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False HR complaint drives me to do something that I normally wouldn't do.
“Fucking Cunt!” I growled, walking out of the H.R. Director's office.

I got called down there to be informed that there was a Sexual Harassment Investigation being levied against me.

I work in the Service Department for a major tech company. There are several departments within the company. You have the Executives, of course, Admin, Marketing, Sales, and Service.

I started almost 10 years ago, and quickly climbed the ladder up to the number two position. The only guy above me was the Service Manager, but even he would admit that I know far more than he does. I'm just biding my time, until he gets promoted and I slip into his position, or I just say “Fuck It" and leave to go somewhere else. At this moment, I'm leaning towards the latter.

The Sales Department is almost a continually revolving door. Almost all of them are young, good looking guys and girls. They run around all the time, flaunting their looks, and flirting, in order to make sales. Those who don't make their numbers, are shown the door.

A handful of them have weathered the storms, and have been there almost as long as me. They also use me to help them get sales, asking me technical questions, or having me talk to some of their potential customers, who speak geek. I usually don't mind helping out.

There was a mass push for a new product that we were selling, and the company beefed up the Sales Force in order to push it hard out into the marketplace. In comes the Newbies, along with the reason that I was called up to H.R.

Cynthia Arnold was a young, Twentysomething, that was an absolute Goddess. There wasn't a physical flaw on her. She was perfection, and she knew it. She walked around wearing high heels, and super short skirts with blouses that always show off her ample breasts. It was almost impossible to look this girl in the eyes. Even with her confident personality.

She learned real quick, from the veterans, to come to me if she needed technical advice, or had questions. It was fine by me, but like I said, it was hard to look her in the eyes.

She'd bend over at my desk, giving me a full view of her sizable tits, whenever she was trying to point something out. One time, I was in the shop working, and laying on my back to get up under the machine. She came over, and stood right above me.

“You could be really naughty from down there.” She said, getting my attention.

I poked my head out, and had a perfect view up her skirt, with her smiling down at me. She didn't even try to hide her modesty. I had an unobstructed view up her skirt, with her legs spread slightly, and seeing her barely there black G-string panties, with mesh front, seeing enough to tell that she was completely shaved.

Things like that happened all the time, and I honestly think that she got off on it. Then, out of the blue, she files a Sexual Harassment complaint against me. To say I was pissed, was a gross understatement.

I wouldn't talk to anybody for weeks. My boss wouldn't even try to come bother me. I just stuck to myself, and poured everything into work. On my off time, I was also looking for a new job.

Sales Reps were coming to me for help, and I was turning them away, sending them to my boss. I felt bad about it, because he was getting swamped, and the rest of the sale reps were having to wait, but I was getting screwed by one of them. I wasn't going to do anything that could pile onto the company's investigation.

With an office full of Sales Reps, the latest Sales Rep decided to try to be sneaky, and come to me. Of all people, it was Cynthia. The Bitch actually had the nerve to try to come ask for help, after she filed a Sexual Harassment Complaint against me!

“Kyle, Joe looks swamped, and I really need help. I heard that you weren't helping out anybody anymore, but do you think that you could help me out this one last time, Please? I really need this deal.” She begged as if everything was normal.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? You're the reason that I'm not helping people, because of your Bullshit H.R. complaint. I'm not even supposed to be talking to you right now.” I said, not believing the audacity of this girl. Then I got pissed. “Get the fuck out of my shop! If you fucking need help, get the fuck in line, and wait for Joe!”

Joe's office was in the corner of the shop, and my yelling grabbed the attention of several Sales Reps, and Joe himself. I was fuming. I looked over at Joe, who poked his head out of his office to see what all the yelling was about.

“I'm going the fuck home early.” I growled to him. Then looked back at a shocked Cynthia, in her eyes, without any issues, and just walked out.

I didn't really even give a shit anymore. It was Friday, I was pissed, I didn't need to be around there, and especially her. I clocked out on my computer, and stormed out. Joe didn't even say a thing to me.

I got into my truck, and left. The first stop that I made, was to the liquor store. Then I drove straight home.

I changed into a pair of shorts, made a drink, and flopped my ass onto the couch. I looked for something to calm myself down, and found a baseball game on. That was one good thing about leaving work early, I caught the 1 o'clock Yankees game, and it was against the Red Sox.

The game ended at 5. I was already almost halfway through the bottle. I had long left work at work, and a Yankees win just put me into an even better mood. But, I was getting hungry, and went searching for something to eat.

I found some burgers in the fridge. So, I fired up the grill, and got to cooking. After eating, I flopped back onto the couch, with a fresh drink. The alcohol, and the food was making me drowsy. I kept fighting it, watching the next game, Astros vs the Blue Jays.

Just as I was about to nod off, a knock on my door woke me back up. I was startled completely awake. A second knock alerted me as to why I was awake.

I groaned, and stood up, swaying a little bit. Then made my way to the door. I opened it to find Joe standing there.

“Hey Kyle, I just wanted to swing by, and see if you were alright. I've never seen, or even heard of, you flipping out like that. H.R. gave me the heads up about what's going on, and I'm here to tell you, that even they think the case is flimsy at best.” He said. “I'm not supposed to tell you this, but they think that it was just a ploy by her, to keep her job. Apparently, she's on the chopping block, and they think that this was an effort keep her job just a little longer.”

“And, in the meantime, I get a permanent record in my file, even if no evidence is there to support it.” I said. “Unless by some miracle, she retracts her complaint.”

“Even if it is, you're still at the top of the list to take my job. Hell, I have to fight for everything that I have now, just to keep you from just taking the job away from me.” He joked, trying to cheer me up. “Just keep your head up, and let this shit blow over. Trust me, everyone wants the old you back.”

“Sure, thanks for coming all the way out here.” I said.

He half smiled, and clapped me on the shoulder before he left. I live in a very secluded area, just on the outskirts of town. I knew that it was a hike for him to come out and check on me. I did appreciate the effort.

I waved as I watched him drive down the driveway. Then closed the door. All the drinking finally got to me. I really had to piss.

I just tucked my junk away, and flushed, when there was another knock at the door. I figured that Joe must have forgotten something.

“What did you forget?” I asked, opening the door. Then I got angry. “What the fuck are you doing here? How the fuck did you even find out where I live?”

Cynthia was standing there, holding a file folder in her hands.

“I followed Joe.” She said. “Please, I need your help. I asked Joe, but he was useless. They're about to fire me. Please, I'm sorry for filing that complaint, but I needed just a little more time to land this deal, and save my job. I need this job. I've over extended myself, and if I get fired, I'm going to lose everything.”

“And, why the fuck should I care?” I growled, and was sobering up quickly. “You getting fire will drop this complaint against me, immediately.”

“Because, I know that you're a really good guy, and I'm willing to do anything to make it up to you. Just please help me.” She begged.

“Really good guy, huh? Anything?” I asked, getting evil thoughts in my head, and full intending to act on them.

“Anything. My meeting is with them is on Monday.” She said.

“Strip.” I simply said.

“What?!” She asked, actually surprised.

“Take off all of your clothes.” I said, more plainly.

“If I take off all of my clothes, then, you'll help me?” She asked, sounding uncertain.

“No, that's just for starters. You'll have to do a lot more that just get naked, for me to help you.” I said.

“What else do I have to do?” Her voice trembled.

“Never mind, you're not serious about doing anything. So, you must not need my help all that badly. Good luck on Monday.” I said, starting to close the door.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait! Ok, I'll do it!” She panicked, getting me to open the door up again.

I didn't say anything. I just watched her, and waited. She hesitated a moment more, then started to slowly unbutton her blouse. Her hands were shaking, but she eventually got all four buttons undone.

I watched as she slipped her blouse off her shoulders, one at a time. She still had that file in her hand, so she had to. Then it hit the front porch.

She unzipped the back of her skirt, and let it fall down to her ankles. She reached between her breasts, that was almost spilling out of her thin lacy bra. With a snap of her fingers, her bra looked like it exploded out, as the cups came flying outward. She pulled it off her arms, and let it fall on the porch.

I was in heaven. Her tits seemed to defy gravity. They barely dropped when her bra came off, and that's some feat with the size that they were. I was careful not to show it.

She hooked the strings on her hips, and pushed her panties down, letting them fall down with her skirt. Then stepped out of them. Lastly, she kicked her heels off to the side.

She as stood there completely naked, with her arms down at her sides, and her auburn colored hair covering her eyes, as she was looking down. Everything was on display for me, and she looked even more incredible naked, then she did dressed up. But, she didn't seem like her confidant self at that moment.

“Leave the clothes. Come on in.” I said, causing her to look up a little.

She hesitantly took the first step. Then quickly hurried in past me. I closed the door, and followed her into the living room, watching her ass sway as she shuffled.

She stopped in the middle of the room. I passed her, sitting back down on the couch.

“You want my help? You follow my rules. You do whatever I tell you to. If, you don't, or even hesitate, the deal's off, you can walk your ass out of here, and get shit canned on Monday. Do you understand?” I asked, getting a head nod from her.

“Let me see the file.” I said.

She came over, standing just off to the side of me, holding the file out. I took it from her, and opened it. I started reading it, and only made it through the first few sentences before I got frustrated. There was already several technical errors in her presentation, and anybody who knew anything would have just walked out on her.

I sighed as I put the open folder down on the coffee table in front of me. Then I quickly reached up, and grabbed her nipple between the knuckle of my forefinger, and my thumb, squeezing it.

She screamed out in both pain, and surprise. She pressed her hands into the side of her thighs, fighting the urge to slap my hand away, or try to grab my wrist to pull it away.

“You've been working at this company for six months, and you still don't even have a clue as to the fucking basics.” I said calmly, watching her squeeze her eyes tight, and biting the inside of her lips to keep from crying out.

“We're going to play a game.” I told her. “You're going to lay across my lap while I read that piece of shit that you just handed me. And, every time I come across a mistake, I'm going to slap your ass. We're got to keep the game going until one of two things happens. Either you're going to get up and leave, in which I win, or you're going to stay there and take all of the spankings, in which you win. So, let's start.”

I pulled her nipple down, causing her to follow.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” She cried, as I pulled her face down onto my lap.

I positioned her right where I wanted her, before letting her nipple go, and picking up the file. I had my other hand resting on her ass. Then I started reading out loud.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

I had spanked her ten times before the first paragraph was done. Her ass was pink, and she was starting to squirm.

I reached fifty by the time I got halfway through the first page. Her ass was red, and she was crying and sobbing.

I reach a hundred by the time I got halfway through the second page. Her ass was deep red, my hand was stinging, and she was screaming, crying, and kicking her feet onto the couch.

I reached a hundred twenty-five by the end, and was seriously surprised that she stayed there. My hand was on fire, and I could see that her ass was too. She was full on crying. Her entire body was shaking, and she was hyperventilating.

I was running my hand over her ass, trying to get feeling back into my hand. I noticed that every time my hand reach the bottom of her ass, her legs would spread a little bit each time. I kept rubbing until her legs spread enough for me to fit my hand in between them.

I slipped my hand down in between her legs, and found that her pussy was soaked. I shoved my thumb up inside of her, and my other four fingers found her clit. It only took a few swipes of my fingers for her to cum into my hand. Her pussy exploded violently, showering my hand in her juices.

“Ung! Oh God!” She cried out, between sobs.

Her body locked up for a moment. Then went into sporadic convolutions. Her breath was heaving, and labored.

I pulled my hand out, and it was literally dripping off onto her ass. I slapped her ass with my other hand, getting a whimper out of her.

“Get up off me, and kneel down on the floor, at my feet.” I told her. She slid gingerly off my lap, and onto the floor.

She kneeled at my feet, looking down at her hand, that were on her knees. Her makeup and eyeliner was running down her face.

“Are you proud of this presentation?” I asked.

“No.” She said, meekly.

“Lick my hand clean, while I try to figure out how to fix this garbage.” I said, holding my hand out in front of her face.

To my surprise, she didn't even hesitate. She almost seemed to have an enthusiasm toward the task, as she sucked on one of my fingers, swirling her tongue around it.

All of this made me hard, but I wanted to wait a little longer for that. I was having fun just humiliating her. To see a normally confident woman reduced to this was fun, and I was almost getting a power high from it.

I made a few mental notes, trying my hardest to concentrate on the paper, instead of her mouth. All too soon, she was done cleaning my hand. I could feel it, but she continued with her task. I didn't want her efforts to be for nothing though.

“Go out into the kitchen, mix me a Jack and Coke, three fingers, bring it back out here, put it on the coffee table, and return back to this position.” I told her.

Then watched her as she got up, and went out into the kitchen. She was moving kind of gingerly still. Her ass was still blazing red.

I reached over and grabbed a pen off the end table. I was about to start writing some notes, when an idea struck me. I pulled off my shorts, and scooted a little closer to the end of the couch. Now I was as naked as her. I wanted to see her reaction when she came back into the room, and to see if she took up her first spot on the floor, or actually took the spot at my feet.

I started writing notes on the papers, and waited. She gasped she came back into the room. I might have only been blessed with average looks, but I was blessed with a huge dick. It was 12” long, hard, and just under 6” around, and I was as hard as a rock, with the head of my dick resting on my stomach.

I ignored her, continuing to write notes, and waiting to see what she would do. She stopped where she was before, for only a moment. Then came over, and leaning over me so that her tits were in my face, and placed my drink on the end table. Then knelt at my feet.

I continued to ignore her for a few minutes, but glanced at her a few times. She was looking at her hands a couple of times, and up at my dick a couple others.

“Make yourself useful, and suck my dick while I'm busy fixing this garbage.” I said, without taking my eyes off of the papers.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and quickly glanced over at her. Her face was as red as her ass, but she went for it.

Her tiny fingers gently wrapped around the middle of my shaft, pulling my dick out towards her. Then she placed the head into her mouth, sealing her lips around it. She slowly started to swallow it, swirling her tongue around it, coating it as it entered further into her mouth.

She got a little less than half way down onto my cock, before it bumped the back of her throat. Her body lurched as her gag reflex kicked in, and she coughed, sending spit and drool down the shaft of my dick.

She used her other hand, and jerked the bottom half of my dick, as she suck the top half. It felt ok, and I let it go on for a little while before I said anything about it.

“I said suck my dick, not jerk me off.” I said, not even looking up.

She took her hands off my dick, and placed them back on her knees. My dick was still in her mouth, and her head started to bob.

She was playing it safe, and only taking me into her mouth as far as she did when her hands were helping her.

“So, you're going to half ass that, like you did with this fucking paper?” I asked, with an edge to my voice.

She readjusted her position, getting higher up on her knees, and put some more into her dick sucking. She kept smashing the back of her throat down onto the tip of my dick every time, causing her whole body to lurch and gag.

I kept making notes, letting that go on for another ten minutes. It was a real boost to my ego, but it wasn't getting me any closer to cumming.

“You're fucking worthless. You can't do up a fucking presentation right, and you can't even give a decent fucking blowjob correctly. You seem to need help with even that.” I said, scolding her. “So, here it is. If you don't get your lips wrapped around the base of my cock in the next ten minutes, I'm going to bend you over this fucking couch, and fuck that sore ass of yours, using only the fucking spit and drool that you've coated my dick with for lube. Then after I've thoroughly pounded your ass, I'm going to force my whole cock into that lying mouth of yours, until your lips are wrapped around the base. I'm taking my own fucking time to help your worthless ass, the least you can do is show a little gratitude.”

She closed her eyes, with my dick still in her mouth, and shivered. Then put some more gusto into it. She was desperately trying to bust the head of my cock past the back of her throat with every swallow. She didn't even waste any time with pulling my dick out of her mouth to cough. She just coughed through her nose, and kept at it.

I stopped writing notes, put down the file and pen, and watched her desperately trying to get me into her throat. With a minute left, she even grabbed my ass, and pulled, to try to force it in.

“Times up.” I said, pulling her hair to take her face off of my dick.

I still held her hair when I stood up, pulling her up to her feet with me.

“Oh God no! Please, please just give me another couple of minutes?! I almost got it! I just need a little bit more time!” She begged, almost panicking, as I pulled her up onto the couch, leaning on the back of it.

“If you're not ready on Monday, and you ask them for an extension, will you get the sale?” I asked, letting go of her hair, and lifting her ass up a little.

“No.” She cried, as I placed the head of my dick onto her tight little hole.

“Then this is a teachable moment.” I said, starting to press forward. She reached back, trying to push back on my hips or legs. I took both of her arms, pulling them behind her back, crossed. To her credit, she didn't move them again, even when I let them go to pull on her hips.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!” She cried, repeating herself over and over as I increased pressure. “Please be gentle? This is my first time.”

“Lessons are supposed to be painful. That's how we learn.” I said, pulling back on her hips, and thrusting mine forward.

The head of my cock busted in, followed by a few inches of my shaft. Cynthia screamed out in pain, and cried. I gave her no time to get accommodated, as I pushed a couple more inches in. She screamed the whole time, begging incoherently, as I started sawing into her ass, drilling more of my cock up into her ass.

I didn't stop until my entire cock was up in her ass, and my hips were sealed to her ass cheeks. I could feel the heat radiating from them still. Her voice was sounding a little scratchy from all of the crying and screaming that she was doing.

But, she never said to stop. Nor did she even try to pull away. She stayed kneeling on the couch, with her hands behind her back, and took whatever I dished out to her.

I only waited for a moment before I pulled back. She calmed down a little When I did. I pulled until only the head was left inside, the reverse myself, drilling back into her. Her screaming and crying kicked back up when that happened.

I started off slow, taking long full strokes for a while. I waited for her hysteria to dial down. Then I picked up the pace, and add a little more force. She grunted and groaned as I drilled into her. Then yelped and whimpered when my hips slapped off of her ass.

Finally, when I felt her loosen up a little, I reached around and squeezed her tits as hard as I could, and really started hammering into her. She clamped her mouth shut, to keep from crying aloud. She made a steady humming sound as she tried to keep in her crying, with a high pitched noise whenever I slapped up against her ass.

I really did want to feed her my cock after I pulled it out of her ass, but her ass felt too good for me to stop, and with a final thrust, I pulled on her tits as hard as I could, burying my cock up her ass as far as possible, and unleashed what felt like a gallon of cum up into her bowels.

She let out a continuous high pitched scream, and I felt her asshole pulsating around the base of my dick, and something wet spraying all over my thighs.

Then I felt her go limp. After the last rope of cum plastered her insides, I loosened my hold on her tits, and she slid sideways, down the back of my couch, until she was laying on her side. I could see her tits heaving with every breath that she took. So I knew that she was alive.

I pulled my cock out of her ass, leaving it gapping wide. I never fucked a chic in the ass before. None of the women that I ever slept with would ever let me, because of my size. So, I was watching hers still pulsing a little, and slowly closed. Just before it closed all the way, a gob of my cum pushed out, and trickled down her ass cheek.

I went out onto the front porch, and gathered all of her clothes, bringing them inside. I used her blouse to clean up my cum off her ass, and her cum off of both of our legs.

I scooped her up into my arms, causing her to moan a whimper in her sleep, and carried her up to my bed. I tucked her in, and headed back downstairs. I pulled out my Surface Pro, and got to work.

It was well past midnight, and I finished the rest of my bottle, before I called it a night. I locked up, and shut everything down. Then went up to bed. I crawled into bed next to Cynthia, and passed out.

I was woken up a couple of times throughout the night. The first time was when Cynthia scooted back into me. Her ass bumped into my hip, and she let out a whimper. The second was when I was on my back, and she rolled over to snuggle up to me. Her tit pressed into my side, and she whimpered again.

I woke up late morning with her still snuggled up to me, kissing and licking my nipple, and stroking my cock, which was already hard.

“Good morning.” She purred, once she noticed that I was awake. “We never got to finish what we started last night. I'm sorry. I passed out.”

“You seriously want more?” I asked, causing her to giggle.

“I know. Nuts, huh?” She smiled. “I seriously thought about walking out last night, a few times.”

“What made you stay?” I asked, causing her to sigh.

“My parents never punished me, and every guy I've ever dated has treated me like fine China. I know that I'm beautiful, I've been told so my whole life, and everybody feels the need to preserve beauty.” She said. “But, last night, you saw right through that, and gave me what I needed, what I deserved. What I did to you was pretty shitty, and I deserved to be punished for it. I knew that. The humiliation was bad enough, but once the pain started, I was ready to walk out. Then something happened. I reached a point where I started to enjoy the pain and degradation. It actually turned me on. You turned me on. You were so commanding, and authoritative. You gave me what I deserved, and told me what should have been told to me long ago.”

“So, you liked what happened last night?” I asked.

“I think that I fell in love with you last night.” She said, with all seriousness.

“Love me?!” I asked, taken aback.

“Love hurts sometimes.” She said, nipping at my nipple.

I yanked her off by her hair, and kissed her forcefully. She melted into me, as she kissed me back. I reached down, and grabbed her ass, causing her to yelp.

“I think you bruised my ass last night.” She said, looking down at her tits. “I know you bruised these.”

I looked at her tits, and there were bruises. I rolled her onto her stomach, and flipped the blanket down. Her ass was covered with them.

“Yeah, you're going to feel it for a while.” I said. “If it's any consolation, my hand is still sore.”

“Yeah, that's a big help.” She laughed, pushing me onto my back. Then moved between my legs. “I was so close last night.”

Then she picked up my dick, and put it into her mouth. She started blowing me like she first did the night before. Then she quickly moved on to what she was doing before I ass fucked her.

She took my hands, and placed them onto the back of her head. Then pushed on them, hinting at what she wanted me to do.

She went at it again. I let her have at it for a while. Then, when she least suspected it, I shoved her head. The head of my dick busted past the back of her throat, and into it. Her nose quickly got buried in my pubic hair, and her chin was brushing my nut sack.

It surprised her at first, but then she instantly got excited. She brushed my hands off her head, and started really sucking my dick. It was the first time that any woman was able to deep throat me, and I was in heaven. I just laid back, and enjoyed it.

She blew me for almost half an hour. She pulled my dick out of her mouth, looking up at me in disappointment.

“Am I not doing it right?” She asked, hoarsely.

“High stamina.” I said, pulling her up next to me.

I spooned her, reaching down between us, and moving my dick to her pussy. She was wet, but it was still a tight fit for me. I had to work it in a little at a time, until I was pressed into her ass.

She whimpered when I was against her ass, even more so when I started playing with her tits. But, once I actually started fucking her, the whimpering quickly turned to moaning. I used one hand to play with her tits, and the other to hold her hair as I was kissing and sucking on the back of her neck.

It wasn't long before she came. Then I really started fucking her, long and hard. I didn't stop until I came. She came three more times while I was fucking her, and a final time when I came inside of her.

“Holy shit!” She said. “I am definitely in love.”

We laid there for a good long while, before getting up, and showering together. She wore one of my t-shirts after the shower, which was way too big for her, but it covered her ass. Then she made breakfast for me.

While she was in the kitchen, I pulled out my Surface Pro, reviewed what I did the night before, and finished everything else after that. I was done before she even brought out my food, and had it saved onto a thumb drive.

We spent the rest of the day talking about everything, except for work. Work never came up at all. That night, we fucked and sucked until well after midnight. She even rode me in her ass.

The next day, she had to go home to get some errands done. She got dressed in the clothes that she came over in Friday night, even with the cum stain on her blouse.

I walked out to her car, and kissed her goodbye. Then handed her the thumb drive.

“What's this?” She asked.

“Your presentation.” I told her.

“Holy shit! I've been so wrapped up in us, that I totally forgot about this. Thank you, Baby.” She said, giving me another kiss.

Then she got in her car, and left. I fiddled around the house all day. Then went to bed early. I was exhausted from the weekend.

I showed up at work the next morning feeling more like my old self than I had in weeks. I knew that Cynthia had her presentation first thing in the morning. I got a call from H.R. just after lunch, telling me that the Sexual Harassment Complaint had been dropped and expunged from my file.

I didn't see or hear from Cynthia at all that day. I showed up at work the next day, to find a long wrapped box sitting on my desk. The card on it read, “To protect your hand".

There was no name, but I knew who it was from. I chuckled when I opened the box to find a riding crop.

Word spread around the building that Cynthia nailed it, and made the biggest deal the company had ever had before. It was also announced that she had been promoted up to National Accounts because of it.

I didn't hear anything from her at all again that day.

I just finished dinner that night, when there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find Cynthia standing there, naked, with a file folder in her hand.

“I'm sorry that I haven't had time to see you, but they promoted me, and had me hit the ground running.” She said, looking downward. “Did you get my present?”

“Yeah, it's sitting on my coffee table.” I said.

“Well, I was hoping that you would be able to take a look at this presentation, and tell me what you think?” She asked, still looking downward, but with a slight gin.

She moved in a month later.


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I would have loved to see her humiliate in public, but was pleased enough at the outcome.


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I had an unfounded S H complaint filed against me, but the other women in our dept. spoke against the complainant and she was reprimanded, the complaint dropped and expunged.

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