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Neighbor girls having a grand time with Toby
I Seduce My Neighbor, Part III by Phyllisroger.

The next meeting of Le Club Taboo couldn’t come soon enough for me as visions of Toby possibly coupling with the beautiful cunt of Sherry and bringing her to a shaking orgasm was a vision dancing in my head and making me wet just thinking about it…but I had to wait a week until our next Friday at Vanessa’s pad. And how to get Toby to “home base” with Sherry after we’d done 1st, 2d and 3rd base all in one evening…and we didn’t even see the whole movie! Ha! Vanessa and I would have to feel our way to the whole ball game. It was all I could think of during the week as Friday approached with anticipation.

“Sherry just called,” Vanessa reported. “She’s running late.” I was wondering if she was having cold feet. Such pretty legs and pretty feet. Would all my dreams of Toby and Sherry be dashed and we’d have to look for another new member of our little club? After arriving at Vanessa’s we sat there, waiting, drinking and snacking but mostly thinking, Toby nibbling the occasional snack.

Vanessa said: “Sherry may be having second thoughts…in her mind…but her body will take care of things and tell her what to do…“ Then there was a knock on the door and in came Sherry. She was so pretty and hot and wore a really skimpy dress. She was full of smiles and apologies saying: “I stopped for some special snacks and a bottle of wine. I thought we might need an extra bottle and didn’t want to run out,” and other rambles and excuses for being tardy. I didn’t give a shit why…she was here and it was now. I crossed my legs and shivered a little thinking about the exciting evening we might enjoy in the evening ahead.

“I brought Toby some biscuits,” she said and went over to give him a couple. He looked at her and started to snack. “He has such pretty eyes,” she said. “To go with his other parts,” I joked. She looked at me and smiled: “I’ll open the wine. Are we seeing another hot movie?” She was in the mood and when she bent over to feed Toby her dress was so skimpy I could glimpse her crotch…What I had in mind for that lovely crotch! Actually what Toby would learn about her body.

Sherry went into the kitchen and uncorked the bottle, returning to pour our drinks. “I know, Vanessa,” she said, “I’m taking over your kitchen.” Vanessa smiled. Sherry continued: “Last Friday was special for me.” “And all of us,” I replied. Sherry’s face went red, her eyes flashed and that beautiful smile, saying: “I know. It was naughty and nice…like the Christmas song. Maybe Santa won‘t come for naughty me with his presents!” "He might cum just looking at you," I said.

I laughed at that, sipped the wine and said: “He’ll come for you or maybe his helper. It was both naughty and very nice. You know, Santa has a dog.” Sherry swallowed her wine, saying: “Hopefully he’s a dog like your Toby!” “You mean OUR Toby!” and we all laughed at that looking over at Toby at his water bowl oblivious to our chatter. He lay down, head on his paws, tail wagging, looking at us.

Then Sherry spoke and my heart dropped to my toes. She said: "I’ve thought a lot about last Friday and what I did. What we all did and I couldn’t get out of my mind that I shouldn’t have done that. It’s not your fault, either of you. It was my fault, just something that happened and it was wrong. I felt dirty and I guess it was a one time thing.” “It also felt good,” I said and Vanessa poured us some more wine. Sherry was blushing and said: “It felt very good…the best…but still…that doesn‘t make it right.”

I said: “Well it’s our secret then, but right or wrong? If it works why fix it. I love that dog‘s tongue on my cunt and his cold nose nuzzling my clit. It‘s hard to think it‘s wrong when it is so delicious. Even my boyfriends were never that good.”

Vanessa chimed in: “Stop it, Phyllis. You’re making me wet and besides I just enjoy it all and don’t think about the ’right’ or ’wrong’ part of it. It relaxes me and there aren’t any complications.”

“I’m not judging you, either of you,” Sherry said and we all had some more wine. Vanessa went to the kitchen for another bottle. It was getting warm in the room. Toby was resting in the corner of the living room, looking at us with those eyes. Vanessa poured some more and we sat and talked.

Then Vanessa moved things along. Sherry was her girlfriend from work, after all and so Vanessa took the lead, patting her leg. Toby looked up and trotted over to her side. “We’re talking about you, you poor doggie.,.“ petting his head and playing behind his ears. His tongue was out now and he took a tentative lick at her calf and then another lick. “Toby. You are a naughty dog, don’t you know that? You’re just like Sherry’s boyfriend at the drive-in, very naughty.” Sherry chimed in: “Yes I remember that boy and I have to confess he really got me going…pulling down my panty hose and finger fucking me…it got me hot and wet and the best orgasm ever…[she paused]…until Toby!”

Toby was busy on Vanessa’s calf saying: “Did you hear that Toby?…you did good even if it was wrong.” I reached across Sherry and patted my dog on his head…he was in full lick mode on Vanessa, his red doggie dick pulsing like it had the Friday before. Vanessa looked at us: “He’s making me hot.” She looked at the two of us for permission. “Me too,” I said and we both looked at Sherry, her dress above her knees which were together. “Hmmm,” is all she said but I knew what she was thinking: that dog’s tongue had given me a great orgasm and it was wrong, wrong, wrong but good, good, good. Sherry licked her lips and drank some more. That alluring tongue…her body was remembering how naughty and good it was…and watching him lick me must have sent her chills.

I could see her mind resisting, and her body consenting, both at work on the scene…nice doggie, nice tongue, nice long, licking tongue. She was thinking of that tongue licking the wet folds of her cunt and her body was feeling…that battle within--what was wrong and also what made her shake in ecstasy, pushing down the feelings that were bubbling up in her brain and taking over. How could she forget a hard cum that brought tears and thrills. And there in front of her, next to Vanessa, this dog was licking and Vanessa petting him, his red dick out and pulsing, all of this attending the woman sitting next to her. “He’s good at that isn’t he?” I said and Vanessa said: “Phyllis, he’s making me really hot. Do you mind if I…?”

Sherry chimed in: “Go ahead if you’re feeling like it…Why not? It’s just the three of us.” I was thinking we were moving right along and Vanessa wasn’t the only one hot. I was and how could Sherry not be aroused too? I knew, just like me, she was having memories of the previous weekend. Vanessa opened her legs and Toby licked up under her dress. Vanessa laid back her head, her dress moving on top of Toby’s head. We couldn’t see under her dress but we knew. I looked at Sherry who smiled and had more wine. I took her hand. “I’ve had boyfriends,” I said, “who didn’t do to me what Toby does…it’s so wrong it’s good.”

Sherry nodded and smiled and I could read her mind. The scene…Vanessa and our little private movie in the living room…was arousing me and Sherry, breaking down her qualms. I leaned across and lifted Vanessa’s dress to her waist. Toby was at full tongue. “God! Oh!,” Vanessa exclaimed and squirmed, grabbing Sherry’s hand and squeezing it tight…”He licks me…so…good…God! Toby you are one naughty dog and so…good.!” She lifted and we could see Toby at work on her cunt, putting his tongue inside for more taste of her spend…he seemed feverish and so was Vanessa who was mumbling and making little grunt sounds, her eyes closed, her head back, legs, beautiful legs, splayed and inviting. She lifted her bottom to that probing tongue.

Sherry reached and smoothed her hand over Vanessa’s tummy, petting the hairs on her cunt, letting Toby lick between her fingers, petting Toby’s head in encouragement…”Oh…oh,” Vanessa said as Sherry’s cool hand was stroking her. I was hot and wet, opened my legs, lifted my dress to my waist, squeezed Sherry’s other hand and with my free hand started stroking myself. My head was back, my eyes were closed. We were giving Sherry a double…triple…dose of sexuality. After a brief time I peeked over at the two of them. Sherry had released my hand and was also busy with herself. I grabbed her hand, stopping the movement under her dress. Our eyes met and we smiled. I said: “It’s okay.”

Vanessa was having a serious orgasm but was now cooling and looking at her girlfriend Sherry, asking her in silence…’was it wrong? If it was it was wrong and really good.’ I was still fingering myself and lifted Sherry’s dress. She was naked! I smoothed her tummy and her pretty blond cunt hairs. She looked at me, saying: “That feels good.” I giggled and said: “It’s only the three of us and I know what feels really good.”

Sherry laid back, closed her eyes and let me stroke and stroke. She was wet and I slipped my fingers into her slit. “You’re a very wet girl.” She opened her legs to my touch, flexed. Toby was sitting next to us and I looked at him. He came to me but I pushed him to Sherry and he began licking her thigh, nosing her leg.

Sherry sat upright at the first lick. “It’s just us,” I said and she looked at me, “Lie back,” I said, “it’s not nice to tease dumb animals.” She laughed and shook her head……….and……….laid back opening her legs. Toby went to work on her cunt. She was mumbling about his tongue and “I shouldn’t be…Oh!…doing this. God, his cold nose. It’s all so good.”

Toby’s cock was hanging out and dripping…”Scoot down more,” I said and she did, her cunt at the edge of the couch and Toby frantic, dancing on his hind legs.

“He’s…so…good…I’m close again,” she said. Her body had taken control of her…She had lost all resistance. Her body was in complete control. Her mind was in pre-climax mode…desperately aching for the climax of sexual release and she was at the precipice of deep orgasm wanting to fall into that dreamlike state.

She was in the grip of desire; didn‘t care anymore about wrong or right. I nudged her down to the floor and she was under my control without questioning…only feeling that ache and need for release; wanting release. Then I helped her lift onto the couch, face down, ass presenting to sweet doggie Toby who was again licking at Sherry…shivering, convulsing Sherry…the wine and her body and human desire took over and was in total control. Vanessa and I were petting Sherry’s back, her bottom and she lifted to Toby’s incessant delicious licking.

Toby took his cue and climbed astride, mounting her little wet body. “Phyllis,” she said, “what?” “Just be still,” I said, “it’s just us girls.” “But,” Sherry said and I petted her back, Vanessa holding her, spreading her bottom cheeks, opening the folds of her cunt, Toby now humping at her and searching for the sweet spot…“Phyllis,“ she said but it was only a whisper filled with desire. I reached and held Toby’s dangling, poking cock, pointing and guiding it to that lithe body of our friend Sherry who was about to have a very good time.

Toby and I were a team and now his cock was at her cunt…I rubbed it along her lips. Sherry flinched and then held very still and mumbling, her face buried in the couch and then Toby found her, entered her cunt and gripped her waist with his paws. “No…no,” Sherry said and I petted her back with one hand saying: “He’s inside now, just relax. It’s too late. Relax, it’s okay.” Sherry let out her breath, mumbling a last gasp of resistance to the inevitable, “it’s not…not okay.”

But Toby was holding her tight and thrust again. “He’s so big,” Sherry exclaimed, “Oh God! He’s deep and hot and…oh fuck!” she exhaled a deep breath and: “Oh Toby…unh…he’s so…deep…he’s…fuck me! Fuck me dog!” She stopped speaking. took deep breaths and began grunting as Toby was thrusting and grabbing her waist tight…Sherry was lifting to each stroke and her body was hot as she lifted again and let out a guttural cry of lust, and cried again and oh goddings as she shook and Toby went stiff and frantic releasing into her, fucking deep and filling her hot shaking body. She was all sweaty and then she relaxed saying: “Enough…enough…I’m…I’m finished. He‘s got to stop. I can‘t take any more.” I pushed on him, Toby’s cock slipped out, his cum was running out of Sherry’s cunt. Vanessa and I continued petting her back, covering her with her dress as she finally cooled and just lay there, kneeling on the floor, her body on the couch as though in a trance.

Finally saying: “I’ve never felt anything like that, Phyllis. I’ve never cum so hard. I think I feinted at one point from the sheer joy of feelings; letting my whole body explode.” I helped her up. She sat up and collapsed on the couch, leaning her head against me. “You knew what was going to happen, didn’t you?” she whispered to me. “It’s our secret,” I said. She snuggled into me and rested. “I like secrets,” she said quietly, “I feel so naughty…and so good.” and snuggled and napped.

I looked at Vanessa. We smiled at each other. Sherry was now a full member of our little Le Club Taboo. Her initiation was complete. We looked at Toby. He was at his water bowl. His dick was partially out. He sat and started to lick it clean of the sweet juices of our friend and new club member, Sherry. Vanessa got a damp towel and wiped Sherry’s legs clean as she opened them once more. “I’ve never cum like that in my life…not even that night in the drive-in.” I laughed at my exhausted Sherry, whispering in her ear: “It’s a one time thing, sweetie.” She took a deep breath, sighed, quietly saying: “I hope not.” It had been a memorable Friday…with more Fridays to come I was sure…more than sure. No one, nobody, no body, ever forgets a “one time thing” do they? Would we have more new members in Le Club Taboo?


2020-05-04 07:01:34
Where is part 2? Can't find it! Very very Naughty!!!


2018-10-09 13:18:20
love this story line ..Phyllis...hope the membership drive continues!

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