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This story is the introductory volume of a new character. As always all sexual acts are between adults and no one it, is from real life. "stories, Guys... they're all just stories."
My name is Warwick Shameless

I am not as my name implies, in fact, quite the opposite.

I believe that a man and a woman should court one another for at least a year and then be wed before engaging in intercourse.

This is the story of how that philosophy was destroyed.


We'll start with my first girlfriend, Amelia.

Amy was my high school girlfriend, and we started dating in year ten.

I honestly think that I was in love with her, at least, that is, until she cheated on me halfway through senior year. As if that wasn't bad enough though, the bloke she cheated with, Matthew, was a very close friend of mine, or so I thought.

I did nothing but study the second half of the year, which lead to one of the highest grades in the state.

Well as they say.

"God works in mysterious ways."

I still hadn't forgiven Matt and Amy, though, that would take a bit more work.


My second girlfriend, Sophia, I started dating around halfway through college.

College was a lot more footloose than high school.

For one thing, I was sleeping in a dorm with a roommate rather than at home where my "perfect housewife mother," was always breathing down my neck.

Another thing was that the girls seemed to want to give away their virginity, unlike high school, where the point was to hold onto it as long as possible.

But Sophia was different, or so I believed.

We dated until the end of college, at which point I threw everything in and asked her to marry me.

She said no…


So I decided to head home for a small rest before stepping out into the world again.

I live in the "perfect nuclear family."

With my Mom, Alice, my Dad, Benedict, and my little sister Chloe.

Dad was understanding when I came home, having gone through a similar experience himself. He was lucky enough, however, to have found my "perfect housewife mother."

She wouldn't be offended if you called her that, however.

It was her life's ambition to be the housewife of a working man.

My sister Chloe, on the other hand, was a bit of a rebel.

She LOVED to sneak out at night and go to parties.

She never actually got wasted though, I think it was just a bit of a cry for attention, seeing as how I was the oldest son, and she was only the second child.

Our parents played dumb, but they both knew, how could they not with all the racket she used to make climbing in and out of her bedroom window.


I came home about two weeks into my self-imposed exile to an odd scene.

My Father, Mother and Sister were all sitting on the lounge, looking up at me with worried expressions on there faces.

What was this, an intervention?

My sister stood up and with a grim face, pulled a piece of paper from her pocket.

"Warwick, the first thing I want you to know is that we all love you unconditionally, and without you, this family would be incomplete. That being said, your behaviour over the past two weeks has been unlike anything I have ever seen you show us. I understand that it's a hard thing to go through rejection, but enough is enough. Once again I love you very much, please return to us."

She hugged me tightly, then sat down again and turned to Dad.

As he stood up, he gave me a smirk, well at least one of them wasn't insane.

"Warwick, as you know, I was rejected by the first woman I proposed to as well. However, This did not leave me sitting around at my family home, wallowing in self-pity, not knowing what to do with myself. I went out and found your Mother Alice, the most beautiful and well-mannered housewife a man could ever dream of."

Well, whoopee for him.

"I'm sure that there's a woman out there for you somewhere, that can at least imitate her elegant looks."

Then Dad sat down and hugged Chloe close, looking back at Mom, who took a deep breath, stood up and began speaking.

Really?... This had to be some joke.

"Warwick… honey… I know that you have some very high principals regarding women and virginity, and you know that I can do nothing but applaud you for your effort, but you've Finished college and are still a virgin... honey, women these days aren't as chaste as they used to be. In all honesty, I think Sophia may have split up with you for that very reason. She didn't know what she would have been getting into… no dry run if you get my meaning…"

I went and sat in my room to think.


The next morning I slept in till eleven, before leaving my room.

The house was pretty quiet with dad at work and Chloe off at school for her last year.

I walked out of my room to see mom messing around in the kitchen wearing a beautiful white sundress that hugged at the waist and sprouted out from the hips.

"Honey," said mom, turning to give me a great big smile, "come, have a seat. I've just finished cooking breakfast, and I have the kettle on as well."

Now, this was a little odd.

But I did as I was told and sat down to an excellent meal and coffee.

"…So…" mom started as we neared the end of the meal, "have you thought about some of the points we brought up yesterday?"

I had thought long and hard but had still come to the same conclusion. Sex before marriage equals SLUT.

I just nodded noncommittally.

"Does that mean you've changed your mind? Good, because mommy really needs a good CuntPumping and your father's at work."


No really… WHAT!

My face was frozen in place, and I couldn't move a muscle at all.

"I want you to take your eager, virgin cock and piledrive my CuntHole Raw!"

Again… WHAT!

Then things got really scary.

Mom stood up and grabbed either side of her dress, throwing it up and over her head, revealing her shapely form.

I had never seen it before, but my Mother was HOT!

Not just HOT!

But a Fit, well-muscled MILF!

She had been working out, Hard! Sleek curves lined the edges of her Abb's beneath her previously hidden large, white-lace bra. She had obviously been doing her squats as well, those thighs and booty said nothing else.

"M-M-Mom!… W-W-What are you doing!" I stuttered, Frightened as I tripped and fell back over my chair.


I landed on my neck to look up and see mom step over and pin me down.

The look in her eyes was genuinely frightening, there was a kind of a mad glint in their depths, and she was smiling in a way that made way too many teeth visible.

"Oh honey, you know this is for your own good, now Fuck! Mommies CuntHole as hard as you can... Destroy me deep inside!"

What the Fuck was going on here, mom was literally trying to rape me, and although I didn't want to admit it, something deep down inside me had always wanted her too. I mean, look at her, she was a veritable goddess and every chauvinist's dream. What was it they said back in the day.

"Behind every great man, is a great woman."

That's what my Mother was "a great woman," even though I had only just worked it out, she was beautiful! My God, she was beautiful! From her dark lashed FuckMe eyes to her thick, toned thighs. I wanted her, and I wanted her BAD!

Reaching up, I grabbed mom and pulled her down on top of me to begin violently making out, while I clumsily removed her bra.

"W-Wait... We can't be doing this; what about dad?" I said as I pushed her off and stood up.

She was a picture, sitting on the ground with her arms crossed and a big pout on her face.

"But I wanna Fuck! And your father's not here right now... come on, You know you want me, you want to Fuck your HOT! SEXY! Mother... doesn't the thought of taking your overlarge erection and slowly inserting it in and out of your Mother's sloppy wet CuntHole, just set your pulse a quickening?"

Yeah, It did.

Sitting there on the floor, mom spread her legs apart and began to rub her pussy through her panties.

"How's that honey? Do you like what you see? You want me to take them off? Oh, I'll take them off, watch me."

Mom stood up and walked toward me, looking like a runway model. She placed a finger on my nose, then dragged it over my lips and down my chest. Her hand slipped in under my boxer shorts and started slowly massaging My throbbing manhood back and forth.

She gazed up into my eyes, the mad glint and freakish smile had returned.

Her mouth engulfed mine, almost as if she was trying to eat my face, I could practically feel her tongue reaching for my stomach.

"Come on, honey... Please! Please, please, please Fuck my Cunthole... Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuc-"

I tackled her to the ground.

"So, you want me to Fuck you, mom... You want your SON to Fuck his MOTHER in the middle of the family home!... Oh, I'll fuck you, alright... I'll Fuck you until words don't mean squat."

With one hand, I gripped mom's panties and gave a big rip.

This was it, time to Fuck mom.

Slowly, so as not to error, I guided the head of my Cock towards my Mother's vagina. Gently, I eased it in, feeling the moist warmth envelop me inch by slow inch of my virginal thrust. Until, finally, I stopped balls deep in my Mother's CuntHole. Having nowhere else to go, I locked eyes with Mom. The mad glints were still there, deep within in the depths of her eyes.

Oh well, fuck it. I've already gone this far.

I began to kiss my Mother passionately once more, she indeed was an amazingly beautiful woman, if a little insane? How had I not seen the beauty before, I must have been walking through life blind?

"Honey... I love kissing, but could you Please! just Fuck me already?"

And so I did.

I pumped her Cunt Joyfully, knowing that, finally, after all these years, I was losing my virginity, and to none other than my mother, "The perfect nuclear housewife."

"I'm fucking my Mom," I spoke to no one in particular.

"That's right honey, Fuck your Mother!"

"I'm fucking my Mom," I repeated, a little louder this time.

"Yeah, Fuck mommy, Fuck mommy harder!... Moar!"

"I'm fucking my Mom; I'm fucking my Mom, I'm fucking my Mom!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Moar... Fuck Mommies Cunt, MOAR!... HARDER, HARDER!... FUCK ME, FUCK!... MOOAAARRRR!!!!!"

Mom began bucking violently in my arms, the mad glint in her eyes had ignited, and this was the orgasmic reaction.

"What the BLOODY HELL is going on here?" roared my father stepping through the door.


"You better have a Real good explanation for why you, My Son! are in the middle of the lounge room, hips deep in my wife, Your Mother!"

I had nothing, so I just held up my hands, grinned and said: "Guess what? I lost my virginity."
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