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Collared , leashed & hypnotized moms
Blank street featured only 4 cottage like homes & was a dead end street often called Motherfucker Lane, there was a reason , the residents called it that . Four friends , 20 year old Peter, 21 yr old Paul , 22 yr old Max & 23 yr old Jeff were master hypnotists & 1 year earlier all 4 for them had decided to use their skill to enhance their sexual enjoyment

Chapter 1 - Peter & mom Sharon

The backyard featured an enclosed inground swimming pool , so Peter was lying on a lawnchair getting a wicked blowjob from Sharon, she was a thin blonde 49 year old with big tits & a fat round ass . Wearing a lime green bikini & short heels , she was deepthroating her son/master's man wand. This was her first responsibility , it was to keep Mr. Pete as she called him now satisfied. Her husband Harvey , Mr. Pete's stepfather only got the sloppy seconds .

Chapter 2- Paul & mom Sonia

The stacked english wench , was getting dpd , her master /son Paul was being generous today & was allowing his father Charles to fuck her with his small dick while Paul shoved his monster 10inch prick down her throat. The action was taking pace in the living room , the short-haired , greyish short-haired brunette had no gag reflex after all the bjs she had given this year. 56 yrs old with 44dd slightly saggy natural tits , Sonia was wearing a dog-collar with the word House-Slut on it . Paul unloaded her favorite dessert down her throat & she swallowed it all

Chapter 3- Max & mom Denise

Denise was licking Max's behind , while Max wacked off . They were in her bedroom , watching nasty goldenshower porn videos fro Germany, they had just finished watching a granny , being peed on by her 20something grandson . Dee as Max called her , assumed she would soon receive a golden shower , because Max loved intimadating what he saw in xxx movies . At least once a day he had her drink urine & receive a pissfacial . Also Max was very much into bdsm,fisting etc. She would go days on end , just wearing a collar, leash & spiked heels and nothing else just serving his sexual desires in the basement ( aka the dungeon which Bill Evans , Max's stepdad had converted , he like the other dads were hypnotized cuckolds)

Chapter 4 Jeff & mom Sandra

Sandra was an ex-stripper with massive fake tits & fat ass, her husband Ernie was a limp-dicked cuckold & Sandra's second husband. Sandra was the first of all the moms to be hypnotized. Jeff had a twelve inch dink & was finding it difficult to find women his own age who could take care of him & his monster dong . So raven -haired , part-time real-estate agent & mom Sandra was perfect , Her 48dd fake , stand at attention were great for tit-fucking & her fabulous ass was great for anal . Jeff was always horny ,so even when his mom was out trying to sell houses , he would wack off to the films , his stepdad Ernie had recorded of him using his mom as a sex-toy. He watched them fucking in all positions , her giving head , drinking his piss & of course , he had many pics of Sandra's face covered in his jism . Some he kept ina photo album , while others , Ernie & Sandra kept framed by their bedside to remind them that Sandra was owned by her Master/son Jeff

Chapter 5

Once a month the guys & their mother/slaves get-together to party. Since it was summer , they decided to have it at Peter's place. Sharon , Sonia , Dee & Sandra were all wearing thin thong bikinis & 4inch spiked heels . All the guys were drinking beer & immediately told the four moms to strip down but leave on their heels . Once they were naked , all four were ordered to take a stroll around the pool deck so the young gentleman could check out their racks . The masters loved seeing their mom whores strutting their stuff. All 4 had hardons . So next they were gonna see why they loved getting together. As , Paul, Peter, Max & Jeff motioned for their moms to pair up & begin french-kissing .. 51 yr old Sandra began tonguing the the 49year old hostess Sharon , while 56 yr old Sonia & 54 yr old Dee also french-kissed. As the moms started to get more & more turned on , They formed a daisy circle where Sharon licked Sonia's pussy,Sonia licked Dee's cunt,Dee ate Sandra 's pie & Sandra did the same to Sharon. As the ladies all reached orgasmic bliss . The Masters watched in amazement at the horniness of the ladies that had given them birth. They were still drinking beer but Harvey Pete's stepdad (who owned the house & pool ) was filming the lesbian ction for prosperity. Once the moms were exhausted from all their orgasms . The guys decided the end was near so they collared & leashed the sex slaves , but what was different this time was that . The moms went with non-related Masters , Sharon was being led by Paul, Sonia was being led by Peter , Denise was being led by Jeff & the ex-stripper Sandra was being led by her neighbour's son Max. All the whores were pulled by their leashes into the bathroom in the poolhouse where all received a pissfacial , once they were covered in urine they thanked the men who had used them as their own personal toilets. Harvey filmed the final scene where his wife Sharon , still naked mopped up all the piss off the floor . Once everyone took a water-shower &cleaned up. Dinner was served in the dining room by the hostess who had changed into a french-maids outfit. The masters ate first , as they sat down , each mother got down on her knees & blew her son's /master's penis & ate his cum
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