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Sisters Chloe and Grace are two seemingly innocent high schoolers, though one of them has a very naughty secret. Only a few people know about what Grace does behind the school during lunch hour -- and her sister was not meant to be one of those people!

Timber Creek High School was located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the western part of North Carolina. The area was relatively conservative; most of the families in the area attended church on Sundays; most people dressed fairly modestly. Chloe Davis was a senior in high school, and she was just like everyone else for the most part. She didn’t act out, do drugs, or drink. She did well in her classes and had a great relationship with her family, which consisted of a sister, two brothers, and her parents.

There was one big difference between Chloe and many of her classmates, in particular her female classmates, in that she wasn’t “afraid” of her sexuality. While the abstinence-only sex education offered by the local system was designed to instill the belief that (premarital) sex was wrong and everybody should wait until marriage before engaging in sexual intercourse or anything of the sort, Chloe thought differently. That wasn’t to say she was a slut by any means; she wasn’t going from house to house, sleeping with everybody in sight. She did however masturbate a few times a week, often to porn and usually with either her dildo or her vibrator, both of which she kept carefully hidden from her parents and brothers.

The only person who knew Chloe owned a vibrator and a dildo (and thus masturbated) was her sister Grace. Grace was a grade beneath Chloe. The two of them were very close, and they always had been. Grace was shorter than Chloe, and she was not as “well endowed” as her sister. But God had blessed Grace with a lovely behind -- in fact, He blessed all of the girls of the family with big round butts -- that caught the attention of many of the sexually-repressed boys at school. In fact, both sisters drew a lot of attention for themselves from the boys at school, even in their modest clothing. Neither flaunted their cleavage, but the boys could tell that Grace and Chloe and big boobs. The same went for their behinds.

Grace admittedly liked the attention, as did Chloe, but Grace had never been with a boy in any capacity (except for a kiss during elementary school which really doesn’t count for anything). She wouldn’t have known what to do if she and a boy she liked found themselves alone in her room. Chloe, on the other hand, had a boyfriend for a while, and although things didn’t work out between them in the end, she had lost her virginity to him when she was sixteen. She hasn’t been with anybody else since.

Losing her virginity did teach Chloe a valuable lesson: sex was fun. Chloe loved sex. She loved how it made her feel; she loved how it made the other person feel. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the tastes that came along with it were all intoxicating to her. She and her ex had sex almost every day over the course of their relationship, and as a result she was pretty damn good at it. She knew her way around a dick, and she was quite skilled with both her hands and her mouth. If you were to put a horny Chloe in front of a hard cock, well, let’s just say she could make quick work of it in a number of different ways. And her skills were greatly to her benefit as she loved nothing more than to watch the semen erupt from a swollen cockhead, or perhaps to simply feel the hot cum painting the back of her throat. She had even experimented with anal sex with her ex, and while it wasn’t really his cup of tea, she couldn’t get enough of it.

In an effort to help Grace, Chloe provided her sister with a number of tips so that, if Grace ever were to find herself alone with a boy and his hard dick, she would at least have some idea of what to do with it. Chloe had even gone so far as to demonstrate how to give a good blowjob on her dildo one night for Grace. The two girls sat on Chloe’s bed, and Grace watched as Chloe began the demonstration by spitting on the dildo and stroking it with her hands. Shortly thereafter, Chloe began to run her tongue up and down the length of the toy before taking the head in her mouth. She pumped the base slowly and she circled her tongue around the tip before finally taking the entire length of the toy into her throat.

Grace looked on feeling both impressed and surprisingly turned on, although she would never admit to being aroused by her sister’s performance. (Grace did, for one very brief moment, imagine what this would look like if the dildo was instead an actual cock attached to a boy from school, but she quickly pushed that thought away.) After showing Grace how it was done, Chloe handed the sex toy to her sister, who attempted to emulate what Chloe had just shown her. After a few minutes of receiving feedback and being told about a hundred times to not use her teeth, Grace felt comfortable giving head (albeit only to a fake dick).

Chloe had also explained how, unfortunately, Grace would likely be out of luck when it came to the boy’s knowledge of a woman’s body. The fool would almost certainly have no idea how to get Grace off, and as a result, it was important for Grace to be intimately familiar with her own body. (It was important regardless, really.) So Chloe taught Grace about female anatomy -- she explained the clitoris and g-spot and their function in female sexuality. She explained how her nipples could be stimulated to great effect and, if Grace felt particularly adventurous, her butthole could also provide her with a tremendous amount of pleasure. All of the information Chloe related to Grace had come from Chloe’s own research online and her own experiences with herself over the years (as well as her time with her ex-boyfriend, of course.

Once Grace was familiar with her own anatomy on a “textbook level”, Chloe showed her sister how to masturbate. Both girls sat across from each other on Chloe’s bed one evening when the rest of the family was out of the house or asleep, legs spread wide open, wearing only their panties and a t-shirt. First, Chloe showed Grace how to rub and massage her clit in a way that felt good (overtop her panties). Then Chloe explained how Grace could do this while she was hypothetically having sex with a boy (specifically as he actually fucked Grace, although Chloe didn’t use that word) to make sure Grace got off too. With both Chloe’s instruction and recommendations, Grace managed to have her very first orgasm that night, although it took a good long while. Once Grace had gotten off (and boy did she enjoy getting off), Chloe took care of herself in a fraction of the time. She was very familiar with her body by now, and she knew exactly what she needed. Grace was both surprised and impressed when Chloe’s climax tore through her body only a few minutes after Chloe really began touching herself. Chloe explained that with practice, Grace would likely be able to get herself off in mere moments as well.

Once both girls experienced their orgasms, they sat on the bed together and talked. Chloe reiterated the fact that putting one’s fingers inside her vagina would also feel good, in particular if she massaged her g-spot. Chloe also said that Grace was more than welcome to use her vibrator or dildo whenever she wanted on the condition that Grace cleaned it off carefully once she was done with it. Chloe showed Grace where she hid them and said that she could either get them herself or ask Chloe. Finally, Chloe showed Grace some porn websites that she felt were relatively safe and high-quality. Grace was a bit shocked by the content of the website to say the least, but she admitted to being turned on by it. The last thing Chloe told Grace was that, once she was comfortable with the whole masturbation thing, she ought to experiment with the one other hole she had, aside from her vagina. Immediately Grace expressed her reservations about putting anything in or around her butt, but Chloe reassured her that it would feel amazing if she was patient with herself. Chloe even admitted to Grace that Chloe’s ex boyfriend had done her up the butt and that she loved it once she got accustomed to the feeling. Yet again, Grace found herself incredibly aroused by her sister -- a troubling thought to be sure, but one that Grace wouldn’t allow herself to entertain for long.

About two weeks later, Grace sent Chloe a text asking if she could “use them” that night. Chloe had responded asking which one she wanted, and Grace simply replied with v. A few minutes later, Chloe discretely transported her vibrator from its secure hiding place to Grace’s room, placing it under her pillow. She found Grace in the hallway later and recommended she wait until people were asleep because the faint buzz could be heard through a closed door if one was to put their ear right up to the door, and thus it was better to be safe than sorry.

A few hours later, Chloe was using the bathroom before going to sleep. She was the last one awake. Afterwards, curiosity got the better of her and she crept up to Grace’s door and pressed her ear against it. She could hear the buzz of her vibrator and Grace’s faint, muffled moans. Chloe smiled to herself and returned to her own room, where she made quick work of herself with her dildo. The following afternoon, Grace placed Chloe’s vibrator back in its hiding spot after cleaning it carefully in the bathroom.

Grace used Chloe’s vibrator another couple times before her first usage of the dildo. Chloe asked how Grace liked the dildo, and Grace admitted that she loved how it felt but that it made her curious about what a real boy would feel like. Chloe laughed at that and gave Grace three condoms in case Grace’s curiosity became too much to bear. Chloe also recommended that Grace try using both the dildo and the vibrator at the same time if she really wanted to have some fun, and the next night, Grace took her sister’s advice.

The following morning, the two sisters were in the bathroom together. Grace had plopped herself down on the toilet and was peeing when Chloe asked, “so, how was it?”

Grace blushed and looked at her sister. “Oh, not bad,” she said with a big grin on her face.

“Uh-huh,” Chloe said slowly, smiling back at Grace. Grace had not yet returned the toys to their hiding place (Chloe had checked before coming in the bathroom), so Chloe said to her sister, “I’d like to have some fun too, you know. Any chance you’ll be putting them back soon?”

“Yeah,” Grace said. “I’d like to use them one more time though, if that’s alright.”

“That’s fine,” Chloe chuckled. “But you should do so sooner rather than later.”

“You wanna use ‘em too, huh?”

“Duh,” Chloe laughed. “I wasn’t able to use ‘em last night.”

“Gosh, you must be horny then,” Grace teased, giggling wildly.

“Gross,” Chloe rolled her eyes but smiled. “Get up, I need to pee. And you need to go get yourself off so I can have my turn because yes, I am very horny.”

“Now you’re being gross,” Grace said, still giggling.

“You started it,” Chloe shrugged, pulling her pants down and plopping herself onto the toilet once Grace stood up.

“I’ll try to be quick,” Grace said, washing her hands. “But last night, I think I had four or five, I couldn’t even--”

“Four or five orgasms?” Chloe asked, a little shocked at the number.

“Mhmm,” Grace grinned. “I couldn’t even think straight by the last one. I was just a writhing puddle of mush by the end of it. I would’ve gone for six, but I think I might’ve died if I tried that.”

“Sounds like a good time,” Chloe giggled. “I don’t think I’ve ever had more than three in one night.”

“Oh, it was wonderful,” Grace said, drying her hands. “It took a while, though. In any case, I’m gonna go now; I’ll drop them off as soon as I’m done, cleaned off of course.”

“Thanks love,” Chloe smiled as Grace left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

To Chloe’s knowledge, Grace still hadn’t used any of the condoms. And it was true that Grace had not yet lost her virginity, but she had since gained a bit more experience than Chloe thought.

Chapter 1 - Caught

Chloe and Grace both had A lunch, which was the first of the two lunches of the day. Essentially half of the students had A lunch while the other half had B lunch. The two sisters generally didn’t sit together; instead they usually sat with their own separate friend groups, but they would sometimes talk while waiting in the lunch line if they were buying lunch that day. On this particular day, however, neither girl was sitting with their usual group of friends. Chloe wasn’t particularly hungry and the weather was nice so she had snuck outside (students generally weren’t supposed to be wandering around outside the main building in the middle of a period) and was wandering around, enjoying the warm sunshine and the cool, refreshing breeze. She could eat next period if she wanted to anyway since her teacher, Mr. Hughes, didn’t mind if students ate during class.

Chloe was walking towards the very back of the school building, an area rarely inhabited by students since it was so far from any classrooms. As she rounded the corner, she was surprised to find three boys standing in a line in front of one of the big generators -- or maybe it was an industrial air conditioning unit -- looking a little impatient. One of them kept checking his watch. Chloe walked over to them, examining them carefully. She didn’t immediately recognize any of them, meaning they probably weren’t seniors (like she was). Once she was close enough, she recognized the one who appeared to be next in line as one of Grace’s friends, Anthony Perkins. She had met Anthony a few times before, and he always seemed like a decent fellow. When Anthony saw her approaching, however, he turned red and looked exceptionally anxious.

“Hey Anthony,” Chloe said with a smile.

“O-oh, hey Chloe,” he said, his voice shaking a little. He took his hands out of his pockets but then shoved them back in.

“Is everything alright?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah,” Anthony asked nervously. “What do you mean? Why?”

“What’s your problem?” the guy standing behind Anthony asked.

“Well, why are you guys standing in a line? And your voice is shaking.”

“A-are we?” Anthony asked, “I hadn’t noticed.” He ignored her observation about his voice.

Chloe rolled her eyes. Then, much to her surprise, a boy walked out from behind the generator. That alone was enough to give Chloe pause, but the boy was in the process of buttoning his jeans and putting on his belt. He also had a very pleasant, peaceful look on his face.

“Sorry for taking so long, boys,” he said cooly. “I paid a little extra for a long one.” Apparently he hadn’t noticed Chloe standing there because his face turned white and then deeply red when he saw her. “Oh Jesus,” he muttered under his breath as he quickened his pace and hurried back in the direction from which Chloe had arrived.

“Did he say he paid for a long one?” Chloe asked. “What does that mean? What’s going on here?”

The boy standing behind Anthony, whose name was Jonathan Streaks, turned to face Chloe. “Nothing,” he said, a little aggressively. “Don’t worry about it.” He then gave Anthony a slight push. “Hurry up, man. Lunch ends in twenty-two minutes.”

“It’s just, I feel weird…” Anthony’s voice trailed off. He looked at Chloe again, then stared at his feet and walked out of site to the back of the generator.

“Do you really think I’m not gonna go back there and see what’s going on?” Chloe asked Jonathan, her tone irritated.

Jonathan shrugged and let out a long sigh. “Whatever.” He didn’t look happy about the situation.

Chloe huffed and rolled her eyes again. She walked to the back of the generator, but she stopped abruptly when she heard Anthony’s voice.

“But your sister is right out there,” Anthony hissed.

“What?” Chloe heard a voice say. There was a lot of anxiety in that voice.

Chloe connected the dots and immediately stormed around the corner of the generator. To say she was shocked by what she saw would be an understatement. In front of her stood Anthony with his pants and boxers down to his knees. In front of him was Grace, squatting on the ground, one hand holding onto Anthony’s mostly-flaccid dick. The other hand was holding a $20 bill.

Chloe just stared at the two of him, her eyes shifting between Anthony, who was staring at the ground, and Grace, who actually met her gaze.

“What the fuck?” Chloe said.

“Uhh,” Grace said. Her face was as red as a tomato.

Anthony finally managed to unfreeze himself. He quickly pulled his pants up and ran out from behind the generator.

“Are you done already?” Jonathan called as Anthony ran past him, but Anthony didn’t respond.

“Grace. What the fuck is going on?” Chloe demanded.

Grace stood up, putting the twenty dollar bill in her pocket.

“I’m just gonna have to give this back to him,” she said, sighing.


“What? Nothing. I don’t know.”

“What are you doing?”

“Are you really going to make me say it?” Grace asked, looking at her feet. “Is it not obvious?”

Chloe was silent.

“What else could this have been?” Grace asked.

Chloe stared at her sister in disbelief. “Did Anthony give you that money?” she asked.

“Yes, although I’m just gonna give it back to him,” Grace said, sighing, still not looking up from the ground.

“How long have you been doing this?”

“I don’t know, a few weeks maybe? It’s just with Anthony and his friends.”

“How did this start?”

“Well,” Grace began slowly, speaking so softly that Chloe had to get closer to her in order to hear. “After you taught me how to, you know, give head…” her voice trailed off.


“I was hanging out alone with Anthony one day. And I’ve always thought he was cute, and I was ‘in the mood’ and wasn’t thinking straight, so I offered to give him a blowjob--”

“You just offered to give him a blowjob?”

Grace looked up at her sister, still beet-red in the face, and nodded. “I mean, yeah. It’s not like he was gonna say ‘no.’”

Chloe was silent. She didn’t really care about Grace fooling around with Anthony; Anthony was a pretty decent guy, and Grace and him had been friends for years. But she didn’t like where this was going.

“So I sucked his dick and we both really enjoyed the experience, and the next day, we hung out again. We were just sitting next to each other in his living room -- his parents were upstairs or somewhere else, I don’t know -- and he just took it out. Like he just pulled his pants down without saying anything really. He was already hard.”

“Okay…” Chloe said.

“And it -- his dick -- just looked so nice… and whatever. I just really wanted to give him another blowjob,” Grace said quietly. “So I did. It really seems to make him happy.”

“Of course it does,” Chloe muttered quietly.

“And I guess he told a couple of his friends about me because they came up to me at school and asked if I’d ‘suck their dicks too’.”

Chloe just shook her head in disbelief.

“And I told them that I would if they paid me for it.”

“Jesus Christ, Grace,” Chloe muttered.

“We agreed to twenty bucks a pop --” Grace paused for a second. “-- sorry, was trying to break the ice with a pun.”

“Didn’t work,” Chloe grumbled, although she did think it was funny. She wasn’t about to admit it, though.

“I see that, sorry,” Grace said, flustered. “We agreed to twenty bucks for a blowjob and I told them each to meet me back here during lunch. So I’ve been doing that for a few days a week. It’s just four or five of them; I’ve sworn them to secrecy.”

“I don’t even know what to say.”

“Why would you teach me how to give head if you are so against me actually, you know, doing it?” Grace asked.

“Two things. First off, in my head, I sort of thought you’d be doing it with a boyfriend or someone you trust. Like doing it with Anthony was fine. But all of his friends?”

“I guess that’s fair,” Grace said softly.

“And, second of all, you’re prostituting yourself. On school property. That’s really what I’m upset about. I mean the consequences if you were to get caught would be huge.”

“That’s what makes it fun,” Grace shrugged. “The fact that it’s risky and so wrong makes it even better. And besides, nobody even comes back here. And if someone does, the people waiting in line can signal for us to stop and hide or make ourselves look more innocent.”

“That’s dumb. This is so stupid. Grace, I can’t believe…” Chloe trailed off, shaking her head.

“Where else am I supposed to do this?”

“I don’t know. Maybe just don’t do it? Why do you have to do this? Prostitution is just wrong. It’s illegal. I shouldn’t have to explain all of this. If you want to suck their dicks so badly, then why charge for it?”

Grace was silent for a moment. “You know, I make like two or three hundred bucks a week off of this. I know it’s wrong, but it’s hard to turn down that kind of money. And the way you taught me to give head really works.”

Chloe didn’t say anything.

“And I don’t really want to suck their dicks per se. I mean, I like sucking Anthony’s because he’s my best friend and I like making him happy and making him feel good. Plus I like the way his dick looks.”

“Jesus,” Chloe groaned. “You don’t even like him?”

“No, not really,” Grace said. “I think he’s cute obviously, and like I said, he has a nice dick, but I don’t really want to date him.”

Chloe just shook her head in bewilderment.

“But I do enjoy giving head just, like, in general,” Grace continued. “So if I can make money off of sucking Anthony’s friends’ dicks, then I don’t really see why not.”

“Why not? Maybe the enormous risk and potential consequences?”

“I’m not gonna get caught, Chloe,” Grace said calmly. “We’re careful.”

“You got caught by me so you’re not too careful.”

Grace was silent for a second and then sighed. “Yeah, that’s fair. I don’t know why they let you through. This could’ve been way worse if you were anybody else.”

“Maybe you need to tighten up your security,” Chloe teased. She had calmed down some. Chloe still thought this was unbelievably stupid of Grace to do, but she could tell Grace had no intention of stopping.

“You could be a lookout for me,” Grace said after another brief moment of silence. “I’ll give you five bucks for every blowjob. That’s like twenty-five percent; it’s a good deal.”

Chloe chuckled. “It’s a good deal?”

“I think it is,” Grace shrugged.

“Ideally you would just stop doing this,” Chloe said. “But I can tell that you’re not gonna do that. So I guess I would rather help make sure you don’t get caught.”

Grace grinned excitedly. “So you’ll do it then?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Chloe rolled her eyes, shaking her head again. “This is just… it’s so wrong, Grace. This is so bad.”

“Like I said, Chloe,” Grace smiled. “That’s what makes it fun. Can you go see if anyone is still there? There’s still like fifteen minutes of lunch left. I can probably fit another three in.”

Chloe hesitate but nodded. She walked back from behind the generator, slowly peeking her head around the corner. Jonathan was the only one waiting now. The other two boys had left.

“What’s going on?” Jonathan asked.

“You really sat here and waited through all of that?” Chloe asked.

Jonathan nodded. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

Chloe just stared blankly at him. “Well, she’s ready. You have your money?”

Jonathan reached into his pocket and took out a crumpled twenty dollar bill, “Yep. Am I giving it to you or her?”

“Give it to me,” Chloe said. Jonathan handed her the bill and walked back behind the generator. Chloe followed.

“Hey Grace,” Chloe said, rounding the corner. Jonathan was already standing in front of Chloe, who was squatting in front of him. He was in the process of unbuckling his belt.

“Hey, what’s up?” Chloe said. Jonathan pulled down his pants and his boxers, revealing his semi-erect penis.

“Woah, Jesus Christ!” Chloe said, “I’m still here, dude!”

“So?” Jonathan asked, shrugging. “You act like you’ve never seen a dick before.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and just looked at Grace. “How about I take the money from them so if, God forbid, you get caught, it doesn’t get confiscated or anything.”

“Good idea,” Grace nodded at her sister. She turned at faced Jonathan, reaching up and took hold of the boy’s dick, which was now quickly hardening in his hand.

“Oh God,” Chloe said. “Grace, I’m still here. Y’all can’t wait til I walk away?”

“I’m sorry,” Grace said. “Time is money. Can’t really wait for you to leave.”

Grace reached up with her other hand and massaged Jonathan’s balls gently. She let go of his dick, spit into her hand, and then resumed stroking his shaft. Chloe just starred with her mouth hanging slightly agape.

“I think your sister likes my dick,” Jonathan joked to Grace. Grace turned and looked at Chloe, who was still staring at her.

“Only because I’m the one playing with it,” Grace teased back.

Grace opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Jonathan held his breath in anticipation. Chloe watched as Grace slowly traced the tip of her tongue around the underside of Jonathan’s shaft. She ran it up from the base of his balls to the sensitive spot on the underside of Jonathan’s cockhead, causing it to lurch upwards. Jonathan moaned. Grace ran her tongue back down his shaft, this time circling it all around his balls.

Chloe noticed that Jonathan’s ballsack was hairless. “You shave your nuts?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” Jonathan groaned. “Grace will only suck my ballsack if it’s shaved.”

Chloe gave a slight nod of approval. “Good for her.”

“And I love having my balls sucked,” Jonathan moaned. “So I shave them.”

With that, Grace stopped licking Jonathan’s nuts. She grinned before taking the left one entirely into her mouth. Jonathan moaned loudly and placed his hand on the back of her hand.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned.

Grace popped the left ball out of her mouth and took the right one in, sucking it eagerly. She pumped the boy’s throbbing shaft with her hand as she sucked his right nut.

“Come on,” Jonathan groaned. “Take both into your mouth.”

Grace did as she was told, opening her mouth wide and taking in the other half of Jonathan’s ballsack. She sucked and slurped eagerly, pumping his shaft rapidly with her hand. Jonathan moaned loudly. Finally, Grace let his balls out of her mouth and licked her way back up his shaft. She took the head into her mouth and sucked on it gently, now massaging his balls with her hand.

Chloe couldn’t look away. She watched as Grace went through all of the tips and tricks she taught her until Grace was slurping up and down the entire length of Jonathan’s shaft. Chloe watched the boy’s throbbing prick disappear completely into her sister’s mouth before Grace’s lips slid back up his shaft, only to slide back down again. Grace was tenderly massaging Jonathan’s balls.

Damn, Chloe thought, that girl really knows how to suck a cock.

“Don’t stop, Grace,” Jonathan moaned. “I’m gonna come.”

Grace only quickened her pace. She continued to bob her head up and down Jonathan’s shaft. A few seconds later, Jonathan put both hands on the back of Grace’s head and thrust himself all the way into her mouth. As he bottomed himself out in Grace’s welcoming mouth, his balls came to rest against her chin and his cock throbbed and sputtered away, painting the back of Grace’s throat with thick, hot jizz. Grace ran her tongue all around his cock as much as she could, and she continued rubbing his sack, coaxing every last drop of delicious cum from his balls. Chloe just stood paralyzed and watched as Jonathan shot his load down her sister’s throat. The look on his face indicated that whatever Grace was doing with her tongue felt amazing. Finally, his orgasm concluded and he slowly pulled his cock out of Grace’s throat. Grace held his thighs and slowly ran her tongue all around his shaft, licking up all the saliva and semen that she could. She gave his balls one final squeeze before standing up, wiping her mouth with her arm.

Jonathan sighed and smiled peacefully as he pulled his boxers and pants back up. He zipped his fly and relooped his belt. “Worth every penny, as always,” he said happily to Grace.

“I’m happy you enjoyed yourself,” Grace smiled. “Will I get to suck that big dick of yours again on Friday?”

“Of course,” Jonathan grinned. “I’m not gonna jerk off tomorrow so you’ll have a decent load to swallow on Friday.”

“Awesome,” Grace smiled. “I can’t wait.” Jonathan turned and walked back around the generator, whistling a little tune as he strolled.

Jonathan stopped as he passed Chloe, turning to face her. “How was watching me empty my balls in your sister’s mouth?” he asked her.

Chloe glared at him and rolled her eyes. “She certainly knows what she’s doing.”

“You got that right,” Jonathan grinned. “That girl can suck a fuckin’ cock!” He turned back and winked at Grace, who just smiled at him. He turned and continued walking away.

Grace turned and faced Chloe. “So much for increased security, huh? I didn’t expect you to watch me the entire time.”

“I couldn’t stop watching once it started,” Chloe said. “You certainly learned every tip I taught you.”

“I’d like to think so,” Grace shrugged. “I also may have practiced on Anthony more than twice before this started...”


“Yeah. I think the day after the day I gave him the first blowjob, I must’ve sucked his dick four times. He hardly had anything left in him by the last orgasm.”

“Jesus Christ,” Chloe said. “Well, that explains that. You certainly put on a good show.”

“Thanks sis,” Grace giggled. “Was there anybody else? There’s still nine minutes left.”

“No, it was just him,” Chloe said.

“Alright.” Grace sighed and reached into her pocket and took out a five, which she handed to Chloe. “Can I have the twenty you got from him?”

“Yeah,” Chloe said. She took the five dollar bill and handed Chloe the twenty. “Thanks for paying me even though I only sat here and watched.”

Grace shrugged. “I can only do this because you were such a great teacher. Plus it was fun having an audience, even if the audience was my sister, which is more than a little weird.”

“You like being watched?”

“Yeah,” Grace said. “I think it’s fun. What did you think?”

Chloe paused for a moment. “I guess I enjoyed watching you. You really know how to, uh, suck a dick.”

Grace laughed. “I have you to thank for that. And I’m glad you enjoyed yourself too.”

“Are you hungry?” Chloe asked.

“Oh gosh,” Grace said, patting her belly. “I’ve had plenty to eat already.”

“You are so disgusting,” Chloe laughed, putting her face in her hands.

“I’m sorry,” Grace said, laughing hard as well. “I couldn’t pass that one up.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Well come with me, I wanna try to eat something before lunch ends, even though Mr. Hughes would let me eat.”

The two girls walked out from behind the generator.

“Do you charge Anthony for blowjobs since you initially gave them to him for free?”

“If he comes to the generator during lunch, yeah,” Grace said. “But I usually only charge him ten bucks.”

“I see,” Chloe said.

“But whenever we hang out, I’ll usually suck him off and obviously I don’t charge him for those.”

“You give him a blowjob every time you hang out?”

“Usually,” Grace shrugged. “He has the nicest dick of all of them. And he’s always horny.”

“Well, he’s lucky you’re so willing to suck off your friends,” Chloe said sarcastically. “And what’s so nice about his dick?”

“He’s like my best friend, okay?” Grace said. “He’s the only friend I give blowjobs to, and I wouldn’t do it if he weren’t my best friend. And I don’t know. I just like how it looks and how it feels in my hands and mouth. It’s like the perfect size for blowjobs, too.”

Chloe was a bit surprised -- and troubled -- to find herself getting turned on listening to Grace talk about Anthony’s dick. She tried to push those feelings away. “Well, has he ever returned the favor? Has he ever given you head or anything?” Chloe asked. “And I see. Well, lucky him.”

“Sort of,” Grace said. “Sometimes he fingers me, which is fun. I love how that feels. And he’s gotten me off with his hand -- like by rubbing my clit -- a few times. But he’s never actually given me head.”

“You sure y’all are just friends?” Chloe smirked.

“I don’t see why friends can’t help each other get off,” Grace shrugged. “I realize my opinion is unusual, but I don’t see any harm in getting your friends off or your friends getting you off. Why wouldn’t I want to make my friends feel good?”

“Well,” Chloe said. “That sort of thing is usually reserved for particularly special people, like a significant other.”

“I understand,” Grace said. “But it’s fun and it feels good. Who cares?”

“Well, as long as he gets you off too, I guess don’t see an issue,” Chloe said. They were almost to the cafeteria doors by now. “If it was purely one-sided then that wouldn’t be right.”

“I guess,” Grace replied. “But I don’t really need him to get me off. I just like sucking his dick.”

“I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have an orgasm,” Chloe laughed. “Especially an orgasm caused by another person. Those are the best.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Grace said. “I do love it when he gets me off.” She shrugged.

“I know I’m right,” Chloe teased. Grace laughed. They walked in silence for another moment before Grace spoke.

“You know,” Grace said. “You could do the same thing I’m doing, if you wanted.”

“What do you mean?” Chloe asked hesitantly.

“Like you could suck their dicks too. They’d love it if you were the one sucking them since you’re older.”

“Oh gosh,” Chloe said, shaking her head. “I don’t think I want to do that.”

“Really?” Grace asked. “You seemed really, well, passionate about giving head when you gave me that demonstration.”

Chloe chuckled. “I mean, I do enjoy it.”

“Well, have some fun then!” Grace said. “If you wanted to ease into it, then you could just start with Anthony like I did. Just come hang out with us.”

“So you would be there while I gave him a blowjob?” Chloe asked.

“You just watched me blow Jonathan,” Grace shrugged. “I can’t watch you?”

“Fair,” Chloe sighed. “I guess that’s fine. Maybe I’ll like it since you claim it makes it more exciting.”

“Does that mean you’ll do it?” Grace said, grinning.

“I guess so,” Chloe laughed. “Just Anthony for now. I guess it has been a while since I’ve sucked a dick, and I wouldn’t want my skills to fade away.”

“Exactly. And like I said, Anthony’s dick is really fun to suck,” Grace grinned. “You’re gonna love it.”

“It might be kind of weird, though,” Chloe said hesitantly. “I’ve known Anthony forever. I feel like it would be weird to give him a blowjob.”

Grace shrugged. “You might feel differently once he’s in your mouth.”

“You’re so graphic,” Chloe laughed. “But you’re probably right.”

“I’m sorry,” Grace grinned. “I’m just all worked up from lunch. That’s the only downside. I can’t think straight for the rest of the day.”

“Ah, so that’s why you’ve been going to your room immediately after school lately,” Chloe chuckled, shaking her head.

“Yep. Can you really blame me?” Grace asked. “Sucking dick makes me horny.”

“No, I’m the same way,” Chloe laughed. “Everytime I gave my ex a blowjob, I’d try to have sex with him afterwards. But obviously he wouldn’t be in the mood because I just blew him! It was the worst.”

“Right,” Grace giggled. “In any case, Anthony and I are hanging out after school today. Do you wanna join us?”

“Where were you gonna hang out?”

“His house. His parents don’t get home for a few hours at least.”

“How convenient,” Chloe said. “Yeah, I’ll come over for a bit.”

“Sweet,” Grace smiled. “Also, one last thing before we go inside. I want your opinion on this, but I think I already know what you’re gonna say.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Well, I was thinking about making it so the guys could pay me extra for me to take my shirt off while I blew them.”

Chloe looked at her wide-eyed. “Really?”

“Yeah. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to see some boobs while he was getting a blowjob, right?”


“So I would charge maybe an extra five or ten bucks to take my shirt off.”

Chloe shrugged. “I guess I don’t see why not if you’re already charging them for blowjobs.”

“And,” Grace said. “I would charge an extra fifteen or twenty dollars to take my shirt and my bra off.”

“Jesus,” Chloe sighed. “I don’t know. That’s a bit extreme. But then again, this whole situation is extreme. And I’m sure they’d all happily pay extra to see your naked tits.”

“Exactly,” Grace grinned. “I don’t think I’d let them touch. But I suppose once I start offering those options to the lot of them, Anthony will expect me to take my boobs out when it’s just the two of us.”

“Would you?”

“Yeah, why not?” Grace shrugged. “I’m already blowing him. Why not let him enjoy my boobs too?”

“Would you let him touch them?”

“Not at first, probably,” Grace said. “But you said it feels really good when someone plays with your nipples so I’m a bit curious.”

“It feels amazing,” Chloe grinned. “Honestly if you’re gonna show him your tits, then you may as well let him play with them. You’ll get something out of it too then, at least.”

“Fair point,” Grace said.

They arrived at the cafeteria doors. They walked inside, but as soon as they did, the bell for the next period rang.

“Oh well,” Chloe shrugged. “I guess I’ll see you after school. We’ll meet out front and then walk home?”

“Yep,” Grace said. “Do you want me to tell Anthony anything?”

“You should tell him I’m coming along, obviously,” Chloe said. “But don’t tell him that I’m going to suck his dick. I want that to be a surprise.”

“Sounds good,” Grace grinned.

“I think I’ll just mention -- when the three of us are alone -- that you explained the whole situation that I walked in on just now,” Chloe said. “And I’ll say that you had some good things to say about his dick and that I’m curious.”

“This sounds like a porno,” Grace giggled. “But that would be hot. I like your idea.”

“And from there, I imagine he’ll whip the thing out and I’ll get to work on it.”

“That sounds great,” Grace said, still grinning. “I can’t wait. Maybe I could suck his dick after you?”

“If Anthony is down, then I don’t see why not,” Chloe shrugged. “Admittedly I wouldn’t mind watching you give him a blowjob again.”

“I can’t imagine he’ll turn down a second blowjob,” Grace said. “Even right after orgasming.”

“You’re probably right,” Chloe giggled. “Oh also, one last thing. Is there anything I should know about Anthony before I give him a blowjob? Like is there anything he especially likes?”

“Good question,” Grace said. “A couple things. First off, don’t forget about his balls. Rub them, lick them, suck them, whatever. He’ll love it. Secondly, he actually likes having his nipples sucked. Gets him hard as a rock.”

“Huh, I didn’t know guys like that,” Chloe said.

“Me neither, obviously,” Grace shrugged. “Other than that, I just follow everything you told me.”

“Sweet, thanks sis,” Chloe smiled.

“Anyways, I guess we have a plan then. I gotta run to class so I’ll see you after school?”

“Yep, sounds good,” Grace said. “See you then!”

Chloe and Grace went their separate ways. Neither of them could focus on their classes for the rest of the day; they were both far too excited.

Chapter 2 - After School Fun

Chloe, Grace, and Anthony met up after school. Both girls could tell Anthony was feeling a little awkward about earlier, but neither expected him to bring it up (and he didn’t). Instead, the three just shot the shit about regular things -- classes, teachers, friends, whatever -- while they walked home. It was a relatively short walk from the school to Anthony’s house -- only fifteen minutes or so. Once they got there, they all left their backpacks in the foyer. The three of them went upstairs at sat on Anthony’s bed. Both Chloe and Grace were still quite turned on from their earlier conversation.

The three talked a bit longer about random stuff before the conversation sort of came to an end. They sat in silence briefly before Chloe decided that this was her opportunity to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

“So Anthony,” she began confidently.

Anthony blushed. He had a feeling that Chloe was going to bring up what she saw during lunch today. “Y-yeah?”

“Grace explained what exactly was going on when I found y’all during lunch,” Chloe said.

“Oh God, she did?” Anthony said, looking at Grace, a little wide-eyed. Grace just shrugged.

“Mhm,” Chloe said. “At first, I was a bit perturbed by the whole thing, obviously.”

Anthony was silent. He was definitely embarrassed, maybe even ashamed.

“But,” Chloe said. “Grace explained the situation to me and I guess I just realized she had no intention of stopping what she was doing… so I pretty quickly made peace with the whole thing.”

“I see,” Anthony said. He loosened up a bit. “Well, that’s good.”

“She also had some--” she paused briefly before continuing. “--interesting things to say about you, in particular.”

Anthony immediately tensed up again. Grace and Chloe laughed.

“Relax. They weren’t bad things,” Grace said playfully, slapping Anthony on the thigh.

“What did she say?” Anthony asked hesitantly.

Chloe pursed her lips and looked at Grace briefly. “Well,” Chloe said. “She said that, out of everybody, your dick is the most fun to play with.”

Anthony turned bright red. He looked at Grace. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Grace shrugged. “What can I say? You’re the only one I mess around with outside of lunch, obviously.”

Anthony smiled shyly. “I didn’t know you liked it so much.”

“I suck your dick at least once a day,” Grace laughed. “Twice on school days. Obviously I like it.”

Anthony was obviously very happy to hear Grace say this. Chloe wondered how dense he really was to not realize Grace actually enjoyed sucking his dick.

“Right. So all that stuff Grace said got me curious,” Chloe continued.

“Curious?” Anthony asked.

“She wants to suck your dick, dummy,” Grace said, rolling her eyes.

Chloe laughed. Anthony looked at Grace and then back at Chloe. “Really?”

“Mhm,” Chloe said. “I haven’t given anyone a blowjob in a while so admittedly I miss it a bit.”

Anthony had a very obvious tent in his pants at this point.

“It looks like he’s ready for you already,” Grace giggled. She reached over and squeezed Anthony’s dick through his pants, causing him to yelp.

“I can see that,” Chloe purred.

She scooted closer to Anthony and slowly ran her hand up Anthony’s thigh. She adjusted herself so that she was laying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows. Chloe reached up and unbuttoned Anthony’s pants.

Anthony just leaned back and watched what was unfolding in front of him. Chloe gestured for him to lift himself up. He did so, and together Chloe and Grace pulled down Anthony’s pants, throwing them on the ground next to the bed. Chloe groped Anthony through his boxers, playing with the large bulge in his underwear. She looked at Grace and grinned.

“You look excited,” Grace laughed. “You really wanna suck his dick, huh?”

Chloe nodded. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of Anthony’s boxers and pulled them down. He lifted himself up slightly, allowing Chloe to pull his boxers all the way off. Anthony’s cock sprang up as Chloe slid down the undergarment. She looked at it hungrily. Chloe felt herself becoming a bit overwhelmed -- she hadn’t been this horny in a long time. She reached up and took ahold of Anthony’s cock. He was completely hard.

“You were right, Grace,” Chloe said softly. “He has such a nice cock.” Anthony’s dick felt so powerful in her hands. It felt so hard, but the skin itself was soft and smooth to the touch. She could not wait to get this thing in her mouth.

Grace sat with her legs crossed right next to Anthony and her sister. She had her hand on Anthony’s thigh. Chloe traced her finger tips up and down Anthony’s shaft before taking hold of his balls, which were nice and smooth. She scooted closer and began to gently lick Anthony’s sack, tracing her tongue around it. Anthony moaned. Grace felt herself becoming wet as she watched Chloe tease her best friend’s balls with her tongue. She couldn’t believe she was watching her sister give Anthony a blowjob.

Chloe popped Anthony’s balls into her mouth, first one at a time. She ran her tongue all around each of them before taking his entire sack into her mouth, sucking it eagerly. Anthony groaned loudly. He ran his hand gently through Chloe’s hair.

While her sister happily sucked on Anthony’s balls, Grace decided she would show his shaft some attention. She spat into her hand a couple of times before grabbing Anthony’s dick. Grace began to pump it slowly, savoring the look on his face.

“Oh my God,” he groaned softly. “Holy shit.”

Chloe popped Anthony’s balls out of her mouth. She moved up to the head of his cock, licking it a few times before taking it into her mouth and sucking gently. Grace moved her hand down out of Chloe’s way and pumped the base of her friend’s cock while Chloe continued to work the head.

Chloe reached up and held onto Anthony’s balls as she began to take more and more of his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it, Chloe,” Grace cooed. She put her hand on the back of Chloe’s head and pressed down gently, forcing more of Anthony’s cock into her sister’s mouth. Anthony whimpered as he watched his dick sink completely into Chloe’s warm, wet mouth.

Once Anthony bottomed out in Chloe’s mouth, Chloe began to bob her head up and down on Anthony’s cock, taking all of him into her mouth each time. She slid her lips down until her nose was against his stomach before coming back up, running her tongue all around his shaft as she sucked him. Anthony’s eyes rolled back into his head as he let out another loud moan.

Grace bit her lip and watched Chloe suck Anthony’s cock expertly. Grace felt so dirty watching her sister perform such an intimate act.

After about a minute of deep throating, Chloe came up off Anthony’s cock, gasping for air. Strings of saliva stretched between her lips and Anthony’s swollen shaft.

“Want me to take over for a sec?” Grace asked.

Chloe nodded. “I just need to catch my breath. I haven’t deep-throated in ages.”

Chloe scooted over a bit, making room for Grace to lay down next to her, which Grace did. Grace reached up and pumped Anthony’s dick a couple of times before taking him into her mouth. Anthony groaned loudly again. His cock was wet with Chloe’s saliva, but that didn’t bother Grace at all. She happily bobbed her head up and down her best friend’s shaft, savoring the opportunity to pleasure him and make his cock feel good.

Chloe felt herself get incredibly turned on watching Grace work her lips up and down Anthony’s cock. She reached over and held Anthony’s sack, massaging it gently as Grace sucked Anthony’s prick.

About two minutes later, Grace came up off Anthony’s cock. Just as with Chloe, there were strings of spit from Anthony’s cock to Grace’s mouth. They were giving him a very messy blowjob.

“Go ahead, Chloe,” Grace said with a smile. “Make him come.”

Chloe scooted back up and immediately took Anthony’s cock, wet with her sister’s saliva, into her mouth.

“Spread your legs more, Anthony,” Grace said. He did as she was told. In doing so, he created enough space for Grace to sneak her head in a bit from the side, sort of underneath Chloe’s head. As Chloe bobbed her lips up and down Anthony’s dick, Grace snuck in underneath her, taking Anthony’s ball sack into her mouth. That was all Anthony could handle.

“Oh my fucking God,” Anthony cried. “You guys are going to make me come. Holy FUCK!”

Chloe and Grace maintained their pace as Anthony exploded in Chloe’s mouth. Grace eagerly sucked on Anthony’s balls as they emptied themselves down her sister’s eager throat.

“Oh my God,” Anthony grunted. He shot rope after rope of hot cum into Chloe’s mouth. She happily swallowed as much as she could, savoring the feeling of Anthony’s cock pulsing and throbbing in her mouth.

Chloe came up off of his cock as Anthony’s orgasm finished. Grace let his balls fall out of her mouth and moved up to his cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking away the mix of cum and spit from his shaft.

Once his cock was clean, Grace sat back up, as did Chloe. Anthony was breathing hard.

“Well,” Chloe said. “You were right, Grace. His cock is a ton of fun to suck.”

“I told ya,” Grace grinned.

“That was incredible,” Anthony breathed. “Oh my God.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” Chloe cooed. “I don’t think too many boys are lucky enough to get a double-blowjob from two sisters.”

Grace laughed. “Probably not. That was a lot of fun, though. We make a good team, sis.”

Chloe giggled. “I agree.”

Anthony sat for another moment before getting up. His dick was still somewhat erect. “I’m gonna go pee. I’ll be right back.” He casually strolled out of his room.

“Grace,” Chloe said softly.


“So sucking his cock got me really worked up obviously. Like I’m really horny,” Chloe said.

“Me too,” Grace grinned.

“And I was wondering…” Chloe’s voice trailed off. “Would you be okay if I fucked him?”

Grace blushed. “Like right now?” She had a feeling similar to butterflies in her stomach.

“Well, yeah,” Chloe said.

“I don’t have to leave the room or anything, right?”

“No, of course not,” Chloe said. “Unless you wanted to. But I’d like it if you watched.”

“Yeah, go for it,” Grace grinned. “Watching you get fucked would be so hot. It’s like real life porn, except my sister is the actress.”

“Okay cool,” Chloe giggled. “I’ll probably get naked it for it.”

“By all means,” Grace said. She paused for a moment. “Would it be okay if I masturbated here while you guys have sex?”

“Sure,” Chloe grinned. “That would make it even hotter as far as I’m concerned.”

“Okay great,” Grace said. “I’m gonna take my tits out too.”

“Sounds good to me,” Chloe smiled.

A few seconds later, Anthony walked back into the room, still naked obviously. His dick was still semi-erect. He sat back down onto the bed in between the two sisters.

“Anthony,” Chloe said. She trailed her fingers up his thigh, brushing her fingertips over his sack and his cock, which was quickly getting bigger and harder.


“Have you ever had sex before?” Chloe asked.

Anthony turned red. “Uh,” he shot Grace a glance. She just giggled. “N-no. Why?”

“You wanna?” Chloe grinned.

“Like right now?” Anthony asked.

Chloe reached over and took ahold of his cock, stroking it slowly. “Mhmm,” she said sweetly. “Sucking your cock with my sister made me so horny -- I just need to see how that big cock of yours feels inside my pussy.”

Grace bit her lip. Hearing Chloe say such dirty things in front of her was driving Grace crazy. Grace had never heard such naughty words come out of Chloe’s mouth before.

Apparently Chloe had a similar effect on Anthony -- his cock was completely hard again. He just nodded quickly. Chloe smiled sweetly and crawled over to the middle of the bed. She briefly sat on her knees to undress. First, Chloe reached down and pulled her top off, revealing a regular pink bra. She reached behind and unstrapped her bra, letting it fall down her shoulders and off her arms. Chloe’s gorgeous tits were now on full display for both Anthony and Grace. Her nipples were small, pink, and very hard. Anthony and Grace both looked at them hungrily. Chloe then shifted so she was sitting on her butt. She leaned back and slowly slid her pants and her panties down her thighs, legs, and finally her feet. She tossed the bundle of her clothes on the floor next to the bed. Finally, she laid back, spreading her legs wide open. Chloe ran her hands up over her tummy, stopping at her tits to give them a firm squeeze.

Anthony and Grace both shifted so they could look at Chloe’s pussy. She was extremely wet. Putting herself on display like this in front of her little sister and her little sister’s best friend had turned Chloe on even further. They could almost make out her asshole peeking out from in between her buttcheeks which was driving the both of them wild.

“Go on,” Grace said, nudging Anthony, who was more or less in a state of shock looking at Chloe’s naked body. Chloe just giggled. Anthony’s cock was pointing straight ahead and leaking a great deal of precum.

Anthony shook his head wildly and moved forward in between Chloe’s legs.

“I can’t believe you’re about to fuck my sister,” Grace said softly, watching Anthony fumble around as he attempted to line his cock up with Chloe’s pussy. Chloe didn’t mind that Anthony was inexperienced and a little clueless. In fact, she thought it was sort of cute.

“Me neither,” he said. He was clearly in a bit over his head right now, which Grace thought was cute.

“Lemme help,” Chloe said. She reached down and grabbed Anthony’s cock, guiding it into position. She lined his erection up so that his cockhead was pressed up against the entrance to her sex. Grace watched intently, holding her breath. “Now just thrust forward,” Chloe said softly. “Slowly at first.”

With Grace watching intently, Anthony pushed his cock inside of Chloe. He couldn’t help but moan as he felt the warmth and wetness of Chloe’s sex gripping his cock as he entered her.

“Holy fuck,” Anthony groaned.

Grace’s hand began to drift down in between her legs. She sat back a little bit, bracing herself against one hand while the other slipped under the waistband of her pants. She began to gently massage herself through her panties. She was shocked at how turned on she was watching Anthony fuck her sister.

Anthony was holding onto Chloe’s thighs. He hadn’t moved since he first entered Chloe. His cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy, and he was just savoring the feeling. After all, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last long when he actually started fucking her. Chloe was slowly playing with her clit, enjoying the feeling of having an actual cock inside her for the first time in a while.

Anthony slowly slid his cock out of Chloe’s pussy until just the head was still inside of her. With a shaky breath, he began to slide back inside her, the walls of Chloe’s pussy milking his cock. Chloe moaned softly. Grace had slid her hand underneath her panties and was now rubbing her clit directly. She sat back up for a second and pulled her shirt up, revealing her white bra. She then just pulled that up, revealing her tits to Anthony and Chloe.

Chloe was the first to see that Grace had taken her tits out. She gasped and then giggled.

“Nice tits, Grace,” Chloe said softly. She bit her lip. Between Anthony’s cock fucking her pussy and getting to see her little sister masturbate with her tits out, Chloe couldn’t possibly be more turned on right now. Grace had cute little nipple’s, and her boobs were a good size each.

Anthony quickly turned his head and gasped when he saw Grace, tits out, hand in panties clearly masturbating.

“Holy shit,” he said.

Grace just smiled. “Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t showed you these yet.”

“They’re gorgeous,” Anthony said.

Grace just smiled. Anthony returned most of his attention back to Chloe. He began to increase the speed of his thrusts slightly. They weren’t perfectly smooth, but he was learning quickly.

“Feel her body,” Grace said to Anthony. “You’re fucking her. You can touch the rest of her.”

Anthony nodded and ran his hands up Chloe’s thighs. He brushed over her tummy and up to her tits. He grabbed each one, squeeze them softly, brushing his thumbs over her nipples, which were quite hard. Anthony began to pinch and squeeze her nipples causing Chloe to moan softly. She loved having her nipples played with.

Anthony braced himself against Chloe’s thighs and began to fuck her faster.

“Fuck yes,” Chloe grunted. Her tits began to bounce as Anthony fucked her. Grace rubbed her clit faster, taking in the sight of Anthony’s cock disappearing inside her sister over and over.

“I really don’t think I can take much more of this,” Anthony said through gritted teeth. The grip of Chloe’s cunt on his cock was quickly becoming too much for him to handle.

“When you’re about to come, pull out and jerk yourself off onto my tits and my belly,” Chloe moaned.

Grace felt her own orgasm rapidly approaching. Watching Anthony fuck her sister was driving her absolutely insane, made even more intense by the fact that she was masturbating with her tits out for both of them to see.

“Oh my God,” she moaned.

“Are you gonna come, Grace?” Chloe said. Her voice shook each time Anthony slid inside of her.

“Yes,” Grace cried. “I’m about to come, holy FUCK.”

Chloe watched as Grace’s orgasm hit. Grace cried out and moaned loudly, staring at Anthony’s cock as it fucked Chloe.

“Jesus Christ,” Anthony grunted. He quickly pulled out and fumbled to grab his cock. He had already started ejaculating before he began to jerk off. He gripped his cock and began to stroke himself off onto Chloe’s tummy, groaning as he emptied his balls. Chloe just watched intently as the hot ropes of cum erupted out of Anthony’s cockhead.

As Grace’s orgasm came to an end, she collapsed next to Chloe, laying down next to her. She was breathing hard. Once Anthony stopped ejaculating, he got up to grab some tissues.

“How was it?” Grace breathed.

“Great. Hot.” Chloe said. “I missed having a cock inside of me. And I like being fucked in front of you.”

“Yeah,” Grace said. “That was awesome. I love watching.”

Anthony returned with the tissues. He wiped the cum off of Chloe’s stomach and threw the tissues in the wastebasket.

“I think next time you should fuck me,” Grace said, still breathing hard.

Chloe raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Mhm,” Grace said. “How could I not want to experience that?”

“Fair,” Chloe chuckled. “Wuddya say, Anthony? Will you fuck my little sister next time?”

Anthony looked like he was in heaven. “Yes, of course,” he said.

Chloe and Grace just giggled in response.

“I think I’ll join you tomorrow at lunch Grace,” Chloe said. “Like I’ll help you suck the other boys’ cocks tomorrow.”

“Great,” Grace grinned. “We can definitely charge extra if you’ll be helping.”

“I think I wanna have my tits out too,” Chloe said. “It would be hotter that way.”

“I agree,” Anthony said.

Grace laughed. “Sounds good.”

The three of them went downstairs and hung out for a bit. After a while, Anthony pointed out that his dad would be there soon so Chloe and Grace walked home together. They talked excitedly about their plans for lunch tomorrow.


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