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My introduction to sex and how I learned to love it.
This is an edited re-post of a story I had here earlier. Non the less I hope you enjoy it.


When I was high school I baby sat for the Anderson's. They were a nice couple in their mid-thirties. Marley was a very nice lady of 33. She reminded me of a younger version of my mom. And Peter was a good looking (for an older guy)man of 35. Their son Greg was five and a pain in the behind.

I would sit for them every couple of weeks when Peter would take Marley out for dinner or to a dance. The first couple of times I'd put Greg to bed at the prescribed time, then watch TV until Peter and Marley arrived home. Each time Peter would pay me then give me a ride home. Several times as he drove me home I caught him staring at my legs or chest. The first time it creeped me out a little, but it also gave me a fluttery feeling in my stomach. Even at 14 I knew a lot about sex. Sex ed taught me the basics, but I also had discovered the joys of masturbation when I was 11 and I had been going out with boys since I was 12. In fact I had jacked a couple of them off , so I knew why Peter was staring at my legs.

I figured I'd tease him a little and see what happened, so the next time I babysat I wore a short skirt and made sure it pulled up when I got in the car, almost to the point you could see my panties. I pretended to be looking out the window, but could see Peter's reflection in the glass. He stared at my legs and crotch so hard he almost ran off the road. That scared me so I pulled my skirt down and distracted him by talking to him. After that I decided not to do that again. I was afraid next time he might run completely off the road!

I had been babysitting for them about 4 months when I decided one night while I was there to explore their house. In the den I found a cabinet with a lot of movies on tape. As I looked the titles over I noticed another drawer at the bottom When I opened it I found a dozen porn movies. I stared at them for a long time, trying to decide if I should play one or not. My curiosity got the best of me, so I took one, plugged it into the player and turned it on.

I watched the whole thing and couldn't believe my eyes! Some of the things on that tape had been mentioned in sex ed class, but seeing them on the TV was a lot different. I started to get that funny tightness in my tummy that I got when I rubbed myself. I glanced around guiltily, then slipped my hand into my panties and rubbed my pussy as I watched the tape. Most times when I rubbed myself I got a little wet and it took me a while to climax. This time I could feel my pussy leaking all over my panties and my fingers were slippery from my wetness.

It only took a few minutes and I climaxed hard. After I did I sat with my hand cupping my pussy watching the tape. A few minutes later I was again rubbing my clit. Before the tape was done I had cum 5 times and the couch had a spot on it where my wetness had soaked through my panties and my skirt. I panicked when I saw it, got a wet towel and tried to scrub it off, only to leave a bigger wet spot. I put the tape back in the den and got a hair drier. Thankfully before the Anderson's got home I had it dry. On the drive home that night I noticed Peter looking at me funny.

"Are you wearing any perfume?" He asked.

"No." I told him.

"Funny, you have a really sweet, musky smell lingering around you." He said, then smiled at me and added,"Whatever it is it smell's wonderful!"

I thought for a moment about what it could be, then it hit me, my panties! I bet he smells my wet panties! I quickly looked out the window so he wouldn't see my red cheeks, but I could also feel that funny tightness in my stomach. It took me a moment to realize that the thought of him smelling my wet pussy was a turn on for me. I fingered myself once more that night, all the time imagining what it would feel like to have one of those guys on the porn tape with his thing in me.

The next time I sat for them I put Greg to bed as soon as I could, then ran to the den. I opened the porn cupboard and began to look the titles over. In the back I spotted one with a hand writing on it. I pulled it out to get a closer look. Across the case in block print it said,"Us on Vacation". Curious to see what it was I plugged it into the DVD and turned it on. I got the shock of my life when it started to play, it was Peter and his wife having sex! I sat transfixed as I watched a naked Peter pumping his hard rod into a naked Marley. I felt almost like I was violating their privacy, but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Before I knew it I had my hand in my panties and was rubbing my clit. The tape was only 20 minutes long so I only had time to cum twice before it ended. I pulled it out of the player and put it away.

I wondered if they taped themselves having sex, what else do they have hidden? So I decided to look around a little before I watched another tape. I went up to their bedroom. In the back of my mind I thought that if they had porn tapes in the den, they might have some other sex things up there. How right I was! I casually looked around, then opened the closet. I found nothing of interest there, so moved to the night stands.

The night stand had two drawers. The first one I opened, the top one, had books in it. I closed it and opened the bottom one. There was a towel covering the contents. I pulled it up and my jaw dropped at what was under it. There was a set of handcuffs covered in fur, an assortment of long latex things that I found out later were vibrators and a bunch of things I didn't recognize. Down in the bottom I spotted something that looked like leather straps. When I pulled it out and held it up it took me a moment to realize it was a harness with a rubber cock attached.

I dropped that back in the drawer and pulled out a small thin vibrator. It was about 4" long and as big around as a small hotdog. I figured out how to turn it on and as it began to buzz in my hand I wondered how it would feel pressed against my clit. I pushed it against my mound and a jolt of pure pleasure stunned me. I jerked it away and stared at it. Then again, slowly pressed it to my pussy through my skirt. I stood there for a long time just enjoying the feel of the thing. Finally I pulled it away and turned it off. I closed the drawer and made my way back down to the den. A moment more I was standing in front of the DVD player with a dvd in one hand, the vibrator in the other and a towel draped over my arm.

I dropped in the disk, turned it on and walked to the couch. Mindful of what happened last time, I spread the towel out, then pulled my panties off. I sat down, spread my legs, placed the vibrator against my pussy and turned it on. Over the next hour I lost track of how many times I came. By the time the video ended, I was exhausted and the towel was soaked. I turned off the tape and leaned back and closed my eyes to catch my breath.

I started awake a couple of hours later. I looked at the clock and panicked, the Anderson's were due home anytime! I ran upstairs, threw the vibrator in the night stand drawer and ran back down stairs. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard the sound of their car pulling into the drive. I ran in, grabbed my panties and tried to get them on, but just then I heard the key in the lock and knew I didn't have time to finish, so I wadded them up and stuck them inside my blouse.

As the Anderson's came in I acted like I was just coming down the stairs. They gave me the normal greeting, then Peter handed me my pay and said he'd take me home. I was really nervous as we walked to the car. I could feel the cool night air blowing against my still damp and fully exposed pussy. We got in and Peter drove off.

He glanced over at me and said,"You have that same nice musky smell about you. I like it."

I knew he was talking about the smell of sex on me but all I could manage to say was,"Uh, thanks."

As we drove he glanced at my legs several times. I almost wished I was brave enough to pull up my skirt and let him see that I didn't have panties on. I couldn't quite work up the courage to do that, so we rode to my place in silence.

When we stopped in front of my house, Peter grinned and said,"You're really going to have to let me know what perfume that is."

As I started to get out I made a snap decision. I dropped one of my books and bent over to pick it up, allowing my shirt to pull up over my bare ass. I stayed bent that way for several seconds, then straightened up and looked back over my shoulder at Peter. He had a hungry look on his face that caused my pussy to grow warm and twitch. I knew then that he wanted to fuck me.

The next time I baby sat for them, a couple of weeks later, I noticed that Peter wouldn't take his eyes off me. I decided I kind of liked the feeling of him staring at me because I knew what he wanted. They left for the concert and I put Greg to bed a half hour later.

As soon as I was sure he was asleep, I ran up to the Anderson's bedroom and pulled out a vibrator, the same small one I had used before, got a porn movie from the den and a towel from the bathroom. I spread the towel out sat down and started the movie, pulling my panties off as the opening credits rolled across the screen. I came twice in the first few minutes, then decided to experiment with the vibrator. I rubbed it around then pushed it slowly into my pussy. I had stuck my finger up there before and other then it being tight I had never found a barrier. I must have been one of those girls they taught about in sex ed that broke it while doing physical things.

Before long I had it all the way in me. I closed my eyes. Listened to the movie and started to diddle myself with the vibrator. Before the end of the movie I came four more times. Each was harder then the one before. The last one almost made me pass out. But I was mindful of what had happened last time. I got up, cleaned up and put everything away. Then I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes to rest. I woke to the sound of the Anderson's coming in the door. They greeted me, asked me how it had gone, then Marley went up to bed as Peter was handing me my pay.

"Do anything interesting tonight?" Peter ask with a smile on his face, his eyes slowly traveling up and down my body.

I shivered from the feel of his gaze and his question, not because I was cold. The question caused it because I was close to panic thinking he might know what I had done. A moment later I realized he couldn't know. His gaze magnified it because that warm tight feeling in my pussy was from him looking at me.

"No." I said,"Just watched TV."

"Well if you want to next time, we have a bunch of movies in the den. Feel free to watch any of them you wish" He said.

I started from that comment, thinking 'Does he know I watched their movie?'

But when I looked at him he was busy getting ready to take me home, so I relaxed thinking,'No. He was just being nice.'

"I have to check my e-mail, then we'll go." He said.

He walked into the den where his computer was and closed the door. I returned to the living room and watched the TV until he came out about 15 minutes later carrying a small brown bag.

"Ok,"He smiled at me,"I'm ready to go."

I looked at the bag in his hand and Peter said,"This? It's just something I need to take care of tonight. Ready?"

I smiled at him and nodded my head. I thought to myself on the way to the car,'I wish I had the nerve to not wear my panties and let him see.' But I knew I couldn't. Peter walked around to the drivers door, unlocked the car and got in. I opened the passenger door and then stepped in so that my skirt rode up to the point where I'm sure he had a good look at my panties.

I slid into the seat, fastened my seat belt, then looked at him and said innocently ,"Ok. I'm ready to go."

Peter didn't say a word. He put the car in gear and drove. I stared out the widow, but what I was really doing was watching his refection. As usual his eyes traveled up and down my body, which gave me shivers and made my pussy warm. I noticed we were going down a different street then we usually took.

"This isn't the usual route you take me home by is it?" I ask.

"No." He said glancing at my legs,"If you don't mind I have to stop and check a friends house for him. He's on vacation. It's easier if I do it now then on the way back."

I nodded and returned to staring out the window. Slowly I inched my skirt up until it was just below my crotch. From his reaction that I could see via the reflection in the window, he was very interested, because I could see him craning his neck to get a better look. After another half mile Peter turned onto a dark gravel road, then stopped in front of a large dark house.

"You can come in while I check the place if you like." He said,"There's a really nice cat I think you'll like."

I nodded my head, thinking I'd rather go in then sit by myself in a car in a dark yard. We got out and went up to the house. Peter opened the door, turned on the lights and lead the way in. I noticed he was carrying the brown bag he had brought to the car. We walked into the living room just as a large gray cat bounced from behind the couch and started to purr and rub on my leg.

"That's Sam."Peter said,"And I think he likes you."

I picked him up and he snuggled into my arms.

Peter handed me the remote for the TV and said,"It will take me a few minutes to check things over. Watch TV if you want."

I turned on the TV and sat petting Sam as I watched a comedy program. Peter came back in 10 minutes, picked up Sam and said that he needed to feed him. He left, then returned in a few more minutes. This time he sat down beside me on the couch, picked up the remote and turned off the TV.

"We need to talk." He said in a serious tone.

My stomach knotted as my mind screamed,'He found out! He found out!'

He pulled an unlabeled CD from the brown bag he had been carrying and said,"You know what this is?"

"A...a...CD?"I stammered.

"Yes it is,"He smiled,"A computer CD. And on it are pictures of you on the couch at our house this evening."

Tears began to well in my eyes for I knew I'd been caught.

"You forgot to take the movie of Marley and me out of the player last time you babysat. I found it. Then after looking around the house I discovered that you had been into our toy drawer. So I wondered why. That's when I set up the cameras to see if I could film you doing what ever you did."

By now huge sobs were escaping from me and tears were running down my cheeks.

Peter looked concerned and said,"What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

" tell my ..parents! I'll...I'll be in trouble!" I sobbed.

"Now ,now,"Peter murmured, reaching over and pulling me to him.

He hugged me and said,"Who says I'm going to tell your parents?"

"Are...aren't?"I sobbed.

"No, and you know why?" Peter replied.

I felt his hand on my back start to drop lower.

"Wh.....why?" I stammered.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear,"The best way to make sure someone won't tell a secret you don't want told is to know a secret about them they don't want told."

I felt his hand slide down and cup my butt. I could feel my pussy start to grow moist and in a flash it hit me what he wanted.

"Wh...what do you mean?" I whispered back,"What secret?"

"First you need to answer a question for me, Ok?"

His hand was now rubbing my ass.

It felt rather good so I didn't say anything about that but did say,"O...ok."

"That's my girl!" He whispered,"Watching the video it looked like you liked it, a lot. Did you? Did you like using that vibrator on your tender little pussy?"

I felt my pussy grow wet as he talked to me. I knew it wasn't right, knew we could both get into trouble for it, but I was starting to like the feel of his hand on me.

"Y...yes." I stammered.

I felt his hand drop down, then a second later I felt it slip up under my skirt and slide inside my panties. The feel of his bare hand against my bare bottom was indescribable.

"I thought so." Peter chuckled,"Well here's the secret you will have to hold over me: I'm going to finger your sweet little pussy. And you're going to stroke my dick for me. That way I can't tell on you and you can't tell on me without both of us getting into trouble. Ok?"

"I..I..don't know if...if we should....."I stammered.

"Ok, but if you don't have a secret on me, I can, if I want, tell your parents about what you did."

"No...please don't tell!" I said, a tear forming at the corner of my eye.

"Ok, but we need to do this so you have a secret on me." Peter whispered.

"O...ok." I finally said.

I was hesitant, knowing it wasn't right, but I also liked him touching me. I was torn but for now I decided to go with what Peter wanted. He chuckled, then reached up under my skirt and pulled my panties down. He had me step out of them, then pulled me onto his lap. He reached under my skirt and placed his finger against the lips of my pussy.

When he felt the moisture he chuckled and said,"So my sweet little girl likes being touched? Well..."

With that he slid his finger between the lips of my tight little pussy, and began to rub my clit as he whispered to me,"I like the feel of your tight pussy. I bet it tastes really good. I'll find that out sometime soon, but for now I'm going to make you cum with my finger."

He found my hole and worked his finger into my pussy until it was knuckle deep. It felt so good all I could do was sit there, a whimper escaping my lips from time to time.

"You're tight, but you don't have a cherry." He said,"Did someone else take it?"

"No,"I whispered back, spreading my legs a bit more for him,"I just don't have one."

"Good," He grinned at me as he pushed his finger inside me as far as it would go,"That means it won't hurt when I put my cock inside you."

We sat in silence, the only sounds were an occasional gasp from me, a grunt from Peter and the wet slurping sound as his finger slid in and out of me. As he fingered my tender little pussy he used his other hand to cup and fondle my breast. I could feel a climax building as his finger slid in and out of my tight, dripping pussy . A few minutes more, I grasped his forearms with my hands, gasped and groaned as an orgasm flooded through me.

"My, my I can feel your pussy clamping down on my finger. That feels so nice." He whispered.

After a short time he pulled his finger out of me, reached down and unzipped his pants. I looked down to see his hard cock standing up between my legs. It was of average size but to me that day it looked massive. Peter took me by the waist picked me up and sat me on the floor in front of him.

He turned me to face him, pointed at his cock and said,"Your turn. Stroke it for me."

I stood staring at it until Peter took my hands and placed them around it.

"Stroke it."He said in a husky intense voice.

I began to stroke up and down his shaft. Before long his eyes were closed and he was groaning,'That's it, stroke it my little cunt, stroke my big hard cock."

All of a sudden he groaned, his cock throbbed and white stuff shot into the air.

I stopped and pulled my hands away, but he grew angry and started to yell,"Don't stop! Don't stop! Get back here!"

I jumped forward and again grabbed his hard sticky cock and began to pump up and down. He groaned and more of the white stuff shot from the end of his shaft.

Finally after a few minutes he gasp,"Ok! Ok! Enough! Stop!"

I stopped and just stared at his cock. It was covered with his sticky cum and was still hard. I glanced up to find him looking at me a smile on his lips.

"That was really good little one. But now...." He turned me around facing away from him, took me by the hips, picked me up and sat me down on his lap.

I felt something against my belly. I looked down to see the shiny head of his cock, still dribbling a little of the sticky stuff, laying against my stomach just above my pussy. It hit me what he might be going to do.

"Are...are you going to put it in me?" I said.

"Yes I am little one." He said," First I'm just going to use the head to rub your clitty, then I'm going to fuck you."

My eyes were wide with fear at the thought of his large cock forcing it's way into my tight little pussy.

He must have noticed, because he smiled, hugged me and whispered,"Don't worry. You don't have a cherry to bust, so I won't hurt you I promise."

His hug and whispered promise eased my fears a little, but I was still worried about him shoving his large cock into my tight little hole. He pulled a small box from the bag that had held the cd of me, opened it and pulled out a plastic tube with a plunger.

As he held it up so I could see it he said,"Contraceptive foam. We can't have you getting knocked up now can we? It would cause way to many questions and put a stop to me having more of your tight pussy."

He reached down and slowly inserted the tube into my pussy, then pushed the plunger, emptying the contents up inside me. He pulled it out and dropped it back into the bag. He had me lean back and spread my legs. I looked down and watched as he rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy. It felt wonderful! And as he rubbed my slit with it, I found myself less and less worried about it fitting inside me. He rubbed it up and down between the lips of my cunny until it was covered and shiny with a combination of his and my juices. He put the head against my pussy, then I felt him push forward

a small bit and looked down to see the tip inside me and the lips of my pussy folded around most of the head.

"Feels good?" He whispered.

I nodded my head and he said,"I'll do it easy...I promise I won't hurt you....slowly...I'll....I'll put it in slowly..."

As he talked I felt him pumping the head in and out of me. He took a tight hold on my waist, then I felt him raise his hips pushing upward, at the same time I felt him pull down on my waist. Slowly I felt the head of his cock push into me. A moment later I felt it pop past my tight entrance.

He grinned and whispered to me,"The head is in your tight little pussy. Now let's see how much more we can get in."

I watched in fascination as inch by inch his shaft pushed upward, disappearing inside me. As the last inch slid into me, and his balls touched my pussy, I felt like I was full.

He groaned out,"Oh fuck! You are a tight little cunt! So fucking tight! This is going to be so good!"

He sat still for a long moment, then I felt him start to slowly pump in and out of me. At first I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of his cock slowly sliding out of my pussy, wet and shiny until just the head was left inside me, then watch it slid back in. It was such a fascinating and erotic sight I didn't realize a climax was sneaking up on me until I filled my senses. I moaned as I felt my climax start and felt my pussy squeezing his hard cock..

"That's it my little cunt. Cum for me. Cum for me again." He whispered, which intensify my orgasm.

A moment later he groaned and I felt his cock throb, once, then again and again as he came, filling my pussy with his warm cum. I felt a warm sticky sensation between my legs. When I looked down I saw his white cum dripping out of my pussy from around his cock.

We sat still for a few moments then Peter said,"Fuck girl, you are a hot piece of ass! I'll be looking forward to the next time. But for now we need to get cleaned up so I can take you home."

He got some wet wash clothes from the bathroom and made me lay on the couch. He spent quite some time wiping all his sticky cum off me, holding my pussy lips open as he gently wiped them clean. By the time he was done I was ready to have him fuck me again, but I knew we had to go.

He helped me put on my panties, then after he had them on he cupped my pussy and said,"Did you like that?"

I nodded my head and he smiled and said,"Good, because we will be doing it again soon. But remember, you can't tell anyone about it, Ok?"

I nodded my head and he gave my pussy one last little squeeze, then stood and we went out to the car.

As we drove to my house he said,"So now you have a secret on me. You can't tell and I can't tell, ok?"

"I smiled and said,"Sure. Ok."

When we got to my house, as I was climbing out, I made sure to bend over far enough that he got a good look at my ass.

I turned, smiled and said,"Good night. See you next time."

Peter grinned and replied,"Next time."

That night I drifted off to sleep with the feel of Peter's cock in my pussy fresh in my mind. It caused me to dream and I woke early the next morning very horny. I fingered my self to a climax all the while remembering how it felt to have Peter fuck me. Peter called Wednesday to ask if I could babysit Saturday night. I ask my mom and she said I could. When he came and picked me up at 6:00 PM Saturday, I was dressed in a short skirt a tank top and had on a pair of blue lace panties. As we drove back to his house he reached over and stuck his hand between my legs and began to

rub my pussy. I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs wide so he could touch me and also see my lace underwear.

"My those are very sexy panties you have on." He said stroking his fingers over the material,"and they feel so good too!"

I giggled then had to bite my lip as he slipped his finger inside the leg band and began to rub my slit. He drove slowly towards his house, fingering me the whole way.

As we pulled in the drive he said,"Marley and I will be back about 10:00. Then I'll take you home, after we have some fun of course."

Marley met us at the door ready to go. She looked gorgeous in a tight single piece silk shift. They left and I played with Greg for a couple of hours, then put him to bed about 8:30 PM.. As soon as he was asleep I ran to the video cabinet, pulled the porn movie drawer open and started to look over the movies.I found a note laying on the top. I picked it up and read it. It said simply:

Try the one in the back titled "Friends".

I figured it was from Peter, so I looked until I found the tape took it to the DVD and dropped it in. As it started Marley came on screen dressed in net stocking, a garter belt and nothing else. A moment later a man I didn't know entered. He was naked and his cock was sticking straight out. Marley got on her knees in front of him and began to suck on his cock. I was both shocked and fascinated, because she was swallowing all of his cock. As I watched her my hand slipped into my panties and I began to rub my pussy.

Marley sucked him for a few minutes, then got up and walked to a bed that was behind them. She lay down and the man walked over, spread her legs and slid his cock into her pussy. He began to fuck her and she was moaning and rubbing her breasts. I was getting really turned on and my pussy was leaking all over my lace panties. A moment later I got another shock as another woman entered the picture. She got behind the guy and began to suck on his balls as he fucked Marley.

She did that for a few minutes, then got up climbed onto the bed and straddled Marley's face. I was shocked, but could feel my pussy twitch at the thought of licking a pussy. Peter joined them a few moments after the woman sat on Marley's face. The tape went on for over an hour and the four of them fucked through the whole thing. I fingered my pussy and came

four times. I hadn't taken off my panties and they were totally soaking wet.

As the video ended I looked at the clock and realized it was close to 10:00. I quickly put away the tape, then went to the bathroom and tried to clean up. I washed my wet pussy, but couldn't do anything with my soaked panties. I went back to the livingroom and watched TV until I heard Peter and Marley coming in the door.

Marley waved at me as she walked past the door and said,"High dear. Let me change then I'll come back and pay you."

Peter smiled at me and winked as he followed Marley up the stairs. They came back down 15 minutes later. Both were dressed in a robes, which I thought was odd. .They sat down on each side of me. Marley counted out my money and handed it to me. I said thank you then waited for Peter to say he was ready to take me home.

"One more thing dear,"Marley said," Peter tells me you've been watching our videos and using our toys."

I was stunned. I couldn't believe he had told her!

"And," Marley added in a soft voice,"He tells me he fucked you also. Is that true? Did you let my husband fuck your tight, sweet little pussy?"

I felt like I was being crushed and burst out in tears, sobbing,"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"Oh now sweetie." Marley said pulling me to her bosom and hugging me tight,"I'm not mad. I just want to know if it's true."

I didn't look up from where my face was buried between her breast as I nodded my head and continued to sob,"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Now, now," Marley crooned, taking my face in her hands and using her thumbs to wipe my tears away,"I told you I'm not mad. I just wanted to know if it was true. Now you need to answer me truthfully, did you like it?"

I hesitated for a moment, then nodded my head.

"Great!" She said,"That's what I was hoping you were going to say."

She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, then whispered to me,"Would you like to do it with both of us? Like what happened on the tape?"

I sat still, totally shocked, unable to respond.

Marley looked concerned and said,"You don't have to if you don't want to. I just thought you might enjoy it."

Finally my senses returned and I managed to nod.

"Great" She said beaming at me.

She took my hand and stood saying,"Come, let's go to the bedroom."

I followed her up the stairs with Peter behind me. When we got to the bedroom, Marley led me to the bed, turned and sat down.

"Can I undress you?" She asked.

I didn't know what else to do so I nodded. She pulled my top up and off, dropping it on the floor. Then she reached around me to undo my bra, kissing my shoulder as she did. She pulled my bra off and dropped it to the floor, then reached down and unfastened my skirt and let it fall to my ankles.

"My those are really sexy panties." she said stroking her fingers over my mound.

"Come, up on the bed." She urged patting the bed next to her.

I climbed onto the bed and sat next to her. A moment later Peter joined us. He reached over and stroked the crotch of my panties with his fingers.

"My, my," He said,"you must have enjoyed the movie, your panties are soaking wet!"

My cheeks flared red and Marley giggled,"Don't be embarrassed! That is so sexy!"

Marley urged me to lay back. I stretched out and Peter crawled up on one side and Marley on the other. A moment later I gasp as each took one of my nipples into their mouth. As they sucked and nibbled my nipples, they slipped their hands into the leg band of my panties. A moment later both were fingering my pussy. We lay that way for a time, Marley and Peter playing with my pussy and sucking on my nipples. I could feel myself getting excited, then before I knew it I groaned as a climax shot through my body.

As my climax faded I became aware of Marley pulling my panties off. Then I looked down to see her spreading my legs, then leaning down to put her mouth on my sex. She began to lick me, running her tongue up and down my slit, sucking my clit and fingering my tight hole. Before I knew it I was climaxing again. Marley kept right on eating me. I came several more

times, then I heard her groan. I looked up to see Peter behind her ramming his cock into her. The sight of him fucking her made me climax yet again.

Marley pulled her face from between my legs, crawled up next to me and stretched out. She kissed me on the mouth, her tongue snaked it's way between my lips and I found myself french kissing with her. The taste of her tongue made my pussy twitch, then I realized it was me I was tasting!

She pulled back and whispered,"Would you like to try eating me?"

She smiled as I nodded my head. I got between her legs and saw my first close up pussy. It was so cool. Her lips were slightly parted, and I could see wetness glistening on both as well as between them. I leaned forward slowly, not sure how to start. As the fragrance of her cunt hit my nostrils I could feel mine pulse. I pushed my tongue between the swollen, pink lips of her pussy and as the taste of her hit me, I climaxed again. I began to lick up and down her slit. After a couple of long licks my tongue found the hard nub of her clit.

I began to lick it and was rewarded with a moan and a,"Oh god yes!"from her.

I felt Peter get up behind me, then felt him place his cock against my pussy. He took hold of my hips and pushed forward, shoving his shaft deep into me, filling my tight tunnel. He began to fuck bme slowly as I tried to concentrate on licking Marley's pussy. I don't know how long we did that, but I came twice more before I felt Marley tense, then she grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face tight into her pussy. I felt her cunt quiver, then begin to pulse as she came. A moment later I heard Peter groan and felt his cock throb as he filled my tight tunnel with cum. We lay still for a while, no one saying anything.

Then Marley whispered,"Was that ok?"

I looked up at her, smiled and nodded my head. We got off the bed and Peter told me to go shower to get the smell of sex off me. After my shower I dressed and Peter took me home. Before I got out of the car he handed me a pill.

‘Take this tomorrow morning." He said,"It will keep you from getting pregnant. Sometime soon

we're going to have to take you to family planning to get on birth control."

As I watched him drive away, I knew my life was going to be fun from then on. It was. I fucked both of them until they moved away. I missed them but I wasn't deprived of sex, for that was the year I went to spend the summer with my uncle.


2020-05-30 09:56:26
Hot story Fg.

Dudley DowrongReport

2019-06-28 03:13:22
I have always felt well planned Porn is the best Sex Education available This is a good example. I kinda wondered if Marley was part of the plan after the vacation tape. The couple swap tape confirmed it for me. He was always the one to pay her, this time Marley, Figures.!!
Repeat: U write great material, love it.

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