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A hard day, a cold driving rain, a lonely figure and a night of chance.
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, characters, persons, alive or dead or beings of Earth or the multiverse, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. Unless, of course, I'm psychic, in which case this a work of non-fiction. But I highly doubt that, I'm not that attuned. I mean if I was, I’d have won Powerball by now and been able to afford creative writing classes and a proofreader.

Be forewarned, these writings, including this warning, may trigger some issue or issues that you have. Either by the language used or it’s content in general. If you are one to get bothered by every little thing, you have to make the decision now. You have two choices. One, you can decide, if you can be a mature adult about things and continue. Or Two, just close it now and step away from wherever the hell it is that you are reading this.


Chapter 4 : One Road Leads To Another

Our bodies relinquished themselves to quieter intimacies, as we puzzled together, in a post orgasmic paralysis. The heat had built up around us like an eiderdown, snug and cozy, against the chill of the night outside. The rain had stopped, I don’t know when, but somewhere in the night the torrent became an all but forgotten memory. It’s passing being briefly recalled by the occasional drips of water on the wooden deck and the breezes that whispered through the sparsely leafed tree limbs. The silence, that had settled around our little world, was soft and comfortable. Only the hums, that came to life from a spark of a random touch on an overly sensitive nerve, gave any rise of suspicion to our presence. Until questions came to mind, formed in the throat and drifted off the tongue.

"Are you okay?"

*”Yeah, I’m… hmm, I'm quite nice. I'm the one who should be asking you though. How are you holding up?”

"I’m good. I feel spent, but energized? Weird as that may sound. My butt burns a bit. But it's not bad. Almost nice even. Can you get up a sec though, I need to shift a little."

I pushed my self up, straining my limbs against the accumulated drain of all this day’s endeavors. She rolled under me and wriggled herself against the sheets, speading the wrinkles out into a comfy little nook. Her hand found my waist and I was nestled back down with an earnest, ushering touch. My head nuzzled into her neck. My body draped over hers, half on, half off, one arm stretched across her chest, our fingers interlaced in an intimate mingling. The sheen of our sex shimmered on her torso and curves. The flesh between us stirred through thoughts of their own. They wrestled themselves awake and snaked towards the other. Playing hide and seek. Without the hide. "These things are insatiable. Mine’s never been this active before. I don’t think, or maybe I just ignored it?"

*"You know how they say, if you put a lobster in a pot of cold water and slowly turn up the heat, you lull it to death?"


*"I think mines trying to do that to me with you."

"Ha, ha ha, ha." Tears ran down her face once more but this time they were jovial and light of heart. She snorted and I burst out in a similar revelry. Somehow it made kissing a sillier kind of fun. Our laughter faded, after a spell, giving way, once again, to the sounds of heartbeats and breath. We laid on that bed, snuggled in our afterglow. Our quiet became enthralled by the din of the life outside. The thrumming of frogs, the chittering of crickets, the rustle of leaves and the occasional mewing of a doe calling her fawn. A coyote howled, somewhere off in the distance as witting hands wandered wantonly on wanting flesh.

We corresponded our intentions with nibbles and licks and touches. Our words traced on sated parchment, by the light strokes of fingers and the gentle scribes of teeth and tongue, communicated something more than just desire.

She tensed from some contact between us, "Mmmmm" then wrapped herself around me and kissed me, one hand running through my hair, the other teasing my lower back. It was a slow passionate kiss. The kind that pulled the energy from deep in your core and settled it around you, isolating you from the world, in a completely unfocused hum.

I sucked on a nipple, her chest arched into me in return. I traced a line of sweat from her neck across her collar bone with my tongue and tracked it to the soft, fine hair under her arm. She writhed in her skin then settled, her hand cradled my head, delicately. I pushed my mouth to the tender flesh, where her arm met her ribs, and kissed at the bush and her sensitive pit. A vibration teased into me from a long, drawn moan of amorous submission. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Your tongue doesn't stop either, does it."

*"Shit. Sometimes I think it's more in control than my dick, or my brain." My appetite was whet, my energies rekindled. I raised myself up and off her, got out of bed and held out my hand. She took it tightly, rose up leisurely and stretched, willowy and calm. We walked to the bathroom, stopping to grab and grope not even half way there and again in the doorway.

I retrieved another candle from the closet and, while she got the shower running, lit it, turned off the light over the medicine chest, and placed the fluttering wax stick on the white marble vanity.

We washed each other quickly, and dried each other slowly.

She led me to the couch, sat me down and knelt between my legs, her hands spread them wider. She teased alive the sensorial nerves of my inner thigh with smooth, fluid rubs. She smiled as my cock bounced and stood, pleading for her touch. She stroked her palms up both its sides. Her lips traversed the space between us with a hunger. Those pale sensuous lips were soft and wet and hot as they surrounded me and slowly tasted up and down my shaft. Little moans escaped her lips, rippling through my rigid flesh.

*"Oh fuck Alex, your mouth is so hot."

She flicked her tongue across the nook at the bottom of my crown sending me through the roof. I pulled her closer and fucked into her, her throat constricted, her body tightened. I withdrew and pulled her head up.

*"Sorry bout that."

She just looked at me and smiled, her eyes glazed and started to water. "Don't be, I liked it. Would you, wanna cum in my mouth?"

*"Do you want me to?"

"Mmmmhmm." she said, with a little head nod and a shy grin.

*"Do you wanna cum in mine."

"Mmmhmm, if you want."

*"I think I could give it a try. I mean, I'm used to your taste, and I really, liked the way you felt in my mouth before. I don't know if you can make me come like that, but you'll get me real close."

"Well you gotta know, I could probably suck your cock to an orgasm."

*"You'd be the third one that did, and only the fourth time, ever."

"Huh? Oh no… I meant, MY orgasm, dummass. Sorry, that wasn’t nice."

*”Oh, my bad, show’s ya where my heads at. And, what exactly, are you sorry for? I miss something?”

“Calling you dummass.”

“Ha, don’t worry about that, I’ve been called worse, a lot worse, that’s, pet name tame.”

She smiled, “I guess you’re my dummass then.” She licked the head, then looked up at me with eyes squinted, “You really only had two?”

*"Yeah, only two people have made me cum like that, and only one of them twice."

"Well there's a challenge then."

*"Since, I like the way you do it, and seem to enjoy it, you’re welcome to try and probably succeed."

She returned to sucking my cock, pushing the limits of her gag reflex. Every time she came up for air, more streaks had moistened down her cheeks. Her eyes unmasked their bliss with a glossy gleam and half closed lids. She kissed her way up my stomach, stood up and stepped up on the couch. She put her feet on either side of my legs, her flesh inches from my nose. I tried to reach for a taste but she put her hand on my shoulder, keeping herself out of reach, then pushed me back and lowered herself slowly to her knees.

Her crotch ground into mine, her teeth grazed at my neck and shoulder. She refocused her attentions on my chest, blowing air across my left nipple, side to side, it stiffened and tingled. With her knees pressed to my side she forged her cock, slowly, into mine. She lowered her head to my chest and gave one of the little nubs a lick. I could feel the pathway’s fuse, spark and fire. It started on the tip of it, right at the point of contact between my nipple and her slick, teasing probe. It tunneled its way through my chest to my spine, not quite in the spine, a little closer to what the Tantrics call the core. It evolved and grew, traveling down through my diaphragm, passed my navel, into my sacral, down into that spot, right at the base of my sex.

*"Xiao meimei, fuck, you don’t know what you do to me"

She grabbed my shaft, stroking me tenderly with delicate efficiency, “Ō, zhè zhēn shì gè kuàilè de jìnzhǎn.” then gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and stood up.

"Hungry? I'm going to get some snacks."

It took a few seconds for the words to sink in. My body was bewildered and stunned by the sudden void of sensations and the abruptness of their finality. My mind, was elsewhere. Then, just as quick as that her question finaly registered in my mind and one hunger replaced another. *"Mmm, famished. And thirsty as hell."

I watched as she traipsed away. She stood up a little straighter and a little taller than when I first saw her on the road not four hours before. Four hours? Fuck had it only been that long? I’ve known people for months, and some, years, christ some people I've known most of my life that I didn’t feel this close to, or shared this much with. Her steps were a little bit livelier, almost skipping. Her posture strong, sure and sexier. *"You've got a great wiggle, you know that?"


She gave it a little sarcastic shake, even that was cute.

*"What, I'm completely serious. I really love the way it moves. Its fluid and graceful and every now and then, one cheek, rises up, and hangs there… it just sits there, proud and taunting, then, thumps back down and jiggles a little, it's, fuckin hot."

She grinned, red faced and strutted off into the kitchen. "Perv."

*"You seem to bring out the best in me."

I heard cabinet doors shutting and the distinct sound of ceramic plates touching down on stone, the refrigerator door swung open. "You like sausage?"

*"I like yours."

"Soppressata, dumass."

*"Love it, sweet cheeks."

I got up put a couple more pieces of wood in the stove then walked into the kitchen. She closed the refrigerator door and offered me a beer.

*"You know that means you're stuck with me a lot longer. Like I said, I don't drink or smoke and drive."



She pulled me in and kissed me with determination. She leaned back on the counter, pushed herself up and wrapped her legs around me like a corral. "Here." she said as she fed me a cracker with a layer of peppercorn cheese and a thin slice of that dried and seasoned meat. She opened the beers and put one to my lips. I took it and drank half in one shot, the coolness bit into my throat but it definitely quenched my thirst.

*"Aaah, fuck I needed that."

"Mmmm, Wow, it almosts tastes good when your dry and worn out and happy."

*”Nah, still tastes like crap, but it feels good when you're parched. I hope you're not too spent, I've still got plans for you."

"Umm, look down, I don't think you need to worry there." I didn't need to look, I could feel it, and mine, but I looked anyway. Her head was touching my head, at a delicate angle. Her shaft, full and stiff, rose away steadily from a nice light flaxen bush. It’s hairs, fine and wispy, curled in soft swirls around her and mingled in the darker shade of mine. I pushed into her a little bit tighter then spilled some beer down her cleavage. It flowed down toward her crotch. "Ahh shit, cold."

I pulled away and tasted it on her skin, making my way down her stomach, swallowing her fullness in one uncontrollable push. Her hairs tickled at my lips. I almost gagged but kept my motions steady, driving her deeper towards my throat. The mixture of hops and clean flesh was intoxicating. My eyes and mouth watered, she pulled me up to share the flavor.

We stayed like that a few minutes. Her legs were caressing the backs of my thighs as we fed each other, bullshitting about all kinds of things. We were nude, sex to sex, but we could have been just two people standing at a bar shooting the shit. It was comfortable and friendly. We ate, drank, and teased, enjoying each others company and warmth, a little more with every minute, that this play went on.

*”Sandy Alexandria, huh?”

“That’s my name. My parents wanted a first name that was ummm… ohhh brain freeze.”


“Yes. Thank you. Androgynous, my middle name was my Great Aunts, she helped raise my mom, when her mom got sick, they were always close, until she died. I was two.”

*”How old were you when yours died.”

“Fifteen...” Her forehead nestled into my nape and she went quiet.

*”If you don’t want to…”

“No, it’s okay.” I felt her arms tighten around me. “It’s nice to have someone know, nicer to have someone interested enough to tell.” She got that nearaway feel again. “Anyway, I told you I had problems, I had a couple surgeries, we visited a lot of hospitals. One day we took a trip to this hospital in Phoenix for some tests, by then I knew I was more girly. So we were going to see the options. I was getting an MRI They got into a car accident going for some food."

*”Shit, little one, that’s tough.”

“It was, still is sometimes, I miss them everyday.”

*”So what happened to you after?”

“Well I was put in foster care, for a week. That was a joyride." She shook her head, "A-holes. It's amazing how some people can leave a lasting impression on you in such a short timeframe. Anyway, my parents had good insurance and a decent will and an emancipation clause, so when the legal stuff was done I got a place sort of my own, with a caretaker that came around to check on me a couple times a week.”

*”Wow that’s… Wait, why did your parents have an emancipation clause for you? Isn't that usually when you want to break free of them?”

“Because doctors and bureaucrats and politicians can be devious. My parents had some run ins with people looking to do tests on me, for my benefit of course. I was like a genetic playground as far as they were concerned. They didn’t want anyone making me do anything or using me like a lab rat. So they had their lawyers draw stuff up, giving them limited power of attorney on an apartment for me, until I was sixteen, then only acting as guardian when signatures were needed until I was seventeen, then I was on my own.”

*"That was pretty insightful on their part."

"Yeah, I think they started it when I was eight then reworked it as I got older."

*”Why didn’t you get the surgery, doesn't sound like cash or willing doctors were a problem?”

“Can’t. There’s nerves and arteries that are way too bundled and twisted. They say I’d never walk again or worse.”

*“That sucks.”

“I used to think that, maybe not so much anymore.” She smiled shyly and kissed me soft.

*”And you were never tempted to test your fate?”

“Many times, but I can’t have kids, I’m sterile both ways, go figure, and they always made it sound like they were positive that I’d never walk, or that I’d have something else the matter if I did have the surgery, organ shut down and other things.”

*”I could only glean what that life was like. School must have sucked if anyone found out.”

“Yeah, we did move a couple of times because of it. Then I found a school that didn’t require on premise athletics, so that helped. When people in those other schools found out, like you said, they freaked for no reason.”

*”I can see that happening. You test their sense of normality and some people really can’t handle it. I learned a long time ago there is no normal, there are norms, but that’s just numbers, I mean you are normal for you. How a person is, is what should matter, not what they look like or how they appear. I can only guess the things they said or did when you cramped their style.”

“Yeah. I could handle the shitty comments and rudeness, mostly I’d just ignore them then go home and cry. But you know who the absolute worst were, to me?”

*”Boys that thought you were cute only to find out they liked someone with a dick? Cause I know that could fuck up their sense of sexuality or ego, I mean I could be one of em if you caught me at a more unrefined and lesser experienced age.”

“No, mostly they’d either ignore me or talk behind my back. It was the Justice Warriors.”

*”Really? I’d think you’d be their poster child.”

“Exactly. They never gave a damn about me. They just wanted to use me for a cause. They’d flaunt me with their fake friendliness and put more attention on me. I mean they barely talked to me before, but all of a sudden they’re my best friend and protector. It kind of hurt. College can be a very awakening time to the realities of stupidity and self righteousness.”

*”Yeah, seen some of their shit first hand. Hypocritical fucks if you ask me.”

“What do you mean?”

*”I was in the right place one night for the full on wrath of 'the great savior of all who are not, what WE think YOU to be'.”

“Come, let’s hit the couch. I wanna hear this.”

I turned and she held tight as I piggybacked her to the living room. I crouched and she settled into the cushions. I checked the fire and added more fuel, moved back to her side and sat. She moved herself, into much the same position we had been in before that first kiss, and snuggled. It was still dark but the stove-light cast a subtle glow across her skin. Her arms wrapped around me giving me that teddy bear feeling again.

*”Okay, so, I was in NYC getting some parts for an ice resurfacer. There was a ‘something something matters’ or ‘doesn’t matter’, ‘whatever rally’ and I ended up talking to this girl about what was going on. We started having a discussion about things. I corrected some of her facts, she corrected some of mine, then I was being screamed at by some, thing, being called a racist, a sexist, a homophobe. I tried ignoring her and kept talking to the other one, but this piece of shit wouldn’t even let her answer. She just kept getting between us and literally spitting her words at me.”

“What happened.”

*”I finally had enough, so I asked the first girl, who the racist was, me, or this thing that wouldn’t let her speak for herself because she was too stupid to carry a conversation. She looked at me, looked at the other one, took my hand and got us out of there, before it escalated. I think she might have actually saved me from getting hit. We split a pretzel, talked some more, and before she left, she thanked me.”

“For opening her eyes?”

*“For treating her like a human being, for listening, to her and how she saw things. I mean that’s pretty fucked up if someone is thanking you for debating with them, with respect. What kind of people do you hang around with, if that’s so uncommon it makes an impression on you? Enough of an impression that you feel a need to thank someone for it, anyways.”

“Did you… uhmm”

*”Sleep with her?”


*“Nah, I had to get back to work and she didn’t offer. She just gave me a hug, dropped her sign in the trash and walked away from the mess. There are a lot more people out there that are nice, moral, caring and strong than there are loudmouthed hateful assholes. They’re just the ones you can hear across town and see plastered on the news and the metube.”


*”Nope, metube, that’s all it is isn’t it? Just look at me, me, me. Most of the time if any one mentions someone else, it’s to further their cause, get more views and shine more light up their own ass.”

“Okay. Yeah I see that.”

*”And even there, there’s the good ones, people that just do their own thing, nice things, like teach you how to do stuff, or tell you stories they lived through, rather than, disguising their hate as justice and shoving it down your throat.”

“Yeah I learned a lot about crafting from a couple of them.”

*”And did you get the impression if they found out how you were born that they’d block you?”

“No. But I’m sure one or two would.”

*And you’d more than likely be right, sadly enough. But that’s the human condition isn’t it? I mean if you hadn’t moved, I’m pretty sure maybe in a few months, or a year or two, some of the kids in school would have seen you for you and liked you and wanted to be friends, despite the ridicule they’d get, or you’d get beat up or worse. I lived in some pretty shitty neighborhoods in my day and I always found a handful of good people, even in the worst of em.”

“I just… haven’t met many. And I guess with my past experiences I might have shied away from a few. You could be right. But we did move. So. We’ll never know.”

*”Look if you were my kid I’d have probably moved too. Your parents had a lot on their plate with getting you healthy. They didn’t need worrying about your safety to add to it and to your worries. I can sympathize with that whole ordeal, Sandy Alexandria.”

“You like my name don’t you.”

*”Yeah I do, It’s got a thing to it, it’s like a really bad name for a drag queen from the desert, but a really good one for a bad ass space chick from Tatooine.”

I paused for a second, expecting the worst, she was stroking me playfully again, so you can imagine where I expected to feel some hurt. The pain never came.

“Dumass.” Was all she said, before she hopped on my lap and bit my lip. She pulled me up, then jumped on me. “wanna go back to my bed again?”

*”I can think of no place I’d rather be, except maybe here right now.”

She smiled, dropped her gaze from my eyes to my lips, took my face in her hands, running her fingers through my beard and softly kissed me.

I scooped her up, she wrapped her limbs around me, and I walked us to the kitchen, never breaking our kiss. I grabbed a strawberry and some beer and put her back on the countertop. I popped the strawberry between my teeth, she took my lead and came in for a bite. Our faces stayed together as we licked the juices off each others lips and cheeks and chins.

*”So just out of curiosity, who, in the Thought-verse, would you like to sleep with if you could?”

“The thought-verse?”

*”Yes ma’am, the Thought-verse. I like to think that everything that’s ever been written or imagined has come from somewhere. I mean, c’mon, human beings are not smart enough to think up some of the stuff we’ve created or thought up on our own. I like to believe in a God and a Godess, because there is a masculinity and a femininty to life but I also like believing in science. I like to think that our ideas come to us because we tuned into the right wavelength and plucked that idea from the air it was encoded on. To me, those ideas didn’t come from laylines or rifts or even neurons firing away in just the right order. They came from the thought-verse, the one place that runs through all the universe, the multiverses and the dimensions, that divine intelligence that's always out there.” I casually pinched one of her nipples, her eyes widened and rolled up.

“Ummhmmmm. You are such a tease.”

*“Yeah I know.”

“So, like one big depository of thought.”

*”Sorta yeah, I mean if you think of God as an idea, you could make the case that he’s made up, just in our imagination but you could also make the case that many ideas have come to fruition, so maybe ideas come from a place of knowing, not a thought, but all thoughts, every thought, flowing around everywhere, through everything. And maybe something we think is a story is an actual reality from some other space.”

“Even if that space is just in our brains?”

*“Yes, even if that space is just in our brains. Who knows how many universes are in there that come to life and flicker off in a minute. So who would it be, out of all the stories or movies or whatever, who would you be with, if you were in their actual-verse, and why?”

“Hmm, I dunno,” She brushed the hair from my eyes to the side of my face. Her nose wrinkled in thought. “Sirius Black maybe, he just had an edginess to him but he was kind, hmmm, oh, Miller from the expanse. There’s just something about him too.”

She put her arms over my shoulders, gave me a quick peck and slowly lowered herself off the counter.

*"That’s it? Two old guys? I mean Sirius isn't a surprise but Miller too...” She took me by the hand and led me to her bed.

She laughed and her whole face went red, “Oh, right.” She laid me down with a push and climbed over so her body was directly over mine.

*“So there's gotta be someone else, someone younger maybe?”

She kissed me and ran her hands over my chest and stomach. “There’s not many I thought about, really. Luke Skywalker was one of my first ventures down the road to awareness but mostly I just like to feel,,, it. Okay, don’t judge, but I once had a dream of Major, from Ghost In The Shell and I woke up... well...”

*“Motoko? Really? The anime or the live action?”

“The anime of course.”

*”You really are a geek aren’t you?”

“Mmmhmm.” She nodded and smiled, “How about you?”

“Easy, Luna Lovegood, Jack from Mass Effect, Chiana from Farscape, Leah, Major the anime, and Ultraviolet Songsshallbesung or whatever her name was.”

“Song Jat Shariff. And wow, that’s a list, and you’re talking about me being a geek. Why?”

*”Judge not lest ye be judged, I never denied being a geek. I love action scifi, fantasy anything with decent characters. And what the hell is not to love about fighting with or against dragons? We fight em everyday. So, Why the list or why the characters?”

“The characters. Why Luna?”

*"Individuality, strength, loyalty, determination, selflessness. She never left her friends in danger. She was stoic in the face of pain and suffering. I mean you just know she was tortured and probably worse in Malfoy Manor but she was still herself, polite and kind when Harry and Ron showed up. She knew herself, didn't give a crap how people saw her or thought about her. She had this mode she went into, that came across as spacey, but seemed actually to be a shield, and she NEVER hid behind a guy when the going got tough. She never got angry, but she could get loud to help stupid asses see something she knew would help. She just is, equal, and herself, and if you didn't treat her as such, then you were the lesser for it. She is in my opinion one of the best female literary characters ever written into existence. She’s the wizards equivalent to the spacefarer’s Leah."

"You know you're right, you never did see her bitch about anything. She'd just take care of it, or brush it off as an inconvenience. And I can see that being a shield, kind of just phase it out."

*"Same reason I like Major, but she's a construct, so the fear of death and pain is minimal, so she has an advantage."

"Yeah, Motoko is all calm, attitude and sensuality, and kick... ass-edness." She kissed my chest and teased at the sensitive spot on my neck. Taking her time working me up. I was hers to enjoy and she knew it, she was mine to please and she knew that too.

*”So! You think you're ready to play inside me?”

“Mmmhmm, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to what it feels like. I just hope I can make you feel the way you made me feel. I really want you to enjoy it too.”

*"Look, I know sometimes that, that, can reach apogee quickly, if that's the case just go with it and stay inside me. I also know how fast it can recover, given the right motivation."

"Well considering I've had three already I might last a bit."

*"Little One, I've had sex, granted not in a long while, but, I know how to control myself, to some degree and, it took every thing I had not to blow my load while you were washing me, never mind when my cock was just probing that cute little ass of yours."

"How can I do that, what's the trick?" The words were softer than her blush.

*"The trick? You gotta find the tricks yourself.” I brushed the hair from her face and held her chin in my hand. *" But don’t worry yourself over anything with me, just be slow, enjoy and we’ll both have fun. We'll talk dirty and tease, then we'll go again, and again, and again if need be."

"But I want to make you cum."

*"I know that's why I'm having so much fun. Besides, you already have. Twice. Three more and you tie a record for one night. I've already had the most fun and some of the best sex in my life. The shower orgasm, was intense, maybe the most intense, physically, I've ever felt. The one in your bed wasn't too far behind."


I had a chuckle myself.

*"Look, I don't care if you ever make me cum fucking my ass. What I do know is, I have an opportunity, to experience something, new. I'm not talking just physically, but mentally. I want to know the feeling of surrendering to some else's desires and motions. I want to know the trust that someone needs to let someone else inside them. You gave that to me, I can and want to return that to you. So just enjoy it. And if I enjoy the act or atleast can deal with it, and you don't hurt me, well then, my ass is yours, whenever, right now it's that mentality I want to experience."

She kissed me softly, one hand tenderly on my side, one on my face. "My turn to fuck you like a princess then." She teased.

*"A slutty one I hope."

"Nh nn. I'm going to fuck you like a fairy tale princess and turn you into a slutty one."

*"Shit sister, you turned me slut in the shower, that jobs been complete for a while."

"Roll over."

*"Yes, ma'am." I rolled face down to the comforter and felt her press into me. *"Okay, but when I'm ready for you to be in me, I'm rolling onto my back. I want to wrap myself around you while you fuck me, I want to be lost in those eyes when you cum."

"I like wrapping around you too. You feel very nice between my thighs."

*"I’ll keep that in mind. For now just explore, endure and enjoy, I get the feeling I will too."

I felt a stiff heat fill the gap as she lowered herself on my upper legs. It was thick enough to be a little menacing, yet warm and teasing. My brain was taunting me with visions of pain. My heart was pumping a little harder. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on breathing and relaxing.

She pushed her fingers and palms into my back and shoulders, her shaft moved up and back within the crack of my ass. The friction became familiar, bewitching and wanted. Her hardness and sensuality were enticing. My muscles relaxed and puckered, gauging her width and it's ability to stretch for her. It was offering her invitation, signaling my trust and readiness and want.

"I see what you mean by rocks and bad roads now."

*"Yeah just a little bit of stress and overwork."

The tension in my body gave way to her kneading as her fingers deftly massaged the knots out of me. My hunger was growing from that same precision touch, the feel of her fingers pressing in my skin and the desires she held back that gave themselves away in sound. Slowly and deliberately she rubbed, and squeezed, and coaxed my senses towards pleasure as she kissed my shoulders, or nibbled my ear. Whispering how I felt and how bad she wanted me to feel myself around her. My brain was getting heady with desire, my body was consumed by the thoughts of the experience it knew was coming.

She kissed my neck as long rhythmic strokes pushed and pulled along me, steeling my cock. It grew uncomfortable between the weight of our bodies and the still, warm bed grinding up against it. Her hands rested on the small of my back, massaging, pleasing. She drew back her legs, and slid away from me. My lower body rose unashamedly, straining to keep the contact.

I felt kisses down my spine, little light butterfly kisses that tickled and taunted and pumped my blood. *"Now who's the tease."

"You're a good teacher and I learn fast." I couldn't see her face but I could feel the look.

*"Cheeky cheeky bitch." I could feel the smile forming just under my ribcage.

Her hands massaged and fondled, relaxing me, then I felt a slight shifting in their intention. Attentive thumbs spread me gently with purpose. I felt hot breath and moist tongue playing on the strained muscles she was diligent upon. She licked and probed with it, every sense I had focused on a twinge, right there.

"This is so, naughty."

The candlelight danced, hypnotically, transfixing it's light on the pillows and headboard. My brain ran out of thought. Little electric pulses shot through me, from the spot where her tongue touched then up, from inside me, to the head of my throbbing sex. Even my nipples got tingly. My words came out guttural almost unrecognizable. *"Oh fuck, everything, good, fuck, love your tongue."

She just kept licking, echoing the noises coming from my chest. Her tongue left me, my body arched back and up looking for it. Every muscle in me went rigid as the cool of the mineral oil met the heat, that she had generated.

Pressure. A slow dull pushing intrusion. It spread me open as her thumb replaced her tongue and drove methodically into me, pushing steady and deep until I felt the full force of her hand press upon me. The world just fell the fuck away, with an overwhelmed surrender. She teased it in and out, in and out, rhythmically and urgently feeling out those buttons again and this time, knowing where to press, she had no problem driving me crazier.

"Oh this looks so fucking hot, your ass is sucking me in."

*"Fuck, That actually feels good in a very different way."

Slow short strokes became longer slower ones. She had my ass rising and falling in concession. My cock surged with delight at every scrape of the sheets on its overstretched skin. I started to roll underneath her, unabashed in my need and impatient in my urges.

She hesitantly pulled out her finger and rose a little, allowing me enough room to turn on my back. I pulled my legs back and wrapped them around the outside of her body. She lifted my ass and rested me on her upper legs. I adjusted my position so the head of her cock just pressed on the outer ring.

She put my knees over her shoulders and gripped my waist. Our movements were languid and sure and full of purpose.

I felt her bump up to me and tensed with desire and a bit of trepidation. Breathing in and out slowly, meditatively, I concentrated on relaxing, on trusting. My courage slowly took hold. I wriggled my ass over her cautiously, taking what I could then backing off, over and over. I reached behind my legs. My fear was gone, replaced by need and curiosity. I wrapped my hand around her, she was hard and hot, her arms were trembling.

I stroked her cock, keeping her hard, guiding her into me further. She was filling me up, spreading the ring inside, stretching me more with each nudge and pull. I rolled and pushed slowly, teasing myself to open more. She pulled back and pushed enticingly at the restriction.

My leg slipped to her neck. She kissed my calf and ankle and rode her tongue up my sole. I looked her in the eyes and pulled her to me as my legs wrapped behind her neck. She was at the gate, haunting me, a deep numbing pain pushed at me and wouldn’t let up. It was a fucking itch that wouldn't scratch and I needed it scratched.

My hands grabbed her waist and pulled her tighter, almost there, wait, wait, wait, one little...


It was a quick short release, but it felt like all the air left me in one tiny motion, pushing the sounds out of me with a coarse droning drawl. My eyes saw nothing but white and red, a high pitch rush filled my ears. *"Fuuuuuuck meeeeeeee." My mouth flew into hers in a vain attempt to muffle the sounds that wanted out. I did not, want her out.

The muscles at the entrance were burning, stretched and engulfed around her shaft. The heat rose up inside me and up along the vein of my cock, causing it to swell and stand off my skin. Precum oozed and seeped generously from the tip. The pearly elixir pooled on my stomach, its tiny threads refusing to release the hold on the head it just emerged from. It glistened in the illumination pulsing around us like a thin, translucent string of tiny, tiny pearls. The candles flame seemed to rise with my heat. The room melted and flowed with the white noise screaming in my brain. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry."

*"No sorry, I’m okay, I’m good. It wow, but it’s okay now, burns a little. But you know that already. I need more, but I think you know that too. Fuck me slow and no more sorry."

My insides tensed and pulled at her, wanting her deeper. I pulled her hips to me, she took the hint and slowly, steadily, sank herself in. Another inch, Another hurdle. She stopped, kissing me deeper, waiting for me to relax around her.

How much more could I take? It wasn't pain exactly, it was something else completely. It was a stirring? a connection? a fullness? All of it, it was a stirring, connected, wonderful, body trembling, fullness. My brain screamed, only to be silenced by another wave of nerve fire, stoked, as she filled me a little further and touched against another portal.

*"Slow, More."

A slow firm push, that second ring opened and sealed around the back of her crown. Another groan as she drove steadily forward and urged her way into me. Flesh touched flesh, she could go no further. Her clit pressed up to my tailbone, her stomach pressed into the skin and sinew, between the place she was inside and that which was once inside her. I was filled up and stretched out, almost to the point of uncomfortable, but the hours leading up to this, just fueled more desire than reservation. She leaned up to kiss me, her cock plundered deeper still.

My legs crossed tighter behind her neck as I pulled into her with my left hand and let my right grab a handful of breast and squeeze. She found my nipple and pinched, sending a welcome surge through me, right to the tip of my dick. My asshole throbbed with fucking need. She leaned in and started groaning in my ear, fucking me with long slow strokes. Her cock pressed on, in and out, steadily and hungrily, pushing me further. A raw energy began to build just inside me, right behind my balls, fucking it in and out, touching it, pressing it, feeding it. If I had doubts before, I didn't anymore. She would definitely make me cum like this. If not now I didn't care. And even if she never did, I knew I'd let her fuck me, anytime she desired. She was just the right fit and exactly the right being.

Her rhythm took a slow steady tempo, building up a little bit faster per measure, heading toward some spectacular crescendo. Uncontrollable sparks of pleasure fired in me around every inch of her.

"Oh not yet, no no just hold, not yet." A mantra, chanted under her breath, but louder than the sounds from me to my ears, willing her body to comply.

I wanted it, fuck, I needed her to fuck me and cum.

*"No. Don't hold back, let it go, cum fuck cum, feels, so, good, in, me. Cum in me, I want… feel, you cum."

Words came sporadic, sentences couldn't come to life. Parts of their sounds were lost in my throat, silenced by moans, animal grunts, gasps and lost syllables beseeching an amorous desire. I pinched her nipple and teased her back with feather light strokes and hard incentive gropes on the goose-bumped skin on her ass. She ground into me deeper, thrust, hesitated. I was pulling her in, she was pulling herself back. Her tongue so entrenched in my mouth I almost couldn't move mine, so I just sucked it.

"Fuck, cumming, oh oh, fuck." Her hips bucked once, twice, pumping her orgasm through me.

I could feel her twitch as she thrust deeper. She was cumming with every stroke, strong and passionate, rubbing against the places she had charged up and tormented to life.

Heat, oh the fucking heat, filling soothing, infuriating heat, drawing the fucks and carnal grunts from in me. Each throb brought a cool release from the friction but that heat it soon returned. Three times harder, four times, her pleasure flowed in me, again and again. She tensed rigid against my body one last time, thrust, froze, then collapsed in exhausted short breaths on my chest.

We laid there and struggled with the need for more air. I rolled my ass slowly teasing out half of her beautiful cock.

*"One more?"

"No! No! Fuck!" I rode my ass back up onto her as hard as I could brave. She shuddered hard, my eyes rolled back in my head. The ache screamed into me again, joining with the ache in my raging skin.

*"Too late."


*"nnnnnnnng You loved it."

Quickly, before my courage failed me, I pulled, waited, then one more thrust.

"Fuuuuck fuuk fuck fucker."

*"Oh fuk fuk fuk fuk damn fuhk. It just… it feels so good, so fucking, uncomfortably good."

Her head was on my chest, I could feel her breath across it. She drooled a little, her panting shallowed. My body started to tremble as little spots inside me fired off their scorching messages to my brain. Her heart beat, spike, my heartbeat, a numb throb around her still semi hard cock. Shivers, jolts for no reason, our heartbeats together, spasms through my whole body. I hushed air across her ear, feeling goosebumps rise on both our arms. *"Your cock feels wonderful inside me, I can't wait to feel it getting hard again."

"Fuck that was intense."

*"It still is."

"Thanks for this."

*"My pleasure, and thank you, I know this wasn't even a thought to you before. And that felt amazing, you are amazing. And thank you, for being as gentle, as you could be, under the circumstances." I sucked on her neck and started wiggling and grinding under her. Every spark went right passed go, to full on, need to be fucked.

*"I want you to fuck me more, I need you to fuck me more. I don't know if I'm miles away or so very close. But the way this feels now, I don't care."

I took her face in my hands and just stared. Goosebumps pushed the hairs on her arm to attention. She smiled a bright red and kissed me softly. I felt her starting to grow stronger again and she let out a low guttural acknowledgement of compliance. I groaned, hard and heavy, as she started to rock and her cock sprung to life in me, refilling me with heat and smooth wonderful hardness.

"You okay?"

*"I'm, a, mess, a fucking, awesome, mess. This, feels so good, you feel so good. Need you to fuck me, more, please."

She worked her cock in slow almost imperceptible strokes, willing it fully hard again. It grew in steady waves and pulses, pushing out and into me, stretching me back. She pulled it almost all the way out then started a long, slow, stroking, tempest inside me.

It was my turn now to give in.

She kissed me deep, her hands drifted up and down me, as her cock was driving in and out. She was fucking me good, too good, as deep and as urgently as she thought I could bear. She adjusted herself to press her body to mine and fucked me from head to toe, her stomach pressed the engorged flesh trapped between us. My core was on fire. My legs started to tremble, a hand curved up my ass, hitting every sensitive spot they could find on their way. Sparks and jolts ran through me. I shivered hard. She nibbled my neck and sighed. And the levee broke.

Not with a whimper and a slow rush, but a crack and a cascade of unnerving power. A flood rushed through me from the inside. From the head of her cock, down around that pumping, driving muscle, into my ass, into my balls, filling my shaft, and hesitating. *"I'm coming San, fuck your making..."

White, everything was white fire, translucent waves of it, everything white, everything, except those cosmic purple Alexandria eyes .

I felt the warmth spread across my chest and trickle down my ribs, as my cum flowed out of me, with taunting contractions. The full force of my body gripped her heat and squeezed in unison to the pulsations ripping through me. Pushing more of it out of me with an acknowledging noise.

My legs were pulling her in. My hands, deep in the contours of her back. She pulled down on my shoulders, driving into me harder. Her tongue was fire, relentlessly assaulting my mouth. She moaned loudly, her grunts matched mine as she thrust faster into me. The waves of ecstasy were overwhelming.

"Joe... I can't stop."

Her words entered my mouth reminding me to breath.

*"Don't stop, don't stop, cum in me, cum for me, deep fuhk fuuhuck, cum, cuuum with me."

"Can't stop, sorry shit, aaaaaaaaah shiiiit, Joe."

She thrust her cock into me again, over and over and over, my legs fell weak, opening me wider to her need. I could feel a cool trickle down the bottom of my ass. I wondered if it was hers or mine or both, mingling together.

Her abdomen pushed into my perineum, more sensations, more electricity. She thrust a couple more times, then spent, put her full weight, exhausted, against me, kissing my neck, my face, my forehead and lips, passionately and quick.

"One more."

My eyes went wide, she pulled out and drove back in.

*"Fucker.” and again, this time with no warning, her body tensed as she pushed in me. *"Fuck fucker."

Then I drove my ass up and around her.


*"Fuck fuck fuck." We melted into each others spent bodies, laughing and whimpering with every jolt and breath and twitch. *"Oh fuck."

"You okay?"

*"Shit, the heartbeats again, oh wow, fuck."

"Oh, yeah. Enjoy that."

There were four heartbeats that I could feel. One against my chest and one inside it. The other two pulsing lower, together, around her and within me, deep, deep within me. High pitched flashes radiated in a discordant harmony. Neurons fired and sparked with every thump, like liquid lightning inside my blood. I could feel mine pulse around her, gripping her tighter as it throbbed. Hers hit me more linear right through the vein of that wonderful cock. When they both fired together the intensity was unbearable. Every hair on me tingled in tiny, tense, spasms as each raw nerve detonated in sharp, precise waves of energy.

The thrumming slowed and ebbed with a timeless toying patience.

She put her head next to mine exhaled hard, squeezing me harder. And just... hmmmed.


4 Xiao meimei: Little Sister - from FireFly/Serenity: a Joss Whedon Space Western

5 Ō, zhè zhēn shì gè kuàilè de jìnzhǎn: Oh, now this is a really happy development - from FireFly/Serenity: a Joss Whedon Space Western
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