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All participants in this story are no younger than 18 years of age.
Warrick was at work and bored out of his mind. After the excitement he had over the weekend, he wished he would have just taken a sick day and had some time to himself to process all the events he had heard about, seen, and done.

Midway through an 11 am meeting, his phone buzzed in his pocked. He pulled it out and saw a text from Hazel. Along with it was an attachment. The text said, “For your eyes only. Sound up! ;-)” The thumbnail was too small to discern, but Warrick concluded that his wife had sent him something racy.

After that, he couldn’t pay attention for the rest of the meeting, so he was thankful that it ended early and with no additional work required from him, either. He dismissed himself and went to his office and closed the door, then pulled up the message. The attachment was a video.

When he hit play, he was greeted with a grainy, low-light, VHS rip of an older man and a young girl. The man fidgeted with the camera for a moment and finally positioned it so that it was pointed at the girl.

Warrick’s eyes slowly widened as the man began to deliberately strip his young partner of her clothing. What is this, amateur porn? he wondered. Where did Hazel get this? After he removed each bit of clothing, the man would kiss her. Something about it began to feel vaguely familiar, as if he had seen this video before. Even so, the slow strip-tease of the cute, young girl had him fascinated. While she stood there, the man in the video slowly kissed his way up her skinny, milky thighs to a pair of shorties she had been wearing underneath her skirt.

Warrick thought the man was far too old to be with such a young girl—she looked to be about Brie’s age—but when he fished his large cock out of his pants, she seemed incredibly eager to start fellating him. Instead, however, he pushed her away and grabbed the camera off the tripod, bringing it closer to her, and pulling her more into focus. Warrick squinted. Why does she look so familiar?

After a beat, the man spoke, “What’s your name?”

“Hazel Williams, Mr. Avery.”

Warrick balked. His breath caught in his throat. It was his wife on camera, albeit much younger than the woman he married!

“And how do you know me?”

“You’re my teacher, Mr. Avery.”

“This is the tape!” Warrick said aloud to himself. His mind reeled. Hazel had kept her school bribery tape all those years and managed to digitize it along the way. He watched, dumbfounded, as she answered Mr. Avery’s questions and mugged lusty faces into the camera.

Seeing a school-aged version of his wife naked and tarted up for her teacher filled him with confusion and dread, but it also mixed with fascination and attraction. He wanted to stop watching but found himself unable to look away. When, at last, the older man stuffed his cock into his future wife’s mouth, Warrick gasped and paused the video. It was too much for him to handle.

He tossed the phone to his desk and attempted to do some work. Nothing, however, could distract him for very long from his newfound treasure. He picked it up again and watched a little bit more, then, kowtowing to the understanding that watching pornography at work was unprofessional, put it back down. Then he would pick it back up and watch some more. When the video ended with the disgraced student leaning in to turn off the camera, he started it back up from the beginning again.

He wondered why his wife had sent him the video. He wondered why she had kept it all this time. He wondered if he should delete it immediately, but clearly, he figured, she wanted to share it with him. He glanced out his office to make sure nobody was watching, and rubbed himself through his pants. He gawked at his phone, watching young Hazel’s skinny legs flailing under her teacher’s thrusts, listening to her tiny grunts, and her platitudes for “Daddy”.

His phone buzzed suddenly in his hand. He was so spooked, he nearly dropped it. It was a message from his wife. It said, “What do you think?”

He didn’t know how to respond. He switched to his messages and just stared at her question, trying to come up with a reply.

Then it buzzed again, this time the long vibration signaling a phone call. It was from his daughter. He answered it immediately. Clearing his throat, he rasped a hello.

“Daddy?” came a timid voice on the other end.

“Yes honey?”

He heard a sniffle. “Can you come get me? It’s lunch time, and I’m ready to go home.”

Warrick’s heart went out to his daughter when he heard her voice cracking. Clearly she was miserable at school. He assumed the other kids hadn’t let her hear the end of it. “Yes, honey, I’ll be right there.”

Brie’s sobering phone call had calmed Warrick’s erection. He pocketed his phone and said goodbye to his co-workers. “I’ll be back after lunch,” he promised. “Gotta go pick up the kid.”

Brie was waiting for him outside. She looked sullen, but seemed like she was over her tears. “C’mon, kiddo, hop in.”

For once, she wasn’t annoyed that he had called her that. She was just glad he had come at all. She appreciated that he had givin her an option to cut out of school. She climbed into the car, quietly.

“How did it go today?” Warrick asked.

“Not good,” Brie moped.

“No?” Warrick wondered if the cure had failed. “Did it happen again?”

“No. Nothing happened like that, but the other kids kept making fun of me.”

Warrick sighed, “I guess I’m not surprised. They can be so cruel at your age. But you know what?”

“What?” Brie looked up at her father.

“I’m really proud of you for trying.” Warrick reached over and mussed his little girl’s hair.

Brie felt loved at her father’s touch and sighed. She finally felt some peace after a long, tense morning. She relaxed noticeably.

“So, how are you feeling? Do you need cummies today?”

Brie shrugged, “I don’t know. I don’t think so. I feel different now.”

Warrick was both glad and disappointed. He hoped his daughter could resume a normal life once again, but he already cherished the memory he had made with her the previous night when he had taken her virginity and was hoping for more. Hazel had told him about her experience with her own father, and he was impressed that they had maintained their sexual relationship for so long. He had some hope that Brie might be equally interested in doing the same, but Hazel had made it clear that it was to be left up to their daughter.

“Did you at least get to see your friends?”

“Yeah, I saw Mia, and Elsie and I had lunch. She beat up a girl that said she hoped I would get raped.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say!”

“That’s why Elsie beat her up!”

“You know your friends love you, Brie.”


“You know who else loves you?”


“Your mom and I.”

“Da-aad,” Brie blushed.

The two sat in silence as the car made its way down the road. Brie pushed the button to lower the passenger side window, and leaned her head on the door, with her hair fluttering wildly in the wind. It dawned on her that in previous days, her nerves would have driven her mad. Now, she was once again just a normal girl, like the rest of her friends and classmates.

She thought about all she had been through. The torment her body had given her. The embarrassment she felt in front of her friends and humiliation she endured in front of the public. But she also thought about the pleasure. Before the weekend had begun, she was inexperienced and innocent. And now she was a new girl, awakened, erotic, and hungry for more.

She squirmed in her seat as her memories of her night with her father crept into her brain and mixed with the lurid details of Elsie’s story with her sister. Her heart thudded in her chest and she understood that she was now a sexual being capable of desire, and, as evidenced by her teacher’s moves on her, of being desired.

A tightness grew in her chest, and a wetness formed between her legs, but it was different now. It was under control. Her control.

She looked to her dad. He concentrated on the road. He had cured her. His cum had cured her. She was free of her super-orgasmic disorder because of him. She was glad for it, but as she gazed at him, she felt a sense of loss. She had only just come to experience his wild and passionate lovemaking and now it felt like it was all over. She wanted more. The logical side of her brain told her over and over that it was wrong, but she wanted it still. She wanted her daddy. She wanted his cock. She wanted his cum again.

She swallowed the lump in her throat.


Warrick turned and saw his daughter gazing at him, a look of concern of her face.

“What is it, honey? What’s wrong?”

Brie paused a moment and then took a breath. “Can we have sex again?”

Warrick’s cock instantly twitched in his pants. He was hoping she would ask. Hazel had assured him it would be okay, as long as she asked. “Is it your condition, honey?”

Brie shivered with nerves. “No,” she croaked out, “I just want to.”

Warrick’s heart pounded. It was what he wanted. Still, he could barely form the answer, simple as it was. A single word. Finally, he pushed it out. “Yes. Yes, we can have sex.”

Brie grinned broadly, and happily kicked her feet against the seat.

Warrick chuckled, and tousled her hair. His cock immediately started to grow.

The rest of the trip home felt like it took ages. Both Warrick and Brie sat quietly fidgeting the whole time. The elder Nova had to adjust himself a couple times and his cock was already so hot that rubbing up against the fabric of his underwear nearly set him off cumming. At last they pulled into the driveway. Brie jumped out and skipped merrily to the door. Warrick watched her juvenile bouncing and beamed at her cuteness and innocence.

He approached her as she wiggled about, waiting for him to unlock the front door, and then with a laugh, he lightly swept his daughter into his arms and up over his shoulder.

Brie squeaked and giggled, hammering her tiny fists on his back. “Put me down!” she cried.

“Who’s beating on me?” Warrick bellowed.

“It’s me! It’s me! Put me down!” she wailed energetically.

“I’ll show you,” Warrick said, and then flipped his little girl’s dress over her bottom and gave it a light smack.

Brie shrieked at the feel of his hand against her bare ass. She felt exposed and nervous that the neighbors might see her. She wondered if they would notice she wasn’t wearing panties. She wondered if they would see her father’s flirtation for what it really was. “Daddy, take me inside,” she whined.

Warrick chuckled and said, “Okay.” With her still over his shoulder, he reached down and inserted the key into the door while Brie struggled to right her wayward dress without losing her balance and falling to the ground.

At last Warrick carried her into the house, swatting her round butt one more time, enjoying the sound of another squeak and a moan of embarrassment.

When they got inside, he finally rolled her off his shoulder and held her in his arms. Brie frowned, red-faced at him. “Daddy, you’re naughty. What if someone saw?”

“You’re right. I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.” Warrick hugged his daughter against him and that seemed to make things right for her. “Where do you want to do it? Your bed again? Mommy and Daddy’s bed? In the shower?”

Brie didn’t know how to answer. She was inexperienced and her mind swam with options. “You choose, Daddy.”

Then Warrick had an idea. He carried Brie into the living room, and then tossed her down on the couch. Then he pulled his phone out of his pocket. “Let’s watch a movie while we do this. Does that sound good?”

Brie shrugged, “Okay, Daddy.”

Warrick handed his daughter the phone and showed her a blurry video thumbnail, “You get this streaming on the TV, and I’ll get undressed.”

While Warrick began to tear his clothing off, Brie opened up a connection between his phone and the TV. She only paused for a glance at her father when his large erection swung into her peripheral vision. But she was distracted only momentarily, for the contents of her mom’s homemade pornography began to stream on the TV.

Warrick, naked, stood and watched his daughter process what was on the screen.

She was confused about the grainy, old-fashioned film that played before her, but suddenly became aware that the old man in the video was slowly stripping the young girl he was with. She was shocked at the age gap between the two. The man could have been the girl’s father, or even older.

The girl in the video gasped as he pulled off her tank top and kissed her small breasts and nipples.

“No,” protested Brie, “she’s too young.”

“She’s the same age as you,” Warrick said softly, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. He sat down on the couch and pulled his daughter between his legs.

They both faced the TV and Brie was completely fascinated by the porn her father was showing her. She barely noticed as he, too, began to skin Brie of her clothing. Since she only wore a dress that day, after it was over her head, she was completely naked, all in one go.

Warrick lifted his daughter up under her arms and pressed his knees between her skinny legs, splaying them out across his lap, then sat her down in front of his cock. He reached around his daughter’s lithe body and caressed her small, barely there breasts, spending time on her little nipples, before dipping one of his large hands low to the top of her slit. His fingertips wandered up and down her puffy labia, which caused Brie to squirm her bottom up against his shaft. She pressed his stiff member between her cheeks. When she made contact, a drop of precum squeezed from the tip and ran down the crack of her ass. Warrick groaned at the sensation of his little girl’s small bottom sandwiching his rod.

Brie was hooked on the screen, barely cognizant of her father’s actions. To her, it felt good, but there was something about the girl in the video that fascinated her even more.

She watched as the man in the movie retreated behind the camera and then picked it up off the tripod, bringing it nearer to the little girl. Brie couldn’t figure out why the girl looked so familiar.

Suddenly, the man spoke. “What’s your name?”

“Hazel Williams, Mr. Avery.”

Brie’s heart skipped a beat. “That’s Mommy’s name.”

Warrick chuckled, “Yep, that’s Mommy in that movie, when she was your age. Do you recognize her?”

Brie nodded, staring in fascination as the camera trained on the nearly naked young girl, while the man barraged her with questions.

“What is she doing?” Brie was desperate.

“Your mommy used to be super-orgasmic, too, just like you, baby.”

Brie gasped and snapped her head to look at her father, eyes wide, “Really?”

Warrick nodded, “That’s what she told me. She said her daddy cured her, when he came inside of her.” He shifted the girl around in his lap, pressing his stiff erection down so that it came up between his daughter’s legs. It nestled against her lubricating sex, smearing his shaft with her girl juices.

Brie’s mind spun in wonder at the revelation of the cure to her syndrome. She realized that the reason why she hadn’t lost control once that day must have been because of her coupling with her father the night before. She wondered if it was really true, if she was cured by her father’s cum, like her mother had been.

Brie turned back toward the video, “But that’s not grandpa.”

“No, baby, that’s her school teacher. Before they knew the cure, he tricked her into having sex with him so that she could get a good grade.”

Brie swallowed, now familiar with the notion. She recalled that her own teacher had, just that morning, propositioned her with the same threat.

“But then,” Warrick continued, “she tricked him back by stealing this tape and blackmailing him. He could have gotten in a lot of trouble if Mommy had showed the principal, so he promised to give her an A if she promised not to show anybody.”

Brie sat in awe on her father’s lap. She couldn’t believe her mom’s cunning, nor that she was watching her young mother having sex. She felt her father tickle the top of her pussy crack with his finger and, without looking away from the video, she reached down to put her small hand on his. She guided him into her moist folds and onto her little clit. Her heart sang and she gasped, “Daddy!”

Warrick reveled in the sensation of once again being close to his daughter’s most private areas. He slid his long shaft against the bottom of his child’s pussy, lubing up and down its length with her silky fluids.

Soon they were watching Hazel on screen blowing her teacher. The man worked her head roughly upon his shaft. Brie thought back to when her own father pushed her to her limits during their first time together, and moaned as she watched her mother being mishandled. She was getting turned on and knew she needed more action. Feeling her daddy’s rod sluicing along her crack, she reached down to grip it.

Warrick groaned as her tiny fingers pressed into the turgid, spongy shaft and smeared her juices along its sensitive underside. He could feel her copious liquid dripping off his cock and onto the couch and floor, along with the precum flowing from his own slit. Sensing his daughter’s urgency, he asked, “Are you ready to put it in, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, I need cummies. I need your cock in me.”

“Okay, baby. Here, let me help.” Warrick placed his large hands around her chest and lifted his young offspring up off his lap until she hovered above his risen member, her legs dangling across his thighs. With Brie’s hand stabilizing his cock against her vagina, he lined up her entrance with his bulbous head.

He could feel when he was in alignment by the excessive wetness coming from her hole. Even with her super-orgasmic condition dulled to normal, Brie’s channel still ran with slippery girl-cum.

Then, as he watched Mr. Avery smearing a cum-sticky hand through the hair of his naive wife, he dropped his daughter slowly down. He felt her pussy lips consume his cockhead and the stretchy elastic of her opening wrung itself over the most sensitive part of his manhood.

Brie howled as she felt her tight pussy being stretched wide once again. Her eyes winced shut at the simultaneous pleasure and pain, but they snapped quickly open again so that she could continue watching the erotic video unfold. She was surprised to hear her mom call her teacher “Daddy”. Through heavy breathing, she asked, “Why did she call him that?”

Warrick lifted his little girl up by her legs until she reached the top of his rod, then sank her back down upon it. “They’re playing pretend. She’s pretending that her teacher is Grandpa, and he’s pretending that Mommy is his own daughter.”

“Why is he pretending she’s his daughter? I thought you said daddies aren’t supposed to have sex with their daughters.”

“Well, it’s against the law, but…” Warrick thought for a moment, “I suppose if both people are okay with it, and they both keep it a secret, then it’s probably okay.”

“Good,” said Brie. She looked down and watched as she impaled herself on her dad’s hardened member and hissed, “Cuz I wanna do this a lot.”

“I do, too, baby girl. I love fucking your little cunny. I love watching your naked body squirm. I want to fill you with my cum every night.”

Brie moaned at her dad’s salacious language.

The video continued and Brie watched her young mom ejaculate a torrent of girl-cum all over the man and the bed, just like she herself was able to do. Then another question popped into her head. “What about sisters?”

“Sisters? What do you mean?”

“Elsie had sex with Mallory last night.”

Warrick choked, “What?”

“They both shared a dildo, and they made their pussies kiss around it.”

Her father inhaled sharply at the mental image. He didn’t know Mallory too well, but he had met her a few times and knew what she looked like. His cock swelled, and Brie moaned as she felt it tighten against her stretched walls. He imagined Elsie, his little lover, humping her naked pussy against Mallory’s. He was close to cumming and once again slid his daughter up and back down his shaft slowly, staving off his orgasm just a little longer. He felt his cock surge at the mental image of the two neighbor girls in ecstasy and he sensed precum spurting inside his offspring. He held Brie still for a moment, for even the smallest movement would likely have set him off cumming.

But, from outside of the living room, they heard a noise, and both of them froze. It was the clatter of keys against the front door as it opened. Warrick’s mind raced, wondering who it could be. It was the middle of the day, and the house was supposed to be empty.

“Who is it?” Brie whispered. Warrick shushed her quietly.

Then, over the sounds of the porn playing on the TV, they heard Hazel’s voice, inquisitive. “I must have forgotten to lock the door when I left this morning.”

“Unless Warrick is still home?” It was Ivy.

“No, he took Brie to school this morning, and I know he’s at work, because he hasn’t responded to my texts.”

In the living room, Warrick was panicked. He didn’t know what to do. He was an inch away from orgasming inside of his daughter while his wife and her best friend were standing mere feet away.

The noises coming from the TV were too obvious. Brie spotted the remote on the coffee table and wriggled around in an attempt to get up off her father’s thick spear so that she could silence the inappropriate video.

Warrick groaned, red-faced, and gripped her tightly by the arms. “Baby no, don’t move. You’re gonna make me cum.”

“What do we do?” Brie asked quietly.

“Just don’t move,” Warrick answered, his breath quavering. “Maybe they won’t come in here.” They sat and listened again to hear what they could hear.

Ivy’s voice came, closer than before, “I’m ready to get these clothes off.” Warrick’s heart pounded. “Where should we do it this time?”

Hazel said something that couldn’t be made out.

Ivy responded, “Yeah, we always do it in your bed. I thought maybe we could change it up. I could sit on the kitchen table? Maybe on the couch? Orrr… Brie’s?”

Warrick’s mind reeled at the realization that his wife and Ivy had been skipping out on work to hook up during the day—and often, apparently, in their bed.

In the kitchen, Hazel raised an eyebrow. “You want me to eat you out in my daughter’s bed?”

Ivy admitted to herself that Brie’s lewd performance on the runway had triggered a deeper interest in the junior girl, but she wasn’t about to share that with the girl’s mother. “Don’t worry,” she assuaged her friend and mentor, “I’m not perving on your daughter, but you know, a smaller bed could be fun? It’ll make me feel like a school girl again. Especially since we’re sneaking around like this.” She wandered through the house aimlessly when her ears pricked up at a sound.

“You might have a point—” Hazel started to say.

“Shh,” hissed Ivy suddenly.

Hazel froze and saw her friend actively listening to something. She watched as Ivy snuck down the hall to the living room. The woman paused again and then turned around with a mischievous grin on her face. She mouthed, “I think your husband is watching porn in there.”

Hazel softly padded to meet her friend where she, too, could hear pornographic sounds coming from the television. Hazel never knew Warrick to skip out on work.The two women went silent and quietly approached the open door to the living room.

Ivy could make out some of the dialogue: “Yes, Daddy, fill me with your cum. I need your cum.”

“I’m gonna fill you up if you keep talking like that to me, baby girl.”

She turned to Hazel and giggled mischievously. “Is your husband watching daddy porn?”

Hazel tried to key in on the sound, but identified it only as her friend reached the threshold to the living room.

“Fill my cunny, Daddy. Show me you love me.”

“I love you, Jazzy baby!”

Hazel’s heart dropped. “Don’t go in there!” she shouted.

But it was too late. Ivy burst through the door and was greeted with a most unexpected sight. Her eyes registered the terrified faces of Warrick and Brie. Only moments later did she comprehend what they were doing together.

Brie tried to cover up her split-open vagina with her hand and conceal where she was joined with her father, but with her legs spread across his naked lap, it was still apparent what was going on.

The sounds from the TV cut through the dead silence and Ivy’s eyes flicked over to see video of an older man vigorously assaulting a girl many years his junior. “What in the fuck?” she spat.

Warrick knew he was caught and had no words to say. Brie blushed deeply, equally silent.

Slowly, Hazel approached her friend from behind, slipping her hands around her waist. She placed her head on Ivy’s shoulder and plaintively said, “It’s okay, Ivy.”

Ivy jerked her head to look at her lover. “Hazel, no. No! That’s your daughter.”

Hazel kissed Ivy’s shoulder. She then met her eyes and nodded toward the TV. “And that’s me.”

Ivy turned back to look at the video playing. On screen just then, a freshly fucked young Hazel sat up in bed and asked to take a shower, signaling the end of their scene.

“Trust me,” said Hazel, “There’s a long story behind this, and I’ll tell you every sordid detail. And… I have a hunch that you’re even going to like it, but the short of it is this: this was necessary. And it’s good.”

“Necessary,” Ivy repeated, her chest growing tight as she stared at Brie’s boyish, young figure.

“Brie, baby, move your hand out of the way.” The girl complied and Ivy’s heart dropped at the sight. She could see the thick trunk of Warrick’s cock speared up inside her. It dripped with gooey beads of Brie’s cum and her pussy stretched tightly around it, hugging every curve. “Is your mom telling the truth?”

Brie looked up at her parents’ friend and sometimes babysitter. She nodded. “Yes, Ivy. It’s the truth. I wanted this. I needed this. I need my daddy’s cum. It makes me right.”

Ivy swallowed hard at Brie’s admission. She turned again to Hazel, searching for reassurance. Hazel smiled warmly and nodded, her eyes both craving acceptance and begging for forgiveness from her friend.

Ivy said, “Well…” and then paused for what felt like an age. Finally she finished her thought. “What do we do now?”

Hazel exhaled and leaned into her friend’s ear. She spoke softly, “You said you wanted to feel like a school girl again. Do you want to play with her?”

Ivy’s head swam at the prospect. She knew what she was witnessing was wrong. She knew that she should put a stop to it, to save Brie from her parents, the same way she had saved the wretched girl from the stage of the fashion show. But standing there, staring at the nubile, shivering form of the girl she would babysit, Ivy’s resolve crumbled and her loins goaded her onwards.

A groan signaled the withering of her moral high ground. She moved toward the couch and dropped to her knees, getting a close up view of the Novas’ taboo transgression. She tentatively reached out with one hand to fondle Warrick’s balls. He moaned at her contact and, at that moment, the air started to move in the room again. Brie slid herself up her dad’s shaft, causing pent-up rivulets of her cum to drool out from her hole.

Then, without further hesitation, Ivy ducked her head in, and pressed her tongue onto the base of Warrick’s shaft and gave a long lick up its length. Brie slid back down upon it and met Ivy’s tongue with her parted pussy lips. Ivy tasted the lewd mixture of their sex juices and sighed. She became more turned on than she ever expected when her tongue brought Brie’s flavor into her mouth. All of the little sexual urges she kept locked away from Brie all these years suddenly spilled from within her. She had never known what was missing, but now felt like her connection to the Nova family was finally complete.

Warrick lifted his daughter up once again, and Ivy chased after Brie’s pussy, up Warrick’s cock, with her tongue, slurping up all of the sticky juices that the girl left behind.

Again Brie sank down, all the way, until her cervix prevented her from going any further. “Daddy, your cock is so hot inside my cunny.” She leaned back and kissed him, open mouthed.

Ivy, watching from below as father made love to daughter. Her stomach did summersaults and her mind did backflips at the sight. She gripped Warrick’s balls and gave them a tug, causing his eyes to squint shut and a moan to escape his mouth. He had been close to cumming before, and now, with the two girls attending to him, he was close once again. Ivy encouraged him, saying, “Brie, your little cunny tastes even more amazing than I imagined.” Then she cocked her head to the side and slid the sensitive bottom side of Warrick’s shaft in between her lips. In this manner, she sucked and licked as much of his cock as Brie’s pussy allowed access to. Occasionally, the little girl’s cunt would connect with Ivy’s mouth and the two of them would groan at their contact.

In between gasps of ecstasy, tiny moans escaped Brie’s mouth. Her face was hot and she felt light-headed as she ever-more-vigorously impaled herself on her father’s rod. Through her carnal haze, she scanned the room and found her mother watching. Brie blushed at the attention. “Am I doing good, Mommy?”

Hazel could only be described as beaming with pride. She nodded and said, “You’re doing great, baby. Are you ready to have cummies?”

“I think so,” Brie said hopefully. “Daddy, I need cummies. Fuck my little pussy, Daddy. Fuck my baby cunny,” she whimpered, “I need your cum, Daddy.” Warrick increased his pace, holding Brie still in his lap while he hammered her from below.

“It’s coming, baby girl, just keep squeezing your tight little pussy around my cock.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” Ivy joined in. The two were now moving too quickly for her to continue her oral ministrations, so instead she pressed a thumb into the folds of Brie’s vagina and found the thick nub of the little girl’s clit. She rubbed against it and chanted, “Fuck your daughter’s little pussy. Give it to her. Split your baby girl’s cunt in two. You’re big, but she can take it. She likes it. Your daughter’s a good little girl and she wants your cum.”

Ivy’s naughty words put Warrick over the top and suddenly he froze. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and a deflated sigh escaped his lungs. Then, “Fuck, I’m cumming, baby!” Warrick became animated, bouncing Brie violently on his lap as his cock pulsed, sending ropes of his seed deep inside his daughter’s womb.

Brie could feel her insides warming from the bath of hot cum she was receiving. That, along with her daddy’s invading spear and Ivy on her clit, caused Brie, too, to tumble off the cliff of sanity into orgasmic bliss.

Her eyes snapped shut and her insides contracted, pulling her vaginal walls tightly against the skin of her father’s cock, even as it pulsed ever larger. The little girl’s legs shook and flailed over her daddy’s thighs as each subsequent blast of his cum jolted all the more pleasure out of her. Her skinny body writhed, tossing her head weakly this way and that. If Warrick’s cock hadn’t been prodded all the way up in her, she likely would have slid off and onto the floor for all her lack of muscle control. Instead, she hung limply like a puppet atop her dad’s lap, his cock supporting her body.

Warrick’s strained groans indicated that he continued to cum, shooting extensive jets of his semen, far longer than was normal.

“Jesus, Hazel, how much cum does he have in those balls? I’ve never seen him shoot for that long before.”

“Me either,” Hazel answered with equal wonder. “It’s something Brie brings out of him.”

Ivy continued goading him on. “Fill up your baby girl, Warrick. Fill her little cunny to the brim with your cum.”

“Fuck, Ivy,” Warrick rasped, as his orgasm finally subsided and he regained the ability to speak, “you’re so kinky.”

“You’re the one with your cock buried deep inside your daughter’s cunt,” she laughed. Warrick liked that she was laughing.

Brie, too, returned to reality. “Daddy, my pussy is sore now,” she whined.

“Here, let’s get you off of there,” Ivy said, helping Warrick to lift the small girl up off his lap. As her father’s cock exited her cunny, a thick rope of his cum connected the two while he placed Brie next to him on the couch. It draped from his cockhead and down over his thigh, before it stretched its way back up toward Brie’s pussy.

Brie slid herself to the edge of the couch so that the cum didn’t drip into the upholstery, and in the process, she pressed her dripping vagina out toward Ivy.

Ivy was fascinated. “Brie, I love your little pussy. It’s so adorable. It’s a nice, tight little package.”

Hazel encouraged her, “Go ahead and get a closer look, if you want.”

Ivy kneeled in front of the girl and moved her hand toward the viscous strand of Warrick’s cum, slowly drooping out of her and onto the floor. She collected as much of the dangling jizz as possible into her hand, then, meeting Brie’s eyes, lewdly licked it off in front of her. “Your daddy has some of the tastiest cum on the planet.”

Brie nodded knowingly and Ivy held up her hand to the young girl. Brie timidly reached her tongue out and licked from the pool that remained in the woman’s palm. Ivy whispered, “That’s so fucking hot. You want more of your daddy’s cum, baby?”

With big, pleading eyes, Brie nodded again.

Ivy dug her fingers into Brie’s pussy. Brie closed her eyes and mewled as Ivy fished around inside her, coaxing more of her father’s load free. The woman lifted her cum-dripping fingers to Brie’s mouth and Brie took them in, several at a time. She was wanton, and the gooey cum she couldn’t catch smeared across her cheeks and dripped down her chin.

Then Ivy winked and said, “I want more, too,” and she ducked her head between Brie’s legs, wasting no time in delving her tongue between Brie’s succulent labia.

Brie gasped as her babysitter lapped away at her slit. She reached down with both of her hands to pull her tiny opening wider for her friend. Her clit was still stiff and sensitive from her last orgasm, and she fingered it while Ivy worked her leaking opening. Soon, Ivy licked her way upwards toward the top of Brie’s crack and replaced the girl’s little fingers with her swirling tongue.

Brie closed her eyes and moaned as Ivy’s tongue bathed her clit, feeling the urgency of another orgasm quickly building. Her head swam with everything she had seen and done that day: hearing her best friend’s lurid story with her sister, seeing her young mother having sex for a grade, being caught with her dad’s cock inside her, and now feeling Ivy’s oral ministrations, too. She wasn’t sure just how her life had become so exciting, but more and more she was grateful for everything she had gone through.

She felt Ivy pause briefly and heard her coo suddenly and the little girl’s eyes snapped open. Brie watched her dad kneel behind Ivy and reach below to undo her jean shorts. She could see his cock was swelling large again. He then tugged the woman’s shorts down her hips as far as he could go without making Ivy stop her licking to get up and take them off. “No panties,” he observed. “Does anyone wear them anymore?”

Ivy just giggled, but Hazel chimed in and said, “I’m wearing panties today.”

“What are you waiting for?” Warrick asked, eyes glued to Ivy’s round ass.

“I’m content to watch… and record, for now.”

Everybody’s heads jerked to look at the elder Nova. Her phone was out and she was recording the steady stream of pornography being enacted before her.

“Jesus, Hazel,” Ivy blushed, suddenly aware of her predicament, bridging between a father and his school-aged daughter. “What’s that for?”

“Mostly for me,” Hazel smirked. She then looked Ivy in the eyes. “But also insurance, in case you feel guilty later and feel like getting us in trouble.”

Ivy swallowed, realizing she was in deep. There was no backing out if her conscience ever managed to regain control. But then a wicked smile spread across her face. “Send me a copy after we’re done.”

Hazel winked, “I’d be happy to.”

Warrick, knowing that his family’s depravity would be available to watch later, was rock hard once again and lined his cock up with Ivy’s exposed slit. Her engorged labia shone with slickness. He entered her slowly, watching his shaft disappear, savoring the feeling of the woman’s warm, familiar folds. Once he was all the way in, he started to thrust against her.

Only then did he look up to see his daughter gazing curiously at him. She was watching him fucking a woman who was not her mother and that knowledge made his chest tight. He was sure she knew a little bit about what they did when they invited Ivy over for late night romps, but up until that point, his young daughter had never seen any of the adult action with her own eyes. She’d never even seen him with her mother, yet here he was now, slamming in and out of Ivy in plain view. Bit by bit, day by day, his young daughter’s innocence was being drained away, along with every new flood of cum, and she was taking it like a champ. “Good girl, Brie. Just relax and let Ivy take care of your little pussy, okay?” It turned him on to have his little girl watching him.

Brie, too, was getting more aroused by watching her father’s movements. It was the first time she was able to watch anyone having sex up close. She had seen Elsie getting fucked by Oliver the previous day, but at the time, she was more focused on servicing Hunter and getting his cum. Now, having recently achieved an orgasm, she was more lucid and able to observe and enjoy the show her father and Ivy were putting on directly in front of her. The small girl could even feel his movements. His powerful strokes against Ivy brought her mouth crashing into Brie’s young pussy with every thrust.

Together, father and daughter gazed into each others’ eyes as they coupled through their surrogate. Brie’s face twisted with the building pleasure and a moan escaped.

Warrick spoke, not looking away from Brie’s small, smooth body. “That’s it, Ivy, eat my cum out of my baby girl’s pussy. I’ve marked her with it. I’ve filled my daughter’s pussy with my own cum. I was her first and Brie will always be mine now.”

Ivy groaned into Brie’s pussy and then came up for air. “Fuck, Brie, your sloppy little cunt tastes so sweet. And your daddy’s cum makes for a delicious filling.” She craned her neck toward Warrick, her mouth glistening with his daughter’s juices. “I love tasting you and your little girl at the same time.”

Warrick reached out and pushed Ivy’s face back down between Brie’s legs. “Lick it all up, baby. That’s my baby’s cunny. Don’t let it go to waste.”

Ivy licked for a while more, slurping and sucking noisily and drooling all over Brie’s snatch. Brie huffed and moaned as Ivy worked her over with her tongue. Soon, Ivy pushed herself up from Brie’s split. She grasped the ends of her tee-shirt and said, “I need this off of me.” Her breasts spilled out and Brie’s eyes went wide, taking in the sight of the topless family friend.

Warrick said, “Time for these to come off, too,” and flipped the woman around onto her back, tugging her shoes off and yanking her jeans the rest of the way down her legs. Ivy giggled and gasped, suddenly naked on the floor of the den. Warrick kneeled again and pulled the woman up and onto his lap, spearing his cock back into her.

Brie fingered herself, keeping her orgasm climbing within her while she watched her father rhythmically fuck Ivy in front of her and her mother. The woman’s breasts bounced with each thrust and she continued her stream of dirty talk: “Your cum is dripping off my tongue, baby, and my belly is full of your daughter’s juices, too. You’re such a naughty Daddy for letting me do such disgusting things to her. That’s it, Daddy, make me cum while I think about eating your baby girl’s little pussy.

Brie blushed at being the subject of Ivy’s lewd commentary and glanced toward her mother to see if she would do or say anything about it. Instead, she noticed that Hazel was aiming her phone straight at her husband as he cheated on her with another woman, recording every word.

Warrick dug his fingers into Ivy’s hips and moaned, “You’re an irredeemable slut, Ivy. You think you’re so pure, but how long did it take you to get on your knees for a school girl?”

Ivy thrashed her head back wantonly and noticed Brie watching them. “Your daddy’s right, Brie. I’m a slut for your school girl pussy. Come down here, baby. I’m not done with you yet.”

Brie’s chest heaved and she slipped off the sofa. She approached Ivy and began to sit next to her, but Ivy said, “Stand over my face and sit down.” Brie straddled the woman’s head, facing her father, and crouched, lowering her tiny pussy for a reunion with Ivy’s mouth. As her young pussy lips parted, she felt her moisture dripping out of her. She heard Ivy groan as viscous beads of fluid, mixed with more of her daddy’s copious sperm, dripped freely from her opening and into the woman’s mouth.

She cooed sweetly when her cunny lips made full contact with Ivy’s lips, but her girlish moans soon turned pornographic when Ivy reached up and grabbed the cheeks of her little bottom and resumed eating her out in earnest. The girl’s legs gave way to Ivy’s control and her light and slender body pitched forward. She leaned her hands on Ivy’s breasts, kneading into their pillowy softness. Ivy moaned in response. Brie felt the woman’s nipples stiffen under her attention and instinctively she tweaked and twisted them lightly, causing Ivy to swear into her open hole.

Warrick enjoyed watching his daughter play with Ivy’s tits while she faced him, her pussy smearing her babysitter’s face with all of its wetness and disappearing regularly beneath Ivy’s flicking tongue and champing lips. While he plowed his hard cock into the woman’s frothing channel, he reached down to thumb her stiff clit. Ivy squealed all the more at the added attention to her sensitive spot, her noises driving Warrick ever closer to his next cum.

He gazed at his daughter as she leaned forward over Ivy, eyes closed and mouth agape, moaning at the woman’s oral assault. From the other side of Ivy’s body, Warrick, too, leaned in closer to his daughter. While he thrust in and out of their family friend, he ducked towards his daughter and caught her lips with his.

Brie’s eyes snapped open as she felt her father mash his face against hers in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss. His large tongue caressed her diminutive one, and she pushed hers back against it, tasting his spit. She moaned in agony as the triangle of bodies undulated in unison, pleasuring each other, one after another and back again.

Warrick could feel his cum boiling in his balls, but he sensed that Ivy was close, and he hoped that he could maintain long enough to see her through her orgasm. To speed things along for her, he broke his kiss with Brie and, with his hand on the back of his daughter’s neck, pulled her face down to Ivy’s gash.

As the small girl neared the junction where Warrick’s cock pistoned in and out of Ivy, Brie’s eyes flicked up to her father’s, unsure what he wanted her to do.

“Give Ivy’s clitty a suck, baby.”

Brie gazed down at the woman’s bared pussy, watching her father mate with the woman who was not her mother. She smelled the strong aroma of Ivy’s cunt wafting up with each thrust; it was not unlike her mother’s, but it was also different. It was familiar. It was Ivy’s scent.

Ivy’s labia were already splayed open over her father’s meat, but Brie used her fingers to pry them apart further, revealing her glistening pink insides all the more, and the glossy, bulbous nub of her clit.

Ivy could feel Brie playing around with her vagina, and she moaned hoarsely at the sensation. Brie was too small for them to sixty-nine effectively, but when the little girl’s pussy slid off her chin, Ivy reached her fingers to Brie’s gash. She attempted to plunge two inside, but Brie was too tight and Ivy settled for one. “Jesus, Warrick, I can only get one finger inside the little slut. How did you manage to fit that thick slab?” Before Warrick could answer, Ivy cried out, feeling Brie’s tiny tongue begin to lash at her swollen clitty.

Brie savored the woman’s taste while Ivy made herself familiar with the girl’s insides. Brie’s pussy responded to the churning finger with ever more lubrication. It drooled out of her and on to Ivy’s tits.

As Brie licked up and down her babysitter’s gash, she was face-to-face with her daddy’s churning cock. She pulled back momentarily to observe his movements. He was rapid and forceful and his shaft was white and foamy with their combined fluids. Each time he plunged into her, Brie could see the outer rim of Ivy’s hole push in, and when he pulled out, he pulled her tight, clinging cunny along with.

Then she leaned in again and took Ivy’s love nub between her lips. She nibbled on the sensitive bundle of nerves and licked up the swirl of juices seeping throughout her slit.

Suddenly Ivy squealed and thrashed. She gasped out, “Oh fuck, Daddy, I’m cumming!” She thrust her hips hard against Warrick’s cock while her orgasm tore through her. She moaned and wailed, still running her finger wildly into Brie’s spit-slicked snatch as she weakly attempted to continue giving pleasure to the young girl laying atop her. “Fuck my pussy, Daddy, while I’m inside your baby girl.” Ivy thrashed her head back and forth, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, her legs flailing limply across Warrick’s torso.

Soon her cum high subsided, but Ivy wasn’t done yet. She pulled Brie by her hips back onto her face and resumed wildly licking out the girl’s slit and sucking on her clit while she continued her finger-banging. Brie was so dazed by the unexpected pleasure that she cried out and her body went limp.

Warrick, having given Ivy what she wanted, pulled out and moved himself closer toward his daughter. He straddled Ivy’s hips and prodded his raging hard-on into Brie’s open mouth while her jaw hung slack, and she took to it readily. Her tongue lolled around his shaft and she tasted the worked up melange of his pre-cum and Ivy’s cum juices on his shaft.

“Open up that little throat of yours, kiddo,” Warrick grunted, thrusting himself deep toward the back of her mouth.

Brie knew what her daddy desired. He wanted a retry of the night before when he attempted to deep-throat her, and she wanted to satisfy him this time. She craned her neck up, attempting to make the way as straight as possible, and opened her mouth as wide as it would go.

Warrick pushed himself onto his daughter’s face, pulling her by the back of her head. He saw Brie’s eyes roll up to meet his, and he read them perfectly: pleasure tinged with the worry that he might break her. “It’s gonna be okay, baby,” he assured her, though he didn’t really know if he could guarantee his promise.

Brie nodded, her mouth stuffed with the giant rigid rod slicked with Ivy’s tangy cum. She took a deep breath through her nose and closed her eyes, signaling that she was ready for whatever was coming. Warrick pressed himself forward slowly, straining against the small opening of his daughter’s throat. But sure enough, he pushed through. Brie’s entire body tensed as the invading member crushed its way into her body. She might have tried to fight back, but in that moment she was helpless, trapped, strung up between her father and Ivy. She had nowhere to go and nothing to do but to act as a vessel, used for their ignominious pleasure.

She gagged, but her father stayed lodged inside her. Her face reddened. She snuffled air through her nose to keep from blacking out, but the lack of oxygen enhanced her own pleasure all the same. Ivy pumped her slender finger in and out of the girl’s burning pussy, massaging against her G-spot while her tongue swirled circles around her clit.

Warrick let out a long groan of pleasurable agony, feeling his daughter’s tight throat constricting around his engorged cock. He could feel his orgasm rushing onward, and he knew there was nothing more he could do to stave it off. He grabbed his baby girl’s head with both hands, and proceeded to rapidly fuck his cock down Brie’s throat. With her head pushed back, her eyes opened as little slits, and he could only see the whites. Teardrops occasionally spilled from the corners. His daughter was completely checked out. She was, in that moment, nothing but her daddy’s sexy little fuckdoll.

Finally, he felt his cock begin to surge. He knew his orgasm had arrived in full force. He waited in Brie’s throat to send the first jet directly down into his little girl’s belly. She grunted as her neck strained to take her father at his biggest. Then he pulled himself free, slithering his spit-soaked cock out of her face.

Brie gulped for air as globs of bubbly saliva spilled from her mouth and down her chin, and fell onto Ivy’s tummy below. Before she could spit any more out, she felt her father roughly grab her hair and pull her head back to splatter her face with another stripe of his cum. “Yes!” she choked out desperately, “Cum on me, Daddy. Cum all over me!” Warrick’s cock continued to leap and spurt in his fist.

Ivy cheered him on, too, “Paint your darling little daughter, Daddy. Give Mommy’s baby slut what she’s earned.”

The euphoria of oxygen, the feeling of her father’s climax raining upon her, and Ivy’s fingers thrashing inside her pussy finally brought Brie to her second orgasm. Where normally, her cumming had started from her pussy and spread outward, this time, it started in her brain. She liked being used and controlled—not told what to do, but simply acted upon. The entire weekend she had felt unhinged and she loathed it. She felt humiliated by her lack of self-control. But now, at her daddy’s whims, she understood what her body was trying to tell her and she savored it. Her head swam with ecstasy and her body roiled with pleasure. It moved from her head into her chest and tits, then finally down her spine to her pussy. Her hips bucked upward, and a spray of her cum escaped, dousing Ivy beneath her.

“Holy shit, Warrick!” Ivy exclaimed. “Your little girl can really cum!”

Brie writhed in orgasm, rolling her narrow hips into the air and slamming them back down onto Ivy’s cum-slicked body. High pitched moans filled the air as her orgasm ripped through her. She humped back against Ivy’s invading fingers, trying to wring as much pleasure from her quaking form as she could.

Soon, the world came leaking back, and her orgasm slowly faded until her body merely twitched where once it lewdly humped. Her burning nerve endings cooled to a sizzle and then faded. All that remained were memories and shivers. Brie at last rolled off of Ivy and onto her back on the floor. Only then did she realize her face was coated in a thick film of her father’s cum. It cooled against her skin, but she was too exhausted to wipe any of it off.

Finally, Ivy was able to sit up. It was the first time Warrick had seen her face since she had gotten under Brie. She was filthy with the young girl’s ejaculate, and her hair was soaked through; it dripped from the strands in fat droplets. Her mascara ran down her face, but she wore a smile. She turned to Hazel and remembered that her friend had been filming the whole encounter. She cheekily flashed the V-sign at the lens.

“What did you think?” Hazel interviewed her.

“That was fucking nuts,” she giggled, then gestured to Brie, “Look at your baby girl now.”

Hazel turned the camera toward her daughter. Brie panted heavily, but smiled meekly, as if she had just finished a marathon. Her body glistened with the combined fluids of her partners and her face was spackled white, coated thick with her father’s excessive jizz. She rolled bashfully away from the camera and curled her body up. Hazel lingered on her girlish bottom a moment longer.

Ivy said, “Not so innocent anymore,” and then Hazel ended the film. Ivy crawled up to the couch and slouched upon it. She turned to Hazel and said, “So, you said there was a long story to tell?”

Hazel smiled. “There is, and I can tell it.” She paused and looked around the room. “But first, who’s going to give me cummies?” Both she and Ivy looked at Warrick.

Warrick looked down at his tender cock, hanging limply, then back at Hazel. “Sorry honey, I’m gonna need a bit more time before I’m back in the game,” he said apologetically.

“Um,” the small voice of Brie piped up. The group all turned to face her, her cheeks glowing red behind her cummy veil, “I can do that, Mommy.”

Ivy slowly turned from the girl to face her mother, and with a smirk she said, “Fuck, I love your family.”

Hazel broke into a wide grin as she gazed at her filthy little girl. “I love my family, too.”

“Give me the camera,” Ivy urged, “I’m gonna film the sequel.”


The end.


Whew! This wild ride has come to its conclusion. Believe it or not, that took over three years to write! I didn’t start posting here until I was reasonably sure I would be able to finish it for you and give you a good ending, so I’m so glad that I could meet that goal.

It’s bittersweet, really. Though I will miss these characters—especially Brie and Elsie—it was a thrill to see some of my chapters hit the Top Rated page here. I tried my hardest to give y’all something that went far beyond the average stroke story. And who knows, I may find some time in the future to post some bonus standalone adventures that explore some of the themes just hinted at in these concluding chapters. That all depends on your comments and ratings.

Which, thank you, thank you for all your comments and messages! I hope to continue hearing from each of you. And, as always, if you have a moment, please go back and rate the other chapters, as well.

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