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A romantic story about a geeky brother and his cute little sister, that got started by her best friend and her strange hypnotic powers
Under her spell

It was an ordinary Thursday afternoon and I was alone in my room, fully engrossed in massacring my friends on my computer, when suddenly my bloody rampage was rudely interrupted by my younger sister barging into my bedroom. I looked up from my screen and was about to give her a lecture about disrespecting my privacy by entering my room without knocking, when I noticed a strange, glassy-eyed look on her face.

Seemingly oblivious to my indignation and without saying a single word, Anna walked up to me and kneeled down by my chair. Before I could give her that lecture, she pressed her lips against mine and gave me a hot kiss, tongue and all. She kissed me for maybe fifteen seconds and then, just as suddenly as she came in, she stood up again and walked out my bedroom, leaving me alone and confused.

It happened so quickly, I didn’t even realize what she was doing until it was over. The kiss was by far the weirdest, most conflicting kiss in my life. I almost felt as if I was dreaming. If it wasn’t for my tingling lips, I might not have believed it possible that my sister could actually give me such an erotic kiss.

I knew I should have been disgusted by my sister kissing me like that, but damn, Anna was a great kisser! I had kissed a few girls before, but… damn.

Maybe if the kiss had lasted a little longer, or if I had been given some kind of warning, I might have been able to process all the conflicting things that happened, and be properly disgusted instead of just confused. Yeah… I think the kiss definitely should have lasted a little longer.

I glanced back at the monitor and saw my character lying face-down in the dirt, a dozen arrows sticking out from his back. I softly cursed my ditzy little sister for ruining my game and reducing me to a mere spectator while I could have easily won the game. I was still staring at the screen and waiting for the round to end, when a burst of laughter erupted from Anna’s room. The guffaw was followed by my sister’s voice. Though I couldn’t hear what she was saying, she sure sounded quite agitated. Whatever she was telling her friend, it was met with another burst of laughter. It was obvious the girls were having some kind of fun at my expense.

Although I don’t mind a good joke now and then, I wasn’t going to be their submissive victim. However, before I could think of a way to get back at the girls, my door opened and Anna came walking in once again.

Like the first time she barged into my room, she had a glassy-eyed look on her face and walked silently towards me and kneeled. I was preparing myself for another strangely exciting kiss, but that was not what my sister had in mind. This time, instead of kissing me, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest. In a reflex I pulled back my hand, but she had a surprisingly firm grip on my wrist, and put my hand right back where it had been, on the warm, pillowy mound of her left breast.

Well, if Anna really wanted me to feel her up, I had no problem doing it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my sister’s tits. Though not overly large, they were nice and full, and firm enough that she didn’t need to wear a bra all the time. It was a secret pleasure of mine to see them move freely underneath her blouse, or to see her hard nipples create little bumps in the fabric. I had often wondered how they would feel, and now I knew. They were amazing. Anna’s breasts were soft and supple as I squeezed them, and I could even feel those little nipples pucker up underneath my hand. My sister graciously allowed me to grope her for about a minute, and then she got up again and walked away.

This time, I was ready for her sudden retreat. As soon as Anna got up, I went after her. I was walking right behind her, but she didn’t seem to notice me. She stoically walked on to her own room and immediately closed the door behind her. I got on my knees in front of the door and looked in through the keyhole. Inside the room I saw my sister and her friend Tess, who was snickering as if something incredibly funny had happened. In contrast, Anna was standing motionless, as if she was waiting for something. I heard Tess say the word ‘breadcrumb’, and my sister came back to life.

“OMG, what did you make me do this time?” Anna asked her friend as she was straightening her sweater.

“You let him feel your tits” she laughed.

“Eeeww gross!” I heard my sister say. “Stop this. I don’t want to play this game anymore. I want you to turn me back to normal!”

“No way Ann, I’m having too much fun!”

“I’m gonna tell my mom if you don’t!”

“Oh, don’t be such a crybaby. I’ll undo the spell, okay?”



She had barely said the word and my sister’s head dropped forward, and her arms fell limp beside her.

“Yes master?” Anna said in a subdued, robotic voice.

“Go to your brother’s room and let him have a good look at your tits.”

“Yes master.”

I rushed back to my room and tried to seem busy while I waited for my sister. Seconds later, she appeared again, still wearing that same expressionless look on her face. Just as her master had ordered, Anna lifted her blouse for me and offered me a good look at her naked breasts. They were simply gorgeous. Orange-sized and slightly cone shaped, with pale, creamy skin and large pink nipples.

She let me gaze at her treasures for maybe half a minute and then she left again, leaving me more confused, and more aroused than I had ever been before. Intrigued by her strange behavior, I followed her to her room once more.

“Breadcrumb.” I heard Tess say as I installed myself in front of the keyhole.

“Fuck! Did you do it again?”

Tess was laughing again. “You sucked his cock and swallowed his cum”

“No… You didn’t!” Anna stammered.

“Just kidding” she laughed, “But you did show him your tits”

“Dammit Tess! This isn’t funny anymore. Turn me back to normal!”

The more annoyed my sister was, the harder her friend was laughing. Finally Tess calmed down a little.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it.” she said, and then “Buttercup.”

My sister’s body relaxed again and she closed her eyes as she awaited the new instructions.

“Yes master?”

“Anna, listen to my voice. I am going to count to three and then I want you to wake up. You will feel normal again, relaxed and rested. Everything will be as it was before. However, whenever you hear the word ‘buttercup’ you will fall into a deep hypnotic sleep and do whatever you’re ordered. One… Two… Three!”

Anna opened her eyes and looked as usual again.

“Am I… normal?”

“Ha, you were never normal.”

“Har-har, very funny. You know what I mean, am I no longer hypnotized?”

“Well, you shouldn’t be.”

“No kidding?”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“No fucking way!”

“Relax girl… I’ll prove it to you: Bicycle."

Nothing happened.

“Well?” Tess asked.

“I don’t know… I feel normal.”

“Great! Don’t you see? You’re no longer hypnotized!”

“Thanks” I heard my sister sigh. “But what about Ben? Can you make him forget those things I did?”

“Sure, that’s easy.”

“Please, make him forget everything.”

“Okay, I will. Just let me get ready.”

I quickly ran back to my room. I hoped I would be able to withstand Tess’s hypnotizing powers, but just to be sure, I wrote a quick note to my future self, explaining the situation and most importantly, the codewords ‘buttercup’, ‘breadcrumb’ and ‘bicycle’. After that, I grabbed the game controller and pretended to be fully engrossed in my game. It wasn’t long before Tess came into my room.

“Hey, Ben?”


“Look at this.”

I looked up at my sister’s friend. She was holding a cheap metal medallion, dangling on a piece of string, and twirled it before my eyes.

“Listen to my voice… You’re feeling sleepy…” she slowly said in a low voice. “Your eyes are getting heavy…”

I wasn’t feeling anything particular, but I thought it might be best to act as if it was working.

“Listen to my voice… Your eyes are getting heavier… So heavy, you can’t keep them open any longer… and when you close your eyes… you’ll fall into a deep sleep, and… you will do… whatever I say.”

I slowly closed my eyes and then let my head fall down. As bad as my acting was, it appeared to be convincing enough to fool Tess. Assured that I was successfully hypnotized, she began to lay her instructions upon me.

“When I snap my fingers, you’ll forget that you ever kissed your sister, felt her tits or saw them. In fact, you never saw or heard either of us today. You were here alone all afternoon, playing your game by yourself.”

She snapped her fingers.

“Now, I am going to count to three and then you’ll wake up and remember nothing. One… two… three!”

I opened my eyes and looked up, trying to appear appropriately confused.

“Tess? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Nothing. I was looking for Anna. Have you seen her?”

I had to think quickly.

“No… I haven’t seen her all day”

“Oh, okay. Thanks anyway”

Tess left and I was again alone in my room. I looked at the letter I had written and tossed it into the paper bin. It was a good idea, but completely unnecessary. I chuckled at the amateurish way Tess had tried to hypnotize me and the ease with which I had faked being under her spell. Everything she had wanted me to forget was still etched on my mind; Anna’s enticing kiss, her gorgeous breasts and, most importantly, the code words needed to make her my slave.

While I was glad my mind was still uncompromised, I was struggling to make sense of the bizarre chain of events of this afternoon. It appeared that, despite her poor attempt trying to hypnotize me, Tess had succeeded with my sister and had her fully under her control. Using a series of code words, she could make her do everything she wanted, including making out with her brother and letting him see and feel those beautiful tits.

If I had heard everything correctly, Tess used the word ‘buttercup’ to put Anna under hypnosis and make her suggestible to any command. Then there was the code word ‘breadcrumb’, which she used to wake her up while leaving the commands imprinted under hypnosis intact. Finally there was ‘bicycle’, which didn’t appear to do anything.

Then I understood: The word ‘bicycle’ was nothing but a bogus code word Tess had used to trick my sister into believing that she was no longer susceptible to the real commands. Why she had done that, I didn’t know for sure, but it was presumably so she could have more fun messing with her later.

Well, Tess wasn’t the only one.

I only had to decide how to best use my new powers. Numerous scenarios flashed through my mind. The least I could do was make her stop annoying me all the time, or make her do some of my chores. I was also really tempted to use her body to learn more about women and sex. I knew most girls thought I was a little geeky, and I was much too shy to prove them wrong. But with a willing girl like Anna to practice with, I could become a real Casanova, and have the courage to date, and fuck, every hot girl in school. Maybe I could even lend her out to my friends, and make a couple of bucks that way as well.

I quickly dismissed those last options; I loved my little sister way too much to do that to her. But even if no-one was going to fuck her, a little exploring wouldn’t harm anyone, and the more I knew about the female body, the better I was prepared for when I finally got that first real girlfriend.

For the rest of the afternoon, nothing worth mentioning happened. I stayed in my room, and Anna and her friend stayed in hers. As evening fell, Tess went home and not much later my parents arrived. They brought Chinese takeaway with them, which was served in front of the TV. I was the last to join them for dinner, and because I was late, the only seat left was the easy chair next to the TV. Not only did that mean I would be watching TV at an oblique angle, I also had to sit opposite my sister, who was sitting Indian style at the far end of the couch.

I was doing my best to act natural and not stare at Anna, which was more difficult than I could have imagined. I was constantly distracted by the impressions her nipples made in her blouse and the way these little points moved around as Anna shifted her position. Every time I looked at her, I was reminded of how warm and soft her breasts had felt and how those nipples had puckered up underneath my hand.

While this view kept me at a constant level of arousal, it was a manageable level and I was able to have dinner without raising suspicion from either my parents or my sister. I was wolfing down the Char Sui as I normally would, and watching TV just like the rest. Everything was going really well, until Anna reached for her glass of water that was on the table. Because of the way she was sitting, I was suddenly looking at her baby blue panties. If that wasn’t distracting enough, I could see a deep groove run along the crotch of her panties where the fabric had gotten tucked between the lips. Realizing I was looking at the exact shape of her pussy, made me nearly come in my pants.

I excused myself and fled to the bathroom. I opened my fly and carefully lowered my pants before I made a mess of them. My cock was feeling like it was a ticking timebomb, and the mere act of freeing it from my pants could set it off. I closed my fist around the shaft, aimed it at the toilet bowl and began to stroke. Two seconds later, I was firing long ropes of cum at the white ceramic. Judging from the amount of sperm I shot, you’d think I hadn’t cum in over a month. It was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever experienced, but while it felt great to release some of the pressure, it did little to soften my cock. There was still plenty of cum stored in my balls to jack off once or twice more, but I couldn’t stay away from dinner for too long. I tucked my swollen penis back inside my pants, then washed my hands and rejoined my family, who had barely noticed that I was gone.

I was glad that we had the TV for distraction. If they weren’t as engrossed as they were, they would have likely spotted the persistent erection I was hiding underneath my napkin. However, under current conditions, I made it through dinner without attracting unwanted attention. As soon as I had finished my pork and noodles, I told them I had to go, using my homework for an excuse. While the rest of the family stayed to finish their show, I retreated to my room.

About half an hour later, my sister came knocking on my door.

“Enter” I grunted.

“Hi, Ben.”

“What’s up, sis?”

“Did Tess say anything to you this afternoon?”

“Tess? No… She was looking for you. That’s all.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Oh, nothing. She was just being… you know. Forget I even asked.”

“Okay. Whatever.”

“Thanks, bro.”

She walked back to the door. Before she could leave, I called her name.

She turned around. “Yeah?”

“Buttercup” I said.

She looked at me, and then her eyes glassed over and her muscles relaxed.

“Yes, master?”

“Lock the door.”

My heart skipped a beat as she obeyed my command without hesitation. It was time to test my new powers a little more.

“Stand on one leg and bark like a dog.”

I know, it was the lamest thing to ask her to do, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Again, she obeyed immediately. Feeling a little more confident, I tried giving her another command, one that was not so lame. I took a deep breath and then I said it.

“Anna, show me your tits again.”

Without hesitation, my sister grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it up to her chin, once more baring her naked breasts to my eyes. They were truly beautiful, just like I remembered them. About the size of large oranges and slightly cone-shaped, mostly because of her puffy nipples. Despite it being winter, and most of her golden summer tan had faded, there were still visible lines from her bikini, making the pale skin of her breasts stand out from the rest of her chest and belly. Even her nipples had a very pale shade of pink.

“Come closer” I ordered.

She walked to my desk, still holding her blouse up to her chin. Her pointy breasts jiggled beautifully with every step she took. When she was within a foot or two, I told her to stop.

“Strip for me.”

Again, my little sister complied immediately. She let the hem of her blouse fall down and began to mechanically gyrate and sway her hips. Moving as sexily as possible in her zombie-like state, she began to unbutton her blouse, starting at the bottom. After she had popped all the buttons, she let me look at her breasts for a split second and then she turned her back to me. While she continued to seductively sway her hips she bared first one shoulder, then the other, and then her entire back. Finally she let her blouse fall on the floor and faced me, presenting me with a full view of her bare breasts, moving enticingly as she danced for me.

Next, she moved her hands down her sides and teasingly slowly pulled down the zipper of her skirt. While she kept moving to the imaginary music, she pulled her skirt over her round ass and down her long, shapely legs. After stepping out of her skirt, she then hooked her fingers underneath the sides of her little panties and pushed them down as well. As a grand finale, she kicked her foot, and sent the tiny blue piece of underwear flying through the air.

It had been a long time since I last saw my little sister naked, and it was hard to believe the transformation. Besides the gorgeous breasts and slim waist, she had a cute round ass, and a surprisingly sexy pussy. Between her tight stomach and the small gap between her thighs was a pale upside-down triangle that matched the tan lines on her chest. At the center of that lower triangle was a thin patch of strawberry blond hair. Almost entirely confined to the top of her mound, it did nothing to hide the lips of her pussy. She had a tight little slit, from which only her clitoral hood protruded slightly, the rest still hidden between the chubby outer lips. It left me wondering what her inner labia would be like, but I knew I would find out eventually, once I made her spread her legs for me.

Anna was now completely naked, and having completed the task I had given her, she returned to her motionless state, and awaited my next order.

“Come sit in my lap” I whispered; my throat too dry to talk.

She stepped towards me and lowered her gorgeous naked ass onto my lap. Draping one arm around her supple waist, I pulled her body tightly against mine. I was struck by how soft and warm she was, and how deliciously feminine she smelled. I buried my nose in her wavy hair and greedily inhaled her scent, I kissed her shoulder and tasted the subtle saltiness of her naked skin. Every new sensation made me hungry for more. I wanted to kiss her all over, lick every inch of her enticing body.

I reached up and cupped her magnificent breasts with my hands. They felt even better without her blouse. Her sexy breasts were soft and her skin was smooth and warm. I flicked her pink nipple with my finger and watched it pucker up. I leaned forward to take the extended tip into my mouth, then did the same with Anna’s other nipple, feeling it stiffen as I sucked. I let it slip out of my mouth and leaned her back to admire at the result of my work. It was spectacular.

Though I wasn’t done playing with her tasty nipples, I could not wait any longer, I had to feel her little pussy. I took a deep breath and slid my hand down her belly until I reached that sparse little patch of fur. I ran my fingers through her silky pubes as I slowly moved closer to that forbidden place between her legs. The further down I went, the hotter and damper the hair around my fingers became, until I finally reached the top of her slit. The tip of my finger slid between her fuzzy lips, stroking the protruding hood as I made my way to her little hole. She was quite wet already and my fingers slid easily into her tight canal.

I moved my finger in and out of her a couple of times, but as Anna was only partially conscious, there was hardly any reaction when my fingers penetrated her. This lack of feedback was not only bad for my education, it was also a bit of a letdown. Even though her tits felt marvelous and her pussy was hot and wet, playing with her like this was not satisfactory at all. I could have done these things with a doll with the same results. Then, a thought popped into my mind.

“Anna, listen to my voice.” I said.

God I sounded lame.

“When I count to three, you’ll wake up, feeling hornier than you’ve ever been before. You will no longer care that I am your brother, and all you want is to have sex with me. Also, you will do all the things you like to do sexually, and teach me how to do it right. One… Two… Three!”

Anna opened her eyes and looked up at me. A smile appeared on her lips and instead of a glassy look, there was an intense desire burning in her eyes. I immediately knew I had overdone it with the suggestions, but I was too horny to stop her now. I knew that I could always stop her with a single command, if things really threatened to get out of hand.

Anna raised herself off my lap, swung her leg across mine and sat down again, now facing me. Her naked breasts were pressed firmly into my chest and her face was only inches from mine. I could feel her hot breath as she moved in and kissed me on my lips. Her tongue invaded my mouth and she frenched me with passion. Then, while our tongues were dancing in my mouth, she began to roll her hips and slowly rubbed her pussy on the bulge in my crotch. I could not believe it; my naked little sister was dry humping me!

Knowing we were already past the point where I should have stopped her, I tried to disentangle myself from her embrace and put her under hypnosis again to tone down her programming. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. There were simply too many tongues in my mouth.

“Blfftrrcub” was all I could say while she was humping and kissing me, and it had absolutely no effect at all. Unable to stop her, I sat helplessly in my chair and passively underwent her highly effective seduction. By the time she did pull her tongue from my mouth, my own excitement matched Anna’s and my cock was as feeling like it would burst. I was ready and willing to fuck anyone.

While she was still seated in my lap, Anna scooted back a bit, undid my belt and fly, and reached inside for my cock. She wrapped her small hand around my solid shaft and then pulled it out. She gave me a lustful smile and then she began to stroke me.

“It’s beautiful, Ben,” she whispered, “So big and hard.”

All I could do was groan.

She slid off my lap and got on her knees between my legs. She lowered her head and her lips touched my penis. A bolt of lightning shot up my spine as my sister kissed the sensitive head and then took it into her mouth. Her warm, sucking mouth was evoking feelings of pleasure I had never thought possible. It was obvious Anna didn’t have much experience sucking cock, and she was choking and coughing a few times when I went too deep, but her enthusiasm made more than up for that.

I had been sporting an erection almost continuously since she first kissed me, several hours ago, and after feeling Anna’s lips around my cock for only a minute or two, I knew I was about to explode in her mouth.

“I’m cumming, sis!” I grunted.

She nodded and intensified her blowjob, taking my shaft and balls in her hands and rubbing them while she sucked hard on the tip. Seconds later, I was cumming like never before. My balls contracted and my cock began to pulsate as it was blasting a dozen thick ropes of sperm into my little sister’s mouth. Anna sucked every drop out of my balls and then, while looking straight into my eyes, she swallowed.

“Hmmm, that was yummie.” she purred while she licked the last traces of cum from my shaft. Then she took the head in her mouth and resumed sucking. It was no surprise that my cock remained fully erect. When also the pressure in my balls returned, I began to fuck my sister’s mouth again. Before I had a chance to feed her a second load, she released me from her lips.

“You’re gonna cum again, aren’t you?” she said, grinning mischievously.

“Oh yes baby,” I panted, “don’t stop sucking.”

In spite of my pleading, she got on her feet.

“I can’t do that, Ben” she said.

I was about to use my hypnotic control over her again, when she added “because I really want your next load right… in… here.”, pointing at her pussy.

“Okay, why not.” I groaned. I knew I was going to hell for this, and that I fully deserved to go there, but I was too horny to care.

Anna walked to my bed and lay down on top of the sheets. She beckoned me with her finger and as I walked up to her, she spread her legs. I was presented with a full view of her bare pussy, and it was breathtaking. As I could see now, the blond patch of fur was indeed almost completely confined to her pubic mound; her swollen lips were virtually hairless, leaving even the small, pale pink inner lips fully exposed, still tightly closed but all shiny and wet.

Biting her lower lip and staring hungrily into my eyes, she lay her hand between her legs and twirled her fingers over her clit. Next, she slid them down along her slick lips, parting them and showing me the insides of her vulva with its intricate folds and bumps. I was amazed with how well the hypnotic suggestion worked; she was literally dripping with arousal.

“I’m ready for you, Ben” she said seductively, her voice all husky from lust. “Can’t you see how wet my pussy is for you? Please… please come here and fuck me with your big, beautiful cock”

She didn’t have to ask twice; before she had finished her sentence, I had already taken off my shirt and was hopping and stumbling towards the bed while I kicked off my pants and underwear. After I had liberated myself from these last articles of clothing, I climbed in bed with my sister and kneeled between her legs. My heart was pounding in my throat as I eyed up her pussy. It was beautiful. I had seen plenty of pictures and videos online, but even the prettiest model could not stand comparison with the real thing.

I took a deep breath to steel myself and then reached out for Anna’s overheated sex. She jumped up as my fingers touched her little pussy. My fingers pried apart her moist, plump lips and explored the sexy folds between them. I moved my finger down between her dainty inner labia until it dipped into the tight opening of her vagina. The pale pink tissue was extremely soft and delicate, eager to yield to the slightest touch, and my finger slipped smoothly inside her.

Anna groaned lustfully as I pushed the extended digit into the little hole and then began to slide it in and out. She was extremely wet; my entire finger was coated in a creamy layer of her lubricating juices, helping it slip easily in and out of her tight pussy. I added a second finger and moved them both in unison. The scent of her arousal was inebriating and I really enjoyed the way her inner muscles squeezed my fingers. Following her whispered instructions I tickled the inside of her pussy with both fingers, and rubbed her clit at the same time.

Almost immediately Anna’s body started bucking in a series of contractions so powerful, they lifted her butt over a foot off the bed. With each contraction I felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze my fingers and gush out hot juices over my hand. It was amazing to see how intense a female orgasm could be, and how long it lasted. Over a minute later, she was still shivering and small tremors still squeezed my fingers.

I was quite pleased with the result of my handiwork. Playing with my little sister like this was much more rewarding than it had been earlier, and I knew that more pleasure was still waiting for us both. Nothing on earth was going to stop me from fucking her now. But before I would sink my cock into Anna’s delicious pussy, there was something else I wanted to do with it, and I had to do it before I got my cum all over it.

I tentatively moved closer, until my face was mere inches away from my sister’s vagina. This close I could feel its heat and inhaled the heady scent that emanated from it. I had heard lots of horror stories about eating pussy, with scents and flavors that ranged from rotting fish to pee and sweat, but Anna’s intimate perfume was nothing like that. She smelled a bit musky, but fresh from a recent shower, and very arousing. If my cock hadn’t been as hard as concrete already, it would have been after one whiff of her fragrant sex. I dove in, and was pleasantly surprised by a slightly sweet and tangy taste. I licked her again and then once more. Anna moaned softly and tilted her hips to grand me even better access to her tasty slit.

The longer I ate her pussy, the more I learned which things Anna liked best. It wasn’t long before my tongue found the little pink nub hidden underneath the little cowl atop her slit, and when I closed my lips around it and tickled it with my tongue, I knew I had struck gold. She grabbed my head with both hands and made sure my mouth did not leave that special place. Knowing I was on the right track, I gently sucked on her little clit, and she came almost immediately. Her legs clamped around my head and her pussy gushed more of her tangy juices as a strong orgasm made her body shake and shiver.

I kept licking and sucking throughout her entire orgasm, and did not stop until I had repeated the feat two more times in succession. Finally she pushed me away from her pussy, which had become too sensitive after the intense string of climaxes. By then, I had one thing left on my mind. My cock felt like it was about to explode, and there was only one place I would allow that to happen. Luckily, my sister was sharing that sentiment.

“Please fuck me, Ben.” she panted. “I’ll die if I don’t get your cock inside me!”

Anna’s entire body had a rosy flush and was covered in tiny beads of sweat. She was out of breath, but horny as hell and eager to fuck. I knew she was only acting out the suggestion I had planted into her brain earlier, but I had stopped caring long ago. I moved my body on top of my sister’s, so that my hips were resting between her wide open legs. Delirious with lust, I grabbed my cock and stabbed it at her pussy. At first Anna’s body seemed to resist penetration, but as my cock found its mark, she surrendered and I slid partway into her extremely tight pussy. My little sister whimpered a pained moan. I had not meant to hurt her and I lay still for a moment.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“It’s so big… It did hurt a little, but it doesn’t anymore” she said, trying to sound convincing.

I pushed a little and another inch slid inside her, followed by another moan. She was doing her best to hide it, but with every push, she was feeling more discomfort. I decided not to push any deeper, although I had about two more inches of cock to go, and slowly pulled out a little. When I pushed back in, it went much smoother and this time, I was rewarded with a genuine moan of pleasure.

It was obvious my little sister was still quite tender, but I was able to fuck her without much discomfort. A couple of dozen thrusts later, I noticed I was bumping against the soft padding of her pubic mound and I could feel her swollen lips kiss the base of my cock. With each thrust, my penis went all the way inside her, and it wasn’t causing her any more discomfort.

For me, the feeling of being entirely enveloped by my sister’s divine pussy was strangely fulfilling. Purely physical, it was the best feeling ever, but I was also feeling a new love and gratitude towards Anna for sharing this with me. Without fully realizing what I was doing, I lowered my lips onto hers and we kissed. She readily kissed me back, moaning softly as our tongues began their dance in our mouths. It was sometime during this kiss that we really started making love. Our bodies began to move in unison, my ass was pumping up and down in a fluid motion and she anticipated my moves by rolling and thrusting her hips to receive my cock deep inside her.

Her pointy breasts had flattened a little as she was lying on her back, but they moved sensually as we made love. Remembering how great they had felt earlier, I grabbed them with both hands and gently kneaded the soft orbs. The highly sensitive pink nipples were hard enough to cut glass, standing out over a quarter inch in length and surrounded by dimpled aureolas. Following my instinct, I closed my lips around the little tips and sucked on them. Each time I softly bit on them, she would groan lustfully and her pussy seemed to tighten even more around my cock.

Suddenly she arched her back and tightened her legs around my waist. With a barely contained squeal, my sister began to convulse underneath me, hit by yet another overwhelming orgasm. The muscles inside her pussy were going crazy around my cock and she was moaning out so loud, I had to cover her mouth with mine, or else our parents would surely have heard us. Immediately her tongue shot into my mouth again and we kissed feverishly throughout her climax.

Having cum only minutes before I first penetrated her, I was able to fuck my little sister for a fairly long time and in a couple of different positions before I came. She was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her doggy style when it happened. My hands were on her hips and I was slamming against her ass when I felt my balls draw tight. Though my body was telling me that a massive orgasm was imminent, the idea of pulling out didn’t even cross my mind. I kept fucking Anna as hard as I could until moments later, I felt that first wave of cum shoot up my shaft and exploded into my sister’s pussy.

“Oh God, Anna, I’m cumming!” I grunted as I slammed into her again.

Upon hearing this, she pushed her ass back at me and tilted her hips, moving instinctively to allow me to ejaculate as deep inside her as possible. Eight, nine times more my balls contracted, and each time I added another splash of cum, directly against her cervix. When I had given her all I had, my cock finally wilted and slipped from her pussy. Following my cock, a flood of creamy sperm, pearly white and streaked with red, gushed out from her distended vagina.

She turned around and took my cock in her mouth. Like before, she cleaned my entire shaft with her tongue and licked up every trace of sperm until it was absolutely spotless. Also like before, her warm, sucking mouth quickly breathed new life into my wilted penis.

I rolled Anna on her back and once more I climbed on top of her. This time my cock had no difficulty sinking all the way into her tight canal. Once I had fully penetrated her, we started moving again. This second time we made love was even better than the first. My primal need to breed my woman had been filled, and now I was able to take my time to make us both feel the best I could. I caressed and kissed every inch of her skin as I explored and got fully acquainted with my sister’s lovely body. This time I had made it my goal to learn as much about her body and what I could do to give her the most pleasure.

Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes we tried several new positions besides the few we’d already tried before, finally ending with her riding my cock like a cowgirl. Although I had enjoyed every position we had tried, this one was by far the most memorable. Not just because it was feeling amazingly good, but even more because I was looking at what must have been the most beautiful girl in the world.

In all my years, nothing had ever been more enticing to watch than my sweet little sister moving gracefully up and down in my lap like she was doing now. This afternoon I had made the shocking discovery that my baby sister had grown into a gorgeous young woman, and with each newly revealed part of her body, that conclusion had held up. However, seeing her ride my cock in this position was still simply unbelievable.

Her hair-fringed lips were tightly stretched around my shaft as it rapidly moved in and out of her well-oiled pussy. My cock itself was coated in a glossy sheen of our mixed juices that frothed around its base and produced soft squishy noises as we moved together. Only a glance away from this electrifying view was that of her sexy perky breasts. No less exciting, the orange-sized beauties were standing high on her chest and jumped up excitedly on her every down- and upstroke. The puckered-up nipples were begging to be sucked, something I was glad to do for her. Still better than either of those views was that of her angelic face. I could see the joy and sexual gratification in her eyes and in the smile on her lips, telling me she was loving it as much as I did.

Though I wouldn’t have minded staying like that forever, it wasn’t long before I felt that I was going to cum again soon. Upon hearing my warning, Anna stopped moving her hips, lay down and pulled me on top of her. She wanted to be in a missionary position when I came, allowing me to pump another load of cum deep inside her thirsty pussy. This time, when I came, it also triggered another orgasm inside her.

Exhausted after three powerful orgasms, I rolled off my sister and let my head drop on the pillow. Anna rolled over and nuzzled my neck, planting soft kisses behind my ear.

“I love you baby” she whispered.

“I love you too Anna” I said back, almost without thinking.

“I’m glad you were my first.”

“Yeah, me too.”

I nodded and yawned. Fucking was tiring work. Although I wasn’t against cuddling with my sexy little sister, I was just too tired. I closed my eyes and I was gone instantly.

As I woke up early next morning, Anna was still in my bed, sleeping peacefully in my arms. She had an arm draped across my chest and a leg hooked around mine. I could feel a firm little breast press against my arm and her silky pubes on my leg.

It was a strange awakening, but then it all came back; how I had intended just to mess with her a little, have another look at those perky breasts, and maybe see or feel her pussy. I remembered how everything rushed out of control and we ended up in my bed, fucking like lovers. It was difficult believing that making love with my sister had been so fulfilling, both physically and emotionally. Then, as I recalled falling asleep in her arms, a few words came to my mind, her last words before I passed out.

“I’m glad you were my first.”

With a shock I realized that Anna had been a virgin. I suddenly realized the gravity of what I had really done. Not only had I taken advantage of my sweet little sister in the most terrible way, I had taken from her her most precious gift; her virginity. Compounding this notion were the new and confusing emotions I was feeling towards her. The longer I lay there, the more I started to hate myself for what I had done. I knew I had fucked up big time, and could only hope she wouldn’t resent me for it.

I looked at her beautiful face, still sleeping peacefully. Inside that pretty head of her were those few sentences I had planted there, the ones that had messed her up so thoroughly. I knew that once she woke up, her programmed lust for me would return.

“Anna, wake up” I whispered.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes focused slowly and then a smile formed on her lips.

“Hey baby” she said and moved in for a kiss. Again her eagerness caught me off guard. Before I knew what was happening, she had rolled on top of me and pressed her hot little pussy firmly against my morning erection, rubbing it slowly up and down the underside of my shaft as she kissed me passionately. Knowing how defenseless I was to her sexy little body once she got me going, I pushed her away forcefully, landing her on her ass on the bed.

“Buttercup!” I gasped.

There was a flash of surprise in her eyes, followed by an equally short flash of disappointment, and then all emotions flushed from her face.

“Yes master?”

I knew this was going to be hard. I had to formulate my words carefully, as this would be the only chance I’d get, and I had to do it right.

“Anna baby, I am going to count to three, and then I want you to go back to your own bed and return to sleep. When you wake up, you will be your normal self again. You will have forgotten all the things that have happened between us in this room, today and yesterday. You will have forgotten that we’ve ever made love together and you will believe you’re still a virgin. You will also forget any suggestions Tess gave while you were hypnotized, and you won’t ever respond to the words ‘buttercup’ or ‘breadcrumb’ again. One… Two… Three.”

Anna opened her eyes, got out of my bed, picked up her clothes and walked out of my room. With pain in my heart I watched her cute naked ass disappear into the darkness. I immediately started to regret my decision, but after all the regrettable events of happened last night, I knew I had done the right thing. I only wished I didn’t miss her already.

When I saw her at breakfast a few hours later, she was behaving perfectly normal, aside from a distant coldness towards me, but that might have been because I was remembering her so differently now. There was no sign of desire, resentment, or anything else from her side. I was feeling a bit better, a little more reassured, and at the same time saddened that I had succeeded in snuffing what was possibly the best thing that had ever happened to me. However, the breakfast table was not the right time to sort out my feelings, and besides, I had to get ready for school.

All day long, I had extreme difficulties concentrating. I hated myself for being so weak, I hated Tess for hypnotizing my sister, and I hated Anna for being so perfect. I skipped the afternoon classes and went home early. I had hoped I would be able to talk things over with my little sister and maybe work out my true feelings, but alas, she wasn’t alone.

As I walked up to my sister’s room, I heard that same mocking laughter that had annoyed me so much the day before. It was Tess, and she was laughing at my sister. The mere sound of her voice made my blood boil, and hearing her mock my sweet little sister made me want to do something really bad to her. Before I did anything stupid, I tried to calm myself down, and counted to ten instead.

By the time I reached ten, my hands were still itching to hurt her. Just as I had abandoned my attempt to restrain myself and decided to throw Tess out of the house, either via the door or the window, the cackling stopped and she began to talk, loud enough for me to hear. The conversation that followed, turned my world upside down once more.

“Boys are so stupid! I told you this hypnotism bullshit would work!”

“I don’t know Tess” my sister said. “I think he’s really bothered by what we made him do.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure that once you’ve let him fuck you a few more times, he’ll stop caring. Why, even my dad- “

“This is different, Tess. Ben’s a really great guy, and the sex with him… it was just unbelievable, but… He’s not like your brothers, he’s too… sweet and gentle.”

“You sound as if you love him.”

“Of course I love him, he’s my brother!”

“Oh, but I love my brothers too, and most of all I love their hard cocks!”

“No Tess, I’m serious. I honestly feel bad about it. We shouldn’t have tricked him into taking advantage of me like that.”

“Oh come on… All men are pigs.”

“No… Not Ben.”

“Well, next time we’ll try it on your dad. In fact, I think we should have used him the first time. Fathers are much better for fucking anyway, they’re more mature and experienced, and I bet your dad’s got a really nice, fat cock.”

“No- shut up!” Anna yelled, now truly angry. “You have no idea what it’s like to love someone! I only agreed to your stupid plan because you said I could have sex with Ben, and you’ve fucked that up for good! Instead of loving me, he hates me now. I won’t listen to you ever again!”

I knocked on the door and entered immediately, without waiting for answer. It was time to make things right.

“Get out, Tess” I said as I walked in.

She looked at me in defiance, but ultimately decided to hold her tongue and submissively grabbed her bag and disappeared. She had no idea how lucky she was that I allowed her to leave via the door. I waited until my sister’s friend had closed the door and was walking down the stairs until I spoke.

“Anna, we have to talk about last night”

She looked up at me. Her eyes were wet with tears.

My sudden entry had caught her off guard. She was a little lost for words, but then she remembered her hypnotic programming. She quickly regained her composure and stepped back in her role.

“What about last night? Did something happen? I was-”

“Anna, I know you were never hypnotized.” I interjected, “I heard you and Tess before I entered.”

Knowing she was busted, she broke down. New tears welled in her eyes and she began to sob.

“I’m so sorry Ben, I never should have listened to her”

“It’s okay Anna…”

“No, it’s not okay. I’ve always dreamed of you being my first, but I knew it would never happen. Then Tess told me about this trick she used on her own brothers and how well it worked for her.” she sobbed, “Oh, I never should have listened to her… but she talked me into it and I was so glad that it worked… It was as if my dreams had come true, but then you didn’t want to do it anymore and... and… now you hate me“ Anne kept rambling on, struggling against the tears.

I lifted her chin with my fingers and looked her in the eyes. I felt the urge to kiss her. She looked so miserable and vulnerable, and yet so beautiful.

“Listen Anna, I could never hate you. I love you, and no matter what happens, I always will. If there’s anyone I hate, it would be myself. Or Tess.”

“But if you don’t hate me, why would you want me to forget the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me?”

“I don’t want you to forget it. It’s just that I should never have taken advantage of you like that. That was why I tried to undo Tess’s hypnotic spell; I was feeling really bad about what I had made you do, no matter how much I enjoyed being with you.”

“But you didn’t make me do anything!” She cried, “All the things I did was because I wanted it… because I love you, but you just didn’t know it.”

“You really love me?”

She nodded silently. “I guess I always have, as long as I can remember.”

“It’s confusing, isn’t it? I mean, falling in love with a brother… or sister?”

She looked up and smiled at me. Though her eyes were still wet with her tears, she was looking at me with new hope.

“I don’t know what’s happening anymore. All day long, all I could think of was you. Half the time I was afraid your memories would return one day, and half the time I feared they wouldn’t.”

“How come?”

“Well, if you never remembered what I did, you wouldn’t hate me for it, but then you also would not have remembered how good it was, and so I’d never have a second chance to prove we belong together.”

“Do you really think that we belong together?” she asked weakly.

It was a simple question, and she deserved a honest answer. There was nothing I wanted more than a second chance, but I didn’t feel like I deserved it.

“I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Apart from the lies and deceit?”

“I mean you and me… in bed…”

“Making love?”


“Honestly? I loved every second of it, but…” I said slowly, searching for the right words. “… but I think it could have been even better if we would have been honest to each other.”

“But, if I had told you I loved you… would you..?”

“No, I guess not. I didn’t realize it until I woke up this morning and saw you sleeping in my arms.”

“What did you realize?”

“That I was in love with my own sister.”

Before I had finished my sentence, she had thrown herself into my arms and was covering my face with kisses.

“What do we do now?” she asked

“Look, all that happened is that you tried to trick me, and I tried to trick you. So, as far as that’s concerned, I think we’re even. No hard feelings.”

My sister looked at me quietly and nodded.

“Now there’s one more thing,” I said, hesitating. “Now that there are no more lies and deceit, do you think we deserve a second chance? I mean, can we…”

“Yes!” she squealed and took my hand, leading me towards her bed.

We never stopped kissing, except to remove our clothing, and not much later, I was lying in Anna’s bed and she was sitting in my lap, gently rocking her hips with my cock deeply embedded in her tight pussy. She wasn’t as wet as last night, and still a little tender from losing her virginity, but we made love like lovers and did no longer conceal or restrain our true feelings for each other. We spent a lot of time kissing and caressing as we moved as one, and we remained in a passionate embrace long after I finished inside her.

“Buttercup” I whispered as I gave her a kiss on her lips.

“Yes, lover?” she said with that monotonous voice, but with a sparkle in her eyes.

“When I snap my fingers, you will let me take you on a romantic date this weekend.”

“Yes, my lover,” she said, smiling, “I will, gladly.”

I snapped my fingers and we sealed our promise with another passionate kiss.

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