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“My lady wants to have a local man before we return home. She is forty and very attractive. I am bi-sexual, a little older than her and I love cross-dressing. Part of the deal and a big part of my sexual turn on is my lady watching me blow her man before she has him. We enjoy pushing the boundaries and enjoy edgy sex. Are we on the same page?"
I am Julian, some time ago one older lady convinced me to set up a web page with contact details and a bio so I could offer my services. She even measured my cock with a tape measure she ‘just happened to have handy’ while I had a full erection, while she was sucking me. Her girlfriend was watching and wrote down the measurements.

“Wow, incredible, eight and a half inches long, and seven inches in circumference. That’s almost two inches in diameter.”

I am now in my mid-thirties and after a wide range of experiences as a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty-five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight.

They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus.

And sometimes they were travelling with their partner, usually male but sometimes female who wanted to be part of my visit.

Today my visit is to the penthouse suite of a luxury hotel. A few days earlier Hans had phoned me to make some arrangements. He told me in excellent English with a German accent he and his lady had been in town from Germany for a week of very successful business dealings.

“My lady wants to have a local man before we return home. She is forty and very attractive. I am bi-sexual, a little older than her and I love cross-dressing. Part of the deal and a big part of my sexual turn on is my lady watching me blow her man before she has him. We enjoy pushing the boundaries and enjoy edgy sex. Are we on the same page? And we are most generous when we are sexually gratified.”

When I arrive Suzi and Hans are both dressed in identical black silk knee length dressing gowns. They are both wearing black stockings and heels, hers much taller than his.

Suzi is an absolute knockout, blond, taller than most women with a voluptuous size 12-14 body. Hans is also blond and a good looking man. Then I realise I have seen both of them on news bulletins and in the financial pages in recent days as a result of their deal making.

“Who do you want to undress first?” Suzi teases as she lets her gown fall open before she shrugs it off while she holds my gaze.

I am instantly aroused as I admire her almost naked body in a black garter belt to hold her stockings in place and nothing else.

“Now me,” Hans smiles as he shrugs his gown off to flaunt his also almost naked body with just a black garter belt to hold his stockings in place and nothing else.

And he has a huge cock dangling between his garter belt. A man in a garter belt can be a very exciting turn on I have learnt, especially with his voluptuous partner watching on, also in a garter belt as a visual turn on.

“Get naked for us,” Hans orders as I look forward to flaunting my body for them

“Take his g-string off and put his cock ring on for him,” Suzi instructs as she takes my g-string from him and hands him my cock ring.

“Don’t forget to do up the clip under his balls.”

“Wow, you are hung and thick,” Suzi moans as Hans has his hands on my cock.

A few minutes later I am sitting on a bar stool enjoying Suzi rubbing oil over my torso, then my erect cock while Hans is standing and watching intently, hands on hips flaunting his erection with a fingertip.

“I am going to enjoy watching Hans blow you. Part of his foreplay is watching me oil up his man’s body. We purchased this in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, it was very expensive. It is supposed to contain powerful aphrodisiacs.”

Perhaps it does I muse in anticipation of a well hung man dressed in a garter belt about to blow me as I look down on my roaring erection as Hans kneels in front of me with his almost naked lady watching.

Suzi is watching very closely as Hans oils his hands, rubs his hands over my chest and teases my nipples.

Then he takes my cock in his fingers, strokes it with his oily hands, kisses and licks the full length of it, scratches my balls then takes it between his lips.

“Love your cock ring, looks fantastic on your big thick cock,” he says as he licks my nipples.

At the same time he has his hands on my ass and scratches his nails into my ass cheeks.

“Your cock really is very thick and very hard.

“Is that especially for me?

“You are a real mouthful for me, just the type of cock I like.”

“Is he good Julian? I love watching him sucking your big cock,” Suzi whispers.

“Yes, he is very, very good,” I moan enjoying the sight of my cock in his mouth

His strong lips, fingers and his tongue in combination are very exciting.

Especially his tongue and what he is doing with it to my rock hard cock.

After a few minutes Suzi stands alongside me and has her oily hands all over my chest and nipples as she tongue kisses me.

“You are an exciting man Julian. I have never seen Hans with a cock as big as yours in his mouth.

“What else can I do for your pleasure while Hans is sucking your big cock?”

“Flaunt your gorgeous ass for me, walk across the room. It looks fabulous framed by your garter belt.

“Then come close so I can lick and kiss it, both sides.”

“Happy to oblige, very happy,” she whispers as I lick and kiss her ass, as Hans increases the pressure on my throbbing erection.

For the first time I notice Suzi is looking at a stopwatch.

“Ten minutes so far Hans, Julian is very good.

“Hans loves a challenge, see if you can last another five minutes.

“So do I,” I moan determined to take up the challenge.

“Fifteen minutes Hans, his cock is still rock hard for you.”

Hans lets my cock slip out of his mouth and mutters just one word, “Ice.”

Suzi quickly places a bowl of ice cubes near Hans and he fills his mouth with some, licks my balls with his cold tongue, then takes my cock back into his mouth, as he mumbles, “Your cock really is magnificent.”

The sensation of his mouth, lips, tongue and ice on my throbbing erection is exquisite as he teases just the tip then takes at least half of my cock into his mouth.

Then Suzi rubs an ice cube on each of my nipples.

“Is that good,” she teases as I am breathing very heavily and on the brink of a fantastic orgasm.

Very exciting having your rock hard cock expertly sucked by a man while looking at his ladies almost naked body in a room covered in mirrors.

I am very close to orgasm as Suzi urges, “Cum for us, then you can watch me pleasure Hans with a special toy he likes.”

Hans expertly runs his thumb and forefinger along the length of my erection as he teases just the tip of it with his lips and tongue.

Suzi suddenly has a riding crop in her hand, “Cum for us, don’t hold back, then you can watch me pleasure Hans with this.”

“Want me to scratch your balls?” Hans moans and he does without waiting for an answer and I have a mind-blowing orgasm as he swallows my load with aplomb.

“Your cock is magnificent, absolutely magnificent,” Hans moans as he stands up holding my gaze as Suzi applies more oil to his roaring erection while he teases it with his fingers, then she smears oil all over his ass cheeks.

I find it perversely sexually exciting that a very tense older man is ogling and turned on by my semi-erect cock as he strokes his roaring erecting obviously intent on sexual relief as his lady watches on.

As I tease and stroke my still engorged cock to tease Hans I watch him wince and moan as Suzi applies nipple clamps to his nipples.

Suzi swings the riding crop in front of Hans as she asks, “It took you sixteen minutes, do you want sixteen?”

Without waiting for an answer Suzi swings the crop on to his ass hard enough for oil to splash.

“Fifteen more,” Hans moans as he masturbates his rock hard cock in an increasing frenzy.

“Ten, eleven, twelve,” Suzi is almost shouting as she belts him harder each time leaving welts and making a loud smacking noise each time as she asks, “Do you want to watch Julian fuck me after this?”

“Are you enjoying this? Are you excited? Four more to come,” Suzi taunts as she rubs the crop between his legs and onto his balls.

“Do you want to watch Julian fuck me after this?”

“What about you Julian, are you enjoying this? Would you like me to whip you while Hans watches?”

“Two more Suzi, make it really good,” Hans is moaning as he works his erection with two hands.

“This is sixteen, the last one,” Suzi smirks as she teases his arse with the whip while she asks, “Do you want to watch Julian fuck me after this?”.

“One more, really hard,” Hans is moaning as his body is shaking and tensing ready to orgasm.

The cracking noise as Suzi delivers one final blow with the whip is overshadowed by Hans moaning in guttural German as he blows a huge load across the room, then moans, “Yes, yes, I really want to watch Julian fuck you.”

I excuse myself to have a quick shower and freshen up. I am looking forward to sex with Suzi, though I wonder if I might need a little pill to get my erection back.

Suzi must have read my mind as she comes into the bathroom and smiles wickedly as she reminds me, “Hans told you we enjoy pushing the boundaries and enjoy edgy sex. And we are most generous when we are sexually gratified.

“So what can I do to help you get another really good erection?”

“Masturbate with a vibrator while I watch, that is a huge turn on for me, watching a woman masturbate. Can you do sixteen minutes for me?”

“Would you like me to whip you first? I really would like to. I think you will enjoy it. You can tell me how hard you want it,” Suzi teases as she oils my ass cheeks with two hands.

“Give me a sample of your whip on my ass,” I urge as Suzi does just that, hard enough to make me enjoy it.

“And again Suzi, harder please.”

“Look at the effect that has on your cock.

“Then maybe you can whip me? Or you whip me first?”

“Your cock likes the idea, look at the size of it already,” Suzi teases as she runs an oily fingertip along it.

“Or would you like Hans to whip you while I masturbate for you?”

“Let’s do that one, it sounds very exciting, very, I want it.”

“Which vibrator would you like me to use?” Suzi teases and smiles wickedly as she sits on a carver chair and puts her legs over the arms.

“The black evil looking one with ribs.”

“My favorite one, watch and enjoy, I want to really turn you on so you are ready to fuck me,” Suzi whispers and moans as she slides it into her shaved cunt lips and turns it to full power based on the noise it is making.

At regular intervals Suzi takes the vibrator away and I can see her teasing her extended clitorous with tip of one finger before she reinserts the vibrator.

“Do you like watching me masturbating? A few weeks ago I did it for two of Han’s business associates. They were very impressed.”

I can feel Hans smearing oil all over my ass, then teasing my erect cock with the tip of an oily finger and it is a most enjoyable sensation while I watch his lady masturbating for me.

After around five-minutes Suzi has me extremely turned on while I watch her have three orgasms with the vibrator.

I have a full on erection and I am looking forward to the sensation of Hans hitting me with the riding crop while I fuck his lady and the reaction I might get from it.

“Fuck me now, I want your big cock in me, right now,” Suzi tells me.

If I stand in front of her the chair she is in is high enough for me to fuck her standing up, which I realize will also give Hans full access to my oily ass.

“Do you like watching Julian fucking me Hans,” Suzi teases as I feel and enjoy his oily hands on my ass cheeks.

“I love his big cock in me, love it, right up to his balls, magic,” Suzi moans as I hear his whip smacking my ass and enjoy the sensation.

“Fuck me harder,” Suzi urges me as the whip smacks into the other side of my ass.

“Come on harder,” Suzi urges me as the whip smacks into both sides of my ass in quick succession.

The look of enjoyment on Han’s face is something I have never seen before as Suzi asks both men, “Do you like that,” as he belts me again, even harder.

“Yes, my cock loves fucking you while your man belts me.”

“Good, fuck me really hard,” and I almost wince this time as the whip smacks into me.

Suzi and I are really in the groove as we fuck like rabbits. I am expecting another hit from the whip at any moment, but instead I can feel Han’s hands rubbing ice over my ass. Wonderful sensation on my stinging ass and then he reaches from behind me and teases my nipples with ice.

Then more oil on my ass as I am very close to orgasm.

“Now, fuck me really hard, don’t hold back.”

I do just that in long, slow strokes as Hans has an almost evil look on his face and a massive erection between his garter belt, while he is relishing what he is doing for their mutual pleasure as he alternates by belting me softly, then very hard.

I lose track of time and I have no idea how long I have been fucking his lady while he applies corporal punishment. But I like it, very much and my cock is engorged like never before from the pleasure and pain as I breathe very heavily.

“That is so fucking good, so fucking good,” I am almost screaming as I tremble, shake and shudder have a massive orgasm while Hans is belting me.

“Want to watch me squirt?” Suzi teases as I sit down to recover.

“Why not? Would love to watch,” I smile back as Suzi teases her clitorous with the tip of one finger.

Hans sits on the floor directly in front of Suzi and is obviously enjoying watching, as he masturbates his very erect cock, though I suspect they have done this together many times previously.

In less than two minutes Suzi is moaning as she bucks in the chair and squirts slowly at first, then in a torrent as most of it hits Hans.

He is like a man possessed as he masturbates and yells in guttural German as he blows his second load that afternoon.

On the way out Suzi hands me a sealed envelope. Later when I open it contains a wad of high denomination banks notes and a note that reads, ‘You were magnificent for both of us. If you ever come to Germany please look us up. We would love to share you with our friends.’


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Thank you Cecil another good read. I always wanted to be a gigolo and pleasure others.

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