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It was a perfectly decent Saturday morning... and I had to wreck it.
Sins of the Father (Chapter 1)

(C) by Mojavejoe420

WARNING: CONTAINS INCEST. If you don't like incest stories, you can move along without downvoting. Thank you!

NOTICE: All characters mentioned or referred to are 18 years of age or older.

Saturday Morning

From my seat on the couch, I watched Ashley come bounding down the stair steps, making enough noise to rouse the dead. I didn’t think a hundred pound girl could make that much noise. Her older and bigger brothers on the football team were lighter on their feet than her. Still, her exuberance was catchy, but I had to try and fight it off this morning, if I could. We had a rather… delicate matter... to discuss.

It wasn’t helping that she had on those tight little sleeping pants, the kind that are made of super thin cotton material. She also wore a very tight long-sleeve T-shirt; obviously, she should’ve gotten rid of it years ago. But she wouldn’t give up her Spiderman shirt for anyone, even if it was so thin that you could see the faint outlines of her nipples when they were just resting.

“Good morning Daddy!” she kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Still in that crappy old robe, I see!”

“Morning, Punkins. Coffee’s hot, and there’s muffins on the counter.”

“Mmmm that’s what woke me up!”

She puttered around for a little bit making her coffee and buttering her blueberry muffins.

“And I happen to like this robe. It’s got a lot of family history on it,” I joked half-heartedly, trying to postpone the inevitable.

She just shook her head at me as she munched her breakfast.

“Dad, I hope you didn’t have too many of these muffins. You know they have gluten in them. Hey, where is everybody?”

I sighed quietly. We were getting close. How much longer can I put this off?

“Mom just left with Marj; they went to that antique swap meet and will have lunch after. The boys have a double-header over in Claremont, sooo, it’s just us for a good part of the day.”

“Oh no! What are we going to do all day?” She laughed.

You'll probably be sitting on your butt in your room, on restriction for the next five years.

With a big sigh, I put my tablet down, then I motioned her to the couch.

“Ash, Ashley. Come sit down, we’ve got to talk.”

“Okay Jeremy,” she replied in a deep voice, trying to mimic me. She continued the joke, “What’s the trouble, Sir. Problems with your kids?”

“Ashley, this isn’t funny. It’s very serious.”

To be fair, many times I would start a conversation like this, then inform her I had concert tickets that I didn’t know what to do with. So she was used to me goofing around.

“Okay, father.”

She still was using her imitating-dad voice. I cocked my head at her and didn’t smile.

“Sorry Daddy,” she responded in her regular voice. She sat down on the couch next to me. “What's going on?”

Well, here goes nothing.

“Mr. Patton called me late Thursday afternoon. You know Mr. Patton?”

“Yes Daddy, he's the principal. Sooo…”

“Yeah. So. He said… Ashley this isn’t easy for me.”

I wrung my hands, I really didn’t know where to start.

“Daddy, just say it and we will deal with it.”

I looked at her. For someone who just turned eighteen, sometimes she shows a lot of maturity.

“Alright then. Mr. Patton said that you were behind the drug store, after school.”

I watched her stiffen, and her eyes widen. So, it’s true, I thought. Her body language gave her away; there would be no way for her to lie her way out of this now.

“He said… Jesus… he said you were there with three boys who… all had their pants down.”

“Daddy I—“

“And, of course, I didn’t believe him. Not my little girl! She isn’t a slut like that!”


“So then he goes on to say that the girl, Samantha, was it? I guess she’s the bitch who ratted you out. Anyway, This bitch shows him a video where you can see the boys, and a girl, with long blonde hair and a blue and gold ribbon tied in it, on her knees in front of one of them. She has her hands on his hips and her head is bobbing back and forth.”

Ashley sank back into the couch, red-faced and ashamed.

“And you can hear one of those little jack-asses holler ‘Ashley, come suck mine when you’re done with Jason’s’.”

I glared at her.

“Do you have even the slightest bit of comprehension? The slightest notion of how embarrassing this is? To me? To our family? And how dangerous this is to you?”

“Daddy, we can talk about this.”

“So you don’t even deny it?”

She looked at me.

“Daddy, we promised we could be open and honest with each other. Remember you made that promise to me: I will be honest with you and you will be honest with me. Remember?”

I hung my head. I guess I knew it was true, deep down. But I wanted there to be some reason that it could be someone else, some other Ashley. But, no. It was my daughter on the little video.

“Yeah, so what! I’m honestly very concerned about you being the Ridgemont High school slut!”

“I’m not the school slut, Daddy! These were my friends… wait, is this why you were avoiding me yesterday?”

“Yeah… I didn't want to tell your mother. It would break her heart. Kinda like mine is breaking right now. Can you imagine if Mom picked up that call?”

“Daddy…” she reached over to hold my hand. She squeezed it tightly, I didn’t respond.

“Daddy these are my friends, I wasn’t blowing them or... sucking them off.”

“You know you could’ve been raped! You get these boys aroused like this and they could just… rape you—“

“Daddy! These are my friends, they would never do that. I wasn’t in danger…”

“You don’t know that!” I yelled.

Fuck, I need to calm down. I took a deep breath and continued.

“You… your body is outpacing your brain. You look like a full grown woman now, you know? And that makes guys think… things.”

“I know what they think about, Daddy. I think about that also. I want them thinking that about me.”

My anger began rising again. I was losing my temper, fast.

“Christ! You are the school slut! Give me your phone.”

She reluctantly handed it over.

“What’s the code?” I asked, exasperated. “And you better not change it either. From now on your phone is open to me.”

“Oh-seven-three-oh,” she quickly answered.

“Zero-seven… wait… that’s my birthday.”

“I know, Daddy.”

I opened up the ‘Pictures’ app and began scrolling. I had only swiped a couple times before I found the dick pics.

“Oh wow, a cock. And… another one… and another, fantastic… look at all these hard cocks. Different ones too…”

The anger just kept rising in me.

“Those are... just my friends. They wanted me to take their pictures. That’s what I was doing Wednesday, just taking their pictures.”

“Yeah. Uh huh.” Jesus Christ, I could feel my heart beating in my chest.

“Daddy I’m not lying! I’m… I'm still a virgin.”

“Yeah, right. Oh, this pic is interesting, a naked girl… can’t see the face but she’s naked and showing… wait… that’s your comforter, isn’t it! This naked girl is you! Isn’t it!”

I tossed the phone down on the couch. I couldn’t look anymore.

She turned away from me, but I could still see the side of her face turning a bright red.

“Yes,” she whispered. “It’s me.”

“Great, and you’re sending this picture and how many others to who, anyone who asks?”

Ashley was so smart and had so much going for her. And yet, here she was, getting naked to the world. A fucking slut.

“Daddy, it’s not like that. You see—“

Not like that? Don’t you get it? You send out naked selfies of yourself, and they are out there forever! The internet never forgets! How can you be so… so stupid?”

Ashley glared at me. Calling her stupid was pretty mean. I knew I was losing control, but I couldn’t help it. This was my little girl, and these idiot friends of hers were leading her down a bad path…

“Daddy, these were just for Alyssa and me. That’s all! I didn’t give them to anyone else—“

“Don’t you lie to me!”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen. I tried to pour myself a cup of coffee but my hands were shaking so bad I just stopped.

I looked at her and just shouted, “Godammit!” as I smacked the wall with my open palm.

“Daddy you should calm down, this isn’t good for your blood pressure… And I wasn’t lying.”

Calm down? Oh perfect, now you’re giving me medical and parenting advice!”

“Daddy, sit down and let’s talk. I don’t want you to be mad at me like this, like mom would.”

Oh, that’s a low blow, comparing me to her mother.

“Daddy I just… I want you to love me and accept me for who I am.”

She looked at me with those pleading eyes. They almost got to me. Then I remembered the naked picture of her, her legs wide open and her fingers inside herself.

I gritted my teeth and slapped the wall again, hard. The emotions swirling in my head were almost too much.

“Daddy, can't we just talk about this?”

“I don’t even know what to say to you. I can’t talk to your mom. I can’t talk to Father Sarducci about this… I love you sweetheart, but you… you need to be controlled… or taught a lesson… or... I don’t even fucking know what.”

I bowed my head for a few seconds.

“I stopped spanking you when you were ten. Do you remember? The last one? I swear you broke that Beatles record on purpose.”

Ash looked at the floor.

“Yeah, maybe I did… break it on purpose, I mean.”

I looked up, shocked.

“What?” My voice was a lot louder than I intended it to be. “I was just being facetious!”

“Daddy, stop yelling. You’re overreacting, again.”

The audacity.

The audacity that she even had the gall to think I was overreacting. And then, it hit me: sudden clarity. Instead of screaming louder, my voice went lower, and I spoke in slow, menacing tones as I over-enunciated each word.

“You think I’m overreacting? You ain’t seen nothing, honey. Stand up. Get over here.”

I pointed to the end of the couch. Ash obliged, looking confused and… scared.


“Put your hands on the arm of the couch,” I hissed. “I mean Now... yes bend over!”

She looked at me funny, and kept looking at me. I could tell she wanted to say something but I'd had enough, I didn’t want to hear it.

“Look forward, and don’t talk. Just count.” Then I mumbled under my breath, “I’ll show you overreacting…”

She faced forward as I stood behind her.

“Ummm… count what?”

I moved my bare hand back about a foot and swatted her barely covered bottom.

Ashley let out a little snort that may have been a laugh and said, “One.”

“You didn’t even feel that did you?”

“Well, to be honest—“


I could see the side of her face, she was smiling.

“Two, I guess. You didn’t even mention the thong.”

I lost it. I was trying to teach her a lesson, and here she was smirking at me. And in typical parent fashion, I thought, I’ll give you something to laugh about.

Without even thinking, I raised my hand high above my head, and brought it down swiftly.


My hand stung a little bit from that one. Ash jumped a little and cried, “Ouch!”

My hand rested on her bottom, and just as she eeked out a little “Three”, it dawned on me what she had just said.

“Wait, you’re wearing a thong? Where the hell did you get that?”

I started feeling the small of her back and, sure enough, under her little jammie pants, I could feel the ridges of the string thong.

“I borrowed it from Alyssa. Her mom is okay with her wearing it.”

I pulled the hem of her sleeping pants away from her body so I could get a better look. And there, in shiny blue satin, lay an ultra-thin thong on my daughter’s bottom.

“The only reason anyone wears a thong,” I began in that same slow, deliberate voice I used earlier, “is to entice, or show it off to someone you want to have sex with. Who is it? One of those so-called friends? Well, it’s coming off, little missy, and it’s coming off now!”

I gripped her pajama bottoms and yanked them down to her ankles. Without even hesitating, I grabbed her thong and pulled it down also. I knew, on some level, at least, that this was wrong, this wasn’t what I should be doing. But everything about that morning just made me infinitely more angry.

I lifted Ashley’s leg so she could step out of the pants and thong. Then, I yanked them off her other leg.

“Alright, put your foot back in here… no not that one… here… why aren’t you helping me?”

“I’m trying, Daddy.”

“No you’re not, I’m trying to put your pants back on, come on!”

She stepped again on her pants, seemingly so I couldn’t get her foot back into the pant leg.

My head filled with images, memories of my little girl… breaking my record on purpose… seeing that naked picture of her… thinking of her naked with her friend… blowing those boys behind the store… spanking her a moment ago… seeing her bare ass… feeling my cock harden…

I swear to God, I saw red. I’ve heard people say that before but I thought it was bullshit. It’s not. I was so angry I saw everything through a slightly red haze. My blood pressure must’ve been sky-high.

I stood up and let loose with a rapid-fire barrage on her bottom.

Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack!

She had grown into a full-fledged woman, my daughter. And quickly, sharply, yet methodically, I spanked her hard all over her bare ass.

I breathed heavy, surveying the damage I'd done. Her bare ass began to glow a deep, radiant pink. I barely noticed Ashley had whimpered with each blow of my hand and was now gasping for breath.

“Daddy… (gasp) That’s um… seven or eight (gasp)... I think, I’m not sure.”

I took several deep breaths and regained control of myself. I was seeing normally now, the redness was gone from my sight, but not from her ass. I stood to her side her as she remained bent over, her hands on the arm of the couch. I was beginning to wonder what the fuck I'd just done.

“Yeah, ummm… you’re probably right… I guess…” I had lost track also.

She turned her head to look at me, I could see her wet eyes glistening and her disheveled, long blonde hair fell over parts of her face.

“Daddy? Do you like spanking my bare bottom?”

I followed her eyes as she lowered them, looking at my crotch… and the very noticeable bulge in my robe. I was commando under the robe, so my hard cock was sticking pretty much straight out.

“I think you do, Daddy.”

She originally had her hands on the arm of the couch so she was somewhat bent forward. Now, she lowered herself to rest on her elbows, resulting in her being bent over a full ninety degrees.

My blood boiled again at this lascivious display, and her filthy mouth. Why does she have to be such a slut?

“You said earlier you wanted honesty. Here’s some honesty for you!”


I didn’t stop.

I spanked my girl, my baby girl, so hard, and for so long.

She screamed, she wailed, she moaned out, “Daddy!” several times. But never once did she say, “Stop.”

I slapped, smacked, and spanked her, all over her ass. I slapped her lower thighs, I slapped her cheeks, and then… I seemed to concentrate on spanking her right on her crack. And… her lower crack… and I knew that parts of my hand and fingers were slapping against her womanhood… and I watched as her tits jiggled... and I could see her nipples protruding through her shirt... and I saw her tears falling onto the couch and I thought to myself, good… and I could smell her pussy… and… and…

And I finally stopped.

I stood there, in the family room of our house, dressed in my old robe and a t-shirt, sweating like a pig with a raging hard-on… and I had my hand resting comfortably on my daughter’s bare ass.

It was hot. I mean her skin, it was hot to the touch. I gently caressed both cheeks. And somehow, my hand drifted lower. My middle finger grazed her little backdoor, and my fingers then skimmed over her sex, and it was flowing. I mean oozing. Her secretions flowed down the inside of her thighs.

And that’s when the realization set in. The realization that I had beaten my daughter, and that I was a sick fuck. I only then noticed that Ashley was full-on crying, her shoulders jumping and her eyes and nose dripping on the cushions.

“Don’t… don’t cry, Ash.”

She couldn’t answer because of her sobs, she just shook her head. She also didn’t even wipe her eyes or nose. She stayed in her bent-over position. I rubbed her with the intent to comfort her, but my hand was right in her cleft. I rubbed her sex… and she moaned as she also coated my fingers.

I swear the room spun. I stepped away from her in horror, in full revulsion of what I had done. I fell backward onto the comfy couch. My mind went a thousand miles an hour in all directions… I pictured myself alone, divorced, all my kids walking away from me as I went to prison… having sex with my daughter… getting fired from work… kissing my daughter… my wife burning all my stuff and laughing at me… my daughter sucking my cock… my sons beating me up… kissing Ash… what have I done

With my elbows on my knees, I held my head in my hands, trying not to cry. Without looking up, I managed to squeak out a few words.

“I’m sorry, Ashley. I am so sorry. I am a terrible father. I’m sorry.”

I just kept whispering,“I’m sorry.”

I knew it wouldn’t do any good. How can you “take back” something like this? You can’t, and I knew it, and I knew my life was over.

“Daddy,” Ash said through her tears. “It’s okay. I made you mad.”

“I am the worst father in the world.”

“No, you aren’t.”

“I’m so ashamed, you deserve a better father than me.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy, for acting up like I did.”

Stunned, I responded, “You have nothing to be sorry about! You just need a little guidance is all, and I…”

I raised my head at this point, she was still bent over on the couch arm, her red cheeks and dripping sex was clearly visible, too. She looked at me with her wet face and sad eyes.

“Daddy? Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do, sweetheart! More than anything!”

“Well, I need, like, a hug or something.”

Oh shit! I just left her standing there, crying, bent over and basically naked! I was so into myself I didn’t even think about her. God, I suck at parenting!

“Ash, come here, baby.”

I held my arms open wide and she practically jumped in my lap. Our arms wrapped around each other tightly, and I stroked her hair, and made little comforting “shhhhh” noises as she cried quietly, her face buried in my robe. I also said “I’m sorry” about three hundred times, in between little kisses to her head.

“Daddy,” she said, after a couple minutes.

“Yes, baby?”

“I just need you to hold me, just like this, after you spank me. Okay?”

She looked up at me with her sparkling eyes, and my heart just melted.

“Of course I will hold you, honey. But…”

I had to think for a moment. I’m pretty good with English and can write reasonably well, and she’s taking Advanced Placement English courses at school. She used an interesting tense in her last sentence.

“The way you said that, it sounded like… there will be more spankings?”

She just looked at me with those sad, soft eyes. I leaned forward and very lightly kissed her forehead. She smiled. I lightly kissed her forehead in a few more places, then a tiny kiss on her nose.

She giggled.

“Daddy, I remember these kisses! Butterfly kisses!”

“Yes!” I laughed with her. “We used to do this at your bedtime, a long time ago.”

I put more butterfly kisses on her cheeks, on her nose, on her chin.

“I thought… I thought I made it up or something. But it was real, wasn’t it? Why did you stop?”

“It was real, honey. But, you were growing up. It didn’t seem appropriate anymore.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments, then I lowered mine.

“I’m sorry for hurting you. I am supposed to protect you, but I hurt you instead.”

“No, Daddy. You were just trying to teach me.”

“Yes, I was. But I don’t know what to do.”

She lowered her head for a moment.

“Maybe I’m not a little girl anymore, but I still need my father.”

That got to me. My eyes instantly wetted, and I turned away for a few moments.

“You do? Are you sure? After what I just did?”

“Of course! You know things about me that no one else does and like, you support me and stuff.”

“I do support you, I just want you to be safe and not ruin your life.”

“I’m being safe and I’m being careful, Daddy.”

“It’s just, a father’s love for his daughter is a very special bond. And now I’ve broken it, or cracked it, at least.”

“No Daddy, you haven’t. Sometimes…” she looked away. “Sometimes I need this from you.”

“Need… what, exactly?”

Ash looked me in the eye again.

“I need you to spank me, and hold me like this afterward.”

“You do? So you were serious a minute ago?”

I sat there stunned, flabbergasted, even. It was right about then that I noticed my hand was on her upper thigh, gently massaging her bare skin. And I also became aware of her weight on my lap, on my cock.

“I can keep getting into trouble if you want me to… if it… you know… makes it easier for you…” her voice trailed off.

“No, let’s not do that.”

“I thought of having Alyssa, or one of the boys spank me, maybe.”

“No!” I blurted out, surprising myself. “It… it should be me.”

She smiled at me, and my cock got harder.

“It’s just that… well, you said it earlier… and it’s hard to repeat.”

“Tell me, Daddy. I need to know how you feel about this.”

“I… liked it. A lot.” I wiggled my body, so she rocked on me while sitting on my lap. My hard cock unmistakably pushed into her thigh. “Maybe more than I should. Definitely more than I should.”

“I liked it too,” she giggled. “It made us closer, right? It will make us even closer still.”

“Yes, it has made us closer, hasn’t it? I like that.”

“I can, like, feel the closeness.” She said with a straight face.

I snickered a little. I know she could feel my hard-on.

“And I could tell you liked it.”

“How could you tell, Daddy?”

I slipped my hand up under her thigh. She lifted herself up so my hand could slide under her. She sat back down.

“This, right here. This is so damn wet.”

“Where, Daddy?”

Oh, she likes to play coy with me.

I ran my fingers over the wet lips of her sex.

“Here, your pussy. It’s the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt.”

She opened her legs for me, and I could feel her better. Gently, I eased a finger inside her.

“Oh, you are still a virgin.”

“See? I told you. I’ve been… saving myself. Do you feel how wet I am? That’s from you spanking me, and holding me just now.”

“You’re not a little girl anymore, that’s for sure.” I paused and brushed her hair off her face with my dry hand. “But can I still call you that?”

“Yes, of course, you can. I will always be your little girl, Daddy.”

I pulled her in for a hug, a very tight one. She readjusted herself so that she now straddled my lap, facing me. Looking down, I could see a small tuft of light brown hair at the top of her pussy, I slid my hand under her and cupped her sex.

It was safe to say that all semblance of rhyme or reason had left the house at this point. I was just operating on raw emotion.

“Lean back, Daddy.”

She leaned against me as I laid back on the couch. She rubbed her perfect breasts into me, and her hair surrounded us as she began planting little butterfly kisses on my forehead, my cheeks, and my nose. It was such an intimate feeling, having her kiss me the way I used to kiss her.

I reached down and let my cock out of my old robe, and she pressed against it, rubbing it with her wet pussy.

She kissed my chin, then pulled up and looked at me, smiling.

“I love you, sweetheart,” I said as I licked my lips.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said as she closed the gap.

Our lips touched in a tender kiss, that quickly became less tender and more… hungry. My hands settled on her bare hips, just below her shirt, and I couldn’t get over how smooth she felt. Her skin felt like porcelain, it was just so tight and fresh. In that moment, all I wanted to do was squeeze her and pull her closer to me.

Our tongues met, and it felt as if a lightning bolt struck me. She must have felt it too, for Ash moaned in my mouth and slumped against me as we kissed passionately, deeply. Her hands held my neck and head, she ran her fingers through my full hair and kneaded my neck.

My hands roamed all over her tender bottom, still warm from her spanking. My middle finger settled on her little asshole, I just gently played with it as we continued kissing.

“I’m sorry for not being so affectionate lately,” I said after we came up for air. “Well, the last few years, I guess.”

“I’m sorry I embarrassed you in front of the principal, Daddy. But, it was worth it. For us to get to here, I mean. Ohhhh Daddy… I like you touching me… there.”

“Me too,” I chuckled. “So uh, tell me: how often do you need a spanking? Like, once a month?”

She looked at me and shook her head, suddenly shy.

“Once a year?” I asked playfully.

“Daddy! No!” She whined, hitting my shoulder lightly.

“What about once a week, then, as a compromise.”

“Okay Daddy. Oh, so Alyssa tried shaving me yesterday, do you like it all shaved off or leaving a little bit of hair?”

“Well, I like the lips all clean for when I…” I suddenly got a little embarrassed. But I got over it. “For when I lick your pussy.”

“Well, here, tell me what you think.”

With that, she disentangled herself and stood up. Spreading her legs apart a foot or so, she placed her hands on the sides of her pussy and pulled a little bit.

“Do you like it? I think I got all the hair off from below, and I got Alyssa to make a little heart here, at the top, see?”

Yeah, I saw. I saw this gorgeous pussy that needed pounding. By me.

“It’s lovely, honey. Now let’s see how Alyssa did on the back. Turn around… good girl. Now, pull your cheeks apart for me.”

“Daddy, this is like, so naughty! Can you see? Did she miss any spots? Oh God your hands feel good… ohhh...oh Daddy…”

She purred as my tongue ran across the tender little skin of her back door.

“Has… anybody licked you here?”

Ashley seemed to have trouble speaking.

“Ummm… no… Alyssa has… omigod… rubbed me a little there… Jesus Daddy!”

I pushed my tongue into her tight asshole, stretching her out. She moaned and put one hand on the couch to steady herself and leaned forward a bit, giving me better access to her backdoor.

I grabbed my cock for a moment, God it felt so good. But I could only stroke it for a moment, under these conditions, he was on a hair-trigger. Pre-cum ran over my fingers.

“It feels… very squishy back there, Daddy. Is your tongue inside me?”

“Mm hmmm,” was all I could answer.

Damn, would I de-virginize both of my daughter’s holes this morning? That seemed like maybe a lot, have to see how it goes.

Reluctantly, I pulled me head back and Ash sort of came with me, settling back onto my lap again. We kissed for a few moments.

“You taste, ummm… interesting, Daddy.”

“I taste like you, punkins. Did you like that?”

She lowered her head but kept looking me in the eye.

“It was fucking awesome, Dad. Feel me… yes… you see?”

She took my hand and placed it on her wet vagina.

“Mmmm yes you are very turned on. But, no harm has been done yet. We can stop now and nothing has really happened. We can go back to the way we were and—”

“Daddy,” she said sharply, “I don’t want to go back to the way we were. I want you inside me, I thought you wanted that, too.”

“Ash, I do want that more than anything. I just... I want to make sure you’re okay with it.”

She looked me straight in the eye.

“Yes, I’m perfectly okay with it!”

Her giggle assured me that we were fine. Alarm bells still rang in my head, but I ignored them.

“Okay then, let’s do this properly. Stand up.”

I stood up right after she did and scooped her up in my arms. She giggled and held on tight while I carried her up the stairs to my bedroom, to my bed. The significance wasn’t lost on Ash.

“This is… yours and Mom's bed. I always fantasized that we'd do it in my bed.”

I set one knee on the bed and laid her gently in the middle. Then I peeled down the covers of Mom’s side.

“Come on baby, get in my bed.”

She scrambled into the silky sheets, giggling. I went to the linen closet and dug deep, and managed to find a couple old brown towels from a set we didn't use anymore. I rolled Ash over to the side, spread out the towels, then rolled her back on top of it so she was nice and centered on it. Then, I got into the bed beside her and she snuggled up to me.

“Baby girl, we’ve got to get this t-shirt off you! I’ve been dying to see what’s going on under here.”

I marveled at her lean body as she got out of her shirt in very short order. She leaned on one elbow, looking at me as I admired her form.

“Do you like my boobies, Daddy? Are they okay?”

She gently stroked her breast while I watched.

“I love them,” I whispered as I reached over and felt her firm breast in my hand. My fingers teased her pink nipple, making it harden firmly.

“Are you still a b-cup?”

“No Daddy, I moved up to a “C” last month.”

“You’ll probably be a full “D” by the time you’re done. You’re going to big bigger than Mom.”

I bent down and kissed her chest, loving how firm and pert she was. I kissed and licked across both her breasts before settling on her right one, taking that nipple fully into my mouth.

“Oh God!” she moaned as I sucked hard-on her nipple. Looking into her eyes, I went back and forth between them, alternating slowly and lovingly between sucking each of my daughter’s breasts. Her pink areolas were bigger than I expected, and her nipples were so responsive.

I could’ve stayed there the rest of the morning, but I could smell her pussy and it needed attention. I crawled on top of Ash and slowly worked my way down her abdomen, licking and kissing her taut skin and leaving a trail of saliva on her stomach.

I nuzzled my nose in her heart-shaped patch of pubic hair for a few moments, tickling both of us. She giggled, and then got suddenly serious.

“Daddy, I want your mouth on me.”

Without hesitation, I moved further down and ran the tip of my tongue along the lips of her pussy. Her clean, exquisite taste excited me even further as I tried to cover her entire sex with my mouth. I wasn’t successful, but she didn’t care. She moaned to God as my hot tongue split her petals while I searched, and explored. Finally, I sunk my tongue into her vagina.

She clamped her legs on my head as I stretched her pussy walls. I was somewhat constricted by her hymen, but I worked through it. I felt her fingernails claw into my hair and scalp as l teased her clit with my tongue. Her breath came in short gasps and moans and I could tell she was building up to a major release.

“Omigod omigod omigod!” How I loved hearing her moan that, knowing it was me who was making her feel that way.

I touched her wet little asshole with my finger just as I sucked her clit into my mouth, and she bucked and thrashed as she orgasmed. Her legs squeezed my head even harder, and she practically squirted her girl goo all on my lips and chin. Her body clenched and her pelvis rose a few inches off the mattress as her orgasm exploded through her.

Finally, she collapsed completely, breathing as if she'd just run a marathon.

I crawled up to her and she managed to kiss my face in rapid kisses between her deep breaths. She licked my face clean of her juices, seeming to love it.

We kissed like that for several minutes until she returned to normal. Her ecstatic smile and the way she hugged and kissed me… I felt like a king.

“Thank you, Daddy. That was amazing!” She has a little tear in her eye.

“You’re just charged up, but I love doing that with you.”

“Oh God I want that all the time,” she giggled. “Was I… ummm… Do I taste okay or what?”

“You taste fantastic honey, kind of like a peach.”

I reached down to her sex and wet my fingers again. She moaned at my touch. I licked my fingers again as she watched.

“And I love doing that, by the way.” I teased her a little, “You want Daddy between your legs?”

“Ohhh fuck, yes. Oh shit! I mean, I know you don’t like it when I curse—“

I covered her mouth with mine, finding her tongue with mine and sucking it into my mouth. I pulled off and spoke to her.

“In bed, or when being intimate like we are, you can say anything you want. Fuck. Pussy. Cock. Ash, I want you to feel free to express yourself, without fear of retribution. We may explore some things, sexy things, new areas, and I’m going to need your total honesty as to whether you like it or not. So, always say what you feel, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy. Well, honestly, I fucking want you inside me.”

“See? That’s excellent. If you have needs or wants, feel free to express them.” I smiled as I rose up over her. “But before we make love, I want you to get acquainted with my friend here.”

And with that, I straddled her chest, my knees in her armpits which put my cock directly in her face.

“Jesus, Daddy!” she exclaimed. “It's huge! Should I, like, ummm, I’ve never had one in my mouth…”

I pushed forward a little bit, my guy’s mushroom head was just an inch from her mouth.

“That’s called, pre-cum, go on, give it a taste.”

Her tongue lightly touched my cock as she scooped up the drip from my cock. I watched as she tasted me.

“It’s salty… not bad or anything.”

“Grip my cock, down here, then move your hand up, yesss, that’s all for you.”

Pre-cum flowed from my cockhead as she moved her thumb up the underside, pouring directly into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed that and smiled. I reconsidered my position, seeing as it was her first time.

“Honey, I’m going to lay on my back, then you can explore at your pace… otherwise, I might just start fucking your mouth before you’re ready”

We both laughed at that as we got comfortable, her climbing on top of me.

“Yes, drag your boobs over him… yes like that… God that’s amazing… yeah, rub your nipple right along him.”

She bent down and lifted my cock up off my stomach, then looked me in the eye as she kissed the the tip and it involuntarily flexed as her hot mouth surrounded the head.

“Yesss baby… yess… oh watch the teeth, okay? You’re doing great.”

She pushed forward and got about four inches in her mouth, and immediately spat out my cock and had a minor coughing fit.

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” she whined, ashamed.

“No, honey, it’s fine! It’s okay, just go a little slower. Take your time, there’s no rush.”

She approached my cock again, going slower this time, easing him into her hot mouth, then going back and forth, up and down my steely shaft. Her hand came around and gently gripped me, moving along with her mouth.

“Oh god baby girl… push your tongue a little forward, yessssss…”

She looked up at me, and kind of giggled with me in her mouth. I smiled and held her head with one hand. I didn’t want to push her head down or anything, she was doing so well for her first time. The tingles began, so I warned her.

“Ash, if you keep doing this, I am going to cum in your mouth.”

She pulled off me for a second.

“Okay.” Then she sucked me a couple more times and said, “Let’s do that, I want to try that.”

She resumed sucking my cock, even going down a little further.

“Ash… fuck yes… I’m going to shoot this hot cum in your mouth. But don’t worry, I will get it up again.”

She sped up the pace and hummed on every downstroke.

That’s your daughter down there, giving you an amazing blowjob!

“Look… look at me baby,” I panted, very close now.

Our eyes met, I could see the lust and her need to pleasure me. My cock throbbed in her mouth as my orgasm approached, and it was coming like a freight train. My hips pumped involuntarily, Ash not only held on but gave my cockhead a swirl with her tongue. That’s all it took.

“Oh shiiiiiiiiit!” I groaned as my head flew back. Great steaming loads erupted from my cock as I convulsed on the bed. The first one I know went in her mouth, then some landed on my stomach and chest. After a few moments I looked back down to see Ash coughing and laughing.

“I’m sorry but, I didn’t expect it to be like that. I think I breathed some in.”

She laughed again as did I. Big strings of cum and saliva dripped from her mouth. She began to wipe it but I stopped her.

“Leave it, don’t use your hands. Use your mouth, we can’t have Daddy’s cum wasted, can we?”

Gently, I pulled her head down and she got the hint. She slurped up the cum off my cock and balls that had fallen out of her mouth. Then she licked my cock clean, swallowing all of it.

“Good girl… such a good girl.”

She continued licking the ropes that landed on my stomach and chest. When she got a mouthful, I stopped her from swallowing and said, “Kiss me.”

Surprised, she almost spit it out but managed to keep it in her mouth. Ash crawled up to me and kissed me gently, opening her mouth as she did so. Our tongues met amidst the cum and swirled it around in each other’s mouth, trying to push the cum into each other’s mouth. Eventually we both swallowed and broke the kiss.

“That was fun Daddy,” she whispered. “I think I won, though.”

“I’d call it a tie,” I smiled back at her. “Like I said, it can’t go to waste.”

“Right, I won’t let it. It tastes kind of funky but it’s you, and I love it.”

We kissed some more as she lay on me, her breasts pushing into my chest. My hands ran up and down her back, her sides, her butt cheeks.

“I love your hands on me. This is even better than I dreamed.”

I smiled at her.

“You have the softest, sexiest skin I’ve ever touched. Or maybe it’s just because it’s you, punkins. If you still want me to make you a woman, I just need a few minutes, okay?”

“Okay!” she said excitedly. “I’m ready right now, but I guess you guys need like, some re-charge time or, something?”

“Typically, yes we do!”

I rolled her over onto her back and we got her centered on the towel once again.

“So tell me something, hon. What was it like when I spanked you? How did you feel?”

“Oh gosh! Ummm, wow. I’m… at a little loss for words.. Gimme a sec, okay?”

As I lay beside her I leaned in and kissed her neck while my free hand roamed slowly over her breasts and stomach.

“Take all the time you need, hon.”

My hand drifted down to her pussy, my fingers just slipped in between her lips. I gently rubbed up and down her slit with my middle finger, being sure to graze her clit along the way.

“Oh wow that feels so nice when you touch me like that, Daddy. Okay so, like after the first couple spanks, the hard ones I mean, it’s like… it’s like my mind calmed. It hurt and I screamed and stuff, but… it’s like the pain made me focus, while at the same time I wasn’t thinking about anything except… ummm…”

She turned her head away.

“Baby you can tell me, it’s alright, little love.”

She sniffed a little and a tear ran down one eye as she turned back to me.

“It’s like, I surrendered to you and… I don’t know… I… went somewhere else, kinda. The pain seemed to recede a little bit. You controlled me and… like, you could do anything you want. I guess I wanted you to do whatever you wanted to me.

“I also felt like… well, this sounds funny, but I felt safe when you were spanking me. Like, I was protected by you, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”

I leaned down and kissed her softly, our lips communicating so much. I also was thinking to myself, Holy shit, she’s a submissive! She’s talking about subspace! I was already hardening again, but at this point I got fully hard.

Dude, you really, really need to tread carefully here… I’ll be sure to tread carefully… tomorrow.

“Daddy? Did I say anything wrong?”

“No sweetie, not at all.”

“You kind of went away for a moment. Are we okay?”

I crawled on top of her, settling between her legs.

“We are perfect. Now, this is going to hurt for a bit, but I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

“It’s okay, just go slow. I want you to make me a woman.”

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit.

“You’re so wet.”

“Having you in my mouth got me this wet.”

Moving my cock up and down, I found her vagina, carefully guarded by her hymen. I pushed forward until I felt it holding me back.

“I love you so much baby girl, you know that.”

“I love you, too, Daddy. Very much.”

We kissed, and I pressed with just a tiny bit of force. I felt her stiffen a little, and she stopped kissing as she grimaced.

Just do it.

I let my weight settle on her more. We looked into each other’s eyes, and she nodded. I let my weight on her more…

… and I felt it tear.

Ash cried out sharply as I punctured her. I managed to stop about halfway inside her. I braced myself and just held as still as I could, all the while feeling that sudden burst of warm fluid on my cock.

She breathed hard and tried to calm herself, but a couple tears coursed down her cheeks. She held me as I kissed her cheeks, kissed her tears, then placed butterfly kisses on her forehead, nose, and cheeks. She giggled a little and sniffed, trying to be brave.

“It’s okay, Daddy. I’m fine.”

I smiled at her.

“No hurry, baby.”

We kissed and rubbed noses for a couple more minutes. Reading her face, I could tell she was still feeling some discomfort. So I waited patiently with my cock halfway in my daughter’s pussy.

“It’s not so bad, now.”

I let myself down a fraction or two, then pulled back. She was very wet, but also just oh so tight. A little moan escaped her lips, and I pushed in a bit more. We kissed again, our lips loving each other. I kept easing myself in and out of her, gently and slowly; before long, we had some rhythm going. After a couple minutes, I'd sunk my cock completely into her.

“Ash,” I whispered as I hit bottom. “Sweetheart, you aren’t a virgin anymore.”

“Daddy, it feels incredible. I’m so… full… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s wonderful, thank you.”

She pulled me tight and kissed me hard. I pulled out of her slowly, just barely leaving the tip in. She made a little whimper, until I pushed back into her, filling her.

“Yes Daddy, yes! No wait... don’t take it out again… oh God yesss!”

We tried kissing, but we were both breathing so hard, we just kept our lips touching as we breathed through our mouths.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she panted. “Fuck me.”

“You like my cock in you, baby? Huh? You like this?” And I slammed hard into her.

“Yes! Fuck me hard! Omigod! Yes!”

I kicked it into high gear at that point. I talked to her, but only between gasps as we were both panting so hard.

“You’re…my little slut… aren’t you?”

She swallowed hard before answering.

“Yes, Daddy… I’m yours… I’m whatever… you want.”

I worked my hands under her and cupped her ass cheeks, pulling her harder into me.

“Ohhhhhh… Fuck… Daddy!”

“You… almost there… punkins?”

“Yes… I’m… I'm… going to cum…”

I pounded her extra hard those last few strokes. It was all I could do to not cum yet, I really wanted this to be good for her but… Jesus, it was taking all my concentration.

“Oh Daddy!” She moaned in a breathless voice. “Oh Daddy oh shit Daddy it’s coming I know it is!”

“I fucking… love you… my baby… Ash… Aauuuughhhh!”

On the last downstroke I held it there, climaxing inside my little girls sweet pussy. As my throbbing cock pumped my hot semen inside her, her pussy began clenching and gripping my cock.

Ash moaned loudly, “Oh my fucking God Daddy ohhhhhhhhhh!”

Her fingernails dug into my back a little as she went over the edge with me.

My cock felt amazing, the way it always does when it swims in that extra lube of its own cum. I must’ve pumped ten squirts inside her, despite my cumming earlier. She seemed to be lost in an orgasmic state; any little movement by my cock caused her to moan and her pussy to tremble.

We played a little game: I would stop moving until she opened her eyes and looked at me, then I’d give her a few quick little fuck strokes to make her giggle and her body quiver again.

Eventually, though, I began to soften, much to our chagrin. We still held each other, and her legs wrapped around mine as we kissed little butterfly kisses, and grown-up tongue kisses, and goofy playing kisses.

“So, Daddy. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I’m just wondering. When can you get hard again?”

I smiled at her. I didn’t take offense, she really didn’t know. I rolled off to the side, but pulled her with me. She now laid partially on her side and on my chest.

“Well, hon, I’ve cum twice in an hour, which is pretty damn good for a man of my advancing years.”

“Oh stop it! You aren’t old.”

“Well, at forty-seven I ain’t exactly no spring chicken, you know.” I smiled at her. “When I was your age I could cum five or six times a day easy. It changes, though, as the years go by. I will say, however, that being with you has reinvigorated me like I can’t believe.”

She smiled and kissed me.

“You mean, you and mom don’t, ummm… fuck like this?”

I chuckled a little.

“No, we are in a bit of a dry spell, it seems.”

“But Dad, you need to still make love to her, right?”

She twirled my chest hairs with her finger.

All I want is you, for the rest of my days… wait no that's wrong of me… oh fuck I don’t know what to say.

“I suppose I do.”

“Do you spank her like you did me?”

I laughed.

“No baby, she doesn’t like that sort of thing.”

“Maybe you should try again?”

She dragged her fingernails across my chest, leaving traces of red marks on my skin.

“Maybe I’ll spank you again instead!”

I reached down and popped her ass, hard. Her eyes half-closed and she moaned… then she looked at me as if she hoped for more.

“Ash, I have an idea. Tuesday night is always Bunco night, right? Mom goes and plays with the girls at Marjorie’s house right after work. The boys practice till about seven or eight. And I get home at about six. But…”

She looked at me with great interest. I felt my cock twitch a little bit.

“Usually I work-from-home on Thursday’s, but what if I change it to Tuesday instead?”

She grinned ear-to-ear.

“Daddy! That’s an amazing plan! I get home about 2:45 or so, oh my God!”

“Mmmmmm no you don't. This Tuesday, I think you’re coming down with a stomach ache, probably second period or so.”

She laughed and playfully drummed my chest with her fists. She laughed more and shook her head with excitement, sending her hair flying.

“And!” I said, trying to get her attention. “And! I’m going to see my Doc tomorrow and get some of those blue pills so I’ll be able to go all day long.”

Suddenly, she got very serious.

“Daddy? Will you… spank me again?” She looked up at me with her big doe eyes, pleading with me. She even did a little baby-talk for me, which turned me on far more than it should have. “Pwease? Spank your bad widdow girl?”

“Well now,” I started, buying some time while I tried to think of something clever. I screwed up my face a little bit, then looked down my nose at her. “You know, cutting class is definitely a serious offense, even if the reason is valid.”

“I need you,” she whispered quietly. “I need you to spank me hard, Daddy. Long and hard.”

“You won’t want to sit down at school Wednesday. Or Thursday. Maybe Friday, too.”

I looked at the clock, it was 11:30.


We hurriedly cleaned up the bedroom, buried the bloody towels underneath the trash, and Ash showered while I raced around cleaning up the garage. We barely got done with the rest of the chores and lunch and were trying to look relaxed and normal for when the wife got home. I sat on my usual spot on the couch and had my work laptop out as if I was doing something.

Ash had just made a pitcher of iced-tea when I got a text from the wife: Marj and I going to a movie, okay? Home about six. The boys are going to coaches house for a swim-bbq party. Love you both!

I thought to myself, Five hours, she won’t be home for five hours!

I read the text aloud to Ashley. She stopped stirring the tea, setting the spoon down on the counter.

Wordlessly, she walked over and stood in front of me, the coffee table separating us. She crossed her arms over her T-shirt and, grabbing the hem, pulled it up and off herself. She unhooked her bra and set it in the coffee table. In one fluid motion, she lowered her shorts and panties and stood before me, stark naked.

“I have a confession, Daddy. I spilled some sugar while making the tea and… well… I didn’t clean it up.”

With that, she stepped around the table as I set the laptop down. I watched her as she crawled over my legs, and laid face down across my lap.

Her scent arose from between her legs, and her still-pink ass cheeks beckoned me. She opened her legs a little and stuck her ass up in the air.

I raised my hand high, then brought it down swiftly and firmly. A loud Crack! resounded throughout the room.

Ash let out a combination grunt/moan, then collected herself.


My left hand molested her breast, squeezing her roughly while my right hand rubbed the cheek I just hit. My fingers slipped to her pussy, only to find some new secretions beginning.

My cock stiffened, and I raised my hand again.


End of Chapter One

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