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This story is fictional and does not intend to advocate for incestuous relationships.

Unless of course both partners are of legal age and have consented. In that case, have at it and enjoy,
“I’m gonna cum!”

“Pull out, pull out!”

“Oh fuck!” My brother shoved his dick deeper as it erupted inside me. Spraying my walls with all of his sibling jism. I wanted to scream at him, but his orgasm brought on my own, and it was a big one. I dug my nails into his broad arms and clenched my legs around his waist as I shuddered through my own mind-numbing climax. It brought my brother to the hilt as he was still shooting his semen in me and I couldn’t be contained as it made me cream even more. My brother collapsed on top of me with his slowly softening cock still inside me. We rested there for a long time before my brother pulled his now semen-glazed cock out of me and rolled onto his back to catch his breath.

I looked down to see the mess my brother had made. There was my pussy practically overflowing with his cum. It was painted all over my labia and leaking out of my hole. At first, I reveled in it. I admittedly, loved it when he came in me. It was a sense of pride to get my own brother to neglect the consequences cause his sister’s pussy is “literally the best thing he’s ever had” was satisfying to me. It’s not like my brother was unattractive either. He had an athlete’s body cause he was on the swim and basketball teams. He was about 6’0 tall, had wavy dark hair, a killer smile, and an impressive 8-inch cock. He could get any girl he wanted and usually did, but since he’s had me, he hasn’t wanted or needed anyone else. That does give me a little pride, but it was starting to get out of hand.

It would be another month before I would get my birth control pills, and Josh hasn’t stopped cumming inside of me yet. I punched him in the shoulder, “ Dammit Josh, I told you not to cum inside me.”

“C’mon Stace!.” He laughed, clearly not fazed by my punch, “You know I can’t pull out of you. It’s just too damn good.”

“Then we’re gonna have to stop or you’ll get me pregnant,” I warned.

“I know.” Josh confidently stated.

“Can’t you just wait until I’m on the birth control, then you can cum in me as much as you want,” I argued.

“Yeah.” Josh said withdrawn, “It’s just not the same.”

“What do you mean?”

“The risk isn’t there you know?”

“Risk?” I asked confused, “ you want to get me pregnant?”

Josh held his head down, seemingly embarrassed for being called out on his fantasy, “Would that be such a bad thing?”

“Uh, fuck yeah. You’re my brother.” I yelled.

“Gary Steisma got his sister pregnant. He told the whole team.”

“Jenna?” I asked.


“That’s his stepsister Josh, that doesn’t count.” I explained, “We’re related by blood. Same dad and mom. Our kid could end up disfigured or mentally retarded.”

“I wouldn’t care. It’d be worth it just to keep having sex with you.” Josh said calmly.

“You’re a twisted weirdo, you know that?” I responded.

“Yeah.” Josh smiled that killer smile that always melted my heart. It was then I noticed he was stroking his dick back to full attention.

“Again?” I asked. Somewhat turned on by our conversation.

“Could we?”

I shook my head, smiled, and spread my legs again for my brother. My cum-filled pussy greeted his semi-erect cock, and he loved it. He sucked and fondled my supple breasts as he fucked my swollen sex again. He kissed me on my lips, down my neck and all over my tits as he drove his cock in every inch of my wet pussy walls he could find. Mesmerized by how my pussy massaged his dick, clenched his shaft, and wet his balls. He took me on my back, then from behind.

“I want to ride you,” I said, and climbed on his hips as I positioned his dick in my slit. I sat down on it, and my brother squealed a little before grabbing hold of my hips and thrusting them onto his manhood. He leaned me down close to him so he could suck my tits and pound my hole at the same time. "You're the best sister I could ask for, Stacie. You're so good to my dick." Josh moaned.

Then he started fucking me hard. Thrusting his cock in and out of me as I was on top. His furious pace lit my clit on fire and I immediately climaxed. My clenched walls around my brother’s invading fuck stick drove him over the edge. He shouted again, “I’m gonna cum!”

I tried to pull myself off of him knowing he would be spewing that massive load in my cunt, but just as I went to move, Josh firmly grabbed my hips and held me in place. “Josh, don’t!” I softly pleaded but it was to no avail. Held tight, my brother began releasing a torrent of semen deep into my unprotected womb.

“Ohmigod, sis! Take it. Take all of your brother’s cum!” Josh shouted.

“Fuck!” I screamed as my own orgasm overtook me.

“fffffuuuuuucccckkkkk, I hope you get pregnant, Stace. I want you to have my baby.”

“I’ll have your baby, Josh. I’ll have your baby.” I repeated as my orgasm ran through me. I collapsed on top of my brother’s chest as he shot the last few spurts of his cock into my now twice creampied womb. We kissed each other passionately as we began to come down off our multiple orgasms.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Mom screamed. She stood in the doorway of Josh’s room with a look of horror and disgust on her face. We both froze as Josh’s cock lost its erection and plopped out of me along with a long stream of his semen.



2019-12-08 17:00:47
Loved it I only wish it was longer

Dirty SamoneReport

2019-12-01 19:31:07
I like to read of ass fuckin. Could you write about him gittin in her ass to keep from her getting pregnant?


2019-11-17 21:20:01
Definitely a good story. Would love to see a sequel


2019-10-23 19:01:05
Hot AF story. I was hard right from the second line. Hopefully there's going to be more since Mom caught them.


2019-10-23 17:29:58
Great story

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