more time to admire her while she watched me. My eyes roamed from her face down her neck over her quivering tits then along the length of her flat, taut stomach. I watched my erection slipping in and out of her for a few moments then raised my eyes to hers again. At first she was resistant but since I was being more focused I could see her eyes softening, the tenseness in her body was waning. She was quiet while I fucked her for maybe five minutes then slowly she started responding to me. She pulled her knees up laying her thighs wider, her hands rose off the bed to rest on my hips and her eyes transformed from indifference to a softer acceptance of what she was feeling. I wanted to know if she was getting into fucking me so I paused and pulled my erection out. Dee didn’t say anything but she tightened her fingers around my hips and pulled me back down so I slipped back into her. Her pussy was getting warmer, softer, wetter as her hips began to roll in sync to my thrusts. I took a breath then asked her “You like this don’t you?”

She closed her eyes, pressed her lips together and turned her head to the left “No.” She tried to deny me but I could feel her warming, how she was beginning to fuck me back.

The pressure in my nuts was building, my erection was bloated with semen. I rolled my hips to get as deep into my sister as possible then stopped holding back “Dee, I’m gonna cum!”

She snapped her head around to watch my face then warned again “No, not in me!” I fell flat on her, covering her from thighs to breasts then put my hands under her ass and pulled her tight against my groin. I managed to free myself from the trap between her legs, she wrapped her arms around me as I surged repeatedly down the crack of her ass, making a huge wet stain on my bed. Even after I stopped humping and spewing she held me close, not letting me push off. She turned her head until her nose was next to my ear “Fucking Bastard.”

I lifted my head then she let me go and I pushed up and over until I was lying by her side. Dee was watching me with indifferent eyes while fingering the cum smeared over her stomach. As I huffed for breath it occurred to my ego that her initial reluctance to have sex with me was gone and toward the end she acted almost as if she enjoyed me so I asked “That wasn’t too bad was it?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just say it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.” Dee got off my bed, grabbed my t-shirt to wipe the goo off her stomach and butt then left my room. I fucked my little sister twice in a half hour so as I watched her ass sway I decided I would delete two pictures. I swore to myself she would earn the next 21 pictures one at a time.

I sent two pictures of Dee where she was partially nude with the note ‘deleted these two’. She shot back ‘what about the others?’ I gave her the conditions, ‘one fuck, one picture. I have 21 more pictures.’ She didn’t write an answer but sent 21 scowling girl emojis showing the finger.

Mom and dad went kayaking the next Saturday morning. They had asked Dee and me if we wanted to go but before my sister could answer I caught her attention and shook my head. A flash of understanding crossed her brow, we declined our parents with excuses. The next morning I waited impatiently until they left, as soon as the truck was out of sight I went looking for my morning fuck.

She was sitting on her bed, legs crossed at the ankles, her sleeping gown pulled far up her thighs, she wore no panties. She looked up from her tablet and said bluntly “I need to be at Kathy’s at 10.” My prick which had been half hard all morning gained weight and strength while I started pulling off my clothes. Dee put down her iPad then reached under her pillow and pulled out a condom “Use this today.”

My cock was straining against the skin holding it together, angled up toward the ceiling fan, “Only one?”

Dee looked purposely at my cock then smiled into my eyes “Only one at a time.” Her attitude, her pose, her demeanor gave me the impression she wasn’t as mad or upset about what I wanted, she didn’t radiate hate or unwillingness. I got on the bed next to her then tugged on the night shift, she raised her arms and let me pull it off. When she was naked I put a hand on her left breast and massaged it while putting pressure on her to lie back. My sister relaxed to her mattress then moved her hand to grip my hard-on, “Do it better this time, I know you can.” She stroked my erection and my balls shivered as I looked into her big provoking eyes. Dee wasn’t going to resist or reject me so my cock stiffened even more. I cupped her pussy with a hand and started seducing the breathtaking sixteen-year-old girl.

She let me seduce her, she didn’t take an active role, she wasn’t forward or aggressive but she let me feel, massage, caress and fondle her. At first she just laid back completely unmoved, her eyes watching me, watching what my hands were doing. It was when I bent to nibble a nipple that her left hand came up to rest on the back of my head. She twitched her fingers in my hair while I suckled her tits. With my mouth busy on her breasts I slid a hand across her stomach and down her legs, paying attention to the silk smooth skin of both thighs. I trailed my finger up her thigh then slid my long finger down and into her slit. That touch on her pussy caused her hips to bounce and a quick sip of air. Dee rolled her head to the right, closed her eyes and the space between her legs widened. My erection was beginning to hurt from being stretched so tight.

I lifted my head from her tits “Put it on me.”

She didn’t have to ask what I meant, she sat up, grabbed the condom packet and ripped it open. Dee pushed on my shoulder so I was on my back then grabbed my cock. The touch of both hands on my stiff prick damn near set me off but I managed to clench the urge to cum. My sister smiled marginally as she inspected me then she rolled the condom down the thick hard shaft. When it was in place Dee stroked me a few times while offering me options “You want me on top, or under? How about from behind?”

I know fucking well I moaned before I directed “Ride me.” Dee threw her leg over my groin, sat up with her ass on my thighs then rose on her knees high enough to hold my erection in place while she lowered over it. When I was fully encased she grinned, her eyes sparked when she said “You have a nice cock Mitch, make me like it.” I put my hands on her hips then began thrusting up into her while she rested her hands on my chest. My sister and I coupled like that for a few minutes then I flipped her off and over to her stomach. I mounted over the tight round cheeks of her ass then pushed into her until my pubic hair was caressing her butt.

Dee moaned, I fought off another semen filled convulsion then we heard “Dee, Mitchell, where are you?”

Holy shitting fuck! Our mother had just called out, looking for us! I scrambled off my sister and darted to her closet. She snatched up my clothes and the condom wrapper and shoved them toward her feet then covered herself. Dee had just pulled the blanket up as mom knocked on her door “Dee? You in there?”

“Yeah mom, I thought you left?” I was surprised how calm my sister sounded.

Mom opened the door and peeked in “We did but your father forgot the paddles for the kayaks. Why are you still in bed?”

“Come on mother, it’s Saturday, I don’t have to go to school.”

“Okay. Where’s Mitch, he’s not in his room?”

“Who knows, I’m not his appointment secretary.”

“You know Dee, you could be a little more caring about your brother.” Mom closed the door and I started breathing again then pulled the rubber off my totally limp prick.

Dee opened the closet door about an inch “I’ll tell you when they leave.” I took a deep breath and nodded to her. After a quick good morning to Dee who had left her room our parents got into the truck and left again.

The party was over. I was so paranoid that mom and dad would come back a second time I couldn’t bring myself to approach my sister and she didn’t suggest we finish either. I did send and delete another picture, one where she was partially nude, for the partial fuck.

Nine days passed. Mom was napping, dad was working when Dee stepped into my room “Mom says I should be more caring about you.”

“You should. I’m your near and dear big brother, you should cherish me.”

She glanced over her shoulder into the hall and checked for witnesses then closed the door quietly “You want to be cherished right now?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I mean you have to send me another picture. Come here.”

My cock started swelling as I pushed away from my PC and went to her. Dee rubbed the growing bulge in my pants then her hands quickly opened my belt and zipper. She pushed my pants to my knees then grabbed my hand and guided it under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. She backed up to the wall pulling me closer. I put my hands under her ass, lifted her off the floor then she wrapped her legs around my waist. I poked at her twice until I found the entrance to her then rolled my hips, piercing my sister. She bent her back to put more pressure against me then put her arms around my neck “Make it quick, mom could wake up anytime.” I put her back against the wall of my bedroom then fucked Dee as if we had just gotten married. She laid her head on my shoulder, her breath was hot on my neck, she began to whimper vowels and rock her hips, her pussy began to flow with sex fluids. Dee lifted her head to whisper “You can do it in me” then bit my ear. I cramped, convulsed then filled my sibling with a load of incest.

When I was done she lowered her legs, kissed my cheek then said as she opened my door “That should be worth two pictures.” Not a problem. Ten minutes after my sister let me cum in her I sent her two hot pictures then deleted them from my files.

Dee had fucked me three times, the first because she had to, the second was an aborted session because our parents were wandering around where they shouldn’t be, and the third she came to me in my room. I was fantasizing hourly about her and couldn’t help thinking about doing her again. For her part she stopped avoiding me, she stopped looking pissed when she looked at me and once in a while even initiated intimate eye contact.

It was time to do it right. I wanted to have sex with Dee as if we were lovers, to seduce her as if she were my hot new girlfriend. Would she let me? I didn’t know, but then, when does a guy ever know if a girl will let him? Girls can be finicky.

“Wow, you look nice tonight.” She was just leaving the house for a date with Lance, someone who had been asking my sister out for a year or so.

Dee looked almost shy “Thanks, this is only the second first date I’ve had, I want to look good.”

“Well, you do that. The skirt is the perfect length to show off your legs but not reveal any secretes. I like the way your blouse gives a hint of nipples too.”

“It’s the bra, it’s thin but holds me in place.”

“Whatever, you look hot girl, hot and sexy.”

Dee smiled her appreciation for my comments but replied “I hope Lance thinks so too.”

I had to ask, “You gonna jump into the back seat with him?”

My pretty little sister looked up at me mildly annoyed “Hell no. Anything like that will take weeks and I’d have to like him a lot.”

“I didn’t have to wait weeks” I reminded her.

She answered casually as if it was of no matter “You have the pictures, he doesn’t.”

“So --- when you come home you might be horny?”

Dee looked at me then her mouth curled as an impish grin and she replied “Maybe, but mom and dad are home.”

“We could go somewhere in my car.”

“I don’t much like doing it in a car, at least a small car like you have, I don’t know about big ones.”

“We’ll take dad’s truck; the back seat is huge.”

Dee mulled my proposal for a few seconds then said “Meet me at Burger Barn around ten. I have to be home at midnight, two hours should be enough.” And just like that I had a date to screw my sister in the back seat of our father’s F150. I went looking for extra rubbers then asked dad to use his truck.

“Why the truck?”

“My car has a slow leak in the right front tire, I don’t want it to go flat somewhere.”

She was sitting in a booth next to a window with some guy when I pulled up. Dee saw me, waved then said something to the kid she was sitting with. She grabbed a half full shake then came out and got into the truck. “That’s Lance. He wanted to drive me home but I told him that my brother was picking me up.”

I checked out her new boyfriend who was watching us “I guess he’s okay, not a scumbag looking guy.”

“You’re the only scumbag I know, come on, let’s go.”


She leaned back on the passenger door facing me “How should I know? You’re the one planning on getting ass, you must know a secret spot somewhere.”

There are some huge Willow trees on the north end of Skyline Drive big enough to pull a car between and be completely covered, like a big leafy garage. I hoped I would be the first to get there, it was a popular spot but there were only three good places to park. The atmosphere in the truck was becoming more intimate even though nothing was said. My sister and I both knew we had time, we both knew what was going to happen, we were comfortable with the silence.

A few minutes after leaving Lance, Dee leaned forward and put cheek on my shoulder and a hand between my legs then started caressing the bulge. She surprised the shit out of me but I wasn’t about to reject her advances. I grabbed the seat slide button and moved the seat back so she had more room. She levered opened my waist button then struggled to pull the zipper to its stop. Her head rested on me as she pulled the pants flaps apart then reached beneath my briefs and encircled my erection with her fingers. When Dee started stroking me gently I put my right hand on her leg then felt up until I was pressing on her pussy. She parted her thighs and I felt the hot damp cotton over the form of her cunt. It’s a good thing we were only a few hundred feet from the trees. They say distracted drivers cause a lot of accidents and I was way past any minor distraction. Dee lifted her face, kissed me on the cheek then asked “Do you have a rubber?”

I nodded toward the storage compartment in the console “In there.”

She pulled her hand out of my pants to lift the lid then fumbled in the dark until she found what she was looking for “There's more than one” she stated.


“That's good, you might need them.” I still couldn’t believe my formerly reluctant sister was being so forward. I shut down the engine, a distant street lamp filtered through the long hanging branches of the trees allowing enough illumination to see her. Dee twisted around then moved over the gap between the seats to sit on my lap then wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. I put a hand on her leg then moved it up the length of it until I was caressing her butt under the skirt. She murmured a slight sigh in my ear and hugged me tighter. My sister and I sat like that for several long moments not saying or doing anything until she pushed back, doubt clouded her eyes. She'd had time to think about where we were, what we were doing and asked “Is this okay, that I think I want to do this again?”

I didn't answer with words, I moved my hand from her ass to her stomach then up and over a tit. I pinched her bra then lifted it off her breast then covered the yielding flesh with my palm. When I started kneading her tit she winched “Not so hard.” A lightening flash of guilt crashed into my head but just like lightening, it was gone in a second and only rumbling was left, a rumbling in my balls.

I moved my head around until we were cheek to cheek. I pursed my lips and kissed the corner of her mouth, unsure of how she would react to me trying to kiss her. Dee pulled her head back, studied my eyes for a few moments then put her lips on mine. She pulled back, thinking, then said softly “It should be okay, we can kiss.”

Her consent was accepted and in moments my sister and I were necking and fondling each other. She moved back to the passenger seat, lifted her butt then pulled her panties down to the floor. I told her “Back there, get in the back.” She smiled prettily then oozed through the seats where she laid back waiting for me. While I was stripping my pants down she unclasped her bra then in a way only girls can do, jostled around until the bra came loose from under the shirt. She tossed it over the seat to join her underwear on the floor. Just as I crawled around my seat the interior of the truck lit up from the headlights of another car looking to park under the tree. Dee’s eyes went wide with apprehension but I reassured her “It's okay, they'll leave, we got here first, they can wait.”

She parted her lips then licked them wet “Don't make them wait too long.” I picked up her leg by the ankle and put it so her shoe was over the back of the seat, her other leg hanging over the edge, foot on the floor, she was wide open for me. Seeing her feet still in her shoes but her legs and pussy bare shot another surge of hormones through me. I stroked her cunt lips with two fingers, spreading the dew that seeped from her slit to make it easier to penetrate her. Dee let me finger her pussy for a minute then grabbed my hips and pulled me down. The dark swollen head of my erection eased into her as she watched.

This was so different than before. Dee was not just letting me screw her, she acted like she wanted me to screw her. I pushed into the hot willing girl until our groins meshed then we started fucking. Dee closed her eyes and let the feeling of sex overwhelm her. I plunged in and out of her pussy building our lust and heat even more. I put a hand on her left breast then massaged the tit as I bent to kiss her. My sister threw her arms around my waist and pulled me as deep as she could while our lips bonded. I was climbing fast to the peak so I fought against the need to blow my nuts and pulled out. She looked up with questions in her eyes until she saw me opening a condom wrapper. When it was in place Dee gripped my sheathed erection and guided me back to where it belonged. We banged and bounced around the back seat of dad’s truck for a few minutes until her eyes went wide, her chest expanded with a deep gulp of air then she tripped out with a series of orgasms. My sister arched her back and began to bark out yelps of passion each time my groin slapped hers. She rode the crests of orgasmic waves until I could no longer hold out. I slammed down into the girl and flooded the rubber with semen.

I was covered with sweat, her chest was heaving for air. I pulled her up from the cramped corner her head was in to sit beside me. She rested her head on my shoulder until the bones in her body turned solid again. She reached between my legs to remove the ruined condom from my still hard cock. I pushed the button to open the window and Dee threw it out, the used rubber plopped wetly on the ground joining dozens of others lying like dead leaves under the tree. Dee moved up and over my lap, astraddle my thighs, she held up my unyielding erection then sat on it. She had recovered enough energy to start a second fuck session. As she gyrated on my cock she looked me in the eyes “This feels good, better than before.”

The second time we screwed there was no hurry to use each other. She rocked, I pumped, we talked. “I’ve been reading on websites about sex and reproduction” she informed me.

“Yeah, what are you leaning?”

“How babies are made, what happens to the girl, how our bodies get ready for sex and stuff. Did you know there are days in the month when people don't need to be careful, I mean I could let ten guys cum in me and I’d be okay.” Hearing her say that almost got her a load just then. I bounced harder against her, she sipped a breath and smiled.

“Ten? At the same time?”

She wiggled her ass on my lap and grinned down on me “In a row, let one get off then open up for the next. I wonder how that would feel?”

“So, that's all you study, how to be a slut without consequences?”

“No,” she admitted, almost embarrassed “I've been watching more than just biology lessons, I started looking at sex, I mean how to do it, what gets people hot and different ways of doing sex stuff. I use the TOR browser, it doesn’t keep a history of what I look at so if mom and dad snoop they won’t’ see.

“What do you look at?”

“I typed 'fuck' and 'fucking' into Search and started looking at different stuff. I think I found some pornography because there are of lots of nasty videos.”

I was getting more interested; my balls were preparing to do their job again. “You like that, watching other people fuck?”

Dee paused from rolling her hips and look at me intently “I see things that I want to do but I can't because nobody is with me. If you were there too it would be a lot more fun and I could still earn my pictures back.” I pushed my sister off my lap just before my cock started firing volleys into her. The surges pulsed between our stomachs, coating her and me with my discharge.

“Jesus girl, don't say things like that when I have my dick in you, that's dangerous!”

She flashed me an impish grin, kissed my mouth then said “We should go home.”

When we got back to the house I sent her two pictures, one of her with Paul’s dick in her mouth. I captioned that picture with ‘ready for this?’ The return answer was an emoji of smiling glossed lips.

Six days after the frolic in dad’s truck I was taking a morning shower when my sister slid open the curtain and stepped in with me. The linen shift she was wearing instantly turned transparent when the water hit it. She wasn't wearing bra or panties. She didn’t say a word but went to her knees, gripped my flaccid prick then licked the end of it. She looked up at me as she slid her mouth over it. I reacted in seconds, my cock swelled and grew longer while Dee suckled it. She put her hands on my hips then started moving them back and forth so I was screwing her mouth and throat, her tongue was caressing the underside of my erection. Dee sucked and played on my erection for several minutes while caressing my back, ass and balls with her hands. I didn’t ask, she didn’t give permission but when my cock seized with cramps the fluids from my balls blasted against her tonsils. Dee slid about half off the fountain in her mouth, looked up into my eyes and smiled around the shaft of my hard-on, cum was drooling from the corners of her lips. When I was done she stood, rinsed her face in the shower stream then left the stall. She never even said ‘good morning’ or ‘good bye’. Dee got the picture of her with cum covered face that day.

Sex with my sister turned into an affair; we managed to have sex four more times in the next two weeks. My stock of pictures was dwindling too fast but I was really enjoying getting fucked without having to date, beg, plead and suffer aching balls. Dee stopped being reticent and even became aggressive in a seductive sort of way. We were lying face to face in her bed with our underclothes a tangle at our feet, my erection pleasantly lodged between her legs. As we casually rolled our hips in sync she told me “I think I’ll let Lance fuck me tonight.”

“Do I need a rubber today?”

Dee tilted her head back “Did you hear what I just said?”

I pulled my cock out of her “Yeah, you’re gonna screw your boyfriend. Do I need to put on a fucking rubber this time?” I pressed full length back in.

My prick slipped out when she rolled to her back, her mouth turned up at the corners as she said “Not today, you can have your fun.”

We were taking our time, enjoying the intimacy, the sensual touches and seduction of each other. Dee was hot and trembling while I moved my hands over her. She jolted slightly when I slipped some fingers between her legs and into the crack of her sex. Her legs eased wider apart when I pressed on the sensitive fold of skin at the top of her slit, teasing her. Dee reached for me and found her desire standing hard, strong and drooling. She pulled on my cock, urging me over and between her legs. When the end of my erection touched the lips of her slit I pushed up on my arms and looked into her face, she was smiling, eyes luminous with heat. She bumped her hips against me which caused the end of my cock to slide along her pussy. We rocked our bodies slowly, feeling the shaft of my erection slipping along the length of her hot, puffed lips. Neither of us said anything as we focused on the connection between our sexes. After a few moments of more hormones pouring into my balls she bent her knees, lifted her legs then put her heels on my butt and pressed me once more into her hot slick entrance.

My shaft slid deep, only my swollen nuts kept her from swallowing me completely. I stopped moving when my pubic hair pressed on her shaved pubis, my heart thrilled from the incredible sensation of Dee's body. She put her hands on my cheeks, pulled me down and kissed me passionately, her tongue tapped on my lips for entry to my mouth. As our bodies began the dance of life the circumstance of our kinship was once more ripped apart and discarded by the excitement of fucking.

Each time I fucked Dee she got more into sex, hotter for me, more willing and wanton. That day my sister and I devoured the forbidden fruit. I was balls deep in a hot willing girl and she accepted me completely without reserve. We were getting well experienced with each other so Dee and I fucked with the searing passion of a couple overcome with lust for each other. She was mewing in my ear as I slid in and out of the warm tenderness of her body. She grabbed my back and clutched to me while her hips undulated, fucking me with as much need as I was her. Her hot breath on my neck only increased the incredible sensations coursing through me.

As much as I tried, I couldn't hold back the end. My climax started in my balls, shot through my pounding shaft and I filled Dee in a frenzy of long deep thrusts. She held me close and whispered encouragement into my ear “God Mitch, this feels so good!” I was dimly aware of the bed groaning in protest to the heated activity on the mattress.

I collapsed to a wilted heap on my sister to catch my breath. She pushed me off and over to my back then rolled up on top of me, her breasts and stomach hot and soft on mine. She lifted up slightly and watched my cum drip from her to my stomach then kissed me quickly and flooded the dimly lit room with a brilliant smile, “Can I have a condom for Lance?” I gave her two rubbers, just in case, then sent her the hottest picture I had of her.

It had to happen, on a Sunday afternoon, a week after she started fucking her new boyfriend we had sex for the last picture. It was the one of her pussy coated with Paul’s cum. Dee wanted to be sure so she texted ‘last one?’

‘yeah, I don’t have any more, deleted them all’

‘thnx Mitch, luv u’

Over time my relationship with Dee returned to the days of old when we were innocent brother and sister, it was as if we’d never had an intimate moment. Four months passed but I missed the pictures, I missed fucking my sister. She had started a hot romance with her boyfriend so she didn’t need me for entertainment and I was screwing Roxy but I harbored a residue of lust for Dee. One afternoon I was gaming on my tablet in the great room when my sister plopped onto the sofa next to me causing me to miss a shot with a Plasma Devastator. I looked at her, she was looking at me with exploring eyes.


“Do you think we should have sex again?”

Man, my sister sometimes asks dumb question, that might have been the dumbest I ever heard, “Right now?”

“Well, not right now but maybe when mom and dad go bowling tonight?”

“I have a date with Roxy.”

Dee smiled prettily, leaned to me and kissed my cheek “Beg off, I’ll make sure you don’t miss her.”

I watched my sister walk out of the room and as my cock swelled solid in anticipation for her, I reached for my phone.


2018-11-03 13:39:35
Love this story. so true to real life.


2018-09-18 19:35:06
This was a thrilling story. I like how you described her reluctance gradually shifting to willingness and desire. The ending should have come back around, though. Instead of her just asking for sex again, she should have brought Mitch Lance’s phone with a new set of sexy photos to “pay off”.

James Dylan DeanReport

2018-09-16 21:25:46
The best of this type of story that i have ever read!


2018-09-15 15:35:57
Super hot story, I loved it.


2018-09-14 01:46:04
another great story! perhaps there will be another chapter, or 3?? LOL

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