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McKenzie's Honeymoon falls far short of her expectations due to her new husband's determination to watch the end of an exciting baseball game on TV instead of performing his husbandly duty. She ends up fleeing to her parent's home where she convinces her younger brother to take the virginity that she had saved for her husband.
Ted and Abigail Sheffield have been married for 24 years. Ted is a successful Architect who owns his own Architectural Firm, and Abigail (Abby) is a stay at home Mom. They are blessed with two healthy children; a beautiful daughter and a ruggedly handsome son. Their children are two years apart in age; the boy, Matthew, (nicknamed Matt) is nineteen, and the girl named McKenzie (nicknamed Zee by her brother) is twenty-one. However, the two children look so much alike, people think they are twins. From the shoulders upward, you can't tell them apart. Matthew and McKenzie are alike in every way except size. McKenzie is 5'8", with long slender dancer's legs, and large breasts that are proportional with the rest of her athletic shaped body. Matt is 6' with a lean muscular, athletic body. They both have sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that they inherited from their mother. Matthew is named after Ted's grandfather, and McKenzie was Abby's maiden name.

Matt and McKenzie are very close as brother and sister go; even hanging out together on the weekends. Matt is always hitting on McKenzie's girlfriends. They pretend he is a nuisance, but each of them thrives on his attention. When McKenzie's girlfriends come over to swim, Matt spends his time spying on them. He is very fascinated with their young developing breast. When confronted by his Dad, he honestly expresses his fascination with female breast of all ages, sizes, and shapes. His Dad finds it amusing; however, his Mother finds it troubling.

Matt keeps a perpetual hard-on watching the girls prance around the family pool in their skimpy bathing suits. Samantha, McKenzie's closest friend, sometimes wears a white bikini that shows the outline of her nipples and her little dark patch of pubic hair when wet. The girls love it when Matt checks out their breast and butts. He sincerely believes he is getting away with checking them out without their knowledge, but he is wrong. Matt is secretly lusting for each of them, but they mostly treat him only as McKenzie's annoying younger brother. None of them ever consider returning his attention without McKenzie's permission. So far, she hasn't given it.

The Sheffield's appear to be a typical American family. They live in a comfortable four-bedroom, two-story home located in an exclusive gated community. Ted used his Architectural skills to design the house himself. The exterior looks weird with a bazaar new age design, but the interior is warm and friendly. Each child is fortunate enough to have their own private bedroom and bath. McKenzie's bedroom has its own private bath, but Matt shares a ‘Jack and Jill' bathroom that connects to a guest bedroom.

Both McKenzie and Matt excelled in high school and are very well behaved thanks to their mother's very active supervision. Abby had been a member of the PTA and served on several committees at the high school the children graduated from, but still found time to devote full attention to her children. Ted also served on school committees and helped some with coaching basketball. He tries to play golf most free weekends and also likes to go hunting with an old college buddy during hunting season. He also devoted a lot of attention to the children, but not nearly as much as Abby.


Today is McKenzie's wedding day. She is taking the summer between her sophomore and junior year of college to marry her college sweetheart, Roger Hamilton. Roger attended her college on a baseball scholarship and had just graduated with an undergraduate degree in finance and economics. He has an excellent job waiting for him on Wall Street when he returns from his honeymoon.

St. Benedict's Church is bustling with excitement as the crowds of quest arrive for the wedding ceremony. McKenzie is in a room off the vestibule with her mother and her four bride's maids as she excitedly quizzes her mother about what to expect on the honeymoon. The happy bride is a carbon copy of her beautiful mother. They are both tall, with long slender legs, large proportional breast, and long flowing blonde hair. They could almost pass for sisters. Abby looks much younger than her forty-four years. Younger men are always flirting with Abby. She is flattered by their attention but determined to remain faithful to her husband.

McKenzie is one of those rare brides who has saved herself for the wedding night when she will give her precious virginity to her new husband. She thinks her parents have lived a fairytale life full of romance and devotion. Abby doesn't want to burst her daughter's bubble by telling her that she thinks Ted has a lover on the side. She evades giving McKenzie answers by telling her that the honeymoon is a private ritual and something that she and her new husband must share together in the seclusion of their honeymoon suite. McKenzie is not satisfied with her mother's answer but takes it at face value.

After the reception and the festivities, McKenzie and Roger board a plane to Hawaii. Ted and Abby load their big RV and head to a Lake Tahoe Campground to resolve the undisclosed discontent that has arisen in their marriage. Matt supposedly leaves for summer school at the California School of Architecture, but quickly returns home as soon as he sees his parents pull away from the house. He re-enters the house, tosses his suitcase aside and puts on an old pair of running shorts along with a faded old t-shirt. He pulls the tab on a cold can of beer and settles in front of the giant TV screen. Life is good. He has at least two weeks to lay around and figure out how to tell his Dad that he does not want to be an Architect.


McKenzie and Roger check into their luxurious honeymoon suite and open a complimentary bottle of red wine. A note indicates the wine is from the staff at the hotel. After finishing the wine, McKenzie slips into a comfortable sundress, and they go for a romantic stroll on the beach. The sun is just now moving below the western horizon.

They stop at a nearby patio bar where Roger downs a couple of more beers and McKenzie sips a glass of white wine. They listen to the island music from a Hawaiian band before continuing their stroll. McKenzie feels uneasy when people greet them with smiles. She imagines they all know she is a newlywed and they know what kind of sexual activity she will be engaged in later that night. It embarrasses her that they may know.

McKenzie begins to fantasize about what will happen when they get back to the honeymoon suite. She wonders what it will feel like when Roger finally penetrates her with his cock. McKenzie had masturbated often as a teenager with the handle of her hairbrush and once even took a cucumber to bed. Both caused her to have wonderful orgasms, but she longs for the feel of a real live cock. She wants to feel the warmth and throbbing heartbeat of Roger's cock inside her virgin pussy. She wants to experience the feel of his cock exploding and spewing his seed deep into her belly. She wonders if she will be able to feel his hot seed as it bursts forth into her warm receiving vagina. Roger is wondering what the score is between the White Sox and the Cubs.


Ted and Abby arrive at the Tahoe Campgrounds just before dark. Abby tries to call each of her children, but there is no cell phone service this high in the mountains. The RV bays at the main campground are full, and they have to park in an out of the way spot on the edge of the main campgrounds. They park their RV next to the only other RV that far away from the main campsites in hopes other campers will soon join them. That other RV has Arizona license plates. They had just gotten settled when they hear a soft knock on the side door of their RV. Abby opens the door and finds a young couple in their thirties with a large bottle of red wine and a welcoming smile on their faces.

"Hello…neighbors," the young man says with a smile, "Welcome to our secluded mountain wilderness retreat. I was beginning to think we would be out here by ourselves. I was almost tempted to pack up and move to another campground."

"I'm glad you didn't," says Abby, "I wasn't too excited about being out here with no one else to socialize with. The darkness gives me the creeps."

The young couple introduces themselves as Bill, and Dotty Simmons from Scottsdale, Arizona and they are on their annual outing where they go to different parts of the West to enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors. They had just arrived that morning and planned to stay for two weeks before returning home. Ted gets a corkscrew from a galley drawer, and Abby gets four wine glasses from the overhead cabinets. They sip the wine and engage in friendly banter. Bill and Dotty have been happily married for nine years and have no children. Dotty was eighteen and just out of high school when they married. Bill was twenty-one and a rookie police officer.

Bill is a police officer in Phoenix and Dotty is a registered nurse at the Scottsdale General Hospital. Bill is average height, muscular build and has a military-style haircut. Dotty is almost as tall as Bill and has long strawberry blonde hair that falls down to her shoulders. She is wearing extremely tight cut-off denim shorts and a light blue halter top that emphasizes her pert firm breast. There is a definite sign she is braless. Her nipples are prominently poking at the fabric, and there is no indication her breast sag in the least. Ted's first impression is that they are not real but quickly dismisses that notion because they do jiggle when she walks.

"How about you two," Dotty asks, "How long have you been married?"

"We've been married 24 years," Ted answers as his eyes remain glued to Dotty's tits. "We met in college."

"It will be 25 years in October," Abby adds as she throws an angry glare at Ted. She is upset at his fascination with Dotty's tits but has to admit they did look inviting. Abby experiences a quick flashback to her freshman year of college when she and her roommate spent a night of drinking wine and sucking and fondling each other's tits. It only happened that one time, but it was a memorable moment she still enjoyed reliving.

"Any Children?" Dotty asks.

"A boy and a girl," Abby smiles. "Our daughter, McKenzie was married yesterday. She and her new husband are honeymooning in Hawaii right now. Our son, Matt is attending summer school at the California College of Architecture, so we decided to take this time to rediscover one another."

Ted opens another bottle of wine, and the friendly conversation continues. The second bottle of wine is followed by a third bottle. Everyone's tongue is becoming loose due to the alcohol and Abby is beginning to let her real feelings leak out. She lets it slip that she suspects Ted of having an affair behind her back. Ted is shocked to learn that she knows about his cheating, but even more shocked that she is airing their dirty laundry in front of total strangers.

"Honey, I don't think Bill and Dotty came over to listen to you to spoil our evening by dredging up unsubstantiated accusations about my faithfulness," Ted complains.

Abby glares at Ted with fire filled eyes and snarls, "Are you going to sit there and deny that you are sleeping with Rita Blakemore?"

"Honey, that's enough," Ted says. "This is not the time or place to declare your paranoid suspicions about something that is clearly fueled by alcohol and your imagination. Bill and Dotty do not want to hear all that crap right now"!

"On the contrary," Bill counters. "I've found during my years as a police officer making domestic dispute calls, that it is better to clear the air and let the complaining party openly talk about any issue that troubles them. Most mental health professionals recommend letting the aggrieved party get it all out of their system. If you let it fester under the surface, it only gets worse."

"Well you are not a police officer who has been called to referee a domestic dispute," Ted growls. "Why don't we call it a night and maybe meet for breakfast in the morning. I want to give Abby a chance to sleep off her inebriation."

Bill and Dotty thank them for their gracious hospitality and agree to meet for breakfast. Bill and Dotty quickly retreat to their own RV. Ted helps Abby change to her nightgown and tucks her into bed. The effects of the wine have them both asleep within minutes.


When McKenzie and Roger return to their suite, Roger quickly strips down to his boxers and pulls the tab on another beer. McKenzie disappears into the bathroom with her sexiest negligee. She hurriedly strips and slips on the special honeymoon nightgown. McKenzie examines herself in the mirror and can see her puffy hard nipples push against the sheer light blue fabric. She feels a slight quiver pass through her body as she imagines how it will feel when Roger sucks one of her nipples into his warm wet mouth. This will be the first time she has ever had sex with anyone. Suddenly she is gripped with the fear of not being able to please her new husband. She has no prior sexual experience and wonders if Roger will be disappointed with her performance. She tries to call her mother for moral support, but it goes to voicemail.

McKenzie's wedding night angst almost prevents her from leaving the bathroom. This will be the first time she and Roger have ever been truly intimate with each other. In the past, they had only engaged in heavy petting, and she had given Roger a few hand-jobs, and she had let him fondle her breast, but they have never done the real deed. She has been determined to save her virginity for this special night. Her heart is racing ninety miles an hour when she does leave the bathroom and slide into to bed next to Roger. The TV is tuned to the White Sox vs. Cubs game. Roger is drinking a beer and concentrating on the ballgame. McKenzie cuddles next to him and nervously reaches out to caress his flaccid cock through his boxers.

"Wait just a minute, Honey," Roger cautions, then excitedly states. "It's the bottom of the ninth, two out, two strikes, three balls, the Cubs have two on base, and the score is tied."

McKenzie is absolutely crushed that he considers the game more important than taking her virginity. The virginity she had saved just for him and this very special moment. She bites her tongue and fights back the tears, but still strokes his slowly hardening cock.

"Well…shit," Roger screams at the TV and slaps the bed with his hand."

It startles McKenzie, and she asks, "What just happened?"

"Ball Four," he answers, "That means the bases are loaded, and the Cub's best batter is at the plate."

McKenzie squeezes his cock harder and continues stroking him up and down through his boxer shorts. He unconsciously pushes her hand away and yells at the TV screen. She is wholly crushed and rushes to the sanctity of the bathroom. She locks the door and bursts into tears. This is not what she expected on her honeymoon night. She tries to call her mother again, but it goes to her voicemail again. The ballgame is blaring loudly from the TV and Roger is nervously sucking down another beer. He doesn't even realize his new wife has left the room.

The batter bunts. The man on third base scores and the batter is tagged out on first. The Cubs win, the crowd goes wild, and Roger finally comes to his senses. He tiptoes over and lightly raps on the bathroom door and pleads with his new bride to come out and forgive him. McKenzie ignores his pleas. She tries to call her mother again, but it goes to voicemail again. Roger pulls the tab on another beer and flops on the bed. He knows he made a terrible mistake and is determined to find a way to correct it.

When McKenzie does exit the bathroom, some thirty minutes later she finds Roger passed out across the middle of the bed. The TV is still blaring with after game commentary. She turns the TV off and tries to roust him, but her efforts are futile. She gives up and hastily packs her travel bag. She boards a red-eye flight back home to her mother's house. When she walks in the front door, she finds Matt splayed on the den sofa asleep in only his running shorts. The TV is on the local sports channel, and the coffee table is littered with two days' worth of empty beer cans, left-over pizza and an assortment of junk food wrappers.

Matt wakes up to the commotion of McKenzie slamming things out of the way as she stumbles toward the kitchen. She re-appears a moment later with two beers. She flops down on the sofa next to Matt and offers him one of the beers. He takes a big gulp and says, "I thought you were on your honeymoon with Roger."

"And I thought you were at summer school," she grumbles.

She sits in silence staring off into space and sipping her beer. Matt takes a big gulp of his beer and gazes at his sister's profiled body seated at the end of the sofa. He wonders what she would look like naked. Her tits are sticking out like two luscious melons and screaming for him to come to fondle them. Then he silently curses himself for having such ideas about his older Sister. He feels guilty for his thoughts even though he had jacked-off the previous two nights thinking about her being fucked into unconsciousness by her new husband. He had masturbated each night since the wedding while envisioning her with her long slender legs wrapped around her new husband's waist as Roger fiercely banged his cock into her virgin cunt. Matt had cum intensely each time he had imagined her locking her heels behind Roger's thighs and pulling him deep into her hot wet pussy. He can feel himself becoming hard again as these notions race through his mind.

Matt breaks the silence when he brashly asks, "Well…do you want to tell me why you are sitting here drinking a beer with your little brother instead of honeymooning with your new husband?"

"It's a long story," she answers.

"Well, …it's not like I have anything else to do. I think I have time to listen to your obviously sad story," Matts counters.

"I've had a long hard night of air travel. I need to shower and change into something more comfortable," she remarks. "Then if you promise not to ridicule me, I may share all the sad details with you."

Matt nods his consent. McKenzie sets her empty beer can on the cluttered coffee table and lugs her baggage up to her old bedroom. A few minutes later Matt can hear the shower running. He stands up and stretches while releasing a fart and a lazy yawn. He scratches his butt then ambles into the kitchen for another cold beer. Thirty minutes later McKenzie reappears in the den wearing one of Matt's old baseball jerseys. The jersey comes down below her mid-thigh and her breast jiggle with each step. Matt finds his sister breathtaking as she moves toward him and is apparently not wearing a bra. Matt surmises, or more likely hoped, that she probably wasn't her panties as well. His stiffening cock begins to tent his shorts, and he tries to hand it with his hand.

Matt has been secretly fantasizing about his older sister's tits since she first began to develop them. As a teenager, McKenzie often slept in a cotton t-shirt or cotton pajamas. He loved it when her nipples got hard and poked against her pajama top. From time to time he's gotten a few glimpses of her bare nipples when she wasn't aware of his presences. He once considered secretly setting up a camcorder in her room to film her private moments, but measured the consequences if he got caught and decided against it.

Matt hands her another beer and the two of them settle on the floor between the coffee table and the sofa. They rest their backs against the sofa and nibble on the day-old pizza while sipping their beers. McKenzie starts her story from when she began to get cold feet just before the wedding ceremony. Matt listens without interrupting.


Bill and Dorothy show up for breakfast with Ted and Abby as promised. The two couples act as though the previous night had not happened. The two pairs happily banter among themselves as they pack away an enormous breakfast of eggs, thick sliced bacon, toast, and strong cowboy coffee. After breakfast they clean up the RV then they all hike down to the main campground lodge to get some suggestions about things to do and places to go. The concierge at the lodge suggests they rent a car and drive into Incline Village on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. He also suggests they should take time and enjoy dinner and dancing at Cutthroat's Saloon.

The concierge tells them that Cutthroat's Saloon is in the Hyatt Lake Tahoe in Incline Village. It is a bar that serves up a taste of the Wild West. The decor is a fun mix of cowboy, ranch and the beauty of Lake Tahoe. The ceiling is filled with dollar bills, and the massive wooden bar is lit by glowing lanterns, leather bar stools and filled with fun drinks served in large Mason jars. Cutthroat's Saloon also serves food like barbecue, chili, salads, burgers, soups fish and chips and desserts. The drink menu has cocktails, beers, wine and alcohol drinks of your choice.

The adventurous quartet arrives at the Incline Village Hyatt around three o'clock in the afternoon. Abby and Dotty drop Ted and Bill at Cutthroat's Saloon, and they spend the afternoon browsing the small shops. It is understood that everyone will meet back at the Saloon for dinner and maybe dancing. Dotty uses her nursing skills to probe information from Abby about her real relationship with Ted. It didn't take much investigating for Abby to break down and pour all her feelings and frustrations out to Dotty.

"So, you really thinking he is sleeping with this Rita Blakemore?" Dotty asks.

"I feel deep in my heart he is seeing her behind my back," Abby sighs.

"How does that make you feel? Do you feel the urge to have sex with another man just to level the playing field?"

Dotty neglects to tell Abby at this point that she and Bill are members of a swinger's club in the Phoenix area. They routinely swap partners with other members of the club. They both firmly believe it enhances their marital bond.

"Lord…no! I could never do anything like that. I'm a mother for god's sake. What would my children think if I got caught doing something so deceitful?"

"Why not forget about what your children may think and give it a try? Haven't you ever looked at another man during your long marriage to unfaithful Ted and wondered what it would be like if you took that other man into your bed?"

"No!" she barks, "Absolutely not!"

"Are you telling me truthfully that you have never looked at another man and felt your nipples get hard or your pussy getting a little moist?"

Dotty stares at her and waits as Abby struggles for an answer. After a few minutes, Dotty continues, "I thought so, and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is totally normal to have those emotions. It happens to every married woman at some time or another. With some married women, it happens more often than not."

Abby begins to sob, and Dotty pulls her into a big hug and consoles her. They take a seat on a bench in front of a small dress shop and continue to talk about Abby's predicament.

"I have the perfect solution for you, Abby," Dotty proposes. "We need to get you laid by someone other than your husband."

"Oh…no…I could never do that." Abby stammers.

"Why not? Ted doesn't seem to have a problem with fucking, what's her name…Rita Blakemore, so you shouldn't be hesitant to indulge in a little extracurricular activity in someone else's bed."

Dotty tells Abby about the swinger's club she and Bill belong to in Phoenix. She assures her that having sex with another man, with Ted's permission is quite exciting. Dotty suggests they look into joining a swinger's club when they get back home.

"I would be too embarrassed to get naked in front of another man," Abby confides, "The last time I did that was my freshman year of college, and I was in a dark room where no one could see me naked."

"I think I have a solution to that problem also," Dotty says. "I just need to run a few things by Bill, and I will get back to you. And you need to start getting used to flirting with other men. Do something risqué every once in a while."

"What do you mean by risqué?"

"Rub your tits against a stranger just to see how he reacts. Flash some skins just for the shock value. Let someone get a glimpse down your shirt or a quick gander up your dress when you are going commando."

"Oh my God…I don't think I could do any of those things without dying from absolute embarrassment," Abby whispers.

"Just give it a try, Abby. I guarantee that you will develop a whole new attitude about life; not to mention the enjoyment it will bring into your life. Just trust me on this. I do it all the time and believe me the excitement alone will improve your view of life in general."

"You do shit like that and Bill doesn't get upset?"

"Why should he get upset? He's a bigger flirt than I have ever been."

"I'll think about it." Abby meekly replies.

"Oh…by, the way, have you ever played strip poker?" Dotty asks.

"Have never even played poker," Abby replies, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh…just a thought I had," Dotty says, "It may help you with the shyness of being naked in front of others.


Sometime during McKenzie's diatribe of how Roger had spoiled the whole honeymoon, they switch from drinking beer to downing straight shots of Vodka. After a half dozen or so of straight Vodka shots, neither Matt nor McKenzie is feeling any pain. They are laughing and giggling and slurring their words. The conversation eventually drifts from talking about the errant honeymoon to some of their childhood memories. McKenzie casually mentions that it used to infuriate her when Matt flirted with her girlfriends. In an unguarded moment, she even blurts out that she didn't want to share him with her girlfriends. McKenzie admits wanting Matt's attention all to herself. Matt is puzzled to learn she felt that way. He always thought she considered him a pest and wanted him to go away.

"I never knew you felt that way about me, Zee," Matt remarks, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Yeah…sure! Like I'm gonna admit to my handsome little brother that I am jealous because my girlfriends are fawning over him," she smirks, "I can just imagine how that would have gone over."

"You really thought of me as your handsome little brother?" Matt inquires.

Zee hesitates a moment then says, "Well…yes, I did think you were handsome, but not nearly as handsome as you are now," she chuckles, "Back then you were still a bit short and somewhat scrawny. However, after you started working out in the gym and then topped off at six feet tall; you became a real looker. Everyone went out of their way to point that aspect out to me."

"And you really got jealous of your girlfriends when they paid attention to me?"

"I used to get really furious when they talked about the things they wanted to do with you," she growls. "If anyone was going to do those things with you; as far as I was concerned it was going to be me."

"What kind of things? You mean sexual things?" he timidly asks.

McKenzie nods her drunken head affirmatively and then blushes a bright red.

"But I'm your brother," he points out, "you can't do sexual things with your brother."

"Oh…come on, Matt," she laughs, "Are you going to tell me that you never thought about slipping your horny young cock in me when we were young hormone driven teenagers.?"

"You're my sister! Why would I think about doing that to my sister? It's just not right to think things like that about your own sister!"

"Matthew Sheffield, are you going to sit there and tell me that all the times you tried to look down my shirt to see my tits, or when you used to look up my bathrobe to get a glimpse of my pussy, you were never thinking about slipping your horny teenage cock in my pussy?"

"You knew I was trying to look down your shirt at your tits?" Matt is surprised she had been aware of his hormone raging teenage antics.

"Of course, silly. The few times you got to see my tits was when I let you," she grins, "and don't forget the time I let you get a brief look up my bathrobe at my freshly shaved pussy."

Matt is astounded at her revelations. He had no idea his big sister was aware of his supposed covert surveillance of her private body parts. A quick sexual thought about his sister flashes through his alcohol dazed mind. Would she have let him see her nude or let him touch her tits back then if he'd dared to ask? He is tempted to ask her now but decides not to push his luck. He suddenly gets a raging boner just thinking about her body parts. It is pushing against his running short and causing them to prominently tent. McKenzie startles him out of his pipedream when she reaches over and grasps his hard cock through his running shorts and says, "Whatcha thinking about little brother? Are you wondering what it would have been like if we had experimented with each other when we were younger? Believe me, Matt, I thought about it many times, but I was afraid you would panic and run to Mom or Dad."

Matt is in total shock by her actions and words. He reflexively pushes her hand away. He'd had the same urges toward his sister back then, but was afraid to act on them for the same reasons she just voiced.

McKenzie tries to stand up, but her drunken legs wouldn't co-operate. "I gotta pee," she says as she gives another big push off the floor.

She wobbles a bit and then falls forward onto her brother. He is trying to help her up but loses his balance and falls onto his back. McKenzie ends up sprawled across her brother's bare chest. His hard cock is pressing through his running shorts against her pussy, and their lips are inches apart. McKenzie did what came naturally; what she had wanted to do since reaching puberty. She leans forward and presses her lips to Matt's lips. She probes with her tongue until he parts his lips to let her in.

He finds her kiss to be incredibly arousing, and presses in for some more, kissing her gently while his hand instinctively found its way up the baseball jersey. He plays with her nipples, cupping and squeezing her breasts. He had guessed right; she had no panties on so he trails down to rub and tease at her wet little slit. McKenzie pulls herself closer to him, rubbing her labia against his erect cock that is beginning push out over his waistband. She lets the exposed tip of his cock just nuzzle against the hood of her clitoris, teasingly stimulating herself against the exposed head of his expanding cock. This is also tremendously pleasurable for him, and they keep that up for a while, letting their sexes rub and press and stimulate while they kiss and lick and suck. Delicious friction and slippery flesh combining into a thrilling sensory encounter sends Zee over the edge. A mild orgasm makes her shiver. Matt feels her wetness on the tip of his cock.

She is beginning to moan and whimper, her movements more urgent, her kisses more insistent. Matt is also feeling the need to become one with her. He wants her more than anything now, and she wants him. She is clinging to him; whispering and teasing him as she tells him what she wants to do to him at that very moment. What she wants him to do to her; heating him up while feeding her own arousal. McKenzie starts tugging at Matt's running shorts, signaling what she wants him to do, and he obliges by pushing his running shorts to his knees. He wants so much to please his big sister, to make her sigh and groan and call out for him. Zee grasps his hard cock and can feel his heartbeat on her hand as the blood rushes into his cock. She hovers over him as she positions herself to slide down onto his erect cock.

"What the hell am I doing?" Matt shouts as he pushes his sister off of him. "Zee…. You are my sister for God sake. I can't be doing this!"

McKenzie's face is filled with shock, pain, and humiliation. First, she had been rejected by her new husband on their wedding night. And now the rejection by her little brother is just too much for her tolerate. She springs to her feet and makes a hasty retreat to her bedroom. The loud slamming of her bedroom door echoes throughout the whole house. Matt stands and pulls his running short back up, repositioning his shrinking cock as he walks into the kitchen. He pulls the tab on another beer then makes his way back to the den and turns on the TV. He knows he had unintentionally hurt his sister deeply but doesn't quite know how to handle it.


As planned the girls meet their husbands back at Cutthroat's Saloon. Bill and Ted are in the bar and on their umpteenth beer. They are feeling no pain. Ted is holding the hand of the beautiful bartender and unashamedly flirting with her. Bill has his arms around a sizeable breasted waitress and is nuzzling her neck with his nose as she squirms to get away.

"Well…I guess we got back here in the nick of time," Dotty snickers, "another few minutes and these guys would have been dragging these gals off to a room."

"Oh…hi Sweetheart," Bill grins, "I was just getting warmed up for your return."

"I bet you were," Dotty laughs as she squeezes his hard cock through his pants."

Ted shrugs his shoulders, looks at Abby and says, "What?"

Abby turns to leave, but Dotty grabs her arm and pulls her to a table near the edge of the dance floor.

"I'm starving," Dotty crows, "Let order a big juicy steak and lots of fries." She signals with her head for the boys to join them. Ted cautiously takes a seat across the table from Abby. She refuses to make eye contact as she studies the menu. Bill and Dotty quickly go to work on defusing the situation between Abby and Ted. Dotty winks at Bill signaling she has laid the groundwork for what could be an exciting night. Another round of drinks seems to help. After dinner, the band begins to play a slow song, and Dotty suggests they dance. Ted is starting to shake his head no when Dotty takes his hand and says, "Come on sourpuss, let's see how you do on the dance floor."

Ted reluctantly stands up and follows Dotty onto the dance floor. She turns back to the table and urges Abby and Bill to join them. As Abby and Bill join them Dotty leans into Abby and says in a low whisper, "Remember what we talked about this afternoon. This would be a perfect time to try it out."

Abby looks at her with a perplexed look and shakes her head negatively meaning she had no intentions of flirting with Bill. Dotty winks and shakes her head yes. Abby knows precisely what Dotty expects her to do with Bill, but is frightened beyond words when she thinks about implementing any of Dotty's suggestions. Halfway through the first dance, Abby sees Dotty rubbing her crotch against a noticeable bulge in Ted's pants. Ted is making no effort to avoid her contact. Abby is at first furious but the alcohol is beginning to temper her jealousy, and she pushes her tits into Bills chest and then lays her head on his shoulder. Bill responds with an equally large bump in his pants. When Abby feels his hardness press against her thigh, she gets a sudden thrill. Dotty was right, it is exciting to feel another man's reaction to her teasing. She can feel her panties getting a bit moist. She pushes closer to Bill and gently touches her moistened lips to his neck. She feels him shudder as a chill race through his body and she can see the hair on his neck bristle. She likes the way it makes her feel having that kind of power over a man.

The band plays another slow dance, and the two couples remain on the dance floor. Abby is feeling little electrical shock waves passing through her vagina as Bill cups her ass and boldly rubs his cock against her pussy. She can feel one luscious chill after another pass up and down her spine as he squeezes her ass and grinds against her. Abby does not want this dance ever to end. She glances over and sees Dotty sticking her tongue in Ted's ear, and he responds by grinding his cock into her hip. Abby suddenly realizes that she doesn't give a damn what Ted is doing to Dotty. She is more interested in what is happening between her and Bill. The possibilities begin to formulate in her mind. She feels a new freedom; a new power.


At seven o'clock, McKenzie is still hiding away in her bedroom. Matt is still searching for a way to apologize and make up for hurting his sister. He tosses a couple hamburger patties on the grill and deep fried some potatoes. Matt throws a couple salads and then builds two delicious cheeseburgers. He places them on the dining room table and then tip-toes up to his sister's bedroom. He raps lightly on her bedroom door and holds his breath.

"Go away," she sobs.

"Zee…I grilled a couple of cheeseburgers, and I fried some potatoes. I even made us each a green salad."

"I'm not hungry. Please go away and leave me alone."

Matt slowly makes his way back to the dining room and quietly eats his cheeseburger and downs a couple of more beers. He feels so sorry for hurting his sister. Matt loves her very much and would do anything in the world for her. He was only trying to be a responsible brother when he refused to have sex with her, but she took it as a rejection. It had always been drummed into him that incest is a bad thing. There are laws against it. Society will shun those that engage in such a practice. Matt feels terrible guilt because he has harbored incestuous feelings towards his older sister ever since puberty. He had no idea she had felt the same incestuous urges toward him.

Matt turns on the TV and decides to watch a movie. He surfs through the available films and settles on ‘GAME OF THRONES'. The movie holds his interest until it gets to the part where a brother and sister are freely engaging in incestuous lovemaking. Right away Matt starts thinking about his heartbroken sister sobbing away in her bedroom because he had cruelly rejected her passionate desire to be closer with him. She took a chance and made her passionate desires known, and he hurt her deeply. He vows to himself to disregard societies' foolish ban on incestuous lovemaking. He is going to go to his sister and put a stop her pain and rejection.

Matt rises from the sofa and quietly moves toward McKenzie's bedroom. He knocks lightly then enters; not waiting for an invitation. The room is dark, and she hears the door to her bedroom open. She had been fingering herself and thinking of Matt when he knocked on the door. She pulls her hand away from her pussy and lies entirely still as she tries to make out if it's really Matt or maybe her parents had come home early. Matt guardedly approaches her bed and softly whispers her name. She pretends to be asleep and doesn't answer him. He pulls her top sheet back and finds her sleeping in the nude. He whispers her name. She doesn't respond. He calls her name again and then places his hand on her naked thigh. She lies perfectly still as he cautiously pulls the top sheet down to her ankles.

He studies her beautiful body while lightly tickling her vagina with his fingertips. Her nipples get tremulously hard, and it takes all the power she has not to gasp when she feels his gentle touch. Matt admires her exposed young breast. He drags his fingertips over one nipple and then the other. A chill flash through her body and Goosebumps spring up across her entire body. Matt notices and is pleased with his progress.

She still doesn't move so he leans forward and sucks a nipple into his mouth and begins to lick and chew on it tenderly. She finds that she can't lay there and quietly take it. The electricity that shoots through her body is more than she can handle. She lets out a passionate squeal and throws her arms around Matt's head, pulling him close to her breast. He is startled and tries to pull away, but she holds him tightly to her breast. She holds his head close to breast and rocks from side to side. Matt struggles to break her hold because she is depriving him of oxygen. She releases her grip on his head and begins to kiss his face and neck. He finally breaks free and sits up straight.

"Oh Matt…you don't know how badly I have wanted you to come to my room and suck my nipples and lick my pussy," She moans.

Matt grins and shakes his head in agreement and says, "You couldn't have wanted this any more than I did."

McKenzie punches him in the chest with her fist.

"I had almost given up on you and was just on the verge of trying to have an orgasm on my own when you came into the room."

"I would have been here sooner, but I had to get somethings straight in my head." He pants.

"What took you so long? I was really beginning to think you hated me."

"You know I could never hate my big sister," he sighs, "I was still struggling with the incest problem rumbling in my head. I finally came to terms with it. So here I am. What's next?"

She places her hand on his head and pushes him toward her pussy. "Okay…asshole! Since you are through sermonizing about the evils of incestuous love between brothers and sisters, start eating my pussy and don't you dare stop until you hear me screaming with my first orgasm."

It takes only about two minutes before she is squirming and shaking with her first real orgasm of the night. She squirts his face with her orgasmic juices and then she grabs a handful of his blonde hair and pulls him up to her face and starts licking her juices from his face. After which she gives him the most passionate kiss he has ever received.

She breaks from the kiss after a few minutes and gasps, "Okay…Matt; you're now going to finally shove your big hard cock in my pussy and fuck me until I can't stand it any longer. No more of that shit you pulled earlier. I was ready to take your cock in me when you freaked and shoved me aside. I will teach you not to tease me or reject me. And forget about the incest bullshit too. If we want to fuck each other, we are going to fuck each other. It makes no difference if we are brother and sister. From now on I expect you to come to me every time I need a hard dick and a good orgasm".

"What about Roger, your new husband?"

"He had his chance in Hawaii and fucked it up. Now start fucking me. We have a lot of wasted time to get back and a lot of years to make up for.

Matt fucks his big sister to three successive earth-shaking orgasms before letting himself enjoy his own orgasmic reward. It takes him about twenty minutes and when he does reach that point of no return. He launches five powerful bursts of semen into his sister's tight little pussy. When it's finally over, they are both coated with a glossy coat of sweat. It takes them approximately ten minutes to recover from their afterglow.

When Matt suggests, they call it a night, McKenzie tells him not until he fucks her again using every position he has ever seen on his favorite porn sites. He wants to know how she learned about his porn site. She just smiles and gets on her hands and knees as Matt enters her doggy style. It takes another ten minutes for them both to have their next orgasm. McKenzie becomes so loud that Matt has to shove her face down into a pillow just to keep her from waking everyone in the neighborhood.

"Oh my God, Matt…. that was the most amazing orgasm ever," she breathlessly whispers.

"I have a few more exciting positions to explore if you are up for a little more adventure," Matt indications, "Zee…Have ever given any thought to anal sex?"

"If you are thinking about sticking your monster up my ass, forget it," she huffs, "I will have to think long and hard about whether or not I am that adventurous."

"I just mention it as another option you may want to try down the road," he laughs.

McKenzie pushes Matt onto his back and then straddles his waist. She grasps his cock in her right hand and puts her left hand on his chest for balance. She hovers over him letting the wet juices from her drooling pussy drip down on his hard cock. She rubs his cock against her clit and says, "Let go back to where we were earlier in the evening, back to before you so rudely interrupted our spontaneous brother/sister incestuous attraction."

Matt feels her knees begin to flex along the outer part of his thighs. She slowly starts to lower herself closer to his cock, until he can feel her heat is directly over the engorged head of his cock.

"Oh God, Zee," he shudders as his eyes feast on her firm breasts.

He groans, feeling her lodge his hard cock between her swollen, wet labia. She hovers above his throbbing cock, perched above him. He can feel warm droplets of her excitement dripping down his shaft. She slowly lowers herself.


When the band stops playing at midnight, the two couples are so drunk from alcohol and dizzy from the foreplay on the dance floor; they decide to get rooms at the Hyatt and drive back to the campgrounds in the morning. Unfortunately, the hotel only has two unoccupied rooms left to rent. They are connecting mini-suites with king-size beds. They are a bit expensive, so the two couples huddle briefly and then decide to take them.

They check into to their rooms around one o'clock. Ted is ready to hit the sack, but Abby and Dotty are not prepared to call it a night. Both of them had consumed way too much wine. Bill suggests they all shower and put on comfortable pajamas, then come to his and Dotty's room for a few games of cards. The girls are all for it, so Ted reluctantly agrees. Abby and Ted shower together. She is very tipsy from all the wine, and he has to hold her up to keep her from falling in the shower. After the shower, they put on their pajamas. Ted wears a white T-shirt, boxer shorts and cotton pajama bottoms. Abby sleeps in a button up cotton pajama top and cotton pajama shorts. She wears silk panties but no bra. Ted is so aroused from rubbing against Dotty on the dance floor, he is ready to drag Abby into bed and fuck her brains out, but she had promised Bill and Dotty they would play cards.

Ted knocks on the connecting door, and they are admitted by Bill. He is dressed similar to Ted, and Dotty wears the same as Abby except her top isn't a button up. She wears a tight cotton T-shirt that more than emphasized her nice perky tits. The first thing Ted notice is that her nipples are hard. He is more than sure he's not going to make it through the night without constantly staring at her tits, and he is confident that sooner or later Abby will catch him staring at them.

Bill had pulled the small dining table to the center of the room and positioned four chairs around it. Bill dictates the seating so that Ted sits across from Abby and Dotty is across from Bill. That means that Dotty is to Ted's left and Abby is to Bill's right. At first, Ted didn't think anything about the seating arrangement, but as the night progresses, he changes his mind. Bill keeps a lively conversation going throughout the evening, and Ted notices that he will reach over and squeeze Abby's thigh when making a point. It didn't seem to bother Abby, but it was beginning to annoy Ted. Bill keeps the wine flowing, and Ted suspects he may be planning to get everyone drunk enough so that Abby will be willing to ride his baloney pony after everyone else passes out. Abby and Dotty both appear to be well on their way to getting drunk enough to go along with just about any of Bill's sexually inspired suggestions. Bill had commented several times at Cutthroat's Saloon, between drinks, that he and Dotty belong to Swinger's Club in Phoenix. That alone was a good indication he wouldn't hesitate a second to about fuck another man's wife.

After playing hearts for about 10 minutes, everyone seems to lose interest in that game. Bill suggests playing a game of strip poker. It didn't exactly appeal to Ted other than thinking about what Dotty would look like without her shirt. Both of the girls get excited about it and urge them to play the game. Dotty winks at Abby and Abby gives her the thumbs up. It turns out that poker is too hard to explain to the girls so, Bill suggests they play high card/low card strip. Ted has never heard of this game, so he challenges Bill to explains the rules.

"What the hell is high card/low card strip?" Ted asks.

Bill gleefully explains, "Everybody is dealt one card face down. We all turn our cards up at the same time. The high card is the winner and gets to tell the low card what article of clothing to take off."

Everyone agrees to try a few hands. And after a half dozen hands the girls indicate they like the game and want to continue. Bill is dealing, and everyone appears to be enjoying the game, but Ted is suspicious that Bill might be dealing from the bottom. He believes that Bill has stacked the deck because after playing for forty-five minutes, the girls are both sitting there totally naked and Bill and Ted still have on their boxer shorts. Ted finds it more than odd that Dotty and Abby are consistently losing practically every other hand. He didn't complain because he was mesmerized as he feasted his eyes on Dotty's gorgeous tits with light pink areoles the size of a quarter. Bill is salivating over Abby's breast that has areoles the size of a half dollar and is a shade darker than Dotty's.

Dotty speaks up and asks, "What happens to a person who is totally naked, and they lose the next hand?"

Bill tells her that the high card wins the right to dare the naked person with the low card to do anything that is asked of them. Abby wants to know what he means by anything.

"It means if I'm the winner and I dare you to kiss me, then you have to do it or drop out of the game," Bill explains elatedly.

Abby ponders his explanation for a minute and then looks to Dotty for her thoughts. Dotty and Abby both promptly agree to the rules of the game.

Bill starts to deal another hand when Ted interrupts and suggests they make some changes in the rules. Ted suggests they pass the deal to one of the girls and let the winner (high card) dare anyone at the table, not limit the dare to just the low card. The winner gets to choose who they want to dare and what they want to dare them to do. Bill doesn't care for Ted's rule change, but the girls are really excited about it. So, his rule change is put into effect, and the deal passes to Abby.

Dotty is the first winner and dares Ted to take off his boxer shorts. Ted lifts his butt and slips them off without exposing his cock to everyone. The girls complain saying he was supposed to stand and display his cock to everyone. Bill, not particularly wanting to see Ted's cock, tells them that during the next hand they play that rule will be implemented. Ted is the next winner, and he dares Abby to suck Dotty's nipples for two minutes on each tit. Ted remembers from past sexual discussions with Abby, she had often shared her fantasy with him about wanting to suck other women's tits. Abby knows it is a major turn on for Ted, so he knows Abby will gladly follow his dare. She likes it when Ted gets kinky.

Ted announces he will be the time judge and monitor the clock. Both girls turn red, but Dotty seems very anxious to put her nipples into Abby's mouth. Dotty happily pushes her breast toward Abby as she eagerly leans in to take Dotty's breast into her mouth. It brings back memories to Abby of her college roommate. Abby starts by tracing Dotty's areoles with her tongue before sucking the whole nipple into her mouth. She massages the nipple with her tongue then lightly bites down on it with her teeth. Dotty gasps then pulled Abby's face into her breast. Bill tells Dotty she must keep her hands in her lap or grip the sides of the chair. He complains that by placing her hands-on Abby's face, she is obstructing everyone's view of Abby's expert titty sucking. Ted is inclined to agree.

After what seems like a quick two minutes, Ted reluctantly calls time is on Dotty's first tit, and Abby moves to her other tit. Dotty's face is flushed, and her breathing is erratic; her breath is coming in short rapid bursts. She looks like she might faint. A minute into sucking the other breast, Dotty is moaning and squirming in the chair. Thirty second before it is due to end Dotty is sweating and gasping. It starts as a low moan and grows into a scream.

"Oh, my…God! Oh my God! Abby...your tongue feels so fucking good. Please don't stop yet. Oh, holy shit! I'm…I think I'm fucking cummmming!"

Dotty shudders and slumps over in the chair. Abby has to grab her to keep her from falling out of the chair. Abby continues to hug Dotty closely as she rides out her incredibly fantastic orgasm. Everyone looks on in astonishment as they try to fully comprehend how Abby is able to trigger Dotty's astonishing orgasm by just sucking her tits. Bill had heard of nipple orgasms but had never witnessed one. Ted is beginning to think that Abby is more experienced at sucking tits than she admits to because of the reaction with Dotty. They had to take a 10-minute break from the game and drink some more wine while letting Dotty fully recover.

Dotty wins the next hand and dares Abby to remove Bill's boxer shorts and Jack him off for five minutes or until he cums; whichever is first. Without hesitation, Abby slipped down on to her knees between Bill's legs and rapidly slips his boxers off and tosses them at Ted. She caresses Bill's 8-inch cock with both hands and begins to move the foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. She seems to fall into a trance as she strokes his enormous cock and commences at a slow rhythmic pace. Ted can't believe what he is seeing. Abby had never been that uninhibited.

She moves her face very close to his cock and furtively sniffs his cockhead. She closes her eyes as she pulls his cock closer to her face. At first, Ted thinks she is going to suck it into her mouth, but instead, she just rubs his cockhead against her face, swearing a little pre-cum on her cheek. Ted is the timekeeper and rushes to call time before Bill's cock does end up in his wife's mouth. Abby is so immersed in fantasizing about sucking Bill's cock, Ted had to call time twice before Dotty finally pokes Abby in the back and brings her back to reality. Abby climbs back into her chair and scoops the pre-cum from her cheek with her index finger. She winks at Dotty as she licks the pre-cum from her finger. Abby seems to slip into a reverie of some past or future fantasy. Ted feels reasonably sure she is secretly fantasizing about Bill's cock. He had seen that look before; she really wanted to feel Bill's cock in her mouth. He was sure of it.

Ted wins again and decides to fulfill one of his lifetime fantasies. He had always wanted to watch another woman eat his wife's pussy. He looks directly into Abby's eyes and dares Dotty to eat Abby's pussy for five minutes. A broad grin spreads across Dotty's face, and she wastes no time kneeling in front of Abby's chair. Abby seems to be just as excited about offering her pussy to Dotty, as Dotty is to dive into Abby's cunt.

Dotty eagerly spreads Abby's thighs as wide as she can to grant the greatest access to Abby's hot wet vagina. Ted notices Dotty's hand tremble a bit as she reaches out to touch Abby's pussy. She first cups her hand under Abby's vagina and lets her wetness puddle into the palm of her hand. Dotty raises her hand to her mouth and drinks Abby's juices. She licks her lips and then sits there a moment gazing at Abby's pussy and savoring the taste of her fluids.

Since Ted is the official timekeeper, he urges Dotty to proceed because she now has less than 5 minutes to complete her task. Dotty then leans forward and brings her mouth to Abby's crotch and buries her hungry lips in her pussy. She probes her wetness, wiggling her tongue across her clit, causing Abby to arch herself towards Dotty's mouth begging for more. Within a minute Abby is drawing in quick short breathes, and her face is flushed red. She starts to tremble, and it appears she might pass out. Abby's breasts are rapidly heaving up and down as her hard nipples look like they are going to explode.

Dotty's tongue moves skillfully up and down Abby's pussy lips, teasing her to the point of overload. Then she flattens her tongue and greedily slurps and laps up her juices, licking her pussy like a dog lapping water. Abby can't remember when or if she had ever experienced such expert attention on her clit before and it is blowing her mind! Her thighs tremble and shake as she is hit with a mild orgasm.

Slowly Dotty inserts one finger, then two fingers into Abby's cunt. She is aware that Abby's pussy is flooding with her juices from the mild orgasm. She continues her pleasing assault by massaging her pussy walls backward and forward with her fingers; stroking Abby's insides and pleasuring her g-spot.

Dotty's mouth latches onto Abby's clit again, making very loud slurping and sucking noises as she draws Abby's clit back into her mouth. Then she sucks on her sensitive button and hums, her lips vibrating against Abby's pussy, pushing Abby further and further closer to the edge.

Ted abruptly calls time just as Abby seems to be moving toward a magnificent orgasm. Dotty doesn't stop licking. She either didn't hear Ted, or she is ignoring him. He calls time again and tells them he's very sorry, but the rules say it's over. Abby vehemently disagrees with the rule and accuses Ted of calling a premature timeout. She begs Dotty to continue. Ted is jealous someone else is pleasing Abby so much with their tongue. He had never gotten such a quick positive reaction when he licked Abby's pussy.

"Oh…my God," Abby gasps "I'm going to cum, please don't stop, do it…do it right there. Just don't change what you're doing. Please fuck me with your fingers. Please fuck me harder, and faster, suck me, suck me, suck me!"

Ted calls time again. Bill leans in to get a closer view and is amazed at Dotty's skill at eating pussy. Ted calls time a fourth time. Dotty stops and looks at him with pleading eyes; eyes that beg to continue.

"I'm sorry Dotty, but time out means time out," Ted argues.

Bill calls foul against Ted and his shoddy timekeeping. He orders Dotty to resume her assault on Abby's pussy.

"Fuck her, fuck her faster, chew on her clit, Dotty make her cum, eat her!" Bill defiantly encourages, as he watches the two women pursuing raw lust, and trying not to overly stroke his own cock to the point he makes himself cum. Ted shrugs his shoulders and surrenders to majority rule.

Dotty suddenly clamps her mouth again onto Abby's clit and resumes sucking and massaging her clit. The feelings coursing through Abby's body are blowing her away, her pelvis tilts up pushing her clit further into Dotty's mouth as Abby's orgasm train starts to rumble into town!

Abby begins shaking and trembling as her orgasm continues to build. Her body starts to quake violently and quiver. A low guttural groan starts deep in her throat and begins to grow as it develops into a full-fledged scream as it exits her mouth.

"Oh, my…God! OH, my fucking God!" She screams. "I'm cummmmmming! I'm god damn, fucking cummmmmmming! Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

Just as her body begins to relax from that orgasm, another begins to grow. Dotty continues to lick and suck her clit while one orgasm after another starts to rack Abby's body. Abby finally has all she can take and pushes Dotty's mouth off of her clit. Dotty stops attacking her clit but continues finger fucking her with two fingers until Abby slumps forward and takes Dotty's face in her hands and pulls her up into a passionate kiss. Their lips part and they insatiably explore each other's mouth. Ted's fantasy has now become his nightmare. He's growing extremely jealous watching his wife pour such passion into the kiss. Their tongues continued to dance and spar until he calls time again and finally pries them apart.

After that display of passion, everyone seems to lose interest in the game, but hey agree to play a couple of more hands. Abby appears to be weary and disinterested in playing the game anymore. She is probably still basking in the afterglow of her last magnificent orgasm, but she continues to deal without a great deal of emotion. That is until Dotty won the next hand and excited announces she has the perfect dare to end the game. Abby quickly snaps to attention and waits for Dotty to announce her final dare.

Dotty looks around the room slowly; building up suspense and then boldly says, "I dare Abby to invite my husband, Bill, to join her in HER bed for the remainder of the night, while Ted and I finish the night alone with each other in MY bed."

Bill dubiously looks at Abby. Ted looks hesitantly at Dotty, and then Bill. There is a moment of silence, and they all look approvingly at each other. No one says anything. There is total quietness in the room except for the heavy breathing coming for them all. After a minute or two, everyone essentially assumes the silence to mean tacit approval. Abby eagerly reaches out to Bill; taking his hand and promptly leading him through the connecting doorway to HER bedroom. Dotty takes Ted's hand and pulls him toward HER bed.

For the remainder of the night, none of them venture out of their beds. A couple times during the night, Ted can hear moaning and giggling coming from Abby's room. Sounds of bliss and pleasure seem to echo throughout the night from each room. Dotty turns out to be quite the little fuck machine. For a young woman, she seems to know dozens of ways to pleasure a man. They have breakfast delivered by room service.

Checkout is at noon, but they call for an extended checkout time. When the time limit inevitably runs out, the group hurriedly packs up and heads for the campgrounds. When they finally return to the campgrounds, Abby encourages Ted to spend the duration of their trip with Dotty in her RV and invites Bill to move in with her.


Matt wakes with a start when the first light of dawn illuminates the bedroom. At first, he is disoriented and can't determine where is. Then he remembers coming to Zee's bedroom late last night. He is lying on his side with Zee lying facing him. They are both naked, and his right arm is draped around her waist; holding her tight. McKenzie's lips are so close to Matt's lips they are almost touching. "Oh. Shit," he mutters softly.

He tries to stealthily move his arm, only for her to sigh, "leave it there." He lay absolutely motionless, waiting for her to drop off to sleep again, so he can retreat to his own bedroom. He is still trying to sort out why he is there in her bed. He tries ignoring the feel of his cock as it works to come to a full morning woody. The previous night slowly comes back to him.

He remembers coming to her bedroom to talk about the hurt he had caused her earlier. He remembers wanting to explain the taboo of having sex with one's sister. He remembers finding her asleep and of sitting on her bed; admiring her naked body. He remembers the overpowering urge to suck her hard nipple into his mouth and then the kiss that quickly turned into a passionate lover's kiss. From there it is still a bit fuzzy, but slowly coming back. He remembers her begging him to make love to her.

He remembers trying to decide if it was more important not to hurt his sister again or to obey an archaic law banning incest. McKenzie took that decision away from him when she forced his head between her thighs. After that, it was full speed ahead. They were both licking and sucking and engaging in raw lustful, incestuous sex. Brother and sister rutting like two deer in the wilderness. He remembers dumping his incestuous seed into her at least three times before falling asleep in each other's arms.

With the night behind them and the dawn of a new day, McKenzie stares into his sleepy eyes and pulls herself tight up against him, her tummy up against his belly, the bulge of his cock now very obviously pressing into her. Suddenly her lips are on his, her tongue sliding between his lips as his mouth opens in surprise; his sister is kissing him again, and seriously, too, no brushing of lips here, this was full-contact! It was as if they were old lovers or more likely newlyweds. She is more passionate and determined than she was the night before.

As this is apparently what she wants, Matt complies, without too much of an internal struggle this time. He has to admit, he loves making love to his sister. He loved the feel of her hot vaginal walls when they caressed his throbbing cock the night before, and he wants to that sensation again this morning.

McKenzie slides her hand down to rub and clench his now fully-erect penis; squeezing it and stroking it. In the meantime, he has decided that if she is going to do this, he is going to enjoy himself as well, so he slides his free hand down between her thighs to cup and lightly squeeze her smooth mound, and slide two fingers into the lips of her wet pussy. McKenzie giggles into his mouth at that.

She delves around further, manipulating his cock, and gently sucking on one of his taut nipples. Her warm fingers encircle his cock gently but firmly; pumping and squeezing it, before moving her hand down further, to gently squeeze and fondle his balls. They are drawn up tight against his aching cock. He makes no further comment about incest, nor even a token protest of what she is doing. Whatever had been building between them all these years, it had finally happened, and all he wants to do now was go with it.

"Fuck, Matt, I want to get a good look at this!" she whispers, scooting down to see his hard cock. She examines it in the daylight, and her eyes opened wide. She had only felt it the night before but never got the chance to look at it and examine it carefully. She knew it was big and felt really good in her pussy, but had no idea just how big it actually was until now.

"Oh fuck, yes!" she breathes, reaching out to take hold of it with both hands, sliding one hand up and down and squeezing at the same time, her eyes sparkle in the small pool of daylight from the window. Shuffling forward on her knees, she bends over Matt's cock, kissing and licking the shaft, rubbing her thumb lightly over the tip as she did so.

She kisses her way up his shaft, until her lips slip over the end of his penis, and then begins sucking and licking as she bobs her head up and down, sucking delightfully, keeping the pressure on him as she squeezes and jerks his shaft. Before last night Matt hadn't had sex in quite a while, and her activities this morning are having an immediate effect on him.

"Uh, Zee, I'm going to come, you might want to ...!" He mumbles, trying to give her fair warning.

Instead, she sucks harder, sliding her tongue over the tip of his cock, lightly rubbing the slit in the tip as she smiles at him, her lovely blue eyes wide open as Matt feels his cock pulse and then shoot burst after burst of cum into her mouth. She keeps her lips clamped tight around the end of his twitching cock, sucking and swallowing, licking at it until he stops spasming. Finally, she lifts her head, swallows one last time, and smiles brightly at him.

"That was for last night's wonderful surprise. I am so happy you changed your mind, and decided to come to my bed! I was afraid I had moved too fast on you and damaged our relationship beyond repair."

With that, she pulls him down to kiss her open mouth, and fondle her invitingly firm young breasts. He slides down so he can nibble and suck on her nipples, swirling his tongue around to flick them, drawing a little "oh...oh!" each time he did it.

He trails his hand down her midsection, circling a finger in her navel for a second before sliding it down further until he is running his fingers through her soft and silky trimmed pubic hair. His searching fingers travel down until he slides them back and forth across her labia, lubrication already moistening the lips as her arousal heightens. He slips one finger between her labia, making her gasp and squirm, and then two fingers, as he feels the little bead of her clitoris begin to harden and dampen. He strokes it with his thumb.

He continues to suck at her nipples for a little longer, simultaneously sawing his fingers in out of her drooling pussy. He starts kissing down her abdomen, following the same route as his fingers. He licks and kisses her navel, before licking down to her pussy. He, runs his tongue through her pubic hair, enjoying the feel of the soft hairs on his tongue. At last, he is able to slide his tongue over her labia, making her quiver and moan.

He wants to find a better angle, so he slides over her legs, to lie between them, grabbing her lovely butt cheeks in his palms to lifts her pelvis up to where her pussy is now easily accessible to his tongue. He begins licking again, long lapping strokes, like a puppy dog drinking water from a stream. He travels from her anus to her clitoris, making her drum her heels on the bed and grab his hair, pushing his face down into her wetness. He begins gnawing at her clitoris, causing it to stiffen and pulsate, making her gasp and wriggle until she can stand it no more. She shrieks out loud as she orgasms, her pussy convulsing, her juices flooding over his mouth and chin. Her cum tasted sweet and salty and tangy all at once.

"Oh…my God, Matt, please stick your tongue in my ass, please!" She hisses.

He is happy to follow her instructions because he had suggested anal play the night before, but she had declined. He lightly rims her anus with the tip of his tongue before shoving in as deep as he could. That makes her orgasm all over again. Her legs flex, and her heels dig into the bed. He continues to tickle her anus with his tongue as she begins to come down. He sticks his index finger in her ass and she squeals. He slowly moves his finger in and out of her ass as she gradually relaxes and her orgasm dies away. Matt moves up next to her, she pulls him in for a long wet kiss, stroking his now recovered cock.

"Zee, where in the hell did you learn about anal play? I got the impression last night that it was the furthest thing from your mind when you objected to me sticking my cock up your ass", Matt asks.

"Sticking your cock up my ass is a lot different from your tongue. Anyway, I was surfing some of your porn sites last night. That's why I didn't come down for the cheeseburger you prepared for me. I was too engrossed in that site. That's where I learned about getting my ass rimmed by your tongue. It sounded delightful, and as it turns out, it was delightful. If you are patient with me, I may eventually consider trying your cock in my ass."

"How did you know I surfed porn site? Uh…never mind. What else did you learn on that site? He chuckles.

"Let me show you. Ready for the main event?" she grins at him. He rolls over her and positions himself for re-entry. Her hand guides him to the proper spot. Just before he takes the plunge, so to speak, a thought occurs.

"Zee, are you...uh…?"

McKenzie knew from his anxious expression that he was beginning to worry about getting his sister pregnant. It probably never entered his mind the night before while they were engaged in their wild passionate lovemaking. He had seemed more concerned with the fact that what they were doing was an act of incest.

"Don't worry Matt, I'm a married woman!" she giggles. "If you want to come in me again, and again, it's OK. Just go slow, please, I'm still, uh...sore from last night, you understand, so please, carefully, ok?"

He grins back at her and says, "I'm always careful around you, Zee!"

With that, Matt edges forward pushing in slowly and giving her time to adjust to the feeling of his enlarging cock. McKenzie is gasping as he slides into her. She has to occasionally, urge him to continue when Matt stops because she is panting, as though in pain. His cock isn't a monster, but she is very tight, and the last thing he wants to do is hurt his sweet sister. He at first meets a small amount of resistance, but then her vaginal walls relax, and he slides to her depth. At last, he is all the way in, with McKenzie taking a deep breath before they begin in earnest. He takes a deep breath and thinks to himself, "Wow, I just love fucking my sister"!

"Are you sure about this now, Zee?" He asks, and she grins at him, nodding for him to carry on. As Matt withdraws, she begins gasping and moaning, causing him to stop again. He looks at her with a puzzled expression.

"Don't stop, Oh God, that feels so good, keep going, Matt!" she moans, and so he keeps, withdrawing nearly all the way out, then sliding back in again. He continues with a systematic in and out, in and out, McKenzie no longer gasping. She is now pushing back against him and moaning. She begins to tilt her hips to thrust harder against him as he pumps into her. She has her arms are tight around him, and her fingernails are digging into his back as he humps her for all he is worth. Her pelvis smashes back into him as he thrusts into her, until, with a loud grunting exhale, her orgasm flows through her. Her body arches up to him, a breathless moment of complete stillness; warm fluid is bathing his cock and scrotum as she orgasms. Then, with the contractions in her tight pussy sucking and squeezing his cock, he is unable to resist the landslide of sensation, and his cum pours out like molten volcanic lava. Matt is elated as his cock is pumping thick jets of sperm into this wonderful, vivacious woman, his beautiful older sister.

"Shit, Matt, I never came like that before," she smiles, sounding winded, "My fingers or my hairbrush could never match your wonderful hard cock!"

Matt is also thinking how incredible it had been as well, the best sex he has ever had in an admittedly sparse sex life to date. As he slumps down beside her, she turns to him, putting her arm possessively across his chest.

"I knew last night if I was patient enough, you would finally get over that incest bullshit and come to me!" she grins. "Now you're mine, Matt Sheffield, make a note! That wonderful cock of yours is mine to have any time I want it. I am thinking about having ‘RESERVED FOR McKENZIE' tattooed on it."

Matt has to admit, he was hesitant at first, and then the fact of what he has just done strikes him like a ton of bricks. He had just fucked his sister; He had just had oral sex with his sister. He is beaming from ear to ear with joy. McKenzie looks at him. "What?" is her only comment, seeing the expression on his face.

"Nothing, Zee, I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to have you for my sister. I only wish we could have been enjoying each other like this all through high school. Just think of all the disappointing dates we have been on with losers."

He looks at McKenzie, watching her face for any sign that she is feeling the same way he does, and turns on his side, to look her in the eyes. McKenzie looks at him levelly, no trace of guilt or remorse in her eyes, and grins her cheeky grin.

"Matt, the first time I learned about sex I was so thrilled that you were my brother. You were such a handsome boy, and you always made me feel good. You were always so kind and sweet to me, and you never made me sad. When I thought of having sex with someone, I thought of you. I couldn't trust anyone else to take my virginity. I fell in love with you before I even knew what love was. I've loved you all my life, and now I'm an adult, I can make the decision to make love with you; it is my decision to make, and I have no regrets. Neither should you."

Matt starts to say something but is interrupted by a loud banging on the front door and a frantic ringing of the doorbell. He springs out of bed and peers out the window. He turns back to McKenzie with a frightened look, and says, "I think it's Roger. His car is in the driveway."

"Oh. Fuck! We can't let him see us like this, Matt", she shrieks as she begins to pull on her panties and the baseball jersey she slept in. "Go let him in but tell him I am still asleep. I can't let him see me like this. He will know I have been fucking all night. Quick, Matt, do as I say and don't you dare let him know you and I have been fucking; I mean it," she growls, "No guilty looks and no guilt driven admissions. Do you understand me, Matt?"

Matt looks at her like she is a crazy person and nods his head affirmatively as he pulls on his running shorts. He makes his way to the front door and releases the deadlock bolt. Roger rushes past him before he has a chance to tell him she is asleep.

"Where is McKenzie? Is she here? I have been out of my mind searching for her. She's not answering her cell phone. She's not at the apartment we rented….!"

"Slow down, Roger," Matt shouts, pointing at the staircase, "She upstairs asleep in her old bedroom."

Before Matt can say another word, Roger rushes past him and up the stairs. He didn't bother to knock on McKenzie's door; he just rushes in slamming the door behind him. Matt waits for the shouting and fireworks to begin, but it never happens. Matt strolls into the kitchen and makes himself a cup of coffee. Thirty minutes later he decides he should take a shower and wash the smell of his sister's sex off of him before Roger gets whiff. Matt saunters past McKenzie's bedroom door on the way to his own. He can hear moaning and sighing coming from her room. Then a couple of "Oh my Gods," followed by "Deeper, harder, Roger. Fuck me faster, Roger!"

Matt knows Roger has been forgiven for his honeymoon faux pas. The marriage is apparently back on track. Matt steps into the hot shower and soaps his throbbing hard cock. He wonders if Roger's return means he would now be deprived of another wild crazy fuck with his big sister. He strokes his cock harder and faster as he pictures her long slender legs wrapped around Roger's waist while he is piledriving into her wet pussy that is loaded with her own brother's thick cum. The thought causes Matt's cock to explodes all over the glass shower door. Matt's legs get so weak from his orgasm, he ends up sliding to the floor.

McKenzie and Roger spend the rest of the morning and into the late afternoon in her bedroom doing what newlywed people do. Matt bakes a couple potatoes in the oven and around seven o'clock throws three large T-bone steaks on the grill while he prepared a green salad. The aroma apparently makes its way up to the honeymoon suite because at seven thirty the happy couple emerges with satisfied smiles on their faces.

A sparse conversation takes place during dinner. Matt is glad it didn't because he is afraid he would have given away his and McKenzie's secret. He had never possessed a poker face, and the guilt would have been easy to read on his face. He is absolutely certain a guilty expression would have occurred if he had been questioned about how things went when McKenzie suddenly showed up alone at the family home. After dinner, Roger and McKenzie return to her bedroom, and the whimpers and sighs resumed. The next morning when Matt goes down for breakfast, he finds they have left.


Several months after the Tahoe camping trip, Matthew can see a significant change in his parent's behavior. They had become like newlyweds. They are always hugging and kissing on one another; pinching each other on the butt. Their openly affectionate actions sometimes shock Matt. They would sometimes get into tickling bouts on the den sofa like two young teenagers. The most significant changes of all are in his mother. She is feistier and flirtier than he had ever known her to be. She openly flirted with the butcher, the postman and the young pharmacist at the neighborhood drugstore. The young pharmacist is only a few years older than McKenzie, yet his mom carried on with him as though he was her high school crush. Often times they would lean in close and whisper to each other. Abby would giggle at whatever he had said and turn a bright red. Matthew is becoming suspicious she may be cheating on his Dad.

During a recent family gathering, Roger has an important announcement to make. He taps on his water glass with a spoon and says, "Let me have everyone's attention. McKenzie and I have just learned she is eight weeks pregnant."

There a split second of total silence while everyone absorbed his announcement. During that split-second, Matt locks eyes with his sister. She smiles and shrugs her shoulders. His expression tells it all. He's wondering if he is the father and her shoulder shrug is saying she doesn't know for sure. Later Matt pulls Zee to the side and asks, "Am I going to be a father?"

McKenzie smiles and says, "Or maybe an uncle. It really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. This baby was conceived through love. Whether it was love between a brother and sister, or between a husband and wife doesn't make any difference. I will love this baby with all my heart.

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