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"I have never had a man twenty-five years younger."

“I have just the man who I see at the gym who I am sure would be keen. Garth is six-feet tall, very athletic build, rumored to be bi-sexual, and I almost forgot, he is hung.”

“Sounds good baby, arrange it,” I moan as we orgasm simultaneously, my orgasm heightened by the thought of this man.
I am of French descent, in my mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man Roger, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I have a high sex drive, I am to please and be pleased sexually, and I love having sex with an audience.

I have a tacit agreement with my man (he is eight-inches and thick) that I can please and be pleased sexually by another man around once a month. We set some basic rules a while back, outer sex only, no intercourse, my man can watch and masturbate. If the second man wants to blow my man I love to watch. Occasionally we have another woman instead of a man to pleasure us both, same rules apply.

Something I insist on is the second man must be much younger than me, usually fifteen or twenty-years. We are very competitive and we enjoy competing to be the first to have the second man or woman, good foreplay. We do that by dressing, or undressing to impress for our third person.

On a recent Monday night while we were fucking like rabbits, I asked Roger if he could arrange a man in his very late teens for us next Sunday. “I have never had a man twenty-five years younger.”

“I have just the man who I see at the gym who I am sure would be keen. Garth is six-feet tall, very athletic build, rumored to be bi-sexual, and I almost forgot, he is hung.”

“Sounds good baby, arrange it,” I moan as we orgasm simultaneously, my orgasm heightened by the thought of this man.

And I wonder if my man was thinking of the pleasure he might have with him.

At the appointed time on Sunday after we showered together, sprayed each other with sun-tan and teased each other with our fingertips we were both anticipating the sexual pleasure we might experience. The anticipation of a new sexual assignation is always exciting for me. And I have a feeling this one may be very exciting.

I was determined to have Garth first when he arrived and show him what an older woman could do to pleasure him, perhaps in ways he never experienced previously.

Roger is always keen to impress a new man and he loves to show and flirt with a roaring erection when a new man arrives.

I decide to wear heels, a long kaftan type dress over my naked body that fastens at the back with a zip.

“How do I look Roger,” I smile as I ask him to fasten the zip.

“Sensational baby, just sensational,” he tells me as he kisses my arse cheeks, “look at my erection,” he tells me as he flashes his short black silk dressing gown open.

Garth is obviously very keen and he arrives a few minutes early.

Roger lets him in and makes brief introductions as he lets his dressing gown fall open to expose his erection for Garth who can only mutter, “Wow.”

“Like my caftan Garth, is that what you expected me to wear for you?” I ask.

Before he can answer I turn my back to him, spread by legs, and as boldly as I can ask him to undo the zip, leaving my rear side totally naked.

I am very pleased see his reaction and the effect my voluptuous naked arse has on him in the mirrored walls and I can see he has an instant erection under his tight trousers.

“Good arse for a woman more than twice your age, kiss it for me, both sides.”

“Get naked for both of us,” I tell him as I shrug out of the caftan and let it drop to the floor.

He is naked in a flash and I enjoy the difficulty he has in sliding his jock strap over his erection.

“Your body is magnificent,” I tell him as I circle around him, ogling it and running my hands all over it, lusting for it.

“And your cock is a dream for an older lady. How big are you?

“Lick my cunt lips, pleasure me with your tongue,” I tell him as I sit on a high stool, legs apart, looking to Roger for a reaction.

“Enjoy baby, while I watch, your pleasure is my pleasure, you can watch him blow me later,” Roger mutters as he teases his erection with his finger-tips while he tongue kisses me.

Like most women size is important for me I muse as I compare two men with raging erections. Roger is eight-inches and Garth is more that, though not as thick. Lucky me I smile to myself as I look forward to blowing him.

“Lick my cunt lips, pleasure me with your tongue,” I tell him again. “My man is watching and enjoying. He wants you to blow him after I blow you. And I want to watch. Do you like him watching you lick my cunt?” I ask as I shudder and orgasm.

“Two more like that and I will suck your huge cock while my man watches. He likes watching me suck another mans cock as long as they suck his cock.”

Garth lacks finesse but is obviously inspired by the thought of me blowing him as he swirls his tongue over my cunt lips as I tense, groan and orgasm two more times in quick succession.

I love the feel of man’s taut arse in my hands and Garth’s is a real turn on as I feel it and scratch it lightly, then feel the weight of his erection in my hand as I tease it.

“Ever had a woman my age blow you before?” I tease as I lick the sides of his cock.

“Your cock is very impressive, bigger than my man’s, and bigger still since I licked it,” I tell him as I scratch his balls.

“Let’s see how long you can hold out for,” I whisper as I look to Roger who is very agitated.

“Show him how good you are baby, then he can show me how good he is.”

I purse my lips as hard as I can as I kneel in front of him standing and hold his arse as I feed his cock into my wet mouth.

Roger tells me my blow job technique is without equal and I want to pleasure this huge cock as best I can.

Suck hard, suck soft, lick, blow, tease with my fingers, my tongue and sex talk, “Love your huge cock, so does my man.

“Do you like the way I shaved my cunt for you?

“You are rock hard for me, or is it both of us?” I tease as slide my thumb and forefinger all the way along his erection as I lick the tip it.

“Both, both of you,” he almost screams as he blows and shoots great torrents as he masturbates with his eyes on Roger.

“A man your age with a huge cock is a special treat for me, very special,” Roger smiles five minutes later.

He is flat on his back on the bed watching in the ceiling and wall mirrors as Garth is sucking on his cock.

I am also on the bed tongue kissing Roger and teasing his nipples, intent on maximising his pleasure.

“I can see your glorious arse in the ceiling mirror baby. Magic with a nineteen-year old well hung boy sucking my cock.

“Sit on my face so I can hold your arse and lick your cunt and you can watch him sucking my cock.

“Is this what you wanted baby?” I ask as his tongue has me close to orgasm again while I watch his cock slide in and out of Garth’s lips.

“Is he good?”

“Just watch.”

I watch very closely and obviously Garth is very experienced at blowing men. He teases Roger’s nipples with his fingers as he licks his cock, blows on it then takes almost his whole eight-inches into his mouth between pursed lips as he scratches his balls.

Garth moves to our couch, I note he has regained a full erection, lays back at forty-five degrees, purses his lips and tells Roger to, ‘fuck my mouth.’

“Sarah suck my cock some more, I have a roaring erection for both of you.”

“Better idea, masturbate for me, I love watching a well hung man masturbating for me, especially with a cock in his mouth,” I smile as I smear oil over his raging erection with my hand.

“I will get you started,” I tell him as I feel his erection reacting. “Use two hands for me.”

I watch Roger with his hands on Garth’s shoulders feeding his erection into Garth’s very willing lips with gusto as I dig my nails into Roger’s arse.

“I love watching a well hung man masturbating for me, love it, and you are hung.”

To my surprise, though great satisfaction, both men stand and masturbate at the same time.

“I love watching a well hung man masturbating for me, just love it,” I repeat to stimulate both of them as they both breathe vey heavily while eying each other’s erection.

“Two at the same time is absolute magic for me,” I tell them as rake my nails over their balls.

“Cum for me, I love to watch a man with a huge cock masturbate and blow, what a turn on for me.

“Use two hands for me, make it really good,” I tease as both of them as they grimace nearing their sexual pleasure.

“I am going to count to ten for both of you, then I want you to cum for me.

“So good Sarah, so good,” both of them are groaning by the time I get to seven.

“Eight, would you like to kiss my arse Garth,” I ask as I position myself so he can.

“Nine,” and Garth is very excited as kisses my naked, voluptuous arse.

“Ten, so good Sarah, you are magic,” and the noise they make as they shudder, groan and blow in torrents is a new and very gratifying experience for me.
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