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After moving in with his girlfriend a man finds out that she has a young and wild daughter. He sets out to tame her and make her his slut
No Angel (1)

“Fuck off you bastard” She screamed as she slammed the door and ran up to her room.

She being Kate, my stepdaughter. I had met her mum one night in a pub and came home with her. We fucked so hard and for so long that I had fallen asleep. When I finally woke up and got home my wife had locked me out of the house. So end of marriage. It was over anyway bar the shouting so after the initial shouting match we settled things amicably. The house was put up for sale and as I was still having great sex with Anne I moved in with her till something better came along.

I had been living with her for two weeks when I found out that she had a 13 year old daughter. It was at this time I found out that Anne was actually 12 years older then me which came as quite a shock as she didn’t really look it. But then I was a rampant 26 year old guy getting the best sex ever.

Kate hated me at first sight. It seemed that after a long legal fight her father had given her to her mother. Mainly because she was so unruly she was making him lose time at work and she was constantly getting into trouble.

When she first moved in with us she was constantly getting into trouble. Always stomping around the house and continually tried to keep me and her mum apart. But I am one stubborn sod. And like I said rampant. Luckily for me Ann loved sex, she loved just being bent over and fucked and made to suck my cock. She knew how to please a guy and knew that to keep me she had to keep me pleased. I never pretended with her. She knew I was not going to be a permanent fixture so was determined to do whatever it took to keep me as long as possible.

One night I was sitting half naked on the settee while Anne gave me a blow job and Kate walked into the room. Anne didn’t hear her and just kept sucking. I looked Kate in the face and smiled then pulled Anne’s head up till my cock flipped out of her mouth. I think Kate was impressed with my throbbing 9” as she glared at it for a moment and then ran back to her room. I rammed my cock back into Anne’s mouth and blew my load in seconds.

After that I did my best to let Kate know if me and her mum were fucking. It wasn’t difficult as Anne was pretty loud when she came. Kate caught us a couple of times doing doggy in the lounge and I had got into the habit of leaving the bedroom door ajar when we went to bed. I was sure I saw her shadow a few times listening. Initially this was done just to annoy Kate but then it was done to turn her on. It certainly turned me on.

I had been living with Anne for a year. I didn’t work because I didn’t need to. I had got a good settlement from selling the house and had invested it in my brothers business so got a frugal income from that. Also Anne had a good job working with a holiday company which meant Kate needed to be looked after. Not that Kate let me, but I did become a house husband. I did all the housework including the laundry and cooking the meals so it worked out well for all of us. Except of course for Kate. Who wanted me gone.

Finally I said to Anne, “We need to do something about Kate or she is going to get into some serious trouble.”

“I know but she doesn’t take any notice of me.”

“Well I could take control if you want me to, but I will need you to back me completely.”

“Well we have tried everything so I suppose it would be for the best.”

And that brings us up to date. I have just told her that at fourteen years old she should not be out later than 9pm. To which she laughed, So I took her out into the shed and showed her a filthy mattress and a dirty blanket on the floor.

“If you are one minute late this is where you will sleep. I will not open the door and if you make a noise, I will call the police and tell them there is a burglar in my garden and you will be arrested.” I said smiling. “Up to you.”

Anyway we had the usual you cant do this, and my mum that, to which her mum said. “You will do as you are told.”

Kate didn’t know it but I had nephews in the area where she hung out at night so I had been getting regular reports on her. It seems that she had a big mouth, was full of bravado and little action. Boys could grope her tits but never got much further as she had a vicious temper if she was pushed. Mind you I could understand the boys wanting to play with her tits as at age fourteen she had a nice firm 34” bust. Probably hand reared as we used to say.

So now she knew I was in charge. And as expected she didn’t come home at 9pm, she didn’t get into the house either. She did crash and bang on the door but I just called through to her that I was going to call the police, so she stopped.

The following morning she walked into the kitchen as her mother got up. She didn’t say anything to Anne, probably because she was so cold. She just grabbed a quick cup of tea and as it was Saturday, went to bed. I made Anne her toast and then she went off to work. I sorted through Kate’s laundry basket and found what I was looking for. An hour later I put the radio on loud enough to get her up. Then I sat in the kitchen waiting.

“Did you have to play it so loud.” She moaned, “I’ve been up all fucking night you cunt.”

“Finished?” I asked

“Fuck off.”

“Swear at me again and I will give you a good hiding.”

“Yeah like fuck you will.”

She wasn’t quick enough. I grabbed her arm and threw her across my lap and managed to get three heavy smacks on her arse before she wriggled onto the floor.

“You bastard.” She screamed putting the table between me and her, “I’m telling mum.”

“You can tell whoever the fuck you like but if you ever swear at me again I will punish you.”

“Yeah only if you can catch me.”

“I don’t need to catch you.” I smiled, holding up three sets of her underwear, “For your actions up to and including today I will fine you these. And I have no doubt in time you will not have any underwear to put on so lets see how that makes you feel shall we.”

“You fucking perv.” She said glaring at me, “Give them back.”

“This is how it is going to work.” I said, “Every time you swear or misbehave I will remove one set of clothes, be it underwear or jeans and top or whatever. Sooner or later you will either behave or you will be naked. You will have to ask for your clothing back and prove to me that you need said clothing.”

“What do you mean prove I need it?”

“Well if you say to me you need a bra and knickers you will have to show me that your tits and cunt are uncovered.”

“You filthy fucking perv. I’m telling mum.”

“Well you can either show me or you can suck my cock. You know like your mum was that night.”

I was quite surprised at her response to that as she just went bright red and stormed off upstairs. I had no idea how many sets of underwear she had but I knew I would have them all before long. Regardless of how she behaved.

For the next couple of days she was pretty quiet. She went to school, came straight home and then went to her room. Came down for dinner and then back to her room. But I knew it wouldn’t last. The fourth day and she went out straight after dinner and was still out at 9 pm. When she did get home at 10.45 of course the door was locked. She was full of apologies and ‘I didn’t mean it’ and a load of other excuses but I never let her in. Apart from anything else it was spring and not cold so she could suffer. She came round the back to the kitchen window and by now she was calling me names and all sorts of other rubbish so as she looked in the window I held up her favourite denims and sliced through them with a pair of scissors. Her hands flew to her face and tears streamed down her cheeks while all the time name calling. I dropped the denims to the floor and smiled. She gave me the middle finger and ran off, I assumed to the shed. In fact I had not destroyed the denims but turned them into a very sexy pair of thigh cut shorts.

The following morning, as previously she walked in when I got up to make Anne’s breakfast. “I didn’t mean to be late. Rick lied to me about the time.”

“It’s your responsibility to get home on time. Not Rick’s.” I said quietly, “I will get you a watch. And if you behave I will get you a mobile phone. But like everything else you have to earn it.”

“What?” She said sharply, “By giving you a blow job.”

“I beg your pardon miss.” Anne said angrily from the doorway, “How dare you use such language. All Mike has tried to do is help you and all you can do is speak like a whore. Go to your room.”

I am not sure if Kate was angry at herself, or me, or for being caught by her mum. But she crashed her way upstairs and slammed her bedroom door so hard I thought it had come off it’s hinges.

“I don’t know where she gets such language from.” Kate said. “I blame her father and his slut for doing this to her.”

“Well it’s not the first time she has said such things to me.” I said, putting my arms round her.

“It shows that she is desperate. She hates being told what to do, and it shows that whatever your doing to get her under control is working.”

“Well you know I am only doing what I think is best for her and her future.” I said, “But it does concern me that she can imagine such things. You don‘t think she has a crush on me do you?”

“I hadn’t thought of that.” She said, “Maybe she see’s you as someone to look up to and hates it because your not her father. So she tries to denegrate you to herself. I have to go. We will talk later.” She grabbed a piece of toast, took a quick slurp of her coffee and went happily off to work. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was as shocked as Kate to see Anne at the door. But it all worked out thankfully and I had now cemented my control over Kate. I knew now that whatever she might say to Anne it wouldn’t matter.

I should have made Kate go to school but instead I rang the school and told them she was unwell. They were pretty used to Kate not attending so it wasn’t a problem. It was now time to start phase two of my path to making Kate my personal little whore.

When Kate finally got up I was dressed in shorts and T shirt. She was dressed in a short skirt and thin top, mainly because she didn’t have much else to choose from. I had been very select in confiscating her clothes and she now only had skirts and shorts left with several thin tops to choose from. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat opposite me silently as I read a book. If she looked, and I am sure she did, she could see the outline of my cock through the shorts and as time went on she would see an erection but for now the outline would do.

“I need some clean underwear.” She said finally. “I have had these on for two days now.”

“Well you know what you need to do.” I said without taking my eyes from my book.

“Well I am not going to give you a blow job so you can go and fuck yourself.” Normally with a statement like that she would have shouted it and stormed off upstairs. This time she said it quietly and remained in her seat.

“I never said you had to give me a blow job Kate.” I said smiling, “I said if you need a clean bra you come down and show me your naked tits. If you need clean panties you show me your naked cunt.”

Like all women she hated the ‘C’ word and flushed. “I am not going to flash myself to you or anyone else.” She said. I could feel her getting angry.

“Well from what I have heard you not only flash your tits to the boys, you allow them to play with them while you wank them off. And all for a can of beer or a cigarette.” Which is what my spies had told me. “I at least am offering you clothing.”

“You’re a fucking lying perv.” She said as she stormed off.

I found it really hard to control my erection when she got angry. But I just smiled as she left. Now she had no underwear as she had just sworn the last set away. It took me two days to get my hands on her last bra and panties which I grabbed from her room when she went for a bath.

The following morning she came down in her bed shirt. “Where are my clothes?” She asked, already angry. Anne had already left for work and I was in the kitchen dressed in just a pair of shorts.

“You told me to fuck off the other day. That was your last set gone.”

“You can’t.” She moaned, “I have to go to school.”

“I know. But I gave you fair warning what would happen if you kept swearing at me.”

“But, but.” She stammered, “I, I cant got to school with no underwear on.”

I opened a drawer and took out a bra and panty set. I waved the bra in the air, “Show me your tits.” then I waved the panties, “Show me your cunt.” Then I waved them both. “Take that shirt off and get them both.”

“Go fuck yourself.” She said as she turned and went upstairs.

“You have five minutes before you have to leave for school.” I said. I could feel my cock rising. I hoped she would show me something before she went off to school but she didn’t. She came down dressed for school and much to my annoyance she was wearing a pair of black tights. But the thought of her being braless and pantyless really did give me a raging hard on. And I didn’t hide it from her either. She went bright red again and mumbled something as she left for school. Probably ‘perv’.

The bathroom door had a built in lock. I decided it was time for it to get broken so I took it apart and removed the mechanism. I then went through Kate’s drawers and removed all her tights and her shorts. The only clothes she had left now were skirts and thin low cut or button up tops. The next couple of days I made sure she knew I had a hard on when she walked around and this morning I waited for her to go into the bathroom before taking my stiff cock out as though I was going for a piss and walked into the bathroom.

The bathroom is not big. The toilet was only about three foot into the room so as I stepped in my erection was only about six inches from her face. Even though her head shot up her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock. Total silence for what seemed ages but was probably only three or four seconds. “Get out you fucking perv.” She said, eyes still glued.

“You should lock the door.” I replied without moving.

“I, I thought I did.”

“Obviously not.” I said softly as I backed out of the bathroom. I waited on the landing for her to appear and when she did she rushed past me with her eyes to the floor. It wasn’t the first time she had seen my cock as she had seen me fucking her mum but it was the first time she had seen it close up. I was determined that it would not be the last.

Anne and I were still fucking three or four times a week and I had started leaving the bedroom door wide open. A couple of times I had seen a shadow on the landing as we fucked and I am sure on more than one occasion I had heard a moan of pleasure. But that could just have been my over active imagination. Then the evening after I had walked into the bathroom it happened. I was fucking Anna as hard as I could and as usual she was screaming her head off when Kate stood in the doorway, watching. Dressed in a cami and shorts bedset. Her eyes were glazed and her arms by her side. As Anne collapsed I stood up and, with my cock in my hand, I slowly walked to the door. I had not come in Anne and my orgasm was soo close. I took Kate’s hand and wrapped around my cock. I used her hand for a couple of strokes then moved my hand away while Kate continued to wank my shaft, eyes fixed to my throbbing cock. After a few strokes I shot my load. It was powerful, so powerful the first spurt landed on the leg of her shorts. The second spurt landed on her lower leg. The touch on her skin must have brought her out of her daze as she took a sharp breath and dropped my hot rod and looked into my face. I smiled and walked over to the bed. I closed the I lifted Anne’s head and rammed my cock down her half conscious throat, releasing the rest of my juice as I looked at Kate. She seemd to come out of her daze and went to her room.

The following morning after Anne had gone to work I was sitting in the kitchen wondering what mood Kate would be in after the night before. She came into the kitchen still wearing her cami and shorts bed wear. She didn’t say a word but I could feel the tension so I stood up and moved in behind her. As I put my hands on her shoulders she took a sharp breath, but said nothing.

I moved in closer so my erection brushed her bum and still no response so I slid my hand over her shoulder to her chest. Her hand came up and rested on mine but still not a word. I moved down to her breast and her erect nipple. Another sharp breath, but still no objection so I moved my other hand to her other breast and lightly played with both her nipples as I brushed my erection harder against her. I slowly moved a hand down her stomach to her shorts and as there was still no objection slipped inside to feel her soft pubic hair.

Her hand came down and rested on mine. “We can’t.” She whispered, “Mum.”

“She wont mind.” I whispered in her ear.

She let out a long sigh and as I brushed her pussy lips she turned and buried her face in my chest. The temptation to just rip her shorts down and ram my cock into that downy cunt was almost overwhelming but I knew if I made that move she would stop me and I would never get this close again.

Instead I ran my hand over her buttocks, pulling her tight into me so she could feel my hard on. Slowly I pushed her shorts down till they fell to the floor and then gently pushed her back till she lay on the kitchen table. I gently kissed her stomach and pulled her legs up over my shoulder till I finally kissed her inner thighs.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned.

I licked lightly around her pussy and then softly brushed her pussy lips. She was soaked with arousal and her scent wafted up my nose, making me even harder. Then the final entry as my tongue slid into that sopping eager pussy.

Her top was now pushed right up to her chin and I glanced up to see her heaving breasts. My hand running over the nipples as her breathing came ever more erratic. I slipped a finger into her pussy as my tongue found her clit and she jumped slightly but didn’t object. Then using both hands I pushed both her legs up so that I could lick her puckered bum hole right up to her pussy. She was sighing and moaning with every touch now. I licked her anus again and then slid my tongue into that sensitive place then back to her pussy where I again slid a finger inside. Now I worked on her clit, finger fucking her and clit sucking together I soon had her squirming and moaning loudly. As I pushed my finger further inside I was surprised to feel her hymen. She was a virgin despite her reputation. This knowledge almost made me come on the spot. I took my finger from her pussy and replaced it with my thumb then I slid my finger into her shit hole.

The combination of finger thumb and tongue soon had her screaming towards orgasm. “Oh fuck.” She moaned, “What are you doing to me. We can’t do this.”

I was far too busy to answer. I kept driving her close and then letting her come down slightly. I moved to the side of the table, my fingers still working her pussy and anus. I turned her head and brushed my cock against her lips. Her eyes flew open, she shook her head. I brought her to the brink of her orgasm and then let it go again. Then I again brushed my cock against her lips. “If you want to come then you know what to do.” I said softly.

“Bastard.” She said as she took hold of my cock and slowly guided it between her lips. The sensation of those soft lips was almost too much but I held it back determined that she would swallow it all as I made her orgasm. It wasn’t the best blow job but it was enough to bring me to orgasm I held it off as long as I could but when I couldn’t take anymore I drove her over the edge. She was moaning and crying as best she could with my cock in her mouth. My hand holding her head in place, the vibrations from her mouth tipped me over the edge and I shot deep into her throat as she screamed at the peak of her shattering orgasm she lifted her entire body off the table and went rigid, her mouth screaming a silent scream. My spent cock slipped from her mouth and I kept playing with her clit for ages till finally her body came back to rest, twitching and shaking on the table.

I stepped back. Looking at her wonderful body as it came down to earth. I took my phone from the side and quietly took several photo’s. When she opened her eyes I was standing back from her with my arms crossed.

“Bastard.” She said rolling off the table and staggering upstairs.

I didn’t see Kate for the rest of the day but I did fuck Anne like I had never fucked her before. She was screaming and wailing so loudly I half expected the neighbour to knock on the door. I didn’t see Kate the following day either. As it was Sunday Anne went up to see her and Kate told her she wasn’t feeling too good and asked her to bring her up something to eat and drink.

Monday I just managed to catch her before she ran out the door. I handed her a pair of panties. “I think you may need these. Unless you prefer not to wear them anymore.” She gave me an embarrassed smile ignored the panties and went out the door. I was pretty sure she didn’t have any on. I went to her room and left them on her bed.

I had to go into town to do some shopping so I went into a lingerie shop and bought her a black set. Half cup bra, thong and suspenders. I also bought some black stockings and a couple of pairs of stay up stockings, also in black. These I left on her bed.

When she came home she went straight to her room. Coming down a few minutes later with the underwear in her hand she looked at me. “What do you think I am going to do with these?” She asked.

“Well I did say if you behaved I would get you some new underwear.” I said smiling, “I am a man of my word.”

“And what about these?” She asked waving the stockings.

“Well some women prefer stay ups and some suspenders.” I said in a matter of fact way. “Personally I would like to see you in either of them”

“In your dreams.” She said softly

“After Saturday I think it’s me in your dreams.” I said, “We must do it again soon.“ I smiled. She left without a word. Taking the underwear with her.

When I went to bed I gave Anne her fuck but it wasn’t what I wanted to I didn’t shoot my load. Sex with Anne was getting a bit boring now. I wanted more. Or to be precise I wanted Kate. As usual after sex Anne went straight to sleep. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then went downstairs and made some tea. Five minutes later I heard someone coming down the stairs. The door slowly opened and there stood Kate. Dressed in the black outfit I had bought her including suspenders and stockings. My cock jumped to immediate erection. I said nothing.

She stood in front of me and my eyes went up and down her wonderful young body. “You l…” I started to say.

“Shhhhh.” She said and put her finger to my lips. She hooked her fingers into my shorts and pulled them down. I lifted my butt so she could take them off me and then she sat between my legs. As my cock came free of the shorts it had jumped out towards her. She took it in her hand which could barely get round it and seemed to move it about so she could get a closer look. Then slowly she started to move her hand up and down, wanking me. Her other hand played with my swollen balls.

I wanted to touch her, say something, but I didn’t want to break the seeming trance we were both in. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feel of her, surprisingly, expert hands.

It surprised me how quickly she made me come and the fact that she knew when I was coming. It seems this fourteen year old had learned a lot from her time with the boys. “I’m coming.” I said, “Ugghh og yes nnnnnnnggggggg ahhhhhhhhhh.” I groaned as I felt my seed shoot from my balls right up the length of my cock and out into the world. Two, three, four huge jets and several small ones as she continued to rapidly stroke my cock. Finally as the last drop was drained from me I sighed, my body relaxing into the seat.

She went to move away but I grabbed her arm. “Right now. At this moment I want to fuck you so bad it hurts.” I said, “But I wont. Not till you ask me to.” I pulled her to me and ran my hands over her body. I nuzzled her breasts and slowly moved down. As I reached her pussy her legs shook so I stood up and lay her on the settee with her legs on floor. I slowly removed the black panties and then kissed her softly from ankle to inner thigh moving to her wet, puffy cunt lips. Her hands came to my head and pushed me in closer.

“Harder.” She moaned, “Make me come.” Urgency in her voice, or was it need.

Using all my skills with fingers tongue and her available holes I bit licked and sucked her to a violent orgasm. She grabbed a cushion and rammed it into her face while bucking into my face like a crazy horse till finally, she collapsed in a wrecked pile on the settee. I gave her time to recover then lightly kissed her on the lips and helped her get into bed with a final kiss on her pussy.

The following morning nobody would have known anything had happened, except Kate seemed a bit more jolly than usual. I went into town and bought her another set of lingerie. This time in cream with tan stockings and stay ups. In my head these were for everyday wear. I also bought her a thin cotton summer mini skirt, long enough to just hide the stocking tops if she wore them and a wrap around low cut top.

When Anne called her down for dinner she had the new outfit on. “You look nice.” Anne said, “I haven’t seen that outfit before.”

“I bought it for her.” I said, “As a reward for her recent good behaviour.” I could see she had the cream bra on and as I looked at her legs I could see she was also wearing the suspenders and tan stockings. I smiled at her and while she showed no obvious pleasure her eyes smiled back at me.

“You see what happens when you’re a good girl.” Anne said.

“Yes mum.” Kate said, “I am sorry I have been a problem but I will be a good girl in future.” She added, looking at me.

“That’s nice to hear my darling.” Anne said, “I have a surprise as well.”

“What’s that?” I asked as she had not mentioned anything to me.

“I have been asked to take control of one of our holiday sites for three months.” She said, “It seems the manager has been sacked for embezzlement and they need someone to go and sort things out and keep the site running till the end of the season.”

“Three months!” I gasped, “How is that going to work? Where is this site?”

“Well it’s in Norfolk. I will have my own caravan. A large one apparently and expense account so I thought as the school holidays start next week . We could have a paid family holiday.”

“Oh that would be great mum.” Kate said, excitedly.

“So when are you expected?” I asked

“Well I start next Monday but we can go on Saturday which will give me time to look around and find my feet.”

“Ok lets do it.” I said

“Oh god I don’t have any clothes.” Kate gasped.

“Don’t worry I will take you clothes shopping.” I said. “Its about time you had a decent wardrobe and we can have a look at mobile phones.”

I have to admit that I had never thought much about what Anne’s work. So I was surprised to find out that she was, it seemed , a trouble shooter for a large national holiday company, with holiday parks all over the country. Kate was totally excited. She told me that she hadn’t had a holiday in years and she was so looking forward to it. We went shopping for her clothes on Thursday and I made sure that she got clothes that I liked. Including two very small bikinis, several sexy tops, mini skirts and some really short shorts. Much to my surprise she said that she didn’t want any more underwear as she was happy with what she had. Especially as she didn’t wear underwear anymore except on special occasions. That last bit was said with a smile.

Once the clothes shopping was done we stopped for a coffee. “Now we need to talk about a mobile phone.” I said as we sat down at a corner table.

“Well if you think I am getting under the table and giving you a blow job your sadly mistaken.” she said.

“Don’t be silly.“ I said, “You are not going to want to sit with me or your mum the whole time we are on holiday so it would make sense if you could contact us. So, I will get you a pay and go phone. If you show me you can take care of it we will look into getting you a contract one. Ok?”

“Ok. That’s fair.” She said very business like. We got her a phone with lots of messages text and data and she was more than happy.

Midday Saturday we pulled into the holiday park and Anne asked me to join her as we went to the office. She disappeared for a moment then returned with a key. “This is our van for as long as we need it. But there is also a small flat upstairs that needs to be cleaned up before use which I will use if I am working really late. I don’t want to be coming home at 2 or 3 in the morning and waking you two up.”

“Oh ok.” I said, “Are we near the sea then?”

“Yes you have one of our best vans with a sea view.” She said handing me a site map. “As it’s a staff van there are no close neighbours. So some peace and quiet.”

“Ok.” I said, “I take it you have stuff to do so ring me when your free and we will go and settle in.” I gave her a kiss and joined Kate in the car.

Kate and I unpacked and got settled and then I made us a coffee. “Can we talk?” She asked as she sat down.

“Of course.” I said quietly.

“Well….” She started, “I’m, scared.”

“What of?”

“I enjoyed what we did the other night. But that’s it. It won‘t happen again. I….just sort of lost it. But your old, and your with mum.”

“Ok.” I said calmly.” I understand.” Which in a way I did but there was no way it was going to stop. This holiday was my perfect opportunity to turn her into my personal little slut and I fully intended doing just that.

At that moment the door opened and Anne walked in. “Sorry.” she said, ”That took longer than I thought. They are several staff short so I will be working tonight.”

“Ok hun.” I said. “We can look after ourselves I think. Will you be back late?”

“We cleaned up the flat so I will stay there tonight.” She said “But right now we can go and have some dinner as I have an hour free.”

“Ok mum.” Kate said, “Can we go clubbing after dinner?”

“If you behave yourself I don’t see why not. But not too late as I have had a long day driving.”

“Yes that’s cool.” Kate said, smiling.

“Good girl.” Anne smiled. “Curry night if any one is interested and it’s all free.” She said waving a staff pass card before handing it to Mike.

They went to the restaurant and for the next hour were just a family on holiday. Laughing and joking and making plans on what to do for the next few weeks. While the initial idea was a couple of weeks away. As they had the van till the end of the season, and no rush to get home till school started they left the end date open.

Once they had finished eating Anne went off to work while me and Kate visited the several bars and entertainment complexes as well as spending money on some slot machines which brought out the giggles in Kate when she won. At 10pm Mike said, “Ok lets go and have a drink then I think we should get home. We can start early in the morning and have a day in the pool or on the beach.”

“Oh must we?” Kate asked, disappointed.

“I’m afraid so. I’m bushed.” Which was in fact a lie. He was wide awake but was eager to get her back to the van as he fully intended fucking her brains out. Whether she wanted it or not.

They found a clubroom where they could at least reach the bar and Mike told Kate to find a seat while he got the drinks. He arrived at the table about ten minutes later with a half pint of beer for him and a coke for her.

“Can we have one more before we go.” She said, “Please.”

“Ok but then we have to go or you will be carrying me back.” I laughed.

He returned with the drinks which were soon finished and they started the walk home. As soon as they were in the fresh air the vodka that he had slipped into her cokes started to take effect. She wasn’t drunk but she was, shall we say relaxed. Which is exactly how I wanted her. I wanted her to know the moment my rampant cock slammed into her virgin cunt. It didn’t take long t et back to the van and by the time we did she was clinging to my arm with her head resting on my shoulder.

“I have had a really great time.” she said as I closed the van door.

“Well the night isn’t over yet.” I said. She had her back to me so moved forward and slid my hands up her sides to her breast. She leaned back on me

“Your being a naughty man.” She said, turning to face me. “I said we couldn’t do it anymore.” She was smiling and pushing hers crotch into me. I slid my hand down her back till I found the hem of her skirt, lifting it and brushing the flesh on her buttocks as I went. Her head shot and she gazed at me as I lowered my lips to hers. As we kissed I slid my hand round to brush her pussy, it was ward and wet. I had made up the bed in the lounge area before we went out, ready for just this moment. I shuffled her back until she lay down on the bed with her feet on the floor. Then I slid my hands up her legs, kissing them as I went higher and higher. She moaned.

I buried my face in her panty covered pussy and her hips rose to meet me. As I kissed and licked at that treasure spot, my hands undid the button on the side of her skirt and I pulled it down her legs bringing the panties with it. Then I worked on her naked pussy, licking and blowing and nipping at her clit. I drove her crazy.

“Oh god make me come.” She moaned, “Please I need it.”

My hands slid up her body and removed her top and then I worked round the back, undid her bra and threw it to the floor. I moved up her body and suckled on her nipples while my fingers worked their magic on her throbbing cunt. I was delirious now, knowing what was going to follow. Not letting up on her pussy for one moment I removed my shorts and shirt and then managed to push her full onto the bed.

Then I again moved up her body and sucked on her nipples while my fingers worked heavily on her swollen clit. My cock was at the entrance of her virgin hole waiting for the right moment. While I had been fingering her pussy I had been lubricating me erection with her juices. I knew the moment was close.

“Oh fuck,” She screamed, “Oh shit now, harder yes oooohhhhhhh fffuuuccckkkkkk….”

This is what I had been waiting for. I pushed my cock to her slit and as she peaked her orgasm I pushed it right in, passed her hymen and buried my rampant rod as deep as it would go. She almost screamed in shock but as I was humping her as hard as I could her orgasm reached new peaks, the moment passed and she was once again screaming and humping back up at me. If anyone could see my face at that point they would have thought I was insane. My eyes wide with a huge grin on my face leering at this whore screaming for more of my cock.

“Oh you bas…..fffuuukkkkk nnnnnnnn shit you fuuuuuck.”

She threw her arms round my neck and pulled me to her and that was the moment I let my orgasm loose. I pumped that bitch full of man juice, so much it was painful and still I pumped till finally, it came to a shattering end and I collapsed on top of her. I could feel her pussy gripping my semi erect cock as her orgasm drifted away.

“You bastard.” She said, still holding me close., “I hate you.” Her hold around my neck relaxed and lifted my head to look at her. To my amazement she was asleep.

I had waited too long for this moment to stop now. I was determined to make the most of it now as by morning she may never allow me near her again. I put her on her side and got off the bed. I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. My come leaking from her pussy and sliding my cock back in I got some great pics of me fucking her again. She moaned a few times and pushed back on me but her eyes remained closed.

I decided to take things as far as I could while she was this malleable so I started to tongue her anus, that delicate rosebud. Using her pussy juice I slid first one finger in and then slowly increased till I had three moving freely inside. She was responding now with soft moans and moving back on my fingers. I had put a jar of Vaseline behind a cushion before we went out. I took a dollop of this and put it on my cock and into her open shit hole then, with the phone on video mode I slowly slipped my hard cock into her. She stirred, moaned and pushed back onto me.

Slowly I started to fuck that dark place, lifting her leg up to her chest for deeper penetration and a better view. She was responding more and I saw her eyes open slightly before her hand came round and realised what was happening.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned, eyes wide open now, “Oh shit what are you doing.” Oooo slowly, not so hard. Fuck I can feel it in my stomach.”

I slowed down a bit until she started pushing back on me a bit faster so I speeded up. “You like that Kate?” I asked, “My big cock up your dirt box. Hmmm you like?”

“You bastard. Your gonna make me come again.” She said, “How, oh fuck, harder fuck me you shit fuck my dirty arse, oh yes fuck it fuck it bang that rod into meeeeeeee, aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeees.”

“You want my come up your arse don’t you eh you dirty whore?”

“Oh yes fill it, “She cried getting up onto her elbow so she could push back on harder, “ Fill my shitter up you cunt. Fill me up with your man juice you bastard.”

“Here it comes you fucking slut.” And I shot my seed into her raging arsehole. Spurt after spurt of the stuff till I couldn’t go any longer and I collapsed on her shaking body. Both of us breathing heavily. After a moment I pulled the quilt up and we curled up together and fell asleep.

I had only been asleep for what seemed a moment when I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and saw Anne looking down at us. “We were tight then?” She said smiling.

“Seems like it.” I said, looking at Kate as she slept. “A couple of objections as she had her orgasm but nothing other than that.”

Kate stirred and opened her eyes. “Oh fuck, mum.” She gasped, “Oh shit. I’m so sorry. I….I….I”

“Ssshhhh baby girl.” Anne said, sitting on the bed and brushing Kate’s face with her hand. “It was expected.”

“What do you mean expected?” Kate asked obviously confused.

“Mike told me about what has been going on. “Anne said, “We thought you just had a crush on him. But when you went down and gave him that blowjob last week we thought that maybe you really wanted more. So we agreed to let things take there own course.”

“But….but. He’s yours mum and I took him off you.” She said, “We….we did it last night. I did it. I didn’t even try to stop him.”

“Because you want him to do it And believe me you have not taken him off me. He is more than able of taking care of us both believe me.”

“What?” Kate said wide eyed, “You mean we can share him?”

“Why not?”

“Well, what if I want a boyfriend or another man or….oh I don’t know.”

“You are free to lead your life however you want.” I said, “But in the meantime your mum and I can teach you everything you want to know about life, and about sex of course. And I get two extremely attractive sexy cock suckers to play with.”

“Wow.” She said, “Really?” And she sat up in bed and threw her arms around her mum and their man.


2019-01-31 03:34:04
I enjoyed the story but couldn't understand why you would tell the story in the first person and moments later in the third person and then switch back again.
( “I’m afraid so. I’m bushed.” Which was in fact a lie. He was wide awake but was eager to get her back to the van as he fully intended fucking her brains out.)


2019-01-24 16:48:12
I want more of this, your best story yet.


2019-01-24 16:45:04
I want more of this, your best story yet.


2019-01-24 11:44:03
Good story but the ending could have been better.

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