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As a trained Masseur I had many really enjoyable experiences, this was one of the best
I had a long term, if occasional and strictly sexual relationship with Theresa. She also turned out to be one of the wildest, kinkiest and most perverted women I have ever known.

It started with a phone call when I was at work. The well spoken and educated voice at the other end asked if I would be available to visit that evening at 7pm. ‘Where?’ I asked. ‘Holiday Inn, Maidenhead’. ‘Sure, I charge £60.00 an hour plus travelling expenses’. She asked me what I looked like and a little about my experience. She then told me she wanted some deep tissue and some relaxation massage to finish off. We agreed the price and she arranged to meet me in reception and told me to wear a suit. This wasn’t unusual as some hotels won’t allow massage in their hotels, so I put my couch in my non-descript black bag. Upon arrival I straightened my tie, slung the bag across my shoulders and entered the hotel. Locating the bar, I approached my likely client, Theresa. Theresa appeared to be in her late thirties with brunette, shoulder length hair, a round oval face, smouldering brown eyes and a generous smile. She looked lightly overweight with a full figure and large breasts which were hardly disguised by her tightly fitted jacket. Her legs were covered by a red skirt that stopped below the knee. Looking up I had guessed right as she stood, ‘Hi, I’m Theresa’ she stated confidently, ‘would you like a drink?’ ‘I will have a glass of red with you if that’s ok?’ and propping my bag against the wall beside me I sat down as she sat opposite me, clearly appraising me.

Theresa explained that she had been away from home for most of the last two weeks travelling extensively for work but explained she was having trouble relaxing. She told me that she had decided to do something about and it and for the first time, she had taken the plunge and ordered a Masseur. ‘Let’s hope I don’t let you down then’ I said smiling. She looked me up and down for a second then coldly told me, ‘you had better not!’ The way she spoke was not in a teasing, relaxed manner, more cold and superior. Immediately my back was up and for a second, I almost felt like getting up and leaving but I had met many women like this in my business. ‘What’s your occupation?’ I asked amiably. ‘I’m the National Portfolio Manager for a property company’ she said. Her whole demeaner was one of superiority, her gaze hardly hiding her disdain and I got the impression that she was used to telling people what to do and would be extremely hard and demanding to work for. She told me to pour us a drink and rather resenting her tone and the way she told me rather than asking, I hesitated for some seconds before reluctantly pouring us a drink.

For a minute or two nothing was said as sat back and decided that if nothing else I would have a drink before I left. I then asked her what a Portfolio Manager did and the flood gates opened as she spent ten minutes explaining the importance of her role marketing a host of office buildings around the country, liaising with contractors, clients and letting agents. I was actually very impressed but her attitude left a lot to be desired. She downed her glass quickly and asked me to join her for another glass before we went up to her room. ‘So, do you do this often?’ she enquired coldly. I explained that until recently I worked with a female massage therapist covering the airport hotels but that my colleague was away, so I was working alone. ‘What, so you massage together?’ and I told her that we normally offered four hand massage for couples. She seemed genuinely intrigued and asked me to tell her more but being slightly wary of a new client, I didn’t divulge too much. However, I explained that increasingly we were working separately and that all of the clients I had met in the past month or so had been exclusively professional business women. ‘Really’ she said, ‘so you are used to a woman telling you what to do then!’ and looked at me with a cold, hard stare as if challenging me. I didn’t reply but smiled politely and suggested that we make our way up to her room.

Theresa soon drowned another glass, ordered a bottle to her room and suggested we go up. A few minutes later we entered her room and told me to set up my couch by the window next to the bed while she had a quick freshen up in the shower. I set up my couch, took out my sports vest and shorts and changed. As I finished there was a knock at the door. Opening it, I took the tray from the waiter and placing the tray on the bedside cabinet, I poured two glasses of wine and prepared my cream and oil from my bag as I heard the shower turn off. The bathroom door opened and Theresa entered wearing a thick white hotel dressing gown. She looked up and I instantly saw her checking me out in my sports vest, paying particular attention to my arms. ‘I hope you are ready?’ she asked. Her superior attitude and her rude manner was now grating on my nerves and managing to hide my irritation I suggested that she might like to lay on her front first and then cover herself with the towel whilst I use the bathroom to wash my hands. She kind of huffed as if I was keeping her waiting but ignoring her I turned and entered the bathroom. As I washed my hands I looked in the mirror, my irritation clearly showing on my face and determined to make her pay for her rudeness if I got the chance.

When I returned rather than laying on her front with a towel covering her as instructed she was laying propped on her elbows. The towel barely covered her large, round bottom and her large, heavy breasts were clearly visible as they hung down onto the couch. Unfazed, I took the towel, adjusted it, spread it over her bottom and over the back of her thighs. Placing my hands on the small of her back I gently pushed her down onto the couch. ‘Now, you asked for deep tissue and everyone’s tastes are different, so if any time you want me to increase or decrees the intensity please tell me’. She didn’t reply but lay down and then placing her hands alongside her body I applied some oil and started to massage it slowly and gently into her back. Taking my time, I increased the intensity and length of my strokes until I felt her muscles had warmed sufficiently and then started to go much deeper. I heard her sigh and several times I sensed her physically relax as my movements became increasingly stronger. I then bent forward and using my arms in long strokes I heard her groan as I moved down her bottom and started to massage the back of her thighs. I had massaged enough women to recognise the signs. I could tell she was enjoying the feel of my hands on her body and there was no mistaking her quiet groan and a slight parting of her thighs as I slowly stroked up the inside of her thighs. I stopped an inch from her pussy before slowly sliding my hands across the back of her thighs and bottom before starting to stroke up her thigh using even slower and more gentle strokes.

I had now been massaging her deeply for about forty minutes when she asked if we could pause for a drinks break. ‘You’re the client’ I replied and propping herself upon her elbows she looked at me and told me to pass her a drink. Again, no manners, no please! I hesitated determined to finish as soon as possible, get paid and leave. As if she thought I hadn’t heard she snappily told me again to pass her drink, her tone cold and abrupt. ‘Please’ I replied. ‘What!‘ she asked incredulously. ‘Pass me a drink… please’. I replied. I stood next to her and watched a rush of anger flush her cheeks. ‘Just do as your fucking told’. We locked eyes for a second and then I placed the lid on my cream and taking the towel form her bottom I folded it and threw it onto my case. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m done’. ‘Can you get off the couch please!’. I responded firmly. I could see her anger and as if hardly believing her ears she glared at me and told me not to be so fucking sensitive. Ignoring the insult, I told her I required payment of £100.00 and stood holding her gaze. ‘Get off the couch please’ I said quietly but firmly. ‘Don’t you dare talk to me like that’ she said. ‘I’m paying for you!’ she spat the words at me and I could easily imagine how unpleasant she could be in an office environment. ‘Let me tell you something’ I said quietly. ‘I’ve massaged far better women than you, I don’t need your money and you aren’t paying me enough to take this so get up!’

She seemed totally incredulous to be spoken to in this manner but there was something else. ‘Now you can either pay me what you owe me or, start to treat me with respect and pay me to stay. Personally, I don’t care either way but if you want me to stay you will pay me in advance, keep quiet and do as I say is that clear?’ She continued to stare at me but as I pulled off my vest and picked up my shirt to get changed I recognised a moment of doubt in her eyes. Her bravado receded and I instinctively knew she was going to back down. ‘OK’ she said quietly. I ignored her and deliberately put on my shirt and started to do up the buttons. ‘Ok’ she said, ‘How much?’ For a second, I carried on as if I hadn’t heard her and watched her confidence evaporate as I paused and looked at her. ‘It depends what you want?’ ‘I want to know if you do extra’s?’ ‘Like?’ I snapped back although I knew what she was asking. ‘You, know, more than a massage?’ I held her gaze and nodded. ‘Two hundred pounds, paid in advance’. I could see her cheeks were flushed and all of the cold, hard bravado had now gone to be replaced by a desperate looking, insecure woman and I suspected that maybe it had been a long time since she had been spoken back to or probably been intimate with anyone. Suddenly humbled she politely asked me to pass her bag and propping herself up on her elbows she took out the money and gave it to me before giving me an embarrassed smile, thanking me and laying back down without another word.

Pacified by her change of attitude I took of my shirt and without a word I took the oil and rubbing my palms together, I slowly rubbing them together before placing them on her back and started again. However, this time my movements where slower, more gentle, slowly easing every muscle, fibre by fibre. I finished her shoulders and slid my hands down her sides, my fingers lightly brushing the edge of her breasts. I heard her groan very quietly and then again as my hands slid down her spine stopping an inch from her bottom. I then ran my freshly oiled hands slowly down the back of her hamstrings before coating the back of her legs in oil and massaging them slowly from top to bottom with long, laborious strokes. As I did so and ran my hands over her bottom, down between her cheeks and swept down her legs. I did this several times and then as I went to slide my hands along and on the inside of her thighs she parted her thighs slightly allowing my fingers to massage to within an inch of her pussy. I heard her groan and the sensed her chest rising with each stroke along her thighs. For some minutes I continued enjoying the moment, feasting my eyes on her, turned on and amused by the fact that she was now responding to every touch, every stroke, her breathing deep and her cheeks flushed red. I had massaged enough women to know where this was likely to go and my thoughts were confirmed as she opened her legs and I massaged right to the edge of her pussy lips as she groaned and sighed increasingly animated.

However, one thing I love is not giving in too quick. She clearly wanted more but I was going to keep her waiting so moving up her back I walked around to the front of her until my groin was just a foot from the top of her head. Space in the room was quite tight and the end of my couch I had a standalone face pad. It was pretty close to the bedside cabinet making it feel more than a little cosy. As I slid my hands from her shoulders down her spine my groin was brushing against her hair. It was at this point that she moved her arms from beside her and let then drop over the end of the couch and gripped a table leg in each hand. I massaged her sides, deliberately letting my hands glide over the side of her breasts and enjoyed hearing her moan in response. It was then that I felt a hand on my leg and sensing what was to come, I immediately reached down and placed her hand back on the leg of the couch. ‘Awe’ she breathed but my response was to tell her to behave and lay still. Again she tried, her persistence making me even more determined to have some fun. Then quickly reaching up she grabbed the waist band of my shorts and in one quick movement pulled them down to my knees. I grabbed the waistband, pulled them up and then feeling a little enraged I grabbed her wrists and placed her hands on the leg of the couch. ‘I’m the one doing the touching, not you’. ‘But I’m paying’ she said. ‘True, but the next time you might regret doing that’. I was actually irritated at being grabbed and determined not to let her start to get her own way or dominate me.

However, she was having none of it and began to repeatedly reach up and pull down my shorts or pull me into her as she upturned her face and tried to nip at my groin. ‘Don’t!’ I said. ‘Or what?’ she retorted aggressively. I could sense the tension, there was real sexual tension building and once again that domineering attitude resurfaced. It was clear that she was intending to push me, once again on her elbows and trying to pull me onto her. Theresa was now becoming increasingly aggressive and getting even more excited as evidenced by her nipples which now hardened, a red glow now spreading across her neck. I could clearly smell her sex and as she once again grabbed me, this time she hit me full on and grabbed my now very hard cock. She was groping me hard and trying to force my cock into her mouth. If there is one thing I don’t like its being groped. Enraged, I looked across at the robe, grabbed the tie rope and dragged it free of the dressing gown. Then I took her wrists, pulled her arms above her head and then holding her left hand to the leg of the couch. Clearly enjoying the reaction, she tried to pull away but her efforts were half hearted and there was no real intent. Tying her wrist securely I stretched the cord across and secured her other wrist to the opposite leg of the couch. I looked down at her. She was trying to raise her face to my groin, opening her mouth and clearly enticing me to let her suck me. I stepped forward as if to let her but instead I moved around the couch. I couldn’t believe how intense this was. The way she was looking at me, no, snarling at me, literally enticing me with every look to take her.

Now it was my turn to take stock and take control! I stood trying to catch my breath before I grabbed my tie off the chair and holding her ankle dragged it harshly to the bottom couch leg and tied it before doing the same to the other. Now spread eagled and vulnerable I felt could do anything. However, far from making her feel vulnerable, this just inflamed her. She started teasing me, ‘Bastard, go on them, do it’. All the while she strained to keep eye contact and just kept going on at me as I stood and enjoyed the sight. ‘Are you just going to look at me, do it!’. In return I stood still, looked down and her and made her wait. The sight of her tied and open legged was turning me on so much my head was spinning. Even tied, vulnerable and open legged, she was still trying to control the situation making me even more determined that wasn’t going to happen.

As if sensing this she tilted her head, looking over her shoulder at me, lifted her bottom and told me to take off my shorts. Without losing eye contact I ignored her and told her if she wanted me to continue she had to lie flat and stay quiet. Stubbornly she resisted until eventually I saw her defiance leave her and did as I instructed. I waited for a few moments, took the oil and heard her groan as I stepped forward and ran my hands down the outside of her legs before very, very slowly massaging the inside of her thighs before sliding my hands over her buttocks massaging them deeply as she groaned loudly and raised her bottom to my touch. Spreading open her cheeks I got some oil and let droplets fall onto her anus before slowly massaging between her cheeks, ensuring my fingers pressed against her anus before sliding very lightly over her pussy lips. Every time my fingers played over her anus or pussy she would groan so I momentarily held my hand over her anus and pussy and pressing slowly she started to thrust back against my touch trying to drive my fingers into her. However, there was no way was I going to give her the satisfaction so for a good ten minutes I continued tormenting her as she swore and cursed at me taking her to the edge and becoming increasingly frustrated before pulling back over and over again.

Taking my time, I now held her cheeks and parting them I leant forward and slowly played my tongue along her lips and over her anus. She groaned loudly and begged for more but I held off, just lightly licking her in long drawn out strokes before pulling back again and again. By now she was groaning, thrusting her bottom to meet my mouth and tongue in expectation until finally unable to take anymore she started swearing, calling me a bastard and telling me to do it! I ignored her and quietly told her I would stop and gag her if she didn’t be quiet. Now I played my finger tips in long slow strokes in from her ankles, slowly up her legs and over her bottom, making sure I run them firmly over her pussy and anus before up her back and massaging her shoulders. For some minutes she was quiet save for her heavy breathing and groaning. Then after some five minutes I stopped between her thighs and placed my finger tips against her pussy lips and held them there.

Her initial reaction was to push herself backwards towards my fingers but I pulled back and after repeating this several times she once again started to swear and curse me. I mocked her, teased her and then stepped over to her suitcase. She watched me perplexed and then Inside I found what I was looking for. Taking a pair of white, lacy knickers I walked around to the head of the couch and as she shook her head to resist I placed the knickers in her mouth instantly muffling her abuse. Satisfied I returned to the end of the couch and resumed to torment her, always placing my fingers against her anus and pussy without giving her the pleasure of entering her as she groaned and mumbled through the gag.

By now the couch cover between her legs was literally sodden. I could see her looking around at me, her eyes pleading for release and be entered but I was only just starting. Once again I leant forward and used my tongue to lick, caress and massage around her anus and delicately flick her pussy lips before sucking them into my mouth and running each lip around my mouth as she started to buck and thrash against my mouth. Every thirty seconds or so I would pull back, then pause before continuing until I held her on the edge of orgasm. She was frantic, Turning her head, her eyes pleading with me for release I made her wait and then forcing my face hard against her soaking pussy until thrashing wildly within the confines of the ties I brought her off as she soaked my face in her juices. Slowly, gently I licked and kissed her between her legs until finally I felt her orgasm subside and she lay still, spent!

I removed the knickers from her mouth, untied her legs then one wrist. ‘Turn over please’. Slowly, still recovering she did so and as she did I couldn’t help but notice her nipples. They were totally swollen, engorged, each one would have filled my mouth. I felt my cock pulse and throb and taking her wrists I tied them together before securing them above her head to head rest so that they remained held adjacent to the top of her head. Then I took her ankles, spread her legs wide and secured them to each leg of the couch leaving her open, vulnerable to anything I wanted. I had her bound, tied and yet even though she was secured and in theory this should have meant I was in control, the way she looked at me made me feel that I was only in control because she was letting me. I moved to her side and slowly massaged her breasts, first one, then the other until once again she was sighing and moaning at my touch. Then I stood at her head, leant forward and pouring oil over her breasts and down her stomach I began to massage her chest and breasts, over and over again using long luxurious strokes as she groaned increasingly trying to move within her constraints. Then I massaged her nipples before stepping to the side and taking each one in my mouth I sucked them, flicking and licking her nipples. Then moving down I stood at the foot end of the couch and looked at her pussy. Slowly keeping her eye contact I ran my fingers along her mound and noticed the neatly trimmed triangle of hair. Her lips parted, engorged, swollen and bright pink, I couldn’t resist it. I leant forward taking her clit into my mouth as she lay back looking down at me, biting her lip and nodding her pleasure at every movement. It was surreal, I had her in my power and yet I felt totally over powered, her every look and gesture as if leading and controlling my every action. Taking her lead I sucked her harder and she nodded encouragingly. ‘More, harder!’ I complied and then sliding several fingers along her pussy lips I paused before slowly entering her soaking pussy. I felt her pussy convulsing as I slid in and out of her lips with long, slow, deep strokes until groaning loudly she orgasmed quickly, thrashing around the couch, her legs held tight by the tie.

For a minute I stroked her slowly, waiting for her orgasm to subside. ‘Come here’. I looked up and she was gesturing with her head for me to stand behind her. I did so before reaching forward and cupped the fullness of her heavy breasts, marvelling at the size of her swollen nipples. Massaging them firmly, she once again drew breath and groaned repeatedly. I watched her breathing get heavier and heavier and then tilting her head back towards me I knew what she wanted as she parted her mouth and waited. I reached down and released my hard, swollen cock and continuing to massage her breasts I positioned myself with my cock just above her head. Frantically she tilted her face desperately trying to lick my cock head. I held back, stretching as far forward as I could until I could slide a finger over her clit and just reach her swollen pussy. This gave her the chance she was looking for and tilting her head back she finally managed to take me in her mouth before sucking me intently. Then as I continued to massage her clit and finger her pussy lips she sucked me incredibly slowly. Her movements were so deft, so gentle, so slow that I felt my legs buckle and realised that I was not going to last long. By now her clit was engorged and she was groaning and bucking against my fingers just moments away from yet another orgasm. I felt my cock throb, pulsing and knew I was seconds away. This seemed to turn her on even more as she run her tongue around my cock head, flicking it with her tongue and then sucked me with real intensity. I massaged her slit as fast and intensely as I could as she groaned, her orgasm surging through her. At that moment her mouth gripped my cock tightly, she sucked so hard I cried out, groaned and came with such an intensity I had to pull away, sending a huge stream of cum over her neck and breasts before collapsing over the end of the couch. We both lay still, sweat dripping from our bodies as I lay pressed into her chest, wiping my cum over us both.

Exhausted and spent, I untied Theresa and after sometime she told me that it was time to leave but would call me again soon, a promise she kept some weeks later.
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