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Liz and Tom agree that it's time to prepare their eldest twin's, Molly and Zach, for the real world.
How Traditions Start – part 1

An original story by Starrynight.


It was another end to a long day of hard work at the Fletcher family's farm. They finished devouring the hearty meal that Liz cooked, and after sitting together in the living room reading, watching TV and listening to music, the kids gradually left for bed.

The Fletchers had 5 beautiful children: the twins Zach and Molly who were almost eighteen, Presley who was sixteen, Jack who was thirteen and Lisa who was ten. All five of the children were homeschooled by their loving parents who made sure to give their kids the best education they could, in addition to each one of them working and helping around the house and farm.

After all the children retired to their rooms, Liz gave Tom, who dozed off, a loving shove and pulled him over to their bedroom. They both got ready for bed and got under the covers.

"Honey," Liz said shortly after they got into bed "there is something I wanted to talk to you about for some time." Tom was too tired to note the anxiety in his wife's voice.

"What is it babe?" He asked her while looking over at her, the bedside lamp shedding an eerie glow on her pretty face and long dirty blonde hair.

"I wanted to talk to you about Molly and Zach." Liz said to her husband in a gentle voice.

"Oh," Tom said surprised "what about them?"

"Well, their birthday is coming up and they're turning eighteen for starters," Liz said "and we haven't even started getting them ready for next year."

"But Liz," Tom said with a sigh "we've already talked about it. They should be getting their acceptance letters any day now. They're going off to college next year and as much as it's hard for us, we need to accept it."

"I know that," Liz said a little frustrated "that's not what I'm talking about. I want to make sure that they start college prepared in every possible way."

"Babe," Tom said to his wife lovingly "both Zach and Molly are incredibly bright. We've seen their test scores. They ranked higher than ninety five percent of kids their age. We've taught them as best we could, and I don't think we need to worry about it."

"What about things they can't learn from a book?" Liz asked "That's what I'm worried about. They never had friends their own age besides from one another. I know they are both friendly and bright and nice. But all the kids they will meet next year grew up completely different from them. They had groups of friends growing up, boyfriends and girlfriends. Our kids never even had their first kiss, not to mention sex."

"So that's what you're worried about." Tom said understanding "I get it, you're right. We need to have another talk with them before they go off. Explain to them in more details about sex and how to make sure they stay safe."

"Tom" Liz said to her husband looking deep into his brown eyes "I don't think that will be enough."

"Okay, so what do you suggest?" Tom asked his wife.

"I think we need to take a more hands on approach."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Tom asked surprised and felt awake instantly. He looked intently at his wife.

"It means that I think they should actually see what sex is and how it's done." Liz said, slightly dreading her husband's response.

"Are you serious?" Tom asked nearly jumping out of the bed "So what, you want to just call them in here one night and say 'Hi kids, have a seat. We want you to watch mommy and daddy fucking so you'll be ready for college'?"

"That's one option." Liz said trying to keep cool but could feel her face getting red.

"One option?" Tom said in disbelief "What's the other?" he asked almost afraid to hear the answer.

"Honey, I know it's hard for you to hear, and trust me it's hard for me to talk about it. But please hear me out all the way." Liz said trying to calm Tom down "Another option, which I think would be better for them, is for them to actually experience sex. Only that way they will know what it's like and how it's done."

"And who exactly are they going to have sex with?" Tom asked trying to sound calm like his wife asked. In response Liz just gave him a shrug that scared him more than anything she could have said, or so he thought. "You want them to have sex with each other?" Tom asked in disgust.

"I thought about it," Liz admitted "but I think that might be a little too traumatic for their first time." Liz paused and took a deep breath before she continued. "I was actually thinking about us." Liz said and waited for her husband's harsh response.

"Us?" Tom said both disgusted and shocked. "Babe, I love you more than anything," Tom said in a tender tone and held Liz "but you can't be serious about this. You're talking about having sex with our own children!"

"Tom," Liz said in an understanding voice "I know this sounds twisted and wrong and maybe even disgusting, but I want you to think about what could happen if we do nothing. Imagine them going off to college. Imagine Molly's first sexual encounter with a guy. She'll probably start dating the first frat guy to hit on her and we both know it will not be some nice respecting boy who goes to church. On the first chance he has he will get her panties off and they will have sex.

"Molly won't have a clue what she's doing, and you can bet the guy will take advantage of that. He will do whatever he wants with her, popping our little girl's cherry without giving it a second thought. He might even talk her out of using a condom, which he will succeed, because she doesn't really know the difference between having sex with or without one. Next thing we know our beautiful little daughter is pregnant and her next twenty years are ruined."

As Tom listened to his wife, he was starting to understand what she was talking about. The vivid image she painted was not at all farfetched and there was no way he was going to let anything of the sort happen to either of his kids.

"Let's say for a second that I agree with you." Tom said to his wife as he pondered on her words for a while in silence "What do you suggest we do?"

"I haven't really thought it all the way through," she said to her husband "But basically, I thought that when they turn eighteen, we take Zach and Molly aside at night, talk to them about it then do it with them." Liz finished saying and watched her husband as he considered this in silence.

"I think if we really do this, we need to do it separately." Tom said to Liz. He couldn't believe he was actually thinking about it seriously. "You and Zach in one room and Molly and I in another. I think that seeing each other have sex for the first time is too much. It's tough enough having sex for the first time with your own parents, no need to add any more."

"You are right honey, that's a good point." Liz said happily to her husband "So are you with me on this?"

"Liz," Tom said giving her a serious look "do you really think you could bring yourself to have sex with our boy?"

"It won't be very easy," Liz said "But what I tried to do for the past week, is look at him not as our son but as a man. That's when I started to notice how big and handsome he got." Liz thought back to her eldest son, his short light brown hair, broad shoulders, strong arms and handsome face. "I suggest you try and do the same with Molly. Try to look at her as a woman and not your little girls. You'll start to notice how big and beautiful she got."

"Okay then," Tom said after listening to his wife "I'm willing to give this a shot."

For the next couple of weeks leading up to the twins' birthday, Tom and Liz continued discussing the subject every night before bed. They planned how they will go about doing it and gave each other tips on what to do once they are alone with their children.

Tom listened to his wife's advice, and whenever he looked at his daughter he tried to look at her as a woman. He watched Molly around the house, looking at her pretty face and short dirty blond hair. He looked at her young athletic body, tight little ass and small perky tits that were much smaller than Liz's big round ones. After a few days, Tom noted that it worked. Whenever he would look at Molly, he would see an attractive young lady where only last week he saw a little girl.

The week before the twins' birthday, the family woke up to a warm sunny Saturday morning. It was surprisingly warm for the middle of March, and the kids, excited with the weather, all ran down to the pond the family had on their large property.

When Liz and Tom caught up to their kids, they had finished setting up the beach chairs they brought with them and started stripping down to their bathing suits. They took a seat near the kids and watched them as they jumped into the cold water while screaming joyously.

Liz looked at Zach as he walked into the cold water wearing only his swimming trunks. He was as tall as his father by now, standing at around six feet tall and had much of his father's physique. He was a handsome young man with broad shoulders, strong arms, a muscular chest and thick legs. Working around the farm his entire life kept him in great shape.

Next to Liz, Tom was sitting and looking intently at Molly as she stripped down to her bikini and walked into the water. Tom had not seen her like this since the summer and was amazed at how much she grew up. He looked at her light smooth skin and subtle feminine curves. He watched her as she slowly walked into the water, studying her tight bikini clad ass and when she turned around, looked at her lovely teenage tits. Looking at his daughter, Tom found himself picturing taking Molly's clothes off and then licking every part of her naked body. He quickly shook his head, trying to get the disturbing thoughts out of his mind.

"I'm going to join the kids in the water," Liz said to Tom "are you coming?" she asked.

"In a bit" Tom answered, and Liz nodded. She noticed him looking at Molly and knew exactly what he was thinking. It was the same thing she was thinking when looking at Zach.

Liz got up and slowly took her shirt and skirt off before going into the water. Tom looked at his wife and admired her beauty. At the age of 41, she was still in great shape and had an amazing body. He watched her luscious ass as it swayed from side to side.

"Daddy, Daddy, are you coming?" a voice called from next to him making him look away. It was Presley and she walked out of the water to get him to join them.

"Yeah, I'm coming sweetheart." He said while looking at his sixteen-year-old standing in front of him dripping wet, in her bikini. Presley looked much different than her older sister. She was shorter than her by a few inches, and where Molly inherited her mother's blond hair, Presley had long light brown hair she got from him. Presley also had a much healthier figure than her sister, with a round juicy bottom and large heavy boobs that even though she was only sixteen, already matched her mother's in size.

Tom eyed his daughter's young body, noticing that her bikini was at least 2 sizes too small for her. It emphasized how much she developed over the past months and Tom could not help but look at her breasts as they spilled out of her bikini top. It covered little more than her nipples.

"Daddy?" Presley asked as she saw her father glare at her and assumed he was day dreaming.

"Sorry sweetie" her father said and shook his head. He then quickly got to his feet, took off his shirt, ran into the pond and immediately submerged himself in the cold water.

The night prior to the big day, Liz and Tom were both incredibly nervous when climbing into bed together. They talked for over an hour about their plan for the following day. They both felt a little guilty about it and were clearly uncomfortable about what they were going to do. At one point, Tom even brought up giving it up, but after another talk with his wife, assuring him it was for their children's sake, they kept their plan intact and managed to get some sleep.

The twins' birthday finally arrived, and the entire house was buzzing with excitement. Birthdays were always a special occasion around the house, and a double one, even more so. It was customary that the birthday boy or girl, would get the day off and the rest of the family would take care of their chores for the day.

The day started with a big family breakfast that Liz prepared. After eating, each of the family members went to study or work around the farm while Molly and Zach just relaxed. Zach played on his computer while Molly got some light reading and sketching done. At Noon, they made themselves a small picnic basket and walked over to the pond where they ate, swam and relaxed until it got chilly.

As evening came, the entire family got back to the house and washed up for the delicious birthday dinner that Liz, with the help of Jack and Lisa, prepared. The entire family dressed nicely before sitting around the table.

Joyous chatter and laughter filled the dining room as the family had dinner. They ate the delicious food, chatted amongst themselves and opened a bottle of wine, even pouring a glass for each of the twins. After dinner, they retired to the living room for dessert and presents.

Molly, who loved to paint, received a professional looking sketching kit while Zach, who loved fishing, got new gear. The evening went on until it started getting late and Presley, Jack and Lisa went off to bed, leaving Zach and Molly alone with their parents.

Neither of the kids noticed their parents' anxiety as Tom and Liz gulped their third glass of wine. They kept sitting around the living room table talking, Liz and Tom trying to build up the nerve to bring up the delicate subject.

"Kids," Liz started saying after getting a nod from her husband "there is one more thing we have planned for you." Both kids looked up at their parents with curious delight.

"It is something we both agreed is very important for you to experience," Tom continued "and want to make sure you have the best experience possible." Tom said, clearly very nervous.

"Thanks mom, thanks dad." Molly said, "You guys really didn't have to do anything else."

"Yeah," Zach agreed with his sister "But what is it?" he asked to his parent's nervous laughs.

"Zach sweetie, why don't you come with me and I'll show you." Liz said as she got up. She was wearing a crème colored sweater and tight light jeans.

"And Molly," Tom said to his daughter while looking up and down her body "you come with me."

"Ok" they said with confused looks on their faces as they got up and followed their parents. Zach followed his mother, walking behind her and entering the guest bedroom, just as Molly followed her father to her parents' bedroom and entered behind him. These were the only two bedrooms on the bottom floor, and as each child followed a parent, Tom and Liz closed each door behind them and made sure to lock it.

"Mom, what are we doing here?" Zach asked his mother as to his surprise she locked the door behind him. It was just the two of them, alone in the guest bedroom.

"Don’t worry Zach" Liz said to her son with a soothing smile. He took a seat on the edge of the queen size bed and Liz sat down next to him. She looked at her son, sitting there in a white short sleeved shirt and long black jeans. She tried to concentrate on his muscular body and look at him like a man, but it was not working as well as it had the previous weeks.

"Mom?" Zach said while still looking quizzically at his mother.

"Yes, sorry sweetie," she said shaking her head briefly "You're probably wondering why we're here. Well, your father and I have been talking about next year and what things will be like for you and your sister. You are both very bright and talented kids and we are sure you will be just fine," Liz made sure to state, "but there is something your father and I believe we need to go over with you."

"What's that mom?" he asked and watched his mother take a deep breath and close her eyes before she continued talking.

"Sex." Liz blurted out at her son a little louder than she intended "I want to teach you how to have sex before you go off to college." Liz said to her son and felt her heart pounding and her face flush as she said it.

"What do you mean by teach me how?" Zach asked his mom and felt his heart starting to race as he noticed the expression on her face. "Do you mean you and me?" Zach asked and felt his throat dry up. He was sure he misunderstood his mom.

"Yes Zach, I want you and I to have sex." She said to her son's disbelief. "That's the only way I can make sure you'll be ready for next year and know what to do when the time comes."

"Are you sure mom?" Zach asked after a long pause and turned red. He still did not fully grasp his mother's words, yet he could feel blood rushing down to his penis and making it hard in his pants.

"I am." Liz said to her boy "What about you, are you okay with us doing this?" she asked.

"If you think it will help me, then I guess so" He answered bashfully, not looking his mother in the eyes.

They sat there in silence for a moment before Liz stood up. She took her shoes off, stepped in front of her son and started to undress in silence. She started out by taking her sweater off, she did not have a shirt on underneath and after she removed it, she threw it on the bed. Liz gave her son a small smile then removed her pants, releasing the top button and unzipping them before pulling them down along her long tone legs and throwing them on top of her sweater.

Zach looked at his mother's body with awe as she stood only a foot away, wearing only a red lace bra and matching red panties. Liz gave Zach another comforting smile and noticed a growing bulge in his pants as he eyed her large cleavage, flat stomach and smooth legs.

"Do you want me to keep going?" Liz asked her son after giving him a few seconds to take it in. She felt a little uncomfortable standing there in her bra and panties in front of her son.

"Uh huh" Zach said nodding and kept his eyes glued to his mother as she continued to undress for him. Liz took a deep breath and ignored the discomfort she felt as she opened her bra and slowly took it off, revealing her heavy boobs to her son.

Zach's eyes widened at the sight of his mother's bare chest. She had big round breasts with small pink areolas and small hard nipples. They were the first pair of breasts Zach has ever seen in person and he thought they were more beautiful than any pair he saw online. He kept looking at his mother's boobs with fascination, watching them bounce slightly as she folded her bra and placed it neatly on a nightstand before standing back in front of him.

Liz was very aware of her son checking her body out. He looked mesmerized at her tits and she could tell by the large bulge in his pants that he was hard. Liz tried to concentrate on it, moving her gaze from his pants to his thick biceps and broad shoulders. She then placed both her thumbs inside her waistband and used them to sensually pull her panties off.

Zach's gaze instantly shifted as his mother pulled her panties off. He looked down and was greeted by the image of his mother's completely shaved vagina. It took all of Zach's self-restraint not to pull his penis out and start stroking it to his nude mother. It was by far the hottest thing he has ever seen.

"Well, what do you think?" Liz asked her son as she bared herself to him. She shaved her pussy especially for him, and as he looked at it, Zach had a hungry look on his face that both excited and scared her.

"Wow mom, you're beautiful" Zach said as he ogled her naked body. Liz blushed at her son's words then turned around slowly, making sure he saw every bit of her naked body before taking a seat next to him.

"Your turn" Liz said casually and looked at her son. Zach got up and stood awkwardly in front of his mother. He turned a bright red and looked down at her nudity for a full minute before starting to undress. He started by taking off his shirt and throwing it on the bed, showing his mother his fit upper body, then quickly followed by taking off his pants and standing there in just his black boxers, his erection visibly pushing against the tight fabric.

Liz could feel herself getting wet as she watched Zach undress. She examined his muscular chest and abs as he took his shirt off, his strong legs as he pulled his pants down and over at his erection as it pushed against his boxers before he turned around. Liz was a little surprised that her son turned around before taking his boxers off but said nothing. She smiled to herself at her son's shyness, turning around to take his boxers off even though she herself was sitting there fully naked. It made her even more confident with her decision to do this with him. She looked at his firm buttocks as he finished taking his boxers off and threw them on the floor.

Zach stood there with his back to Liz for a few seconds. He was building up the courage to turn around for a few seconds before finally doing it and looked at his mother. His erect penis was harder than he ever remembered it and he looked at his mother's reaction as she studied his manhood.

"What do you think?" Zach asked his mother nervously as she continued to study his naked body.

"You look very handsome" Liz said to him, feeling his naked presence get to her.

"What about my...? Is it...?" Zach started mumbling and turned red.

"You have a very nice Penis" Liz said to her son truthfully and blushed as she said it. Her son's penis was around 6 inches long, very similar to his father's in length but thinner, and had thick dark pubic hair around the base. Liz stared at her son's snake for a few more seconds before tapping the bed next to her, gesturing Zach to join her.

"How about we start with this…" Liz said after he took a seat and moved closer to her son. She closed the gap between them until the bare skin of their thighs touched. She then put a hand around his neck and moved into him, giving him a long kiss on the lips.

Zach was a caught off guard by his mother's kiss, but he quickly adjusted and kissed her in back. Liz's soft warm lips felt amazing, and he kissed her passionately. They kissed for a few seconds when Zach suddenly felt his mother's tongue slide into his mouth and slyly move around until she found his own and made him moan in pleasure into her mouth.

Liz and Zach continued to kiss for a few minutes, their tongues and lips pressing together fiercely until Liz broke it off. They were both out of breath and looked each other in the eyes.

"Do you like them?" Liz asked her son after she caught him looking at her tits for the fifth time.

"What?" Zach asked while quickly looking up from his mother's breasts and blushing.

"My boobs," Liz said while smiling to herself "do you like them?" she asked Zach again and started playing with them provocatively. She sensually rubbed her hands all over her large rack then started gently pinching her nipples as her son watched amazed.

"Yes" he managed to say weakly and couldn't help but give his hard cock a quick touch.

"You can go ahead and touch them" Liz said to her son. She held her chest out for him to grab but as she noticed the reluctance on his face she grabbed his right hand and placed it on her left breast. She kept her hand on top of her son's and started moving it around for a few seconds before moving her hand away.

Zach slowly brought his other hand to his mother's tit and started to knead her big beautiful melons. He could not believe he was touching his mother's tits. He had fantasized about them so many times, but he never thought he would actually see them, not to mention touch them. The feeling of his mother's breasts was amazing, and he played with them for a minute or so, squeezing and caressing them until he couldn't help himself. Without saying a word, Zach closed his mouth around her left nipple, and started sucking on it like a greedy little baby.

Liz moaned as her son latched his mouth onto her nipple and started sucking on it hungrily. It has been ages since he sucked on her nipples, but this was much different than the last time. She looked down at her son as he kept going, rotating between her breasts while each time using a hand to rub and play with the one he was not sucking on.

Zach was completely lost in his mother's jugs and would have kept going for another hour if she hadn't signaled him to stop and gently pulled him away. His cock was still rock hard, and as soon as he pulled away from his mother's chest, she closed her hand around his cock and grasped it firmly.

"Oh mom" Zach said with a gasp as his mom grabbed his cock. She then got on her knees in front of him and started slowly stroking her son's hard dick. Zach looked down at his naked mother and moaned gently as she moved her warm soft hand along his shaft. She kept stroking him for about a minute, making him moan in pleasure before moving her head down and taking her son's cock in her mouth.

"Oh fuck mom," Zach called out as Liz engulfed his manhood "that feels sooo good." He said with a moan and looked amazed down at his mother as she sucked his cock enthusiastically. She started out with the tip, licking and sucking it to her son's moans, and then continued to take more and more of her son's shaft into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down while making loud suction sounds as she gave him his first blowjob.

Liz was surprised by how much she enjoyed sucking her son's dick. She loved the taste of it and how soft and smooth it was as she wrapped her lips and slid her tongue all over it. She loved how long and how thin it was compared to her husband's, easily sliding into her mouth. But what she loved most of all, was how much pleasure she brought her son as she kept sucking on it.

It didn't take her son long to finish. Liz sucked him for less than two minutes, stroking the base of his penis and sliding her mouth along most of his length when she heard his moans became louder and his breathes sharper.

"Oh god, yes, oh fuck, mom. Oh Fuck!" he called out and started squirting his load into his mother's mouth. Zach felt a wave of pleasure taking a hold of his body and shivered slightly as his warm sperm shot out of his cock while still in his mother's mouth.

Liz kept her mouth closed around Zach's cock and kept sucking on it as her mouth filled with his sticky matter. She was a little surprised at first by how fast he ejaculated and a little irritated he did not warn her before. She did not intend to let her son cum in her mouth, but once he started she did not want to ruin it. She waited for him to finish, then opened her mouth and let his sperm flow down onto his cock and pubic hair. She swallowed the bit that stayed in her mouth then got to her feet.

"That was amazing mom" Zach said to her panting.

"I'm glad" Liz said giving Zach a small smile. She took out a hand towel from the closet, wiped her face and tossed it over to Zach. "Zach honey," she said in a motherly tone "when a girl is giving you a blowjob you need to tell her before you finish. Most girls, or at least some girls, don't like it when you ejaculate in their mouth."

"Oh, sorry mom" Zach said a little embarrassed.

"That's okay sweetie, that's why we're doing this, so you will learn." Liz said to her son and watched as he wiped his limp cock. The image of her son's cum covered dick, really turned her on and she watched him intently until he finished. "Now Zach, I want you to get on your knees" Liz said to her son after he cleaned himself up and she took her seat on the edge of the bed again.

"Ok mom" Zach said obediently and took to his knees in front of his mother just like she did a few minutes ago.

"Good sweetie," Liz said to her son and spread her legs for him "you can get closer" she said to him as he looked with awe at her wet pink pussy. "This is what a woman's vagina looks like" she told her son and brushed her slit with her thumb. She followed by showing and explaining about the different parts of the vagina. While doing so, she spread her lips for him and showed him where her clit was. "You can go ahead and touch it" Liz said to her son when she finished explaining.

Zach brought his right palm over to his mother's folds and touched her gently. He brushed his thumb slowly over her slit and clit and Liz closed her eyes while he did so. She let out a small groan as her son caressed her intimate region tenderly.

"Is it okay?" Zach asked his mother as her rubbed her beautiful vagina.

"Yes baby, that's great." she said to her son while stifling a moan. She was getting hotter and wetter by the second as her son kept touching her. "Now sweetie, I want you to start licking my vagina" Liz told her son and watched him.

"Sure mom" he said with a hint of satisfaction in his voice. He removed his hand from his mother's pussy and bent down. Liz could feel her son's warm breath on her vulva as he paused to inhale her intoxicating aroma then place his tongue flat on her pussy and give it a long, wet lick.

"Sweetie, wait a second" Liz said to her son after he gave her two more inexperienced and not very pleasurable licks.

"What's wrong mom?" Zach asked and stopped, looking up at his mom.

"When you're licking a woman's vagina you need to be gentler. You are not licking a lollypop." Liz said to her son who blushed slightly. "It's okay, I'll explain exactly how to do it," she added "I want you to start by blowing on it gently and then do exactly what I tell you, okay?"

"Yeah, okay mom" Zach said embarrassed and started gently blowing air on his mother's pussy.

"Yes, just like that." Liz said encouragingly to her son. "Now, I want to start kissing me down there, soft gentle kisses all over" Liz said and watched her son as he did what she told him. He kissed along her slit, along her outer folds, around and on her clit and even kissed her shaved pubic mound. "You're doing great sweetie," Liz said in between moans "now I want you to start licking me but use just the tip of your tongue. I want you to trace it along my slit and around my lips."

Zach listened to his mother and followed her instructions as he started licking her. He started at the bottom and traced the tip of his tongue along her slit, brushing it up and down before moving his tongue and tracing it around her lips then back to her slit. He noticed her slit becoming slicker as he kept going and tasted a slightly tart taste as his mother's juices glistened on her moist lips.

"Oh yes, you're doing amazing," Liz said to her son as he did exactly what he was told "Now I want you to use your tongue to circle around my clit and every few seconds give it a teasing little lick" she said to her son and watched his tongue as he did exactly that, licking around and teasing her clit. "Fuck baby yes, just like that," she called out with a groan as her son was driving her mad with his tongue "Now stick your tongue into my pussy as deep as you can and curl upwards."

Zach looked up at his moaning mom with satisfaction. He saw the pleasure on her face as he kept licking her pussy and felt the blood rushing back to his cock. He really enjoyed going down on his mother and did exactly what she told him. He licked her sensitive little nib for a while then at his mother's request shoved his tongue as deep as he could inside her. He tasted the overpowering flavor of her womanhood and loved every bit of it.

"Great Zach!" Liz said as her son pushed his tongue inside her. She was having trouble speaking between her growing moans and groans, the tension inside her building up by her son's actions. "Now baby," she said with a gasp "I want you to… oh god… I want you to… to close your mouth around my clit… and suck on it as hard as you can" Liz barely managed to say. She watched Zach as he pulled his tongue out of her pussy, closed his mouth around her clit and felt an incredible sensation as he sucked on her throbbing clit all the way to an orgasm.

"Yes, yes, YES!" Liz screamed and threw her head back, closing her eyes as she exploded. She felt an incredible wave of sexual ecstasy run through her body as she screamed in pleasure, bucking her hips into her son and shuddering slightly as he kept his mouth latched onto her clit and sucked it all through her orgasm. When the last wave of pleasure passed Liz fell on her back. Only then did Zach release her clit and get to his feet.

"Was that okay mom?" Zach asked her after getting to his feet.

"Sweetie, you were incredible. I didn't expect you to get me to orgasm, but you did." She said proudly to her son while still breathing heavily.

"Thanks mom" Zach said in mixture of pride and embarrassment while looking down at his naked mother with lust. Liz looked back at her hot young son, still a little surprised that he made her cum on his first time, even with her guidance.

"Give me a few moments to catch my breath," Liz said to her son as she noticed that his cock was hard again "then we can take care of that." she said pointing to his erection "I think it's time for the real thing." Liz said and saw his penis twitch with excitement.

His mom's words echoed in his head as Zach stood there towering over her nude body. Ever since Zach started developing an interest in women, he found his mother attractive. He would stare at her in the summers when she would walk around the house in short clothes, and he would sneak glances at her when they would go swimming, looking at her sexy body covered in only a small bikini, but never in his wildest dreams did he think he would lose his virginity to her. His cock throbbed with anticipation as he looked at her gorgeous body resting on the bed and waited for her to make a man of him.

After a minute that seemed to Zach like an eternity, Liz finally sat up on the side of the bed. She opened a drawer on the nightstand and took out a little plastic wrapper.

"Come sit next to me," Liz said to Zach who quickly did so "you know what a condom is, right?" she asked, and her son nodded. "Good." she said to her son and ripped the wrapper open. "Now you don't need this with me because I'm on birth control, but you will need to wear one with girls you have sex with, so I want to show you how to put it on." Liz explained to her son as she pulled out the rubber. She grabbed her son's erect penis, giving it a single stroke, then showed him how to put the condom at the tip of his dick and slowly unroll it along the shaft.

"I think I got it mom" Zach said as she finished covering his cock. She kept his cock covered with her hand around it for a few seconds, then slowly peeled it off.

"Are you ready?" Liz asked her son after she removed the condom. She wanted her son's first time to be as pleasurable as possible. Also, the thought of her son's bare cock sliding into her was so hot.

"Uh huh" Zach said and gave his cock a few strokes.

"Okay" Liz said to her son as she climbed onto the bed and moved the clothes aside. She took a large pillow and placed it under her lower back. "I want you to start on top." Liz said to her son as she placed a large pillow under her head as well and after getting on her back, spread her legs. "After a while we can switch, and I will be on top" she told her son while not sure he will last long enough for them to switch.

Zach could not hide his satisfaction as his mother made herself comfortable on the bed, offering herself to him in a way mothers aren't supposed to. Still, Zach didn't care, all he saw was a beautiful naked woman, willing to let him inside her and make him into a man. Zach climbed onto the bed and made his way between Liz's spread legs. He looked at her inviting vagina and positioned his raging cock at her entrance.

Liz watched her son ambivalently. She saw the primal lust on his face as he prepared himself for the loss of his innocence. Liz herself, despite it being her idea, was not completely comfortable with what she and her son were about to do. The mother in her couldn’t help but feel it was wrong but the woman in her yearned for it. Liz ignored the cringe in her stomach and stayed quiet as Zach positioned his cock. A shiver ran through her body as the tip of Zach's manhood met her intimate folds and a second later, raw animalistic pleasure took hold of her as her son penetrated her sacred hole.

"Oh mom" Zach screamed and let out a primitive grunt as he breached his mother's vagina with incestuous passion. He could not believe how good it felt as his shaft easily slid all the way into his mother's pussy. He let out another moan and watched how his mother accepted his entire length into her warm cunt. Zach groaned at the indescribable sensation of pleasure as the last inch of his cock disappeared inside his mother. He could feel her walls pushing against his intruder and pulled his cock out to tip before gliding it back in.

"Oh yes baby!" Liz moaned as her son pushed himself into her pussy for the second time. She looked at her son's strong young body and studied him as he held her spread thighs and started thrusting himself inside her in long slow motions. Even though Zach's cock was not as thick as his father's, the mere thought that this was her son fucking her was causing her immense pleasure.

Zach kept going to his mother's growing moans. He started out very slow, worried that he would finish too fast, but after a few minutes of going slow, he realized that he was nowhere close to ejaculating and quickened his pace, pushing into mommy's snatch with swift thrusts.

"Oh yes sweetie!" Liz called lustfully as Zach started pumping her wet pussy with a quick rhythm. Liz was surprised her son was still going and started moaning louder as her boy was now pounding her pussy hard. "Yes baby, just like that, keep going!" Liz yelled and let out another loud moan while the slapping sound of Zach's testicles hitting her ass reached her ears with each thrust of his strong hips.

"Oh my god mom, this feels so fucking good" Zach said as he kept ramming his cock into his mother's cunt with gusto. He listened to her moans and calls of pleasure and watched fascinated as his mother's impressive boobs bounced all around, wiggling in every direction as he pushed himself into her with force.

"Sweetie, you want to switch positions?" Liz asked her son when she noticed he was getting tired and started slowing his thrusts down. She hoped he didn't slow down because he was about to cum. Liz was eager to get on top of him and ride her little stud to an orgasm.

"Yeah" Zach said and pulled out of his mom. He was breathing heavily and watched her as she sat up and moved the pillow she was sitting on aside.

"Lay down" Liz said to her son and he quickly got in place instead of her. Liz bent down, grabbing her son's cock and giving it a quick lick. She enjoyed the taste of her juices on him and was amused by the look on his face. Liz then climbed on top of her son and sat down on his waist. She grabbed his cock, pressing it against her vulva while looking at her son, then raised her waist a little. She used her hand to guide Zach's penis to her opening and while looking straight into his eyes, impaled herself onto him with mutual moans escaping their lips.

"Oh my god mom!" Zach whimpered as his mother impaled herself on top of his manhood. He looked up at the unbelievably hot image of his mother on his hard cock and groaned deeply as she started to ride him. "Fuck that feels amazing," Zach called out in ecstasy "please don't stop mom" he begged and grabbed her waist. Zach looked down at his dick, watching it disappear inside his mother's tight haven, then looked at her large breasts and the enticing way they jumped as she rode him, and finally looked up at her face, locking eyes with her and watching her moan with pleasure.

"Try holding it in as much as you can" Liz asked of her son and started riding his cock harder. She was impressed that he lasted this long but knew he would not last much longer. Her boobs were bouncing all over and she looked at her son's face as she slammed her pussy onto his dick as hard and fast as she could.

"Mom, I can't keep going much longer." Zach said in a hurry as his mother fucked him harder than he ever thought possible. He closed his eyes so he wouldn't see her and tried thinking of anything but his naked mother riding his cock, all this in a futile attempt to delay his climax. "Mom, I'm gonna cum" Zach said in a nervous voice a few seconds later and started moaning wildly.

"Go ahead sweetie, cum for mommy!" Liz said to her son filthily and kept riding him passionately. She mused at the sentence that just came out of her mouth and watched her son's orgasm take hold of him.

"Oh my god, oh yes, FUCK!" Zach called out and started to cum. Liz could feel her son squirting his sperm into her and looked down at his face contort in pleasure. "Yes mommy, yes!" Zach screamed as he started crying.

Liz looked in amazement at her son as he started to cry while shooting load after load of incestuous cum deep inside her dripping pussy. She heard somewhere that some guys cry when they ejaculate but she was not sure it was real until she saw her son sobbing as he filled her pussy to the brim. She kept riding him throughout his climax, watching tears of intense sexual pleasure flowing down his cheeks until his orgasm subsided and his cock started going limp. She was so close to her own orgasm that without giving it any thought, Liz started rubbing her clit wildly until she exploded.

"Oh my god!" she squealed in euphoria as she started to cum. Her legs shook uncontrollably, followed by her waist and hands as her body surged with pleasure. She felt like she was being electrocuted but instead of pain there was excruciating pleasure. Liz heard animalistic groans leave her mouth and tried her best to continue rubbing her clit. It was one of the longest and most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced. It felt like it lasted for an hour before she finally felt it coming to an end and lost control of her body completely.

Zach looked amazed at his mother as she reached an orgasm while still on top of him. He was embarrassed by the fact that he started crying like a little baby when he ejaculated inside her. It was the first time it ever happened to him and he didn't know what caused it, but he forgot all about it when his mother started spasming on top of him. Zach saw a few videos of women reaching an orgasm online, but none of them were as extreme as the one his mother just went through. It looked like she was going through an exorcism as she trembled and groaned. Once she finished, Zach caught his mom with both hands and lowered her onto his chest, a few last shivers running through her body as she rested on him.

Liz felt her son's limp cock pop out of her as he pulled her down onto him and then felt their combined juices flow out of her and onto the sheets. Liz was so exhausted from her intense orgasm, she just lay there in her son's arms, her head resting on his chest while her heavy breasts rested on his lower stomach.

"Zach, are you okay?" Liz asked her son after they lay there motionless for over half an hour, processing what they had just done.

"Yeah mom, I'm fine." Zach said in a tired voice "What about you?" he asked.

"I'm just fine sweetie" Liz said to her son and lifted her head to look at him. "How do you feel about what we just did?" Liz asked her son while still looking at him.

"I'm not sure," Zach said to his mom as he thought about it "I definitely don't regret it," he said to his mother's relief "it was one of the hottest most incredible things that I ever did, and it definitely prepared me for having sex, so I guess I'm okay with it." Zach said to his mom. What he didn't want to say was how he thought it would make things weird between them. He knew that for the next few months, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the sex they just had.

"I'm glad" Liz said and kissed her son's chest before sitting up. She walked over to the closet, grabbed another towel and used it to clean her vagina, wiping away the last globs of her son's sperm before handing him the towel. She watched him wipe his penis off as she put her bra and panties back on, followed by her pants and sweater. As Zach was getting dressed she opened a window and let the cool air flow into the room, airing out the heavy musk of sex.

"Ready?" Liz asked her son after he finished dressing and offered him her hand.

"Ready" Zach said confidently and took her hand. She pulled him to the door and unlocked it quietly.

"Now let's see how it was for your sister and father." Liz said to her son, opening the door and stepping out with Zach behind her.

End of part 1

Hope you enjoyed.

Please comment if you would like me to post part 2.


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good story!


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Great mom

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Best way to learn.

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Many primitive societies has the whole family sleep in 1 "room". Children observe their parents in many situations daily including the process of making more siblings to increase the family. Unlike our more western sophisticated, enlightened, repressed cultures, sex crime & perversion is close to nil in those societies. I don't believe the parents engage the children, but the children are aware of the process & see it as a natural progress of life, not something mysterious, hidden, & secretive (for adults only behind closed doors). It should be private & used by mature adults BUT repression has led to unhealthy "hangups". The bible being full of such problems: incest, rape, adultery, murder, prostitution, etc.
I'm not smart enough to offer a solution, but I feel that selected porno for sex education is a positive alternative to; how my sex education occurred (lack there of) 60-70 yrs ago.


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