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Betsy is my wife, Jeff and Lisa are married friends visiting us at the lake.
This is the second in a series of stories. To fully appreciate this one, I suggest you read the first Betsy’s Creampie - Rewritten.

Jeff and Lisa were at the lake with Betsy and me again last weekend. A few weeks ago, Jeff had turned Betsy’s cunt into a large, sexy cream pie. Now they were back and I wondered what excitement was in store for her and us.

It was rainy and very warm this past weekend. We spent most of the time on the covered back porch. Jeff had a beer while the girls drank their wine. No one actually spoke of last weekend. It was almost as if it never happened. Lisa never let on that her husband fucked my wife. They acted as if it never happened. Jeff didn’t even hint at the carnal pleasures her had with my wife. I wondered if it was a onetime event, pushed to the back of everyone’s mind. Forever to be thought of only when our minds drifted to those deep, taboo sexual thoughts.

Both girls were braless, wore tank tops and shorts that showed a lot of tanned, sexy legs. Betsy’s top was yellow and topped with pink lace. If she leaned forward, the low neck drooped and you could see her small but perky tits. Lisa had a blue top. No lace and it was tighter. It didn’t droop when she bent over; but, her nipples made a fine impression. Lisa has shoulder length black hair. She is about the same height, 5’ 5”, slightly heavier and her tits are larger than Betsy’s B-cups but they don’t seem as perky. Jeff is a few inches taller than me; with the same athletic build but heavier.

The music was good and the beer and wine flowed freely. Eventually I tried to break the sexual tension. As Betsy bent over, I made comments about the great view down her shirt. Later, when Lisa went by, Jeff would comment about Lisa’s great peaks under her shirt to climb on. As the day progressed and the booze flowed, we started to make comments about each other’s girls as well as our own. Both girls played shy at first; but then played into it and seemed to enjoy giving more opportunities for comments. As we walked by each other, more brushing and touching took place. First it was Jeff and Lisa, then Betsy and me. Soon Betsy and Lisa seemed to look for chances to brush against each other’s spouse.

Lisa asked me to go into the kitchen to help her open another bottle of wine. At the counter, as I reached around her to take the bottle, she backed into me. I reached my arms around her to grasp the bottle. She pulled it to her chest, so my hands rested against her tits. With one hand she held the bottle, with the other she took my hand and pushed it into her tits. She squeezed my right hand so that it squeezed her right tit. I felt her nipple as it grew hard. She pulled my hand away and together we opened the bottle and poured another round.

We returned to the porch, I grabbed another beer for Jeff. We continued to talk and listen to the toons. Lisa got up to adjust the radio; Betsy walked over and picked up a plate of chips from the table. Jeff was sitting across from me. Lisa walked behind Jeff and began to massage his shoulders. “Just what I needed, a message from a sexy lady. Does it come with a happy ending?” Betsy laughed as she walked by and “tripped” and fell into Jeff’s lap. She didn’t spill the chips; but settled onto his lap.

“Do I get one too?” Betsy said. She sat with her back to him; her legs spread outside of his. I immediately thought of the last time he was between her legs and of the massive cream pie he left there. As Jeff enjoyed his massage, he said, “of course you get one too” and began to rub Betsy’s shoulders.

I sat across the deck and could see and enjoy the whole show. Lisa’s hands wandered down his chest and she rubbed with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other. Lisa gave me a wink. Betsy took another sip of wine as Jeff’s hands explored more than her shoulders. First he moved to her back. After a short while, his hands moved to her sides, from under her arms to the outside of her thighs. Lisa began to kiss and lick Jeff’s neck and ears as her hands explored his body. Soon, Betsy leaned back allowing Jeff’s hands to reach the tops of her thighs and stomach. Betsy took another sip of wine, closed her eyes and leaned all the way back against Jeff’s chest. All three had their eyes closed, massaging each other to the rhythm of the music. Soon Jeff’s hands were stroking Betsy’s inner thighs; occasionally gently dragging across her crotch. He kept his right hand between her legs and slowly moved his left one to her chest. He massaged her upper chest, and then let his fingers circle one breast, then the other.

No one said a word but everyone’s breathing seemed to get deeper. Lisa could no longer reach Jeff’s chest, so she rubbed Betsy’s shoulders. Jeff grew bolder. As his left hand worked its magic over her chest, it slipped under her loose shirt. His hand slowly worked its way up and I could see him draw outlines around her tits with his fingers. Betsy was slowly rocking her hips back and forth; her ass grinding into his crotch. Betsy’s shorts were pulled up tight against her pussy. I could see the outline of her lips through the thin fabric. Jeff’s right hand stroked the edge of the thighs where it met her shorts. His hand was less than an inch from her pussy.

I enjoyed the show. Lisa must have grown tired of this or sensed that I craved attention too. “Mind if I sit?” she said. She walked to me and sat on my lap; both of her legs to my left. This allowed her to stroke my chest and neck. My half erect cock stiffened.

“What’s fair is fair” I said as I rubbed Lisa’s back with my right hand and traced circles from her knee to the top of her shorts with my left. Lisa reached for her half full glass. In one gulp, she finished the wine and placed the empty glass on the table. She turned and kissed me hard on the lips. In a moment, her tongue found my mouth and tongue. Her legs parted slightly. As we kissed, I could see Betsy and Jeff out of the corner of my eye.

Jeff had pulled Betsy’s top over her tits, fully exposing them. He teased and squeezed them. Her nipples were rock hard.

Betsy pushed harder into him; her ass ground against his cock. “This feels familiar; I wonder where have I felt this before?” She said wistfully.

Jeff’s right hand rubbed Betsy’s crotch hard. Soon one, then two fingers pushed the flimsy short material to the side. He had free access to her cunt. He seemed to be teasing her, not allowing full penetration. Betsy’s hands were between his legs. Jeff slid lower in the chair, allowing her access to his cock. As she slid, Jeff’s hand could no longer reach her crotch so he undid the top button of her shorts and slid his fingers under the waistband. Soon, second and third buttons were undone. Because he recently fucked her, he knew that her bush was cropped into a short landing strip just above her clit and her lips were shaved. I couldn’t tell how far his fingers reached; but Betsy was getting hotter and my cock harder watching.

Betsy reached for her wine and took a big gulp. Normally shy, conservative Betsy pulled her tank top completely off and dropped it to the deck. She stood up, turned to Jeff. She spread his legs and dropped to her knees between them. Her shorts were low and loose around her hips and thighs; showing the crack of her ass and tops of her cheeks. Her hands started massaging his chest and then worked down to his shorts. Betsy pulled the button open and ripped the zipper down. She tugged the shorts from under his ass and then off. She dropped them by her tank top. His circumcised cock was fully erect. It seemed longer than mine; maybe seven or 7 1/2 inches but definitely not as thick. The head was stumpy, the same diameter as his shaft. He didn’t trim his bush or shave his balls. Betsy wrapped her hand around the shaft and slowly started to stroke it. “This does look familiar” she growled. Betsy kissed and licked his inner thighs; her eyes fixed on his dick. She was having some problem with the hair from his balls in her mouth. She pulled a hair from her mouth, the continued to lick his balls.

As far as I know, Betsy hadn’t been with another lover since we were married until Jeff fucked her and creamed her cunt a few weeks ago. In the past, we talked about it, fantasized and role played about her with 2 or 3 cocks. I’ve never seen her with another lover; man or woman. This was scary, wild and very exciting. What would she do? What would she try? Would she do the things she does to me or try something different? Would Lisa and I join or just be voyeurs? In our fantasies, Betsy always let the other lover (dildo or vibrator) fuck her pussy or ass. She said that she wouldn’t suck another cock or swallow his load; that was too “personal” and saved her blowjobs for me. Betsy was very experienced at giving head. She must have practiced all of her life before she met me. She gives the best blow jobs that I ever had and often sucks my cock dry; swallowing every drop. That seemed to be changing before my eyes. Would she blow him? Would she let him cum in her mouth? Would she swallow his load? Is it a new door opening? Would there be others?

Lisa was still sitting on my lap. We turned slightly so we both could watch Betsy kneeling between Jeff’s legs, stroking his cock and licking his balls. Betsy nibbled on his ball sack; then took one ball into her mouth and sucked on it. She was gentle at first; but sucked harder as she stroked his shaft. Jeff seemed sensitive to her sucking. Maybe it was new to him. Soon she had both balls in her mouth. Her hand stroked his cock slowly, as if to excite him but keep him from cumming. I waited to see if and how she would suck his cock.

Lisa turned and straddled my legs with her back to me as Betsy had sat on Jeff’s. Taking a cue from them I ran my hands over her tits. I could feel her stiff nipples through the fabric. Lisa’s ass ground hard against my cock. A thought flashed through my mind. “Does she like anal?” Betsy and I have tried it. My cock has always been too thick for her. She often likes my fingers and tongue around her ass and sometimes in it. My right hand moved to Lisa’s legs, thighs and the bottom of her shorts. It’s tight against her cunt. I ran my fingers around her thighs and up and down her pussy through her shorts. The crotch of her shorts was damp.

Betsy stood up and wiggled her ass; her shorts fell to the deck. She turned to us and flashed us a wide smile. She enjoyed the attention the 3 of us were giving her. Her bush was trimmed tight; her bare, wet pussy lips were exposed for Lisa and me to see.

“Are you enjoying this as much as I am?” Betsy said. Her left hand rubbed her moist slit. She spread her juices, coating her tight pussy. Betsy turned to Jeff; “I want you to fuck me!” She turned, spread her legs and inched her way back to Jeff. His cock stood fully erect. She lowered herself onto his hard cock. She braced herself on the arm of the chair with one hand. With the other she held Jeff’s cock and rubbed the head against her wet slit, coating it with her juices. “Give me that cock now”. Even with lube, it’s hard to slide my cock into Betsy’s cunt. It takes a while to spread her inner pussy. She lowered herself onto Jeff’s cock. She didn’t hesitate. She closed her eyes, let out a whispered sigh and lowered herself in one motion until he was fully in her; his balls tight to her clit. Maybe because his cock wasn’t as thick that it slid in so easily. Maybe she was really wet and primed. I don’t know. All I know is that the extra length of his cock didn’t slow her down. She took it all and impaled her cunt on his dick. She doesn’t often ride my cock in a reverse cowgirl position; but it was perfect for this. Lisa and I got to see her face, tits and cunt while she was getting fucked.

It’s not often that a man can watch another man fuck his own wife. There was something perversely wrong; but very exciting to watch. I stared at Betsy’s spread pussy lips, split wide by Jeff’s throbbing member. I never seen Betsy even making out with anyone or getting felt up before. Now I was watching her fuck Jeff. I’ve never had this view of Betsy having sex. Even watching ourselves in the mirror didn’t get me this hard. Any shyness she ever had disappeared.

They sat motionless enjoying the first, deep penetration of her hot cunt. Jeff’s hands were on her tits; cupping them. Betsy’s eyes were fixed on Lisa while her hands were between her legs, holding Jeff’s balls.

“Fuck me, fuck me” Betsy repeated. Lisa and I watched with fascination as his long cock disappeared fully into her slit and then reappeared. Betsy’s cunt easily devoured the full length of his cock as he thrust it into her. Again she lowered herself onto his manhood. She let out a soft moan as he fully penetrated her. She rolled her hips, swirling his dick in her tight, wet hole. Her juices flowed from her pussy. Her lips glistened with the juice from her love hole as a few drops ran across his balls.

While they began to fuck, united with his cock deep in her, I let my hands explore Lisa. I haven’t felt up another woman since before Betsy and I were married. I was tingly, almost like a virgin. I pulled Lisa’s shirt over her head; she helped and let it drop. Her tits were larger and sagged more than I imagined. Her tits were white, her areolas large and light brown and her nipples were the same brown color. Her nipples were large and hard; the size of a pencil eraser. My hands unbuttoned her shorts and I pulled the zipper apart. My right hand cupped her right tit. The fingers of my left hand easily slid into her loosened shorts. My fingers reached her bush. Like Betsy, she seems to trim it. Her pubic hair was closely cropped. It seemed to form a triangle; the top wider and the bottom narrow and seemed to point at her clit. I slid my left hand over her clit to her pussy. Her lips were shaved and her cunt was soaked in her juices. Dipping my finger in her wet, slippery sex juices, I stroked her lips upward till I reached her clit. I parted the hood and coated Lisa’s clit with her own juices. My right hand massaged one tit, then the other. I teased her breasts and saved her nipples till later. Her body wasn’t as fit as Betsy’s but it was new and different. My cock throbbed against Lisa’s ass. She leaned back against my chest. I kissed and licked her neck and ears. My left middle finger slowly worked her cunt juices on to her clit. “Keep going” she said as her ass squirmed and her legs spread wider. Her shorts slid down a few inches; it confirmed my impression of her bush. It was dark, closely cropped and in the form of an upside down triangle pointing to her clit. She was getting wetter and was letting out a slight moan. She didn’t try to remove her shorts, so I continued to massage her soft tits and hard, wet clit. “Finger fuck me” Lisa moaned.

Betsy massaged Jeff’s balls and started to slowly rock her hips, rotating her cunt on his cock. She rubbed his balls against her clit. Jeff was watching me fingering his wife. He had a smile on his face. Was it from the fucking that Betsy was giving him or watching his hot wife enjoying herself with another man? He was slowly massaging Betsy’s tits and pinching her nipples. Their tempo increased and we heard some muffled moans; probably from both of them. Neither had their eyes open any more, they were lost in their own blissful sexcapade. Could it be another large cream pie for Betsy? It seems like I would soon know.

Lisa was content with my hands on her. Her ass ground against my cock and she stroked my thighs; but she made no effort to go further. Lisa’s eyes were glued to Jeff’s cock as it was splitting Betsy’ cunt. I hadn’t had sex with anyone but Betsy in over 30 years. However, I was content with this new experience. I was massaging Lisa’s tits and fingering her cunt as Betsy was fucking Lisa’s husband in front of us.

I’m not sure who started to cum first, Betsy or Jeff. Soon she was bouncing up and down, taking his cock almost fully out of her pussy before dropping hard on it till her clit hit his balls. Her left hand rubbed her clit back and forth. Her right hand steadied herself and she bounced faster and faster. Soon they were both cumming hard in noisy ecstasy. They continued cumming for what seemed like 10 minutes. His white cum oozed from her pussy in a thick, frothy lather. They slowed to a stop with his cock fully in her wet cunt.

Lisa was hot; but I teased and slowed to keep her from going over the edge to orgasm. Suddenly Jeff pushed Betsy to her feet. He took her by the hand to the living room rug. He lay on his back with his knees up and, with Betsy facing him, pulled her to her knees, above his face. This week he was going to feast on her cream pie. Lisa and I could barely see them. Lisa leaned forward and stood up. My fingers almost got stuck in her pussy. As she stood up, she let her shorts drop to the floor. Lisa reached for my hand, dripping wet from her juices, and led me to the living room. I expected her to continue to watch and maybe sit on my lap. Lisa loosened my shorts and pulled them down and off. My cock was hard; however I wasn’t sure what she really wanted. Lisa faced Jeff, dropped to her knees between Jeff’s knees. She still had my hand and pulled me down behind her. Lisa bent down on all fours, reached between her legs with her right hand and grabbed my erect cock.

“As they say, what’s fair is fair. Fuck me” She said as she pulled my cock to her dripping wet pussy and rubbed it against her to lube me up. Then she guided me into her snatch. She was tight and I pressed until the head was past her lips. Lisa bent forward toward Jeff’s cock. It was half erect and coated in a creamy mixture of his cum and Betsy’s cunt juices. She started to lick his balls as Betsy had done.

What a sight this was. I was on my knees, fucking Lisa, Jeff’s wife, doggy style, Lisa licking Jeff’s cock and lapping the combination of his cum and Betsy’s pussy juice and Jeff, licking his own cum from Betsy’s creamy, cream pie cunt.

Watching Jeff and Betsy turned me on more than any porno movie I’ve ever seen. Watching him fill her pussy with his sperm as they both orgasmed was magnificent. Now I got to watch her creamy pussy eaten by the man who filled her. As Betsy knelt above his face I could see his cum dripping from her into his mouth. His tongue reached upward, probing, hunting for more of their sweet nectar. Betsy would lower herself onto his tongue then pull up, leaving a rope of cum uniting them. Jeff devoured it quickly.

Lisa was no slouch in the BJ department. She licked Jeff’s balls and cock, then seemed to deep throat his semi erect 7” cock with no effort. Jeff’s mouth knew its way around a pussy and seemed comfortable and eager to eat the cream pie he baked in Betsy’s hot snatch. Betsy was rocking her cunt back and forth into Jeff’s mouth and her hands were massaging her own tits.

Lisa’s cunt was still very tight. My rock hard cock couldn’t push more than the head into her dripping hole. She pushed against my dick but it couldn’t be forced in. I took my cock into my hand and pushed it up and down her pussy from her clit to her ass, coating it in her juices; then tried to enter. No luck.

Jeff was hard again. Lisa had good oral technique. Lisa reached between her legs and wrapped her hand around my shaft. Then, to my surprise, she positioned the head against her asshole. “Fuck my ass” She said as she pushed back and, it started to slide in. The head slid in and I stopped to see her reaction. Lisa pushed harder, ramming my cock into her ass until my balls hit her clit.

“God!” Lisa gasped “You’re so thick; you’re going to split my ass wide open”.

Betsy heard that, turned and smiled at me.

Once in, I reached around and found Lisa’s wet clit with my right hand and her left nipple with the other. Her response was immediate. She racked her hips and my cock would pull out slightly then plunge into her sweet ass. “Fuck me…. Fuck me”. She started slowly and gained momentum. “Give my tight ass a good hard fucking”

Jeff pushed Betsy back from his face. I think he was being smothered. He pushed her back until her cunt was against his cock. He wanted to fuck her again. Lisa pushed harder into me. Her mouth gave way to Betsy’s snatch. Betsy slowly lowered herself onto Jeff’s 7” dick until it was again buried deep in her. This time, his balls were tight against her sweet ass. “Fuck my cunt” Betsy said as she bounced up and down riding his cock as he squeezed her tits. She braced her hands on his chest to help keep the rhythm.

Lisa was close to cumming. She pounded her ass against me and my balls hit my fingers on her clit. She let out a long, loud moan as she came, I exploded my first load deep into her ass. Soon she pressed my fingers against her clit to stop the action. Her bucking slowed as I got softer.

Hearing Lisa cum pushed Jeff over the edge. He let out a growl as he filled Betsy with her second creamy load of the day. Betsy didn’t cum again but slowed as he must have grown softer. Lisa pulled her ass away from my cock. She had a nice cream pie dripping from her ass down to her pussy. She scooted on her knees and straddled Jeff’s head. She wanted Jeff to eat my anal cream pie filling.

Betsy turned to me. She took my hand and crawled to the couch. Betsy lay on her back with one foot on the coffee table and one on the floor. Her pussy lips were wide open and a large dollop of cum filled the void. She pulled me closer then guided my head between her open snatch lips. The aroma was strong. The smell of his second load of pungent, sticky white cum mixed with her sweet pussy juice filled my nostrils. I was apprehensive. Sometimes I don’t want to taste cream after I’ve cum. Would it be as good as the first of his cream pies that I ate? Just as before, I kissed her clit and cunt with a closed mouth. I felt his warm load against my lips and face. Betsy’s cunt was slippery in cum. She liked the feeling and I continued to kiss her from clit to ass. “Eat me; eat my fucking cum filled cunt. Taste our cum” Eat every drop of his cum from my fucking cunt hole”.

Jeff must have been doing a good job. Lisa was rubbing her cunt and ass all over Jeff’s face; his hands on her tits. I could hear him slurping up my load as he ate Lisa’s ass and pussy. The more he ate, the more she talked. “Eat my ass. Lick up every drop of cum from my dirty hole. He stretched my tight ass and filled it for you to eat. Bury your tongue in my cum filled hole.” She was getting louder as she approached another orgasm. Lisa turned and began to 69 with Jeff. “Betsy’s cunt juice tastes good with your cum” she said as she sucked his cock deep in her throat.

I could see Lisa’s ass and cunt as Jeff ate her out. I opened my mouth and licked Betsy’s cum soaked clit. The taste was just as before. The taste was salty, tangy and sticky as I slowly lapped up the cream. I took a finger and coated it with cum. I began to slide it into her ass as my pussy eating intensified. I lost sense of what I was doing. I started to eat her cream pie like a starving man. I didn’t just push the cum against her open pussy; I gulped the cum and sucked on her clit and lips; my finger fucked her tight ass. Betsy was arching her back and grinding her pussy into my face and mouth. I heard both Lisa and Betsy cumming as they were both being eaten. The both squealed as the came; their hips grinding their cream pies into us. Soon both girls stopped. Betsy pulled my head and held it tight against her cunt but stopped the movement. Lisa collapsed on Jeff and they both lay motionless. All four of us rested our sexually spent bodies. The four of us lay motionless, breathing in the fragrance of hot sex.

Eventually, without much talking, Betsy and I took showers together in the downstairs bathroom while they used the upstairs. The four of us went to our rooms to rest; maybe for supper or maybe for round #2. We will see….


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Great stories, Give us more. Hopefully some DP.


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I enjoyed the story. Keep up the good work!


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Athletic guy with a huge thick 8 inch c*ck.. Looking for GIRLS ONLY to have fun and get naughty with.. I am also very dominant and open to being a master to any girls... Intellectual guy can hold a great conversation.. Hmu on KiK.. Atz_717

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