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This is an extremely graphic cannibalism story, be warned, if you don't like this sort of thing, then don't read it and downvote it. Once again, I do not support the acts committed in this "story."
One day I came home from work early, and only my younger sister was there getting dinner ready. She looked up at me as I walked into the kitchen and said: "hey Mark, your home early, meh, oh well, mom and dad are both going to be working all weekend, but I've already got tonight's dinner in the oven, so that's covered."

"Your an angel," I said as I walked up and hugged her in response, "I'll tell you what. I'll cook dinner for the next two nights to make up for it."

I love hugging my younger sister. She's been keeping herself fit as physically possible without getting over ripped ever since first hitting puberty. Yes, she squats. On top of that, she has model looks, long blonde hair, and D-cup breasts.

Needless to say, after hugging her, I retired to my bedroom for a quick visit to the masturbation station.

That visit didn't take me very long though, and I was soon up and about again hoping for dinner to be ready soon, it smelled delicious.


"This is great, Claire," I said, smiling across the table at my sister.

"Thanks," she replied, "I was unsure if it would go alright seeing as how I was trying something new, but experiments are required for improvements, heh heh- Oh crap…"

"Don't worry sis; I'll grab it?" I said as Claire dropped her steak knife. I bent over to retrieve the steak knife from my side of the table, and in the process, my head dipped below the table to see the most glorious sight ever to behold my eyes.

Claire was sitting there in a tiny tank top and a mini denim skirt but not a single thing else. From my position under the table, I had a perfect view of my sister's moist pussylips and her rock hard nipples.

What the fuck was going on here?

"Here's your knife," I said, popping my head back up.

"Thanks for finding it for me, you know how shit my eyes get in the dark."

I could've sworn her face was bright red with embarrassment, did she do that on purpose?



Seeing as how it was the weekend, we both decided to stay up and stream a movie. I let Claire decide as she usually has pretty good taste.

About halfway through the movie, there was a pretty hardcore sex murder scene that, to be honest, gave me a semi. But what freaked me out more was, when I looked over at Claire, she was gently rubbing herself downstairs.

"Claire?" I ventured. She quickly snapped around, looking incredibly guilty. "Do you get into that kinda stuff? Like, does it turn you on?"

"kinda…" she admitted.

Holy shit!

"So do you just like watching people get hurt?" I pressed, "or is there more to it than that?"

"Okay, I'm gonna tell you something that I've told another living being okay?"

"Okay," I confirmed.

"I've always had a bit of rape fantasy. I don't know what's wrong with me, but the thought of someone forcing me against my will and taking things way too far has always made me extremely aroused." There was that guilty expression again.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but her expression only confirmed it.


Later that night as I lay in bed tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, my mind kept drifting back to early that night when my HOT AS FUCK little sister, as good as asked me to rape her. What was I contemplating here, was I really considering going ahead with my fantasy of all these years.

I started stroking my cock, thinking about the glorious sight from earlier that night, but for some reason, even after flogging my Johnson for two hours straight. The memory of that extraordinary moment did nothing for me.

"God damn you Claire and your forbidden knowledge," I whispered to myself, "Yes that's right, God damn YOU! You're the one at fault here, not me."

I sat up in bed, cock still hard as fuck, and not coming down anytime soon. Not with what I was about to do anyway.

I opened the door and went into the kitchen.

It was quite tricky, but eventually, I found the exact same steak knife that Claire had dropped earlier that night.

Then I walked drunkenly towards my sister's room, high on the knowledge of what I was about to do to her.

I stood in place before her door, psyching myself up for the evening, then with one hand, I reached out to open her door quietly…


She lay splayed out across her queen-sized mattress in nothing but a thong and tiny t-shirt.

I gazed upon her incredible visage as I slowly removed every single article of clothing that I wore and was left standing like a tripod in the middle of her room.

It was time...


"Hi Claire, guess what? Tonight we're going to act out your biggest fantasy. Are you excited?"

I had jumped on top of her and held the steak knife to her throat.

"Aiiiiggggghhhhh!!!" She screamed for a couple of seconds before I pushed the knife blade in deeper against her neck, that shut her up quick.

"Mark" she whispered, her eyes glancing up at mine in fear, "I only told YOU that because you're the one person who I thought would never touch me."

"Well I guess your wrong," I said, giving her a large creepy fake smile.

Then I took the steak knife and as slowly as I could, I cut a deep line from my sister's shoulder to her elbow.

She started screaming as soon as I began.

"Ah… No!… DON'T!… ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!… Please, PLEASE! STOP!…NOOOOOOO!… STOP CUTTING MEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee… ah… ahh… ahhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhh!… So, much, p-p-pain… t-t-the, p-p-pain… i-i-it, f-f-feels… G-G-good?"

"So you like it when I hurt your Godlike body, huh? Good, because that was only the beginning."

She lay there whimpering like a little bitch, holding her bleeding arm, so I gave her a full force backhand which made her shut up immediately.

"Claire, I've desired your body for a very long time now, to the point where what you told me was like an okay sign. You see, I saw your cunt when I bent over to retrieve your steak knife; this is the very same knife, poetic, don't you think?"

"Mark," she said, suddenly look very serious, "I want you to hurt me more, But if I tell you to stop, I want you to keep going. I want you to hurt me as much as you can, okay?"

"Okay," I replied, I didn't think she knew quite the extent of what she was asking of me, but I was more than happy to go along with it.

"Okay, Claire, guess what? Now I'm going to remove your fingers. One, by, one."

The look she gave was priceless.

"No mark, I meant, like, hit me and punch me and kick me."

"Unfortunately Claire, you told me not to stop, even if you say no."

With that, I grabbed the hand of her untarnished arm and proceeded to saw her fingers off, one, by, one.

Ah, the screams, they made me harder than I could have ever imagined.

"I think it's time we fuck, don't you agree, little sis?"

"No!... I said, hurt me!... Not torture and rape me you sadistic bastard," She gave me a look of hatred.

"Oh, Claire, but we've only just begun. I'm going to fuck you all weekend, and at the end, when mom and dad get home. Well, let's hope that dad understands my mindset."

With that, I ripped off her mini T-shirt and thong, and there it was, that dripping wet cunt.

"Looks like having your fingers cut off made you really slippery down there. That's good; I have quite a large package to fit in your cunthole, it's going to need all of the lubrication physically possible. Ready?"

I placed my knob just inside the entrance to her cunt and slowly eased it in, enjoying every single second of it as I penetrated my hot little sister.

"Hey Claire, we can't go back anymore, see, we just committed incest, and that's a crime that no one forgives.

So I guess, I'll have to fuck your brains out then."

With that, I started pumping her cunt mercilessly, every minute or two; I would punch her in the face or give her a quick slice here or there.

Before long she was nothing but a bleeding, screaming, hot as fuck, mess.

"You're not going to last much longer like that are you, Claire?" I asked, momentarily pausing to catch my breath.

"Please… stop…" she whimpered, her eyes begging.

"You know, I've always wanted to try sashimi, " I said.

She just looked at me for a few seconds, before it dawned on her and a look came over her face of pure unadulterated fear.

She looked into my eyes, and I looked back into her's hungrily. I licked my lips as I bent forward slowly, making sure to maintain eye contact the entire time. I wrapped my lips around her right nipple and took a large amount of the breast into my mouth then bit down hard.

Her eyes glazed over with pure pain the moment it happened. She started going into seizures as I resumed ploughing her relentlessly while chewing up and swallowing a fair portion of her right breast. It tasted odd, but breasts are mostly fat, so, what could I do.


Eat more.

I continued to feast on Claire's right breast until there was nothing left of it.

Then I rolled off my sister for a rest while I waited for her to regain consciousness.


"Claire... Claire?... Are you awake, sis?" I asked, spying Claire's eyes flickering open.

She had been passed out for a lot longer than I thought she would be, having gone into seizures of pain/ecstasy over three hours ago.

"ow..." she whimpered, trying to open her eyes fully.

Then she made the mistake of looking down to where her right breast should be and shrieked long and painfully.

"Oh... Yes... Right... I ate your right breast, Sis. It was really kind of odd in taste and texture, but, it's done now, and there's nothing you can do to spare it, it's already starting to make its way into my digestive tract."

she looked back at me with horror, as if not quite able to comprehend what I was saying.

"What is wrong with you, I wanted you to hit me a couple of times, not torture me you psychotic fuck!"

It was time for more.

"Okay, time for round two, now what bit should I eat next?" I asked, climbing back on top of her to resume pumping her cunt.

"Please don't eat anymore of me," pleaded Claire.

"Nope, too bad, you look too good to pass up," I said.

Then, once again maintaining eye contact, I bent forward and took a large bite out of her shoulder, where I had first started cutting.

This time Claire managed to stay conscious, though the shrieks of pain were immense.

Blood ran down my lips as I chewed her shoulder meat, just the knowledge of that fact spurring me into pounding her cunt faster and harder than ever before. I was pretty sure we both had thoroughly bruised hips now.

I swallowed than opened my mouth and gave claire a broad smile.

"Mmm... yummy," I said, licking my lips.

"Why!... What is wrong with you!... You freak!"

I could feel it starting to build now, this was going to be the biggest orgasm I would ever experience.

Faster and faster now, I was taking large mouthfuls of flesh from her body and quickly chewed and swallowed them.


I could feel it, here it was, I was cummin, Cumming CUMMING!!!

Huge wads of semen poured out of my cock deep into her ruined cunthole and started overflowing out the sides.

"So Claire, how dow you feel?" I asked, giving her a wide bleeding smile.

But, Claire just stared back at me blankly, not a single spark of life left in her eyes.

Now I had two more day's before my parents returned home in which I could fuck and eat my sister's body. I only hoped the flesh would last that long.


Two day's later dad returned first.

I made sure I was careful when I knocked out and tied him to one of the dining room chairs.

Then mom arrived home, and I captured and tied her up as well.


"Hi, mom, dad. First of all, before I bring out what I have to show you, I just want to tell you a little something about your daughter and her sexual appetites. You see, your super hot, younger daughter, likes to be hurt. So much so, that she gets sexual gratification out of it. Alas, this eventually ended up in what I have to show you."

I then left the room for a short while to retrieve my sister's remains.

Mom and dad were gagged, so the look on there face when I brought out Claire's mutilated naked body.

"Now dad, I am going to make you watch while I do what I did to Claire again, only this time I'm going to fuck and eat mom... heh...heh."
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