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These stories are all fantasies. Don't try to make fantasy into reality and fuck up people's lives.

Sorry if this chapter is a little long.

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Saturday Night

Jack smiled as he locked the door behind him. He looked at his beautiful niece standing before him. She knew his intentions, but she looked unsure of what was about to happen.

"Relax", Jack said and he saw her posture visibly change as her eyes flashed green. "I'm not going to hurt you and you're going to enjoy this", he told her as he laid a hand on her shoulder.

Emily nodded and looked at him expectantly. "Let's sit on the bed", Jack said and sat down, followed quickly by his niece. He started playing with her soft, blonde hair. "I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to answer them honestly", he said and the girl nodded.

"Are you still a virgin", he asked and looked into her eyes. "Yes, sir", she said and he got excited. That was the answer he had been hoping for. He wanted to be the one to pop her cherry. "Do you have any sexual experience", he asked.

"I gave my last boyfriend a handjob and he fingered my pussy, but that's it", Emily said, her eyes staying emerald green during the questioning. Jack smiled as he realized that she was basically pure. "Good. I want you to learn what I like, not what other men like", Jack said as he kissed his niece's cheek.

"Now, I want you to stand up and dance for me. Very sexily", he said as he leaned back on his arms. Emily smiled and stood up. She played some music on her phone and then began the sexiest dance Jack had ever seen.

He knew girls danced like that, but he'd never been this close to one. As she moved closer to him, he smacked her firm ass. She jumped in surprise and looked down at him, unable to stop dancing because of his command. "Why did you spank me, uncle Jack", she asked.

"Because I just couldn't resist that sexy ass. From now on, when I spank you, you will smile and say thank you, sir. Do you understand", he said. "Yes, sir", she said and continues dancing.

"Now, while you dance, I want you to strip those clothes off", Jack said, his dick already rock hard. Emily nodded and grabbed the bottom of her spaghetti strap top as she swayed her hips. She slowly peeled it off of her toned, flat belly, revealing more and more skin.

Within seconds, she had pulled it over her head and tossed it on the floor. This was when Jack confirmed his suspicions that his niece didn't wear a bra. And after all, why would she? "Stop and come sit on my lap", Jack said as he got his first look at her perfect teenage tits.

As she straddled his lap, he could smell the scent of juices from between her legs. He kissed her deeply, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She enthusiastically kissed him back, moaning deeply. His hand found her perfect melons.

He rubbed her breasts, squeezing the firm gloves as they made out. After a few minutes, he pulled back to breathe. Then he grabbed her nipples and pinched hard. She squealed with pleasure and he could see the pleasure on her face.

He pushed her back a little and lowered his mouth to her left breast. He heard her take a breath as he flicked his tongue over her nipple. "Oh my god, Uncle Jack, that feels so good", she moaned.

Her moans and squeals got louder when he sucked the nipple into his mouth, flicking it as he suckled. Then, to her surprise, he bit down. Not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to elicit a scream of pleasure. Suddenly Jack could feel Emily tensing up as a sudden orgasm overtook her.

When it ended, she looked at him with pure lust in her eyes. "Please fuck me, uncle Jack", she begged. "I will, baby. But I've been waiting a long time for this and I want to enjoy it", he said. "Now, stand back up and continue your sexy striptease for me".

"Yes, sir", she said and stood back up. She began swaying to the music as she rubbed her body. As she danced, she hooked her fingers into the hem of her tight shorts. She slowly slid them down as she bent over, leaving just a tiny thong covering her ass.

"Don't move", Jack said as he stood up. He walked over to her and grasped her tight, firm ass, feeling the bare flesh for the first time. There was a dark spot on the material covering her cunt. He rubbed his fingers over it and she moaned.

"Get on the bed, on your hands and knees, facing me", Jack ordered. Emily quickly obeyed, obviously eager for what was about to happen. It took less than three seconds for Jack to undress. He walked over to Emily, his rock hard shaft sticking straight out.

Her eyes got wide when she saw it. "It's so big, uncle Jack. I don't think it will fit inside me", she said, without any prompting. "Oh, it will fit, baby. But first, you're going to taste it. I want you to suck my dick, doing the best you can", Jack said.

Emily looked unsure, but she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. "I've seen this a few times in porn. Let me know if I'm doing a good job", she said as she ran her tongue over the head of his shaft.

Jack moaned and grabbed a handful of her hair. "You're doing amazing, you sexy little girl. Keep going". Emily smiled at his praise and began running her tongue up and down his shaft while she slowly stroked it.

After a few moments, she placed her lips on the head of his cock. Then, after taking a breath, she started sliding his shaft between her lips. "That feels fucking amazing, Emily", Jack said as he watched his dick disappear into his niece's mouth.

He soon felt his dick hit the back of her throat, with half of his dick in her mouth. She started going back and forth, sucking his dick with the expertise of someone who had been doing it for years. "You're a natural, baby", Jack moaned as she teased the shaft with her tongue as it slid in and out of her mouth.

"I want to feel that throat", Jack said and grabbed his niece's blonde hair. Without saying anything else, he pushed forward. She gagged a little, but she didnt fight him as he forced his cock down her throat. "Oh fuck, that feels good", Jack said as he got his entire dick inside her mouth.

"Now", Jack said, looking down into her wide eyes, "I'm going to fuck your face. Just relax and enjoy me using you". She tried to answer, but her mouth was full of his dick. He held tight to her hair and started sliding his dick back and forth. He went slow at first, then quickly built up speed.

Within moments, his balls were slapping her chin as he rammed his shaft down her throat again and again. It didn't take long for him to feel his orgasm building. He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth, then he let out a primal growl as he came.

He smiled down at her as he filled her mouth with cum. He pulled out and she instinctively swallowed. "How is your first taste of cum", he asked, smiling down at her. "Delicious", she said, her eyes filled with lust as she stared at his still hard cock. "Now, please fuck me", she begged.

"Soon", he teased, loving having this power over her. "For now, lay on your back and spread your legs". She did as he said and he smiled when he saw that her thong was soaked with her juices.

He planted a kiss on each of her breasts, eliciting a moan of pleasure each time. Then he kissed a trail down her stomach until he got to her panties. He clenched the hem of the thong between his teeth and slowly peeled them down and tossed them on the floor.

Then he leaned back and got his first good look at his niece's virginal pussy. He leaned close and inhaled the scent of her musk. She moaned as she felt him breathing on her pussy. "Please, uncle Jack, I need you in me", she begged, desperation dripping from her words.

She was quickly silenced when she felt his tongue slide up the length of her slit. "Fuck, that feels good. No one has ever done that before", she said as he continued licking her wet cunt.

Jack slowly separated her pussy lips with his tongue, amazed at how perfect her cunt looked. He searched with his tongue until he found what he was looking for. Her little clit, already hard from all the stimulation to her body. As he flicked it with his tongue, she arched her back and screamed with pleasure.

Jack smiled as he watched his niece have another orgasm. He leaned forward and shoved his tongue deep inside her climaxing hole, teasing her g-spot with the tip. She kept moaning and orgasming as he stimulated her from the inside.

Then, as she came down from the high and tried to catch her breath, he sat back and rubbed his cock again her pussy. She barely felt it because of all the emotions from the orgasms. But she definitely felt it when he slid inside her.

She was very wet, so he slid in easily. He got about five inches inside before her tightness made him stop. "Oh my god, this pussy feels so good", Jack moaned as he started thrusting back and forth, going deeper with each thrust.

Emily moaned loudly from both pain and pleasure. "Its so big, uncle Jack. You're stretching out my poor little pussy", she groaned as Jack finally got his entire shaft inside her. "Your pussy was made to stretch around big cocks", Jack said as he rested, balls deep, inside his niece. "Specifically, my big dick".

He let her get used to it for a moment, then he started going back and forth. He would almost pull his dick out, before sliding it back in. He used long, slow strokes until he was sure that she was ready for more.

Finally, he saw her body relax and her breathing get calmer. He grabbed her legs and pressed them against her chest, folding her in half and allowing him to go as deep as possible. Then he started hammering her cunt.

He rammed his dick into her pussy over and over again, mercilessly. He could swear he hit her cervix several times. And Emily was just lost in the pleasure of it all. She was constantly orgasming at this point. And Jack could feel his own orgasm building.

He thrust as deep as he could and he could feel himself push through into her cervix. Then he unloaded inside her. He orgasmed with a force he didn't know was possible. He dumped spurt after spurt of cum deep inside his once innocent niece.

And Emily's body reacted in kind. She began to squirt pussy juice out around the shaft buried inside her. She soaked her uncle's cock with her juices, as well as his balls and the bed beneath them.

After several minutes, Jack finally felt high began to leave him as he came down from the orgasm. He slid out of Emily's full pussy and fell on the bed beside her. He kissed her cheek and stroked her hair. "I love you, baby girl", he said and then he fell asleep.

To be continued...


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I very much plan on having him fuck his sister in a future chapter.


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Yes, he needs to fuck his sister too, preferably while her daughter watches.


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Awesome chapter!


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Would love to have him fuck his niece and sister together.


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