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Molly and Zach start exploring their sexuality after the night the spent with their parents.
How Traditions Start – part 3

An original story by Starrynight


Zach and Molly tiptoed upstairs, careful not to wake their siblings. They barely said a word as they drank their tea and headed for bed. Liz hugged Molly fiercely, asking her if she was alright which she assured her she was, and Tom shook his son's hand and gave him a nervous smile. They climbed to the top of the stairs and headed for their adjoining rooms exhausted.

"Come in for a sec" Molly told her brother as she entered her room. He nodded, followed her in and closed the door behind him. "So?" Molly asked her brother wide eyed "How was it?"

"It was, pretty amazing" Zach told his sister and felt a little awkward. They were always close, but this was a topic they never came close to talking about.

"What did you and mom do?" she asked him as she took a seat on her bed and looked up at him.

"What do you mean what did we do?" Zach asked blushing "You know what we did."

"I know you had sex, but what was it like" Molly pushed.

"Really, you want me to tell you what mom and I did?" Zach asked surprised.

"Yeah, stop being so shy," Molly told her twin brother "I'll tell you what dad and I did if you do."

"Fine" Zach said decisively. He hated being called shy, and after taking a seat next to his sister on the bed, he started telling her the details of the sexual encounter he had with his mom. He told her how their mother took her clothes off for him, how they kissed and how she stroked his penis and sucked on it. He continued by how she guided him on how to lick a woman's vagina, how to put on a condom and finally, he told his sister how she spread her legs for him and stripped him of his virginity.

Molly listened carefully as her brother told her what he and their mother did in the guest bedroom. She could feel her freshly deflowered womanhood moistening as her brother spoke. When he finished telling, he wanted to hear what it was like for her and their dad and she told him. She described how their dad removed his clothes in front of her eyes and asked her to do the same. How he kissed her, on her lips, on her breasts, her stomach, and her thighs. How he hungrily devoured her cunnie with his mouth, how she in turn jerked and sucked on his manhood, and how her father penetrated her, popping her cherry, turning her into a woman, and the pain and pleasure it brought with it.

Zach listened to his sister as they slowly slid into a laying position on her bed. He listened to her sweet voice as she recalled what their father and she did. He felt his penis getting hard but was too tired to do anything about it, so he just listened to his sister until she finished telling what happened.

After Molly finished telling her brother in gruesome details, how their father breached her, they just lay there quietly. They were both so tired, they simply drifted off to sleep on Molly's bed.

It wasn't until late the following morning that they woke up. Molly was the first to wake, and she just lay there and looked at her brother as he slept. She noticed the bulge in his pants and looked at it with fascination until he woke up.

"Morning" Molly said when she saw Zach open his eyes after he stirred a little.

"Morning," he said in a hoarse voice "I guess we dozed off here" he added and sat up on the bed. He noticed his morning wood was harder than usual, and when he looked at his sister to see if she noticed it, he saw her looking straight at it and turned red. "Sorry" Zach mumbled and tried to adjust the erection in his pants while his sister looked at him.

"Can I see it?" Molly asked curiously to Zach's surprise.

"See what?" he asked trying to make sure he was understanding her correctly.

"Your penis." Molly said and blushed as her brother looked at her speechless. "Come on," she added "just a peek. I'll let you see me naked if you do." She said tempting him.

"Okay" Zach finally said after contemplating. "But if I show you mine, you show me yours right after?" Zach asked, and Molly nodded. Zach got to his feet and turned around to face his sister. He then unzipped his pants and with one motion, pulled them along with his boxers down to his knees, freeing his very hard cock.

Molly sat on the bed and looked at her brother's penis with awe. She compared it to their father's and noted the differences. Zach's penis was much thinner than their father but about the same length if not longer. He had untrimmed black hair around the base and his penis looked much younger and smoother than her dad's. Molly realized her brother had a very nice penis and felt herself getting wet just by looking at it.

Zach said nothing and stood on display as his sister gazed at his hard member. He thought that the longer he will let her look at him, the longer she will show herself to him. They stayed like that for two or three minutes, when suddenly, they heard footsteps coming and after a few seconds, the door being opened.

"Hi guys, mom told me to wake you up for breakfast" Presley said after opening the door and stepping in. Zach managed to pull his pants up at the last second and his younger sister had no idea what they were doing. "Did you sleep in here?" Presley asked Zach.

"We fell asleep by accident" Zach said and looked at Molly who nodded.

"We'll be right down" Molly added and got up. "We'll pick this up later" Molly whispered to her brother, then went to freshen up as Zach went to his room to get a change of clothes.

The rest of the day Zach tried to get a few minutes alone was his sister but was unsuccessful. Either he was doing some chores, or she was. Zach was also a little nervous about talking to his parents, but besides catching his mother staring at him, they acted like nothing happened.

After supper, Molly went upstairs to help Lisa with some of her studies. Zach went to his bedroom and started reading a book as he waited for Molly to finish. The next day he woke up to the disappointing realization that he fell asleep while waiting for her.

"I think you owe me something" Zach whispered to Molly as she came down for breakfast a few minutes after him.

"Tonight, after they go to bed." Molly whispered back gesturing towards their siblings "Try not to fall asleep" she retorted with a mocking smile.

That day was one of the slowest days Zach could remember. He felt as though his watch was going in slow motion as he worked around the farm, eagerly waiting for the naughty rendezvous with his sister. He kept looking at his watch throughout the day and until supper arrived. After eating, the entire family sat around the living room table and played a game, until the younger kids, one by one left for bed.

Zach could not focus on the game. He kept looking over at Molly, who wore a white long-sleeved shirt and baggy pink pants and tried to picture her without them. The second Presley said she was going to bed, Zach said he was too, wished his parents a good night and quickly followed his younger sister upstairs.

He entered his bedroom, closed the door behind him and waited with anticipation. A few minutes later, Molly quietly pushed his door open and walked in.

"Hi," she said "just wanted to say good night" she added and turned around towards the door.

"What?" Zach said nearly losing his mind.

"Just kidding" Molly said with a mischievous grin. She could tell how bad her brother wanted to see her naked. "Is this the part I take my clothes off?" she added sarcastically.

"Yeah!" Zach said dying to see his sister naked.

"Okay, okay" Molly said with a giggle and while looking at her brother, she started taking her clothes off. She took her shirt off first, placing it on her brother's desk and revealing her flat belly and green bra. She then took off her pants, exposing her smooth skinny legs, and pinks girlish panties to her brother. "I don't want to be naked all by myself," Molly said to her brother as she faced him in only her bra and panties "can you get undressed too?" Molly asked her brother as she noticed the bulge in his pants.

"Sure" Zach said and took his shirt off in a hurry, afraid to miss the big unveiling of his sister. He pulled his pants down, his erection making a large tent in his boxers as he waited for his sister.

"Thanks" Molly said as she unclasped her bra and removed it, exposing her cute perky titties to Zach. She quickly followed by pulling down her panties and showing her brother her intimate region.

Zach looked at his naked sister with pure lust. Besides the color of her blonde ponytail and her eyes, Zach noted Molly looked very different from their mother as he studied her standing there. She was tall and thin where his mother was much curvier. She had adorable B sized breasts, where his mother had large round ones, and her vagina looked so tight and young, topped with wisps of golden pubic hair, where his mother had a mature and completely shaved one.

Zach's cock was rock hard inside his boxers as he looked at his naked sister showing herself to him. He pulled his erection out and removed his boxers. Both twins were facing each other completely naked, just like they came into this world.

"Wow, you have a really nice body" Zach complimented his sister awkwardly as he ogled her nudity.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself" Molly replied and blushed as she looked at her brother's long hard penis. She could feel her entire body getting warm and her pussy getting wet as she looked at her brother's masculine figure. Her nipples were hard and driving her crazy so without much thought she moved her hand to her breast and pinched her nipple as hard as she could, sending a jolt of pleasure through her.

Zach was lost for words when he saw his sister play with her hard-pink nipple. It was so hot that he grabbed his shaft on instinct and squeezed it to his sister's gaze.

"Is it alright if I…masturbate?" Zach asked nervously.

"Okay" Molly answered innocently to her brother who had his palm wrapped around his shaft. She pinched her other nipple, moaning softly as she closed her eyes in pleasure, then slid her right hand down.

Zach almost came as Molly moaned while playing with breasts. He started slowly stroking himself, as to his amazement, Molly brought her hand down and started running the tip of her index finger along her teenage slit.

Zach slowly stroked his cock with incestuous glee as he faced his sister and watched her play with herself. He let out a moan as Molly licked her finger and brought it down between her legs. She kept rubbing her slit for a few seconds, then inserted the tip of her finger inside her wet pussy.

Molly let out a little moan as she pushed her finger deeper and deeper into her tight snatch. She watched her brother as he jerked his long hard cock and started to finger herself to her growing pleasure. She kept watching Zach as he quickened his strokes, then brought her other hand down and started rubbing her clit, moaning louder as she brought more pleasure to her young body.

Zach groaned in pleasure and started stroking his cock faster as he watched Molly finger herself while playing with her clit. The image was so hot, Zach felt he was about to cum and started stroking his cock as fast as he could.

"Oh yes!" Zach whispered and closed his eyes as his orgasm hit him. He moaned in pleasure as a first spurt of cum shot out of his cock and landed on the floor. Molly looked at him with awe as he kept jerking himself off and moaning, while load after load of white sticky matter shot out of his penis and onto the floor near her legs.

"Wow" Molly said with amazement after her brother finished ejaculating and let go of his cock. She stopped touching herself and looked at her brother's receding dick.

A sudden wave of embarrassment filled Zach after he got his sexual release. He could not believe he just came in front of his sister like that and did not know what to say as he looked at his cock go limp. Molly on her part, looked at the mess he made on the floor, and without saying another word, grabbed her clothes and quietly fled to her room.

The next day, despite feeling embarrassed, all Zach could think about was seeing Molly naked again. When he saw her at breakfast, she gave him a naughty smile, which she seemed to do throughout the day. Zach considered asking Molly if they could repeat last night's shenanigans again before bed, but he was hesitant.

After Zach finished his duties for the day, and before dinner, he went upstairs to wash up. The entire family was still outside, doing various work around the farm and he climbed the stairs and entered the bathroom. He took his clothes off, turned on the water and walked into the shower. Zach was enjoying the sensation of the warm water washing over him when he heard the bathroom door open.

"Hey, I'm in here" he yelled as he heard the door close.

"I know," a familiar voice said, "I thought I would join you." Molly added, and Zach felt his cock starting to harden. He heard her remove her clothes and after a few seconds she opened the opaque shower door.

"What are you doing?" Zach asked in excitement as his naked sister stepped into the shower with him. "Someone could catch us." He added.

"We'll make something up" she said slyly and looked at her naked brother. She studied his semi erect penis and noticed it hardening due to her naked presence. "Besides, that's part of the fun." she added with a fiendish grin and started lathering her body with soap.

Zach looked at his naughty sister covering herself with soap and starting to rub her body sexually. She rubbed her adorable tits, slid her hand along her stomach to rub her soapy pubic mound and pussy, and then turned around and started rubbing soap all over tight ass. She was teasing her him with her hot young body and Zach could only look and hope.

"Can you help me soap my back?" Molly asked her brother seemingly innocent and handed him the soap. Zach poured some on her back without hesitation and started rubbing it all over. He ran his hands along her bare back, from her shoulders down to the small of her back and stopped just above her bottom. "You can continue down" Molly told her brother.

Zach hesitated for a second before gliding his hand down to his sister's ass. It was so firm and round Zach had to squeeze it, and Molly moaned quietly as he did. Zach was in heaven as he put some more soap and continued. He could not believe his was touching Molly's tight ass and squeezed it gently before moving down to her soft thighs and rubbing them too. Molly's pussy was peeking between her legs, and Zach moved his hands along her thighs until he reached her outer folds and moved back down.

"You can touch me there if you want" Molly said to her brother as her lust grew. She could feel her wetness growing down there.

"Really?" Zach asked hopeful and his sister assured him he could. Zach then slid his right palm along her thigh until he reached her intimate folds and started rubbing his sister's soft vulva.

Molly whimpered with pleasure as her brother's hand found her vagina and started rubbing it. It felt so good, she moaned and closed her eyes as Zach started running his finger along her delicate slit.

Molly let Zach play with her pussy from behind for a couple of seconds, and then turned around to face him. The twins looked each other in the eyes for second, sharing a brief look of sexual discretion before Molly grabbed her brother's hand, and guided it back to her.

Zach placed his hand over Molly's pussy and slid it up along her slippery teenage body. He brought it over to her left breast and started caressing it gently. He squeezed his sister's beautiful tit, brushing around her areola and pinching her nipple gently, causing Molly to moan with pleasure. Zach gave her right breast a similar treatment before gliding his hand back down her smooth stomach. He ran a hand along her golden bush, brushing her clit softly, and gently pressed his finger as he ran it along her slit.

"Oh yeah!" Molly let out with a moan as her brother found her pussy once more. He parted her lips with his finger, probing around until he found her opening and slowly pushed his finger inside her. "Oh fuck!" Molly moaned and closed her eyes as her brother's finger infiltrated her pussy. He studied her warm hole as he pushed his finger deeper, and once he was all the way inside, he started slowly fingering her.

"Do you like it like this?" Zach asked his sister, remembering what his mother told him.

"Yes," Molly said clearly enjoying herself "maybe a little faster" she told her brother who quickly obliged. "Yes! Just like that" she added with a moan and closed her eyes, stifling ecstatic moans as her brother fingered her in perfect rhythm.

The warm water kept washing over them as Zach continued to pleasure his sister. He kept pushing his finger in and out of her, looking at her closed eyes and the way she put a hand over her mouth to keep herself from being too loud. He kept this up for a few minutes until he decided to try something.

"Mmm" Molly groaned and opened her eyes in surprise. She looked down at her brother's hand and saw him rubbing her clit with his thumb while his finger was still inside her. She could feel her release building up until a jolt of pleasure took her. "Oh my god" she whispered hoarsely and felt a small shudder in her legs as a small orgasm hit her. She could feel her pussy squeeze Zach's finger and felt a sudden rush of pleasure taking hold of her body.

"Did you just…?" Zach asked amazed as he looked at his sister's flustered body and pulled his finger out of her scorching snatch.

"Yes," Molly answered "and now it's your turn" she added and grabbed her brother's hard cock. It felt smooth in her hand, and she could wrap her hand easily around it, unlike her father's thick member. She heard her brother gasp as she took his penis in her hand, and after pouring a little soap on it, started stroking him.

"Oh god Molly" Zach let out as his sister started tugging on his dick. She wrapped her palm tightly around his penis and slowly jerked its entire length to her brother's sexual groans. She enjoyed the feeling of holding it, of squeezing it, and of how her brother's body succumbed to her touch.

Molly jerked her brother off while facing him until it started feeling uncomfortable. When she gave her father a handjob, she was sitting next to him, but by facing Zach she could not hold his penis the same way. She kept stroking him a little longer, then stepped behind him and continued jerking him off.

"Oh fuck" Zach moaned as Molly moved behind him and started stroking his cock with her hands wrapped around him. She pressed her body into his back, and he could feel her hard nipples and pubic hair pressing against his bare backside as she started stroking him faster.

Molly looked over her brother's shoulder and watched her hand as it slid along his erection. She loved it, the way her body pressed into Zach's, the warm water cascading over her bac, and the way her brother moaned and groaned to her forbidden sisterly touch.

"Molly, go faster" Zach said with urgency in his voice. "Oh god yes!" Zach called out as Molly quickly stroked him "Fuck Molly, I'm gonna cum" he announced with a moan and started grunting.

Molly kept jacking her brother off. She felt his cock, along with his entire body tense as she made him climax. She could feel his cock pulsing in her hand and kept stroking it as Zach shot load after load of his sperm down the drain while grunting in pleasure. Molly kept stroking his dick until she completely drained it, and after feeling his body relax, she let go of him.

"Holly shit" Zach said staring at his twin sister and Molly nodded in agreement. They quickly finished up in the shower and stepped out to the steamy bathroom. They dried themselves off and got dressed, each taking the time to look at the other's naked body. It was now clear to them that they wanted each other. It was something neither of them thought about until a few days ago, but now was as clear as daylight. It was like losing their virginity to their parents awakened some deep sexual hunger towards each other.

After they finished getting dressed, they looked at each other in silence for a brief moment, then leaned in and started kissing. It was not a very long kiss, and it was inexperienced, but it was full of passion as their moist lips met and studied each other in an erotic dance. It was clear to them that this was far from over, and after their lips parted, they quietly snuck out of the bathroom, relieved that nobody saw them.

Throughout the following day, Zach and Molly kept stealing naughty touches. They were careful not to get caught, but every chance when they were alone, even in passing, Zach would grab her ass, kiss her neck, or fondle her breast. Molly in return, would nibble on his ear or grind into his crotch.

By the end of the day, they were both so horny, that the second their younger siblings went to bed, they practically run up to Molly's room and jumped each other. They barely closed the door behind them before they started kissing intensely, pushing and swirling tongues into each other's mouth with a fierce passion.

After a long hot make out session, they stripped down until they were both naked, climbed onto the bed and continued kissing. They pressed their warm naked bodies together as they kissed, Molly's teenage mounds pressing into her brother's chest, and Zach's hard cock rubbing against his sister's bush. They wrapped their hands around one another as they kept kissing, Zach squeezing Molly's tight little ass and making her moan into his mouth.

After a few minutes of hot canoodling, Zach felt Molly pull away. He was disappointed at first, then he felt her body sliding down the bed along his. He looked at his sister's beautiful body as she pulled it down along the bed, then she stopped when she reached his cock.

Zach gasped as Molly closed her hand around his hard cock and started stroking it. He was laying on his back and she was on her stomach. She looked up at him, then spit on her hand like daddy taught her, and kept stroking her brother's dick, her hand sliding easily on his hard shaft. Molly kept stroking her brother's cock to his growing moans for a minute or two, then brought her mouth over and engulfed the head of Zach's penis.

"Oh my god Molly!" Zach said with a moan while looking at the unbelievably hot sight of his twin sister with his dick in her mouth. He watched her, sucking the head of his cock, and then pulling it out and using her tongue to lick all around.

"Mmm" Molly moaned as she wrapped her lips over her brother's cock once again, and just like their father taught her, she sucked on his manhood while stroking the base with her hand. She heard her brother let out another moan, and as she kept stroking him, she started taking more and more of his shaft into her mouth. She found it much easier to take her brother's cock into her mouth than her father's monstrously thick snake and bobbed her head up and down as she tried taking more of him in her mouth.

"Fuck Molly, I'm close" Zach said with a moan while his sister pleasured him with her mouth. He had lasted longer than he had with his mother, but he knew he would not hold it in much longer. "Can I ejaculate in your mouth?" he asked her, remembering what his mother said and wishing she would agree.

"What?" Molly asked astounded and quickly pulled her mouth off her brother's penis. "You want to cum inside my mouth?" Molly asked shocked.

"Well, yeah." Zach said and turned red. "Mom said that some girls don't like it, so I need to check." Zach told his sister nervously.

"Mom? Really?" Molly asked surprised. It was something her father didn't even mention. "And when you and her…did she let you do that?" Molly asked her brother. The thought of her brother squirting his sperm into her mouth disgusted her.

"Yes" Zach said and blushed. "Well, I don't think she planned on it, it just sort-of happened." He added.

"I don't think I want to do that" Molly said to her disappointed brother after thinking it over. "Let me know when you're almost there and I'll finish with my hand" she said and took her brother's shaft back into her mouth. His cock receded a little while she stopped, but quickly hardened once she continued to suck him.

"Oh god, that feels so good" Zach let out as he watched Molly bob her head up and down his cock, pushing over half of his length into her mouth every time. "Molly, I'm about to cum" Zach said and watched as his sister pull her lips off his cock and use her hand to stroke it fast. Molly stroked her brother until his cock quickly exploded. "Oh yes!" Zach moaned as he felt waves of pleasure starting to rush through him. He squirted a massive amount onto his stomach, shooting load after load as Molly kept stroking him eagerly, every motion of her hand along his shaft sending another jolt of pleasure through him until his orgasm came to an end.

Molly let go of her brother's cock and looked at the pile of sticky goo on his stomach. She could feel her sexual juices gushing out of her and waited for her brother to recover and repay her. As she waited for her brother, she went over to her closet, took out an old towel, and threw it at him.

Zach grabbed the towel and wiped himself off, while Molly took her place next to him on her back. Once he finished, Zach looked at his sexy naked sister, and climbed on top of her.

Molly moaned as Zach got on top of her and started to kiss her lustfully. He gave her a few intrusive kisses, then started tracing his tongue along her body.

"Mmmm" Molly moaned as Zach reached her boobs and started licking them. He kissed each breast, then started teasing her nipples with his tongue, then sucking on her hard nubs. "Oh yes!" Molly moaned in pleasure as Zach sucked on her sensitive nipples, and he quickly brought a hand over her mouth to keep her from getting too loud.

Zach continued sucking on his sister's perfect breasts for little while, enjoying the way her body reacted to his sucking and pinching her nipples, before moving down along her naked body. He brushed over her flat stomach, sexy bush, and down to her tight little pussy.

"Oh fuck" Molly said while stifling a moan as her brother found her clit. He barely touched it, giving it a teasing little lick before moving his tongue down and running it along her slit. "Yes!" Molly whispered as her brother parted her pussy with his tongue and pushed it inside her, studying her delicate folds as he stuck his tongue deeper inside her.

Zach spread his sister's legs and breathed in her scent as he pushed his tongue into her teenage snatch. He could taste her tart juices on his tongue and used his right hand to spread her pussy lips apart, exposing her pink flower to his nibble tongue even more.

"Oh, that feels amazing" Molly moaned as her brother burrowed his tongue deeper into her. Molly bucked her pussy against her brother's tongue, and then grabbed his short hair and pressed him against her pussy. The way he was licking her was driving her mad with pleasure, and she kept moaning as he snaked his tongue around her wet cunt.

Zach kept eating his sister out hungrily. He studied every inch of her twat with his tongue, making her moan in pleasure as he did. He embraced the warmth radiating off her nubile body and could feel her arousal growing with every movement of his tongue inside her.

"Oh god yes!" Molly moaned as he pushed a finger inside her, pulling his tongue out and brushing it along her outer lips as he started to drive the finger in and out of her. Molly closed her eyes and surrendered to her brother completely, letting his sexual touches wash over her as she moaned. "Fu…!" she started yelling before she put her hand over her mouth as Zach brought the tip of his tongue over to her clit. She reopened her eyes and looked at her brother as he started tormenting her clit with his tongue while still fingering her. He kept this up for a few seconds, licking on and around her clit with the tip of his tongue before he closed his mouth around her clit and sucked on it hard.

Molly started moaning like crazy as she exploded. Her legs and torso started to shiver, and she did her best to stifle her moans as a wave of raw pleasure shot through her. She closed her eyes and arched her back as her pussy convulsed around her brother's finger. She felt the waves of unbearable pleasure reach every corner of her body as her orgasm surged through her, making her vision blur until she stopped shuddering and rested motionless on her bed.

"That was…so amazing!" Molly said to her brother while still panting as he extracted himself from her pussy and propped himself next to her. Molly noticed Zach's cock was hard again, and after she caught her breath, she started stroking him again.

This this time, it took a few more minutes for Molly to make her brother cum. Licking his sister's pussy turned him on so much, that it didn't matter that he she was using just her hand. He came with a grunt, shooting a small amount of cum onto his stomach.

A short while later, Zach cleaned himself up, got dressed, and quietly walked to his room, looking back at his sister's naked body as he closed the door behind him.

For the next couple days, this became a routine they eagerly awaited. Every night before going to bed, they would sneak into one of their bedrooms, get naked, and explore each other's naked body. They would kiss and touch, running their hands along each other's body, and pleasure each other with their hands mouths. Molly would suck her brother's cock to his moans, and he would go down on her, devouring her young tight pussy as she whimpered for him to continue.

One night, as they pressed their sweaty bodies together and kissed, Zach grabbed his cock and nuzzled it against Molly's pussy. It felt amazing to them both as he rubbed his hard rod against her sizzling snatch, and after a minute, Zach pressed the tip of his cock to her entrance. He was so overcome with desire, he could not think straight.

"Stop!" Molly said and grabbed her brother's cock, moving it away. "You know we can't, not like this" she said to her brother who knew she was right. Both their parents made sure to discuss the importance of safe sex, and no matter how bad they wanted to fuck, there was no way they would risk getting Molly pregnant.

The following day was a warm sunny Saturday, and the entire family decided to go swimming in the pond. After breakfast, each one went to his room to change. An hour later, the entire family was in the water.

As the family splashed around in the pond, enjoying the cool water as the warm sun kissed their skin, Zach swam over to a small dock they had, and sat down on it. He looked over at his mother, her lush female body looking so hot in her bikini and recollected what she looked like naked. He replayed in his mind the night they spent together merely a few days ago and moved his gaze over to his twin sister. Molly also looked incredibly sexy in her bikini, her golden hair shimmering in the sun as she floated in the water.

Molly noticed her brother sitting on the dock and swam towards him, admiring his broad muscular body. She reached him, climbed onto the wooden platform and took a seat next to him.

"Hi bro, whatcha doin'?" she asked with a grin.

"Nothing, just enjoying the sun" he said with a serious tone and looked down at her smooth legs.

"Are you thinking about tonight?" Molly whispered in his ear with a naughty smile and swiftly touched his leg with hers.

"Maybe" he said lightly and let out a chuckle.

"Really, do you have something specific in mind?" she asked and noticed her brother's cock twitch in his trunks. She was also getting wet by talking about the subject.

"Actually, there is" he said.

Molly looked up at her brother, and when she saw his face, she knew what he was talking about. "No, we can't" Molly said and blushed.

"Don't you want to?" Zach asked his sister gently.

"Of course I want to," Molly answered "but you know we can't."

"There has to be a way we can do it," Zach said frustrated, "some way we can get some condoms or something." Zach continued quietly. "I want to have sex with you so bad" Zach whispered in his sister's ear and looked down at her bikini bottoms. The outline of her pussy was barely visible, and Zach pictured what it would feel like to penetrate it.

"Well, we could always…." Molly started saying.

"What?" Zach cut her off in excitement.

"Ask mom and dad" she said hesitant.

"Are you serious?" Zach asked her. It sounded like a terrible idea to him.

"Yeah," she said "think about it. First of all, they would prefer we ask them for condoms rather than having unprotected sex. And second, they can't really be that mad at us, since they are the ones who introduced us to sex." Molly said and looked at her brother as he thought it over.

"You might have a point," Zach told her "do you really think we should ask them?"

"It depends, how bad do you want me?" Molly whispered in his ear in an enticing voice and put her hand on his leg. "Because I know I do." Molly added.

Zach had to jump into the water to hide the huge erection he was getting from his sister's words. He hit the water with a splash, and after pulling Molly down to the water too, they decided they would ask their parents together that night.

For the rest of the day, they were both incredibly nervous about the talk they were going to have with their parents. They passed the time, trying not to think about it. At dinner, they were both uncharacteristically quiet, but when they were asked about it, they said nothing was wrong.

After dinner, like most nights, the family retired to the living room. Zach, Molly, Liz and Presley read a book, while Tom played some card game with Jack and Lisa, until they got tired and went to bed. A few minutes later, Presley followed them.

"Mom, dad," Molly started after her brother and her were left alone with their parents "there is something Zach and I wanted to ask you for" Molly said and looked nervously at her brother.

"Sure dear, what is it?" Liz asked, looking up from the newspaper she was reading at her two children.

Molly waited for Zach to speak, but he stayed quiet, so she continued. "We wanted to know if we can get some condoms." Molly said and turned red as her parents looked at her in shock.

"Condoms?" her father asked in surprise "Why the hell do you need condoms?"

"Well," Zach started mumbling after building up the nerve "a little after the night of our birthday, Molly and I started…exploring each other" Zach started saying.

"Did you two…?" Tom asked horrified.

"No dad, we did not have sex, YET. You taught us better, which is exactly why we're here" Molly said a little annoyed with her father's tone.

"Kids," Liz started saying before matters got out of hand "let your father and me think it over tonight. We'll continue discussing this tomorrow." Liz finished saying and quickly pulled Tom to bed.

"Can you believe this?" Tom asked his wife as they walked into their bedroom and started getting ready for bed. He was so shocked with what his kids just asked of them.

"I never thought this would happen, but I can't say I'm very surprised" Liz told her husband as she removed her clothes.

"Is that so?" Tom asked his wife as he looked at her after she stripped down to her bra and panties.

"Yes," Liz said "think about it, they are two teenagers who just had sex for the first time. It's only natural they will want more." Liz said and removed her bra, freeing her large round boobs. "To tell you the truth, I thought there is a chance they would come and ask us we could have sex again." Liz said while removing her panties as she faced her husband.

"Still," Tom said removing his clothes too "I can't believe they want to have sex with each other. They're brother and sister" he said with a mixture of disgust and arousal as he looked down at his wife's vagina. She did not shave it since having sex with their son, and it was covered with prickly stubble.

"I'm kind of relieved," Liz said "it means that having sex with us didn't traumatize them too much. Also, the fact they came asking for condoms instead of having sex shows that we did something right" Liz continued saying while putting on a clean pair of panties and bra.

"So, what do you think," Tom asked as he pulled his boxers off, exposing his thick semi erect penis for a second and pulling on a clean pair "should we give them the condoms?"

"I think so" Liz said to her husband as she walked over to the bathroom. "We can give them that pack we bought for last week. I was going to give it to Zach when he left for college anyway" Liz said with her voice trailing off as she half closed the bathroom door. "What do you think honey?" Liz asked.

"I also think we should give it to them," Tom said as he got under the covers. "but I don't like the message it sends. It's like we're encouraging them to have sex."

"Not encouraging them to have sex Tom, encouraging them to have SAFE sex." Liz corrected her husband as she joined him under the covers. "Plus, I think it will be good for them" Liz added.

"You're right," Tom said "they are just more likely to have unprotected sex. This way, at least they will be doing it safe. But in what way will it be good for them?" Tom asked his wife as he felt her warm body next to his.

"Well, their first time with us taught them what to do, but Zach was extremely nervous, and I'm assuming Molly was too." Liz started saying. "This way, they will feel free to explore their sexuality with one another. I bet they feel much more comfortable asking and exploring each other than they did with us" Liz said.

After discussing the subject in length, Liz and Tom agreed they would give their children condoms to use. They kissed each other good night, their minds involuntarily wandering to what their twins will do with the condoms, as Liz and Tom drifted to sleep.

The following day, Zach and Molly woke up to a lovely Sunday morning. They were nervous about hearing what their parents decided, but as the day went on, neither of their parents told them their decision.

After lunch, Zach and Molly went for a walk around their large property. They walked for almost 2 hours, reaching a small stream. Once they were far away from the house, they seized the opportunity to fool around, kissing and touching each other. They slipped their hands underneath each other's clothes, fingering, stroking and caressing before returning to the house.

A short time before supper, Molly and Zach decided they would ask their parents what they decided after their siblings went to bed. They were excited but also fearful of their parents' decision. They hoped they could finally conjugate but knew there was a possibility their parents would not approve.

"Zach, Molly," their mother started saying later that night after their siblings went to bed "your father and I discussed what we talked about last night."

"We decided" Tom took over "that although it's certainly not…common, for brother and sister to have these kinds of relations. We do think it would be unfair, and a little hypocritical to deny them from you after what we did with you." Tom said in a stern voice.

"We do hope if you decide to do it," Liz continued "to use this as a learning opportunity. To explore your sexuality in ways you did not feel comfortable with us." Liz said and noticed her children's expressions brighten up as they understood they had agreed.

Liz briskly walked over to her bedroom and came back a few seconds later with a box of condoms. It was the same ones that she used on Zach on his birthday and knew it would fit him, unlike the ones Tom used with Molly which were larger.

"Thanks" Zach mumbled awkwardly as his mother gave him the box.

"One last thing," Liz added "if you plan and using them tonight, we suggest you do it in the guest bedroom. We don't want your sisters or brother waking up and asking all sorts of questions tomorrow." Liz added, and both her kids blushed.

"Good night then" Tom said to them, put his arm around Liz and pulled her over to their bedroom. The instance their bedroom door closed, Molly gave her brother a naughty look, and they hastily walked over to the guest bedroom, locking the door behind them.

"I can't believe that just happened" Zach told his sister as he placed the box of condoms on the nightstand.

"I know, that was so awkward" Molly said and turned around to her brother after locking the door.

"Yeah, but who cares? They agreed!" Zach said triumphantly and walked over to his sister. He pulled her to him and pressed his lips onto hers with a fierce passion.

"Mmm" Molly moaned as her brother kissed her. He pushed his lips against hers, and she kissed him back, accepting his warm lips happily. They kept locking lips for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling when Molly slyly pushed her tongue into her brother's mouth. She searched for his tongue with hers until she found it and a duel started, tongues flailing between mouths in a dance of pleasure.

"Are you ready to do this?" Zach asked his sister after parting their mouths. He was so horny and ready for her.

"More than anything" Molly answered in a sensual voice and started removing her clothes.

There was no tension between them as Zach started stripping as well. They were so used to being naked around each other by now, that they tore their clothes off, taking in the familiar yet endlessly satisfying image of their nudity.

"It looks like you're ready for this too" Molly said to her brother as she looked at his erection. She studied his muscular arms, chest and legs briefly before starring back at his long hard cock, wondering how it would feel inside her.

"I can't believe we're actually going to do this" Zach said in disbelief as he looked at his twin sister's naked body. He moved his gaze along her body, from her blond hair and pretty face, to her delectable breasts, down her flat stomach, over her light-haired bush and down to her enticing little pussy. "First mom and now you" he added closed the small gap between them.

Zach moaned softly as Molly grabbed his cock and started stroking, while he in return grabbed her boobs and started to caress them. Molly groaned gently as her brother pinched her hard nipples, and after giving his shaft a few strokes, she got on her knees and started sucking it.

"Oh god, what are you doing?" Zach asked his sister with a pleasure filled moan.

"Making sure your penis is nice and hard for me" Molly said and used her hand to stroke her hand along her brother's cock. She gave it a final tug, pulling her mouth off his rod before getting to her feet. She gave her brother's cock a final teasing touch, then fell backwards onto the bed and spread her legs, showing her brother her pink pussy, and how wet it was. "Don't forget to grab a condom" Molly added as Zach looked down at her young vagina with desire.

"Not just yet" Zach said to his sister and got to his knees on the floor. He moved his mouth to his sister's vagina and started kissing it gently, starting at the clit and kissing it all over.

"Ooohh, what are you doing?" Molly said with a moan as she felt her brother's lips caressing her vulva.

"Making sure your vagina is nice and wet for me" Zach said teasingly and continued to kiss his sister's muff. Zach continued arousing her for a few more minutes, moving from kissing to licking her slit, and then pushing a finger in and feeling how soaking wet she was. He knew she was ready for him.

Molly stayed still as her brother stopped playing with her cunnie and got to his feet. She rested on the bed and watched her brother as he stepped over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom. She watched fascinated as he ripped the wrapper open and fumbled with it until he managed to slide it along his hard cock. He gave her a weak smile and moved back, positioning himself between her spread legs. She was offering her womanhood to him, her delicate flower. It was supposed to be a forbidden fruit, one that brothers and fathers are not supposed to taste, but it was too late for Molly, her father saw to that. All she could think of was feeling Zach's long hard shaft entering her.

"Fuck sis, you look so hot" Zach said while looking down at her. He rarely called her 'sis', but using it now turned him on even more. It emphasized the taboo act they were in, the same act his own mother introduced to him the previous week. He slid his hands along her smooth thighs, rubbed her vagina gently, then pressed his penis against his sister's vulva.

"Yes Zach, I want to feel you inside of me" Molly said lustfully. She moaned as her brother's covered cock contacted her sensitive region. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it along her slit a few times before bringing the tip to her entrance and slowly pushing it in.

"Oh yes Molly!" Zach grunted as he penetrated his twin sister's pink snatch. He could not believe how tight her pussy was, her walls pushing down on his cock so hard. He couldn't stop moaning as he pushed himself into her.

"Ooohhh" Molly moaned quietly as her brother breached her, penetrating her sacred hole with his long hard rod. Pleasure caused her to shiver as her brother pushed himself deeper, stretching her young cunt until he was all the way in. She could feel his balls touching her taint and shivered again as her brother filled her like only their father had before.

"Molly, you're so tight" Zach said with a groan as he slowly pulled his cock out and pushed it back in, her incredible tightness making him moan with pleasure as he defiled her to their mutual moans of pleasure, repeatedly thrusting his dick into her with long slow motions.

"Yes Zach, yes!" Molly encouraged him between moans as he penetrated her, invading her warm wet haven with each thrust of his hips, going a little faster each time until Zach started grunting ominously.

"Oh fuck, Molly!" Zach moaned in pleasure. They were having sex for less than two minutes when he felt his climax approaching. He tried to fight it, to think of something else, to hold on a little while longer, but his sister's tight coochie was too much for him. He could tell his sister was surprised as primal grunts escaped his lips. He put his hands on her waist and thrust himself into her as his cock exploded. "Uuuggghh" Zach groaned incoherently and closed his eyes as an orgasm took hold of him. A surge of sexual pleasure flowed through his body as he came inside his sister, filling the condom with load after load of incestuous cum, his body writhing with pleasure until he completely drained his cock inside his sister's heavenly pussy.

"Did you just cum?" Molly asked her brother in surprise as he stopped thrusting into her and pulled his cock out. When her dad fucked her, it lasted so long and took him forever to finish, but they had been at it for only a few minutes.

"Yeah, sorry." Zach said embarrassed and turned red. "Your vagina was so tight, I couldn't hold on any longer" Zach said.

"Don't worry about it," Molly said as she noticed her brother looked ashamed, "we just need more practice." she said with a grin. "The more we have sex the longer we will last and the better it will be" she told her brother sympathetically but her sexual thirst was still unquenched, and her pussy begged for more attention.

Zach noticed his sister was still very much in heat after he pulled out of her. He saw her gently rubbing her clit and after removing the used rubber, he got down on his knees and brought his tongue to her freshly penetrated pussy. He was fixated with getting her off as he caressed her outer lips with his tongue.

"Oooo" Molly moaned as her brother's tongue found her clit and gave it a teasing lick. She moved her hand away and submitted her womanhood to her brother's sly tongue. She moaned again as Zach used his hands to spread her lips apart and dive his tongue deep into her eager cunt.

Zach could feel blood rushing back to his member as he went down on his sister. He studied her familiar intimate folds to her growing moans, snaking his tongue inside her pussy, and using his thumb to brush her clit gently. He listened to her moans grow as he kept pleasuring her, until his erection returned, begging for another visit into Molly's taboo cavern.

Molly's disappointment was clearly visible on her face as Zach stopped pleasuring her and got to his feet before finishing the job. She was about to tell him as much, when she noticed his cock was hard again and a smile spread across her face. "You naughty boy," Molly said fiendishly "you want to go again?"

"Did you think I was done with you?" Zach retorted, the hungry look in his sister's eyes turning him on even more. Zach gave his cock a few strokes, making sure it stayed hard and walked over to the nightstand. He grabbed another condom and quickly slid it over his manhood. "You be on top this time" Zach told his sister who was still on her back watching him.

"Okay" Molly said, not sure exactly what it meant but sat up and moved aside, letting her brother climb onto the bed and lay on his back, his cock pointing up provocatively. "What now?" Molly asked her brother. It was a something her father and her didn't do.

"Now climb on top of me and lower yourself onto my penis" Zach told his sister, realizing that she didn't try the position with their father. The thought that he was showing his sister a sexual position she never tried before made his cock twitch.

Molly did as her brother said and climbed on top of him. She sat down on his stomach, placing her hands on his hard abs as she started lifting herself. Zach held her waist and watched her as she lowered herself onto his erect member. She could feel her brother's shaft poking her from bellow as she lowered herself, but as she tried to slide onto his cock, it slipped to the side. Molly lifted herself up again, but this time, she grabbed her brother's hard shaft, guiding it to her opening and impaling herself on it, moaning loudly as her brother breached her once more.

"Oh my god, yes!" Molly moaned as she took her brother's cock deep into her tight snatch, stretching it with unworldly pleasure that made them both moan aloud. Molly loved fooling around with her brother, letting him lick and finger her, but as she took his entire 6 inches inside her, she knew there was no comparing what they did until tonight, to the overwhelming pleasure of being penetrated by his hard cock.

"Oh fuck, Molly!" Zach groaned as his sister's tight cunt hugged his cock. He looked up and down her amazing naked body as she sat on his lap with his cock buried deep inside her. Zach felt more confident this time, knowing that he could last longer after cumming once, and with his sister's gaze on his face, he tightened his grip on her waist and started moving her pussy up and down his cock.

"Oh yes, that feels so good!" Molly moaned as her brother made her ride his dick. She quickly got the hang of it and took over, slowly gliding her young twat along Zach's cock.

The room filled with their incestuous moans as Molly rode her brother's cock. Molly closed her eyes and started playing with her nipples as she bounced up and down her brother's shaft, controlling the pace of their fucking. She could not stop moaning as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate her brother, and with each downward motion, her teenage body rippled with pleasure.

Zach felt his cock get even harder inside his sister as she played with her tits. He looked at the euphoric expression on her face and studied her nubile body as it rode him, her small breasts bouncing slightly as she played with her hard nipples and her tight, hair crowned pussy, as it swallowed his cock hungrily.

Molly kept riding her brother lustfully, speeding up the pace as she rode her brother harder and moaned louder, her needy vagina longing for release. Her brother had been playing with her all night, licking her, fingering her and fucking her, but he did not bring her to a climax. She could feel her brother's arms on her waist, holding her as the rode him and she started going even faster as her welcomed orgasm was nearing.

"Yes, yes, keep going!" Molly yelled as she kept slamming her cunt onto her brother's shaft. It felt so good, she hoped Zach could keep going. "Oh my god yes!" Molly moaned and closed her eyes as Zach took over. He was gripping her tightly and smashing her pussy onto his cock, making her squeal at the pleasure as her orgasm hit her.

Black dots lined her vision as she came to her climax. She felt a torrent of searing pleasure burn through her young body and causing it to convulse as her brother continued to destroy her tight pussy. She arched her back as a guttural grunt escaped her lips and felt like she was melting in her brother's arms as her pussy clamped down on his cock.

"Holly shit" Zach said in amazement as his sister's body contorted at the hands of the intense orgasm. She winced in pleasure and kept letting out primal sexual sounds, squealing and groaning as her legs shook uncontrollably.

It seemed to Molly that her orgasm lasted an eternity, her mind going blank with pure sexual pleasure. She could not speak, only moan and groan as she lost control over her convulsing body. She could feel her brother's cock repeatedly penetrating her, and the only thing that kept her upright, was his hands holding her. After what felt to Molly like hours, her orgasm came to an end. Clarity returned to her mind, but her body still felt like putty as her brother lifted her off him and placed her on the bed besides him.

"Oh yes!" Zach moaned as he shoved his dick back into his sister after placing her on her back and getting into position on his knees. He spread her legs and plunged his dick into her while moaning. Molly just lay there motionless, her young body so exhausted from the intense orgasm she experienced she could barely moan. "That was so hot Molly" Zach said while grabbing her waist and thrusting his cock into her with swift motions.

Molly regained a bit of strength and started moaning softly as Zach kept thrusting his cock into her, slamming her tight pussy until he felt his orgasm coming on. He switched to long slow thrusts, moaning as the pleasure heightened, until he erupted once more inside his sister.

"Oh my god, yes!" Zach called out loud as he started squirting his sperm, filling the second condom of the night as his body burned with pleasure. He looked down at Molly's sweaty naked body, locking eyes with her and thrusting until he emptied his cock into the rubber and pulled out, crashing down exhausted next to his sister.

Zach pulled his sister into him and embraced her, feeling her warm naked body against his. He could feel goosebumps on her smooth skin and she pulled him closer into her.

"That was amazing" Molly whispered as they looked each other in the eyes, their naked bodies still intertwined.

"It sure was" Zach whispered back and kissed his sister on the lips. He thought back to the night with his mother, thinking how different the sex with her was than what he and his sister just did. "We should do it again sometime" Zach said after breaking the kiss and looking at her to see her reaction.

"Definitely!" Molly said and cuddled her brother, placing her head against her brother's chest as she closed her eyes.

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