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Amber, Tina, and Darla knows what it takes to get a lot of candy on Halloween!
The Little Halloween Sluts 1 (fff, Mfff)

Story Summary - Amber and her young friends decide to go all out to get candy on Halloween!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives! It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Amber was so angry at her mother! It was Halloween and her mom had just refused to let her go trick-or-treating dressed up as a slutty nurse! She had worked so hard on her costume too! White high-heels, white fishnet stockings accentuated with a red garter belt, a short white skirt trimmed in red with a matching cropped tank top emblazed with a Red Cross, and a cute little nurse’s hat with another Red Cross on the front of it.

“But Mom!” she pleaded. “Me and Darla and Tina have it all planned! You don’t understand! I have to dress like this!”

The three teenage friends, all in high school together, had been planning a whole year - since last Halloween - to go out dressed really, really sexy and slutty looking. They had noticed last year, after one of Amber’s bulging breast had become nearly exposed on her Supergirl outfit, men started giving them more candy! I took them a few minutes to notice the attention, and then all three of the girls started acting sexy and flashing parts of their hot young bodies whenever a man answered the door.

Even though they didn’t start acting like little nymphos until the night was almost over, their plastic Halloween pumpkin buckets were soon overflowing. This year, they were going to get started early and were bringing big empty pillow cases to hold all of their loot!

“But it is probably the last time we can ever go trick or treating, Mom! We’re getting too old for it now! We’re not little kids anymore!”

“No, Amber, absolutely not!” Her mother said. “No daughter of mine is going out on Halloween dressed like a little whore! What would the neighbor’s think?”

“Mr. Wilson would like it,” she mumbled, remembering how he had dumped the last of his candy into her bucket last year, after staring at her tiny titties, nearly falling out of her outfit. And, her titties were much bigger this year too!

“What did you say?” Her mother yelled - not quite hearing, but knowing it was some kind of smart-aleck remark.

“Nothing…,” Amber sulked, arms crossed, breasts pushed upwards and her hard nipples making little tents in her top. Her full, red lips pouted, her blue eyes flashed. She tossed her long blonde hair.

“Look, go put on my white lab coat, lose those high heels, and you can still go out tonight, OK?” Her mother said. She knew Amber wanted to show off her sexy, young body, but she could not allow it. She was a doctor, for heaven’s sake! She couldn’t let her little girl go out dressed like that!

“Fine,’ Amber said. “But, can I still use your stethoscope, mom?”

“Yes, of course, but take care of it, please,” her mother said.

Amber went to her room, grabbing the long, lab coat on her way. Slamming the door, she cursed, and then took off her nurse’s tank top. Her naked breasts jiggled. She grabbed them and groped herself. She looked in the full length mirror and admired her firm, young tits. “These puppies were going to get me a lot of candy this year too!” she said aloud. She had even spent a lot of time putting on her make-up, trying to look extra sexy and slutty. Red lipstick, blue eye-shadow and lots of mascara to give her long eye-lashes. She lifted up her skirt to peek at her white cotton panties. She had planned on flashing her panties all night long. Men liked to look at panties, she knew. Now, wearing a lab coat, she wouldn’t be able to.


She had an idea! She took off her high heels and slipped on her white tennis shoes. She put on a white cotton shirt and tucked it into her skirt. Then, she put the large, lab coat over her outfit. She quickly stuffed her shoes and tank top into her pillow case. She put the stethoscope around her neck and looked in the mirror. Quite passable! She thought.

“OK, Mom,” She yelled as she walked to the front door. “I’m leaving now!”

“Just a minute, young lady!” her mother cautioned. Her mother walked around the corner of the hallway and looked at Amber standing by the front door, one hand on the door-knob, the other holding her bag.

“Amber, those stockings!” Amber was still wearing her white, fishnet stockings.

“You said to lose the shoes, and I did!” Amber moaned. “You didn’t say anything about the stockings!”

“OK, finel.” her mother said, admitting a losing argument, “But open the lab coat - let me see what you are wearing under it.” It would be just like her naughty daughter to try to trick her.

“Mom!” she cried, acting insulted that her mother didn’t trust her. She set down her bag and undid the top four buttons, pulling her coat open like she was flashing her breasts. She showed her mother that her titites were safely hidden under her white, cotton shirt.

“I’m sorry, honey,” her mother said, “I had to check.”

“Can I go now?”Amber said.

“Yes, but be careful.”

“I will.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too!”


The door closed behind Amber. She quickly walked a few houses down the street and knocked on her friend Tina’s front door.

“Amber! You are late!” Tina cried as she swung open the door. “And, where is your slutty nurse outfit?” Tina was dressed as a Goth-cheerleader, black tennis shoes, leggings, short skirt and a black halter top with skull and crossbones on it. She had her long, jet-black hair in pigtails, tied up with black bows. Long black gloves were holding black and white pom-poms. Her dark eyes sparkled and her black lipstick glistened.

“My mom made me change, but don’t worry!’ She stepped into the foyer. “Is anybody home?” she asked.

“Nope.” Tina said. “Mom and dad are at a party. Darla is in the kitchen.”

“Good!” Amber stripped off her lab coat and cotton shirt. Her nipples hardened in the cool air. She reached into her bag, breasts dangling, and pulled out her shoes and tank top. She pulled the tank top over her naked breasts and quickly put on her heels. “All set!” she grinned.

“You look hot, Amber!” Tina said, admiring her friend. “Your nipples are poking right thru that top!”

Amber stuck out her chest, making her breasts and nipples even more pronounced. “You look great too Tina!” she said.

“I know, watch this!” Tina pulled down her thin halter top until her huge, puffy nipples were almost showing. Then she twirled. Her skirt flared out, showing off her black thong. It barely covered her bald cunt. The skimpy string in her crack only accentuated her shapely ass.

“Amber, you made it!” Darla cried, running to the living room. She was dressed in a slutty schoolgirl outfit, her flaming red hair and red lip-stick matched her short, plaid skirt. A white cotton blouse, tied up under her huge, pale breasts, matched her white stockings. Black shoes with black straps accentuated her long legs. Her hair was also set in pony tails.

“Oh, you look like such a slut, Amber!” Darla cried, seeing her friend’s outfit for the first time. Amber’s nipples were still hard and poking thru her thin nurse’s top.

“You too, Darla!” Amber said. “Wow, your tits look huge in that schoolgirl outfit!” She stared at her friend’s full breasts.

Darla pushed her breasts together, showing off more of her cleavage. “I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten either!” She whispered to her friends. “I’m getting more hair on my pussy too!”

“Oooh! Let me see!” Amber cried.

“Me too!” said Tina. Her breasts were still not much more than big puffy nipples. It wasn’t fair, even if she was a few months younger than her friends!

Darla lifted up her plaid skirt and pulled down her white cotton panties. Her friends bend over and looked closely. Sure enough, right above her bald slit was a fine patch of soft, red hair.

Amber took a breath thru her nose and smelled the faint odor of sweet, horny, pussy juice. She knew the smell from playing with her own pussy every night. Dressing up had made her so horny; now, she knew her friends were horny too.

“Here, look at mine!” Amber said. She pulled up her nurse skirt and pulled down her panties.

“Nope, still naked like a baby’s twat.” Darla said, looking at her friend’s bald cunt.

“No, wait!” Tina said, getting closer, until she was mere inches away from Amber’s snatch. She reached out a gloved hand and rubbed Amber just above her slit. “Look, there is some peach fuzz starting to grow on your pussy!”

Darla leaned in closer too. “Yes, it is very fine, but you are starting to get some pussy-hair!” Darla confirmed. She rubbed her friend’s hair too. Amber couldn’t help it and hunched her cunt up into her friend’s fingers.

“How about mine?” Tina asked. She pulled down her black thong. Her tiny cunt was still bare. She just had a juicy little slit hidden behind her panties.

“Nothing yet, Tina.” Darla and Amber confirmed, after inspecting Tina’s cunt. “It won’t be long, I’m sure.”

“Yeah, I’m probably going to shave my pussy, anyway.” Amber said.”Hair is not a big deal.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Darla.

“Maybe we can do it together?” Amber suggested.

“OK!” answered Darla.

“What about me!” whined Tina. It wasn’t fair! First, her friends had bigger titties and now pussy hair too!

“Oh, of course you can help us shave our pussies, Tina, quit being a baby!”

“Yeah, we are the three musketeers, after all!” Tina said loudly. They had actually gone out in those swashbuckling costumes one Halloween and had earned that nickname ever since.

“Neapolitan ice-cream bitches, unite!” yelled Darla, bringing up another nickname the girls had called themselves. “Come on, chocolate! Come on Vanilla! Let’s go get some fucking candy!”

“Right-on, Strawberry!” Amber yelled.

The girls closed the door behind them and headed out into the street. The blonde nurse, the red-headed school girl and the raven-haired gothic-cheerleader. They immediately received a wolf-whistle from a passing car.

“Come on, it is going to be dark soon!” Amber said. The girls hurried over to the next block. They had been planning their route for a long time, to avoid people their parents knew, while picking the streets with the best candy.

They came to the first house. The porch light was on. They ran to the door.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” they shouted, bouncing up and down with excitement, their asses and titties jiggling.

The door opened and an older man stood there with a bowl of candy.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” they shouted again, still bouncing with excitement. The old man watched their breasts jiggle. He admired their sexy, skimpy clothes and tight, young bodies. He felt his shriveled old cock swelling. It never got hard anymore.

“Eh, what did you say?” he asked, smiling at them, pretending he didn’t hear.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” they shouted again, still bouncing.

“Oh! Trick-or-Treat! I think I’m the one getting the treat today! Here you go,” he said, putting a hand-full of candy into each bag.

The girls smiled at their good fortune and started to walk away.

“Sir?” Darla asked, “Can I have some more candy please?”

“Darla!” her friends scolded her.

“Hmm, I guess so, but, what do you say to get a treat, little girl?” the old asked.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” she screamed. She bounced up and down so enthusiastically both of her huge breasts escaped from her school girl blouse. They continued to bounce and flop as the man looked at her and smiled. His cock became rock hard.

“Here you go, precious. You’ve made an old man very happy.” The man poured all of his candy into Darla’s bag. He shut the door and turned off the porch light, intending to stroke his hard cock until he spurted his cum; fantasizing about the hot, young girls on his front porch.

Darla turned and walked to her friends. “Darla! Your titties are hanging out!” Amber said.

“No wonder he gave me all that candy!” she said, tucking them back into her blouse.

“I think we have learned a lesson, girls,” Amber said. “Bouncing titties get a lot of candy, and naked, bouncing titties get even more candy!”

Encouraged, the girls ran to the next house. Tina was sad that her titties were almost too small to bounce, so, she gave them a twist with her fingers to make them hard. Her huge, puffy nipples poked thru her cheerleader top.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” they shouted. A middle aged man answered the door.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” they shouted again, bouncing.

“Oh my! What have we here?” he said. “A sexy nurse, a school-girl and a cheerleader!” He looked at the sexy young things one after another and paused to stare at the cheerleaders’ tits. Tina stuck out her chest and said again, “Trick-or-Treat, Mister!”

“Oh my god, girls, I think you could turn a trick or two, if you wanted.” He continued to stare at the hard nipples in front of him. He clumsily placed handfuls of candy into their bags.

“Can I have some more, please?” Tina asked, taking her cue from Darla.

“Uh, I guess, so. I really like your outfit, cheerleader,” he said.

“I can do a cheer for you, if you want me to…,” Tina said, acting shy, and looking at the ground, thru her hard, fat nipples.

“Yeah, I’d like that!” said the man enthusiastically.

Tina thrust out her chest, lifted her head, shook her pompoms high and started the cheerleader routine she had been practicing all week;

“Give me a T!” she swung her ass, cocked her leg and put her pompom covered hand on her hips.

“Give me an I!” she swung her ass the other direction, making her skirt fly and her panty flash.

“Give me a T!” she repeated her motions again.

“Give me an S! What’s it spell?” she cried. She twirled around; flashing her black thong and naked ass. ‘TITS’ she cried and suddenly pulled down her halter top! Her teenage, hard, puffy nipples were on display for him. She shook her pompoms and wiggled her ass.

The man stared. He drooled. His cock hardened in his pants. “Wow, that was a great cheer!” the man said, still shocked by what he had seen. He dumped his bowl of candy into Tina’s bag, all the while starting at her naked titties. She pulled up her top and flashed her ass as she walked away. He too shut the door and turned off the porch light.

“Tina!” Amber said, “What a slut!” She couldn’t believe what her friend had just done.

“Well, I don’t have big tits like you and Darla,” She said. “A girl‘s gotta do what a girl‘s gotta do!”

“I know, and I’m so proud of you!” Amber said. “My turn to ask for more candy next!”

The three skipped to the next house. A woman answered the door, frowning at them. She only gave them one piece of candy each. At the next house, a man answered and the girls when into their candy-producing routine.

“Trick-or-Treat!” they shouted, bouncing up and down.

“Well, hello!” The man said. “I love your costumes!” he opened the door and held his candy bowl low, so he could look down their tops when they bent over. “He, grab a handful, little school-girl.” Darla reached down and grabbed the biggest handful she could. Her heavy breasts were nearly falling out.

“I give you an A+!” he said, admiring her firm, full breasts.

“Thank you teacher!” Darla, replied, keeping up the charade.

“Your turn, cheerleader!” He couldn’t see down Tina’s top, but he did take a good, long look at her huge nipples.

“Meet me after football practice, under the bleachers, OK?” he said.

“OK, coach!” Tina said, giggling, and grabbing two handfuls of candy while he stared at her chest.

Amber watched his eyes and noticed that he didn’t even see Tina taking extra candy. It gave her an idea.

“Now you, nurse,” he said, “I think you have given me a fever!”

“I’m hot too!” she said. Then, she looked at him shyly and asked, “Do you want to play doctor?”

“Yes, I would!” the man said.

Amber leaned forward and put her stethoscope’s earpiece into the man’s ears. She stuck out her chest and said, “Can you check my heart, please, Doctor?” Taking his hand, she placed the chest-piece on her naked skin, above her left breast. His hands started to shake as his little finger touched the curve of her bosom. “Lower,” she said, and pushed his hand downward until it began to slip under her top. Amber began to causally take handful after handful of candy and put it into her bag. “Lower,” she breathed. Her nipples hardened, her candy bag became heavier.

The man slowly moved the device lower. Her tank top stretched. Her breast became more exposed. Her

nipple appeared. “Lower!” she hissed. Her perfect breast popped out. He stared, stunned. His mouth opened. He drooled. He let go of the stethoscope and touched her breast with his fingers, not believing it was real. He grabbed it and massaged it, and then began to play with Amber’s nipple. In the background of his mind, he heard candy wrappers rustling, and then fingernails scratching into a near empty candy bowl. He glanced away from Amber’s tit just in time to see three hands vying for the last few pieces of candy in the bowl. He looked up to the perfect breast bathed in the soft glow from the porch light. He looked up into the nurse’s eyes. Amber leaned forward. He thought she was going to kiss him. He closed his eyes. She leaned in close and said, “Thanks for the candy, Doctor.” She and pulled the stethoscope from his ears. He opened his eyes to see her breast being tucked back into her top and watched the three slutty girls walk away. He closed the door and turned off his porch light.

They quickly ran from house to house, bouncing, jiggling and flashing every man that answered the door. They grabbed handfuls of candy from the bowls of grateful men, knowing they could get away with almost anything. If the men handed them single pieces of candy, they would beg and plead for more, pushing out their lower lips, pressing their breasts together and acting like sluts.

“I’ll show you my panties for another handful of candy,” Darla asked one man and then lifting up her skirt.

“We can show you our asses, for the rest of the candy!” Tina said at another house. The man nodded and the three bent over and lifted their skirts. “I have another bag for you, if you drop your panties…”

Bent over and looking at each other, the giggled and nodded to each other. “1, 2, 3!” they shouted and then dropped their panties and wiggled their naked asses. The man saw three naked asses and bald cunts in front of him.

“Flash!” he took a picture. “Flash!” he took another one.

“Hey!” the girls cried. “No fair!” The man continued to take pictures.

“Here,” the man said and tossed a grocery bag of candy on the porch. “Show me your titties!” he said.

The girls looked at each other. “OK!” they said. They man had given them a lot of candy, after all.

Each of the girls exposed their tits and let the man take picture after picture. They posed, lifted up their skirts and showed their asses, being careful not to trip on the panties still wrapped around their ankles.

“I have another bag,” the man said. His wife had bought it for an office party later tonight. This was more important, he figured.

“Grab her titties,” the man said, “and kiss her on the lips.” He looked at Amber and motioned to Darla. He held his camera ready.

“Candy first,” said Amber. He tossed another grocery sack at the girl’s feet.

Amber reached in and grabbed two handfuls of Darla’s breasts. She looked at her friend and kissed her on the lips. “Flash, flash, flash!”

“Play with your titties,” he said to Tina. Tina tweaked her nipples until they were hard and full. “Flash, flash!”

“Play with each other’s pussies, now.” He said it, hoping they would do it, but not really believing they would.

The girls looked at each other. They were so horny. The three grouped together and began to play with each other’s exposed tits. They then groped each other’s pussies and asses. “Flash, flash!”

“Ohh!” Amber moaned as Tina’s fingers invaded her wet slit.

“Fuck!” Darla grunted as Amber grabbed her ass and groped her cunt.

“Uhhh!” Tina groaned as Darla leaned in, sucked her fat nipple and fingered her slippery twat.

“Flash, flash, flash!”

“Trick-or-Treat!” they heard kids screaming from the next yard. They girls quickly covered up, grabbed their candy and ran off.

“That was hot!” Tina said.

“You almost made me cum!” Amber said to Darla.

“Another couple of minutes, I think we all would have been cumming!” Darla said, while sniffing her slimy finger. She licked it to see if Amber tasted anything like her own pussy juice. She did!

“We should head back to Tina’s house, these bags are getting heavy!” Amber said.

“Let’s hit ‘Creepers’ house first, then go to my house!” Tina said.

“He’s too weird for me,” Darla said. “He is always starting at me.”

“But, he always has the best candy!” Amber said. “And tonight, it is OK to let him stare at us! Let’s go!”

“OK,” Darla agreed.

“Trick-or-Treat!” the girls yelled, bouncing what their mommas gave them. The ‘Creeper’ answered. He was very dirty and weird looking but he was holding a huge box of candy.

“Trick-or-Treat!” the girls yelled again.

“Hmm, what have we here?” the man said, starting lustily at the three young girls on his porch, dressed like slutty, little whores. “A slutty schoolgirl, a whore-nurse, and a horny little cheerleader!” He looked around to make sure their mothers were nowhere to be seen.

“Turn around, girls, let me see your costumes,” he said. The girls complied, feeling a little awkward. They turned around, showing off their tits, legs and asses.

“Nice…,” the man said. He stared at them for a long while.

“Hey, mister, its Trick-or-Treat, right? Are you going to give us candy or what?” Amber said. She and the girls were almost ready to run away from this weird man.

“Huh? Oh, sure here you go, I was just admiring your tits…, I mean your costumes!” He shoved the box thru the opening on the storm-door. The window had been removed, so he wouldn’t have to open the door each time. “Reach in and grab a handful of the good stuff!” he said, thrusting his hips to push the box towards the girls.

The girls each grabbed a handful of candy. Amber was in the middle of the three of them and she reached deeply into the center of the box. She grabbed some candy but felt something else under her fingers. It was soft and yet hard. Something felt sticky on her fingers.

‘Hmmm,’ she thought, ‘what kind of candy is this?’ Her fingers explored her prize. Maybe it was a full-sized candy bar! She gripped it with her hand and tried to tug it out of the box. It wouldn’t come! She continued to tug it.

“Ohhh….,” the man moaned, feeling her fingers wrapping around his cock. He had cut a hole in the box, stuck his dick thru it, and had been enjoying himself each time a little hand touched and grabbed a handful of his junk. However, this girl was actually tugging and nearly jacking off his cock-in-the-box!

Amber continued to tug on the weird piece of candy, trying to figure out what it was. Suddenly, it occurred to her, after hearing him moan. She was pulling on the creeper’s cock! She continued to stroke and whispered to her friends. “Keep taking candy while I keep him distracted!” she hissed, “but, you have to share!”

Tina and Darla started taking handfuls of candy from the box. Amber kept tugging on his cock. More pre-cum oozed out and his cock-head began to get slippery in her hand. ‘Gross!’ she thought, but she was getting turned on, feeling her first cock. She loved the warmth of it and loved knowing she was giving a man pleasure – even though he was a creep!

Soon Tina and Darla had emptied the box of all the candy. Only Amber’s stroking hand and the man’s thick, hard cock were left in the box. Tina reached in and touched his balls. Not to be outdone, Darla tickled his shaft too. “Ohh, you little fucking sluts! Keep it up, I’m about to cum!” the man said.

Amber took her hand away from his throbbing shaft. “Do you have any more candy,” she asked. Her friends stopped touching him too, staring at his pulsating cock.

“Oh, please!” he begged. “You already took the whole box!”

“We are only here for candy. Do you have any more or not?” Amber said.

“I have two more bags of candy,” he cried. ”Chocolate.., the good stuff! Candy bars!”

“Snack sized, or Fun sized?” Amber asked.

“Snack size!” he cried.

“Let me see ‘em.” Amber said, running a finger the length of his cock.

“Here, take them!” The man reached over to a hall table and tossed two unopened bags of candy to Amber. “Just make me cum!”

“OK.” Amber said. She started to stroke his cock again. “Like this?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, up and down, just like that. Keep it nice and slippery!” the man instructed. “Your friends can tickle my balls, if they want.”

“This is so cool!” Tina said, running her fingers thru the man’s pubic hair and nut sack. “I’ve never seen a real cock before!”

“I know!” said Darla. “Wow! I can’t believe I’m jacking off some guy’s cock!” She stoked the man’s shaft while Amber rubbed his cock-head.

“You girls can lick it and suck it too, if you want to,” he suggested hopefully.

“Do you have any more candy?” Amber asked.

“No…” the man said dejectedly. He should have held back one bag of candy, he thought. “I can get some more…,” he said.

“Sorry, no candy; no deal.” Amber stated. “Maybe we can come back later..,” She continued to stroke him. “Hey, when are you going to cum?” she asked, getting impatient. “We have to go!”

“Just a little more!” he begged.

“Darla, show him your tits!” Amber said. “You too, Tina!” Amber had to get this over with, and knew that horny men liked tits.

Darla and Tina pulled down their tops. The man stared at Darla’s huge tits and then at Tina’s gigantic, nipples. Tina gave her nipples a tweak to make them hard. Two, hard nipples stared back at him. The nipples themselves where the size of pencil erasers, but longer. The areolas were swollen, thick and were as big around s a dollar coin.

“Ooooohhh!” the man moaned and suddenly came. He spurted a huge load onto Amber’s hand. She grabbed his cock shaft, wanting to get a better look at what she had only read about. She felt the next load surging up his shaft. She watched his sperm shoot out forcefully, arcing from his cock-head and splattering onto her tank top. She felt the heat on her breast. She quickly turned the spurting shaft away. The next blast hit Darla right on her tits.

“Hey, don’t point that thing at me!” Darla yelled.

“I want some, Amber!” Tina cried. She leaned in close, putting her titties right in the line of fire. Amber aimed the cock and another spurt landed on Tina’s lips and then dripped down to her chest.

“Ohh, shit!” the man cried. He continued to spurt, landing another shot onto Tina’s stomach and then sent the rest of his sperm into the sides and bottom of the cardboard box. Amber gripped his shaft and squeezed it, watching the last few drops oozing from his spent cock and balls. “Ahhh!” the man moaned.

The girls watched, mesmerized, until he finished. “OK, let’s go, musketeers! What a load!” Amber said, thinking of the four to five bags of candy they just took from the perverted creeper. She licked the cum from her fingers before she picked up her bags of candy. ‘Not bad,’ she thought! ‘I didn’t know that cum would taste so sweet!’ The man had been eating candy all day long, getting himself hot and horny for his favorite holiday of the year, it was no wonder his cum tasted like candy to the horny, young girl. He watched them walk away, his cock-in-a-box still sticking out thru the window of his door. The porch light shined on his slimy cock, in the growing darkness.

As the girls turned the corner, a police car pulled into the man’s driveway, lights flashing. “That’s him, officers!” the girls heard a frantic mother yelling. They turned to see a police car with a woman in the front seat, sticking her head out the open window. Two young girls were in the back seat. “Look,” the mother cried, “he still has the box around his junk! He made my little girls touch it!”

The girls quickly walked away, trying not to be noticed. “I guess we won’t be coming back to his house!” Darla said, “The pervert got cum all over my tits!” she whined, her breast still exposed, so she wouldn’t get cum on her clothes.

“Just eat it, Darla,” Amber said. “It’s not bad - kinda sweet, and reminds me of chocolate.”

“Hey, it does taste like chocolate!” Tina said, licking the cum from her lips and then wiping up the cum from her stomach and eating it too.

“That was so hot,” Darla said, smacking her lips. “I can’t believe we touched a real man’s cock!”

“I can’t believe we got so much fucking candy!” Tina said, feeling the weight of her sack.

“I’m so horny right now,” Amber said. “Hey, do you guys ever rub yourselves…? You know, down there?” she asked, making polite conversation as they walked to the next block.

“Hell, yes!”said Darla. “I rub my little cunt until I’m raw!”

“Me too!” said Tina. “And, I kinda want to rub it right now…”

“Me two,” said Darla

“Me three,” said Amber. “Maybe later, Musketeers…,” she said.

They headed to Tina’s house and immediately dumped the candy on the bed.

“Holy-Shit!” Darla said, “Look at all the fucking candy!” It nearly filled the entire center of Tina’s queen-sized mattress.

The girls quickly freshened up, and feeling much better, and much lighter, headed off into the night once again.

The girls walked until they reached the next corner. Another row of houses lay before them.

“Hey, do you guys want to stay at my house tonight?” Tina asked. “We can divide up the candy, and…, maybe, you know.., talk about cocks and pussies, and stuff?” She looked at her hot, slutty friends. “My parents won’t be home until really late tonight, or tomorrow morning, probably…, we could have a lot of time to ourselves…”

“Yeah, we can have a lot of fun!” said Darla, adjusting her shirt and breasts for the next house.

“Yeah, cool,” said Amber, pulling up her cotton panties. She felt them, slipping a finger into her crotch; they were soaked.

“Hey, Neapolitans!” She stopped in the darkness, under a huge tree, hidden from the glare of the street lights.

“What, Vanilla?” Darla asked.

“We don’t have much time left. I say we go for the ‘gusto’ and get all the candy we can get.” Amber said.

“How?” asked Tina. “We are already getting bag-fulteen


“That last guy gave us lots of candy just to play with his dick. We took every bag of candy he had. We could have gotten more if we had licked and sucked his cock. I say we go for it,” Amber said.

“Go for what?” asked Tina.

“Go for candy…, and cock!” said Amber, determinedly. “Girls, it is time to lose our panties!”

“What?” asked Darla.

“Look, if we get a bag of candy just for showing our tits, how much can we get for showing our pussies? And, if we can get a couple bags for jacking off a cock, I bet we can get at least three bags of candy just for licking and sucking a cock! Come on, it will be fun!” Amber said.

She grabbed her wet, cotton panties and pulled them down in the darkness, slipping them off of her high-heels and stuffing them in her candy sack.

“OK!” said Tina. She was tired of the thong up her ass-crack anyway. She dropped her panties in the darkness and stuffed her panties into her pillow case.

“Oh, shit!” Darla said. “Without my panties, my pussy-juice will be dripping down my legs!” She pulled down her panties and wiped her sopping cunt with them. She too stuffed them into her bag.

The three little candy-sluts walked into the brightness of the streetlights…

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