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Fred is a 20 year old maledom who uses married women in their 40s&50s for his own sexual pleasure.
Jane & Peggy were both married women in their fifties , married to cuckold , submissive & brainwashed men . Currently both sexy ladies were visiting their 20year old master. Both were naked , collared & leashed &wearing spiked heels . Jane was a short-haired brunette while Peggy was a redhead . Master Fred was a local thug , he was great at hypnotism & had brainwashed these two( once) respectable wives into being his sextoys , two months earlier . Currently the stacked redhead Peggy was sucking his balls while Jane swallowed his dick . Both his owned whores still gagged on his 10 inch prick . After all they still possessed a gag reflex , it was only 2 months into their training . Fred decided to alternate between the 2 so he started by facefucking Jane & then did the same to Peggy . Once he was ready , Fred jizzed all over both their faces & then took a polaroid for each , to take home to their hubbies, so they could see what their wives looked like with a real man's sperm on their faces.

Chapter 1- Fred's Longest Serving Sexslave

Fred was sitting his favorite armhair watching a milf/gilf lesbian movie on his 70inch tv screen , the ac was on & he was getting a bj from his longest serving sex slave , unlike his other bitches Holly had no gag reflex . The long-haired blonde was well-known in the neighbourhood . Holly was a hard working, & best-selling , part-time real-estate agent ,unknown to her clients this 5ft6 stacked 40ddd wife also belonged to her son/master Fred . Currently she was giving her son his daily morning blowjob. Married to Fred's stepdad Herbert , Holly had been under mind control for the past year . She spent most of her free time fucking & sucking Fred . Dressed in her thong bikini & heels , Holly was bobbing up & down , she had a house showing in an hour & Fred said she had to swallow his load before she was allowed to go . Holly had to still get dressed & use her mouthwash before she could talk with her clients. As she kept sucking , Fred unloaded his jism down his mom's throat Holly swallowed . Then she got ready to sell the house

Chapter 2- The Girlfriend's Mother

Nina Rogers was wearing a dog collar that said"Cumslut" on it . Fred had dropped by to fuck his girlfriend Betty , a 21 year old knockout , who he had picked up & not hypnotized , but instead he had found out she wouldnt be home for at least 2hours . So he checked out Betty,s mom instead , not bad for a cougar he thought . A raven haired mynx with sexy legs & big fake tits (he'd find out later that she used to be a stripper & lesbian pornstar in her younger years )49 years of age , Nina was sucking his cock like a pro . He realized that he had left his mom/slave's collar in his car . so he went to get it & returned putting it around Nina's kneck right after he hypnotized her . Hard as a rock , Fred turned Nina over & shoved his monster dong up her cunt doggy style. Nina was wet , she had never had such big cock up her pussy , since her porn days , when the ladies used to strapon fuck her with 12 inch dildos . It didnt take long for Fred to want to cum so he jizzed all over Nina's face.

Grabbing Nina by her collar , Master Fred dragged Nina to the bathroom where he urinated all over his girlfriend's mothers face, tits & hair. As Nina mopped up the floor, he told her not to mention what happened to her daughter ( it was their little secret ) To add to the humiliation , Nina kissed her master's feet before Fred took a water shower . & left to begin another sex adventure.

Chapter 3- The Next Evening

To celebrate , her selling the house , Fred was fucking his mom up the ass . Holly was screaming like a hyena , but it didnt matter , because their basement was sound-proof , wearing a ski-mask Fred was fucking Holly's ass without any mercy. Herbert his stepdad was filming the rough sex. He had a boner watching the taboo nastiness . Fred took out his wang out of the shithole & Holly licked the ass flavoured dick. Fred now fucked her cunt doggy style as Holly moaned in satisfaction . After he screwed her for at least 30min , Fred came all over his mom/slave's face. Covered in his man junk , Fred decided to piss clean Holly's face , Herbert couldn't believe what he was seeing , it was the first time he had seen his stepson really humiliate his mom by using her as a human toilet. He hoped Fred would allow him watch the xxx scene (on TV) later when it was a finished product . After all Herbert for the past year was nothing but a cuckold who loved watching his wife being used by Fred (his stepson)

Chapter 4

In the basement , Fred was filming his mom Holly & his girlfriend's mom Nina , 69ing. Earlier in the day , they had been introduced & chatted over coffee when they were both unhynotized for approximately 10minutes , but when Fred had re-brainwashed them again. They both accompanied him downstairs , where they now getting to know each other lezzie style . For Holly , Nina was the first pussy she ever ate , but Nina was a pro. So after 5 minutes of having her clit licked Holly reached orgasmic bliss. After she came Nina sat on Holly's face for the next 15 minutes ,(rubbing her pussy all over the amateur dyke's face) & she also had an orgasm . Fred loved the short lesbian clip & would add it to his porn collection, later he'd even let his stepdad Herbert watch it , to let him know that his wife was now also a dyke . Fred smirked.
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