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An extreme story featuring arousal gained from murder featuring Taki from the Soul Calibur universe. I do not make profit from this work of fiction, nor do I own the character Taki, belonging to the company Namco.
Atop a large, Oriental-style rooftop a human shape was crouched, yet concealed by the coming darkness of the evening. Taki, the best kunoichi of the Fu-Ma clan was on a mission to kill, again. A ruthless warlord in the north of Honshu has been making the lives of common people a misery, and what’s worse, apparently sought to undo a seal on a tomb that was rumored to contain an ancient warlord turned demon. The kunoichi knew the bloodshed she was about to commit would create a power vacuum, and thus more chaos, but the efforts at undoing the seal had to be stopped.

The warlord had set guards on the entrance to the inn he stayed at, on his way to the tomb site. He was very upset about the delays in obtaining access to the grave, and the workers, many of them forced, would certainly pay the price.

Taki could see 2 guards below her. As they wore sturdy helmets and body armor, the back of their heads was not a viable target. Confident in her abilities, the dark-haired female decided to end them both in a flashy way, one that would minimize noise and possibility of the guards helping each other.

Gripping the edge of the roof with her hands, Taki slid downwards, and quickly bent one leg around each guard’s neck. As she squeezed, they thrashed, trying to break free, even as their strength went away quickly. Since they were trying to reach for their swords and point at her legs, the woman in the red suit had to end this quickly.

Pulling her hips to opposite sides, she exerted immense force on the trapped necks. A sharp, twin crack made her smile mildly. The soldiers drop their swords and slump within moments, as the hold killed them both in one go. Taki releases their broken necks, and lands with one foot on each corpse that laid face- down. Turning around towards the door, she presses her boots into the spine of each body, making sure they would not get up as vertebrae pop in a morbid rhythm.

She lands by the door, and peeking through a hole in the wood, sees the inn staff hurriedly carrying something, while a guard of the warlord yells at them. She opens the door, and takes advantage of the noise to enter the place, while reaching for a dagger holstered at her right ankle. As the guard turns around to face her, she flings it at him, hitting below his chin. He wheezes and gurgles, falling to his knees as he desperately tries to pull the weapon out.

The staff are in shock, and drop what they were carrying. A kunoichi had entered the inn… a stunningly beautiful woman, at that. The two males were staring at her, fixated on her shapely body hidden by the red suit. Nobody paid attention anymore to the guard that was about to expire within seconds.

“Where is the warlord?”, Taki asked, as the men gulped. The younger one spoke, in a really timid tone of voice: “Last room on the…upper floor…but he has guards…”

Taki did not feel any fear, and ran up the stairs to meet the guards head-on.

She catches a guard at the top of the stairs looking in the other direction, and does a front handspring, entangling her legs around his neck. He struggles and croaks for a second, but then she just twists her legs, and his neck, locked between her calves, SNAPS loudly.

She gets back to her feet as she expects guards to come rushing. Indeed, two sword-wielding guards rush to the corpse of the guard, only for a circular leg sweep to nearly trip up both of them. One stumbles over his fallen comrades, but manages a swing that luckily for Taki, only tears the fabric of her suit.

It did happen at a very inconvenient spot- her cleavage. She suppresses her embarrassment, and takes the fact f a guard’s swing and miss to her advantage. With him out of balance, Taki is able to swing her own blade and cut his throat, causing him to fall down instantly. The guard that had been tripped up tries to roll around, but a downward slash is so powerful that he ends up decapitated. The path to the luxury suite at the end of the hallway was clear.

However, the warlord had sensed commotion, and put his armor on, hastily. Taki had no choice but to enter through the door and her target would be ready.

Charging forth with two blades, he attempted to impale the assassin instantly, but she countered with a sliding tackle to his left leg, making him lose balance and drop one of the swords. As he staggered, she attempted to strike him down with her sword. This was blocked though, and lead to a series of parried blows from both sides, up until the very close range gave the warlord an idea to try a front thrust kick.

It succeeded in shoving Taki onto her ass, and caused her to drop her sword. “Prepare to die!”, he roared. The blade swung downwards, but the female rolled out of the way, and then responded in a rather lady-like manner.

Her left leg shot up, aiming right between the warlord’s own legs. His full armor wasn’t on, and thus, her boot connected with unprotected genitals. An agonizing groan and wailing came from the old male, before he dropped the blade.

The kunoichi reacted quickly, by wrapping her legs around his left and yanked back, making the man fall with an annoyed grunt. With lethal focus, she locked in a heel hold by trapping his left foot under her armpit, and pulled back hard, twisting the whole leg to the side.

A sharp crack and the warlord screamed, to which Taki smirked. In fact, the damage she just inflicted made her pussy tingle. Feeling sadistic, and in need of removing any threat the warlord might pose, she got up, still holding the crippled leg.

She took hold of the good leg despite kicking and thrashing, and wasted no time in turning around, ready to sit on the warlord’s back, and then pull hard to snap his spine.

“You bitch!”, he roared violently, trying to elbow her in order to free himself. This only resulted in the kunoichi putting one knee on his neck, as she readied to paralyze him. As he grunted, she leaned back, gradually stressing the spine. A long, drawn-out crunch mixed with male cries of agony. His legs spasmed, before going limp in Taki’s hands, just as she smiled. The scream probably meant the inn staff would come check what was happening. They didn’t expect the red-suited kunoichi to win, probably.

With a smirk, Taki arched her body backwards, reaching with her hands for the head of the warlord, who desperately tried to crawl away. She locked her legs around his, and was ready to snap his neck, when she spotted one of the men from downstairs at the door. It was the younger man from before. He wasn’t just in shock from seeing her ready to kill. A quick glance at her damaged suit told Taki the tear had widened.

“Like what you see? Don’t run…keep watching me…”, she said in a somewhat cold, yet sensual tone. As the staff member gulped, but otherwise stayed in his place, Taki yanked the warlord’s head up and backwards. Crack. Then she twisted it to the side. Crack. It fell down, as he showed no signs of life. A clearly audible moan left her lips, which she licked as she jumped to her feet.

The bouncing of those exposed breasts hypnotized the male, who kept staring at her, as she slowly walked forward. “You need to die, since you saw my face. You may bring me to orgasm, though.”

The gulp and visible fear in the man’s eyes, as he looked for any signs of his superior were natural, as he had just seen the woman’s willingness to kill. Shockingly, just as she announced his fate, she began to undress, removing her suit by pulling down some hidden laces in the back. The soon-to-be victim watched with a growing hard-on as the kunoichi took off nearly all off her clothing, saving the moist black panties for last, as she placed everything beside her. The inn staff member came up close during this time, seemingly resigned to his fate.

As the female pushed down her red suit down her legs, he hesitantly touched her left breast. Surprisingly, she did not kill him right away. Moaning very slightly, she arched her body forward, before starting to slide her underwear. He saw this, and moaned, while keeping up the groping, now adding a hand to her other breast.

Taki closed her eyes and allowed the ale to grope her for quite some time, possibly over a minute. Aroused, hot and with a dripping pussy, she simply spoke: “Lick me…” while spreading her legs apart and pushing his head downwards.

Frantically nodding, the inn staff member dropped to his knees, and began his worship of the dangerous woman by planting a kiss on the clit. A deep moan and fluids leaking out of her pussy were his rewards. As he began to lick past her inner lips, Taki’s body arched and her legs crossed behind his neck, even if slowly. She petted him occasionally, to stimulate obedience in him.

Even as his supply of air slowly dwindled, and Taki graciously landed on her back, this young man kept licking her pussy, causing her to make frequent cries of pleasure. This would attract attention though, from his boss, who was finally confused enough by the noise from above to come upstairs.

When he came up to the hallway, he could nearly hear the noises of a woman having sex with someone. He thought it might be the warlord showing that kunoichi her place, but what was the boy that worked for him doing, then?

He carefully came up to the room door, and then looked inside. His eyes went wide at the scene of the kunoichi naked, making the worker eat her out. A bit behind her was the warlord, dead. The inn owner was livid.

“What are you doing pleasuring her?? She killed our guest!! Damn you….!!”, the vicious older male actually scared the younger worker, even though he knew the female would kill him. He would get to see her skills first, though.

The onrushing man did not see that Taki had her weapons on top of her ruined suit. She grabbed a shuriken, and simply stopped his charge by launching one into his neck. Wheezing, he stumbled forwards, catching breath. This afforded her a unique chance. The mere idea was orgasmic.

Her legs were crossed at the knee, trapping the younger male. But also, the fatally wounded boss of his staggered within reach of her calves.

She gripped his neck with her legs, crossing her boots behind him. The male giving her cunnilingus sensed this was it, maybe from the moan she let out when her legs caught her boss. So, he licked faster and deeper, making audible noise this way.

“Good boy…time for a double neck snap…”, Taki said in a firm, yet husky tone, and then twisted.

First, her calves sharply pulled and twisted the boss’ neck. While he still twitched, Taki screamed, convulsing as a powerful orgasm started. Her muscles stiffened, and she squeezed on the head and neck of the young inn worker, while her calves snapped to the opposite side.

“Yesssss! Ahhh!”, the kunoichi’s orgasm was in full force, and she pinched her breasts while twisting her hips and calves in various ways to stress and fracture the vertebrae in the necks of both men. Thrilled with the way she took their lives, the woman decided to indulge in one last perversion.

She had to go pee, but didn’t want to use a toilet. Squatting over the dead inn worker’s mouth, she let pee flow into his mouth, making the moment even more erotic by massaging her own breasts.

Putting her underwear, boots and equipment holsters, but otherwise remaining naked, Taki would leave the inn after taking the coins in the vault. She was turned on, and the mission was accomplished.
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