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A drunken night out triggers a chain of events which get totally out of control
"Abduction" it maybe not what you want

But you have to accept what is served

And if you harbor dark fancies

My words are what you deserve .....

I’ve written my “abduction” story

In a format not to every-ones taste

But if you decide to continue

Grab a tissue, you know, just in case

My words are for one special person

A woman I completely adored

And although my feelings still linger

She moved on and I moved abroad

Anyway, back to my story

And to give an initial insight

It tells of her part in a works-outing

Where alcohol flowed freely all night

When briefly away from her workmates

A meathead had made a crude play

Saying she looked to be open

To “rough justice” being dispensed her way

Speechless, she re-joined her comrades

Who told her about his intent

He picks up and takes away women

With or without their consent

They said he’s an insatiable monster

The committer of “marathon” rapes

And some were said to last hours

Involving a whole bunch of his mates

Her friends tell her more wicked stories

Of all manner of things that they do

To the women he takes with him

And insist that the stories are true

They said he’s never arrested

And immune from conviction for life

He has a crown-judge in his pocket

Having filmed a “long night” with his wife

They said the first night that he “took” her

He didn’t know she’s the wife of a beak

But after her long night of “attention”

For months, she “attended” each week

The news spread throughout her hi-circles

Other wives felt a need to “attend”

> But that’s a whole different story

You’ll find there’s a link at the end…. <

Her friends say that some who go with him

Were never seen or heard from again

They were branded and taken to auction

And sold off to unscrupulous men

She knows her friends were just joking

And the tease was at her expense

‘Cos getting away with such outrage

Just wouldn’t have made any sense

But they say if she goes the next Friday

She’d better prepare in advance

To spend her life as a sex slave

If she falls prey to his sly verbal dance

They say he’s always “recruiting”

And was in every Friday night

They said to come back and confront him

And she drunkenly says she just might.

“Come alone next week, then, we dare you”

Her friends urge her all in one voice

“But if you allow him to take you away

He’ll use you for hours .. no choice”.

Later, as they all were dispersing

She glanced back over her shoulder

And wondered if he’d be “recruiting”

Next week like her friends had all told her.

The guy had looked fearsome and brutish

The type who controls and commands

No doubt he could do what he wanted

To those who fell into his hands

But for now she’s too tipsy to ponder

About coming back the next week

All she wants to do at that moment

Is go home and get loads of sleep.


Two nights later, recalling the stories

Her dark fancies begin to hold sway

An unwholesome tingle starts building

At thoughts of kidnap and carnal foul play

Remembering what her friends told her

She scrolls through some sickening scenes

Is that what she’ll get if ‘he’ picks her up?

Her fingers know just what that means

They start to touch where they shouldn’t

At visions of being taken away

And as they take on a life of their own

She can’t stop them having their way


After four long nights of more touching

His ‘influence’ is starting to fade

But as Friday sun hangs low in the sky

Decisions now have to be made

Just then her phone pings a message

Unnerving, it almost rings true

It’s from a friend who had dared her

“Are you dreading tonight’s rendezvous?

But I bet that you still end up going

Dressed sexy to give the green light

To his designs to abduct you

And get yourself gang-raped all night”

Dismissing this unthinkable notion

She’s still drawn like a moth to a flame.

And as her instincts scream “just stay away”

She decides to front all the same.

This time around she flies solo

No back-up or friendly support

She knows of his grim reputation

And what she’ll get if she gets herself ‘caught’

………….. so

Swearing she’s not out for “adventure”

But just fancies a couple of wines.

She preps and preens in close detail.

And vamps herself up to the nines

She’d been told he has a cruel ‘hit list’

With its targets of wanton design

But she doesn’t know it’s a short-list of one.

And tonight she is head of the line


The bar is a heady arena

And her heart thumps hard in her chest

Coursing hot blood through her body

Causing improper unrest

At first he just seems to ignore her

And throws a mere quick fleeting glance

But it tells him she’s kept her appointment

With his treacherous, sly game of chance

Nervous, but strangely excited

She drinks more wine than she should

Praying he doesn’t come over

But secretly hoping he would

He watches her drink herself dizzy

He ensures no-one else intervenes

Patient, he sharpens his talons

He’s going to pick her apart at the seams.

Just when she thinks she’s been let off the hook

And his previous pitch was all bluster

He sidles up-side when she goes to the bar

To discharge his cruel plans to abduct her

His silver spiel is entrancing.

A well-practiced, seductive game plan.

Underhanded. Erotic. Tenacious.

He won’t quit ‘til she’s inside his van.

As he sweet-talks her, smooth and seductive.

Her defenses melt away, one by one.

If he can chip away all resistance,

Her arousal will tip her undone

He breathes more words of flirtation

Soft and sensuous into her ear

Saying she’s sure to enjoy it

And that she has nothing to fear.

He says he’ll be kind, slow and gentle

That he’ll make it erotic and fun

And as his fingers sneak up through her hair

Her capture has already begun

When his fingers caress the nape of her neck,

It’s talons which brush light on her skin.

And she thrills to the thought of abduction

As her dark fancies kick in.

Her subversive and growing arousal

Draws her deeper under his spell.

Allowing her back-stabbing demons

To sleep-walk her into sex hell.

She’ll be like a lamb to the slaughter,

If her worst nightmare comes true.

But as her resistance slips slowly away,

Her comeuppance is now over-due

He asks if she’d like to come with him

Willing, and of free accord

To where they could get to be friendly

And where avenues could be explored

She knows wicked deeds could befall her

And she knows she has to decline

But it’s hard to give “No” as an answer

When she’s horny and heady with wine

He can see that she’s started to waver

So he swings into action plan “B”

A cute little game he has up his sleeve

Involving handcuffs, a dare and a key

Her eyes open wide as if saucers

When he drops his ‘cuffs on the bar

She immediately senses her peril

And knows this could go way too far

“Go on, I know that you want to”

As he waves a key in the air

“I’ll buy you a drink if you try them,

Come on, it’s only a dare.”

“Oh no! You’ve got to be joking”

She says with a reddening flush.

But she can’t take her eyes off the handcuffs

Or deny that they gave her a rush


He wheedles his fingers high into her hair

As he places a key on the bar

“I know that you’re dying to try them

And to feel how thrilling they are”

Despite her gut feeling, and still shaking her head

The temptation proves hard to resist

And she disturbingly hears herself saying

“OK, but only one wrist.”

Her flush is now goose-bumps as he picks up the ‘cuffs

And clicks one end to her wrist

“Now swing your arms round behind you” he says

“Go on.. please.. I insist”

In a play-act she’s taking no further

Her arms swing around to comply

But an accomplice has slinked up behind her

And wrist two gets clicked high and dry

“Hey, let me go, this isn’t part of the deal”

She immediately starts to protest

“Oh no, you’re right, I’m sorry” he says

“I didn’t mean to make you distressed”.

“Here”, he says “You take the key”

As he pulls at the waist of her slacks

Then dropping the key straight down the front

He laughs as her panic attacks

“Hey, how can I possibly reach it

Now that you’ve dropped it down there?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you” he says

“Even if it’s in your underwear.

But you’d better behave and be silent.

In your interest, don’t make a scene

‘cos this bar is full of drunk horn-dogs

And you’re in handcuffs…. know what I mean?”

His fingers then snake where they shouldn’t

In search of his devious prize

He can see this is just what she wanted

He can tell by the look in her eyes

Her legs start feeling like jelly

And she leans on the bar for support

Which offers a stance more obliging

Free rein for his treacherous sport.

As his fingers keep slowly advancing

She lets out a desperate moan

She knows she is slick with arousal

And implications have finally hit home

His fingers slip down ever lower

Her arms are cuffed at her back

She’s bent over with legs all akimbo

And can’t stop his sordid attack

A finger alight on its target

Then massages slow up and down

And just to compound her torment

His thumb circles slow round and round

As he explores even further

Her legs begin to give way

But he continues his finger dance magic

And their brazen and claiming ballet

A finger now gaining full trespass

Another one slides by its side

Working her ever more firmly

Working her ever more wide

Three fingers then round out her torment

Three fingers which do what they will

Three fingers now slick with her juices

Three fingers which just fit the bill

She hates him for being such a bastard

She hates him for being so uncouth

She hates him for saying she’d like it

She hates him for knowing the truth.

He tells her that he could now have her

Bent over, right now and right here

And that no-one would step in to help her

In fact, they would probably cheer.

She knows she can’t let that happen

Drunk horn-dogs were sure to join in

“Oh no, not now, not here”, She pleads.

“Where then?” he scoffs “Let’s go and begin.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it”

Annoyed that he’d twisted her words

“Too late, I’m taking you with me,” he says,

“To meet some horny jail-birds”.

His heavy arm then swings around her

Effectively sealing her fate

A cape is flung over her shoulders

And now it’s too late to escape

The cape hides the ‘cuffs that control her

His arm guides her out through the door

She’s marched to a van which is waiting

A van she has been in before

Last time the driver was friendly

A mate she thought she knew well

But he knows all about her dark fancies

Of abduction into lawless sex-hell

So this ride is not a conveyance

Where the driver is sweet and obliging

He’s taking her to her worst nightmare

And dark forces are doing the driving


If you continue on reading

It’s you who has taken the bait

You’ve gone and exposed your own penchant

So keep reading to witness your fate.

The stories about your abductor

Have almost hit on the nail

He has a clandestine contract

With a rough and tough local jail.

He goes to the pub every Friday

Exploiting the deep secrets within

Those who harbor dark fancies

And your penchant has seen you sucked in.

So now you’ve been tricked into handcuffs

You’ve been frog-marched out to his van

You know you should really stop reading

But if you’re horny, I doubt that you can


Exploiting dark thoughts of abduction

The “recruiter” has sucked you right in

You only have yourself to blame

As you let your nightmare begin

The door to his van slides wide open

Two henchmen then haul you inside

The door slams shut causing darkness

Now there’s nowhere to run or to hide

Hands then twist you and turn you

This way and that, who knows where

Manhandled with uncaring roughness

You’re pushed into some kind of chair

“We’re all wearing night-vision goggles,”

You hear a growling voice say

“We know you’re unable to see us

But we can see you, plain as day.”

A smelly old rag is then pushed in your mouth

A tie-band then holds it in place

Then an explosion of blinding white stars

As a hand slaps you hard in your face

“Now listen up close little girly”

As a hand grips you firm on your chin

“If you would like to see morning

Then you’d better relax and give in”

“Do you want to make this thing easy

Or go down the hard route instead?”

Knowing there now seems no option

You give a slight nod of your head

“Good girl, you gave the right answer

We also want you to have fun

And not have knife-cuts and bruises

Before the game’s even begun

But I’m here to give you fair warning

I’m not gonna lie and pretend

There might be red wealds on your ankles and wrists

By the time we get to the end”

You give a dry gulp and a shiver

At the thought of what lay ahead

But your mind goes blank with another hard slap

As a hood then encases your head

The hood has some kind of hemming

Which seems to encircle your neck

You feel its buckle being latched into place

Your luck has just cashed a bad cheque

You then sense some kind of motion

Your trip is now underway

They fiddle about with your handcuffs

And you feel them being taken away

As hands start tugging the sides of your top

You feel it being slowly removed

Your racy new bra then comes into view

A wolf-whistle shows it’s been approved

By reflex you automatically lift up your arms

As your top slides up over your head

You want to drop your arms down again

But rough hands hold them high up instead

You hear the tink-chinkle of handcuffs

And your wrists are ensnared once again

But this time you can’t get your arms down

They’ve be hung up on some kind of chain

Hands then pull hard on your ankles

Stretching you out by your feet

Your whole body just seems to go airborne

Pulling you out of your seat

You feel you’re at a mad angle

Your arms are still up in the air

You’re being stretched out like a hammock

The strain on your wrists hard to bear

Some kind of table slides under your back

Supporting the weight of your body

Releasing the strain of the handcuffs

Which briefly had been quite ungodly

Now laid on your back horizontal

Hands pull at the heels of your shoes

“Tonight there’ll be no more walking

So, don’t worry, you’ve nothing to lose”

Hands then pull at your leggings

You’re being relieved of your slacks

“We’re just making sure you are ready”

As your thigh get a couple of smacks

Already relieved of your footwear

Your feet are raised, one at a time

You feel them being wiped with warm liquid

It’s bizarre, but feels quite sublime.

“I bet you can’t guess what we’re doing”

A voice coos, unnervingly sweet

“Tonight, there’s no music for dancing

But you’ll swing to an alternative beat.“

You feel some kind of hard stockings

Being eased into place on your feet

The warm liquid has furnished them slippery

So your “socks” fit you tight, snug and neat

“These are for when we suspend you

When you’re naked and hung upside down

Ready to meet your dance tutor

Who will really whip you around.”

Oh no! Those words weren’t expected

A terrifying turn of events

“But the deal is,” he adds “co-operate,

“And we could dispense with taking such lengths.”

You’re relieved to hear an escape-route

He studies you close for response

You nod your head like a demon

It’s exactly just what he wants

“So you do want a taste of the bull-whip

To feel the warm glow of its kiss

To dance to its hypnotic rhythm

And come to welcome the sound of its hiss?

His words make you writhe in a panic

Frantic “MmmmMMmMmm”s emit from your hood

“Don’t worry, the tutor’s an expert,” he mocks

“You’ll dance well when he’s whipping you good.

But I’m sure he’ll be kind and extract your gag

Before extracting your screams

Your cavorting will cause the gang’s passions to rise

You’ll be the red-hot girl of their dreams”

Your mind is a maelstrom in meltdown

Straight thinking now torn up in shreds

It consumes and diverts your attention

You don’t notice they’re spreading your legs

Your “socks” have neat little eye-hooks

The van has bars either side

The tension is steadily building

Tight ropes hold your legs open wide

Then hands with intent of wrong-doing

Pull down on the base of your thong

You feel a hard foreign object

Probing where it don’t belong

Unable to stop its intrusion

It relentlessly slides into place

A click starts a steady low buzzing

You flush as your heart starts to race

Still wet from your “enforced” arousal

And despite your degrading mistreat

The buzzing sends you unrelenting

To the brink of wholesale defeat

The vibrations are wholly consuming

The waves coming fast and intense

They break down your final resistance

They breach your last line of defence

In a haze of orgasmic deflection

Which lasts for … you don’t know how long

A sudden sharp pain jolts you back down to earth

If you thought they were done … you were wrong

The pain is a scratch … a sting on your breast

Causing “MMmmmMmm”s which you quickly regret

“My, my, you seem to enjoy that,” he laughs

“That’s for later, babe, not quite yet.”

“I suppose you should know where we’re going”

There’s a sinister tone to his voice

“It’s to meet some sex-hungry convicts

If you want to ….. Oh, sorry …… no choice”

You feel a dull point slowly tracing

Some definite lines on your skin

“Don’t worry, it’s just an ink marker

With a message, before we begin

.It’s to the aforementioned convicts

You’re about to go “entertain”

It says “I’m here for your pleasure”

I think that should make it quite plain

But some of the thugs are illiterate

So there’s arrows pointing this way and that

To offer a full set of options

As, in turn, they go in to bat.

So let me explain what will happen

When you’re served on a plate to this crew.

They’ve been champing with sexed-up aggression.

And can’t wait to get their rough hands on you

Violation, degradation and sexual abuse

Not to mention being repeatedly raped

But there’s something we’ve kept as a secret ..…

Your ordeal will be video-taped.

But it won’t reveal any shackles.

Nor whips. Nor tight masking tape

Or how you’ll spend the next hour

Being “tutored” and licked into shape

It’ll record you orgasmed freely

Convulsing and bucking away

Implying you loved every moment

An abandoned and wanton display

Without any proof of wrong-doing

The gang will be gifted free rein

They can come anytime and abduct you

And they will do …. again and again

And there’s nothing you can do to stop them

Blackmailed by a video tape

So when you’re dark fancies come knocking

They’ll be fully in charge of your fate

They’ll sneak up behind you and grab you

You’ll be stripped and gag masking taped

You’ll be thrown on a dirty old mattress

Then held down and repeatedly raped

So if you’re now hot from my story

And my words have brought you undone

Make your own fingers now have you

And don’t stop ‘till they’ve made you cum.


All the above, you brought on yourself

When you let your secret on purpose escape

I know you love your dark fancies

But I hope non ever really take place


Now, what of this woman who was inside my van

The one I just took for a ride?

Well, she still has her underwear on

But the vibrator still buzzes inside

I scoop up all her belonging

And place them inside a big bag

I ensure that nothing is missing,

Then remove her hood and her gag

Releasing the ‘cuff rope which held her

I stand her up on my hi-top van floor

I fix a blindfold to cover her eyes

Then set her free outside her front door

It’s cold and it’s three in the morning

Her belonging and house key in hand

The van and its driver do a runner

Her “abduction” was fully pre-planned

She anxiously rips off her blind-fold

She’s in underwear and outdoors alone

Her eyes adjust into focus

She sees she’s outside her own home

She feels the vibe is still buzzing

“Smart-asses, that’s just real cute”

She anxiously looks down at her squelchy wet feet

On each foot there’s a wellington boot


I know she loves her dark fancies

But not to let them bring her undone

She knows I can write bawdy poems

So I’ve gave her one ……. Just for fun.

xxx mu


2019-07-16 07:39:37
The concept of abduction is .. > you don't have a choice. The format may not be one you like, but the content might be. A woman being coerced to orgasm by someone she thinks is a disgusting bully, and when the circumstances are wholly inappropriate, is a turn on for some people, but obviously not for Charmbrights.


2019-06-18 09:55:07
"In a format not to every-ones taste" - TOO RIGHT

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