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I had Hope as a student, she was very pretty, very young, and was alluring too. There were many times I fantasied about her, wanted to be with, to the point that ... well I never though would happen.
I’m sure we have all fantasized of being with that certain someone, but they are so much younger, we never pursue them. We know we would most likely be shot down, laughed at, and ultimately embarrassed when we are rejected, and so we just decided to not put ourselves out there just to be denied. However, we do continue to think about having sex with that younger girl or that younger guy, obsessing about how great it would be to do it just once.

I have had this fantasy and thought, “It’ll never happen me, I’ll never have the opportunity to be with someone much younger than me,” but it did and I still can’t believe it actually happened.

Hope was a student of mine and her name is synonymous with the desires I was starting to feel for her, and on a daily basis I had to suppress these feeling for obvious reasons. Hope was Latina, very pretty, but unfortunately she was very young. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and because she was so young, she wasn’t very tall. Hope looked great in a pair of jeans; nice little butt and great thighs, you couldn’t help but look. Hope did wear glasses, which I think added to her great sex appeal, and Hope seemed to carry herself as if she was much older.

I really don’t think Hope understood just how attractive she was, or maybe she did, but at school as I said, I knew that I had to control my urges, even though I so badly wanted to be with her. We did joke with each other from time to time, almost flirting at times, and there were many times I went home fantasizing about being with her.

When this all happened and the opportunity to be with Hope presented itself, I immediately hesitated, but realized I had to take chance. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening and still I can’t believe it now.

Any ways, it was the new school year, and it had been several months since Hope had left the school where I taught and even though previous students did visit from time to time, I never expected Hope to visit. However, she did, and the day she showed up at my classroom door was a complete surprise to me.

It was the middle of the day when she showed up, and when she waved to get my attention, I saw her. It was definitely a surprise to see her, but as we smiled at each other, I waved for her to come in. It really was nice to see her and I felt it was just an innocent visit. However, seeing her again stirred those feeling of wanting to be with her. Hope still looking great. She was wearing a pair of jeans that accentuated her thighs and a tight shirt that had me staring at her boobs.

Hope was as friendly as ever, coming right up to me and giving me a big hug, and as we chatted briefly, my class starting to trickle in from lunch. As they started to come in, she quickly left, but told me she would come back at the end of the day. I gave her a thumbs up and said, “I’ll be here,” which made her smile at me and wave as she left.

I was excited to have seen her and the rest of the day, she was all I could think about, and I hoped she’d be back; I looked forward to visiting with her later that day, if for no other reason than to see her.

It was the end of the day and immediately after the bell rang, I ushered students out of the building, and quickly returned to my classroom, hoping she would show up. It seemed that time was slipping away, and I really didn’t think she would show, but I didn’t have to wait long.

Hope peeked around the corner of my door and walking in with a big smile she said, “Hi,” in an excited voice. I quickly looked her way, and as I stood up, I smiled at her and saying, “Hi back,” as we moved to greet each other.

I reached out my hand and as I shook her hand, she instead embraced me once again with a hug. Hope was much shorter than me at the time, and as she got on her tippy toes this time, the hug felt to be more than just a casual hug, holding me much longer this time. I said to her, “You look great,” and as she quickly looked up at me, she hugged me again and said, “I’m really glad to see you.”

We talked about what was going on in our lives; just idle chit chat, but when I asked what she was doing these days, she simply said, “I’m not really doing anything.”

It was a Friday and as I thought, I decided to mention that I was going to a movie later. Hope immediately asked, “What are you going to go see?”

I really hadn’t thought about it but she took the bait and I told her I really hadn’t made a decision. Hope told me about a few movie she wanted to see and after a brief pause she asked, “Who are you going with?”

Immediately I told her I was probably going alone, which keyed Hope to say, ”I’ll go with you!”

Smiling, I said, “Are you sure?”

Quickly, Hope said, “Oh yea, when are you thinking about going?”

I didn’t know what to do or say, but after a pause I said, “Well, I guess we could go anytime.”

She smiled, nodded her head and said, “Anytime is good for me!”

I quickly thought, “What had I just said,” but it was what I wanted.

There was no way we could leave together, so I told her I had a few things to do before I could leave and she said, “Okay, how about we meet up at the store up the street?”

I didn’t say anything right away, obviously thinking about it for a minute, but I told her, “I can be up there in a half hour,” and asked if that was okay?

Hope smiled, nodded her head and said, “Yea!”

We hugged again, and as she left I tried to convince myself it was just an innocent date, but deep down,I wanted more.

Later on as I pulled into the shopping center, there she was, and as I pulled over, she immediately opened the door and got in, and said, “Hi,” and as said hi back, I quickly headed off.

As I drove, we just chatted again about stuff, nothing that I can remember, but I sensed she was kind of nervous and so I took her by the hand that was on her leg. Hope looked over at me and as glanced over at her, I asked, “ Do you want to go get something to eat?”

She smiled sheepishly and said, “Yea,” and squeezed my hand slightly.

I felt that broke the tension she was feeling and when she suggested a place close by, I told her that sounded good. we continued to hold hands as I drove, heading over to the restaurant. I was nice that she was more relaxed and as we continued to chats, I tried to not let on how bad I wanted to be with her.

We got something to eat at a nearby restaurant where we continued to have a very friendly, easy going conversation, but really all I could think about was being able to kiss her, and feel her next to me. Hope was so sexy it was starting to give me a hard on, and luckily, the restaurant served alcohol, because I really needed a drink to help me relax.

As we continued to visit, Hope continually snuck sips of my drinks as we ate, and we see to be having a good time with each other’s company, but as our conversation seemed to stall, I suggested, “Hey, how about we go.”

She became very animated and enthusiastically said, “Yeah!”

I smiled at her, quickly asked for the check, and we went out to the car, where Hope used her phone to do a search of movies. I really didn’t care which one we decided on, because I wanted to be with her, but we agreed on a horror movie, one that she had heard was good. As I drove, I continued to search for a a way to get her to come home with me, but suddenly Hope reached over, took hold of my hand, pulling it toward her a little she said, “I’m really glad we’re doing this.”

I simply replied, “Me too,” as I looked over at her smiling.

It didn’t take long before we were at the theater and as we went inside, we quickly got tickets, and as we moved to go into the theater, I stopped at the concessions, and asked her if she wanted anything. We decided to get a soda to share and some popcorn, and joking with each other as we moved to the theater where our movie was playing, Hope suggested we sit up toward the top.

There really weren’t many people in the theater and as we took our seats in the middle of the row, I thought it was so much fun to be with her and when we started to talk and joke with each other, I asked, “What did you want to talk to me about?”

Our conversation immediately paused and searching for something to keep our conversation going, Hope suddenly leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek. It startled me and looking over at her, I asked, “What was that for?”

She then replied, “Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that,” and smiling at each other for a second or two, I told her that I had thought about doing it too.

Hope immediately leaned into me and as she pulled on my arm, I kissed her on the head. We started to snack on popcorn and drink soda, as we waited for the movie to start, I really felt she was enjoying our time, I know I was. As we looked at each other and we smiled, Hope said, ”What.”

I quickly reached over, and taking hold of her waist, I pulling her close, and kissed her. It was nice and as we continued to kiss, I felt her trying to push her tongue in my mouth, and so I obligingly opening my mouth, allowing our tongues to meet as we kissed.

I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want it to stop, but eventually, we did sit back and as we continued to hold hands, there was a pause. Hope now leaned her head against my shoulder and as she did I said, “That was nice.”

Hope was smiling and as the lights in the theater dimmed, she squeezed my hand and as I lifted the arm that separated us, I leaned over kissing her again. I didn’t care so much about the movie, I wanted to feel on her and felt she was open to it too. I quickly moved to put my hand on her chest, and as I felt on her boob, Hope gasped slightly and put her hand on mine.

Eventually, I moved my hand to her thigh, I didn’t want to stop and as we kissed, I moved my hand up to her crotch. Hope suddenly reached down stopping me saying, “No, don’t.”

She was scared and as we stopped kissing, she took my hand and we both leaned back in our seats, but as we did, Hope pulled my hand and inched closer to me. As she leaned on me, she again squeezed my hands to let me know everything was okay, but I worried that I might have pushed to much.

When there was a pause in action on screen, Hope again squeezed my hand to get my attention and when our eyes met, we again kissed, but this time as we kissed, she put my hand on her chest, wanting me to feel her breast. I couldn’t believe it, but then she lowered her hand, reaching to feel on my crotch. I was startled but I openly obliged her, spreading my legs slightly as I continued to feel her boob. I didn’t want to stop and felt she was pretty much open to my advances.

I tried to hike up her shirt a little wanting to feel her boobs, but when I reach behind her to undo her bra, she stopped me. I didn’t know want to do, but decided that feeling her boobs and having her hand on my crotch was all I was going to get, for now.

Eventually the movie ended and as we left, she took hold of my hand as we headed out to the car. As we got in the car and I started to pull out of our parking space, Hope asked, “Can we go to your house?” I was nervous, and thought to myself, “What should I do?”

I wanted to be with her, but she was so much younger, and she had stopped me in the movie, but as I glanced over at her, I asked her if she was sure. She nodded her head and simply said, ”Yes.”

I smiled at her, and looking back at the road, I casually said, “Okay.”

We didn’t talk to much, obviously nervous, but then Hope reached over and put her hand on my leg. As I looked over at her, I put my hand on hers. Hope leaned over more and moved her hand between my legs, groping to feel my cock through my pants. It was making me hard and as she continued to feel on my cock, she attempted to undo my pant.

I could believe it, she had my pants undone and she was feeling on my cock through my boxers. Hope asked, “Does that feel good.”

I put my hand on hers for a second as she continued to fondle my cock through my boxers, but when my cock peeked through the opening, she immediately had her hand on my cock, pulling and rubbing it. I could feel her looking at it and maybe she wanted to go down on me, but I don’t think she really knew what to do, and as we pulled into my neighborhood I remarked, “We’re here.”

Hope stopped playing with my cock and instead looked out the window. I pulled into the garage, and immediately closed the garage door with the remote, not wanting neighbors to see her as we got out of the car.

I quickly adjust my pants and zipped them back up as she watched. When we went inside and I asked if she wanted to watch TV, and guided her toward the living room. Aa we sat down on the couch, I asked if there was anything she felt like watching. We fumbled through the channels until we found a movie and then I asked if she wanted something to drink. Hope asked, “Whatcha got?”

As I headed into the kitchen I thought to myself, “I don’t know exactly what she might like,” but I knew she drank alcohol and so I suggested, “How about a beer.”

Hope was so hot and when I returned to the couch, I sat next to her, handed her a beer and as we looked at each other she said, ”What.”

I was just staring at her but leaned over and kissed her, putting my hand on her boob. She gasped but didn’t stop me, instead she again groped for my cock as we kissed. I wanted this and as we became more heated, trying to talked each other’s clothes off, I suggested we go in the bedroom. Hope simply nodded and as we stood up, I lead her toward my bedroom.

In the bedroom, I turned her to face me, and as she looked up at me, I could see she was nervous so I leaned down, told her not to worry, and as she nodded her head in acknowledgment, I kissed her on the cheek. I wanted to reassure her that everything would be okay, I needed to try to make her feel comfortable with what was happening or risk losing the opportunity.

As we kissed again and as our lips met, I held her by the hips, and slowly moved my one hand up to feel on her boobs. She let out a brief gasp as I gently squeezed her boob. It felt so good to finally feel her body, I didn’t want to stop, and as we continued to kiss, my dick had started to get hard thinking about being with her. I wondered, “Does Hope realize how much I was turning,” so I took her hand, and gradually moving it down, I placed it on my crotch.

We stopped kissing and as she looked up at me, I continued to held her hand on my cock, making sure she could feel that I was hard; she was smiling and as she returned her gaze back down she looked back up at me, but only briefly to kiss.

I slowly started her to rub and squeeze my cock through my pants, but being she was a little preoccupied with what has happening, I eventually reached my other hand around her and unhook her bra. It unhooked easily, and when she realized what I was doing, Hope quickly took her hand off my crotch, covered her chest and said, “No, don’t.”

I immediately stopped, held up my hands, and as I tried to reassure her that everything would be okay there was a pause. When she nodded in agreement again, I leaned into her, hugging and kissing her.

I didn’t want her to make me stop, and as she hugged me back, I remember her ran her hands up the back of my shirt, and I gradually tried to feel on her boobs again. As I did, she tried to inch my shirt up, in an attempt to take it off, I thought. She was struggling because I was taller than her, so I had to help. I quickly took off my shirt, threw it aside, and we went back to kissing. She started to feel on my chest and stomach, and I remember it felt good with her and I decided to try to take her top off too. She was hesitant, stopping me, but eventually I told her not to worry as I continued to slip her top over her head.

As I got her top off, she immediately held her bra against herself, with one arm, trying to hide her boobs. Hope now looked up at me for reassurance and when our eyes met, I smiled at her, and then kissed her. She seemed to feel more at ease, letting me slowly slipped her bra off her shoulders, and as I let it fall to the floor, I immediately felt on her boobs. They were nice for her age, not fully developed, but firm, and her puffy nipples were a turn on. We kissed and as we did, I reached both my hands down the back of her pants, feeling on her ass and pulling her close, we continued to kiss.

Hope started to try to undo my pants. When I finally realized what she was after, I took my hand from the back of her pants, moved away slightly, which allowed her better access, but eventually I help her undid them. I pulled them down and letting them fall to the floor, I stepped back slightly.

Hope was mesmerized, so I reached out and undid her jeans. Hope wiggled her way out of her jeans, letting them fall to the floor, and adjusting her panties. Moving closer to her, we kissed and I moved us closer to the bed.

Stopping, I pulled the covers back and lifting her onto the bed, I told her to move over as I climbed into bed with her. We immediately started kissing as I pulling the covers over us and we got comfortable. We held each other kissing, and I started to grind my crotch against her leg, wanting her to feel how hard I was, but I also thought to myself, “I don’t want to ruin it, not now.”

Feeling her young body next to me, was making me want to fuck her, but I immediately reminding myself that this was probably her first time and I tried to slow things down as we continued to kiss. I didn’t want to push her, I wanted to feel her body and I wanted her to keep feeling on my chest and my back as we kissed, but really I wanted her to feel my cock.

I took her hand now and scooting up, I guided her hand down toward my crotch. She immediately started to grope to feel my cock and when I scooted up again, she could feel it. As Hope put her small hand around it, and as she looked up at me for reassurance, I smiled at her. She turned her gaze back down to her hand on my cock. We simply smiled at each other now and then, and Hope continued to feel on my cock. I lifted the covers slightly letting her see it, and wanting her to go down on me, but also knowing that might turn her off.

I needed to again slow things down and so I scooted back down, which caused her to have to let go. I gently started to kiss her as I laid her on her back now and tried to position myself on top of her, resting on my elbows. As we kissed, I let my cock rub against her thigh, but all I could think of was wanting to fuck her. I slowly climbed on top of her, and spreading her legs, I position myself between them as we kissed. I was close now, I was right there, however I still knew I needed to go slow.

Kissing her briefly, I again scooted up, causing my cock to push against her pussy. This scared her and she pushed on me slightly saying, “No, don’t.” I immediately scooted back down, and seeing the worried look on her face, I slid off her. She was obviously scared and I worried if I had lost the chance to fuck her, but she kissed me and smiling said, “I’m scared.” I acknowledged her by telling her, “I’m not going to do anything unless you think it’s okay,” and as we kissed again.

Hope returned to feeling on me again, even reaching down, looking to feel my cock again, which made me think she was somewhat aroused, and so I moved down, kissing and sucking on her neck as I felt on her boobs, eventually kissing down her chest, hoping she would continue to be receptive as I started sucking and tonguing her nipples.

Hope started to squirm a little and her nipples grew more erect in my mouth. I knew she was definitely excited and as I slowly moved my hand down her stomach, I wanted to feel her pussy. But as I reached down to finger her pussy through her panties, Hope immediately reached down, stopping me, by saying, “No, don’t!”

Looking up at her, I could she was apprehensive, shaking her head, no. I quickly moved my hand back up to feel onher boobs, but she was obviously upset and I again worried if I may have pushed to much. We eventually returned to kissing, but she was still looking for some reassurance. As we paused, I said, “Everything would be okay,” and nodding her head and smiling, she immediately lowered her hand again, groping to feel my cock.

I again moved up so she could again feel my cock, which had me thinking she might be open to going all the way as Hope fondled my cock through my boxers.

She was obviously becoming more and more excited being able to feel my cock, and smiling she made faint sounds as she tried for a better position. I still wanted to feel her pussy and in this position, it wasn’t easy but as I leaned forward I continued to try to move my hand down to feel her. Eventually, I was able to place my hand on her panties and as I did, she gasped, but being a little preoccupied with my cock, I was able to move my hand down between her legs, fingering her pussy through her panties.

She was really wet and her panties were becoming wet too as I continued to finger her pussy. I wanted to be in her, but still knew I couldn’t rush it, not now. I was so hard and as I tried to position myself so Hope could see my cock, eventually reaching down, and slipped my cock out through the flap. She immediately looked down and put her little hand around my cock. She smiled at me, and asked if that was right. I then reached down, taking holding her hand on my cock, and started stroking it and looking at each other, I told her, “That’s it, not to hard,” as she continued rubbing my cock.

She was learning and I could tell she wasn’t as nervous anymore to the point that she let me finger her pussy. I wanted to move a little faster, and sitting up briefly, I took off my underwear and threw them off the bed. Looking at her, I decided to try to take her panties off too, but she was reluctant, putting her hands down, blocking me. She did eventually let me take them off, and as I took them all the way off, I casually checked her out as I threw her panties off the bed. She only had a small amount of hair on her plump little mound that she seemed to keep nicely trimmed.

As I went back to kissing her, I brushed my hand against her pussy, and as I spread her leg a little, our eyes briefly met as I gently started to rub and finger her pussy. This caused her to quickly leaned up on her elbows and smiling at me, she watched me continue to touch her pussy. Eventually, I laid back down with her and we kissed again, but all I could think about was being inside her.

I again kissed her neck and gradually worked my way back down her body, past her boobs until I was kissing her stomach. I spread her legs and reaching her mound, I kissed her. Looking up at her to see her watching me, I started to finger and kiss on her pussy. She spread her legs and as I spread the lips of her pussy, I stuck my tongue in her. She tensed up and I heard her gasp slightly. I had her bend her knees as I continued to eat her pussy.

She was so wet and my dick was so hard, and I wanted to be in her. She started to squirm a little and when she started to squeeze my head between her legs, I knew she was close to getting off. Suddenly, Hope’s body started to shake a little and as I continued to eat her pussy, she reached down, pushing my head and told me to stop. She had cum, and I think it was probably her first time experiencing it too. I stopped and moved up wanting to be in her. She was breathing hard and as I pushed my cock against her pussy, she gasped as our lips met, and then said, “No, don’t.”

Her eyes got big as she pushed me away, but I wanted her to let me do it. I asked her if she was on the pill and not understanding she asked, “What’s that?”

I again asked, Are you on any birth control.”

She shook her head no and as we looked at each other, I told her, “Relax, everything will be okay,” but she was obviously afraid but when I asked her if she wanted to stop, we looked at each other and she said, “I want to do it, I’m just scared.”

I tried to reassure her by telling her again, “It’ll be okay,” and as we kissed, she nodded her head.

I knew I shouldn’t cum in her but also thought maybe it would be okay, just once. I reached down, taking hold of my cock, and gently tried to work it into her, making sure to go slow as I trying to guided it in her. As I pushed into her, she continued to gently push me away, telling me to go slow. She was so tight and as I kissed her I gently tried to wiggle my cock as I pushed into her. I was only in her part way when she pushed on me hard and told me to stop, and as I stopped, I could see she was uncomfortable, wincing and squirming. I realizing it must be hurting, so I pulled out a little, but kept it right there against her pussy.

She was obviously still scared, and pausing I told her, try to relax, it’ll be okay,” and as she continued to try to wiggle free, I tried to hold her, stopping her from moving so much.

Kissing her said, “If you don’t want to do it, it’s ok,” but deep down it really wasn’t okay, I wanted to be in her.

She stopped moving and after a short pause, she nodded her head, and smiling back at her, I told her to try to relax, and told her to tell me if it hurts, and continued by saying, “Let me know and I’ll stop.”

I really wanted to feel inside her, and when she said, “Okay,” nodding her head again, I took hold of my cock again, and gently slid it up and down her slit. She was so wet and I wanted this; I didn’t want it hurt, I wanted to fuck her.

Hope now seemed to be a little aroused as I moved my cock around, playing with my cock in her wet opening. I gently tried to slowly guide my cock in her tight little pussy as she continued to squirmed. I slowly kept trying to penetrate and as I went in, she took a deep breath and continually nodded her head. I leaned forward kissing her, trying to be careful.

It was obvious that she had never done this before and she was so tight; I had to be careful, I didn’t want it to hurt. I tried to push into her a little more and I could feel she was tensing up and wincing a little, so I stopped and told her to relax. She continued to nod her head as I slowly tried to push my cock in just a little at a time, gently trying to work my cock all the way in her.

It felt so good, she was so tight, and the few times when she gasped and reached up pushing me away saying, “Stop!” I did, and every time she told me to stop, I worried that she would make me stop for good. However, when she was okay, she simply leaned up, kissing me and told me she was okay. I tried to reassure her again by saying, “Relax,” and as I pushed into her a little more, she continued to nod her head.

I was all the way in her now and I thought to myself, “Oh, that feels so good.”

I gradually started moving my cock in and out of her and because she was so tight, I had to be make her uncomfortable or make her feel any pain. I tried to work my cock a little deeper each time and whenever Hope started to squirm and push on me I knew I had to stop, but whenever I did stop, I asked if she was okay.

I didn’t want it to hurt, being it was her first time, and when she stopped pushing me to stop and nodded, I tried to move my cock in and out of her again. I wanted to cum and she was so tight, I didn’t want her to make me stop, not again. I was fucking her now, moving my cock in and out of her a little faster and faster, but I still tried to be careful not to hurt her.

It felt so good and I was close to cumming, but I could tell by her face that she was in some pain. I tried to kiss her, as I continued to slowly move my cock in and out of her. I was scared she was going to make me stop, but suddenly, she told me to stop, and as she tried to push me away, I could feel her body quivering.

“What was happening,” I thought.

Hope was out of breath and as she tensed up, I realized she had cum. She was probably feeling a little confused as to what had happened, but it was obvious that she had an orgasm.

I too was a little out of breath and as I started to take my cock out of her thinking it was over, I asked, “Are you okay.” She simply said, “Stop.” I was confused, but she nodded her head, and out of breath, she pulled me closer, and whispered, “I’m okay.”

She was noticeably wetter and her body was still reeling a little bit, so I leaned forward kissing her and again tried to reassure her that it would be okay and to not worry.

I again asked, “Are you okay?”

She shyly smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’m okay.”

I asked, “Are you sure?”

She nodded her head and kissed me.

I told her to relax, and out of breath, she again nodded her head as I slowly tried to push my cock back in her. She was still so tight and even though she pushed on me a little this time, my cock seemed to slip back in her much easier, which caused her to gasp. I again stopped and ask her if she was okay. When she again nodded she was okay, I kissed her, and slowly started to move my cock in and out of her. She was very wet but still felt so tight and I didn’t want her to stop me this time, so I went slow but eventually my thrusts became faster and shorter, wanting to cum. She started to squirm a little and it wasn’t long before I was close to cumming. I kept thrusting in and out of her deeper and longer; I needed to cum. and as my breathing became more labored, I softly told Hope, “I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t understand and after a pause she promptly said, “What?!”

I again told her, “I’m going to cum.”

I kept trying to fuck her, I needed to cum and when Hope realized what was happening, she tried to wiggle free and repeatedly pushed on me asking me to stop, but it was to late.

I was cumming inside her and as I held her down, my cock continue to jerk as cum spilled inside her. Hope was about to cry and as she continued to try to push me away, I moved my cock in and out briefly, but soon pulled out, and rolled off her.

Cum immediately started to ooze out of her, and when she reached down feeling it, I could see she was visibly upset. I didn’t know how to tell her, I had cum in her and at first, I don’t think she really understood what had happened.

Hope could obviously feel and see something was draining out of her, and when she finally realizing I had cum in her, she seemed to become more upset. Hope quickly looked over at me and as she sat up, she showed me the cum on her fingers and asked, “What it was,” and then said, “You came in me, didn’t you.”

Hope had a scared look as she continued to reach down touching the cum that had seeped out.

I sat up and leaning over, I tried to give her a hug, but she immediately pushed me away saying, “I didn’t want you to do that!”

I said, “I’m sorry” as she continued to finger herself, drawing more cum to drained out. She seemed to became even more upset and scared, and again I tried to give her a hug, holding her and trying to make her feel more at ease, and said, “It’ll be okay, don’t worry,” but she immediately said, “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I didn’t want her to get pregnant either, but I continued to try to hold her, consoling her, but she knelt on the bed, she spread her legs, continued to try to work as much cum out as she could. I wanted to fuck her again but knew she was way to shanked as I watched cum drip from her pussy onto the bed. Hope to panic and as I knelt next to her I rubbed her back, continuing to try to console her.

She was on the verge of crying I think and so I suggested that we should go take a shower. Hope pushed me away, very upset, got off the bed, and walked into the bathroom. As I tried to follow her, she looked at me and said, “I want to take one by myself.”

I went back over to the bed and sat there very nervous and listened to her turned on the water and close the shower door. She was in there for what seemed like a eternity and when I heard her turn off the water, I waited impatiently for her return.

It had felt so good and I wanted her to know everything would be okay, but hearing her open the door, I stood up as she emerge from the bathroom. She was wrapped in a towel and as she walked toward the bed, she was still visible shaken as she sat on the bed. I sat next to her and asked if she was doing okay, and she nodding her head. We didn’t say anything for a little bit and when I asked, “Do you want me to take you home?” There was a slight pause but she shock her head and said, “No.”

I gave her a hug and kissed her on the head and we sat there embracing each other. I again tried to tell her that everything would be okay, and nodding her head she told me, “ I think I got it all out.” This I feel seemed to make her feel a little more relaxed, but not truly understand that there was still some cum in her.

After a lull in conversation, I hugged her again and asked if she wanted to get in bed? She nodded and Hope got in bed still wearing the towel, and moving into the middle of the bed, pulled the covers over her. I quickly went to the other side, and climbing in, i moved over beside her. We held each other, tangling our legs, getting as close as possible as we kissed.

Eventually, we fell asleep in each other’s arms for a little bit, but needing to pee, I woke up, and went to the bathroom. When I returned, Hope was awake and asked me where I went. I told her I just needed to pee as I climbed back in bed. Immediately, Hope inched closer to me and I could feel her trying to grope for my crotch in the dark as I lay next to her.

As we kissed I said, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

She nodded and as we kissed, I leaned into her, wrapping my leg over her legs, and grinding my cock against her, wanting to do it again, but we ended up just messed around for a little while before falling back asleep again.

Later that night, I woke up to her feeling on my cock, which caused me to look at her and ask, “Whatchya doin?”

I was hard and as I rolled to lay on my back, Hope lifted the covers slightly and climbed on top of me. Hope was obviously excited and as she leaned forward kissing me, I fingered her little pussy from behind and then tried to guide my cock in her again. She eagerly pushed back, slowly forcing my cock into her wet little pussy. Hope started moving up and down on my cock, trying to get herself off, and it felt so good, I wanted to cum and being able to feel on her boobs at the same time was hot.

Hope eventually started grinding more and she did eventually cum, but I continued to try to keep her moving, wanting to cum too. She eventually realized what I was trying to do and immediately told me to stop and rolled off of me.

It didn’t take long before my cock went limp after slipping out of her, and as we laid together, I could see it was already early morning and I knew I needed to get her home. I suggested that Hope go clean up a little in the bathroom before we leave, and as she did, I tried to clean up a little too.

After we got dressed, we soon soon left. We did end up stopping at a fast food restaurant to get something to eat along the way and before I dropped her off down the street from her house, we kissed and Hope told me she had a good time. I smiled, acknowledging her, and gave her a hug before she got out of the car. As she closed the door, and started down the street, she waved and blow me a kiss.

I watched as see continued down the street toward her house and when she looked back, I waved, and then pulled away, heading for home. All the way home, I thought about what we had just done and worried if she might actually become pregnant. I didn’t hear from her for awhile and never again had the opportunity to be with her, but Hope did visit the school where I worked a few other times, and we did speak to each other, and make eyes at each other, but we never would hook up again.

I still fantasize about her and remembering the time we got to spend together just like it was yesterday. Whenever, I find myself thinking about Hope, I usually end up masturbating, and wish that Hope would again want to be with me.


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