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Hi there,

This is DevilBookCorruptions. I’ve posted this story series to literotica as well and figured I would branch out. If you enjoy corruption, transformation, female possession, and tentacles squick, this story is for you!
More than 50,000 meteorites have been found on planet Earth, scattered around the world. While seen as a distant cosmic phenomenon by most people, the planet is being bombarded all the time.

Most objects burn up in the upper atmosphere, but every so often, something makes it through. Upon impact, there is no telling what might linger within the craggy rock and ice.

From high above Bailey College on the coast of Virginia, one such object made it through. It tumbled down at high velocity, expelling its outer layers as it prepares for impact.

The rock, approximately the size of a bowling ball on impact, slammed into the Earth with a loud thump in South Woods, just off campus. The blast formed a crater the size of a mid-sized car a couple feet away from the quiet stream. The contents within were mercifully spared from the heat and impact.

For a moment, the small meteorite glowed in the darkness. Then, without warning, the rock split, sending an echoing crack through the woods. Steam emanated from the opening along with something else.

It was green and viscous, glowing slightly in the gloom. It slid onto the dusty ground below the rock and began its slow, lurching trek. It desperately needed life-giving water and sensed a body nearby.

It plopped into the stream, letting its body ride with the current. Though it appeared like a green blob of slime, it never dissolved into the cold water. Instead, it condensed its form, moving as a near solid sphere.

As it moved, it absorbed bits and pieces of organic matter, taking the nutrients into its body, allowing it grow and mutate. Life surrounded the thing, mostly small forms capable of serving as vessels. Further off though, it sensed disruptions in the psychic field. Intelligence. Instincts kicked in.


Across campus, Haley Lewis had just watched a fallen star.

It was nearly eight o'clock in the evening on a Saturday night and the campus waited in pre-game heavy slumber.

The flash had come quick, cutting through the early Autumn air almost like a red bolt of lightning. It terminated near the woods to the south of the campus. It was there for a moment, then gone in another, leaving Haley to stair at her own reflection in the window pane.

Haley stared at herself for a moment. She had a round, pale face with curly brown hair cut short and glasses magnified comically by a pair of large glasses. Nothing to write home about.

There was a knock at the door. Haley turned around to catch her roommate Eliza opening the door to their small dorm room. In the doorway was Bethany Eastwood.

Bethany was an exceptionally tall and scrawny girl. She had a face that was almost beautiful and a bright, sunny, good-natured smile. It was a rare day to see Bethany lose that smile.

"Hey guys, so Melissa and I were going to do a few shots. Do you guys want to join?"

Eliza shook out her curly red hair and burst into a smile.

"You know it," she said.

"Haley?" Bethany asked.

Hayley shrugged. She didn't drink, but she needed the company. From the sounds in the hallway, she could tell that the freshman girls' dorm was waking up.


There were now sixteen textbooks stacked on Sarah Decker's desk. Most were rented from the library in the past week. The first milestone of her senior project was rapidly approaching and she had very little to show for it.

Sarah felt the stress mounting inside of her. Her veins throbbed and her head ached. Her heart felt like it was beating the percussion parts to the sound Barracuda.

She took a deep breath and pushed her dirty-blonde hair out of her eyes.

One step at a time, she whispered to herself.

The door opened and in walked Jenny, Sarah's housemate.

"Hey, do you want to take break?" Jenny asked.

"I want to," Sarah said, sounding as if she were on the brink of tears. "I just have so much."

"Come on," Jenny said with a soft smile. "You need a break."

Sarah nodded and followed Jenny wordlessly out of the room.


The thing from the meteorite now approached a much larger body of water. It sensed the teaming amount of life inside and felt the first pang of caution. In this state, it was vulnerable.

It needed another biological organism to provide a scaffolding.

The creature slipped onto the muddy bank of the stream, which had grown in size considerably. It waited in the muck, sensing the surroundings for living creature suitable to its task.

Soon, it sensed a small, crawling thing only a couple feet away. It mustered up its energy and slithered in the direction.

It caught the earthworm unawares, draping itself over the creature and invading its flesh through the pores. The small creature struggled for several seconds, but the meteorite organism prevailed.

It flooded the worm with its own body, fusing with the creature on a cellular level. Within a minute, the worm was turning a bright, glowing green and its body was gaining size. Strange organs formed within, some to produce more of the green slime that invaded it, some for sensing the physical world to a better degree than before.

As the new, worm-form emerged from the muck, it was now nearly a foot in length and about the thickness of a large sausage.

This form would do for transportation and protection. The next next step was more crucial though. Reproduction.

The creature could sense the intelligent beings again. They were closer. By the water. It slithered off towards the lake, moving with near feverish intensity.


Jessie and Leah turned to each other and giggled. The two sophomores, both a couple shots in, had joined a horde of freshmen heading down to the river's edge.

Now everyone was getting ready to skinny dip, causing Leah to turn as red as a peach. Jessie, on the other hand, was no skinny dipping virgin, or regular virgin for that matter.

Still, both girls were giddy and drunk and looking for new adventures. Jessie was on the prowl for some idiot freshman jock. Leah was just looking for some fun.

Both girls disrobed with the rest of the group. Leah felt the cool, early-fall air on her full breasts. Her nipples crinkled and hardened in response. Lucky for them, the water was still warm from summer.

Both girls slipped into the water with the throng of freshmen. Immediately, Jessie dashed forth, seemingly trying to catch the attention of every boy in a ten mile radius. Leah just shrugged.

She knew she was attractive, even hot; she couldn't go this long without knowing it. Still, Jessie's life wasn't her own. Getting nude in the dark and diving into a dirty river was enough thrill for her. Besides, she didn't really feel all that talkative without Jessie by her side.

The moon was high in the sky, filling the air with ghostly white light. The sounds of crickets and small frogs echoed through the trees.

Leah felt every muscle relax. There was something so primal about being in the wilderness (sort of) naked. She kept expecting some nude freshman dork to come over and ruin the moment, but they all seemed preoccupied in the moment.

Taking the opportunity, Leah wandered off a little further from the group, ending up by a small rock outcropping where the water became a bit deeper. Leah wandered over, unaware that she was no longer visible to the rest of the group. The night enchanted her too much to notice.

Leah splashed the cool water on her hair and large breasts, reveling in the wild sensations. She could rejoin the group later, now she got her zen on.

As this was happening, Leah failed to notice the ripples in the water from behind her. Nor did she see the faint green glow from underneath the surface.

Leah arched her back and stroked her long, straight brown hair. A whole year at college and she never tried this before. Every now and then, Leah could feel the wooziness of the shots she had taken, but it was never too much.

Then she felt it. Something warm and gelatinous, too large to be a bug or jellyfish, brushing up against her leg. Leah jumped, her mood ruined.

The thing wrapped itself around Leah's leg and squeezed tight. The girl yelped and called for help, but she was too far from the group now. All her cries for help melted into the chorus of teenage excitement.

Taking advantage of the isolation, the creature moved on Leah, surging forward between her legs. It sensed an opening, THE opening it needed. There was warmth and fluid. This it could physically sense.

Psychically, it could sense something more. The maternal instincts, the fear of invasion. It had the right spot.

In another second, the creature jammed itself forward into Leah's tight snatch, causing her to scream out loud. Still, no one came.

Despite the tightness of Leah's vagina, the beast moved quickly. Within seconds, it had forced nearly a quarter of its foot-long body into the young co-Ed.

Leah whimpered, feeling the hot, slimy creature filling her holiest of holies. She struggled desperately to fight the thing, to pull it out, but the creature was strong and slick.

Stumbling and bracing herself against the rocky outcropping that had seemed so welcoming before, Leah now stood helplessly as this monster entered her. Within a minute, the last wiggling but of the creature disappeared between Leah's nether lips.

Leah's mind went blank as the creature began its next phase.
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