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This is my first foray into writing fiction, so be honest, I'll take good or bad criticism with equal thought. If my writings bad, I want to know. Enjoy the story. No characters in this story are under the age of 18.

I had asked Connie for our date on Tuesday, and it was my boldness that really got her attention. Unlike Heather and Sue, who I asked in semi-private, just in front of the other girls. Connie I decided to ask at the end of our electrical engineering class. Most of the other students were still in the room and Connie was chatting with a couple of her friends when I walk up to her.

“Hey Connie.”

“Oh hi Jay, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering if you had and plans Friday evening.” There were a couple of snickers people around us.

“Oh, ahh, well nothing specific, what did you have in mind?”

“I just wondered if you would like to go to dinner, maybe do something else after?”

“Oh ahh, yeah, I guess so, what time?”

“7:00 I answer.”

“Okay, 7:00 is good for me, see you then.”

There was a stunned silence for a moment as I left the classroom. One of the guys gave me a smirk as I walked out and whispered “Good luck with the Ice Queen bra.”

I could tell from Connie’s initial stunned look that she didn’t expect the date request to be so public, but she didn’t say another word about it until we met to study Wednesday night.

“Hey stud, way to go on asking me for a date in public.”

I just gave her a cat that ate the canary look, and we organized our books and paper across the table to begin studying.

Connie was definitely the most complex of the four girls. A lot of people treated her like a blonde bimbo, but she was a borderline genius with near perfect recall. Connie could have easily been a top model, as most guys I know gave her a 10 in looks. And she definitely used her looks to advantage. She was famous for sucking people in that assumed she was a bimbo with her looks and sweet southern bell charm, and then totally destroying them with her intelligence. She even destroyed a professor after he misquoted his own book, she literally made the professor cry and run from his own classroom. Her Ice Queen reputation had been earned because she pretty well turned down dates from any guy she thought only saw what she looked like.

I guess that’s why Connie and I had always gotten along so well, she thought I was gay, so she automatically assumed her looks meant nothing to me. She, like the other three girls were wrong, but I realize that the circumstances of our initial friendship was what now would hold us together for the long term. While she was a complex person, Connie really enjoyed the simple life. Yeah, she enjoyed nice restaurants, theaters, clubs, and such, but really she was just as happy to curl up on the couch with take-out and a movie, or even just a walk in the park. No, our first real date couldn’t be that simple this time, but she would never complain if it was. In fact she had often complained to me that dates would take her places just to impress her, and she hated that.

Friday evening rolls around and I knock on Connie’s door five minutes late. Connie answers the door immediately “You’re late”

“Sorry honey, I reply, I got stuck in traffic.” She squints her eyes and gives me the look.

“You live next door smartass!”

“Well this hall gets busy this time of day.” Connie smirks as she shuts and locks her door.

“So where you taking me,” she asks?

“You’ll see when we get there.” We drive to the edge of the city and turn into a private drive.

“Jay, where are we; this place looks Chinese or something.”

“Japanese actually, it’s a private Japanese Tea House and Spa.” Connie’s eyes light up at the word ‘Spa’.

We enter the front door and are greeted by a Geisha. “Irasshaimase, Onamaehanandesuka (welcome to our store, what is your name)”

I answer “Connie-san, Conner-san”

“ahh hajimemashite,(nice to meet you) Conner-san, Kochira e dōzo.(this way please)” We follow the Geisha to a beautiful patio that overlooked a Japanese garden. The Geisha says “Koko ni suwatte kudasai (Please sit here)” I tell Connie to sit on the floor pillow, turn and bow “Domo arigatogaozaimashita (Thank you very much)” The Geisha bows, and leave us.

“Jay, I didn’t know you spoke Japanese?”

“Yeah, I speak Japanese and Spanish fluently, and German and French enough to get by, and just a little bit of Mandarin.”

“My god Jay, you speak six languages. I never knew you spoke anything but English.”

“Well, I guess I never talk about myself much.”

A young Geisha enters the room, and Connie asks “Are these Geisha Girls?”

“Ahh, you just refer to them as Geisha.”

“But aren’t Geisha prostitutes?”

The Geisha’s eyes go wide, but I quickly apologize “Shazai, Kanojo wa rikai shite imasen. (apology, she does not understand) Kanojo o yurushite (forgive her).” The Geisha leaves the room, and I explain to Connie.

“Connie sweetie, Geisha are not prostitutes, and you need to know while they only speak Japanese within these walls, they all speak and understand English. So you kinda just offended our Geisha. Geisha are entertainers and hostesses, they will take care of our every need, and will sing or play an instrument for us, but they do not perform sexual favors. Now when we are done eating, and the Geisha is done performing, she will escort us to the Massaji-shi ‘Masseuse’ for a massage.”

“Ooow, I like massages.” Connie exclaims.

“Yes, I know you do, but I have to warn you. My dad said the massages are fully nude, both you and the Masseuse, and very sensual. You can’t ask for anything sexual, but it will be a happy ending as it were. If they touch anywhere you don’t like, just say Bango ‘No’, and they’ll move on.”

“Jay, have you been here before?”

“No, it’s one of the many businesses my dad owns a stake in. So the Geisha should be back in a second, you insulted her, so you need to apologize. Just look her in the eye then bow your head and say ‘Wakaranakatta Shazai’ It means ‘I didn’t understand, apology’, she will probably respond ‘Anata wa yurusa reta’ which means you are forgiven.”

The Geisha reenters the room and Connie makes her apology slightly off in pronunciation, but the Geisha smiles and offers her forgiveness. We are then served soup, then a rice dish with shrimp and nigari. We ate and listened to our Geisha play a stringed instrument. Once we completed our meal, the Geisha performed the tea ceremony. Connie mimics everything I do and we finish the tea and sweet cakes. The Geisha then serves us Saki, and goes back to singing and playing her stringed instrument.

The evening had been very relaxing and I could tell Connie was enjoying it immensely. She had moved over, and was now sitting between my legs leaning back against my chest as we listened to the Geisha. At one point Connie tilted her head back onto my shoulder and whispered in my ear. “I love this Jay, thank you.” Then she kissed my earlobe and blew hot air in my ear.

“Just wait till you’ve had your massage, I retort.”

The Geisha finishes and leads us to a changing room and explains to me to remove our cloths and shower, then go through the door to the left without drying off and each lay face down on a massage table. I explained to Connie, and she shed her cloths without a seconds thought. The shower was simply an open room with several shower heads along one wall, so Connie and I showered next to each other and washed each other’s backs. Connie took it a step further with a reach around and started stroking my cock. She then turned me around and proceeded to give me a hard and fast blow job. It took me about 90 seconds before I had to warn her I was cuming. She just kept going until she had sucked me dry, and then stood with a smile and my cum dripping down her chin. After rinsing her face, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.

“Don’t you want one too,” I ask.

“Don’t worry baby, you’re going to pay me back for that in triplicate later.”

The massage room is warm and lit with candles. There was also the smell of incense burning. Connie and I lay on the massage tables in the center of the room. The two tables are pushed together so after we lay down, Connie reaches over and takes my hand. I lift my head and look at her and she mouths the words “I Love You”. This was huge, Connie was not one to use those words lightly. She had told me she loved me in the past, but the context was that she loved me as a best friend. I could immediately tell the context was now as a lover. I smiled at her and whispered “I love you too.” Connie’s face noticeably brightened, she squeezed my hand, then interlaced her fingers in mine, and put her head down.

A moment later someone came in and asked in English, “the masseuse would like to know if any part of your body is troubling you, and if you want a hard or soft massage?”

Connie speaks up “My lower to mid back and my calves have been hurting, and I like hard.”

I say “My neck and shoulders are tight, and I like hard too.”

Two young women enter the room “Kanbanwa” and introduce themselves as Mariko and Yoshiko. They are both in matching Silk Kimono’s, and as we watch them the kimono’s are removed to reveal two stunningly beautiful women. Their bodies were similar, and both were about the same height around 5’6”, with B-cup breasts and shaved kitties. Mariko spoke in accented English and told us she would do Connie-san, and Yoshiko would take care of Conner-san.

The massages began and soon I could hear Connie oowing, and ahhing, with the occasional low moan. My massage was going well and I could feel the tension in my neck and shoulder fade away. Our back sides done the masseuse said ‘Uragaesu’, “Connie they want us to turn over.” I turn over and both masseuses gasp and Mariko says, “Saizu ga hijo ni oki”, Connie lifts her head and they are all are looking at my cock sticking in the air. Mariko says to Connie “Your boyfriend very big” the girls all giggle, and Yoshiko begins massaging my upper body.

As the massage continues Connie’s vocalizations become more intensive with moaning. I look over and Mariko is massaging Connie’s breasts, moving from the outside to just before her nipple. Connie reaches over and grabs my hand again and squeezes it tight as Mariko finally grabs both nipples and pulls, Connie convulses in orgasm, and Mariko whispers something in Connie’s ear, Connie just shakes her head yes and Mariko motions to Yoshiko.

Yoshiko climes up on the table and straddles my chest facing my feet and begins massaging my stomach. I look over and Mariko is in the same position on Connie. Connie looks over at me with a big smile and mouths ‘Have Fun’.

Connie began rubbing her hands up and down Mariko’s thighs, so I did the same to Yoshiko. She then lifted her ass as she reached past my pelvis to massage my thighs. I couldn’t see, but my cock had to be close to her face as I could feel her hot breath each time she rubbed down my thigh. On the fourth trip I heard Connie moan, and felt Yoshiko’s tongue flick across my cock head. I looked over and saw Connie now had her face buried in Mariko’s pussy. So I gently pulled Yoshiko’s legs towards my face and she moved her pussy over my mouth. As I slid my tongue into her she reciprocated by sliding my cock into her mouth. Her mouth and tongue felt like heaven, but she was licking and sucking just hard enough that the feeling was great, but I was never going to cum.

I heard Connie cum for the third or fourth time when Yoshiko stopped and sat up. Mariko had done the same with Connie, and I figured our fun was over. Yoshiko told me to sit up, and Mariko whispered something in Connie’s ear. Connie acknowledged by shaking her head yes, and Connie climbed into my lap and sank my cock into her. Connie didn’t move after impaling herself, and Mariko told us to stay like that as her and Yoshiko positioned themselves behind Connie and I. Then they moved our legs and arms into the position they wanted us in. Mariko satisfied with everyone’s position she said, “You kiss like lovers, but no move bodies, ok.”

Connie and I begin kissing passionately, our tongues meet and begin twirling around each other. I then feel hands begin massaging my chest. After a few minutes it felt like my nipples were on fire. Connie moaned into my mouth, and we continued like that for what felt like hours. I could constantly feel Connie’s pussy squeezing and convulsing, but not orgasming. I could barely comprehend what was happening with the massage, as my entire body was buzzing.

Then I heard Mariko say something to Connie, and Connie started gyrating her hips in a circular motion. The movement took everything to the next level, and now I could literally feel my tongue vibrating in Connie’s mouth. Connie and I had not parted our lips or tongues since this all began. Finally Mariko said something else and Connie started an up and down motion in addition to her gyrating. I then felt four hands come between Connie and I, each grabbing one of our nipples. The fingers started what can only be described as a milking motion for several minutes, I could feel the cum bubbling up in my nuts when the fingers clamped down hard. Both Connie and I separated our lips and screamed into the air. My entire body began to convulse and jerk with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. Connie’s pussy was convulsing so tight around my cock that it felt slightly painful.

I normally cum a lot, but the amount it felt like this time had to be insane. I felt jet after jet after jet spurt deep into Connie. She would tell me later that she felt her cervix open and my cock slip in as she started the most intense orgasm of her life. We stayed in the sitting position with the masseuses holding us up for several minutes before Yoshiko slipped back away from me and they gently laid us back with Connie on top of me, and me still buried deep and hard in her pulsing pussy. I don’t know how long we laid there before I felt Connie’s lips gently kissing mine. I opened my eyes.

“Connie say, Welcome back baby, they want me to get off of you so they can clean us.”

I give her a quick deep kiss and hold her as I roll to the right and lay her gently on her back.

The masseuses gently sponged our bodies and then helped us to stand. I looked at the tables, and the amount of fluids on those tables defied the imagination. Then as if on cue a large plop of cum pushed out of Connie onto the floor.

“My god Jay, I’ve never seen so much cum before.”

Mariko speaks up “The Okini hichi often yields large amounts of semen, but this is the most I have seen. Connie-san, if you don’t want to become pregnant, you may wish to use plan B.”

“Oh, thanks, but I’m on the pill,” says Connie.

“Yes Connie-san, but the Okini hichi opened your Shikyukei, so you could still become pregnant.”

“She means your cervix sweetie,” I say.

“Oh, okay, Arigatogozaimashita Mariko-san,” Connie replies to Mariko

Connie and I shower, and to our amazement Connie pushes out several more plops of semen. Two big fluffy towels are on tables next to the door, and our clothing looks like they’ve been cleaned and pressed. As we finish dressing the Geisha collects us and escorts us to the door.

“O ai dekite koeideshita” “Arigatozaimashita, sayonara,” I say.

We get back to Connie’s apartment, “Jay, would you stay the night with me.”

“With pleasure, I respond.”

I follow her into the apartment, and into the bedroom. Connie turns and wraps her arms around my neck and we kiss passionately for a moment.

“Baby, thank you for the best date I’ve ever been on.”

She starts removing my cloths, and I remove hers. Naked again she turns and pulls the covers back, then pulls me into bed with her. Our arms and legs entwine and we kiss passionately for several minutes. Connie breaks the kiss and looks into my eye,

“Baby, I meant what I said earlier.”

“I know you did, and so did I sweetie.”

“Baby,,, I mean you’re it, I don’t ever want to be with another man but you,,,ever.”

“I know what you’re saying sweetie, but what about Rach, Sue, and Heather,” I ask?

“You can still be with them too if you want, I love them too, Connie says. But I don’t think I could handle you being with anyone but us.”

“Really I say, you could st”

Connie puts her finger across my lips “shh, let talk about it tomorrow.”

With that Connie gives me another quick peck on the lips and turns over. We spoon together and go to sleep.

I wake in the morning to banging on Connie’s front door. I’m on my back and Connie is laying diagonal across me with her face nuzzles in my neck, with one hand on my chest, and the other resting behind my head. I can feel her pubic mound resting in the palm of my hand. I’m not sure how we went from spooning the night before to this odd position, but I definitely like waking up like this. The banging continues, so I begin stroking her labia with my index finger until I feel her start to stir.

“I’m going to beat Heather bloody,” Connie whispers in my ear.

Connie giggles, “They can’t get in, they don’t have a key.” She begins sucking on my ear lobe and humping my hand.

“Yes, but Rach has my key, and she knows where I keep your key.”

“Crap” she exclaims. “Let’s hurry, I want a quickie before they get in here.”

Connie slips over on top of me, grabs my already hard cock and guides it to her waiting hole. She slides the head back and forth along his slit several times and it slips in without resistance as she is already good and wet. After it slips in, she lays on top of me and starts kissing and sucking my neck. Her hips circle around grinding her clit into my pelvic bone, and it only takes a few minutes until she shutters with an orgasm. She lays there a few minutes while the orgasm subsides sucking on my neck. She finally lifts up looking at my neck with a satisfied look on her face.

“What, I ask, is something wrong with my neck?”

“No baby, you’re fine.” Connie smirks as she begins pumping my cock up and down this time.

We had been going at it for five minutes when we heard the front door open, and in rushes Heather and dives onto the bed with a shriek. Heather immediately plants a deep passionate kiss on me while Connie continues to fuck me. Of course the interruption has set my orgasm back, but I’m now being fucked hard by Connie as the other three girls sit on the bed and watch.

Suddenly Heather yells, “YO BITCH, You marked him?”

“uh huh”

“What do you mean she marked me,” I ask?”

Rachel says, “She put a big hickey on your neck dude.”

“Oh, I wondered what you were doing to my neck.” Connie just smiles and keep riding my cock with her eyes closed.

The girls were distracting me enough that I wasn’t even close at this point, but I could tell Connie was getting close. Heather seemed to recognize my issue and quickly straddled my face. Heather wasn’t wearing panties under her skirt, and was already wet as I reached my tongue into her folds. I was finally getting close when Connie orgasmed hard and flooded my cock and balls with her juices. Connie rolled off before I could tell her not to stop.

Rachel quickly took advantage by dropping her shorts and hopping on my cock. She had me balls deep before anyone else could say a word, but I was already back to square one with my orgasm. In the meantime, I was quickly bringing Heather to her first orgasm, she squealed with delight as I shoved my tongue in her rosy little hole. It sent her over the edge and she proceeded to drench my face. Then at almost the same time Rachel reaches her orgasm. My mouth still busy with Heather I couldn’t object when Rach slid off, but she was quickly replaced by Sue.

Sue must have been jilling off, because she literally orgasmed as soon as my cock sank into her. As I had just taken Sue’s virginity a couple of days ago, so she definitely had the tightest pussy of the four. Not that the other girls weren’t tight, but Sue was like a new glove, it fit, but needed to stretch out a little. It was fun watching her bounce up and down. Her clit sticking out almost straight, but rubbing my pubic mound each time she hit bottom. Her face looked of pure ecstasy, and her tight pussy felt like heaven. She only took a few minutes to cum again, which brought me over the edge as well.

So there I laid in the middle of Connie’s bed, with a four women snuggled up two on each side. And all four of them had been satisfied by me in the last hour. Yes, I was most definitely the luckiest son of a bitch in the world right now.

The girls and I all drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake until 10:00am. We all showered and dressed, then each of the girls gave me a quick five second Frencher before leaving Connie’s. I kissed Connie last and turned to leave.

“Jay”, I turn to face her and she whispers “I Love You Jay”

I smile “I know Connie, I Love You too.” And I close the door.

Connie’s continued admission of love didn’t bother me, out of the four girls, looking back, she had always been the sweetest to me, giving me looks and touches I didn’t understand until now. Funny thing is, I felt like Rachel and I were the closest as friends, but then each of the girls held an equal share of my heart.

Rachel’s date was a little more spontaneous, but Rachel was a rocker girl. She loved everything from AC/DC to Godsmack. I had lucked out last weekend and secured two scalped VIP Stage tickets to see Nickelback’s No Fixed Address tour, and as a bonus The Pretty Reckless were opening. Rachel loved The Pretty Reckless lead singer Taylor Momsen from her favorite show Gossip Girl, so I had my mom call in a favor and get me back stage passes as well. Oh, and of course I couldn’t leave my other three favorite girls out, so I asked mom if she could get me three more tickets in the section 40 feet from the stage. I also secured a car service to take and pick them up. They had known all week but didn’t let on the Rachel.

It was a two hour ride to the venue, so I got to Rachel’s at 4:30. Of course she made a few smart ass remarks about only ‘Old People’ going on dates a 4:30, but she was ready and dressed to the nines. I told her to wait in the living room, as I needed to get some things from her room that she would need later. Rach would kill me if I took her to a rock concert in a fancy dress, so I collected her rocker girl outfit and makeup in my bag, went back to the living room and pushed a confused Rachel out the door.

“Where are we going Jay, your car is over there”

“I’ve arraigned other transport for our date tonight,” I say.

“Hey, there’s Connie and Sue getting in that car over there,” she says.

“Yeah I say, the other girls are going out on their own tonight.”

A moment later a stretch limo pulls up in front of us. “A limo, nice.”

“Only the best for you Rach.”

“Good afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Donner, I’m John, there’s a full bar and a goody basket inside, please partake in whatever you like. The drive should take just under two hours. If there is anything I can do to make your ride more comfortable, just let me know.”

“Thank you John, please let us know when we are 20 minutes from our destination,” I say.

We enter the limo and are on our way before.

“Where the hell are we going that’s two hours away Jay?”

“You’ll find out when we are 20 minutes from arriving. Let’s see what’s in the goody basket. Oh wow, there’s all kinds of cheeses, there’s caviar, crackers, cookies. The mini-bar is really cool, it has a list of drinks, you press a button and it make the drink for you.”

So for the next 45 minutes Rach and I ate, drank, and talked on our ride.

“Baby, is it really private back here,” ask Rach.

“Yeah, he won’t bother use until we are 20 minutes out, why?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to have sex in a limo,” she says.

“Oh, well, I think I can help you with that.”

“I know you can baby.”

We started with some kissing on the back seat. Our tongues meet and dance together for a few minutes before I move my hand up her thigh and feel the heat emanating from her crotch. I rubbed up and down each thigh a few times before touching her pussy, and finding in true Rachel form, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I got down on the floor as Rach leans back, and begin kissing up her inner leg and thigh to her waiting treasure. I reach her already swollen lips and lick the length bottom to top, and flick my tongue over her clit a few times causing her to moan lightly. I pull back a second and watch with amazement as her labia extend out and open like a butterfly’s wings, and a bead of her juice drips from her opening.

Her scent is intoxicating, and makes my mouth water in anticipation. I stick my tongue into her waiting hole and her juice trickles onto my tongue. The taste is sweet like honey and tangy like a mango, but the flavor is unmistakably Rachel. I keep my mouth and lips planted firmly against her opening as my tongue swirls around inside her. I have to swallow her juices continuously to keep her from flooding the seat, but it only takes about ten minutes of this before she grabs my head and forces it tighter against her pussy, and claps her thighs down on my head as her orgasm begins. I cleaned her pussy up of what little juice had escaped from around my lips, and sat up next to her.

Rachel still had her eyes closed, but felt around blindly with her hand until she found my hand. She laced her fingers between mine and held on tightly for several minutes. I watched her as her breathing slowly returned to normal and her eye’s finally fluttered open. She looked at me and smiled and then looked out the window and spoke.

“There was a car full of people driving next to us for a while. This girl seemed to be looking straight at me while you were going down on me.” Rach looked back at me, “It was so hot thinking about being eaten just a few feet from people that couldn’t see us”

“Okay baby, says Rachel, it’s your turn, take your pants off so I don’t soak them.”

Rachel removes her dress completely, and now has on a thin black lacy bra and matching garter belt and black lace stockings. “So what happened to the panties for that set?”

“Well, I figured I wouldn’t have them on long enough to mater, so I left them in the drawer.”

“You may regret that decision in about 30 minutes,” I say.

“Hum, don’t you like the easy access?” she asks?

“Oh, I like it very much, I’m just saying.”

Rachel starts stroking my semi-hard cock for a minute before lining me up with her still wet hole and impaling herself. She lets out a little squeal as I push her cervix in, but starts riding me fast and hard. It only took about ten minutes before I felt like I was getting close.

“I’m getting ready to cum Rach.”

“Okay, just hold out a little longer, I’m almost there too.”

Rachel slows her pace and starts pushing her clit against my public bone. “I’m there baby, you can cum.”

Rachel shutters and starts bouncing up and down fast and takes me over the edge.

We just start to reenter reality when we hear the driver’s voice. “We are making good time Mr. & Mrs. Donner, we should arrive in just over 20 minutes.”

“Thank you John, please let us know when we are five minutes out,” I say.

“Yes Sir.”

“Why is he calling me ‘Mrs. Donner’?”

“I say, he only had my name on the reservation, so he probably just assumed, and we didn’t correct him the first time.”

“Oh, Okay, I don’t mind, I just wondered if you told him I was your wife.”

“We need to get ready,” I say.

“So where are you taking me,” asks Rach?

“To a concert of a little band you might like.” I pause

“So which band,” ask Rach.


Aaaaaaaa Rachel screams

“Is everything alright back there?”

“Yes John, Mrs. Donner is just a little excited about where I’m taking her this evening.”

“Okay Sir, just checking.”

“Wait says Rachel, you’re taking me to a rock concert in this?”

“Cool your jets baby and look in my bag, your rocker girl stuff is in there.”

Rachel looks through the bag, “Jay baby, you know me too well, looks like you got everything,,,oh crap, you brought my black leather mini, and I don’t have panties. Now I see what you were talking about, no panties.”

Rachel dresses in her Black Leather Mini, and White nearly see thru sleeveless top, but leaves her black lace bra one which is clearly visible through her white top, and the garter and lace stockings. Then she re-does her make-up heavy rocker girl style, and adds a black leather choker, and her black high heel boots. All in all a very edgy look.

I dressed in designer jeans with holes, a black printed tee, and black boots. Rachel and Connie took me to a concert last year, and when I showed up in my normal cloths, they both laughed at me and said I was not going to a concert looking like that. The dragged me to the mall, and made me buy this outfit. Of course now Rachel said I wasn’t edgy enough, so she put dark eye makeup on me, and declared I looked ‘Bad Ass’!

We get to the venue and I click the intercom, “John, when you open the door for Mrs. Donner, please block her front as she gets out.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Wait says Rach, why does he need to block my front?”

“Because there will be photographers taking pictures as the VIPs exit their limos, and I don’t want anyone getting an up skirt shot of you.”

“Ohh, aren’t you sweet defending my hon,,,wait VIP, you bought VIP Tickets?”

“Ahh, yes, and backstage after party too.”

“Did your mom do any of this,” asks Rachel.

“Yes, my mom got us the backstage passes.”

“Connie, Heather, and Sue are going to be so pissed they missed this.”

“Ahh, well to tell you the truth, they’re here. I’m not sure where, but my mom got them tickets too.”

“Hey Rachel exclaims, I didn’t get to come on their dates.”

“Well, they’re not on your data, they’re just at the same place, and we are sitting in VIP with back stage passes, and they have regular seats,” I say. “And you know I couldn’t NOT get them tickets to a concert they would all be disappointed to miss.”

“Okay, but them bitches better not mess with my date.”

We make are way in and find our seats, front row center. In addition to the seats, the VIP sections also have stage access, so there’s a 20 foot open section between our seats and the stage. The other cool VIP feature was a concession stand / bar next to the stage just for VIP ticket holders. So after we sat down, I went and got us a couple of beers.

“So who’s opening for Nickelback,” asks Rachel?

“Oh, new band, you’ve probably never heard of them. I think they’re called, The Pretty Reckless.”

“NO FUCKIN WAY,” screams Rachel.

“Oh, so you’ve heard of them before?”

“You asshole, you know how much I like Taylor Momsen.”

“Oh, well if that’s the case, I had better give you this.” I hand Rachel a ticket to a private meet and greet with The Pretty Reckless after their set. Rachel looks at the ticket for a moment, her eyes light up, she lets out a little scream, and throws her arms around my neck and kisses me hard. Then whispers in my ear;

“Baby, I don’t know how you pulled this off, but you are getting fucked so hard later.”

About that time I hear my name being called. “JAY” I look over my shoulder, and about ten rows back, just out of the VIP section is Heather, Connie, & Sue. Rachel turns around and sticks her tongue out at them. The girls all stick their tongues out at Rach, and sit down.

“Your mom is amazing getting them that close to the stage.”

“Yeah, I guess working for a record producer has its perks,” I say

We drank a couple more before the arena when dark. Rachel grabbed my hand and rushed us to the stage. In the dark we could hear the sounds of a woman having sex, and then the band started playing ‘Follow me Down’ as the stage was bathed in lights.

The stage was about five feet high, so after dancing around for a minute, Rachel pulled me down and told me to lift her up. I got down and lifted her up on my shoulders, and I immediately felt her moist pussy on my neck, but I certainly wasn’t about to complain. She had swayed on my shoulders through about three songs when Taylor came down to the front, reached out and slapped Rachel’s hand. After the song she told me to let her down, her legs were going to sleep.

“Let’s go sit down for a bit,” she says.

We sit through the rest of the rest of the set, and then I escort Rachel to the security gate for her once in a life time meet and greet with The Pretty Reckless.

“So Rach, why don’t you tell us about the meet and greet with The Pretty Reckless?”

“Oh, Okay”


So there were twelve people they took back for the meet and greet. They escorted us back to this room where the band was waiting, and the other eleven people went all fan crazy and rushed the band. I just kind of held back and watched while the others mobbed the band, asking stupid questions, and snapping selfies. After a few minutes the handler had pushed most of them out a side door. That’s when Taylor noticed me and walked over.

“So you not really a fan,” asks Taylor.

“Oh yes, I defiantly am, I just think it’s so rude to rush people no matter who they are. Especially when those people are taking their time to meet you,” I say.

Taylor reaches over and shakes my hand “Hi, I’m Taylor Momsen, and we really appreciate fans that show respect and a little class.”

“Hi Taylor, I’m Rachel Savage, but my friends just call my Rach. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Come on over and meet the band.”

Taylor escorts me over to the other band members “Guys, I’d like to introduce my new friend Rach.” The band all introduce themselves, and then the handler takes a few pictures of me with the band.

“So guys, The Veronicas, what the fuck,” I ask? They all start laughing.

“Mate, those bitches were crazy” “Yeah, and if we had to play one more soulless POP song, we were all going to kill ourselves.” Hahaha

“So how did you end up here,” asks Taylor?

“Well, I don’t really know the details, but my boyfriend knew how much I like The Pretty Reckless, and arraigned a whole VIP package complete with Limo, stage passes, back stage after party, and this meet and greet,” I say.

“Wow, he sounds like quite a boyfriend, says Taylor. You said you had after party passes too, the guys have to leave, but I’ll be at the party. Be sure to catch up with me, I’d like to meet your boyfriend.”

“That sounds great Taylor, I look forward to it.”

“So did you have any questions for us before you go back to your seat,” asks Taylor

“I just have one for you Taylor. Do you miss it?” Taylor seems to know exactly what I’m asking.

“Really, No. You see, while I probably wouldn’t be where I am now without that part of my life. It was all my parents doing. I was literally working a full time job, when other kids my age were playing with Barbie’s. Music and writing were my escape from that life. So when I got the chance to do my own thing, I chose music. So this, this is the real me, the real us. Ben and I write about real life, real feelings, and we all love what come out. Let me ask you, what music drives you?”

“Well, my dad listened to a lot of classic rock, like AC/DC, Zeppelin, Nirvana, to more recent stuff like Linkin Park, Nickelback, and The Pretty Reckless. I like music that tells a story.”

“All Right, rock on, says Taylor, Well you probably need to get back to your seat, but bring your boyfriend by to meet me at the after party.”

We all say our goodbyes, and I’m escorted back to the VIP section.


So Rachel got back to our seat, and told me how much she enjoyed her talk with the band. At one point Rach was kissing me, and I opened my eyes and noticed she was flipping the bird. I look back and there is Connie, Heather, and Sue all flipping the bird back at Rach.

“Now now Rach, play nice with the other girls,” I say.

Rachel grabs my face and plants another kiss, looking back at the girls while she does it as a taunt. I hear Heather scream “Bitch, I will cut you”. Rach continues the showy kiss for another moment before she break the kiss, flips the bird at the girls again. Rachel and I give each other a look just as the arena lights go out.

Rach grabbed my hand and rushed for the stage. We were right against the railing in front of the stage and Rach had her ass tight against my pelvis. With the five inch heels she was wearing, her ass was the perfect height, and she was taking advantage by rubbing my now steal hard cock between her cheeks as she danced and swayed to the music.

On the third song I felt Rachel reach behind her and unzip my pants. She fished around for a moment and pulled my cock out, I lifted her skirt a few inches and she slid it between her thighs. She continues swaying to the music, and I felt her juices coating my cock. By the time the song finished, my cock and her thighs and pussy were soaked in her love juice. As the next song started, I bent down, pulled back, and thrusted up into her with ease. It was at a perfect part of the song, and Rachel screamed and threw her hands in the air as I hit bottom.

The song was fast, so Rachel danced, bucked, and ground herself against my hard cock through two songs. The third song was a slow ballad, so she put her hands up over her head and around my neck. I pulled her tight against me as we swayed to the music in our lovers dance. I reached down and under the front of her skirt and started massaging her clit. It took about 30 seconds before I felt her flood my cock and push it out of herself. I could feel her knees buckle, but I held her tight against me, my cock still wedged between her thighs.

I looked to my right and the girl standing there was staring at me, she smiled, shook her head and mouthed “Nice Job”. Then went back to watching the concert.

Rachel recovered quickly, as I try to pull away, but she reaches back and holds me in place.

I lean down and talk in her ear; “Baby, my legs are burning, I can’t keep this up.”

Rachel releases me, and I pull back to put my cock away, and feel another hand wrap around my cock. I look down and follow the hand back to the girl that had been watching us. The girl strokes my cock a few times as I open my pants, and then helps me put it in my jeans. After getting my jeans zipped back up, the girl talks in my ear.

“Does your girlfriend share,” she asks?

I shake my head no, and she frowns with pouty lips, then leans back in and say;

“Too bad, it could have been fun.”

I shrug my shoulders and turn back to find Rachel staring at me, and then giving the girl the look. You know the one I’m talking about, the ‘Leave or Else’ look. The girl throws up her hands in defeat and mouths ‘Sorry’ to Rachel. Rachel grabs my hand places it on her boob and spins back around. She grabs my free hand and wraps it around her, then throws her hands in the air and starts dancing. I start to move my hands, but she quickly grabs them and puts them back in place. I chuckle to myself and just think ‘Okay, stuck like glue’ so I squeeze her boob, and pull her tightly against myself.

After another song finished Rachel turned and said; “I’m tired let’s go sit down.”

We finish out concert in our seats with Rachel sitting on my lap, and generally acting very possessive. Nickelback finished the concert and then came back out for an encore. We sat there for a few minutes.

“What’s going on Rach? You’re acting strange.”

“Dude, that girl had her hand on your cock, not cool!”

“Rach, I didn’t invite her to do it, she just grabbed me. After just watching us have sex right next to her, she asked if you would share me. I told her no, and she let go. Sweetie, I didn’t think it would be wise to make a scene after what we had just done.”

“I know I don’t have any right to be jealous, but when I saw her holding you,,,,I was. This is my date, and I don’t want to share you.”

“Are you mad I got the girls tickets,” I ask?

“No, I’m not mad,,,maybe just a little perturbed because I could see them. I wanted this to be my date.”

“Baby, this date is all about you, so don’t let what happened earlier affect your fun. I’m yours, and only yours for the rest of the night.”

Rachel kisses me deeply for a moment. “Thank you, I needed to hear that,” she responds.

Rachel seems more at ease as we make our way back stage. We grab beers from a cooler and see Taylor sitting on a couch with a drink in one hand and a book in the other.

“Hi Taylor” says Rachel.

“Hi Rach, how’d you like the concert,” replies Taylor.

“We loved it,” replies Rachel.

“So is this him?”

“Yeah, this is my boyfriend Jay, Jay this is Taylor.”

“Hi Jay, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Hi Taylor, the pleasure is all mine. Great concert tonight,” I say.

“I hear you went all out for this pretty lady, she must be really special to try and impress her this way,” says Taylor.

“Oh, well I wasn’t trying to impress her, she’s my best friend. I just wanted to give her a great memory, but she definitely is special,” I say.

We all sit and talk for a while before Chad walks up, and Taylor introduces us. Rach and I are invited to Nickelback’s Motor coach where we are introduced to the rest of the band, and have some pictures taken. It was definitely one of the coolest times either Rachel or I would ever have.

Saying our goodbyes, Rachel and I finally get to the Limo around 2:00am.

“John says Rachel, let us know went were ten minutes from home.”

“Yes Mam.”

“And John, just ignore any noises you hear coming from the back.”

“Yes mam.”

John gives me a wink as we enter the Limo, and Rachel starts shedding her clothes before the door shuts. As the Limo began to roll, Rachel was working my shoes and pants off, and before we were out of the parking lot we were both naked and making out hot and heavy on the back seat.

Rachel’s musk was heavy in the air, but she pushed me hard against the seat and began working her mouth down to my neck. She spent a few minutes sucking on my neck before moving back to admire her work.

“Did you give me another hickey,” I ask.

Rachel just gives me a shit eating grin, leans down, and starts kissing my chest. She kissed my chest and licked my nipples for a few minutes, and then;

“Oow,” I exclaim.

I look down and Rachel is biting my left breast. She pulls away and you can see the teeth marks. She leans back in and kisses the area gently then kisses her way over to my right breast and bites me again. This time hard enough to draw some blood.

“Oooowww, Dam it Rach, what the fuck?”

“This one, ‘she points to the left bite’, is a love bite, and this one ‘she points to the right’ is for letting that girl grab your cock. I’m not kissing that one.”

“Rach, I didn’t”

‘She lifts her eyebrows and gives me the look’ Realizing I was defeated, I just say “Okay”

Satisfied I had been put firmly in my place, Rachel resumes licking and kissing down my stomach. She bypasses my cock and starts kissing my inner thighs, until she bites down on my thigh. She is watching me for a moment, but I just grit my teeth and don’t let out a sound. She then reaches over and brings my steel hard cock to her mouth and quickly grabs the end with her teeth. My eyes go wide, and she smiles.

“Don’t worry Baby I wouldn’t dare hurt this masterpiece,” she says.

Then in one swift motion she take my cock into her mouth, and straight down her throat. I could even feel her tongue sticking out to lick the top of my sack. There were tears falling from her eyes as she left it buried to the hilt for half a minute. Finally she pulls back and takes a breath, but quickly pushes it back in her throat.

“Sweetie, you don’t need to choke yourself on it,” I say.

She stares at me through tear filled eyes, but keeps my cock deep in her throat as before. Once again she pulls back and takes several deep breaths.

“I like the feeling I get from this,” she states.

She repeats the deep throating several more times before climbing into my lap and immediately impaling herself. Her pussy so wet that I feel her warm juices running over my balls after the first stroke. Rachel had been pumping hard and fast for about a minute before I grunted,

“Oh god Rach, I’m going to cum.”

I barely comprehend Rachel saying “No you don’t”, and then feel her bite down on my shoulder. I’m too far gone to even comprehend the pain over the pleasure of orgasmic relief as I empty my hot seed into her.

It took a few moments to come down before I opened my eyes to Rachel staring into my eyes.

“Dam it Jay, I was like 30 seconds from cumming.”

“Sorry sweetie, but you kept me hard for like four hours during the concert, I’m amazed I lasted as long as I did.”

Rachel gave me a dejected look as my cock slipped out of her, but a moment later we were kissing hot and heavy again. It didn’t take long to recuperate after she started nibbling my earlobe and breathing hot air across my ear. And Rachel didn’t waste any time once I was hard again. She hadn’t dried out in the least, and slipped me in balls deep as quickly as the first time.

For the next hour we screwed each other’s brains out in every position we could get in. I lost count of the quick shutters, and definite orgasms she had. She had just had a quick orgasm while we were doing it in doggie when she turn her head to me, and urgently stated;

“Fuck my ass,, right now! It’s virgin, so be gentle.”

Without a word, I slipped my cock out of her pussy and place tip against her anus. She moaned as I pushed the tip in.

“Stop a second,” she exclaims.

I wait about 15 seconds until I feel her opening relax a bit, then push in about an inch. Rachel moans loudly, so a pause again. After a minute or so I felt her relax again, so I push in a bit farther. This time she moans lightly, so I begin pumping in and out without going any deeper.

Rachel moans and gets into it slowly “Oh, oh, oh, yes, deeper, oh.”

After several minutes my balls were slapping against her wet pussy while her ran her fingers back and forth over her clit. Rachel had become very vocal, and I could only imagine what our driver was thinking.

I pounded in and out of Rachel’s ass and was finally close to cumming when she screamed. Her entire body started shaking, which sent me over the edge. I came hard, releasing deep in Rachel’s ass, Rachel moaned loudly again and her ass clamped down hard on my cock. I tried to pull out, but my cock was locked in tight. I remain still and begin gently rubbing my hands up and down her back.

After about five minutes my cock was starting to throb and hurt a bit, but Rachel’s breathing had returned to normal.


“,,,,What,” she asks?

“Sweetie, we’re stuck together, you need to relax yourself so I can pull out.”

I feel her sphincter loosen a bit as I continued to rub her back and butt. Then I felt my cock being pushed out. She finally loosened up more, and I gently pulled back and popped out. My cock was larger than normal, and purple from being held so tight.

“Oh my god, says Rachel. It looks so much bigger.”

“I’m just glad it wasn’t in there much longer, I would have sucked to go to the emergency room like this.”

My cock started to go down quickly after removing it from her ass, and none too soon as John announced five minutes shortly after I pulled out.

Rachel and I dressed quickly, and I had just put on my shoes as we pulled up to her apartment. We exited the limo, I gave John a big tip, and we headed to Rachel’s room. She quickly opened the door, grabbed my hand, and pulled me in without saying a word. She pulled me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. We quickly showered, I yelled when she washed the bite she drew blood from.

“Oh quit being a baby, it’s just a scratch,” she says.

“No, it’s a bite, and it stings.”

“All right, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to draw blood,” she replies.

We towel off and she puts some ointment on the bite, then pulls me into bed.

“Jay, this was the most memorable night of my life. I loved every minute of it, thank you.”

We kiss for a moment. “Thanks sweetie, I loved every minute of it too, and I love you,” I say.

Rachel smiles sweetly and kisses me again. She rolls over and pulls my arm tight against her chest.

“Oh Baby, we have to meet the girls at Quins for brunch, but you can’t get there until 11:00 a.m., Okay?” she says.

“Why do I have to be there late,” I ask?

“Because,,we want to talk,,,about you,,,without you there,” She says.

“But Rach, we always have brunch together.”

“We will baby, we won’t eat without you. We just need to talk in private first. I promise we’ll tell you everything when you get there, okay.”

“Oh and Jay,,, I love you too.”

My heart pound when she returns my profession of love, but I’m also nervous about the girls talking without me. In the past two years I was treated as one of them, and my biggest fear when all this started was that everything would change. And that scared me.

Rachel dropped off to sleep quickly, but my nerves got the better of me. I laid there feeling Rachel’s heartbeat, and listened to her rhythmic breathing as she slept. I saw the first light of dusk peek through the window before finally falling asleep.


I opened my eyes to the sound of soft music coming from me phone, and Jay snoring in my ear. I extract myself from under his arm, and he never moves. I quickly dress and set Jay’s phone for 10:30, give Jay a kiss on the cheek and leave to meet the girls at Quins.

End of Part 2.


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