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This is a true story of my introduction to sex. I’m not promoting incest or child abuse. I’m simply telling my story. If this is a problem for you, please move on. I find putting my stories on a page is cleansing. Constructive criticism is welcome, haters are not.
My first lesson with grandfather

I was running though my grandparents house one afternoon looking for my older cousin. She is about 5 years older than me. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her Shelly. I last saw Shelly before lunch and expected we would hang out for a bit that afternoon, but I couldn't find her.

The door to my grandparents bedroom was cracked, and being young and clueless, I just ran right in. Shelly and Papaw were in the bed. I stood at the end, staring. Papaw was laying behind Shelly, they were both on their right side. He was moving his hips and she was moaning “yes papaw. Oh yes”. He had his hand in her hair and was making weird grunting noises. In retrospect, processing what was happening, she was enjoying being fucked.

So I stood there. I didn’t know what to do. I had a feeling I should leave, but I just continued to watch. Suddenly he looked up. He stopped fucking Shelly, sat up and held his hand out to me. He said “Come on in baby, join us. But you have to be quiet. This is our special secret”.

Side note- Me: I was very quiet and passive then. Yes sir/ma’am. Respectful and VERY scared of my grandfather. He was domineering, mean and just generally cranky.

So I took his hand and crawled up in the bed. He put me between them. I vaguely recall him asking Shelly to tell me how much she likes it when he touches her. She enthusiastically responded that she loved it. She made it sound like Disneyland or something! He went on to explain that he and Shelly will teach me how to be a big girl, but I had to promise not to tell, which I agreed to. Actually, I probably didn’t say a word, just nodded and stared....confused. While he was talking to me, he was rubbing my tummy and pushing his cock against my back. At the time, it was scary as hell. He then took Shelly’s hand and put it between my legs. He said “touch her the way I touch you. The way you like it.” He pulled my legs apart some and she rubbed on the outside of my panties for a little while. He told Shelly that she needed to teach me and proceeded to tell us to start having sleepovers at her house. (She lived two houses down from him) to which she eagerly agreed.

After a bit of playing with me, he told Shelly to lay back down on her side. He pushed his cock into her and seemed to pick up where they left off. He said to me, “babygirl, watch how good Papaw makes Shelly feel.” I was sitting to the side of them, with a perfect view of him inside of her . She arched her back to accommodate his movements. They moved slow. He moved his hips back and forth He held her left hip still with his right arm draped around her torso. I remember hearing the wet slapping noise each time he entered her. He started pumping her harder and faster, she closed her eyes and started her “oh yes” chant. This lasted for a while, and then she started getting excited and mumbling more and more. “Papaw..papaw. More!” He hushed her and reminded her to be quiet, but oh he was pounding on her pussy hard. Her eyes rolled back as he put his hand over her mouth and said “You can cum now.” As she proceeded to cum, he stopped pumping while he was deep inside of her. Breathing heavily...rubbing each other, both looking deliriously satisfied. After a few minutes, he said “did you enjoy watching babygirl? We’re going to teach you everything.’s our secret.”

Up to this point in my life, this was the nicest I had ever seen him behave. I was still scared of him. Shelly wasn’t scared at all. She was happy....deliriously happy.

He pulled me back in the middle of them, with my back against him. He slid his hand down my side , put his fingers in the waistline of my panties and slowly pulled them down and began rubbing my pussy. He whispered in my ear a promise that he’ll make me feel good too. He then spread my legs apart and kept rubbing, focusing on my clit. He kept circling my very wet pussy over and over. He worked his hand/fingers harder and quicker. In the meantime, Shelly had her head on my neck quietly saying things like “don’t you love it? It feels good, doesn’t it? Oh it feels so good.” And on and on. She made it feel like it was no big deal. I was very wet and his hand on my pussy continued to make wet slapping noises Suddenly, I began shaking and quivering. Whatever this was felt so amazing. He whispered in my ear, "Cum for Papaw. Give me that pussy. Come on! Close your eyes and let it happen", and I did. I didn't have a clue what an orgasm was but I loved the release and couldn't stop quivering. He slowed down but kept going for a few minutes as I settled down. After a bit, he pulled my panties back up, gently patted my pussy and said “good girl”. Then we all got up, got dressed and quietly left the room like nothing ever happened.

And that was my first threesome.

After we left the bedroom, Shelly asked me to come over the following night for a sleepover The next afternoon, I walked over to her house and hung out for a while We did normal stuff like listened to records, talked about boys, made cookies. Once night came though, she was on me! At bedtime, she told me to take off my panties and get into the bed. I resisted a little. She said, "Papaw said to teach you! Get up there now!" (remember she was five years older than me) The first time she touched my pussy, I shivered. I was wet and wanted it. She started slow and deliberate on my clit. She circled and rubbed my wet little pussy over and over, until I couldn’t take it any longer. I came all over her hand....but she kept going. Then she slowly put a finger inside me. “Relax. You’ll love it” I recall being shocked and frozen. After she could tell I kind of liked it, she got busy. She started finger banging me. I asked her to stop. Her reply was “Stop being a baby!” And she took my arms and made me hold on to the headboard, and quickly returned to finger-fucking my little pussy. She said "Do not let go of the headboard until I say so". She kept going and going, harder and faster. I was small, so I'm guessing it was just one finger. I began to shake while my hands held tightly to the headboard. I came hard, and she didn’t stop. I came many times that night. I slept in a wet bed that night. I didn’t touch her that night and she was very irritated with me.

The next day, with a sore little pussy, I walked back over to my grandparents house. My Grandfather grabbed me from behind and pulled me in to him, with both arms draped around my body. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back. He whispered in my ear “give me that pussy” as he reached down and pressed my pussy with his huge hands. Even being so tender down there, I immediately got wet for him. Wet and wanting more.

I have more to tell So much more


2020-01-23 04:07:50
Papaw is just a dirty old man


2020-01-10 21:25:43
You need to proof your work. Download the free version of Grammarly, and it will help you immensely. Keep going.

Norty OldmanReport

2019-10-26 16:39:17
Hi, I tried to send this in a PM but I'm not "verified"

story was good, found this though.

I renebfer hearing the wet sloshy slapping

yes it's only a spelling mistake, and no I'm not a spelling Nazi, I just figure you'd want to improve how your work is viewed :)



2019-10-19 14:41:24
Great story. Can’t wait to read more. Thx for opening up. I’m hoping it’s therapeutic for you.


2019-10-19 13:12:59
lexigurl66 pm me on the forum .

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