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Finding a whore with a tight pussy is a treat and a fluke. I went back looking for her many times, or course, but without success. Then, nearly 6 months later, our paths crossed again. She didn't recognise me at first, which was not surprising.
I went out to Silk Lotus one Tuesday night. There were 3 girls on.

Chinese Coco was dressed in bright red lingerie and told me she was going to suck my cock. She would do for my purposes, but the next girl came bounding out and smiled a warm friendly natural smile and said she was Chloe and bent her beautiful long legs at the knees to shake my hand in a coy imitation of going weak at the knees to see me. She giggled girlishly when I shook her soft hand. She was gorgeous.

The last girl was Gigi, the classy Singaporean lady I’d fucked before.

“Chloe. Thirty minutes,” I said when the Mamasan came back. The price has gone up from $110 to $120 this year.

I stripped and showered. Chloe came in. She was relaxed and looked at me and my cock as I showered when she put the fresh towels on the shelf.

“Where are you from?” I asked her as I towelled myself dry. She was undressing from her skin coloured underwear. She had virtually no tits, but nice big Asian nipples. Her ass and waist were shapeless. A bit disappointing. These shapeless girls always look better in clothes, which they use to hide their figures in the intro. But I couldn’t complain. I chose her for her nice legs, her pretty face and her personality. She was also at least 15 years younger than her rivals.

“I from China.” I was a little surprised. Her coy girlishness was more like Japanese or Korean.

I got on the bed. She had her packets of condoms and lubricant on the bed beside me. While she was tying her long straight black hair back in a ponytail, I ran my hands over her body and pinched her nipples. She bent over and started kissing my nipples. She had lovely skin. Smooth all over. I touched her delicate shoulders and stroked her hair. I got hard and she could feel it as she leaned her body over mine.

She quickly moved down between my legs and got a condom for my erection. But she misjudged the size and it wouldn’t fit. I was flattered and amused that she underestimated me. She ripped open a bigger one and got that on.

Starting at the base, she slowly licked and kissed the length of my cock. Watching her pretty face and lovely mouth down there was a big turn on and I strained and pulsed under her. She tried to bend me from the horizontal to the vertical to put me in her mouth. I would not bend to 90 degrees and she settled for 45. She closed her lips firmly around the head and popped me in and out of her mouth, letting my bulging head catch on her lips each time on the way out. She was setting up the theme for the evening. I was so fat and hard that the condom was stretched clear and it felt, and almost looked, as if I wasn’t wearing one.

She did the porn star thing and took my cock all the way in, looking up at me to show me the whites of her eyes. I held her by the hair and gently fucked her mouth. She let me, and she let me go all . . . the . . . way . . . in.

I can’t adequately describe how good that feels, so I won't bother.

After a few minutes of that I was ready for the next stage.

“Can I fuck you now, Chloe?”

She stifled a giggle. “Of course,” she said and smiled as if to say, “you can fuck me anytime, you don’t have to ask.” We swapped into missionary position.

She broke open a packet of lubricant and smeared her pussy. She was hairy on the outside. I squeezed in to her wonderfully tight vagina.

I pressed into her deeply and withdrew slowly, pulling the head of my cock out of her entrance for that satisfying pop and then plunging back in. I could feel everything. Every inch, every ridge, every muscle. I was entranced. I lowered myself ever so slowly towards her face. She kept her eyes open but looked to the side. She made little grunts and moans like an anime character, like I was hurting her and she didn’t want it. After a few minutes, she turned to face me. I went cross eyed for a moment because our faces were so close. I pulled back until her lovely face came back into focus.

“You fuck me very slow.” It sounded like that might be a problem, but I wasn’t going to change pace for her. I was enjoying this too much. “Most men fuck too fast. Unh! Unh! Unh!” She said it quickly to indicate fast male grunting. “You fuck me nice and slow. Thank you. I like that.”

I smiled and she smiled back. I felt my head pop out and I eased it slowly back into her.

“You’re nice and tight,” I said. She looked a bit uncertain. I’m not sure she understood. My head popped out again as if to give her a hint. “And you’re very pretty,” I sighed as I pushed back in. She smiled and her head lolled back on the pillow and she groaned. I leaned down to kiss her neck and her cheek. She moaned again.

I was feeling I could do this all night. And we kept going in missionary for a good 10 or 15 minutes. My cock stayed hard and her pussy stayed tight. I’ve fucked girls who can clench their muscles tight, but they usually tire after a while and let go. Chloe was just small and permanently clenched. It was fucking wonderful.

“Can we change position?”

“Yeah-ess,” she sounded unsure. “What position?”


“OK. I try.”

Try? I’d never heard that before. I climbed off the bed and stood beside it. She backed up. She had her lovely long thighs spread too far apart. She was used to being taller than the men. I bent my knees to get ready to enter her. She paused as if she was waiting for me to do it. I pressed my erection in the right direction.

“Ohh! Not there. Down a bit.” Maybe not quite the right direction. A few millimetres lower and I popped in.

“Your legs are too far apart. Do you want to move your knees closer together? That’s it.”

I held her nice soft hips and pumped slowly in and out. That nice little anus that I nearly invaded was there every time I looked down. Her vagina was just as tight in this position, but I could not pop out of her entrance in this position or my cock would spring up and away from her hole. I was acutely aware of every sensation and enjoying it. But after a few minutes, I could tell from her noises and movements that something was not right.

“Are you OK? Let me know if you get tired in this position.”

“Not tired. Just too deep. Your cock go too deep.”

It was a nice problem to have.

“We can change positions. It’s OK. I don’t want to hurt you.”

We changed back to a sort of missionary, near the edge of the bed. She had one long leg hanging off the side of the bed and so did I. I sat vertically on my right heel and prodded her hairy pussy. I took advantage of my free arms to grope at her little tits and pluck at those big stiff nipples. But I couldn’t get my weight behind each thrust and we moved back to a more orthodox missionary. She giggled at the awkwardness of the changes. I worried that we might run out of time.

When we were settled back into the long, slow, popping rhythm as before, I made the effort to bring on an orgasm. I got into a push up position and started to slam harder into her pelvis. After a few minutes more I was bucking into her in wild release. I was vaguely aware that I might be going too deep for her liking, but I couldn’t control it. She didn’t complain.

“Thank you, Chloe,” I panted. I sat back on my heels and she sat up. She thumped her fists on my thighs.

“You tired? Very big exercise.” She seemed impressed at my stamina.

The alarm went off.

We showered and dressed in silence. Smiling silence on my part. She got dressed modestly in the corner with her back to me. Funny how old habits die hard.

In the following weeks and months, I went back to Silk Lotus, looking for Chloe and hankering for her tightness, but she wasn’t there when I went.

Then, seven months after my first date with Chloe, I went back to Silk Lotus one weekend in early November. I didn’t have a specific plan in mind, but as I walked through the carpark I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Chloe was here and I got to fuck her tight cunt again?” Instead I got Lucky.

Then a week later, I went back again, hoping for Lucky and not thinking about Chloe. The car park was busy, and I prepared for the fact that I wouldn’t have many girls to choose from and that they might even all be “busy”.

There was a guy in tradies’ gear in the second waiting room. There was no one at reception. I waited and no one came, so I rang the bell. A new madam I’ve never seen before came out. She showed me into the main waiting room and called the girls. Then she went in to tell the tradie that all the girls here were Asian. He left. Then another guy came out of the corridor. I saw a girl walk past to a room on the left. She didn’t come back.

The parade came out and the first girl was a Japanese called Miho. She would do. The second one was better. They kept coming and I lost track of names. Then number 4 was in a sheer black negligee that looked like a cocktail dress, or a cocktail dress that was see through like a negligee. She had lovely long legs and a pretty face.

“Hi, I’m Chloe.” She didn’t recognise me, but I was pretty sure it was Her Royal Tightness.

Another 3 girls came out, I think. Six or seven in all. I’ve not seen such a big line up at this place before. But it was a Saturday.

I chose Chloe for 30 minutes and paid the madam. She showed me to a room down the corridor to the right.

I had taken half a Viagra earlier and I had just had a sower at home. I undressed and ran the water. I tugged on my cock and tried to make myself respectable for Chloe. But I knew from the start that I probably wasn’t going to be as hard as last time. I wasn’t particularly horny.

Chloe came in and I turned off the water. She came over with the towels and smiled at me and looked at my cock. It was a repeat of last time. I like the way she does that. She handed me a clean towel. I stepped out onto the bathmat to dry. When she walked over to the door in the corner and started to strip modestly with her back to me, I knew it was my Chloe. Her figure was not disappointing like last time. She has toned up her waist and she has a neat little figure now. Those legs look great. I started to swell.

She called me to the bed and I climbed on. She sucked my nipples long and hard and I caressed her lovely smooth, dry, hairless skin.

She moved down to my groin and climbed over my thighs to crouch between them. She was kissing me all the way down. As she got in position between my leg,s she put her hand under my cock and supported its rubbery weight as she kissed my balls. Then she looked up at the cock in her hand. She stopped kissing.

“Hey, I remember you! You Andy! You been with me before!”

I was stunned. She recognised me by my cock? She remembered my cock? It was such a memorable session last time for me, but I never imagined that she would remember it.

The whole thing threw me. I fantasise about being a memorable piece of man meat just as much as the next guy, but having it come true was unexpected and confronting. She did not recognise my face or my body, but she remembered my cock. Not only did she remember my cock, but she knew its name. And, perhaps most disturbing of all, was that I have no recollection of ever telling her, or anyone one else at Silk Lotus in recent years, that my name was Andrew. And I certainly never invited anyone there to call me Andy. I’ve only ever been Andy with the 140 club girls. Despite these troubling aspects, it was overwhelming flattering to be remembered for my cock and recognised by my cock.

“Yes,” I confessed. “But it was about 6 months ago.”

She seemed excited and enthusiastic. She grabbed a condom and started to put it on. It was a bit tight. “Is that OK? Not too tight?”

“It’s OK for now. You can change it later if you need to.”

She put me in her mouth and started to suck. She swallowed me a couple of times while I was still not very big. I didn’t get the same impression of deep throat as last time.

“This is too small,” she said after a minute or so. She swapped it out for a bigger one. “Sorry.”

“It’s OK. I’ll take it as a compliment.” I said the words this time that I only thought last time. She smiled. I filled the big condom comfortably.

“That’s better,” she said and put me back in her mouth. She sucked for a few minutes and looked up to show me the whites of her eyes. I tried to grab her by the ponytail and fuck her face like last time, but she twisted her head constantly to make it clear that she wasn’t submitting.

After a few minutes I was hard enough to fuck her.

“Can I get on top?”


Chloe looked really good on her back. Her tummy was taut and her curves were soft and those long legs looked great as she spread them and held them in the air. But the best thing was her pussy. Her lips were pouting and filled and it looked like a succulent cactus flower, with two rows of lips standing up and spread. She reached down with some lube.

“Oh, too much.” She laughed. I’m not sure if she applied more than usual or if she was so naturally wet that she didn’t need much.

I slipped the man meat in and it felt good. I got into gorilla missionary and pumped her slowly. I got harder. She kept her eyes open and watched me with that distracted look of a woman who is concentrating on the feeling of a cock in her vagina.

I got pretty hard and pumped her slowly all the way in and all the way out. But there was no popping entrance. Not like last time. It was partly me, but it was also her. We fucked for about 5 minutes until I hit a plateau.

“Can we change positions?” I asked. “Doggie?”

“OK, I try.” There it was again. Deja vu.

I stood off the bed and she backed up and allowed me to guide myself in, just like last time. I put my cock at her hole and pushed.

“Careful. Not there. Down a little.” Just like last time.

My cock popped in with a suddenness that surprised us both.

“Oh,” she said.

“There we go,” I said. I grabbed her lovely hips and started fucking her. She had her legs too far apart. Just like last time.

“Do you want to move your knees closer together? I’m tall and you’re too far down.”

We fucked like that for about 5 minutes. I leaned forward to grope her tits and kiss her back. I hugged her waist. Then I reached down to rub her clit. She felt nice and wet and I decided to give it a go. I rubbed her clit with my right hand and I spread my left hand wide so that I could touch one nipple with my thumb and the other with a finger. Her nipples were nice and big and hard. She responded well to this and I kept going for a while. My erection grew in her pussy. It was a new and interesting pose. I was resting on my elbows and it was not uncomfortable or strenuous. She shuddered a few times and I thought she might come.

“Maybe we should change back.” I was not going to come in this dysfunctional doggie.

She started to do the silly thing like last time of being off the edge of the bed. I pushed her back and climbed on. I popped in again with the same suddenness.

Now that I was on the bed, I could see myself in the mirror. I brought her legs together and put her calves on my shoulders. I got her in that position where she was pinned down and couldn’t stop me.

“Only five minutes left,” she warned.

“You want me to come? Don’t worry, Chloe, I’ll pump your pussy full of cum.”

I settled in for the final stages and got harder and harder. I enjoyed looking in the mirror and seeing her lovely legs in the air and my stomach pressing against her thighs. She looked at me in the mirror and grunted as I fucked her. Finally I came. With only a minute to spare.

I had a quick shower and dried. I dressed while she showered. I was in a hurry, so I left before she got dressed.

It was not as memorable for me as the last time. But it was so nice to learn that the last time was just as memorable for her as it was for me.
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