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Hello all, just re-posting something I wrote a long time ago. Enjoy.


A new world opened, providing people with the opportunity to cast aside their lives and change. In 2025 an unconceivable matrimony would take place. An American business owner, a Japanese programmer, a Chinese sociologist along with a Russian scientist came together; their dream, many years later, manifested itself as Genesis a virtual game, which would change the world itself.

Many played it, becoming nobles, kings/queens and various other high-ranking officials. No matter whom they still bowed their heads to someone: peasants to nobles, nobles to kings/queens, kings/queens to Gods/Goddesses. However there was one entity for which this rule didn’t apply to, the Emperor. All bowed at his presence, his wish their commands, this is his story, his rise to power

Chapter 1: John

John exhaled, tired from his early morning jog. Beads of sweat dripped down his milk chocolate skin, the Miami heat punishing even before the sun rose. The dimly lit street provided meager light for him to see. Carefully hopping across the cratered sidewalk, he turned to see the familiar neighborhood. Most houses barricaded with short fences their yards made up of a jigsaw of weed and dirt.

Approaching a street corner, he witnessed a gang called the Krunk selling crack. As he got closer to the four gang members dressed in their trademark green pants and white shirt, he clenched his broad jaw. He couldn’t touch them as they were outside the safe zone set up. Hearing his footstep one of the member turned and witnessed him.

“It’s him,” the Krunk member shouted. Instantly at the mere sight of John the quartet opened a path for him. Shrugging he passed them continuing his exercise.

Half an hour later done with his jog he stopped under a sign that read, “Best Martial Arts Dojo.” Looking at it he chuckled, thinking about how he ended up here. In 2057 his mother got a brain tumor. To cover the health bills his father did some financial and lifestyle restructuring. In addition, the recession which hit the nation less than half a year later didn’t aid at all. His father lost his job further straining their finances. Which when it was all done, left them with this two story building he now called home.

Opening the gate, he removed his shoes and walked inside. The ground floor of the dojo was simply a large square room with rustic wooden floor. Pyo, his father, waited crossed legged on the smooth floor. His back so straight as if it resisted gravity itself. His dark hair receded from his head. His forehead carved with wrinkles, as a smile spread over Pyo’s thin lips. Facing him, John sat seiza with his butt resting on the heels of his feet.

“Good morning John,” his father spoke in Korean.

Cupping his callused hand John bowed, showcasing proper respect. Inside the gloomy dojo John performed his morning training. Usually with his dad these trainings weren’t too bad. Pyo in general tended to be very lenient. His mother’s, Asuna, training however, were something he and his sister, Kim, shuddered about.

As soon as he thought of this his sister Kim walked in. She unlike him was the biological daughter of Pyo and Asuna. Kim had her mother’s round face, piercing dark eyes, chestnut color

hair and short stature. From Pyo she got his button nose, smile and boundless energy.

“Morning~” Kim beamed.

There went his quiet time. When these two were in the same room it always felt like a supernova went off every time.

“Hello,” Pyo matched her loudness.

Some days John woke up and hoped for a peaceful training. So far it had yet to happen.

“John,” Kim leered at his direction. He knew what she wanted and resigned himself to receive her fierce hug. Of course, as if on cue Pyo joined in making it a group hug. There he stood just taking it all, resisting only made them more dedicated. Besides without his mother here he’d be hard press to win outnumbered against these two.

When he judged enough time had passed he pried both of them away from him. Going to the corner he grabbed two shinais, wooden katanas, handing one to Kim. Facing her a smile crept on his lips, retribution always made these hugs a little bit more bearable.

After bullying his little sister, he went to the far right of the dojo. Opening the door, he climbed the creaky wooden stairs to the second floor. Taking a quick shower he went to the kitchen for breakfast. This morning was his favorite white rice topped with raw egg. Adding a bit of soy sauce, he mixed the piping hot rice with the egg. Being brought up by a Korean father and a Japanese mother John had learned that a day without rice was a day wasted.

“Ready for your last day,” Pyo asked.

John nodded the history and math finals shouldn’t be too hard, he explained.

“See that’s not fair,” Kim barged. “Why do you have a full month of vacation extra.”

He shrugged, finished he waited for his sister. Saying goodbye to his dad he and Kim walked to the bus stop.

“You know,” Kim began. “It’s okay if we walk together. Some people have guessed that we are related. If you talked to people they’d realize…”

John cut her off, “Kim… no. One more day. Then it’s over.” He looked at her and saw the sadness in her eyes. Upset she picked up the pace leaving him behind.

He knew the moment years ago he decided this path what it would lead to. Approaching the bus stop John breathed in and hardened his face. Now he was no longer John the son nor John the brother. He became the most feared person in Melon City, Bloody John.

Chapter 2: Graduation

His grey sneakers crunched the gravel as got closer to the bus stop. His walk calm yet imposing, his demeanor lax yet oppressing. The students stood on each side of the bus door all lowered their heads. Alone he sat at the back of the bus. As the other students filed in they took a sit and only looked forward. On the way to school nary a word was spoken.

Once the bus stopped at the school gates John stepped off first and walked to his locker. His presence parted the crowd. Unperturbed he got to his locker. Wanting to do a last-minute check on the material he headed to his history class. Reviewing until the first bell rung he got out his pencil prepared to ace his exams.

A couple hours later, he was done with his high school life. Since he could leave early he opted to do so. He walked turning his right he saw students in PE hanging out with each other. Sometimes he’d think “what if?” he too could have enjoyed high school. He yearned so much for a place he could stop being Bloody John and just be John. Maybe college would provide this opening. Maybe in college he’d have people he’d call friends to share life with. Maybe there he would be seen as a human being and not a monster.

Even if he meets them in college he probably wouldn’t stay with them for long. He must keep his word, a life for a life. A distant cry ripped him out of his thoughts. Searching John saw the source of disturbance. It appeared to be a young group of the other gang in Melon City called the Doge picking on one person. He identified them by their red shirts and white pants. Questioning whether he should help or not he continued watching as a gang member pushed the person to the ground.

Sighing John reached to his backpack and pulled out two pink mixed martial arts gloves. He marched towards the annoyances. So, preoccupied with teasing that none of the Doge noticed him. Effortlessly he sent a member of the group flying.

“Bloody John!” they shouted as they scrambled away.

Letting them go their way John turned to find a lanky curly haired Hispanic boy curled up in the dirt. John squatted down moving the boy’s arm away from his face. Seeing his face John recognized him as a fellow classmate. Seeing the boy shy away from him annoyed him a bit. To him cowering in fear didn’t make sense.

Standing up John looked down and asked, “Why do you accept being weak?” Sobs and whimpers were his only replies. Leaving the boy John walked home.

In the blink of an eye graduation day was upon him. Finished dressing up in his navy gown, he went to the claustrophobic kitchen and sat carefully on the folding chair. His arm rested on the light plastic table. He heard the creaking stairs followed by his mother joining him. She had on a three-piece grey suit, her long brown hair cascading down her back.

“Don’t move, I’ll fix the cap for you,” Asuna moved her petite frame towards him.

Not wanting this celebration, he asked if it really was necessary for them to go to his graduation ceremony. They would send the diploma by mail anyway he argued.

“Nope, I know High School hasn’t been all the great for you. But let’s at least make one good memory together. So either you go willingly or I drag you there.”

John stared at her.

The side of her lips curled to a smile, “Your dazzling hazel eyes won’t work on me now.” Out of her purse she dramatically pulled out a pair of dark shades.

Defeated John grinned, stating he would follow her wish. Asuna rubbed his back, “Let’s go.”

He stood up pushing the chair, slowly he lumbered out the door. Once they arrived at the gym John separated from his mother and joined the students. Going to the back of the gym he located the rest of the graduating senior class. His appearance hushed the cacophony, his walk parted the crowd, his stare lowered heads. Taking his place in line John waited to be called in.

Thankfully he didn’t have to stay too long in the hot sun. He along with the rest of the students were ushered to the gym. Parents and Guardians sat on the elevated bleachers on both sides. Yet even with this many people in a room a loud silent permeated. Drowning out the principle speech John spaced out; only to come back when it came time for his row to line up, and prepare to cross the stage.

“John Lee Yung. Mr. Lee Yung ggggradduated with a 4.5 GPA,” the nervous principal announced.

His footsteps echoed on the hardwood floor. “Cooonngraduations,” the sweaty vice principal squeaked, as he handed him his diploma.

A lone applause reached him. Looking up at his mom in the bleachers he smiled waving at her. His objective done John decided to leave right there and walked out.

Chapter 3: Meeting

“Everyone dinner is ready,” Pyo yelled from the kitchen.

It was only a couple hours after John had received his diploma. He, Asuna, Pyo, Kim gathered around the kitchen table. Tonight, his father prepared a feast with some of his favourite dishes. Kimchi fried rice served as the center piece with seaweed rice roll on the side followed by Korean style fried chicken to top it all off.

“Let us pray,” Pyo announced. Doing the Sign of the Cross John joined hands and lowered his head as his mouth watered.

“Bless us, O Lord, and these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

Following the prayer by the Sign of the Cross he ate till he couldn’t anymore.

The spicy and salty rice combined very well with crunchy chicken. John then tasted the rolls. Such perfect mixture, truly rice was the most perfect grain. Between each bites he listened to his family talk about their day. Enjoyable times like this he truly reveled in them.

While he and Kim cleaned the table, Pyo’s cellphone rang. John payed attention only after he heard his father using a very formal Korean speech. Kim next to him slammed the counter. Breathing out John realized today was too good to be true.

“John, Halabeoji (Grandfather) requests you,” Pyo told him in Korean.

Taking the phone from Pyo’s hand he answered.

“I’d like to congratulate you,” Halabeoji spoke in Korean.

Courteously John thanked him.

Not beating around the bush Halabeoji said, “Remember our deal?”

“A life for a life,” John replied.

“Good boy. Your enrollment at Florida University has been completed. In the next couple of days you’ll receive a tablet which will contain your classes. Also, may I speak to your mother?”

Being as respectful as possible he lied stating his mother was busy. Just the thought of them having a conversation together would further sour the mood.

“No problem then pass me Kim.” Again, he declined, John didn’t want another broken phone.

“Huh,” he mused. “On your graduation day they were both absent while you ate dinner. I find that very strange.”

At this point he knew Halabeoji wanted to toy with him. Staying firm he stated that both went out recently for a short walk.

Understanding Halabeoji began, “No worries then tell them I said hi.”

After Halabeoji hung up John sighed. For his family he really did sell himself to the devil. Still if he could go back in time he’d still sign that contract to help his mother. Even with the rift that it caused between the family. He rather them be alive and hate one another, then for them to die and regret. Life really was complicated.

Just like Halabeoji announced a package arrived with his name on it a couple days later. Opening it he saw a letter in Korean about the content.

Hello John,

In this package is one of our company’s new tablet. In it is something I want you to enter while you attend school for the next two years. I am pretty sure you have heard of the new phenomenon called Genesis? As you know, 주황색 (Juhwangsaeg) has heavily invested in Genesis.

As the future head, you are to participate in the launch of Genesis. To show our commitment an account has been purchased for you. The GenPod will be delivered to your dorm. By the time this package arrive Florida University will already be aware of these arranges. Please make sure to move in a dorm four days prior to launch.

Inside this package are sets of bands to place on different parts of your body. This will help the Genesis computer synchronize your movement in the virtual world. Further instructions about the bands are contained inside the I-Cherry tablet. It also has all the latest information about Genesis available. The tablet can be used for your own personal studies.


President R. Lee Yun

P.S. Have your mom call me. This time I promise to make sure Father isn’t near me.

P.P.S. I secured an auto-mobile for you on August 10th that way you don’t have to pay for a ride share (Do they still have those? Do Americans still drive cars?)

P.P.P.S I will not forget Kim’s birthday this year… Although it is a couple months away. I have it marked on all my calendars.


Your Uncle Ryu

Shocked John placed the letter down. He had known about Genesis, the new virtual reality game. He didn’t pay much attention to it, with his complicated life gaming became distraction. Like his uncle said he saw five bands, two look like they would fit on his wrists, two for his ankles and one for his forehead.

As the letter described he found a paper thin I-Cherry inside the package. Pressing the home button located at the bottom a dim light filled the screen. Wanting to be more comfortable John Aretired to his room. Looking at the I-Cherry he noticed a couple apps, the one which caught his attention was labelled “Genesis.”

Clicking on the app it re-routed him to an internet page called Dark Ryse Library. Apparently, this website had every single piece of information concerning the game up to this point. Atop the page a red bar appeared with a message.

*Disclaimer: The current information contained here is from the Beta build of the game. Be advised this may change at the full release on 08/10/2057.

John knew that when video games referred to Beta it meant an incomplete version of said game. The information on this site may be incorrect when Genesis launches in August. He scrolled to a part which was for beginners, he first noticed information about the different stat categories.

Agility: Allows greater range of movement, decreases fall damage. For Rogue, related class increases attack power

Dexterity: Increases hand eye coordination, sense of balance of player, attack speed. For Archer related class increases attack power.

Luck: Increases the chance of player landing a critical hit and the amount of loot found.

Mana: Increases the amount of MP a character has.

Popularity: When leveling up points cannot be allocated in this stat. Only grows by doing favors to NPCs. Pertains to NPCs knowledge of your name, the higher it is the more respect NPCs will have towards you.

Stamina: Allows players to run/use specific skill for longer period of time. Also, Increases SP of players.

Strength: Increases the damage a player can output/withstand in a Melee encounter.

Vitality: Increases survivability of a player to negative effects. Increases HP of players.

Wisdom: Increases the damage a player can output/withstand in a Magic encounter.

Continuing his search John found nothing else which caught his attention. Putting the tablet aside he put on the bands as per instruction and went out for a jog.

Chapter 4: Veritas

“You sure you have everything,” Kim confirmed for the 1000th time.

John assured her he had packed everything for his dorm. As his uncle Ryu stated an SUV arrived in front of his house early in the morning.

Pyo helped him load up the trunk. “Are you sure you need the tablet?” Asuna asked him.

He nodded thinking how it would facilitate his college experience. To be fair, the tablet did spend more time in her hand than his. She became enamoured with the Dark Ryse Library, to the point where he had to have a bout with the tablet as a prize for the winner.

Entering the auto-mobile John noticed it didn’t have a driver. Driverless cars or auto-mobiles have caught on, even government vehicles began to transition. His uncle did tend to worry a little much about things. Saying a final farewell to his family the auto-mobile took him to Florida University.

To pass time during the long drive he reviewed some information he had about FU. Its main campus previously resided in Fort Lauderdale before being moved to Port Charlotte, which resulted in booming the local economy. Approximately two hours later he arrived at Florida University. Palm trees stood on each sides of the road, the brilliant sun reflected of the white pavement.

The auto-mobile turned at a round-a-bout and stopped. Out of nowhere a man coolly opened the door for him.

“Mr. Lee Yun, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Parker I am the lead liaison between the university and Juhwangsaeg.” Parker an average height man, with sleek blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Based on his look John would place him as a B movie villain.

Stepping out, John witnessed his baggage being removed. “Follow me,” Parker ushered. Walking behind Parker he arrived at an office which looked like a doctor’s clinic.

“Don’t worry, I need to make sure the Pod you have will fit you,” Parker announced. “I will measure your height and weight ensure accuracy.”

As per instructed John laid down an opaque glass table. On the side Parker wrote down the measurements he needed.

“Now, I will guide you to your dorm.” Parker pulled out a phone and handed it John. “The president wanted to give you this in case you might need it.”

Receiving it John thanked Parker, blindly following Parker he tinkered with his present. When the glass door opened, the humid air penetrated his lungs. Out in front his luggage stacked on a wagon was attached to a golf cart.

Parker invited him to take a seat, when he did so the cart took off. The small fan in front did its best to abate the heat. While inside the cart John gazed around. A large lake surrounded by a verdant meadow captivated his eyes. A bright orange building with a painting of a bird stood near the water.

His ride passed several paths which led to wooded areas around campus. The sidewalk the cart drove on seemed to be a highway connecting everything. Lost in the sights he failed to noticed when he got to his destination.

“This is your dorm Mr. Lee Yun,” Parker stopped in front of a house. A literal house.

Parker opened the door ushering John inside. A small couch facing the Television welcomed him. Walking further he saw the kitchen even had a fully stocked fridge. Even the cabinets were full of different goods. Going to the hallway they were three doors. Two doors on either side were bedrooms whilst the one facing him contained a large bathroom with its own hot tub.

John shook his head, his uncle went overboard. If he had to guess his mother had a hand on this extravagance as well. By the time he came back out Parker had placed his bags near the couch out front.

“Mr. Lee Yun this will be all for today. If you have any request, please feel free to call me. I’ll have your Pod delivered to you in two days max,” Parker announced before leaving. Waving good bye John contemplated his dinner plans.

The day had finally arrived Genesis would go live in about half an hour. Excited he went to his bedroom where the pod rested. Opposite his bed the sleek black pod laid, it resembled a sarcophagus. John had previously synched all the data from the bands. His hand clamped ready to face this new world, then his phone rang picking it up he heard his mom’s voice.

“I forgot to ask you what’s you name going to be in the game?”

John hadn’t thought much about it. John fit perfectly for him though, he replied to her as such.

Asuna scoffed, “Don’t you have any gaming charm you can’t use your real name. How about ‘Veritas’ it’s a Latin word meaning truth. Use it so in the game you can remember to be your true self… Not Bloody John.”

John agreed to her name even if it didn’t make much sense to him. Hanging up he opened the pod removing his sandals he lied down the memory foam padding. On his back John pressed a button on the side and watched as the pod closed on him. He felt a prick at the base of his neck then darkness prevailed.

A screen popped up asking to choose which language.

“English,” he spoke.


Welcome to the world of Genesis, remember this is only the beginning

Next, he was shown his body in third person view everything was accurate even the scar on his left arm.


Do you want to perform any changes on this avatar?



Do you wish to be the holiest, strongest or richest?

Pondering for a moment he spoke, “Richest.”


You will spawn in the town of Alsèf, are you ready to start.



Please choose a Username

Without thinking he spoke, “Veritas.”
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