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After Liz prepared Zach, it is now Tom's turn to get Molly ready for the real world.
How Traditions Start – part 2

An original story by Starrynight


Molly watched her mother and brother enter the guest bedroom, close the door behind them and heard them lock it. She followed her father to his and her mother's bedroom and was starting to feel frightened as he too locked the door behind them. If Molly didn't know any better, she would say they were in trouble.

"Molly, why don't you take a seat on the bed" Tom said to his daughter in a soft voice. He heard her walk over to the bed and take a seat before turning around to her. Tom could tell his daughter was nervous as he looked at her. "Sweetheart, relax. Everything is fine" Tom said and gave her his best reassuring smile.

"Dad, what's going on?" She asked her father innocently as she relaxed a little.

"Well" Tom started and took a deep breath "First of all, happy birthday." He said and eyed his daughter as she sat there wearing a purple sweater and long white pants.

"Thanks" Molly answered and kept looking up at her father in confusion.

"Now, regarding what we're doing here," Tom said and took another deep breath "your mother and I recently started talking about you and your brother, and about how you will get along next year." Tom continued nervously "We know that you are both very smart and we are not worried about your academic skills. What we are worried about, are your social skills." Tom said and hoped what he said made sense. He was so nervous, and Molly just sat there and stared at him as he talked. "For starters, probably almost every girl you meet next year already had a boyfriend. You on the other hand, don't have any experience with guys. That's why your mother and I thought it would be best for you if before you go to college…" Tom took a long pause before continuing "you have sex for the first time." Tom managed to say at last and felt his face get hot.

"Sex?" Molly asked shocked and looked her father straight in the eyes.

"Yes, sex with me" Tom said as his heart raced.

"Are you serious?" Molly asked as she looked up at father to make sure.

"I am," Tom said to his daughter "but only if you want to" he added.

"So, mom and Zach are…?" Molly asked as things started to make sense.

"Having the exact same conversation in the guest room" Tom answered his daughter.

"So, mom is going to have sex with Zach while you have sex with me?" Molly asked with the surprise still audible in her voice.

"Yes, but as I said, only if you want to." Tom repeated. There was some part of him that hoped she would say no and put a stop to this, but he could not deny that the part got smaller and smaller over the past days.

"Okay" Molly said to her father.

"Okay?" Tom asked at his daughter's casual choice of words.

"Okay, let's have sex" Molly said and took in the image of her father's tall broad body.

"Are you sure?" Tom asked and suddenly thought Molly's voice sounded much older.

"Yes" Molly told her father boldly. She had always thought her father was a good-looking man, with his handsome face, broad shoulders, strong arms and short brown hair. Molly couldn't deny he was attractive, but she never thought he would be the first man she would be with.

"Okay then" Tom said with a mixture of shame and excitement. He then slowly unbuckled his leather belt, removed it and placed it on the desk behind him. "I'm going to take my clothes off" Tom said and started pulling his heavy black boots off.

Molly kept quiet and watched as her father started to undress in front of her. He took off his boots, placed them by the door and quickly unbuttoned his brown shirt, placing it on the desk. Molly looked at her father's strong hairy chest and muscular arms as they unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down.

Tom stood in front of his daughter wearing his loose gray boxers for just a second before pulling them down and stepping out of them, exposing his penis to his barely legal daughter. Tom felt strangely liberated as his daughter looked intently at his naked body and his limp manhood. At his wife's suggestion he trimmed the thick pubic hair at the base of his cock and stood there shamelessly as his daughter inspected him.

Molly was very aroused by her father's nude figure and especially his penis. It was the first one she has ever seen, and she felt a warmth grow between her legs as she looked at it. She read about sex in books and knew the general concept, but reading about it and doing it were two completely different things and she wanted to do it more than ever before.

"My turn" Molly said and stood up. She felt an uncontrollable urge to show herself to her father, and she started striping with only a few feet between them.

Tom's shame was gone. He felt only excitement and delight as his daughter started undressing. Molly was barefoot as she quickly removed her sweater, white t-shirt and pants while her father watched. He could feel himself getting hard as he looked at his daughter in her yellow bra and white granny panties and waited for her to remove them too. She stood there for a few seconds, enjoying the sensation of her father looking at her with anticipation before she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. She then pulled her panties down and dropped them on the floor before facing her father in all her naked glory.

Tom could not help but admire his naked angel as she stood there for his gaze. She had pale smooth skin, dirty blonde shoulder length hair and a tall athletic body. Molly also had cute perky B sized breasts that were just over a handful, small bright pink areolas, small hard nipples, and to top it all off, she had a very enticing tight looking vagina and a wild light-haired bush. Tom looked at his naked daughter until he noticed she was looking intently at his penis. Only then did he realize he was completely hard.

Molly finished getting undressed and stood there looking at her father while he ogled her unconcealed body. The warmth between her legs grew as she looked at her father's penis. She watched with awe as her father's already thick looking member grew harder, longer and thicker until it was completely erect. She knew a penis gets bigger before having sex but her father's looked huge. It was so thick and long she didn't think it was going to fit inside her, but that only made her hotter.

They kept looking at each other for a minute or so in silence, each studying the other before Tom made the first move. He closed the gap between them with two quick strides until he was face to face with his daughter. He looked down at her pretty face then leaned down until his lips met hers and he started kissing her hungrily.

Molly closed her eyes as she felt her father's warm lips on hers. It was her first kiss and she loved it, enjoying the way her father caressed her longing lips with his. She returned his kisses as best she knew, accepting his lips with pleasure and caressing his in return until her father surprised her.

"Mmmm" Molly cooed into her father's mouth as he unexpectedly snaked his tongue into her mouth. Molly felt a jolt of pleasure as her father's tongue met hers and she opened her eyes in surprise as he started to explore her mouth with her tongue. After a few minutes of intense kissing they broke it off for some air.

"Wow" Molly said still gasping for air and looked at her father as he did the same. It was one of the best sensations she had ever felt, and as soon as she caught her breath, she put both hands around her father's neck and pulled him down for another kiss, sticking her tongue into his mouth just like he did to her.

They continued kissing some more before Tom finally broke it off and sat down on the bed to catch his breath. His cock was rock hard, and he couldn't keep his eyes away from his daughter's cute tits.

"I think you got the hang of kissing," Tom said to his daughter and climbed onto the bed "come her and we'll continue" Tom said patting the bed next to him. Molly obeyed her father and quickly climbed onto the bed, taking a seat next to him. "Is it okay if I touch you?" Tom asked cautiously with his eyes glued to his daughter's chest.

"Sure daddy" Molly said in a childish voice and watched as her father grabbed her boob. Molly moaned shyly as her father squeezed her tit and started playing with her nipple. He brushed his thumb over it, ran his index finger around it and pinched it gently before bringing his mouth over and sucking on her nipple hungrily. Molly moaned quietly as her father sucked on her pink nip. He sucked on it for a few seconds to Molly's moans before moving to her other tit. He gave her second nipple a small flick with his tongue and latched onto to it as well.

"Molly, you have the most beautiful breasts," Tom said after letting go of his daughter's boobs "now lay down and let me take care of that cute little vagina of yours."

"Okay Daddy, but please be gentle" Molly said softly.

"Don't worry baby, I'll let you know before I put it in. For now, I just want to taste you" Tom said to his daughter and after she lay down, he got off the bed and walked over to her feet. "God you're beautiful" Tom said as he looked at her laying there naked. Tom stood at her feet and slowly pulled them apart to reveal her pink virgin pussy. It looked so tight, Tom had to briefly touch himself before he took his place between her legs.

Molly looked at her father fascinated and watched as he placed his strong hands on her smooth thighs and pulled them apart some more. A shiver ran through her as he grabbed her thighs and ran his hands along them, moving his rugged palms up and down her silky skin, each time reaching her outer folds then moving back down. He caressed her thighs like that a few times before bringing his head in between her legs. Molly could feel her father's warm breath on her vulva and felt another rush of excitement as he inhaled the aroma of her delicate flower.

"Oooh Daddy" Molly whispered to Tom as he placed the tip of his tongue onto her vulva and brushed it along her virgin slit. It felt so good that Molly instinctively closed her eyes as her father made his way up her slit until reaching her clit and teasing it gently with his tongue. "Yes" Molly said with moan and watched her father as he started slowing running his tongue back and forth along her slit, giving her clit a teasing lick each time he reached it.

Tom completely lost himself in his daughter's young pussy. He started out by gently caressing it to see her reactions, and after hearing her moans grow he pushed his tongue deeper into her muff. He loved how wet and tight his girl's pussy was and after taking quick taste, he brought both hands to her folds and slowly spread her lips, allowing him to stick his tongue deeper and taste her tart sexual juices.

"Oh my god daddy yes!" Molly called out as her father pushed his tongue deep into her vagina. She pushed her pelvis against her father's tongue and let out another long moan as he moved his tongue inside her. Tom ran his thumbs along her vaginal lips with his tongue still inside her and then moved a thumb to her clit and started to circle it. Molly felt a strange feeling building up inside her as her father rubbed her sensitive little nib. Her dad rubbed her clit for a few seconds before he brought his tongue to it and started licking it. Molly felt the buildup grow and her moans grew louder with it. She watched her dad as he tortured her clit with pleasure until to her surprise he closed his mouth around it and sucked on it hard.

"Aaahhh" Molly screamed with surprise as a powerful wave took hold of her body, making her erupt with pleasure she never felt before. "Oh my god daddy!" she yelled as it hit her, and she started squirming on the bed, while her father kept sucking on her clit. Molly cried out, her legs shivering as the new sensation flowed through her body, tensing it up and releasing it with every surge. After a minute it got weaker until the feeling wore off completely.

"How did you enjoy your first orgasm?" her father asked with smile after releasing her clit and looking at her as she lay there glowing. Tom did not think it was a very powerful one, but by the sounds she was making he assumed it was her first one and that she enjoyed it immensely.

"Oh my god, it was amazing." Molly said to her father while breathing heavily. "I never thought it would feel like this." she said "I mean, I've touched my self before and it felt really good, but I never thought an orgasm would feel so incredible."

"I'm glad," Tom said looking down at his daughter "let me know when we can continue" he added and put a hand on her thigh. A moment later Molly sat up on the bed and gave her father a nod.

"I'm ready" Molly said and got on her knees on the bed. Tom, who was sitting at the edge of the bed, gestured her to join him.

"An important thing you need to know, is that when you start getting intimate with a guy, there are other things you can do without having sex." Tom told his daughter as she listened intently "You might not want to have sex at the beginning, which is completely fine, but you still want to fool around. So, there are other ways to pleasure each other, like what I just did to you." Tom kept saying and faced Molly to make sure she understood. After kissing and going down on her, he noticed he could easily talk about these things without feeling embarrassed. "What you can do to a guy, is give him a handjob or blowjob" Tom said and noticed his daughter was looking at his hard cock.

"You can go ahead and touch it" Tom said and Molly looked up at him and blushed before reaching and grabbing it.

"It's so big" Molly said as she grasped her father's thick shaft with her right hand. She could barely close her palm around it, and after giving it a squeeze, she started examining it. Molly was fascinated with her father's circumcised penis, looking at its veins and moving her hand along it. Tom let his daughter explore his dick for a minute and felt his need for a release grow.

"Do you know what handjobs and blowjobs are?" Tom asked Molly.

"Yeah, pretty much." Molly answered "I read in a few books about them" she added.

"Okay good," Tom said to his daughter "I want you to practice on me. You can start with what you read, and I'll tell you what to do from there" Tom said and waited for his daughter to start.

Molly started out by grabbing her father's cock firmly and stroking the middle of the shaft gently. It was clear to Tom she had no real clue what to do.

"How about we start from scratch" Tom told his daughter in a tender tone. "First, spit on your hand a little to make it slick. It feels a lot better and will be easier for you." Tom said and waited as Molly spit a little into her hand, grabbed his prick again and commenced stroking him.

"Like this?" she asked, and Tom let out a little moan.

"Yes, that's good" Tom said as his daughter's palm easily slid up and down his shaft "See how much easier it is now." he added, and Molly nodded. "Next, I want you to use you hand to stroke the full length of my penis. Go up to the head and down all the way to the base." Tom said, and Molly did as she was told. "A little slower," Tom said "that's it, just like that. Slowly go up and down. Now if you plan on getting the guy off, start going faster, and when you sense him tensing or he says he's about to ejaculate, go really fast and don't stop until he finishes."

Tom moaned as his daughter started stroking him faster. "I think you got it" he said and put his hand on hers. "Do you want to try giving a blowjob now?"

"Sure daddy" Molly said and let go of her father's cock. Tom then moved back onto the bed and lay down with his erection sticking up. He was eagerly awaiting to feel his daughter's lips on his hard member. Molly quickly followed and climbed onto the bed after her father. She grabbed his cock in her hands, slowly lowered her mouth to it, then started licking the head in circles.

"Oh yes Molly" Tom said and groaned as she started to lick his cock vigorously. She started by just licking around the head and shortly after she put the tip in her mouth and started sucking on it. "Yes, you're doing great" Tom said and moaned with pleasure as his daughter wrapped the head of his cock with her lips. She sucked on it then went back to licking it like it was an ice cream cone. "Now baby, I want you to start stroking me as you keep sucking on it" Tom said and felt his daughter's hand starting to jerk him as she sucked the tip of his cock, making him moan aloud. "Great baby, now I want you to start putting as much as you can inside your mouth and start bobbing your head. Try to get it as deep as you can."

Molly listened to her father explain and tried her best to follow. Her father's penis was so thick she didn't think she could fit much in, but she would try. She started out with just the head in her mouth, took in another half an inch then pulled back up. Next try, she took another half inch, then another until a third of her father's cock was inside her mouth. She could tell by her father's moans he was enjoying it but also felt him looking at her to see how much she could fit.

"Fuck baby, that feels so good" Tom said with a moan as Molly bobbed her mouth up and down his cock. She took only half of it in each time but kept stroking the base as she did, just like he told her. Her father's thick cock now filled her mouth and she slid it along her tongue as she kept blowing her father.

Molly eventually got used to the sensation of her father's large snake in her mouth and started putting more of it in. She slowed down, pushing daddy's dick a little each time into her mouth. She would take it in until she felt she was just about to gag then pulled it out to the tip.

Tom watched his daughter and moaned in pleasure as she attempted to take his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She almost gagged a few times but pulled it out in time and managed to get it a bit deeper next time.

"Yes Molly, keep going" Tom said with a moan as Molly managed to take about two thirds of his cock in her mouth. He could feel his cock going in deeper each time until it touched the back of Molly's throat briefly and then she started to gag.

Molly started chocking on her father's big cock and quickly pulled it out. Her face turned red and she started coughing as she tried to take in some much-needed air. She kept holding her father's cock in her hand but inhaled deeply as she breathed in.

"You did great baby" Tom told his daughter as she still gasped for air. "I'm really impressed by how much of it you got in" Tom said and sat up on the bed to make sure his daughter was okay. A minute later she was back to breathing normally. Tom put a finger under his daughter's chin and raised it to give her a tender kiss on the lips.

"Do you want us to keep going?" Tom asked Molly.

"Yeah" Molly said and nodded. Giving her father a blowjob really turned her on and she wanted to feel his manhood inside her. She watched her father as he moved to his side of the bed and sat on the edge. He followed by opening a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a little plastic wrapper. "Is that a condom?" Molly asked.

"That's right, come here and see how I put it on." Tom said and waited for his daughter to come closer. He ripped the silver wrapper open and gave his penis a few strokes with his free hand before taking out the rubber and placing it at the top of his erection. "Molly, the single most important thing when you have sex, is to make sure you're safe. Always use a condom when you're having sex. Don't let any guy ever talk you out of using one. If you start taking birth control, then keep in mind that you can have sex without a condom but only with a guy you know well and is clean. Am I clear?" Tom asked his daughter and gave her a serious look.

"Yes dad, I understand" Molly said then watched her father as he rolled the condom onto his penis. He pulled it all the way down and looked up at her hungrily.

"Are you ready for your first time?" Tom asked and eyed Molly with lust. He could not believe how bad he wanted his daughter. "Lay down on your back and try to relax" he added after Molly nodded in consent.

Molly's heart was racing as she took her place on her back in the middle of her parents' bed. She could feel the moist warmth radiate from between her legs and spread them a little. She ached to feel her father penetrate her for the first time but could not deny her fear as she watched his hard cock bounce while he took he place between her legs.

Tom's cock was so hard it was throbbing as his mind processed what he was about to do. He grabbed a large pillow that was resting on the headboard and placed it under Molly's waist with her help. He could smell her juices as they lightly dripped out of her and used his thumb to gently rub her pussy as he placed his palm on her soft bush.

"I'll start slow," Tom told his daughter as he kept rubbing her vagina to make sure she stayed wet "It will probably feel a little uncomfortable at first. If you want me to slow down or stop just say so" Tom said and with that moved his hand away and started moving in.

Molly gasped as the rubbery texture of her father's covered penis touch her vulva. She looked up at her father's eyes then down at his cock and moaned as he grabbed it with his right hand and rubbed it a few times along her slit. Molly watched hypnotized as her father placed the tip of his manhood at her entrance and slowly penetrated her virgin teenage snatch.

Tom breathed heavily as he pushed the tip of his cock into his daughter. He could already feel the tightness of her vagina and he let out a moan as he buried himself deeper into her womanhood. Tom pushed about an inch and a half of his thick shaft into his daughter, feeling the pressure on it grow, when he felt resistance and stopped.

"Take a few deep breathes" Tom told his daughter and looked her in the eyes. He heard her breathing deeply and kept looking straight at her as he pushed a little harder into her. Tom noticed his daughter wince, but she kept quiet as he breached her barrier and kept slowly pushing his entire length into her.

"Ooohhh" Molly moaned quietly as her father penetrated her and striped her of her innocence. Her vagina screamed with pain and pleasure as daddy's cock stretched it to accommodate its size. She took long deep breaths as Tom kept going and Molly looked at his shaft as it slowly disappeared inside her cunt.

"Are you okay baby?" Tom asked his daughter after his entire length was inside her. He marveled at the unbelievable tightness of her pussy as it squeezed his cock. It was so warm and wet that Tom had to calm himself down.

"It's a little better now" Molly said after a long pause as her pussy adjusted slightly to the large intruder. Molly was amazed by how deep and thick her father's penis felt inside her. She felt it stretch it out so much that it felt like her coochie was on fire.

Tom stayed still and let his daughter's cunt adjust. He waited for a minute or so before starting to slowly pull out, placing his hands around Molly's waist and pulling his cock out to the tip before slowly pushing it back all the way inside her.

"Oh my god daddy!" Molly moaned as her father snaked his dick back inside her. It felt much better this time but still hurt a little as her snatch stretched again to allow her father passage to her sacred hole. Molly looked up at her father's face then down again and watched as he started slowly moving his cock into her. "Oh daddy, that feels so good" Molly said with a moan as her father kept going with long gentle thrusts.

"Oh, fuck Molly!" Tom said with a moan "I can't believe how tight your pussy is." Tom said as he thrust his raging erection into his daughter's young tight vagina. He made sure to go slow and keep breathing as he plunged himself into her. Tom could not remember ever fucking a pussy this tight and thanked his years of experience as he managed to keep himself in check.

Tom kept going slow to his and his daughter's growing moans. He could feel her pussy expanding a little, and when he noticed his cock was sliding rather easily into her cunt he started going a little faster.

"Yes daddy, yes!" Molly called out in ecstasy as her father's thrusts strengthened. "I can't believe we're really doing this. I can't believe you're actually fucking me." Molly said with a whimpering voice. All the pain and discomfort she felt at the beginning were gone now, they made way to raw sexual pleasure.

Tom listened to Molly's words as the surreal realization that he tried to push away hit him. He was fucking his own daughter, his little girl, plunging his manhood into her sweet innocent flower. He knew what they were doing was wrong, but it felt so good, and the fact that this was his daughter was perversely turning him on as he continued to violate her lustfully.

"Yes, yes, yes, YES!" Molly cried out as an orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes and tilt her head back, her legs shivering slightly as a small orgasm took her and made her pussy clamp down on her father's cock. It was a small one that lasted only a few seconds, but it felt so good. Molly opened her eyes to see her father smiling and going a little faster.

Molly looked down as the sudden wave of pleasure ended and watched her father as he moved his hand to her pubic mound after starting to fuck her harder. She watched him brush his fingers through her light-haired bush and starting to rub her clit with his thumb. It didn't take long before she felt another orgasm coming.

"Oh, fuck daddy, oh my god, aaahhh" Molly screamed out loud and moaned as her young body was hit by another orgasm. It was more powerful than the last one and she felt her entire body shiver with unbearable pleasure. Her dad stopped rubbing her clit but continued to plunge his dick into her pussy as it clenched his cock tightly. Her climax kept going to her father's plunges inside her, and just as Molly felt it was about to end, her father started rubbing her clit again. Molly moaned and groaned, making guttural noises as her father extended her orgasm which made her arch her back as the excruciating pleasure took hold of her.

Tom pulled his cock out of his daughter as the second consecutive orgasm hit her. He kept rubbing her clit to her animalistic sounds of pleasure but pulled out of her, so he could calm his cock down. He was worried he would climax as well if her tight pussy continued to convulse around his dick.

Tom stopped touching Molly's clit and watched her beautiful breasts go up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Molly felt like she was floating on a cloud as her father watched her body recover from the sexual ordeal with his cock still fully erect.

"Are you ready to continue?" Tom asked his daughter after her breathing became regular.

"That was amazing." Molly told her father while still slightly out of breath "and yeah, we can continue." Molly told her father.

"Okay, I want us to try another position." Tom explained to his daughter "I want you to get on all fours and face the headboard" Tom said. He watched his daughter as she rolled over to her stomach and got on all fours on the bed. He stared at her pale tight ass and her pussy peeking beneath it, the sight turning him on and keeping his cock hard. He gave Molly's ass a squeeze that made her jump and let out a little laugh before taking his position.

Tom grabbed Molly's thighs and pulled her legs apart a little, enough for him to get in between them and move forward until his condom covered dick was touching her ass. Tom licked the fingers of his right hand and rubbed her pussy and clit shortly before grabbing his cock in his hand. With one hand around Molly's waist, and the other grasping his penis, he guided it to her opening and placed the tip in.

Molly moaned as she felt the tip of her father's cock enter her again. She craved to feel it deep inside her again and was not disappointed as Tom pushed it in. Her pussy was so slick with her juices that despite the thickness of her father's shaft, it slid in relevantly easy.

"Oh my god dad, it feels so deep" Molly said as her father pushed his cock all the way into her pussy from behind. It felt much deeper than before and she moaned as her father grabbed her hips with both hands and started to pump her tight pussy, stretching it with his thick shaft as they both moaned.

Molly was shocked by how deep she felt her father's cock inside her as he took her from behind, and she loved every bit of it. "You can go faster daddy" Molly said and closed her eyes in pleasure as her father quickened his thrusts into her. She could feel his balls smack against her pussy and enjoyed the sounds of their naked bodies colliding in sexual bliss.

Tom listened to his daughter's enticing moans and focused on his breathing as he tried to prolong their sexual act. He was already fucking Molly in a quick pace and started fucking her even faster, shoving his hard, thick cock into her with force.

"Oh my god, oh my god…" Molly whimpered in pleasure as Tom pound his cock into her tight pussy. "Yes daddy, yes, don't stop" Molly begged as her father was now ramming his cock into her.

"Yes baby, cum for daddy" Tom encouraged his daughter as he fucked her as hard as he could. He pushed his cock deep and hard into his daughter's tight deflowered pussy until she exploded in an intense orgasm.

"Aaaahhhh" Molly yelled in a shaking voice as her body started to tremble. Scorching waves of intense sexual pleasure rushed through her lithe body as she started to groan. Her legs started shaking and her hands became wobbly as her father kept plunging his cock into her convulsing pussy.

"Oh, fuck Molly, I'm gonna, I'm gonna…aaahhhh" Tom moaned with perverse incestuous pleasure as he started to cum inside his teenage daughter's tight cunt. Her convulsing pussy was too much for him and they both moaned as father and daughter climaxed together, Tom shooting his load into the condom, deep inside Molly's convulsing pussy as she cried out in rapturous pleasure that caused her body shudder.

Tom kept fucking Molly throughout their intense orgasm until he felt his subside. He then pulled out of his daughter and let go of her. As soon as Tom let go of Molly's hips, she collapsed onto the bed exhausted, laying on her stomach with her face buried in a pillow, her legs still quivering with the last waves of her female orgasm.

Tom removed the full condom from his receding cock and placed it on the nightstand before taking a place beside his daughter. He placed a hand on her back and started sliding it along it as he took in what they just did.

They stayed like that in silence for a few minutes before Molly rolled over to her side and looked at her father's eyes as he studied hers. With the primal sexual lust satisfied, Tom now felt disgusted by the taboo act they had just committed. He was ashamed by how easily he made love to his daughter, taking her virginity without a second thought when it came down to it. But he was most ashamed by how much he enjoyed it, how good it felt to be the first man to penetrate his beautiful teenage daughter's sweet cunt.

"Dad, are you okay?" Molly asked as she noticed the look on her father's face. Her pussy was still tingling a little, but her body had recovered from the intense act.

"Me? What about you, are you okay?" Tom asked his daughter tenderly. He wondered if she felt the same sensation of shame and disgust that took a hold of him.

"Uh hu," Molly said "I'm fine. This was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced." She told her father who was a little surprise "You made me feel so good. I could tell that you did everything to make sure it was perfect for me and it was. It was amazing. Thank you so much daddy." Molly said and gave her father a tender peck on the lips before sitting up on the bed.

Molly's words caught Tom a little off guard and made him feel a lot better. Apparently, his daughter saw what they just did in a much different light than he did, and he was grateful for it.

"I'm glad to hear you say that" Tom said and gave his daughter a strong embrace after sitting up too. He held her naked body against his for a while, treasuring the feeling of her body before letting go of her.

They both got to their feet slowly and watched each other as they got dressed in silence. Tom watched his daughter as she covered up her beautiful naked body. He noted that she smelled like a woman now as the smell of sweat, perfume and sex drifted off her. Molly also watched her father with content as he covered up his flaccid penis. She smiled at the thought she was no longer a girl. Her father made her into a woman.

Tom unlocked and opened the door after they finished getting dressed and put his arm around his daughter as they left the room. They noticed the guest bedroom door was still closed but no noise was coming out of it as they passed it, on the way to the living room. Molly took a seat on the sofa and Tom put the kettle on in the kitchen. He made a pot of hot tea and brought it to the living room.

"I wonder how it was for your mother and brother" Tom told his daughter as he poured her a cup of tea. He started pouring a cup for himself when they heard the guest bedroom's door open. He finished pouring his tea and turned around to see his wife and son entering the living room nervously.

Zach grabbed the tea his father offered him and took a seat on the couch across his sister. He looked at her and noticed she was looking at him too. Their eyes locked in an intense stare and Zach felt a strange sensation as he studied her. He felt like he was looking his sister for the first time.

Hope you enjoyed.

Please comment and tell what you liked or disliked.

Part 3 will be out soon.

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Good story, but we need some ass fuckin.


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good story!


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Hot read


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such a hot story'.

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2019-07-26 02:42:47
2nd time to read, still good. Descriptions of detailed "teaching" awesome in pt #1 & #2. I can't think of anything to give U constructive criticism that hasn't been said. Thank you for sharing your talent on this site.

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