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A girlfriend reveals a dark secret of her past to her boyfriend, which he exploits for his own personal enjoyment.
“I just had to get out of that house,” Hannah said.

“Why? What happened?”

“Oh yeah, I never told you.” Hannah had a flair for being forgetful, but even as she hardened herself to tell me, it was clearly something she’d always remembered. “Well, when I was younger, my second oldest brother started molesting me.”

“How so? Just kissing and touching?” I asked, hoping she’d elaborate.

“More than that,” Hannah paused. “He’d force me to suck his cock, he’d give me oral, and then he’d have sex with me.”

“Did he ever say why?” I gave Hannah a look of genuine concern and curiosity as I was fighting the urge to show how turned on I was by her admission.

“He’d say stuff like ‘This is how brothers take care of their sisters’ or ‘You just feel so good, I can’t help myself.’ Hannah shook her head, “It got really bad for a year where he would even stalk me. He’d find me at school, and force me in the bathroom because he “had to have me” and to make sure I wasn’t giving it away to some other boy at school. He was sick.”

“Did you ever tell anyone?’

“Of course I did. My parents got mad because they thought I wanted to send my brother to jail, and told us it was best to just be separated. So they sent me to live with my Aunt.”

“Wow. So what ever happened to your brother?”

“Last I know, he got caught up with some drugs and ended up going to prison anyway.” Hannah laughed to herself a little, “He’s been in and out of rehab ever since.”

“Have you ever talked to him about what happened?”

“Yeah.” she shuddered, “He called me about a year ago from a rehab facility out in Kentucky somewhere, I think. He said he wasn’t sorry for what he did and that it was the best time of his life and he specifically said, he’s gonna look for me when he gets out, so we could be together again. Needless to say, I changed my number and moved out of my apartment. Didn’t even tell my parents just in case.”

“Wow, he sounds like a real head case. Hope he gets some help, that’s really messed up.”

“I know. But I’m glad I told you, and it’s not too weird for you, right?”

“Hey, everybody’s got a past.” I said. I went back to my cobb salad as if that was the end of the conversation , but in reality, it was all I could think about the rest of the day. Our conversation continued on, but it was being drowned out by my thoughts. Hannah and I had been together for two years now and she’s never known my deepest fantasy. I am obsessed with incest. I find the entire concept fascinating.

There were so many more questions I wanted to ask her. If he brother ever wore a condom, did he ever cum inside her, did her other brothers ever take a turn? It was driving me crazy. Maybe it was my own experience with incest that made me so intrigued by it all. An attractive cousin of mine would always tease me because she had big tits at an early age. We flirted, kissed, even fondled each other. But nothing further. It always irked me that I never got to feel inside of her. It’s something I still think about some days.

But the idea that my girlfriend had her own incestuous encounter was driving me mad. All I wanted to do was find her brother, tell her where she was, and see if he would come storming over, cock in hand ready to pound his little sister’s cunt.

I had to do a little research but I found 3 facilities in Kentucky that housed drug-related criminals, I called each one asking if they had anyone there by the last name of Steiner since that was Hannah’s last name. They refused to give me any information until I said I was trying to reach someone for a funeral of a loved one. Only 1 said they housed a Howard Steiner about 4 months ago. Bingo.

They gave me the last known address, and I sat down to write a letter. I wrote it as Hannah, saying she’d been trying to find him and that this was the last address she’d heard he was at. I told him how I (she) wanted to talk about what happened between them, that they were family and they should try to make it work. I sent the letter with our address on it. No phone number. Hoping he’d show up out of the blue.

Each day that went by was like torture for me. I hoped and prayed he’d gotten the letter, and that he was on his way to see his sister and fuck her like the good ole times. In the meantime, I had my way with Hannah. We had sex sometimes two or three times a day. The pent up sexual frustration over hoping to see this incestuous fantasy of mine fulfilled drove me to new heights. After a few times of “accidentally” cumming inside of her, she’d decided to go on birth control.

I hated this. While it meant I could cum in her all I wanted, all I could think about was her brother filling her up with his incestuous baby batter and it hitting a wall. I not only wanted to see her brother fuck his sister, I wanted him to knock her up with his load. This intense fantasy drove me to switch out her birth control pills for back medicine, and I fought the urge to fuck her just to see how long it might take for her brother to finally make his way here.

It took 17 days.

We were sitting on the couch watching cartoons when a furious knock came at the door. It was one of someone who was in a panicked frenzy. I leapt up hoping the day had finally come. I steadied myself and walked calmly to the door. I didn’t want to ask who it was in case it scared off Hannah, so I opened the door a smidgen and instantly recognized the familial traits in Hannah’s second eldest brother. They both shared the same brown eyes, full lips, and box nose. I tried hard to maintain my excitement and my erection. My heart was beating loudly in my chest. I struggled to compose myself.

“How can I help you?” I squeaked out.

“I’m looking for my sister.” Howard’s voice was authoritative, but not aggressive.

I whispered, “She told me everything. It’s okay with me.” Howard met my eyes and knew what I meant: he had the green light, “I just want to watch.”

His brown eyes softened and a perfectly curved up smile formed on his lips as I opened the door more to let Howard in just as Hannah turn to ask, “Who’s at the do--” She froze as she stood up, “Howie, what are you doing here? How did you find me?”

Howard reached in his back pocket and pulled out the letter I’d sent him, “I got your letter.”

“I never sent you a...” the realization struck her mid-sentence as she looked at me, “You didn’t. Steve, tell me you didn’t do this.”

At this moment, I wasn’t sure what to say, I wanted this so bad, I hadn’t really thought about what to say once she realized I was behind it..

Luckily, Howard stepped in, “He just wanted us to be together a family.”

“You raped me for two years!” Hannah shouted, “I want nothing to do with you.”

“Hannah since you left, I’ve only thought about you. I was depressed when Mom and Dad sent you away. I started acting up in school, got caught up in drugs. I even tried committing suicide. I just didn’t care anymore because I didn’t have you.”

“You can’t have me, I’m your sister! You need help, Howie. You’re sick” Hannah choked out between tears.

“I know, but...” Howie paused, “Just one more time. One more time to get you out of my head forever, maybe that’s all I need.”

“I’m calling the police.” Hannah lunged for her cell phone on the kitchen table, but I’d gotten there first, “What are you doing, Steve?”

“I think...” I struggled, “I think Howard might have a point.”


“It could just be that it’s biological. It’s something he’s thought about for so long, maybe if he can fulfill this...need he has, it’ll all go away.”

“No. No, I’m not gonna let my brother fuck me!” Hannah shouted, she reached for her phone, but Howard was there to pin her arms behind her back, “Let go of me you fucking pervert!”

“No, I gotta have you Hannah. I just have to be inside you again.” Hannah went to scream but Howard had bounded both her wrists with one arm and pulled out a rag of chloroform from his pocket. With swiftness, he placed the rag over her mouth and nose until she somberly fell to the ground.

“How long will it take for her to wake up?” I asked.

“Probably about 20 minutes.”

“Then let’s get her naked, I want her to be awake when you fuck her.”


Hannah was tied to our king size bed at all four posts. Howard had come prepared for this very scenario. He’d had a lot of rope , he’d said he bought extra just in case I wasn’t on board with this. We had stripped Hannah completely naked. She was splayed with her fat 36 DD breasts laid to each side. Her fat pink cunt ready to receive a thick member. Hannah was a little over-sized for her height. She was 5’6 and weight 170 lbs, but it had gone mostly to all the right places. Howard had stripped down to his boxers and was admiring his younger sister’s full grown body. His cock was beginning to harden. He was definitely bigger than me. Howard must’ve been about 6’2, 190 lbs, slender with tight abs and long legs. But his cock was at least 9 inches long and it was prepared to dive into his sister’s cunny.

“Did you want me to use a condom?” Howard asked.

“It’s your sister, fuck her however you want.” I started, “She thinks she’s on birth control, but I’ve swapped out her pills, so feel free to shoot a load in her if you want.” I was so hoping he wanted to fill his sister’s pussy with cum. I was so excited, I thought my cock might burst.

Howard leaned down and started sucking on Hannah’s juicy pussy. She had a small trim leading up to her clit, and Howard didn’t hesitate to flick that head with the tip of his tongue every chance he got. You could tell he had missed Hannah’s sweet box. He lapped up her juices with a feverish hunger. Sucking on her folds, playing with her labia, teasing all her hot spots. It would be another 5 minutes before Hannah began to stir, her soft moans filling the room as her mind tried to couple with the sensations she was feeling now and remembering what had happened before. Howard didn’t let up his assault either, he began thrusting his tongue inside of Hannah’s hole and sucking her clit furiously.

Hannah’s eyes shot open as she realized what had happened. Her brother was molesting her again. She looked down to find her second oldest brother’s head bouncing in between her legs. She tried to stop him, but suddenly felt the weight of the ropes holding her still. She went to scream, but it came out a gentle sob.

“No, please...don’t do this.”

Howard finally lifted his head off of his sister’s hot box and stood up. His cock was now fully erect. The 9 inch monster was stretching his boxers out, he tugged at the sides and pulled them down slowly to reveal his engorged member. Hannah gasped at the sight of it, then hurried looked away as her brother leaned in closer and began sliding his cock up and down her now wet slit.

“Oh God, I’ve missed this, sis.” He moaned, “You were so tight when we were younger, I bet it’s even better now.”

Hannah shut her eyes tight and let out a barely audible, “Oh God” as her brother began to stretch her walls with his fat cock. Howard wasted little time burying his cock to the hilt in his sister’s tightness. He laid inside her for a moment, allowing her to get used to his girth. I was happy he had decided against a condom, he seemed so ecstatic to be back inside his sister’s womb bare, it would’ve been a shame to have a rubber take away the sensations he was filling now.

After a few moments, he began to thrust inside. This was it. Nothing Hannah could do about it now. Her brother was fucking her. After almost 6 years, he was finally back inside the wet hole he’d taken when they were minors. The joy on his face could only be comparable to my own. Seeing my girlfriend being taken advantage of, not just by anybody, but her own brother. My fantasy had been fulfilled and it was everything I’d hoped it would be.

“I’ve always loved your pussy sis.” Howard would whisper, “Remember when I first fucked you? You were so scared, you just laid there and let it happen. I thought it was so hot. You were so innocent, just letting your brother fuck your cunt.”

Hannah didn’t respond, she did her best to hide her moans, but Howard was driving his cock inside her with abandon, you could hear how wet Hannah was getting by sounds their smacking bodies were making. I was so enthralled by their tryst that I had almost ignored my own throbbing cock. I sat on the floor where I could see Hannah’s face and see her brother’s full weight on top of her. I reached into my boxers and pulled out my rock-hard 7 inch cock. The head of my cock was purple and so sensitive. I wanted to stroke it, but I was afraid it would ejaculate without warning. It was then that Hannah opened her eyes and saw how much I was enjoying her being ravaged by her incestuous brother..

“You like this?” Hannah asked me, “You like watching my own brother fuck my pussy?”

Howard had his head buried in his sister’s tits, he was in heaven.

“Yes. I love it.” I confessed while slow stroking my tumescent cock.

“Yeah?” Hannah chortled, “Fuck me harder Howie. Fuck me harder!”

Howard obliged his sister’s request and began pounding her tight cunny with deliberate strokes, his stiff monster cock hitting the very depths of her sex. Hannah didn’t withhold her moans anymore. She loudly displayed her pleasure from her brother’s perverted pounding.

“You love fucking your sister, don’t you?” she mentioned breathlessly to her brother.

“Oh Yes, sis. It’s the best.” Howard replied. Picking up the pace to drive his cock deeper inside his chubby sister’s wet fuck box. Hannah’s heavy breasts bounced on her chest and Howard managed to catch one in his mouth while continuing his impressive force. My cock was bulging at the seams. Dying to be tugged on a little harder to receive that sweet release it so desired, but I fought the urge aggressively as I wanted to explode at the same time Howard did, especially if he was going to do it inside his sister’s unprotected pussy.

Just then, Hannah turned to me to see how hard my cock was, “Do you want to see my brother cum inside me?”

Just the words leaving her lips almost made me spray the entire room with my load. Through gritted teeth I responded back, “Yes, please.”

Howard had begun quickening his strokes as he was nearing climax as well, “Go ahead big brother. You can cum inside me. I’m on birth control anyway.” Hannah smiled.

This was the moment I was going to lose my nerve. I knew I had to get it out before Howard blew his load. He even looked up at me when she said those words and gave a sly smile, waiting to see if I would be the one to spill the beans to her.

“Actually Hannah, I swapped out your birth control pills. You’re extremely fertile right now. Your brother’s gonna knock you up.” As the words left my lips, it was the ultimate fantasy fulfillment. The instant shock on Hannah’s face as the realization settled on her, the increasing lustful appetite that shown across Howard’s face, her near frantic pleas of begging her brother not to shoot his baby making sperm inside her. It was almost too much to bear.

Finally, Howard screamed, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” and shoved his cock all the way to the hilt inside his sister’s pussy and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her cervix. At last, my cock erupted on its own and blasted hot jets of white cum so high it nearly touched the ceiling.

I screamed, “fffffuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk!”

The orgasm sent my head into a spiral as I came down off the most intense feeling I’d ever felt. I fell to the floor to catch my breath and listened to sharp panting between brother and sister.

“Take it out! Take it out!” Hannah begged.

“Not yet, I want to make sure it’s all in there.” Howard commented, “I want to make sure you get pregnant.”

“Why? Why would you do that?!” Hannah screamed.

“Because if its gonna be our last time, I want to make sure it’s worth it.”

I slowly made my way up off the floor and knelt down next to Hannah. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead, “Don’t worry honey. I can’t wait to see your brother’s baby growing inside of you. I’m gonna take care of us.”


Hannah and I welcomed our first child into the world. Her name is Holly. She’s a beautiful precocious girl with brown eyes and a cute little box nose. The family resemblance is undeniable.

Hannah and her brother continued to have sex throughout her pregnancy and after, which I didn’t mind at all. It felt good that she finally felt comfortable with the idea of incest, and she said in another year or two, it would be my turn to get her pregnant. I would love that.

“So would I.” Hannah said, “And when Holly is old enough, maybe you’ll get to fuck and impregnate her while I watch.”

I held my dick hard. I don’t know if I would be able to last long enough, but I certainly was gonna try.


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I had a 17 yo sister when I was 13. I was jacking and cumming but had no experience fucking. Lusted after my sister constantly but couldn’t get her to fuck me. Would have loved filling her cunt with family cream. Damn!

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