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I think I am becoming an Exhibitionist, I am always thinking of ways to showoff, accidentally of course. I am determined to start flashing, and I thought I would start with little things and then get more adventurous as time went on. I also wanted somewhere that if someone does see me, they won't know who I am. I don't want to be know as the naked girl by my friends, although Cathy kids me about it already. Then the opportunity I was looking for happen.
Chapter 1: Fishing with my Father.

This story is the beginning of Haley's road to becoming an exhibitionist, who then gets her BFF involved, which eventually leads to sex and incest.

The characters in this story are:

Haley – the main person in the story, the one who is telling the story.

Bill – Haley's father.

Kelley – Haley's Mother

Cathy – Haley's best friend who lives a block away.

Timmy- Cathy's little brother

Unnamed – Cathy's Mother

Unnamed – Cathy's father

Kara – Clothes store attendant and now friend of Haley's

Unnamed – Girl at store

Unnamed – Boy at store

My name is Haley, at age fifteen my breasts started to grow, but I didn't change how I dressed. I kept walking around the house in my panties and little tank top like I always have done. I guess I picked up that habit from my father, whose name is Bill. He walks around the house in his boxers and t-shirt all the time. I also became more interested in boys and curious about sex.

With my best friend Cathy, we found lots of interesting pictures and stories about sex on the internet. We learned about the different fetishes, as we discovered what they were called, and one that I found particularly fascinating is exhibitionism.

The naked pizza delivery, flashing, wearing skimpy clothing, going to the beach naked, they were all intriguing to me. Cathy, who lives down the block from me, knows about my fascination with exhibitionism, and believes it would be exciting, but thought she would be to embarrassed to actually do it.

Now at sixteen, I have firm round, 34C breasts with large nipples. My hips are wider and my ass sways as I walk. The boys at school are always looking at my breasts and I have seen my father looking at them also.

My nipples help attract attention on their own and I have overheard boys commenting about them poking out. When my nipples are hard, they poke out about a half inch from my breast. I use to get embarrassed when they got hard, but now I enjoy the attention I get and I find that I enjoy showing myself more and more.

I believe I am becoming an Exhibitionist. I like to find ways to show off my body, but in a manner that looks accidental. Although, I do walk around the house naked, of course when nobody else is home and I have gone out to get our mail, which is just by door.

What I have done was exciting at first, but after doing it several times, it becomes less thrilling, I feel I have to do more, or I should say I want to do more. I want to be somewhere I can be seen. I was determined to start flashing, and thought I would start off easy and then grow more adventurous.

I also want somewhere that people will not know who I am. I don't want to be know as the naked girl by my friends, although Cathy already teases me about that. Then there was an opportunity, which happened by accident that I took advantage of.

When my father was growing up, he, his brother and father would always go fishing. Then when he started dating my mother, Kelley, he would take her fishing. Up until a few years ago, the three of us would go fishing as a family every weekend. But now my mother works weekends, so it is just my father and I who go fishing.

We always go to the same place, a big lake nearby where we live. We take our small 12ft boat, load it with our gear, some food, and drinks. When we are out fishing on hot days, which is basically all summer, I wear my bikini and my father wears his swim suit.

When we get too hot, we take a dip in the lake to cool off. Since the boat is very small, when we climb in the boat from the water, one of us has to be on the other side to counter the weight, otherwise the boat could tip over.

I have caught my father looking at my breasts and ass while in my bikini, and it gets me a little excited, so I thought about tease him more. I though it would be good practice for me.

One Saturday while we were fishing, I was getting hot so I decided to slide out of the boat to get in the lake. However, I chose a spot where there was a cleat and as I slid over the side the string on my bikini bottoms got caught, as I let go my bottoms were ripped off as I fell in to the water. My bikini bottoms sank in to the lake, I never saw them again.

At first, I got embarrassed about being naked in front of my father and for my clumsiness. My father saw what had happen and he began to laugh. I had to admit that it was funny and started laughing also. The laughing helped ease my embarrassment and made it more fun, than an embarrassment. My father told me to cool off and he will find something for me to wear. I had not brought anything else along to wear and I didn’t even have a towel with me.

At first I just stayed along side the boat, not knowing what to do. I then started to swim cautiously, but little by little I became more comfortable. Then I realized that when I swam, my butt would come up in the water and my father could see me, I got embarrassed again, but also excited.

Then my exhibitionist streak kicked in and I began to show more of my butt, which I saw my father taking a glance at when he thought I was not looking. I reasoned to myself that my father knows what happen and it was an accident, so he was not mad, so that gave me a license to explore flashing him without being reprimanded for my lack of clothes.

After a while, I really began to like the thought of flashing my father and him watching me. I swam for a while giving my father ample opportunity to see my butt. I then came to the edge of the boat. My father asked if I was ready to get out. I said yes and he gave me his white t-shirt and told me to put it on. I did and then pulled myself out of the water and in to the boat.

My father had looked away as I crawled in the boat and when I pulled down the t-shirt. It went about 2 inches below my crotch. I told him it was ok and he turned back towards me. I stood there talking with my father for a while. Standing there with just the t-shirt covering my bottom, was getting me excited.

It was not till I went to sit down that I realized that you could see-through the wet t-shirt. The material was not totally transparent, but you could see the flesh colored tone and it clung to my skin. It’s good I was totally shaved, otherwise you would of definitely been able to see my bush. This was really getting me excited. My father did not say anything to me about the t-shirt being see-through and he was looking at me the whole time I stood before him, with a smile on his face.

We went back to fishing, but I was thinking of how exposed I was and how exciting it is. I began to think what else I could do to expose myself further.

After a while, my father said he was ready for a dip in the lake. I told him I wanted to go again also. Then I told him that the t-shirt is see-through when it becomes wet. My father smiled at me and said he realized that earlier but did not want to embarrass me more than I already was. I told him that it is ok that the t-shirt is not completely see-through but, I want to take it off before going into the water, then when I get out, it will be dry. He asked me if I was sure and I said yes.

My father got in the water first and turned his back to me while I took off the t-shirt. I also removed my top then jumped in the water. We swam for a bit and then my father noticed that I did not have my top on and asked me why. I told him it would be wet and make the t-shirt wet. He smiled at me and said “whatever honey.” It was a lame excuse, but he bought it.

We began to swim around and I saw my father watching me while I swam, which made me even more excited. As I swam, I did what I could so my father got to see my breasts and my ass, all the while he thought I was blissfully unaware that I was flashing him.

We finished cooling down and my father asked me if I wanted to get in the boat first and I said yes. I knew he had be facing me to hold on to the boat. I thought he would close his eyes, which he did. But standing there just inches from my father and being completely nude outside, really had me excited and nervous. I was so nervous I was shaking from the experience.

I put the t-shirt on and then told him “ok”. I moved to the opposite side of the boat and bent over to hold on to the rail. I didn’t even think about being bent over with my back to my father and when it did occur to me, I again got embarrassed, but it also put a smile on my face. I could feel the t-shirt had ridden up my back and I was exposing my ass and pussy. I was really starting to enjoy exposing myself and was getting more comfortable at doing so.

Though-out the day, I flashed my ass and pussy to my father as we fished. Either sitting down with my legs open or bending over. On those occasions when another boat did come close by us, I would make an excuse to bend over and flash my ass to them as I looked at and talked to my father. All accidental like and with the air of innocence.

Several hours later, with several more dips in the water, we decided to head back to the boat ramp. By this time I had become very comfortable in just the t-shirt and as we were going back I could feel the t-shirt blowing up against my back, knowing full well my ass was exposed to my father who was sitting behind me. I never did put my bikini top back on.

As we approached the dock I realized that I hadn't thought that far ahead. I was going to be there just wearing the t-shirt with a lot of the people around. After we got to the dock, I stayed with the boat while my father went to get the truck and trailer.

As I was standing there two men came in with their boat and docked right beside us. I saw them looking at me and thought about what they might be seeing. I surmised that from the angle that they were at, they would be able to see up the t-shirt. Being exposed had me excited again which caused my nipples to become hard and my pussy wet. I looked at my chest and I could clearly see the thin fabric being pushed out by my nipples.

I was enjoying the attention and getting very wet. Exposing myself was very thrilling and my mind filled with all kinds of fantasies. I turned away from the men so they could stare at me without being called out. As I stood there letting them ogle me, I thought about how I really like exposing myself and the feeling it gave me.

While I was waiting for my father to arrive with the trailer, another man and two boys brought their boat down the ramp to launch it. As I was watching them getting ready to launch, my father backed down the ramp. As was the usual practice, I would get in the water and pull the boat over to the trailer and guide it as my father wrenched up the boat.

Without thinking I jumped in the water and started to pull the boat to the trailer. When I was at the trailer it occurred to me about the t-shirt being wet and I blushed at the thought and almost panicked. Then I thought about how exciting it will be to have all of the men watching me.

I looked at them and saw there were indeed watching me. My father was oblivious to what was happening as he was focused on the boat. Once the boat was loaded, my father drove up the ramp. When I got out of the water the t-shirt was all wet and had a solid flesh tone, except my nipples which where clearly defined with a brownish circle, so everyone knew I was naked underneath. As I was walking up the ramp, I turned around and looked, the men were just staring at me. This really had me excited and I had a big grin on my face.

Once I made it to the truck my father and I started to unload the gear form the boat. It was not until I brought the first handful of gear to the back of the truck that my father saw me. He looked shocked and then burst out laughing. When he could speak, he got out that he forgot about my situation. His laughing got me smiling and I told him I had forgotten about the t-shirt when I jumped in. To help ease his mind and myself, I told him come on it is too late to do anything about it now. We both got everything put away, although my father was again watching at me as we worked.

Usually after boating, I dry off with the towel and take my bottoms off and put on a pair of shorts in the restroom, just leaving my bikini top on. As I gathered my stuff, I could not find my bikini top. My father and I looked everywhere for it and thought it must have blown out of the boat at some point.

I got what I had and walked to the restroom, however it was closed for repairs. I walked back to the truck and told my father. He said open up the truck door and stand behind it and change there. I asked him to keep a look out for me.

I pulled off the t-shirt and stood naked in the parking lot. This kept my excitement going even though I was very nervous. I looked back and I saw far behind me the man and two boys were watching me from the dock. They were far enough away they could not see much, but they could tell I was naked.

After I dried off I put on my shorts and then wrapped the towel over my shoulders and got in the truck. My father looked over at me and laughed, I had to say “what”. Well we didn't catch any fish today but you had a day to remember. We both started to laugh and then we started for home.

On the way, I became more relaxed and did not pay attention to the towel over my shoulders. My father talked to me more than usual, of course he would glance over at me occasionally while he talk.

One time as he was watching at the road, I took a quick glance at myself and most of my inner breasts was visible. I think he could also see my right nipple behind the towel. When I had that thought, my nipples immediately got hard and pushed the towel further away from my breasts. I left myself exposed and I began to get wet and excited again.

Once we got home, I got out of the truck and grabbed my father's t-shirt and took a quick glance around the neighborhood, I did not see anyone. I stood behind the truck door and I quickly took off the towel and put on the t-shirt. When my head poked out the t-shirt, I looked up and I saw my father was standing just to my side.

He must have seen me change and his face was a little red and he said sorry. I told him it was ok and I asked him if he was ready to unload the gear. He said we can get it latter. We went in the house and I told him I was going to get a shower.

Once I got in the shower, I had to masturbate. I was so hot from showing myself that I came as soon as I touched my pussy. After the shower, I put on a pink bikini cut pair of panties and a white crop top then went in to the kitchen where my father was.

My father asked if I want to go fishing again tomorrow. I told him yes but I don't have a swim suit to wear. He looked at me and said wear what you have on. It looks like a swim suit and it is more than you had on today, then laughed. I smiled and then looked at myself, and said I guess I could. No one would know. He said yea, but you probably don't want to tell your mother. I said ok, then said lets get everything ready.

I started out the door and my father said are you going out like that. I told him what in my swim suit. I told him I might as well test it out now. We both smiled then went out to get boat and truck ready for tomorrow. Wearing just my panties and little top outside in our neighborhood had me wet again. I was hoping my father did not see the wet spot on my panties, I did not want to explain that to my father.

When we were done, we ordered a pizza as my mother was on her way home from work. After dinner, I went to my room. Once in my room I though about what I did today and what I could do tomorrow. I took off my top and pulled my panties to the side as I masturbated and played with my breasts while I fell asleep.

The next thing I know someone is pulling on my leg, I rolled over and it was my father. He turned on my light and told me it is time to get up. When I opened my eyes, I saw him looking at me. Once I was awake enough and sat up, he left my room. It was then I realized I was still topless and my panties were still off to the side of my pussy.

I was too drowsy to become embarrassed and got up and put on my top and fixed my panties as I made my way to the bathroom. Once I washed the sleep out of my eyes I went to the kitchen for some breakfast. My father told me to bring other clothes along in case I need them. I was feeling excited and nervous for what I was about to do. However, I did not want to chicken out so I only brought another pair of panties and a small top with me. I was getting wet just thinking about today.

We made it to the lake at a good time, as we did have to wait in line to launch the boat. Sunday's are usually busy at the boat ramp. It was our turn and my father backed the trailer close to the water. I took a quick look at myself and my panties had a big wet spot at my crotch and my nipples were hard. I put my mind to getting the boat ready and did see a few people watching me, but they were not staring, so I took that as a good sign.

My father backed the trailer in the water and the boat came off. I went in the water up to my waist as I pulled the boat over to the dock. At the dock, there were 2 other boats waiting to go out and I pushed our boat in place and then jumped up to pull myself on to the dock from the water.

I felt my panties slide down till they bunched up at the bottom of my ass. I stood up, then pulled up my panties and then tied the boat to the dock. By this time all the men were watching me, but then again, I was the only girl there. My pussy was dripping, but since my panties were already wet from the water, I was not completely embarrassed.

As I stood there waiting for my father which seemed to take forever, I looked around and when I thought I had the chance, I looked at myself. My panties were not see-through but they clung to my skin and did not leave anything to the imagination. When my father got to the dock I saw him look at my body and then he got a smile on his face. It took a couple of minutes for us to leave the dock and all the while the men were watching me.

Once we left the dock it was not as exciting for me anymore. I mean I could still tease my father but I think I like to be seen by strangers. We were fishing for several hours and by now I had forgotten all about just wearing my underwear. My father asked if I wanted to take a dip before we headed to the next spot.

I said ok and as I jumped in I felt my top come up over my breasts. I left it there like I did not know what had happened. My father did not say anything about my top as we swam. My father got back in the boat. When it was my turn to get in the boat, my father was watching me.

As I pulled myself up, I could feel my panties coming down. Once in the boat I made sure I turned around so my father could see my ass before I pulled my panties partially up and then sat down. I made sure the crack of my ass was still visible as I sat in front of my father. I then pull down my top to cover my breasts. With my top being wet, the thin white material became semi-transparent and clearly showed my nipples.

After we moved to the next spot and fished some more we were both getting hot again and my father suggested we go for another swim. We both jumped in and my top came up again. I really wanted to just take it off but I didn't have a good excuse to give to my father. As we swam I made sure I was in front of him and he could clearly see my breasts and my hard nipples.

As my father got in the boat this time, I quickly pulled my panties down a little to give them a head start. This time after I pulled myself out of the water my panties were on my thighs as I stood up giving my father ample time to look at me, before pulling them up and my top down. We began fishing again.

After another couple of hours, my father asked if I was ready to go. The fish were not biting. He said lets swim for a bit and then head back. I said ok as I reeled in my line.

We swam for about a half hour and I let my father get out of the water first again. I pulled my panties down again before pulling myself out of the water. The panties were down on my thighs as I stood in the boat. My father was again watching me as I pulled them up and I smiled and told him I guess that my panties don't make a very good swim suit, they won’t stay up and my top won’t stay down and it is see-through, as I pulled it down. He laughed and said they work well enough to get by until you get something else.

We took off for the docks. There was a long line to use the ramp and I stayed with the boat for about an hour as a bunch of men and boys and a few women past by me. I could feel a wet spot developing on my panties again.

It was finally our turn and as my father backed down the ramp. I untied the boat and got in the water, I knelt down to get my top wet. As we were loading the boat I looked around and I estimated about least 40 people there. I was really enjoying showing myself like this. As my father pulled out the boat, I walked behind him in to the parking lot. As we were unloading the gear in to the truck, three guys at their truck not far from us, were watching me.

I got my things out of the truck and took a look around. Those guys were there but no one else was nearby. I stood behind the truck door and I pulled off my top and panties and dried myself. It took me a while, just because I wanted to be naked. I then put on my spare top and panties.

Once I was done, I went to throw my stuff in the truck and I saw my father was watching me from in the truck. He asked if that is all I had brought along. The panties I had put on were a t-back type and the top a cut off t-shirt. I thought he was going to be mad at me and said I just grabbed something when we were leaving. He did not say anymore about it. We talked again on the way home and he did not seem to be mad at me, for which I was relieved.

Once we were home again, we unloaded the truck and boat. I saw my father watching me again as we worked. I did my best to make my top fall away from my breasts to give him a show. I believe he was enjoying me flashing him, which only made me want to show off more. That night I started to sleep nude, my father had already seen me naked, and I didn't think my mother would mind.

During the week I got my mother to take me to mall. Once there she gave me some money and we both went our separate ways. I bought three pairs of panties, one pair is a black sexy lace thong, one pair is a black solid thong, the other a thin polyester, white g-string. I also bought a white tube top, it fit me loosely, but it was all they had. I cannot wait to go fishing this coming weekend.

Saturday morning rolled around my father had to come in my room to get me awake, this time I was completely nude and I was more prepared for him. I wanted to get him to say what I should wear. I thought a sneaky way to sort of get his permission for how exposed I can be.

Standing nude in front of him, I held up both pair of thong panties and asked him which one. He looked at them and asked me if I had not bought a proper swim suit. I told him he was right, no one notices that the panties are not proper swim bottoms. I could tell he liked the lace pair as he looked at them the longest, but he did not want to be the one to tell his little girl to wear something so skimpy. He instead told me to wear whatever I wanted.

I said ok and dropped the solid pair on the bed and put on the lace pair as he watched. He told me to hurry up and then he left my room. I was proud of myself for being completely nude in front of my father. I grabbed my new tube top on put it on and then joined him in the kitchen for breakfast.

We finished breakfast and my father reminded me to bring a change of clothing along as he walked out to the truck. I grabbed the white g-string and my cut-off t-shirt, which I had made a little shorter during the past week.

When we got to the lake, it was not crowded yet and we got the boat put in the water quickly. I was a little nervous waiting for my father to return to the dock. Standing there on the dock with my thong on I could feel every little breeze on my ass. It was a little colder than it had been during the week, which made my nipples hard.

Two older gentlemen were at the dock fishing and seemed to be enjoying the view I was giving them. Just to waste sometime and to give me a thrill I bent over with my ass towards the two men and rearranged some of items in the boat. I was getting wet and I could feel the cold wetness of my panties when the wind blew.

Once we began fishing it warmed up fairly quickly and got be to quite hot. I was about to tell my father that I needed to cool off when he beat me to it. When I jumped over the side my tube top did just as I had planned, it came up to my head. My father was watching me as I surfaced.

I pulled off the top and said I thought I could get a good tan with that top on, but it does not make a good swim top. I really don't need it out here anyway and dropped it in the boat. We swam for a while and got cooled down. After we got in the boat, I did not bother to put on my top. The sun on my breasts felt wonderful.

After a while my father said to me “Haley, I have been wanting to talk to you.” I was facing him and my mind began to anticipate where he was going. He then said, “ever since you lost your bikini bottoms, it seems like you have started to wear less and less clothing. Would you like to tell me anything about why.” My parents have always been open with me and we can talk about things without getting in to arguments. Even though it was going to be embarrassing, I decided to tell him the truth.

I told him that I have seen flashing on the internet porn sites and it was interesting to me. Then after my bottoms were ripped off, I felt excited and embarrassed, but I liked the feeling it gave me. Then when you suggested I wear my underwear as a swim suit, I wanted to try it and I found I like people looking at me.

I didn't plan on flashing you, but here, I don't know these other people and since you didn't say anything about what I was wearing, I thought I would see what I could wear or not wear to flash them. I have found out that I like to be seen, so I guess that I am an exhibitionist. I looked down to the floor of the boat, it was embarrassing to admit that.

My father said “I see” then a few seconds later, he said “I thought that might be the case” and then gave a little smile. His smile put me at ease. He threw his lure in to the water then said “You know you are just like your mother.” My mind was whirling now and I had to ask what he meant.

He told me that my mother used to flash when they would go out. It wasn't till I got older that she stopped because she did not want her daughter to see her doing that. I asked him about what things she would do.

He told me the same things I have been doing. When we were fishing, she would undress and swim nude. He told me she would flash my father and he would dare her to do things. I had to ask like what. He said like stripping naked and walking down a road or to the car. He said she would wear small bikinis out and about.

He then said that I was more willing to show off myself then my mother was. You like others to see you. I liked to see your mother do it. I said “oh so you like to watch”. This caught my father off guard and after a few hymns and haws, he said to be honest I do. Then he said “since I am being honest, the other week when I suggested you wear you underwear as a bikini, that is something that I always wanted your mother to do, she never had enough courage to actually do it.”

My father then told me he had talked with my mother about what I was doing. Both of us are not mad at you, you are exploring your sexuality which is a normal thing to do, we just want you to be careful. He then said it is because we have done it in the past, we understand how you are feeling.

We both went back to fishing, but my mind was wondering again. I was thinking to myself, I have permission from my parents to flash. Most girls who want to wear little outfits would get yelled at by their parents, but mine were ok with it. I got a big dose of confidence knowing my parents didn’t mind me being naked.

About a half hour went by and my father said he was going to cool off. I told him that I would join him in a second. When he turned around to look at me wondering why I said in a second, I pulled off my panties while he watched. He then got a smile on his face as I jumped in the water.

I stayed naked for the rest of the time we were fishing. I made sure I bent over with my ass towards him and my feet spread apart every chance I got. By the time we were finished fishing that day, I felt very comfortable being naked in front of him. Just before we started back to the dock he asked me if I was going to get dressed. I told him once we got close to the dock I would.

When I could see the dock, I got dressed. The two older gentlemen were still on the dock fishing. As I waited for my father with the trailer, there was no activity at the ramp other than us. We loaded the boat and went in to the parking lot to stow the gear.

Once we were done, I changed in to my white g-sting and cut-off t-shirt while my father watched. I asked him if he wanted to dare me to do something. He smiled and then told me to walk down to the dock as I am dressed and ask those men how fishing was going today. I was nervous and had to take a deep breath, but I wanted to do it and started on my way.

When I got on the dock, the men turned and saw me. They watched as I walked up to them and I began talking with them. They said they hadn't caught a thing all day but liked being outside. Then with a smile the one gentleman said “we do get to see beautiful young women like you”.

I blushed a bit and said thank you. Talking with them helped ease my nervousness but, I was getting very excited and wet. We talked for a while, then I wanted to do more.

I looked around and nobody else was there. I then said to the gentlemen to help make your day a little better, I would like to do something for you. I had their attention, I lifted up my top and took it off, then swayed back and forth shaking my breasts for them.

It looked like their eyes were going to bug out. I took another look around, we were still alone. I pull down my panties and twirled around a few times for them. I told them good luck fishing then said good-bye and walked back to the truck holding my clothes. I got such a rush doing that, I could feel my my juices running down my legs.

I was so horny that I rubbed my hand over my pussy. My father asked how I liked doing that. I told him that flashing makes me so horny. I showed him my wet my hand. This embarrassed me and made me even more excited. He smiled at me. I ran my hand over my pussy again a few more times. I couldn't hold out any more and started to masturbate.

I looked at my father, he did not say anything as he watched me. I started to finger myself and I had the biggest orgasm I ever had. It was so embarrassing masturbating in front of my father, but that is also what made it so exciting. I was still very horny but thought I better pull it together for now.

I wiped myself up with my towel and then put on my panties and top. We both got in the truck and headed for home. My father had a smile on his face as he drove and I saw a bulge in his shorts. I hadn't thought about the effect that I may have on him, but I loved the thought of what I did. On the way home, every once in a while, I dipped my hand into my panties and gave my pussy a quick rub.

Once we got home, I was still horny and my panties were soaked. My father asked me if I was ready to unload the gear. I asked him if we could go fishing again tomorrow. He said “sure if I wanted too.” I said “I did”.

Then I told him I am so excited I need to masturbate again. Can we wait to reorganized the gear. He said “sure lets go in the house.” I told him “no come over here” as I opened my door. I told him to “stand here” which was about 2 ft away from me. I turned sideways in the seat and pulled off my panties, then my top.

I started to rub my pussy and squeeze my breasts as my father watched. My hand was already soaked. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it off. I then returned my hand to my pussy and after a few rubs, I began to finger myself. I saw my father lick his lips several times, which gave me an idea.

I pulled my dripping hand out of my pussy and brought it to my fathers face. He did not move and he did not protest. I pushed my fingers in to his mouth and he began to suck on them. When I saw him do that, my excitement increased ten fold.

Using both my hands I pulled his head down to my pussy. As soon as he was close enough I felt his tongue on my labia and my god it felt so good. He began licking my pussy and then I felt his hands open my labia and his tongue on my clit.

No more than 5 flicks of his tongue and I had a huge orgasm and fell back in the seat. My father kept his tongue on my pussy and I had two more orgasms in quick succession. My pussy was getting so sensitive I had to pull him away from me. I looked at his face and he was covered in my juices.

I looked around and saw no one. I jumped off the seat to the ground and told my father to sit down. I pulled his legs out the side and then began to open his pants, I could feel his hard cock and wanted it so bad. I began ripping at his clothes till they were off. I looked him in the eyes as I opened my mouth and leaned in and engulfed his cock.

After swirling my tongue around his cock I began to bob my head up and down while I grabbed the base with one hand and his balls with my other. I felt his hands on my breasts, squeezing my nipples. I couldn't wait for my first taste of cum.

I was rewarded quickly and felt his cum hit my throat. I was able to swallow most while some escaped out the sides of my mouth on to his cock. I kept licking and sucking him till he was all cleaned up and his cock became soft.

I finally pulled away and looked up at him. I told him that was my first blow job, how did I do? He said “you did just great honey” and then “lets go inside before your mother gets home.” I grabbed my clothes off the seat and we walked inside. There was an uneasiness between us. I threw my clothes in the laundry room and told my father I was going to get a shower.

I saw a worried look on his face and decide to make sure he is ok. I went over to him and hugged him, then looked up at him and said “Dad, I really like you and I liked doing what we just did. I have no regrets and would like to do it again sometime. I hope you enjoyed it.” Then I gave him a kiss on the cheek. This brought a smile to his face. I walked away and looked over my shoulder, he was still smiling.

As I finished up in the bathroom, I heard my parents shower running and assumed it was my father. I put on the other thong and a top, then went out and started to get the truck and boat ready for tomorrow.

While I was working a voice startled me, it was Cathy. She looked at the way I was dressed and asked me what's up. I told her about what happen at the lake today. She already knew about last weekend. I did not tell her about me and my father though.

I could tell she was envious of what I did. I told Cathy she really needs to try it, it will really make you excited. She finally said she may have to. I asked her what about now. Cathy said “now”. I told her “why not, you have panties on under those shorts, right?”

Cathy said “yea”. I said “look at my panties, nobody really pays any attention whether they are panties or a swim suit bottoms.” I told her “I was nude out here a while ago.” With a little more coaxing, she said she would open up her shorts a little.

Cathy unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down her zipper. Her shorts were tight enough to stay on her. We moved some more gear while we talked, but we mostly talked. I asked her to take her shorts completely off. She asked what if someone sees her. I told her we are near the truck and the house is on the one side. If anyone comes, we can go behind the truck.

Cathy looked at me with a grin and then said “Ok if no one can see us, you take off your panties and I will take off my shorts.” I pulled my panties off immediately. I don't believe Cathy thought I would do it and then I said “ok your turn”. I watched as she began to slowly pull down her shorts. I saw why she was a little apprehensive, she had on a little white thong.

Let me tell you a little about Cathy. She is the same age as me and has long brunette hair, long legs, and small but very perky breasts with cone shaped nipples. The first time I saw her breasts I wondered what it would be like to suck on them, but have never said or done anything to find out.

We started to work on the boat again and it was not too long and I could tell Cathy was becoming comfortable in just her panties. After a while longer, I suggested we go topless. Cathy looked at me and said you first. I pulled off my top and she gasped. Cathy said it has been a while since we had gym class together and you have grown quite a bit. When Cathy said “what do they feel like?” I could not resist, I told her to see for herself.

She tentatively reached out and began to message my breasts. As she was doing that I saw my father come around the corner of the house, thankfully he saw what was happening and stopped and turned quickly around and walked back behind the house.

After about two minutes of her squeezing my breasts she quickly pulled her hands back and said she was sorry. I had to reassure her she did nothing wrong, it felt great I told her. I then said “it is my turn” and I reached for her top and pulled it over her head. She did not have a bra on and I saw her nipples were hard.

I dropped her shirt on the ground and moved my hands to her breasts and squeezed them. I heard a whisper of a moan from her and then leaned in and sucked on her nipple. She did not try to stop me and when I bit hard on her nipple, I believe she had an orgasm. She pushed me back softly and said that was nice.

We went back to working on the boat and finished up quickly. I asked Cathy if she would like to go with us tomorrow. At first she said no, but I told her she could stay the night and just think about the fun we could have. She asked what about my father, what would he say. I then told her he came out here a while ago when I was sucking on you tit, so he already has seen you.

Cathy's face turned red when I said that and I think it excited her a lot. We stood and talked a bit more till Cathy said “let me see if it is ok with my parents”. Cathy said lets get dressed and I will go ask them.

I stopped her and said wait, one more thing. I told her to give me her shorts, which she did. I bent down and pulled off her panties and she stepped out of them. Her pussy was so close to me I could see she was wet. I wanted to lick her so badly. I then had her step into her shorts as I pulled them up and zipped them and buttoned them for her. I then put on her top. She then dressed me. As she stood up from putting on my panties, her face was close to mine and the moment seemed right, so I kissed her and she kissed me back.

Cathy pulled away from me and said I will be right back. She took off for her house. I went inside and my father was in the living room. I saw his cock was hard and reached out and give it a squeeze. I asked him if he liked what he saw. Then I told him I asked her to come along with us tomorrow, if that is ok. He smiled then quickly shook his head up and down. I told him she may stay the night, she is checking now and will be back here shortly.

About twenty minutes later, Cathy was at our door, with a big smile on her face and a bag in her hand. As she looked over to my father, she blushed and he smiled at her. We went to my room and I partially closed the door.

Cathy came over to me and kissed me, then put her hands under my top and squeezed my breasts. She then leaned down and sucked on my nipples. She pulled away after a few minutes and said she had wanted to do that for a long time.

I pulled off her top and then her shorts. I reached my hand to her crotch and rubbed her pussy. She was very wet. I pushed her on the bed, then I then pulled off my clothes and started to kiss her thighs. I slowly moved up kissing her as I went. When I got to her pussy, I dove in and licked her from her asshole to the top of her pussy. She was squirming about and I could tell she had an orgasm already.

I moved up to her and again kissed her. As I pulled away, she said she could taste herself on my lips. I saw movement outside my door, it must be my father. To keep Cathy from stopping I turned around and sat on her face. As soon as my pussy was close to her, I felt her tongue. I knew she could not see anything and I saw my father at the door.

I motioned for him to come in as I played with Cathy's pussy. I motioned for him to pull down his shorts. His cock was hard and I reached out and pulled him in to my mouth. I sucked my father and played with Cathy's pussy while Cathy was eating me. It was the most incredible feeling I ever had.

My father did not last long seeing such an incredible sight. Once I finished licking his cock clean, I motioned for him to pull up his shorts. Then gave him the sign to wait a minute as I leaned down and sucked on Cathy's pussy.

I then looked up and said “oh hi dad.” After I said that, I could feel Cathy tense up. I then said are you going to order pizza again. He said “yes” I got off of Cathy and asked her what she liked on her pizza. She was too mortified to answer and her face had turned red. She just froze in place.

I told my father some toppings for the pizza and he said ok. I put my mouth back on Cathy's pussy and sucked it, then began to finger her. As my finger entered her I could fell her tense up and moan. She was having a huge orgasm.

My father said is will be here in about a half hour along with your mother, don't wait to long to clean up. I said ok and then pulled away from Cathy. Cathy was still coming down from her orgasm as my father walked out of my room. Cathy laid there speechless for a few minutes. I finally asked her how she liked having an orgasm while someone was watching her. She finally smiled and said that was the most intense orgasm she ever had.

Cathy and I rested and talked for a while. I finally said come on lets get a shower and pulled her up. In the shower we kissed some more, but thought that is enough for now. In my room Cathy opened up her bag and got out a small thong. I said “oh, look at that!” Cathy said she liked to wear it, it made her feel sexy, but she always wore clothing over them.

But now, I want it to be the only thing I am wearing. Then she said I brought a pair for you too, so we are matching and pulled them out of the bag. She also pulled out a little crop top for herself. I pulled on the panties and they were very small. I put on a crop top also and we went to the kitchen.

Just then the door bell rang and I grabbed the money on the table and Cathy's hand as I pulled her to the door. The pizza driver was an older man and he was surprised to see us dressed as we were, but said nothing about it. We went in to the kitchen and started eating and my mother arrived shortly after. My mother did not give any indication of annoyance to the way we were dressed. Everyone was in a good mood and Cathy started to relax.

When we went to bed that night, I got Cathy to sleep with me naked. We curled up together that night. In the morning my father woke us up by pulling on our legs. Cathy was a little embarrassed, at being naked but did not make a fuss. Cathy was pulling a pair of shorts out of her bag and I stopped her and handed her the little pair of panties from last night. She looked at me and said “you got to be kidding.” I told her no, put them on.

I asked her what she has to wear for a top. She pulled out a bikini top. I said try this on and handed her my tube top. It was very loose, but stayed on her. I got the other pair of panties and stepped in them. I put on one of my cut-off t-shirts and asked Cathy if she wanted to wear a t-shirt instead. She said no and we went to the kitchen for breakfast. After a while, Cathy seemed to be more relaxed.

We made it to the lake and waited for two boats to launch before it was our turn. Cathy was squeezing my hand the whole time we waited. As we backed down the ramp, I could see Cathy was nervous. I reached over and rubbed her pussy. She had the crotch of her panties soaked.

It was finally time to get out of the truck, I had to pull Cathy out, but once she was out, she seemed better. We got the boat ready and then launched it. Cathy and I stayed with the boat as my father took the trailer in to the parking lot. I told Cathy to help me pull it over to the dock.

Two boats were there, with four men and they were watching us. In short order they left. I then saw the two old gentlemen from the day before. I pulled Cathy with me as I walked over to them. I looked around and it was just us.

They were watching us and I said “hello.” Both of them had a smile on their face and the one said “I was hoping we would see you today.” and then gave me a wink. Cathy was silent as she stood there. I talked with them a bit and then said I got something for you today.

Cathy looked at me and I went behind her back. I pulled her top down. Cathy quickly tried to pull it back up, then I bent down and pulled her panties down to her feet. She let out a squeal and pulled them back up.

Both men said “thank you” and then the one told Cathy “she is a beautiful girl”. This made Cathy feel better. I then pulled up my top and my panties down and said what about me. This made everyone laugh and both men said “I am beautiful too.” We talked a bit more till my father got there. We then loaded up and left the dock.

As we were leaving the dock, Cathy told me she could not believe what I did. Then she had to admit that she loved it. She told me it was sexy fun, she will have to do it more often. We got to our first fishing spot and Cathy watched as we fished.

It started to get hot so I took off my clothes. Cathy was still a bit shy about being naked but I managed to get her to pull off her clothes. After a while Cathy was more comfortable being naked and acted normally.

I saw she was wet and I wanted to have some fun. I got her to sit facing my father. I got behind her and leaned over and kissed her and then started to play with her breasts. I could tell she was nervous but she was also very excited. I reached down and rubbed her pussy and brought my soaked hand to her mouth where she licked off her own juices.

Then I fingered her to an orgasm as she looked at my father and he watched us. I moved in front of Cathy and had her lean back. I bent over and started to eat her pussy. I felt hands on my ass cheeks and my father started to eat me. I could feel his tongue go from my asshole to my pussy and back. Cathy had another orgasm and she sat up.

I saw a look of surprise on her face as she saw my father eating my pussy. Cathy pulled away from me and stood up while I remained leaning over the seat. I now felt two tongues on me, one on my pussy, the other on my ass hole. I did know how long I could take it. I had a desire for something in my pussy and yelled out for someone to fuck me.

I felt a tongue push in me and then a finger. Oh god it felt amazing. Then there was nothing. I yelled again for someone to fuck me. I felt something on my pussy. It started to push in me and then I felt it in me. It was filling me up so good. I lowered my head and looked back, I saw my fathers balls between my legs.

I realized he was actually fucking me. I had to have more so I pressed backward and felt his cock slide in me deeper. He then began to fuck me and I could feel his balls smacking against my ass. I began to yell cum in me. I never felt this way before. I felt a warm and wet sensation in my pussy and knew my father had cum in me and that caused me to have a huge orgasm, my knees became week.

I felt my father push in me one last time and then his cock came out of me. I looked behind me and Cathy was sucking his cock. She then moved behind me a sucked on my pussy, sucking out as much cum as she could and gave me another orgasm. I pulled away from Cathy and sat down. Cathy sat down beside me.

After we all rested for a few minutes, I asked Cathy “when did you start to eat creamy pie?” She told us that was the first time. She said she had eaten me and liked the way I taste and she had given blow jobs before and like the taste of cum, so she wanted to try them together. Cathy said to me “when did you start fucking.”

I had to laugh a little, then told them I thought someone would finger fuck me. My father then said “oh, I am so sorry honey.” I didn't know you were a virgin. I had to stop him, I told them it was not what I had in mind but I liked it and glad you did fuck me. I told them technically I was a virgin, I didn't have a cock in me till now, but I had broken my hymen long ago with my hair brush. Dad you know I am on the pill right.

He said I thought you were, but I am glad you told me. After some more small talk we all jumped in the water and swam for a while. We all stayed naked the rest of the day and Cathy got my father to fuck her and I got to eat her creamy pie.

It was late afternoon, much later than we usually leave and we decide to head back to the dock. Cathy and I got dressed and I ended up with the tube top this time. There were a few men around but it was mostly empty at this time of day. Cathy and I stayed at the dock while my father got the truck. The two older gentlemen were still there and Cathy and I went over to them. We started talking with them and wasted several minutes there. Cathy went behind me and pulled my top down. Since I was facing the water, I just left it down. The gentlemen got a big smile on their face. I pulled Cathy in front of me and kissed her. I then guided her head so her mouth was at my nipple and she began to suck on it. I looked around and I saw my father backing down the ramp. I pulled Cathy away and told them we have to be going. I pulled up my top and we went back to the boat. Several men were watching us as we loaded the boat and then walked in to the parking lot. We started to store the gear from the boat. We were done in a very short time with the three of us.

I told Cathy to come on lets get changed and as soon as I said it I realized we did not bring any other clothes with us. We decide to dry off our panties as best we could. We took them off and pressed them in the towel.

Cathy was a little nervous being bottomless in the parking lot, but I had fun watching her squirm. I looked around and the one group of men had left, there was only eight men standing around talking. I looked at Cathy and asked her if she wanted to have a last bit of fun.

She asked “what” and my father asked “what do you have in mind.” I took off my top and told Cathy to take off her top also. I said lets walk down to the gentlemen and give them one last look at us. Cathy was protesting, but had a smile on her face and relented easily.

My father said just lets be ready to leave as soon as you get back. I pulled Cathy by her hand and we started walking to the dock. The men saw us and we heard a whistler from them. The two gentlemen were happy to see us coming. Once there I pulled Cathy to me and then sucked on her nipples. I then moved behind her and rubbed her pussy, she was wet again and I moved my hand to her mouth which she licked off.

I moved my hand back to her pussy and fingered her a bit before we said good-by to them and we turned around and walked back to the truck and got in naked. My father started the truck and we left for home.

As we were going, Cathy was so excited and she kept saying that was so much fun. We put on our tops for the drive home. As we went past Cathy's house her father was out doing yard work and her mother's car was not there. I said to Cathy, “walk home in you swim suit, your father will not know the difference”. Cathy said ok but I have to come along. I said ok. I put on the t-shirt and she wore the tube top.

We got the rest of her clothes from my room and walked down the block. Her father saw us coming and watched us approach. He asked if we had fun at the lake and we both said we did. After we walked past him, I turned my head and we was looking at our butts. When we got inside we both started to laugh and I pulled down Cathy's top. We rounded the corner to the living room and there was her little brother staring at us.

Cathy realized her top was down and quickly pulled it up. I said “hello Timmy” and he said hi to me. I said Timmy if your don't tell anyone about what you saw, Cathy may let you see her again. He quickly agreed. I went over to Cathy and slowly pulled down her top again and squeezed her breasts. Her nipples were hard, I whispered to her, “You like this don't you.” she smiled and I knew the answer.

I pulled up her top again and asked Timmy if he liked that. He had a smirk on his face and then he asked if he could see my tits. Now Cathy took charge and said of course you can as she pulled up my top and played with my breast. Cathy put my top down and then said to Timmy, “I will let you know when I am ready to show you again. Please don't come and bug me or someone may hear you and if anyone finds out, it will be over, do you understand”. Timmy said “yes, he understands.”

We both went up to Cathy's room she took off the tube top and gave it to me. She then asked for her panties back. I asked her what I am going to wear home. She smiled and said nothing. I started to complain and she said she was only kidding, she has something for me to wear. I felt relieved and she went to her drawers and reach in the back and pulled out a little sheer g-string. The front was barely big enough to cover my pussy.

Cathy said she likes to wear this when she wants to really feel sexy, but under her clothes of course. She handed them to me. I asked her if she was serious and she said yes. I put them on and adjusted them.

The top of my pussy slit was visible and the bottom slid into my crack. Cathy said one other thing, “I dare you to go talk with my father for 5 minutes before you go home.” I started to become wet. I said “ok but you have to stand outside with me wearing the cut-off t-shirt.”

She agreed before I was finished talking. I went over to her desk and got a pair of scissors and cut the t-shirt smaller. Now she gasped. I told her to try it on. It was still covering her quite a bit. I told Cathy to stand still and I cut the t-shirt so her under-boob was showing.

We both looked in the mirror at ourselves and then walked in to the living room, Timmy was there. When he saw us coming, his mouth just dropped open. I told Timmy good-by and Cathy said she would be back shortly and we both went outside.

Cathy's father was sitting on the ground pulling weeds as we walk over to him. When he saw us, he had a startled look on his face. I began talking with him and let me legs shoulder width apart. I could see his eyes travel from my face to crotch and back again.

He then looked at his daughter and her breasts. From the angle he was at, her breasts would be clearly visible. He did his best to talk but stammered a few times. He never said anything about what we were wearing.

I reached up and adjusted my top, purposely pulling it up to high so the bottom of my breasts were now showing. The conversation started to peter out so I said to Cathy I must be going and then gave her a hug.

As we hugged, I pulled up her top. When I backed away her nipples were showing. Cathy knew what I had done, but stood there letting her father see her. Cathy said good-bye to me one last time and waved at me before turning and going back in her house.

I had walked the block without an incident. I went in the house and my father said he was waiting for me to unload the gear from the truck. I said lets go and we got the truck cleaned up.

I went in the house and got a shower, put on some panties and a top. My mother had come home with takeout for dinner. At the end of the night in my room I reflected on all that has happened over the last few weekends.

Then I thought about getting fucked by my father, and by how great that was. That was not even in any of my fantasies when I thought about exposing myself, but neither was having sex with a girl. I never thought I would be so adventurist and daring so quickly. I began to wondered if I am becoming a slut.

I woke up in the morning and heard my mother in the kitchen. It was her day off. After washing up I went down for breakfast and my mother said she wanted to talk to me.

My mother and I have a good relationship and can talk about anything, but I thought oh no, this is it. She started off telling me that she knows all about what happen at the lake. I did not know what my father told her so I remained silent.

I was waiting for a lecture. She then continued on, and said she knows about me wearing my panties as a swim suit, how I swam naked with dad and how I and Cathy are having sex. She then stopped with her list of things I've been doing. I though oh my god, she doesn't know that dad fucked me.

She then said she was not mad at me. She told me, about how dad said you are just like me. My mother then told me about when she was younger, she to liked to expose herself. Although she was always to shy to do what I had done.

We started talking and she said she understood me. I asked her why she stopped flashing. My mother said it was because she was older and that I was getting older and I was with them all the time. My mother is still very beautiful and still has a good figure and I mentioned that to her and she should start flashing again.

She laughed and I asked her to stand up beside me. We compared each other and then I said I bet you still look good naked. I then asked her to take off her clothes and we can make a proper comparison. Before she could say anything, I had my clothes off. My mother was a bit hesitant, I had to encouraged her but she finally relented.

We stood side-by-side. Her breasts were larger and had a little sag to them, a bit of a pudgy stomach, but she has a great set of legs. Afterwords she felt better about herself and we both sat down and started talking, both of us still naked.

We talked for hour, during that time I encouraged her to start flashing again. I told her I think dad would like to see you do it again, I believed he liked watching me. My mother laughed and said I know he liked watching you, he just about attacked me the last few weekends when we went to bed. My mother said she wouldn't mind flashing again since I am old enough to understand why. I asked my mother what her plans were for the day. She didn't have any so I said lets go to the mall later, I need a swim suit.

I told my mother I was going to see if Cathy was home and go see her for a while. I called Cathy and she said come on down, it was only her and her brother at home, her parents are at work. I had to decide what to wear. I know that most everybody on the block is at work by now, so the chances of being seen is very low, I thought it would be funny to show up naked.

I put on the little g-string of Cathy's and a cut-off t-shirt, then head to Cathy’s house. I didn't see anybody along the way and wished that I had been naked. I rang the bell and Timmy opened the door. He looked at me and said Cathy is in her room, go on up. I talked with Timmy a while and then went up to Cathy’s room.

Timmy yelled that he was going to a friends house. When I got to Cathy's room we hugged and kissed each other. The first thing I asked what her father said about the way she was dressed yesterday. Cathy told me “he did not say a thing, but he was looking at me much the same your father looks at you.” She laughed and said “you know what that means” and we started to laugh.

Cathy said lets get naked. We both stripped and began to make out. I had Cathy lay on the bed so her crotch was at then end. Then I mounted her in a sixty-nine position and Cathy started to eat my pussy. When I thought she was hot enough I asked her if she would like someone to be fucking her right now as I eat your pussy.

I knew she would say yes and she did. I looked over to the doorway and motioned for Timmy to come in. I licked Cathy's pussy and then motioned for Timmy to lick her. Cathy did not notice and was enjoying Timmy’s tongue lashing.

I pulled Timmy away and motioned for him to take off his pants while I licked Cathy's pussy some more. I then started finger fucking her. When I looked up and saw how big Timmy's cock was, I was envious of Cathy. I told Cathy I had a surprise for her and then pulled Timmy by his cock to Cathy's pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit a few times.

I then had Timmy push his cock in her pussy. Cathy was moaning as she sucked on my pussy. I had to help Timmy as he did not know what to do. After her started to hump her it wasn't very long till I saw him stop and scrunched up his face.

He came already. Timmy looked at me and I pulled him out by his cock. He was still hard so I pushed him back into Cathy and got him to start fucking her again. This time he was fucking her hard and furiously. Timmy lasted longer this time and Cathy got a good fucking from him. It is good I told him what to do earlier.

As he still had his cock in Cathy, I got off of her so she could see who it was. Cathy was speechless, but very happy. After she was done processing who it was she got up and talked with Timmy to make sure he would not say anything to anybody else. After he said he understands, she smiled and said she would like to do it again sometime.

Cathy then leaned over and sucked his cock. Once she had cleaned him up she told him that is all for now, can he go and leave us alone for a while. Timmy said, “I love you sis” and then left the room.

As soon as he left, Cathy said to me “I cannot believe you got him to fuck me.” I asked her if she liked it and of course she said yes. I then told her he also ate her pussy before he started fucking you. Cathy told me “I am so bad” but she said when she saw who it was she had a huge orgasm. Remember when you told me how being embarrassed made it all the more exciting. I said “yea”. Well I did not believe you then, but now I do.

We hung out for a bit more and then I told Cathy I have to go. I didn't bother to put any clothes on and Cathy asked if I am walking home nude. I said “yes”, the next time she comes up to my house, she has to walk there nude. I said “deal” and Cathy said “deal”. Cathy walked out the front door with me and watched as I walked home. My mother asked where my clothes were and I said they were at Cathy's and I left them for her. My mother shook her head and told me I was going to end up getting in trouble.

Once at the mall my mother and I separated, I went to a clothing store. We agreed to meet up later. I started looking at the swim suits and a sales girl came over to me. We recognized each other from school, she is one year ahead of me. Kara and I began talking about the latest in bikini fashion and that skin is in.

I asked her which one she likes and she went over to a rack and pulled out a micro bikini. I wasn't sure if she was just egging me on or if she really liked it. I asked her if that is what she wears. Kara said “no, but I would like too.”

I asked her if she tried them on. Again she said “no.” We were the only people in the store and at this hour the mall was practically empty. I asked her if she wanted to try them on now. I said, look, there is nobody here right now and I would like to see what they looked like on somebody else before I tried them on. We talked for a while before I convinced her to try them on.

Kara went in to the changing room, that had a louvered door about a foot off the ground, and shut the door. I saw Kara drop her clothes. Kara then came out about a minute later with the suit on. Kara was fidgeting and I could tell she was nervous. I told Kara she looked amazing.

She did have a great body, her breasts were smaller than mine, but she had nice long legs. Kara went over to the mirror and took a look at herself, then she said “I like the suit but I don't think I could wear it in public, too many people would be looking at me.” I told her that is the point, to get people to look at you. I asked her if that is the smallest swim suit that you have in the store. Kara said there are some that are more revealing. Those over there are made with a mesh material. I said oh where are they at. Kara showed me to them and I picked out one and asked if I could try it on.

Kara led me back to the changing booth where I went in but left the door open and talked with Kara as I stripped and put on the suit. Once I was dressed, I came out and went over to the mirror to have a look. If you were up close you could see through the material but from a distance you could not tell it was a mesh material.

We were talking about the suit and a couple in their late 20s came in the store. Kara almost had a fit because she was still had on the micro-bikini. I calmed her down and then told her to go see if they needed any help. She got up enough courage and walked over to them.

Kara caught up with them in the dress section and talked with the couple for a while. I heard them talking about swim suits and the next thing I see, they are walking towards me. I stood there as they came over and Kara showed them the ***********ion of swim suits.

The couple looked at me and I turned around so they could get to see all of me. The guy was staring at me, till his girlfriend spotted him, then she said maybe some other time and she pulled her boyfriend out of the store. After they left the store Kara and I began laughing.

I talked Kara in to trying on a mesh suit. When she came out, she was covering herself with her hands. I pulled her over to the mirror and had her look at herself. I could see she shaved her pussy. We began talking again and Kara started to relax.

As we were talking, the couple that left earlier had come back. They walked over to us, Kara tried to go towards the changing booth but I held her arm. When the girl got to us she smiled and said she was sorry for rushing out earlier. That put both Kara and I at ease.

She told us her boyfriend want her to get a small bikini as they were going on vacation in a few weeks, but I got jealous when I saw him looking at you two. I guess I cannot keep him from looking at other women in bikinis, especially when we are going to the beach.

I asked her where they were going and she said Ibiza. I said I heard of it but never been there. I said I believe there are some nude beaches there. The girl pointed to her boyfriend and said that is what he wants to do, go to a nude beach, but I want a bikini to wear, initially anyways.

The girl looked at what we were wearing and said she would like to try one of them. Kara helped her find one she liked. I could see her boyfriend was watching us and then I noticed a bulge in his shorts.

The girl went in to the changing booth with the suit, while Kara and I began talking again. Kara then showed me another suit. It was a peek-aboo bikini. Kara said they only had a few of them, it seems no one wants to wear something like that around here. As we were looking at the suit, the girl came out of the booth in her mesh bikini.

When I saw her I said “wow,” that girl has a huge set of breasts, how did I not see them before. She asked me if I liked the suit. To be cheeky, I told her not only the suit and she looked at her breasts and cupped them with her hands. Kara spoke up and said would be happy if she had half that size.

The girl noticed the suit I was holding and she asked if I was going to try it on. I said sure why not, but there is not point in using the changing booth and began to untie my top then left it fall off. I then slipped out of the bottoms.

I began to put on the peek-aboo suit. Everyone was watching me and I was getting excited. Once I had it on I looked in the mirror and asked what do you think? It took a while for someone to say something, but Kara and the girl said they liked it. I told them to pick one out and try it on. Kara looked at me and I gave her some encouragement. Kara went over and picked one out and then changed in to it while standing there, her nipples were erect and I could see she was excited.

I went over to her to adjust her top. My hand ran over her breast and she took a gasp of air. Then the girl picked up a peek-aboo, she had already stripped naked. I saw her slide on the suit and then I helped her adjust it.

I went for her breasts as I felt like I just had to touch them. She to let out a gasp of air as I touched her breasts and her nipples became hard. She reached for my breasts and began to feel me up. I had to moan. This only seemed to encourage her and she moved her mouth to my breast and began to suck on my nipple.

Oh my god I got so hot and I felt my pussy juice running down my legs. I looked at Kara and she was rubbing her own breasts. I motioned for her to come to me and she did. I reached out and cupped her breast and squeezed her nipples. I then felt a hand on my pussy and it was the girl, and then she started to finger fuck me. It did not take long till I had a huge orgasm and my legs became weak.

I went down to my knees and Kara moved in front of me. I looked at her pussy and saw it was wet. I had the urge to lick her so I leaned forward and lapped up her pussy juice. She was so sweet, so I just kept on licking her.

The girl moved closer to Kara and I then felt my head being squeezed between them. Kara and the girl were kissing and playing with each others breasts. It had not been more than two minutes of my mouth on Kara and all the sudden she moaned loudly and my face was drenched.

Kara had an orgasm and squirted on me. Kara pulled back from me and the girl now came up in front of me and pulled my head to her pussy. I began licking her and nibbling on her lips. Fairly quickly she too had an orgasm and then stepped back away from me.

She went over to her boyfriend and pulled down his shorts. I saw his cock, he was already hard and I was amazed at the size of it. The girl bent over and her boyfriend pushed his cock in to her pussy and then began fucking her.

It was not even five minutes and he grunted, and then they stopped. The girl moaned loudly as she must of cum. We all looked at each other and then the embarrassment kicked in.

We all took off our bikinis and got our clothes and got dressed. Kara rang up two suits for the girl and she left the store. Kara and I talked for a while longer and we exchanged phone numbers. She asked which suit I wanted and chose the mesh suit. Kara gave it to me and I said goodbye.

We each leaned in a gave the other a full kiss on the mouth. We both said we need to get together again soon and with that I left the store. As I was walking out, I had to think about what just happen. I really need to find someone other than my father or Timmy to fuck me. I stopped at the restroom and washed my face and cleaned up. As I was coming out, I ran in to my mother.

I asked my mother if she wanted to have some fun and she asked what I had in mind. Do you want to flash here in the mall. She looked at me confused and then I told her about some stories that I read and videos I saw where girls flashed in a mall.

I told her to come with me and we went back to the restroom. She had a button up dress on, so I opened a few of them. Then I reached up under her dress and pulled off her panties and stuck them in my shopping bag. I stepped back and looked at her and then unbuttoned her dress completely and took off her bra and shoved that in to my bag also.

I put her dress on and left a few buttons undone. She looked at me and asked what about you? I pulled up my top to show her I was not wearing a bra and then lifted up my skirt to show her I was naked underneath.

I told her lets go get something to eat. We made our way to the food court and got something to eat. We sat down at one of the tables in the mall and I had her sit so we were facing out in to the mall. I whispered to her to keep her legs open so anybody passing by could see up her dress. She was apprehensive but did as I asked.

I told her about my new bikini and how I could not wait to wear it to the lake. After we finished lunch, we went home. I would have liked to flash some more, but did not want to push my mother too much the first time.

That evening when I was in my room, I could hear my parents talking. I could hear my mother was talking to my father about earlier in the day so I snuck out to listen to them. My father liked my flashing and when my mother told him she wanted to start flashing again he got very excited.

My mother told him about us sitting at lunch flashing I saw him grab his crotch to adjust his cock. Then I saw my mother reach for his cock and grab it through his underwear. I was half tempted to go down and join them but thought I should leave them alone for the rest of the night.

The next morning was another off day for my mother and as I was getting breakfast she began to tell me that she explained everything to my father last night and he was pretty excited about me flashing at the mall.

I then had to smile and told her I saw them last night. She asked if I wanted to go to the mall again and have lunch, I said ok, then asked if Cathy can come along with us. My mother said of course she can. I called Cathy and told her the plan and she was in.

My mother and I talked for a while, then we both went to find something to wear. We both chose a summer dress that buttons up the front. I asked her if she was wearing underwear and she pulled open her dress to show me that she wasn't. We got to the mall quite early so it was not busy. Cathy and I went to see Kara and my mother went to a craft store.

When Kara saw me she got a big smile on her face and came over, but Cathy was with me so Kara was cautious. Once I told her Cathy is ok, Kara kissed and hugged me.

As we were talking, we roamed around the store looking at clothes. I found a sheer black blouse and held it up to me. Kara said “you like to show yourself don't you.” I had to admit to her that I did and told her about a few of the instances at the lake.

Kara admitted to me that she liked what happen yesterday. She also said “yesterday I found out how excited I get being naked in front of other people. Then being with another girl, woo, that blew my mind.”

Cathy then chimed in and said “she was the same way, only 3 days ago”. We wondered around the store looking at nothing in particular.

As we past near the entrance, I looked out and saw nobody. I asked Kara if the mall is always this empty in the morning. Kara said “on a Tuesday morning it is very slow till after lunch.”

I then asked Kara if she has been naked here since. Kara said “no it was only yesterday.” I asked Kara if the store has any g-string panties. She said “yes and took us over to them.” I told her I wanted a really small pair. We looked around but did not have anything that I was interested in.

As we were wondering around, I did see a white wrap dress with a sash belt. I held it up to the light and it was a semi-transparent. I looked to find the smallest size there.

I put down my purse and changed in to the dress. The dress just fit around me and the hem was about 2 inches below my pussy. I tied the sash and took a look in the mirror, then asked the girls what they thought.

When I bent over and my ass would become visible. I took a seat and the dress would fall open at my legs The material was thin enough that you could just see-through it. When I untied the sash, the dress would fall open. It had a deep v cut in the front that showed off my breasts nicely. The only problem was it cost $35 and I did not have that much money. Both Kara and Cathy tried on a similar dress and we all thought it would be great for flashing.

My mother had text me and asked if we were ready to get some lunch. We all got dressed in our own clothes and said good-by to Kara. Then Cathy and I went to the food court to meet up with my mother.

We got our food and sat at the table again so passerby's could see up our dress. There were not that many people around to look at us. When we finished eating we left for home.

My mother dropped off Cathy and I at Cathy's house. Once we got inside, we stripped off our clothing. Cathy then told me ever since we wore the small panties and t-shirt in front of her father, he has been looking at her more than normal.

I would like to tease him some more, maybe I could get him to fuck me. We talked about what she could do. We decided that we need to get her mother use to seeing her scantly dressed. Cathy was going to start walking around in her panties at home.

Of course Cathy would start by wearing full cut panties and little by little start wearing smaller ones. We also thought it would be best if we got her brother use to seeing her so he would not be staring at her, which might upset her mother. Then Cathy would start sleeping naked, and leaving her door slightly open, so she could be caught naked.

We had hatched a plan and we waited for Cathy's brother to come home. When he came home, we called him to Cathy's room and told him we need him to be casual when Cathy is walking around the house.

Timmy, asked “how am I suppose to do that, Cathy is beautiful and I have to look at her.” Cathy went over to Timmy and said “here I am, you can do anything to me you want from now till our parents get home.”

Timmy's face had a look of surprise and I admit I was also surprised. Timmy began playing with and then sucking on Cathy's breasts. Cathy was getting excited and she was enjoying Timmy’s mouth.

I was getting excited watching them and began touching myself. Timmy was doing everything that a fifteen year old boy would ever want to do with a girl. After an hour and a half and fucking Cathy twice, Timmy rolled over on the bed and said “that is it, I am done”.

Cathy was also spent and just laid on the bed with Timmy. Cathy rolled over and kissed Timmy and said “I am going to have to let you do that more often, you were great.” Cathy then cuddled up with Timmy and all of us just talked for a while.

The last thing they did together was shower. Timmy then went to his room. Cathy and I kept an eye on the clock to make sure we were dressed or decent when Cathy's parents got home. I asked Cathy who comes home first, her father or her mother.

Cathy said it is usually her mother, unless she stops at the store or gets some take out on the way home. I told Cathy, lets put on something revealing, then if her father would happen to come home first, we could let him see us, otherwise we just get dressed quickly.

Cathy got two pair of thongs and we put them on. Cathy still had my cut-off t-shirt and I put it on, but since I had cut it shorter for Cathy, it did not even cover my breast anymore. I gave it to Cathy and she put it on.

Cathy then said she had something I might be able to wear and dug through her drawers. She pulled out a bikini top and said this is from about 2 years ago, try it on. I put it on and looked in the mirror. The top covered my nipples and left the rest of my breasts exposed.

I liked it and asked Cathy if I could keep it, to which she said “yes”. We sat there with an eye out for who came home first and talked about everything and anything. I don't believe we have ever been closed than we are now.

As luck would have it, Cathy's father was the first to come home. We both ran to the kitchen and pretended to get some water. When her father walked in from the garage we were talking causally like nothing was unusual.

We said hello to him and he had a surprised look on his face and his eyes were darting from Cathy to me and then all over our bodies. He talked with us a for less than a minute, all the time he had a smile on his face. Then he said he wanted to put his stuff in his office. Cathy said “yea we need to change and Haley has to be going, I didn't know it was this late”.

Her father left the kitchen Cathy pulled me to her room quickly and left the door open. She whispered to me that after he puts his things in his office, then he comes up here to change. Cathy then pulls off her top.

Cathy is standing the door, listening for her father to come, while she asks me what should we do. Cathy tells me he is coming. I tell her to get behind me and pretend to get the knot out of my top and we turned sideways so he can see both of us as he passes by the door. I reach back and untie the upper string and let it fall as Cathy positions herself behind me. Cathy is fiddling with the knot as we hear her father coming. We are both excited.

Her father comes to the door and stops and begins to talk and says “Your mother is picking up some Chinese food for dinner tonight and should be here shortly.” As he was talking, he notices that Cathy is topless.

Then he says “Oh I am sorry I didn't know you were changing.” Cathy began to speak and told him “it's ok, it is not anything you haven't seen before” and then lets my top fall off. My nipples instantly became hard and I see her father looking at my breasts.

I could see that Cathy wants to take it further. Cathy asked her father “what is mom getting?” as she walked over to her bed where she picked up my dress and hands it to me. Her father was trying to talk but was overcome by the site before him and stammered out “the regular stuff”.

Cathy then put her hands on the side of her panties, getting ready to push them down. Cathy began to rattle off “sweet and sour shrimp and shrimp fried rice” as she pushed her panties to the floor and steps out of them. Cathy then got her shorts off the bed, and said “I like Chinese food.”

I wasn't sure what I should do, I wanted to pull down my panties and stand there naked for him, but I wanted him to be looking at Cathy, not me. I put my dress over me, but left it unbuttoned as I watched Cathy and her father.

Cathy pulled up her shorts and buttoned them. She reached for her top as she asked her father, “do we have any plans for this weekend?” Cathy then put on her top. Before her father could speak, Cathy looked over to me and said “I am going to need those swim bottoms”.

I took this as her way of telling me to take them off. Cathy's father was just beginning to talk and I reached my hands down to my panties and push them down. To take more time, I picked up the panties and held them out to Cathy.

While she reached for the panties, I was completely exposed to her father who just finished stammering out “no plans”. After Cathy took the panties, I slowly began to button up my dress. Cathy's father waited till I had the last button down and then said “I have to go” as he walked quickly away.

Cathy and I started to crack-up but tried to be quiet. I left Cathy's house and walked home just thinking about what will happen next with Cathy's father.

The next morning both my mother and father were working. I had the house to myself so I stayed naked. I phoned Cathy and asked her to come over. Cathy said “as soon as I get dressed, I will be over.” I had to remind her it was her turn to walk here naked.

Cathy said “I forgot about that and then reminded me that I had to go outside and wait for her naked also like she did with me.” Cathy said “I have to use the bathroom first and then I will be up.”

I asked her if she just had to pee and she said “yes.” I told her to come here before using the bathroom. Cathy asked “what do you have in mind?” I told her I would tell her once she got here. Cathy said “ok” and we hung up. I walked outside and waited for Cathy. I saw here walking down the sidewalk.

Since all the neighbors work there was not a great chance of being seen. We were out by the street and we hugged and kissed each other. We stood there for a minute and I told Cathy what I wanted her to do.

I told her I was going to lay on the grass and I wanted her to straddle me and then pee on me. Cathy got a sly look on her face and said “you are getting kinky.” I said “I just want to try it and see if I like it.” I laid down and Cathy got over me and asked me “where she should pee.” I told her to “start over my pussy and then move up till you are peeing on my face.”

Cathy started peeing and move up quickly and was peeing on my head. Till she was done my hair was all wet. I asked her why she moved to my head so quickly. Cathy explained “I didn't know how long I could pee.”

As I was talking, I tasted her pee and it was horrible. I told Cathy it is her turn and she quickly laid down. I did the same to her as she had done to me. After she got up I kissed her and then took her hand, we went in to the house and got a shower together.

I made us some breakfast and as we ate I asked her what happen last night. Cathy told me the following.

After our little show, my father was in his room for about a fifteen minutes. I think he jerked-off. I thought about it later and I should have gone to his door and listened. My mother had come home, so I went to the kitchen.

When my father came down, his face was a little flush. He was looking at me a lot throughout the night. After a while I said I was going to my room were I changed in to a pair of panties and I put on a crop top. I left my door partially open.

My parents were watching tv. After a while I heard my mother call me and I went down to them. My mother was a little surprised to see me in my panties, but did not say anything. My father said “you asked earlier about any plans for this weekend? We don't have any so if you want to go anywhere with Haley you can. Mom is going to her parents on Sunday and staying for dinner, we are going to order something for dinner.”

I asked my mother what she was going to do at grandma's. My mother is going to help her clean. I said “ok thanks,” I will talk with Haley tomorrow. Then I went back to my room.

Later, I heard my mother come up and go to her bedroom and their shower start. I stripped off my clothes and pulled down my covers, then closed the door till there was a small gap. I laid on my bed and turned out the light. I heard my father coming and my heart was pounding.

He stopped at my door and said softly “Cathy are you still awake.” I said “yes” and he opened up my door and turned on the light. I was on my back and had my legs spread open so he could see all of me. He asked me “did you enjoyed fishing this past weekend?” I told him “I didn't fish much, Haley was showing me how though. I mostly sat in the sun and swam. But I think I am going to try fishing the next time.”

He said “if you like fishing, I may start to go again and you can go along with me.” I said “oh yea, Timmy would probably like that.” He then said “good-night”. He turned off the light and left my room.

While Cathy was telling me her story, I was on my phone looking on the internet about drinking pee. I told Cathy I see why our pee was so bad and explained to her we need to drink lots of water and pee once or twice before we try to drink it. I got up and got us some water. We drank a glass full and I filled them again. We drank that glass too.

We sat and talked and drank as much water as we could. About twenty minutes later, we both had to pee. We went to the toilet and I saw my pee was much less yellow than before. I dipped my finger in my pee stream and then sucked on my finger, it was a bit salty but much better. Cathy tried the same thing and we both thought the next time we need to pee we would do it on each other again.

We went back to the kitchen and started drinking water again and talking. About 20 minutes later Cathy said she had to pee. I asked her how bad, I told her I want to wait until we really had to go. We both waited about another 10 minutes before we were squirming and we both ran up to the bathtub.

Cathy said “you first.” So I got in the tub and she squatted over my face and before I could even say go, she started peeing. I stuck my tongue out and the taste was not bad. I pulled Cathy to me so I could lick her as she peed. She peed for a while and I was drenched till she was done.

As soon as she finished I told her to get up, that I really had to go. We traded places and as soon as she was down I put my pussy on her mouth and peed. I would see her take in a mouth full of my piss and then spit it back out on to my pussy and lick me. After Cathy was done, we both got another shower. We both agreed it was fun and exciting because of the kinky element, but it was messy and it is not something you can do anywhere.

For the rest of the day we hung out. We looked on the internet for ideas of what we can do next.

We read about anal and we both thought that might be fun. We want to try it, but with a dido first, which neither of us has.

After lunch we both walked to Cathy's house, naked. Timmy was there and Cathy asked him if there was anything he wanted do with her again. This time I told him he could do anything to me also, as long as it was ok with Cathy. Cathy said “yea anything for you too, I don't mind”. Timmy was undressed quickly and had me lean on the kitchen table and for Cathy to eat me, while Timmy ate her.

Timmy then had me get on the floor on my hands and knees and Cathy over top of me. He would fuck me for a bit then, fuck Cathy for a bit. He told us when he was ready to cum, he wanted to cum on our faces.

That boy did cum a lot. Our faces were covered. Cathy looked at me and asked “should we do the cum walk,” then laughed. We licked each other clean and then licked up Timmy. The next thing Timmy wanted to do was tit fuck me.

I had never done that before and Cathy spit between my breasts. Timmy then tit fucked me until he shot his cum all over my tits. Cathy licked me clean again. Timmy was done for the day, we wore him out again and he went to his room to rest.

After yet another shower, it was getting late again and Cathy's parent would be coming home soon. We both put on the little thongs and tops and waited to see if Cathy's father would come home first. This time I had to borrow shorts and a top from Cathy so I had something to change in to. I surmised that her father would be home first and a little early just for a chance to see us change again.

Cathy wasn't so sure. Ten minutes before the normal time her father arrived. We waited at the kitchen table for him. This time when he entered the kitchen, he was ready for what he was going to see and was not shell-shocked. I again gave my excuse that I should be getting home and we need to change.

No sooner than we got in Cathy’s bedroom, her father appeared at her door and asked Cathy “did you made any plans with Haley for the weekend?” By this time both of us had stripped off our clothes. We talked about this weekend and did not bother to dress.

Cathy bent over with her ass towards her father to give him a good view, while she picked up some clothes. Cathy and I made some plans and then I finished dressing. Cathy told her father she was going to get a shower. Her father backed away from the doorway as Cathy and I came by. We started walking to the front door and her father said what about your brother. Cathy said “he is sleeping, so he is missing out I guess” and kept walking with me. Cathy's father watched us as we stopped in the open door way to the street. I told her good-by and went out the door and walked home.

On my way home I was trying to think of a way to get Cathy's parents to start playing with us. At home and while eating dinner I asked my mother if she could come fishing with us on Saturday.

She said she had to work but would look to see if she could get the day off. I gave her a hug and kissed her, then squeezed her boob a bit and acted like I was talking to her boob and said “hear that, you may come out to play this weekend.” Everyone thought that was funny.

My phone rang and got me awake this morning, it was Cathy. She told me it was my turn to come to her house. I went out of the house without even thinking to look around. As I got to the driveway I heard a car and looked up. I ran back to the house, but I am sure that whoever it was saw me.

I came out again and was more careful this time as I walked to Cathy's. When I got there Cathy told me she was outside waiting for me and a car came by and she thinks they saw her. I laughed and said they saw me too. As we went inside Cathy got me caught up on what happen after I left, last evening.

Cathy said, my father waited for me to come back in the house. I went in to the bathroom and he started talking with me, nothing important, just small talk. I left the bathroom door open and sat on the toilet and peed with him watching. I left my legs open so he could see, it was embarrassing and I was getting very excited. I wiped several times just so I could touch myself, till I was done, my nipples were hard and my labia was engorged. I could see my father's hard cock tented out his pants. I stood there talking with him and ran my hand over my pussy and then it occurred to me I should shave myself.

I grabbed the razor and lotion and lathered myself up. I put my foot on the sink and turned towards my father as I began to shave. Once I started I thought of something else so I finished quickly. I didn't really need to shave anyway. I rubbed cream on my ass crack. You are going to love this. I asked my father if he would do my bottom for me. He said “what” I told him it is really hard to do could he help me. He asked “what do I need to do?” I got on my hands and knees with my ass towards him. I handed him the razor and told him to run the razor up and down right here as I ran my hand from my pussy up my ass crack and over my ass hole. I think I heard him moan when I did that.

He started to shave me and I said use your other hand to pull my butt cheeks apart. He did it. My pussy was now dripping. After about eight swipes with the razor, he said I was done. I said are you sure, rub your hand over the area to see if you feel any hair.

He did it, he rubbed more than he needed too and I moaned. I felt his fingers run over my ass hole. I think it would have gone further but my mother came home. When my father heard her he stopped and said he had to go. After my shower I put on some panties and a crop top and went to the kitchen for dinner dressed like that. My mother seemed a little miffed but did not say anything. My brother did his part and did not pay any attention to me.

Cathy then mentioned she had done some more research on anal and she wanted to try it. She went to the frig and got out two carrots and held them up and said we got these if we need them, then put them back. We both began laughing.

Cathy said next, we need to be clean. I asked what that meant and she said poop. We both admitted that we done that already and cleaned ourselves. Cathy asked “do you want to go first or should I.” I told her she should go first.

Cathy got on the floor and pulled her legs to her chest. I knelt so she could rest her butt on my legs. I took some Vaseline and rubbed her ass hole and slowly inserted my finger moving it around till she opened up.

Cathy was getting wet, I could see her pussy leaking and running down her stomach. I had inserted two, then three fingers in her. Cathy said “ok it is your turn.” As Cathy got up she said “I enjoyed that and now I cannot not wait to be fucked in the ass.”

Cathy did the same to me and I liked it also. We got a shower to clean up and took turns in the shower fingering each other's ass. Once we were done and dried off Cathy told me there is something else she wanted to try.

She had me lie on her bed with my ass up and spread my legs. She then started to eat my ass and I never thought it would feel so good. When she started to finger me and eat my ass, I had a huge orgasm. Cathy got off of me and I kissed her. I tasted something different on her lips, but not objectionable. Cathy said “oh my god, I can't believe I like to eat ass.” I told Cathy it is her turn.

As I start to eat Cathy's ass, I found myself enjoying it. I was pumping three fingers in and out of her ass while licking her. I reached under her with my other hand and rubbed her clit till she had a huge orgasm and then I pulled away from her.

We both laid on the bed and kissed each other. We laid there for a while before we got up and had some lunch. At lunch we talked about it and once Timmy gets home, if he wants to, he can fuck our asses.

We laid around until Timmy showed up and told him what we had in mind. As any guy would be, he was up for it and took Cathy first. Once he was done, I saw his cum leaking out of her ass hole and told Cathy to stay there. I went over and licked and sucked the cum out of her ass. It felt so erotic doing that and Cathy really enjoyed the sensation it gave her.

I then got Timmy to fuck my ass and it was really different than being fucked in the pussy, but I really liked it. After he came in me, Cathy licked and sucked my ass. Timmy was watching us and he became hard again.

Both Cathy and I sucked his cock till he came again. It was mid afternoon and we contemplated waiting for Cathy's father to come home to tease him, but we were unsure of what we could do. We have shown him everything there was to see of us.

Cathy said she wanted to get him to touch her again like last night. I suggested she put her laptop on her bed and lean over to look at it with her ass in the air. Tell him he did a good job shaving her last night and let him feel the results. I left early for home, not wearing any clothes.

When I got home, I checked my mobile and there was a text. It was Kara, she had off work tomorrow and wanted to know if we could get together. I texted her back right away and said yes and sent her the details. I then phoned Cathy to let her know I would be down with Kara tomorrow morning. I didn't bother to put on any clothes and stayed naked for the rest of the night.

Later when I was in my room and my parents were watching tv, I heard them talking and went to look. My mother was giving my father a hand job. Both of them saw me and my mother got up and took off her clothes. She then started to suck my father’s cock. I decided to take a chance and walked over to them. They both knew I was there and kept going. I sat on the chair and watched them.

My mother got up and turned around so she was facing me and got on all fours. She then told my father to fuck her. He pulled off his underwear and I watched as he entered her pussy. I knelt on the floor beside them so I could see my father’s cock being thrust in my mother’s pussy. I reached up and caressed my mothers back. Then my father motioned for me to come closer.

He pulled his cock out of my mother and offered it to me. I sucked him a few times then he put it back into my mother’s pussy. He switched his cock from my mother’s pussy to my mouth a few more times.

Then my father pulled my head to my mother’s pussy. I licked her pussy and ass. My father began fucking her again, so I started to eat her ass. My father grunted and then stopped with his cock buried in my mother’s pussy.

I pulled his cock out of her and put him in my mouth then sucked him clean. He backed away and I got behind my mother and ate her pussy, licking and sucking out my father’s cum. My mother pulled away from me and turned around and we kissed.

She laid down on the floor on her back. She had me craw over top of her with my pussy over her mouth and she started to eat me, while I ate her. Then I felt my father behind me.

His cocked entered me and he fucked me as my mother sucked on my clit. I had an orgasm and was about to have another when I felt my father cum in me. My father pulled out and I saw my mother suck his cock and then she continued to eat me.

I had a few smaller orgasms, then I had to pull away. I kissed my mother and sucked on her nipples, while we rested. I told her I love her. To this day I don't know if she knew that father had fucked me before that night or if she thought that was my first time. It doesn't really matter though, because from that day on, we all would have sex with each other.

I went to bed that night felling very content, I don't have to hide anything from my mother or father anymore.

In the morning, I just stayed naked, there was no need to have the pretense of getting dressed for anybody. I answered the door naked when Kara arrived. Kara asked me what about my parents. I wasn't ready to tell her all about us yet and just said they were at work.

I asked her to get naked and she did. We made out for a while and Kara said she wanted to return the favor I did for her the other day. Kara said she was actually dying to try it and moved to my pussy and started to eat me. She was inexperienced but she got better as she went.

I then felt her finger and her tongue on my ass hole. As she pushed her finger in to my ass, I had an orgasm. As she fucked my ass I had another and then another till I had to stop her. She licked my ass again and I saw her lick off her finger. We kissed some more and I asked her if that was the first time to eat ass. Kara said “with a girl, yes. I have done it before with a few guys.”

We talked a little while and then I asked her if she would like to go to Cathy's house. Kara said “yes” and started to grab her clothes. I stopped her and said no need for them. Kara looked at me in disbelief. I grabbed her hand and said “lets go.” Kara asked what about our clothes. I told her they would be here later.

We walked out the door and Kara looked terrified as I pulled her along. I told her to relax and she eased up a little. We rang to door bell at Cathy's house. Timmy answered the door and Kara was mortified.

I asked her if she wanted to stand out here all day as I started walking in the house. Kara followed me in and Cathy came over to us naked of course. Cathy and I kissed each other and rubbed each other's pussy as Timmy and Kara watched.

Then Cathy went over to Kara and kissed her and rubbed her pussy. Cathy's hand was all wet so she kept rubbing Kara's pussy and she had an orgasm and squirted on to the carpet. As she was coming down, I said “now that wasn't all that bad was it.” Kara then began to smile.

Timmy said he was going out for a while to a friend's house and left us. Kara began to relax as we talked. We told her about Timmy seeing us nude and how we walked to the others house naked during the day.

Cathy told Kara about teasing her father and how much fun it was. After a while, Kara was more at ease being naked. I told Cathy about Kara eating my ass this morning, and Kara blushed. I asked if anybody has anything at all they would like to try today. Kara, still timid said “I would like to eat Cathy's ass.”

Cathy happily said go for it. Kara had Cathy lay of the back of the sofa and I watched as Kara ate her ass. I found myself getting excited and went behind Kara and stated to eat her ass. This only encouraged Kara more on her efforts with Cathy. Kara's pussy was dripping and so I fingered her ass and pussy and then Kara gave out a primal moan and a thick white liquid ran out of her pussy.

She had creamed. I have never seen that before and I scooped some up on my finger and tasted it. It was sweet and thick, like icing. I gathered up more on my fingers and let Cathy and Kara taste it. We asked Kara how often she has done that and it was her first time.

We laid about and talked about everything and anything, till Timmy came back. Kara was more at ease now and Cathy asked Timmy if there was anything he wanted to do to any of us. Timmy looked at Kara and asked if he could fuck her ass. Kara gave a shrug and said “it is fine with me.”

Kara got down on all fours and Cathy started to eat her ass. Timmy took over and Cathy got under Kara. As Timmy was fucking Kara, Cathy ate her pussy and then sucked Timmy's cock on occasion.

Kara had another huge orgasm and creamed again. Cathy licked her up and really liked the way she tasted. After Timmy came in Kara, Cathy and I sucked her ass and pussy till she stopped us for being too sensitive. Timmy had enough for the day and went to his room.

We all decide to walk to my house and hang out there for a while. Kara was not nearly as nervous as she was this morning. Once we got there we told Kara about our little experiment with pissing and Kara said she wanted to try.

We all started to drink lots of water and after we had our first pee, Kara asked to be peed on first. We had Kara lay in the tub and Cathy straddled her head and peed on Kara. When Cathy was done, it was my turn to pee on Kara. Kara then peed on Cathy and I while we sat beside each other.

Afterwords, Kara said she liked being peed on. We all showered together and then dried off each other. I looked at the clock and it was getting late, Cathy's parent would be coming home soon. Cathy thought it would be funny if all three of us were naked if her father came home first. We walked back to Cathy's again and waited.

Once we were there, we remembered that we had no clothes to put on to walk home. Cathy said she would come up with something. We heard someone coming and looked out the window and it was Cathy's father. We all got on the bed with our asses up and pretended to look at a video on her laptop.

When Cathy's father looked in the room he saw three pussies. I would've liked to have seen his face. We didn't turn around till he said something. We all sat there with our legs open and our nipples hard while he talked with us.

I said well we must be going and Cathy said here you can try out these swim suits and got two little g-strings out of her drawer for us. She got the cut-off t-shirt and gave that to Kara and a bikini top for me. I thought I would take a chance and told Cathy that Kara and I would just make a mad dash for home, it would be fun. The three of us walked to the front door with Cathy's father following us. We walked outside and said good-by to one another and Cathy watched as started walking to my house.

I saw Cathy's father came out the door and he watched us also. I then saw Cathy and her father walk back in their house. Kara said when Cathy was talking about how fun it was to tease her father, she now understands and she is going to start teasing her father.

At my house, I asked Kara if she had any plans for tomorrow and she said “no”. I told her if my mother cannot get off work tomorrow, which we will find out as soon as she gets home, would you like to stay the night and go with us to the lake tomorrow.

Kara was excited and said she would have to ask her parents, but it would probably be ok. Kara then asked me if your parents are going to be home shortly, shouldn't we be getting dressed. I told her no it is ok.

My mother came home and she could not get off tomorrow but could next Saturday. Kara called her folks and she could stay the night. When my father got home Kara was a bit shy being naked but soon became comfortable.

My parents went to their room and to the surprise of Kara came out naked. After dinner we got the boat and truck ready. My father wore his underwear and Kara and I stayed naked.

We all went in and watched some tv. While we were watching, I snuggled up to Kara and rubbed her breasts and pussy. We were sitting across from my parents and there we watching us as much as the tv. Kara was embarrassed, but I kept it up. I saw my father was starting to get hard so I took it he like the show we were giving him.

Kara was becoming too excited to stop me, so I started to kiss her and then moved to her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She started to breath harder. I got up and had Kara move to the floor and lay down while I got in to a sixty-nine position with her.

After I ate her for a while, I asked Kara if she minded if my parents play with us. Kara was too excited to care who was there and said they can do what ever they want. My mother joined me in eating her as my father went behind me and began to fuck me, then have Kara suck his cock.

After a while I felt a finger in my ass and thought it had to be Kara. Then I felt my fathers cock being pushed in my ass. I never felt anything so big in me before and I saw my mother go behind me.

Everyone was watching me being fucking in the ass. I looked back and saw my father take his cock out of my ass and Kara would suck it. I heard my mother say she wanted to try that. I felt a cock in my ass again and then it was out.

I saw my mother sucking my father's cock and then he fucked my ass some more. I was getting close to having an orgasm and then Kara chewed on my labia which sent me over the edge and I felt my father cum in my ass.

After a few more strokes my father pulled out and Kara sucked his cock clean. Then my mother got behind me and sucked on my ass while Kara sucked on my pussy. It was getting to be too much for me and I had to pull away from them. As I laid there and rested Kara and my mother came over and kissed me. We all went to get cleaned up and then to bed.

Morning came much sooner that I wanted it too. My father got us awake. I got my new mesh suit out and put it on. I got the black lace thong panties and white tube top for Kara and we got dressed, or should I say covered. We went down for some breakfast and my father saw my suit. He said he liked it and then said Kara looked beautiful too. We left for the lake and as we were going I remembered I did not bring any clothes with us, but I did not care. Kara was already excited, her panties were wet.

We got there late because of our activities last night, which made for a late night. There was quite a crowd at the boat ramp, all men. We waited for our turn and once we backed to the ramp we all got out. Kara was nervous with all the people there.

We were loading the boat with our gear and Kara was carrying the cooler. When she put it in the boat, her top fell down. There were plenty of people watching us and it took her a while to get it up again. I could see her hard nipples and she had blushed.

I asked her if she was ok and she said that was great, she really like it. Kara asked if there is something else that can get caught on my top. I got one of the flotation cushions and without the others seeing, I put the strap through her top. I watched as she went back and put it in the boat. It pulled her top down again and she had to fiddle with the strap to get it undone. Now there we plenty of people watching her. I don’t believe that anyone knew that my suit was mesh.

We got everything ready and got the boat in the water. Kara and I then move the boat to the dock. There were plenty of men close to us and I saw them looking at us. I looked over and the two older gentlemen were there fishing so I pulled Kara along with me as we walked over to them. They said they we hoping to see me here today. The one said I like your suit. I told him thank you. Then they asked who my beautiful friend is.

Kara said hi to them and told them her name. The one said I see you had some trouble with you top over there. Kara blushed and said “yea.” I said it is a little to big for her and it falls off easily. Then I pulled on it and it fell down again. I told Kara here let me help you with that and I fiddled with it but kept her breasts visible for a while. I finally pulled up her top again.

One of the men said I don't think the top is too big, it looks to be the right size to me. I said to Kara we can switch tops and I pulled mine off and handed it to her and then pulled her top off. I helped her put on the top and then I put on the tube top. We had dozens of men watching us now.

Then I went a step further and said we might as well trade bottoms so we match. I pulled down Kara's panties and waited for her to step out of them. It took a moment for her to do so. I asked her if she wanted to remove my panties. She said yes and got behind me and pulled them down bending over as she did. I said here and gave Kara the panties to put on me and she got them pulled up.

I then told Kara I would help her. I pulled her panties part way up and stopped. I put my hand over her pussy and rubbed it a few times and she had an orgasm there in front of everyone. I then pulled up her bottoms. I told everyone that we have to go now and we walked back to the boat.

My father arrived shortly after and we left the dock with a growing number of men watching us leave. As soon as we were out of range of the men, Kara asked my father how long it would take to get to a fishing spot. He said about five minutes. Kara said will you fuck me then, I am so excited I am craving a cock in my pussy and was fidgeting about.

My father said if that is what you want. I reached over and rubbed her pussy, she had the suit and the seat dripping wet. I moved to the floor in front of her and pulled on her bottoms. Once they were off, I told her to lean back. I touched her pussy with my hand and tongue and she had an orgasm and squirted all over me. I kept at it and Kara groaned and screamed and had a huge orgasm and creamed. I sucked up a mouth full and then shared it with her as we kissed.

My father stopped the boat and pulled his shorts down. I got out of the way and he shoved his cock in to the hilt on one stroke. Kara screamed again as he began to fuck her hard and she had another huge orgasm. I saw cream around her pussy. My father grunted and he came in her.

Kara laid back and fell still. My father pulled out and I ate her pussy. Kara began to move again and took several deep breaths and then sat up. She thanked my father and me and said she never ever had felt anything like that before. As Kara rested, I stripped and then my father and I began to fish. We all enjoyed the rest of the day just fishing and swimming.

It was getting late and we were ready to go home. We made our way back to the dock and Kara was becoming excited again. She wanted to showoff some more. She could not make up her mind which suit to wear.

The tube top falling down was a good excuse where the mesh bikini showed her off but she didn't want to be covered. She opted for the tube top and we got dressed just before we got to the dock. We checked out the situation and there were some women there. This put a damper on our activities, as some women can be a real bitch.

We docked the boat and the two older men were there. As my father went for the trailer we went over to talk with them. They told us to be careful, there were a few men here this morning that said you should be arrested and they called the police. My buddy and I like to see you, but you should keep covered this time. We told them ok and thanked them. I said I would make it up to them some other time.

We went back to the boat and I sat down so no one saw my butt in my suit. When my father came down with the truck Kara and I loaded it quickly and I got in the truck. My father asked what's up and I told him what was said and he understood. Kara and my father unloaded the boat and we left without an incident. We talked about it as we drove home. We were getting too carried away with what we were doing, as much as we liked it, there are others who would be haters.

At home we unloaded everything, with Kara and I in our suits. Even though the end of the day was a downer for us we still had fun. Kara and I went in the house and showered together. We all kissed her and said good-by as Kara got dressed. Well mostly dressed, she left her underwear and bra off.

Kara thanked me for everything and said “we have to come up with something else to do together. Maybe you can come over and help me tease my father.” We kissed one more time and then she left.

After dinner I called Cathy and told her we need to take it easy at the lake tomorrow. I told her to wear a normal swim suit and I asked her to bring an extra one for me. Cathy asked if I mind if she canceled and I told that was fine with me. I said I would talk to my father and maybe we should just skip going fishing tomorrow. Then Cathy gave me an update on her father after we left yesterday.

Cathy said:

When I walked in the house I saw my father's pants were tented out. As I walked by him, I reached out and squeezed his cock, then said I see you liked that. You know it is ok to look and touch. I emphasized touch. I got on my bed and raised my ass up again. He came in my room and I turned around and said see something you like and wiggled my butt.

He tentatively reached his hand to my ass and started to caress it. He moved his hand to my pussy. I was getting wet quickly. He then got behind me and licked me. That set him off and he ate my pussy. It felt so good, I had been waiting for him to touch me.

After a while, I pulled away from him. He must have thought I was going to stop him and he stood still. I got up and went over and knelt by him. I reached up and took off his pants and pulled down his underwear. I looked up at him as I grabbed his cock and swallowed it.

I pulled it out and said I have been waiting for this. I hope you have a big load for me and began sucking his cock. He came down my throat in less than five minutes. I sucked him clean as he went soft. I said in my best little girl voice, I am sorry, I was hoping you would fuck me with that cock. Maybe later. But you can eat my pussy some more if you like, but remember mom is going to be home shortly. When I mentioned my mother, it seemed to break him out of his trance. He told me later and I kissed him on the mouth and said I will be waiting.

See Chapter 2


2019-12-02 14:11:47
Fantastic story, and long enough that I was happy twice while reading it.


2019-11-29 04:53:39
This is the LONGEST story I’ve even seen on here. It certainly has some good parts and overall a positive rating. However, I wonder how many others just got tired of the repeated scenes as I did. A little shorter and to the point actions would improve it.


2019-11-29 04:53:01
This is the LONGEST story I’ve even seen on here. It certainly has some good parts and overall a positive rating. However, I wonder how many others just got tired of the repeated scenes as I did. A little shorter and to the point actions would improve it.

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