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Previous Chapter - Amber and her friends decide to go all out to get candy on Halloween!

You asked for a sequel, so here you are. Please let me know what you like about my stories and what could be improved.

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The Little Halloween Sluts 2 (fff, Ffff, Mfff,m+fff, M+ff, exhibitionists, young)

Summary – Amber, Darla and Tina are down to their last hour of Halloween Trick-Or-Treats! What will they do to get even more candy?

Previous Chapter - Amber and her friends decide to go all out to get candy on Halloween!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

The three sexy young girls walked down the dark, shadowy street on Halloween night. It was their second time out this evening, having already once emptied their heavy bags of hard-earned candy.

The glow from the street lights dimly illuminated the three friends; Amber, the blonde, sexy nurse; Tina, the raven haired, gothic-cheerleader, and Darla, the redheaded, naughty-schoolgirl. They were dressed very provocatively, knowing it would get them much more candy. They had already done some very naughty things this evening, and the three horny sluts were scheming to get even more treats!

“Would you really lick a cock to get more candy, Amber?” Darla asked, wondering if Amber was really serious about getting more candy by using their young bodies for sex. It was one thing to show off their tits and pussy to get candy, but to really have sex; just for a chocolate bar?

“Sure! Halloween only comes once a year!” Amber replied. “I’ve already jacked-off one guy tonight.” Amber fondly recalled the Creeper’s cock spurting into her hand. “So why not? As long as I get a lot of candy, that is,” she added.

“Yeah,” Darla said. “Besides, girls do that kind of stuff all the time!”

“I heard that in the school parking lot, a lot of the guys get blow-jobs in their cars before classes start,” Amber added, repeating a rumor she had heard.

“What’s a blow-job?” Tina asked.

“Oh, my cousin Jimmy told me all about blow-jobs. That is when you lick and suck a cock, pretending your mouth is a pussy. You kinda fuck a boy’s cock with your mouth and your tongue, I guess.”

“Oh!” said Tina, trying to imagine how to turn her mouth into a pussy.

“Jimmy tried to make me give him one once, but I was too scared. He did feel my tits a lot though!”

“So, if a lot of girls give the boys blow-jobs before class, I guess it’s OK for us to do it then,” Tina realized. She was horny enough to suck a cock right now. “Besides, sperm does taste pretty good.” she added.

“It sure does!” said Amber, remembering the salty-sweet taste of the candy-eating ‘Creepers’ warm cum.

“Man, it is starting to get cold!” Amber said, feeling the chill on her scantily clad body. She hugged herself for warmth.

“I know,” added Darla. “I can feel the breeze on my naked puss!” She clamped her legs together as she walked. The three young girls had decided to take off their damp panties only moments ago.

“Me too,” said Tina, shivering, “And my butt is freezing!”

“Me three,” said Amber. “I know! More bouncing and titty shaking at the next house; that should warm us up!”

The young girls walked briskly to the next street, kicking through a pile of fallen leaves on the sidewalk, their heels clicking on the cold concrete. The smell of fallen leaves and the fall dampness filled their nostrils. The moon was full and the streets were filled with shadows and the distant sounds of excited, squealing children.

They ran up to the first house on the new street. “Trick-Or-Treat!” they yelled. A grown-up woman answered the door; to the girl’s disappointment. Men gave them a lot of candy after staring at their young, firm titties, but the women usually frowned at them for dressing up so slutty and gave them only single piece of candy.

“Wow, you girls look very sexy tonight,” the lady said. “I bet you are really making a haul!” She gave each of them a large handful of treats. Tina noticed the lady staring at her hardened nipples.

“Miss, can I have some more candy,” Tina asked. She saw the way the lady was ogling her titties, just like all of the men had been doing all night.

“Why, do you have a sick little brother at home?” the older lady asked. “I’ve heard that line three times already tonight.”

“No, I just really like candy,” Tina said, “Please?” She jumped up and down, making her tiny breasts jiggle.

“Well…,” the lady said, staring at her bouncing puffy nipples and budding breasts.

“We really, really like candy,” Tina continued. As the lady looked at her, Tina reached up and pinched her nipples, making them hard. Her huge, puffy nipples poked thru her thin halter-top. She whispered, “You can see my titties for another handful of candy…”

The lady immediately grabbed a handful of candy and thrust it into Tina’s open bag, just to see what the little slut would do. Tina lowered her top and showed off her hard, fat nipples and tiny little breasts.

“Ohhh!” The lady gasped. Her pussy suddenly got damp.

“Now me!” Darla said, opening her bag wide. “You can see my tits too!” The lady tossed a handful into Darla’s bag. Darla shook her big titties free. Her breasts flopped back and forth, her nipples hardened immediately in the cold night air.

“My turn,” said Amber. Another large handful of candy disappeared inside of her bag. Amber lifted up her tank-top putting her firm breasts on full display. Her peach sized tits and hard nipples made the lady cream in her pants.

“Ohhhhh! My, you sweet, naughty, little things!” the lady exclaimed, staring at the three sets of perfect young breasts in front of her. She reached down and rubbed her cunt thru her yoga pants.

“Do you want us to lift up our skirts too?” Amber asked her. The lady froze. “Two handfuls of candy each,” she wisely negotiated. Seeing the lady struggling, Amber knew exactly what to do; she whispered, “We’re not wearing any panties!”

The lady nodded franticly and the girls held out their bags, their young tits still hanging out. The cold air made their nipples as hard as little pebbles. The lady shoved handfuls of candy into their bags until her bowl was empty. Each girl dropped her bag and pulled up their skirt. Darla first; her bald slit and slight patch of red hair glistened in the moonlight. Amber next; her slit damp and shiny. Tina last, her bald twat looking tasty and inviting. Tina reached down and pulled her slit apart, letting the lady see deeply into her pink hole.

“Ohhhh,” the lady moaned, sliding her hand into her panties and rubbing herself furiously, feeling her cunt flood and her knees go weak as she came to the glorious site of the three young sets of tits and bare teenage pussies. She leaned against the doorway and moaned again, still staring and feeling another mini-orgasm wash over her.

“Thanks, lady!” Amber said politely, after watching the sweet woman orgasm. She dropped her skirt and tucked away her breasts. Darla and Tina did the same. As they walked away, Tina turned and asked, “Do you have any more candy?”

The exhausted lady shook her head ‘No.’

“Too bad…,” Tina replied. She really liked that lady. She reminded her of her gym teacher at school. The door closed and the porch light turned off behind them.

As they walked to the next house, Tina said, “I think that lady wanted to suck our tits and lick our twats!”

“Yeah, me too!” agreed Darla.

“What? You want to suck our tits and lick our twats too, Darla?” Amber teased, putting a different meaning on her friend’s words.

“Whatever,” Darla said, “I’m so fucking horny right now!” She reached down and rubbed her naked cunt under her school-girl skirt. Then, she held up her hand into the soft, night light from the shining full-moon and street-light. Her hand was wet and shiny. “I told you I’d have pussy-juice running down my leg if I took off my panties,” she whined.

“Wow, you are really juicy, Darla!” Tina said, looking at her friend’s pussy-juice covered hand.

“Yeah, really slippery for the dick-ery, doc!” Amber said. Her friends snorted and laughed, chuckling at their old, inside joke on the ancient nursery rhyme.

“Come on, I’m getting cold!”Darla said. “Maybe we should do jumping-jacks at the next house!”

“Let’s run then, to keep warm,” Tina suggested. She too was feeling cold, barely dressed in the quickly cooling night air.

The girls jogged to the next house, trying to keep themselves warm in their skimpy outfits, their heels quickly clicking on the cold walkway all the way to the front porch.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” they shouted!

A young-adult man answered the door, smiling at his good fortune. “Why, hello there!” the man said.

“Trick-Or-Treat!” the girls shouted, louder than before, shivering and bouncing harder than ever!

The man reached over to his table. He had two bowls of candy. One with inexpensive candy, for the older kids and the baby-mammas, and another bowl of full-sized candy bars. He grabbed three of the bars and displayed them with a flourish before dropping them into their bags.

“Thank you!” the girls said, then, all of them thought alike and said as a team, “Can we have more, please?”

“More?” The man said, quizzically. Most children were grateful for the extra special treats. “Sorry, girls, only one per customer.” He started to close the door.

“Want to see our tits?” Darla said, before the door closed.

The man paused. He considered what he just heard. He not only left the door opened, he opened it wider. He looked at the little girls expectantly.

“You can see our pussies, too!” Tina added excitedly. His candy was excellent, after all!

“Tina!” Amber hissed. She wanted a treat for her tits, and another treat for showing her pussy. Tina was giving everything away all at once!

The door opened even wider. The man looked at the sweet, young, sexy girls. Darla pulled out her tits and thrust her opened bag at him. He slowly dropped a candy bar into her bag. She pulled up her skirt and showed him her bare muffin. Darla and Tina followed. A large, full sized candy bar dropped into each of their bags.

“Thank you girls, that was very…, nice.” He stammered. He started to close the door again.

“Can we have some more?” Amber asked, holding her bag with one hand and squeezing her naked breast with the other.

“Uh, I’ve already seen everything you got, girls. I need this candy for the other kids…”

“Tell you what, give us three more bars apiece, and we will give you a blow-job…, deal?” Amber said.

The man was shocked. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. His cock was already hard. He stared at the three sets of tits in front of him. Amber licked her lips. He nodded his head ‘yes’.

“Candy first, then pull out your cock!” Amber instructed.

The man obeyed. Trance-like, he filled their bags and turned off his porch light to keep the other kids away. He slowly undid his belt and dropped his pants. His cock stood out from his crotch in the cold October air. Amber didn’t waste any time and quickly gripped it, leaned in and began to lick his cock-head.

“This is so cool!” Darla said, watching the action in the moon-light.

“He is way bigger than the ‘Creeper!’” said Tina, admiring his cock and heavy ball-sack. The man’s cock was thick and long. His balls and crotch were covered in a thick patch of dark pubic hair.

Amber gripped the man’s shaft and licked his head once more. “Tina, play with his balls! Darla, show him your titties and pussy, we have to hurry!” She put her lips over his cock and sucked it deep into her hot mouth. She pulled it out and looked at the man.

“Hey, Mister, we’ve never sucked a cock before, so if we are not doing it right, let us know, OK?” Amber said, before sucking his cock into her mouth again.

“Ohhhhh,” the man moaned. He felt Amber’s hot mouth on his cock. Tina’s tiny fingers tickled his nut-sack. Darla played with her huge tits, pinching them, groping them and jiggling them up and down.

“Oh, yeah, suck it, little girl.” He instructed. “Watch the teeth! Up and down, just like that! Lick it, lick the head some more! Suck my balls…, gently! Go as deep as you can! Yeah, that’s the way!” Three slutty virgins were on his front porch, sucking, licking and slurping his cock. He was in Halloween-heaven!

“My turn, Amber,” Tina said. She wanted to suck some cock too. When Amber didn’t respond, Tina said louder, “Quit hogging all of the cock, Amber!”

Amber pulled her lips reluctantly off of the man’s cock with a loud ‘smack’ sound. “OK, Tina, your turn!” she moved out of the way to let Tina experience some cock- sucking. “Darla, do you want to lick and suck his balls while I show him my titties?”

“Sure!” said Darla. She dropped to her knees and began to play with the man’s heavy ball-sack. Tentatively, at first, then she became more aggressive, hefting them, tickling them, licking them and finally sucking one ball, then the other one. A pubic hair got stuck between her teeth, and she only paused for a moment to remove it, then continued licking and sucking on the man’s balls.

Amber watched the action in front of her, groping her breasts and starting at her friends and the man’s cock. She couldn’t help it, and began to rub her juicy cunt. The man looked at Amber, then the girls in front of him, then at Amber again.

Tina pulled her lips off of the man’s cock and offered the shiny shaft to Darla. Darla began to suck and lick his throbbing cock while Tina returned to playing with his balls again. She liked the way his balls felt in her hands; warm, soft and hairy. She cupped them and tickled him behind his sack.

The man watched the three horny sluts working on his cock. He felt the cum rising from his nuts, coaxed by Tina’s gentle massaging. Darla sucked him deep and jacked his shaft like she had watched Amber do it to the Creeper. Amber played with her titties and rubbed her slit. She was so close to cumming!

“I’m gonna cum,” the man said.

“Oh! I gotta see this!” Amber said, and dropped to her knees. Three sets of lips worked on his cock, each of them waiting for the sweet tasting sperm to erupt into their mouths.

The first blast filled Darla’s mouth just as she kissed the tip of his cock-head. It surged passed her opened lips and splashed on her tongue. She immediately pushed the spurting cock to Tina, who opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and received two full blasts into her mouth. Amber immediately clamped her mouth over the his cock head - to get her fair share - and moved her mouth up and down, determined to give the man his candy’s worth. The final four spurts filled her mouth and she swallowed it down with a gulp.

“Ahhh!” Amber exclaimed. “Not as sweet as the Creeper’s cum, but still, pretty good!”

“Yeah!” said Darla, wishing she had more cum to taste. “It was nice and warm too!” she added, shivering.

“Yeah!” said Tina, rolling her tongue around in her mouth, searching for more of the salty goo hidden behind her teeth.

The girls got up and put away their breasts, licking their lips and adjusting themselves.

“Thanks for the candy, mister!” Amber said, grabbing her bag and turning around.

“Yeah, thanks, mister!” Darla said, giving the man a final flash of her ass as she bounced off of the porch.

“Yeah, and thanks for the cum, too!” Tina added, giggling. The girls walked away, so proud of themselves. Five full-sized candy bars, just for showing off their tits, pussies and sucking on a guy’s cock!

“That was amazing!” Tina said. “Did you notice how his balls tightened up just before he came?”

“No, but I felt his cock get a little bigger and harder!” Darla added. “That first shot of sperm almost made me choke! I didn’t know guys could shoot their stuff so hard!”

“I can’t wait for the next one!” Amber said, excitedly. “Five candy bars each!”

The girls didn’t have long to wait. Coming towards them on the street was a boy they knew from school, dressed up as Batman.

“Amber, Darla, and is that you Tina?” he said, “You girls look hot! I can’t believe your parents let you out dressed like that!”

“Thanks, Jimmy!” Amber said. “Our parents don’t know, and you better not tell them!”

“I won’t, don’t worry,” Jimmy said. He tried not to stare at their tits.

“Wow, Jimmy, you have a lot of candy!” Amber said, noticing his heavy sack.

“Yeah, you too!” Jimmy said.

“Why don’t you give me some of your candy, Jimmy?” Amber said sweetly.

“No way!” Jimmy replied. “I worked really hard for this!” He held up his bag, showing the girls how full it was.

“I’ll let you see my tits, Jimmy,” Amber said softly, “For a couple of handfuls of your candy.”

“Huh? Your tits? I can almost see them now!” He replied. “Besides, I see my sister’s tits all the time, and hers are not much smaller than yours!”

“How about if I let you see my pussy too, Jimmy.” Amber said, turning up the heat.

“I can see my sister’s pussy all the time! No deal!” Jimmy said, not wanting to give up any of his hard-earned loot.

Amber thought hard and then decided. “I’ll give you a blow-job for all of your candy, Jimmy.”

“A blow-job? You’ll suck my dick for all my candy?” Jimmy’s little sister never offered to suck his cock for him. He was intrigued.

“Yep, I sure will!” Amber said. “I’ll suck you and lick you until you come in my mouth, and, if we hurry, you will still have time to get more candy.”

“OK, but where?” His mind was racing. Candy for a blow-job? He might never get another chance. And, he could still get more candy tonight. His little pecker was starting to get stiff just thinking about it.

“Get behind these bushes and drop your pants, Batman!” Amber said. They stood before a darkened house. Large bushes blocked the view from the street. “Dara, Tina, keep watch!”

“Aw, hurry up, Amber!” Darla said, “It is getting cold out here!” Her teeth began to chatter. Amber led Jimmy behind the bushes and fell to her knees and pulled Jimmy’s cock from his costume.

“Nice Bat-Cock, Batman!” she said, giggling. Amber quickly engulfed Jimmy’s hard little pecker with her mouth and began using all of her recently acquired skills.

“Oh, shit, that feels good Amber!” Jimmy said. He felt Amber’s hot mouth sucking and slurping his rock-hard cock. Amber reached up and tickled his balls and jacked his dick with two fingers, all the while sucking, licking and tonguing his cock-head.

Darla and Tina heard Amber slurping and Jimmy moaning. They noticed a small family coming towards them, all dressed in similar costumes. “Someone’s coming!” Darla hissed. “Be quiet!”

‘Someone else better be cumming soon,’ Amber thought, sucking harder, but quieter. Halloween was almost over!

Darla and Tina stood in front of the bushes, arms crossed under their breasts, acting nonchalant.

“Hello, girls,” the mother said. “You look cold!” Her husband started at the two hot, nearly naked girls.

“Oh, hi,” Darla said, “We are just waiting for our friends.” It was the truth, after all.

The family slowly passed, the man turning to stare at the little ladies.

“Ooooohhhhh!” Jimmy moaned. He was about to cum. Amber bobbed her head faster.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh!” Jimmy moaned again, as the cum shot up from his balls and into Amber’s sucking mouth.

“Aaaaaarrrrrrrhhhh!” he moaned, as spurt after spurt of boy goo filled Amber’s mouth. She swallowed it, one after another.

The family stopped and stared at the two girls, hearing the noises.

“Oh, that is just our friend trying to scare us!” Tina said, thinking quickly. “Knock it off, Jimmy!” she said loudly. “You are scaring the kids!”

That was enough of an explanation for the mother. She turned and walked her kids down the street. The husband kept watching as he walked away and was rewarded with the sight of Batman coming around the bushes, tucking his hard but softening wiener back into his pants. A sexy nurse quickly followed him. The man smiled, wishing he was young once again.

“OK, give me the candy, Jimmy!” Amber said. Jimmy reluctantly poured his stash into Amber’s heavy bag.

“Can I keep the Reese Cups?” he begged.

“No, we had a deal! Amber stated. Besides, she really liked Reese-Cups.

Just then, three older boys walked passed them. Joking and making lewd comments about the girl’s outfits.

“What a bunch of sluts!” one of them said. He was dressed as a zombie.

“Fucking Halloween whores,” said Iron-Man.

“Nice tits,” said Donald Trump, his fake orange hair waving in the breeze.

Jimmy was feeling a little bit angry about the loss of his candy and mad because Amber wouldn’t even give him his favorite candy. He blurted out, “These sluts will suck your cocks for your candy.”

“Really?” Zombie-boy said.

“Heck, I’ll give you some candy if you suck my cock,” said Iron-Man.

“Me too,” said Trump-boy.

“What do you think, girls?” Amber said, looking at her friends. She knew they would be getting well-earned reputations as cock-suckers in school. But, it would be worth it!

“All of your candy, not just some of it, and we will suck your dicks until you cum,” Darla said, wanting to make it clear what the stakes were. “Right, Tina?” she added.

Tina pulled down her top, showing off her hard little titties. “All of it, mother-fuckers,” she said, feeling tough, dressed in her Goth outfit. She walked behind the bushes, turning at the last moment. “Who’s getting a blow-job for their candy?”

“Me!” said the Zombie, and quickly followed her behind the bushes.

“I want the nurse!” said Iron-Man. Amber took him behind the bushes too.

“I want the one with the big tits!” said Trump.

All three lined up behind the bushes. The girls first relieved them of their sacks of candy and then pulled down the boy’s pants. Three cocks stared at them. Three mouths quickly began to work, licking and sucking until the boys were hard.

“Let’s compare!” Tina said. She thought that she had the largest cock. “Mine is the biggest!” she bragged. Her boy’s cock was long and hard, glistening in the moon-light.

Darla held out her prize. “Mine is the thickest!” she said. She wrapped her hand around it and jerked it slowly.

Amber’s boy was not as thick or as long as the others. His cock was actually very small. Trump’s balls were small too. “I bet I can make mine cum first though!” she bragged.

“First one to make their guy cum gets a handful from both candy-bags!” Darla said.

“Deal!” said Tina, and began to suck her boy’s cock.

“No fair, I didn’t say, ‘one, two, three, go!’” said Amber. Her friend’s didn’t stop however, and all three Halloween-sluts began to slurp, lick, tickle and suck. The boys grinned at each other, watching the girls work. Each wanted his girl to win, so they humped and encouraged their girls.

“Suck it, nursie, suck my cock and make me cum,” said Iron-man. His mask was on top of his head, so he could see better.

“Oh, yeah, my slutty-little-cheerleader,” said the Zombie. He put his hands on Tina’s head and fucked her face while her pony-tail bobbed back and forth.

“I’d like to grab you by the pussy, you fucking whore,” said Trump.

“Mmmmph!” grunted Tina, feeling the cock push past her gullet.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp,” went Amber, doing her best to make her boy cum first.

“Cum for me, give me your cum!” Darla said, looking up at her boy and shaking her big tits at him.

“Uh! I’m coming,” said the Zombie.

“Ahh, me too!” said Iron-man.

“I’m coming too!” said Trump, his tiny hands shaking from the cold.

‘Spurt!’ The cock in Tina’s mouth erupted. After feeling the blast, and sensing victory, she pulled away her mouth and exclaimed, “I win!” The next blast landed on her cheek, below her eye. She jacked off the spurting cock and turned to look at her friends. The next spurt landed in her hair, then onto her black top.

“Mmmmph!” Amber groaned, knowing she had lost. She felt the cum blasting into her mouth, only a moment after Tina had declared victory. “Aw, I was so close, too!” she said, pulling her mouth away and swallowing her first mouthful of cum. The erupting cock continued to unload onto her face and dripped onto her clothes. She quickly put her mouth back on to it.

“Come on little-guy,” Darla said to Trump, jacking off his tiny, little cock. “Give me your sperm, already!” Now that she had lost, she wanted it over with. The boy looked at the slutty school-girl as his feet, and looked at the cum-covered faces of her slutty friends. The cum blasted up from his balls and hit Darla square in the eye. Darla winced and turned her head, still jacking off her cock with two fingers. The second blast hit her on the lips, then third on her cheek, dripping down her face and onto her blouse and skirt.

The three girls finished sucking off their boys and finally stood up. They grabbed the candy while the boys were still in shock and ran off into the night, the cum cooling on their faces.

“I can’t believe we did that!” said Tina.

“I can’t believe how much candy we got,” said Amber.

“Me neither, but look at us, we are covered in cum!” said Darla, looking at her friends under the street-light.

“Don’t wipe it off,” said Amber, “It makes us look even sluttier!”

“But it is so cold!” said Tina. The cum felt like it was freezing on her face. She could see her breath in the cold air. “Come on, let’s go home, I’m freezing!” Her face was cold, her naked ass was cold, her knees, where they made contact with the cold earth, were cold too. The only thing hot about her was her tiny pussy slit, until the juices escaped and grew cold on her thighs.

“Oh, come on, Musketeers,” Amber said. “Just a few more houses, OK?”

“No Amber, I’m freezing too,” said Darla. “Look, all of the lights are out, Halloween is over!”

“It can’t be over already,” said Amber. It was too soon! She was getting so much candy and having so much fun!

“We have enough, Amber,” Tina said, “Let’s go to my house, get warm and eat some of it!”

“NO! WE WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH!” shouted Amber. She continued, “This is the only night I’m allowed candy,” she said to her friends. “You guys can have candy almost anytime you want, I’m only allowed to have it once a year, and when it is gone, it is gone!” she was almost in tears. Amber’s mother, being a doctor, tried her best to keep her daughter from eating too much junk food.

“We are sorry, Amber,” Darla said, “but Halloween is over!”

“We can still suck off some more guys on the way home!” Amber suggested.

“Well, maybe…” said Tina.

“Look, there is a house with the lights on. Just one more house, shake our tits, maybe suck a cock, and then we can go, OK?” Amber asked, shivering in the cold night air.

“OK,” said Darla, reluctantly.

“OK,” Tina agreed, “Just one more.”

They ran to the house. It looked like there was a party going on. The driveway was full of cars, all of the lights were on, and loud music was playing.

They walked to the door. “Trick-or-Treat” they yelled loudly.


“Trick-or-Treat!” they screamed even louder, banging on the door.

Still nothing.

Amber pounded on the door and rang the doorbell over and over. “Trick-or-Treat!” she bellowed, as loud as she could.

Finally, the door opened, a college-aged man looked down at them.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn off the light!” he looked at the three girls in front of him. ‘What sexy little girls,” he thought, ‘it looks like they have cum splattered on their faces!’

“Trick-or-Treat!” the girls yelled, bouncing up and down, hugging themselves to keep warm; their teeth chattering from the cold.

“You girls must be freezing! Come on in, while I get you some candy!” he smiled and held the door opened. They girls felt the warmth coming from the open door. They looked at each other, nodded, and stepped inside. The door closed behind them.

“I’m freezing my tits off!” Tina said softly. She was shaking with cold.

“Well, we don’t want that to happen!” the man said. “Come sit down and get warm, while I find you some candy. We gave out the last of our stash a while ago, but I’m sure we can spare some more.”

He led them into the living room. A dozen men looked at the young girls. The music suddenly turned down low. In the middle of the floor was a huge pile of candy; bags and bags of unopened candy, some in grocery sacks and some tossed carelessly onto a pile. “We are having a candy drive for the orphanage,” the man explained, but we can spare a piece or two for you girls.”

“Wow! Look at all the candy!” Amber said, walking up to the stash of candy. She wanted to take off all of her clothes and roll in it!

The men in the room stared at the slutty looking girls.

“I guess we can afford to open up one bag,” their benefactor said. “Pick one out and you can each have a piece.”

“Can I have a whole bag, instead?” asked Amber. She was drooling, looking at the candy. The night was almost over. She knew this was her last chance.

“What?” the man said, incredulously. “One piece, take it and then get out!” He couldn’t believe the greed of these little girls. “It is for the orphans!” he added.

“We really, really, like candy,” Amber said. “You can see our tits if you give us more.” She pulled up her top, not realizing what the sight of naked teen-age titties could do to a room full of virile men.

“Yes, we will do almost anything for candy!” Tina added. She pulled down her top too. She pinched her fat, puffy nipples. They grew hard. She pulled them out from her body, making them stretch a full four inches, and then let them go. She did her t-i-t-s cheer for the men, shaking her pom-poms and her tits. She flashed her bare cunt.

“What do you say, boys?” Darla asked. “Tits and pussy for candy?” She pulled her big, fat titties out from her school-girl blouse. She hefted each one, and gave her nipples a lick.

The men gathered around them. “Well,” the man said who had answered the door, “Never let it be said that Phi Beta Lambda men wouldn’t help a lady in need!” He rubbed his crotch, feeling his cock getting hard. “Tell you what, put on a little show for us, and, if you are good, you can each pick out a bag a piece.”

“Deal!” the girls shouted.

The music was turned up and the girls began to dance, shaking their tits and flashing their asses and pussies. The men whooped and hollered, encouraging them. They began to get bolder, bending over and spreading their ass cheeks, showing off their tight little rosebuds. Remembering the man who took their pictures, Amber decided to make out with Darla, knowing it turned men on. She danced over to Darla and put her arms around her. She kissed her passionately on the lips and grabbed her breasts. Not to be outdone, Tina joined them and began to rub their pussies. The three hot and horny girls were on the edge of orgasm when the song ended.

“How was that?” Amber asked. For an answer, she looked around and saw some of the men with their hard, thick cocks in their hands. Some were even stroking themselves. All were staring lecherously. “Grab a bag, girls,” she said, feeling a little apprehensive, seeing all of the horny men and hard cocks.

“Maybe we should go, now Amber,” Tina said, seeing the lust in the men’s eyes.

“Yeah, it is getting late,” Darla added. She tucked her breasts back into her blouse. Tina pulled up her top.

“Wait, there is still a lot more candy!” moaned Amber. “Just one more time, OK, girls?”

“Amber…,” they said, scolding their friend.

“It’s only once a year, please?” Amber pleaded with her friends.

“OK…” Tina agreed.

“Just once more,” Darla added, reluctantly.

“Guys, it is getting late, but I’ll make you a deal, since Halloween is almost over. A bag of candy for a blow-job!” Amber dropped to her knees and opened her mouth.

“Get out of my way, Mike,” a frat boy said. He pulled out his fat cock and waved it in front of Amber’s face.

“Candy first!” Amber demanded! A bag appeared next to her and she quickly filled her mouth with thick, hard cock.

Her friends did the same, dropping to their knees, receiving their candy and sucking and licking the cock that appeared before them.

The other men lined up in front of them, choosing their favorite little Halloween slut.

“Oh, man, look at that nurse go!” one said.

“I want the cheerleader, look at those tits!”

“Come on, little schoolgirl, make your teacher cum!”

The girls sucked cock until their jaws were sore. The candy piled up next to them. Some cum they swallowed, some they jerked off on to their faces. Hands began to grope them, squeezing their breasts, grabbing their asses and fingering their hot, wet pussies.

Amber felt a cock sliding against her wet slit; she was bent over, sucking a big, fat cock, with her ass up in the air. “NO FUCKING!” she yelled, twisting her ass away. “NOBODY IS POPPING MY CHERRY TONIGHT!”

“Guys, respect the little ladies, if she said ‘No fucking,’ then ‘No fucking!’ The man who let them in felt some responsibility to protect the girls.

“How about two bags of candy, for a fuck?” the man said.

“Three!” Amber yelled, resumed sucking, and felt another cock explode into her mouth.

“Not me!” said Darla, standing up when she felt a hand on her ass, spreading her cunt apart.

“Me neither!” said Tina. The two girls stood back and watched Amber on her hands and knees surrounded by candy. Three more bags joined her pile and the horny man returned behind her. Another cock appeared in front of her and she engulfed it with her mouth. The man behind her lined up his cock, sliding it up and down her slit. He pushed it in and felt her cherry. He gripped her ass. Amber felt his cock spreading her open. He pushed, she yelled.

“Oww fuck!” Amber arched her back, winced in pain and then returned working the cock in front of her. The men gathered around, watching her take her first cock. The man slid it in and out, fucking her steadily. “Mffph, Mmmfp!” she grunted. The pain slowly faded. It started to feel good. She bobbed her head and worked her ass, giving the men what they paid her for. Before long, the cock in her mouth spewed its load. She swallowed it and jerked the rest on to her face. She was so horny and her pussy was feeling so good, filled up with a hard, thrusting cock!

“Fuck me!” Amber yelled, “Fuck me!” Feeling her cunt tingling and her clitoris throbbing, she begged for more. Her first time being fucked and losing her virginity was a time she would remember forever. Bags of candy surrounded her, as more men waited their turn.

The man fucking her began to hammer away at her cunt. With her mouth empty, Amber began to groan, “Oh, yes, oh, fuck! Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled. She had been horny all night, and had never felt this good before! The cock pounded her tight hole. His balls slapped against her clit. The tingling started in her crotch and waves of bliss began to roll over her. “I’m cuuuummmmiiiiiinnnnng!” she yelled. Her toes curled, her orgasm rocked her. “Uh, uh, uh, yeeeesss!” she cried.

The man blasted his potent sperm into her no-longer virgin hole. She felt each hot load of cum shooting into her cunt. He fucked her until he was spent and then pulled his long, slimy organ from her well-fucked hole.

Amber rolled over and curled up, feeling suddenly empty. She looked around the room and noticed the many hard cocks in front of her. “Anyone else want to fuck me for candy?” she asked the men gathered around her.

Still on her back, another man positioned himself between her legs. He quickly lined up and pushed his hard cock deep insider of her. Amber began to fuck him back. She reached up and grabbed a throbbing cock with one hand. Another cock came closer and she gripped it with her other hand. She jacked both cocks steadily while getting fucked.

“We better help her, or we will never get out of here!” Tina said to Darla, seeing all the men in the room. Some had already cum once but were already hard again.

“Let’s do it!” Darla agreed.

The girls sat on their asses to protect their virgin cunts and opened their mouths. Hard cocks filled their mouth-holes. The men grabbed their pony-tail and pig-tails and fucked their faces. More cocks dangled in front of them and they began to jack them off, like Amber was doing. They swallowed load after load and felt the hot sperm splashing onto their bodies as they stroked and sucked cock after cock. Amber jacked, sucked and fucked until her little pussy was sore, swollen and full of cum. After a long, long, time, all of the men were finally spent. The three little Halloween sluts were covered in cum and filled with cum.

Amber stood up on shaky knees and began to load up her bulging pillow case with cum-covered candy bags. The men did nothing to stop her. Fresh thick sperm oozed from her tender pussy and plopped on the floor as she bent over to claim her prizes. She filled up her bag, then grabbed another large grocery sack and filled it too. Her friends did the same. They took all they could carry, swinging the heavy sacks over their shoulders as they headed towards the door.

“Bye,” Darla said. “Thanks for the candy!”

“And all the cum too!” added Tina, licking her lips.

“Yeah,” said Amber, “And thanks for fucking me so good, it was really, really nice! I’ll never forget it!”

The girls hurried home to Tina’s house, weighed down by the heavy sacks of candy they each carried. The once warm man-cream was now cold and drying on their faces, clothes and bodies. Arriving at Tina’s house, Amber and Darla called their parents and received permission to stay the night.

First, they dumped their heavy candy sacks and immediately stripped off their slutty costumes. Walking naked and exhausted to the bathroom, the girls took a long, hot shower together, cleaning off their cum-covered bodies and reveling in the warmth of the hot water and each other’s arms. They tenderly washed their young bodies with slippery, soapy hands. They sucked each other’s budding titties and rubbed each other’s naked pussies, being careful with Amber’s bruised and battered twat. It was puffy, swollen and red. Darla and Tina both kissed it to make it better, and were still able to taste the unmistakable, pungent flavor of the many loads of sperm deposited in Amber’s no longer virgin pussy. They played in the steaming shower until the water began to cool. They wrapped themselves in huge, fluffy towels and made their way to Tina’s bedroom.

Slipping under the covers, they hungrily kissed each other with open mouths and dancing tongues. The girls groped each other under the warm blankets, feeling their friend’s firm flesh and moist genitals. Tina mewed loudly when both of her friends took a huge nipple into their mouths. Darla soon crawled between Amber’s legs and licked sweetly at her sopping wet cunt, then forcefully ate her tasty pussy with gusto and was rewarded with a mouthful of cream and an earful of moans. Darla and Tina discovered the joys of scissoring each other while Amber encouraged them with her fingers and tongue. The young girls came together, over and over, until they were spent and totally satisfied.

Revived and warm they spent the rest of the night talking about their special Halloween and making plans for next year. They stayed up very late, huddled on the couch, eating candy and watching scary movies. After Tina’s parents came home, the girls climbed back into the big bed, tired and satisfied. They enjoyed another quiet orgasm apiece lapping each other’s cunts, and then caressed and kissed each other gently, expressing their newfound love for each other. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, dreaming of sweet candy, wet pussies, salty cum and long, hard, spurting cocks.

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