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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


The Lost Tribe, Part 2 (mf, mF, 1st, cons, interr, impreg?, reluc, sad)

by Krosis of the Collective


Jason was awakened in the morning by the sun shining through the open door of the cage. Why was it open? And where was Makayla? He was alone. He got up and shuffled to the door, tentatively poking his head out. No guards.

He quietly exited the cage, keeping low. The girls' camp seemed to be empty. What was going on? Jason kept to the edge of the camp, which was framed on two sides by the crescent-shaped hill that had abruptly ended their plane's forward movement when it crashed 2 years ago. The third side of the camp was the clearing that had been carved by that same crash that sloped down to the beach, and the last side contained the trail that went into the jungle that had been created by two years of foot traffic. The beach was too wide open, with no place to hide, so he chose to head toward the trail.

All the girls were there, their attention taken up by something partway up one of the trees. He slipped into the foliage on the other side of the trail and his angle of approach kept them from seeing him, but also obscured his view of whatever they were looking at. Could he slip by them?

Then he saw as he went around a larger tree: a leg, dark skinned...a gray loincloth that had once been a school skirt...and finally...

"NO!" he screamed, dropping to his knees.

Makayla was lashed, spread-eagled, to the tree by her arms and legs, dead, and on her bloody midriff had been carved the words...


"Nooo!!" Jason continued to scream, even as the view of his dead lover was obscured by the girls surrounding him. The last thing he saw was a thrusting spear...


"No!" Jason woke as something jabbed him in the chest. He opened his eyes to see Makayla, worried, prodding him with her finger. Sunlight shone through the open door of the cage, partially blocked by the feminine forms of his two guards, spears in hand.

"Oh thank God!" Jason pulled Makayla into a hug and she leaned her head on his shoulder, confused.

One of the guards spoke, holding out her spear, "Best get moving...'the early bird gets the worm.'"

Makayla hesitantly got up, took the spear from the guard and headed toward the cage door. "Wish me luck, or it'll be a hungry night," she called back to Jason.

"Wait!" Jason said as he rolled to a sitting position. Makayla paused at the door.

"Try east of the waterfall. I think the boar I caught was coming from there...maybe there's a pack."

She beamed a smile at him and his breath caught at the vision of loveliness she was, the morning sunrise making her glow. "Thanks!" And then she was gone.

He turned back to the guards. The one who gave up her spear was pulling her skirt down. He realized that this was the brunette who had given him that kick to the groin when she had captured him a few days previous. Despite her naked lower half, his member only got half hard.

The girl approached him but paused when she saw that he wasn't at full mast. "Um...why's it not...up?" she asked. She looked almost relieved.

"It remembers you," Jason replied acidly.

"Sister Nancy's not gonna like this," the other guard said.

The brunette went wide-eyed. "Oh...I...crap...what can we do to get it...up?"

Jason sat back, putting his hands behind his head. "Well, I think you need to apologize to it."

The girl looked completely out of her depth. " do I...?"

"Take off your shirt, come over here, and give it a kiss."

The trim brunette looked over at the other guard, who shrugged. The bitch paused for a moment, took a breath, and then pulled her tattered shirt over her head.

Not bad, Jason thought. Her breasts were maybe a little small. He had only been able to get a feel of Makayla's last night, but figured her larger ones were nicer than this girl's.

She knelt between his legs, looking fearfully at his half-chub. "Kiss it? But...that's where pee comes from..."

Jason realized that he did have to pee, which was probably contributing to his lack of erection; otherwise he would have been fully hard due to the naked girl breathing on his penis. He wasn't going to tell her that, though.

"That's where my seed comes from too, remember? Now say you're sorry."

"I'm sorry," she murmured to his penis, and then leaned forward to kiss the shaft. It gave a little jump. "Oh!" She paused, and then giggled.

"Again," he ordered her.

"I'm sorry," she repeated.

"I meant the kissing."

"Oh..." She leaned forward, this time kissing the head, which had started to rise up. It again reacted favorably, growing to about three quarters of its full six inch length. "Wow..." she breathed.

Soon his cock was fully engorged. She stood up, considering how she was going to climb onto his lap.

Jason considered her. She was kinda pretty but he still didn't like her. "Can you do this facing away?"

She turned around and started to back up. Jason thought for a moment and then brought his legs together so she could straddle them. She squat down and the tip of his dick bounced off of her perineum. She reached down and managed to angle it between her vaginal lips.

"Oh..." she groaned, feeling an insistent pressure where only her fingers had delved before. She pushed herself down more and it got uncomfortable.

"Move up a bit and then back down," Jason urged.

She did so, and a couple inches of Jason's penis slipped into her virginal channel. "Uh!" she grunted out as she felt something tear inside. She tried to pull off of him but he grabbed her hips and pulled down hard. "OWW!" she cried out as her maidenhead was utterly destroyed as she bottomed out.

The other guard stepped forward, but then backed off when the impaled girl stopped crying out. "It hurt for Allie, too," the guard commented to the now sobbing girl.

Allie, not Abbie, Jason noted for later. That had been the first schoolgirl he was forced to have sex with, a blonde.

This brunette just sat there in his lap, crying, unmoving. Now Jason was feeling a bit sorry for her. He started to rub her back.

"Hey, what's your name?"

She sniffled and turned her head. "Mary."

"Jason," he offered.

"I KNOW," she responded like he was an idiot, turning away again.

He didn't feel sorry for her anymore. He leaned forward and put his arms around her stomach.

"What are you--?" she started, but then he lifted her up and then back down. She cried out in pain. His cock had been softening, but now this warm, wet friction woke it back up.

"No, please..." she whined as he lifted her again. Again, he pulled her back down hard. "Owh!"

Was that an "ow" or an "oh"? he wondered. It seemed partway in between. Was she starting to enjoy it? He continued. She stopped saying no, anyway.

Soon she was helping with the movements so he let go of her but left his hands on her hips in case she needed encouragement. Now she was definitely saying "oh" as she rode him in the reverse cowgirl position.

Jason looked over at the other guard, a short, voluptuous brown-haired girl. She kept her gaze on where Mary's body was connected to his and was rubbing her own thighs together. Jason wondered when her two-weeks-after-period time would come around.

Jason had had enough. Time to end this, he figured. He urged Mary to move faster upon him. He could feel his cock and balls start to tingle. Soon he was thrusting up at her as she bounced down on him.

"Oh...oh..." she moaned.

"Unh...UNHH!" Jason grunted, pulling Mary's hips down hard as he injected life-giving sperm as deep inside her fertile pussy as he could.

"OH!" Mary cried out as she felt the warm, wet throbbing deep inside her. She didn't orgasm, but it was pleasurable, unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Then they were done and she didn't know what to do. She rose up on shaky legs, feeling sore as his softening penis dragged along the tattered remains of her cherry. Then she was up and off of him. She grabbed her clothes, tottered to the door, and looked back.

Jason looked at her pointedly, defiantly. She shuddered and left. The remaining guard considered Jason for a moment and then stepped out as well, closing and locking the door behind her.


"Jason!" Dylan yelled, almost cutting his face with the knife that was the head of his spear shaft as he cupped his hands to magnify his voice. "Shit!" He dropped the spear.

He had to be careful. He'd seen a friend die slowly, painfully, from a scrape, without modern medicine to fight the resulting infection.

"Jason!" he yelled again. No response. Sighing, he picked the spear back up, carefully, and continued deeper into the jungle.


After a small breakfast of coconut and seaweed, Sister Nancy once again ordered Jason into the plane where the nun rode him to orgasm for the third time. Jason was confused about this...the first two times she had been teaching the girls how sex worked, but this time she didn't...she just moaned and commanded him to give her his seed. Wasn't she already pregnant from the first time?

Instead of a peck on the cheek she kissed him on the mouth before she climbed off of him. That was really weird!


A few hours later Allie (not Abbie) was ushered into the cage for another insemination.

As the blonde girl removed her skirt Jason asked her, "But aren't you already pregnant?"

"I dunno," she replied. "Sister Nancy says we have to keep doing it for a few days. I guess it doesn't work every time?"

She climbed astride him, facing forward, and aimed the head of his hard cock toward her recently deflowered pussy. Unlike the previous time, her vagina was moist, so once she lined it up and settled down, about half of his cock rushed into her.

"Oh!" she gasped. It was sore but felt almost pleasurable. She rose up a little and then pushed down again.

"Mmm..." Jason moaned as their crotches touched. This was much nicer than the first time they had done this. He gave her a moment to adjust and then used his hands on her hips to urge her back up and down.

"Aahh..." she breathed as she did so. It was starting to feel good.

Jason remembered when Sister Nancy had raised Allie's shirt and massaged the girl's breast and stomach during her deflowering. He started pulling her shirt up and she helped, pulling it all the way off.

Allie's breasts were the smallest of the women he'd had sex with so far, but she had prominent nipples. Sister Nancy had said that her breasts would grow and fill with milk to feed her baby...

Jason leaned forward and latched his mouth to one nipple, sucking. Would there be milk? he wondered.

Allie gasped and held his head to her breast and she continued to bounce on his cock.

No milk, but Jason kept sucking and licking Allie's nipple. It seemed to drive the girl wild, and her breathing got faster, her gasping louder...

"Aaaahhh! Oohhhh!" she cried out, shaking.

Jason felt Allie's pussy clamp down on his cock. The added stimulation pushed him over the edge too, and he grunted into her boob as he shot bursts of potent, sperm-filled semen deep inside the fertile teenaged beauty. When he was done he leaned back against the wall, huffing.

"What was that, Allie?" asked the guard.

Allie took a moment, breathing heavily. "I...don't know...but it felt amazing! Thank you, Jason." She carefully pulled up and off of him.

"Thank *you*!" said Jason, as Allie got back into her clothes and left, stealing a glance back at him as she went. Again, the short, voluptuous guard gave him a strange look before she followed Allie out.


As the sun was starting to set Jason heard whooping from outside. He went to the small circular window but could only see shapes through the grime.

The noise died down and a few minutes later the door opened. Jason was given his clothes, taken outside, and brought to the center of the camp.

Makayla was there, sweating from the exertion of dragging a pig all the way back to camp. She smiled at Jason when she saw him; she was so beautiful. The other girls were already preparing the carcass and starting a fire to cook it.

As they ate, Sister Nancy came to sit down beside him. Her hand caressed his thigh, making him jump a little. "I am told that Makayla's hunt was successful thanks to you, Jason. A reward is in order." Jason gulped. "You may choose a woman to have with you overnight. In fact..." Her hand moved to his inner thigh, "You can even stay in the plane with me if you wish."

"Her," Jason said, quickly pointing to Makayla, who seemed to be a social butterfly tonight, chatting with her tribemates on the other side of the fire.

Sister Nancy removed her hand from his leg. "The conquering hunter herself? Makayla! Come here. Our prisoner has requested your company tonight."

Makayla looked down at Jason and smiled. "Oh yes, please, Sister Nancy. I would like that."

"Would you?" The nun got to her feet, analyzing Makayla's face. "And when did your last period start?"

Makayla looked sheepish. "Over three weeks ago. It's due in a few days."

Sister Nancy pondered this for a moment. "It's a waste, but if you are both agreeable to it...done." Then she strode away.

Jason watched after her. Did Sister Nancy seem...angry?


Jason and Makayla made love in the missionary position again, Jason's favorite, not only because it was unlike when he was forced to have sex with the other girls (no, women, he corrected himself), but because he felt so close to her, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

He almost fell asleep afterwards again, but Makayla managed to get him talking about the male tribe. He wouldn't reveal where it was, but did mention that they were self-sufficient with a "fridge cave" that had a stream in the back that kept it cool enough to keep food fresh longer.

He mentioned his friend Dylan, who Makayla sort of remembered, and George, the boys' leader who she definitely remembered. He was the one that had convinced all the boys to leave and start their own tribe!

Now Jason was lazily tickling the skin between Makayla's breasts and making her all itchy between her legs. She managed to convince him to get behind her, in the manner of two pigs she had once seen while hunting, and so they had sex doggie (piggy?) style.

After that, though, Jason couldn't keep his eyes open, and they both slept.


A week passed as lazily as the hot days did on the tropical island. Jason serviced Sister Nancy one last time, and Mary twice more, but Allie was now past her fertile time and didn't make a reappearance in the cage except as an occasional guard.

Sister Nancy's last session was strangely intimate, with Jason spending the night with her in the remains of the plane. She had kissed him passionately as she rode him on her makeshift bed of parachute silk and he had dutifully filled her ripe belly with his seed. Then she cuddled up to him and fell asleep. He thought about sneaking out, but then heard the guards outside of the gap in the fuselage whispering about the sex noises they had made, and decided against it. He barely slept, though...nuns weren't supposed to act like this! It was weird and he was really uncomfortable.

For Mary's next insemination, Jason ordered her face down on the cage bench while he rammed his cock into her from behind. She had almost seemed to be enjoying it by the end, but then he finished, spurting his hot cum deep inside the slim brunette's fertile belly.


Makayla stayed in the cage with Jason for a few nights but on the next night when he tried to have sex with her she wouldn't let him, saying it was her time of the month.

"Isn't that the time to have sex?" Jason asked.

She shook her head. "Not that time of the month...the one where I bleed from...down there."

Bleed? Jason was confused. She explained. He was still confused. She didn't fully understand it herself -- something to do with Eve and the forbidden fruit? -- but she had no sex drive at this time of the month.


For Mary's last seeding, Jason decided to take her in his favorite position, the missionary. The intimacy of it made it feel weird with her, though, as he enjoyed that position with Makayla, so he made her twist to the side while he was still inside her. When she was on her side, her knees bent towards her chest, he realized he could keep going and it felt different than missionary or doggie style sex; nice different. Apparently Mary thought so too, as a few minutes later she cried out in orgasm, which then triggered Jason's.


Dylan kept searching for Jason every day but only managed to find a large berry bush that he made himself remember the location of so that the tribe could gather them later. A few days later George rescinded his permission to search, saying he needed a hunter out there, not a whiny child. Dylan cried himself to sleep that night.

The next day, Dylan slipped out of camp. He wasn't going to let George stop him! He didn't have the hunting spear this time so he would have to be careful.

The sky rumbled in the distance.


Tina slipped silently from tree to tree, keeping her ears open for movement. It had been a week since Makayla had brought back that pig but the meat had finally run out and they needed more. She was glad to finally get out of camp after being that boy Jason's near-constant guard for the last week.

Another reason the short, voluptuous brown-haired girl was glad to be away from there was that it was her turn to lie with him next, based on Sister Nancy's period calendar, and she didn't want to! That boy had been incredibly rough with Mary the first time, and Tina had no tolerance for pain. She was dreading it.

Thunder cracked overhead. Oh no! She had been so focused on getting away from camp that she hadn't noticed the thunderheads gathering. It started to rain, large cold drops that spattered against everything.

Most of the time the island was hot as heck, but not during storms. She was going to catch a chill if she didn't get under cover, and without medicine that could kill her!

She remembered one of the emergency caves was nearby, and headed toward it.


Dylan ran, holding his arms above his head to stave off the now torrential rainfall. He had completely lost track of where he was.

He saw a dark patch against a nearby hill. A cave? He stumbled to it. Once inside, he realized that it was only about 20 feet deep, but found a makeshift bed made out of palm fronds and a folded up blanket at the back.

"Yes!" he cried, stripping off his soaked clothes, hanging them as best he could on vines and outcroppings to dry, and bundling himself into the blanket on the bed. Now nice and warm, he fell asleep quickly.


He awoke with a start. Someone was in the cave! He sat up to see the business end of a spear pointed at him. No! George had found him!

Then he focused on the short, feminine form holding the weapon. He squeaked...a girl!

"What are you doing here?" Tina demanded.

Dylan scrambled to his feet, the blanket around his shoulders so it went down his back. His front, however, was now completely uncovered.

This time it was Tina's turn to squeak. Dylan saw her looking at his groin area, realized what had happened, and quickly turned around, pulling the blanket around him like a skirt. Then he turned back.

Tina shivered, not just because she was soaked through. First things first, though...this naked boy had the only emergency blanket!

"Give me that!" she ordered, gesturing to the blanket, and then she realized what that would mean. ""

They looked at each other. "I could share..." Dylan offered.

She looked at the boy's dark, damp hair and then his soaked clothes hanging about the cave. They were both in danger of catching a chill. Either she killed him, or forced him out of the cave, which could end in his death anyway, or...

"Turn around," she ordered. He did so. She put the spear down but still within reach and pulled her own clothes off. It was only the tattered school shirt, skirt, and damaged shoes, her undergarments having disintegrated months ago. She then hung her clothes to dry as best she could in the cave and approached the boy from behind.

She reached around and took the blanket from his hips. "Um..." he started, but she interrupted him.

"Lie down sideways." He knelt down, still facing away from her, and lay down on the fronds as she asked. He felt her cold, bare back pressing again his and then the blanket was covering them both.

Dylan barely breathed. The girl wasn't wearing any clothes! She was shivering.

After a few minutes the girl was still shivering. "I'm fairly warm now," Dylan offered, "We...we should get closer so you can share my body heat."

Tina had purposely put her back to his so they were touching but not too much, but it wasn't working very well; she was still freezing! She turned and snuggled her front to his back.

That helped! She put her one free arm around his side and against his chest. She could feel his muscles tense at her cold touch. Those muscles felt nice. Her mind wandered to the memory of seeing this boy, naked, with his penis hanging down. It didn't look all hard and scary like Jason's. This boy seemed...nice...

"What's your name?" Tina asked.

"Dylan," he whispered back. The rain was coming down harder outside. He could feel the girl's breasts pressing against his back.

"Tina. I need your help, Dylan. Please turn around."

He paused, but then turned onto his back and then toward her, careful not to shift the blanket off of them. He could smell her feminine scent and his penis began to harden. Their faces were almost touching...

Then she turned away, rolling to the side so her back was to him. He was disappointed until she sidled backwards, her back pressing against his chest. She was shorter than him so her butt touched his stomach. She then took his free hand and brought it to her chest, between her sizeable breasts.

"Much better," she sighed, feeling Dylan's body heat surrounding her, his breath on the back of her neck. She shivered, but not entirely from the cold.

Her closeness and fertile scent had the natural effect on the inexperienced teen male: his penis grew to full length, and rose until it touched the tender flesh between her legs. She squeaked again but didn't move or say anything.

Dylan tried to shift downwards to keep from poking her with his thingy, but she held onto his arm tighter so he couldn't move. Their breathing rates sped up and it got even warmer under the blanket.

Tina knew the boy's hard penis was very close to her vagina now but she wasn't afraid. This boy, Dylan, was nothing like Jason with his rough manner. Sister Nancy's decree that the tribe mate with him would have included other boys if there were more, wouldn't it? She was sure it would.

She realized that she was in a position similar to when Mary had straddled Jason's legs, facing away from him, though Tina and Dylan were lying sideways. She shifted herself lower and felt Dylan's penis slip between her legs.

He gasped, feeling Tina's now warm thighs surround his cock. Were they doing it? he wondered. Making sex? He thought that was what it was called.

Tina rolled her hips and the tip of Dylan's penis slid along her vaginal lips, making her gasp. She did it again, angling her pelvis to achieve her goal. A tentative, instinctual thrust from Dylan and her labia split to allow the head of his cock access to her virginal depths.

Dylan groaned. The tip of his penis was now somewhere even, even! He thrust his hips to get deeper.

"Oh..." Tina moaned. She knew Dylan's penis was pushing inside her vagina, and it felt incredible! She felt strangely full down there, but also deep inside her there was now a sudden emptiness that she knew needed to be him!

She pushed back and down as he thrust forward and up. Both gasped as half of Dylan's five inch cock slipped inside Tina's hot, wet baby oven. "More...more..." she moaned. No pain! She was thrilled.

Dylan pulled back a little and pushed again. Tina was so slick down there that he had no trouble pushing all the way inside her.

She gasped in pleasure. This gentle, cute boy was nothing like his tribemate. She had chosen well.

She rolled her hips and she moaned again, feeling Dylan's penis angle itself around inside her, caressing parts of her that had never been touched before. The wonderment of it was like finding out that you had a second, hidden tongue to taste with, or a third eye, or...she realized her brain wasn't working right, and so she shut it off.

Dylan started to thrust into the girl's hot body. She had let go of his arm so he reached up and cupped one of her large mammaries. It was soft and yielding as he squeezed.

He was feeling her boob now! That stimulation, combined with the pleasure of his thrusting penis, started a feeling deep inside Tina, something she had never experienced before. She thrust her hips back at him, feeling the whatever-it-was rise and grow within her.

Tina's nipples tingled now. She remembered from before the crash, seeing her mother breastfeeding her baby brother. That was going to be her! This boy was going to put a baby in her belly and these breasts were going to feed it!

At that thought, the flower that had been blooming deep inside her blossomed. Pleasure exploded from her core, radiating outward into the depths of her vagina, her clitoris, her nipples. She cried out in pleasure at her first orgasm, her body shaking.

Dylan heard Tina cry out, her body going stiff against him, and he felt her vagina grip his penis tightly. This pushed him over the edge.

"Unnhh! Ohhh Tina!" He thrust hard, burying his cock as deep inside her as he could as his testicles gave up their cargo, combining his potent sperm with a torrent of semen that shot out of his cock and into the teenage girl's fertile reproductive system.

She felt the throbbing of his cock splashing her insides with his seed and came again. Deep inside her, her cervix spasmed, the gateway to her Garden of Eden opening to give access to his life-giving seed.

Finally they stopped, gasping. In their passion they hadn't noticed that the emergency blanket had fallen away. Dylan quickly pulled it back over them as they cooled off, though he made sure not to dislodge his softening penis from Tina's thoroughly inseminated vagina.

They fell asleep, his sperm soaking into her previously virginal depths.

End of Part 2.

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Love the story! Just as natural as was intended. Guess the first comment didn't get posted. .It was also intended to form a family unit, man,woman & children.
Men of society have installed all these rules to complicate matters. Add to that the desires to go outside the family for sexual satisfaction, jealouscy & hurts abound. Therefore a broken family & a broken society. Certain natural rules do apply to life I love the story. Must wait for Ch 3 & more. GOOD JOB


2019-10-17 03:15:02
good story!

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Enjoying this!


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Very well written! Can't wait for the next chapter.

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