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Michael only dates girls who look like his Mom and Aunt.

Aunt Susan is required to find out what is going on
Susan heard the phone ping. She checked who was messaging. As expected it was her sister Sharon. “He has done it again.”

Susan smiled then sighed, she would have to go visit which she did most days, but today would be calming Sharon down.

The “he” was Michael, Sharon’s eighteen year old son, however only Susan and Sharon called him by his given name, everyone else called him Hotrod.

The women had chosen not to find out about the nickname, in case it reflected something they did not want to know about.

Susan went around late afternoon. Sharon was still seething. Susan was ready, she knew the basics of what was coming. Michael was a good looking, well developed young man. He was extremely popular with many friends and his mother understood that he was a babe magnet, all his friends telling her so. What incensed Sharon was that Michael always chose a similar type of girlfriend. Michael’s school friends were a typical cross section, colours, creeds, tall, short, thin, fuller figure. Sharon had seen them on school visits and approved of the diversity in the school. However Michael had a specific type. Each of his three girlfriends that Sharon knew about were dark brown hair, larger than average body shape and around 5 feet 4 inches. What concerned Sharon was that each of these girls was almost identical to how she and Susan had looked at eighteen!

Susan made three coffees and sat down, Sharon continued to pace the kitchen floor until , Michael appeared. He smiled at Susan and sat down waiting for his mother to stop. Both Michael and Susan had been through this before, so they were not going to start.

“Michael, who is this new girl and why does she look like a young version of Susan and I?”

Michael smiled at her and stirred his coffee, waiting for her to sit down.

“We have had this talk before. To me, you and Susan are the most beautiful women in the world, so it’s no wonder I am attracted.”

Sharon started getting red in the face. Susan thanked Michael for his kind words.

They sat in silence for a minute.

Sharon and Susan knew it was absurd. They were ordinary looking, overweight and their best feature was a heaving bosom, which gave them both backache.

Sharon started again.

“We have been through this. It is very unfair on these girls. You are not dating them for who they are but only because they look like us.”

Michael nodded. Again it was not the first time he had heard this argument.

“If you ask them I am sure they would have said being my date was worth it and if it fizzled out then our time together was everything they would have wished for.”

“Do you know how conceited that sounds? You are a monster!”

And Sharon finished her coffee and went to do something, somewhere out of sight of her conceited monster.

Susan was expected to take up the fight and berate Michael, but she had not got as annoyed as Sharon. Sharon was the elder sister, so Susan was a bit nearer to Michael’s age but saw herself as a housewife. He husband, Dave, was in his early thirties but had become an old man in the last couple of years. His life evolved around work, playing games on his computers and watching sports on television. Susan was aware that he was never very lively, but she was not the catch that all the boys wanted, so she had settled.

She looked at her nephew, who was the kind of boy she would have loved to pay her attention when she was eighteen. His father had left years ago, and Sharon had brought him up to be a well mannered, polite young man. He knew not to make any offensive comments about other people and especially not women. So Sharon calling him conceited was a big insult. He was in big trouble.

“So Mr Michael Hotrod, are you conceited?”

“Not really Susan, What I say is true. All the girls at school want to go out with me, I can pick and choose from most of them. I can’t help it.”

“And why is that? How are you every girls true passion?”

Michael saw now he was getting deeper into a big hole. He really did not want to sit beside his aunt and explain it. He got up and started making more coffee. Distract and divert tactics.

Unfortunately for him, Susan was not going to be fobbed off.

Michael sat back down and stirred his coffee, looking down at the table top. Susan waited.

The silence lingered, Michael sighed.

“I am big.” That was his explanation and he was a fine red faced young man.

Susan, suspected that Hotrod was an apt name and so she teased.

“You are not very big, some of your friends are much taller.”

“Not that sort of big.”

“Disagree, some of your friends have huge shoulders and biceps.”

“Not the same thing.”

“Oh, so not taller or wider in the body. You got a big brain?”

Michael had not looked up, hadn’t seen Susan smiling, thoroughly enjoying this.

“No, not specially.”

Michael was going to have to be beaten to tell Susan.

“I see, I think it must be Selsey Bill.”

Michael looked up now, staring at Susan, he had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

“Selsey Bill is on the coast in an area called the Manhood Peninsula.”

Michael’s mouth dropped open, she had guessed, well he thought she had.

“When your mother and I were at school we had a boy known to everyone as Donkey. Is this your secret to success?”

Michael nodded but still refused to talk about it to his aunt, who he knew would talk to his mother.

Susan was getting aroused, she was trying to imagine her nephew, sitting here beside her, and he was the local Stud. She forgot about being related, she became a woman and this was not a boy but a young man.

“Let me guess, nine inches?”

Michael was now blushing profusely.

“No, normal length roughly.”

OK, so maybe fat, thick?”

Michael nodded, keeping silent, too embarrassed.

“I want to see it.”

Michael looked up so quickly he nearly ricked his neck. He stared at her.

Had she really said what he thought?

Susan was deadly serious and the look on her face told him so.

Michael, considered running away, walking out but he knew it would only delay.

He stood and stepped back from the table.

Susan’s head turned to watch him intently Her heart was beating faster, she was licking her lips, her mouth was dry, she was damp, she could not imagine what had made her demand to see, but the whole idea was incredibly arousing.

Michael was only wearing shorts and a tee shirt. He stood a moment and delayed, hoping for some magical excuse to get out of this. But nothing was coming to save him.

He pulled at his tee shirt and raised it up and off. Susan liked the look of his body, strong but not over muscled.

He looked around the room and then back at Susan and pushed his shorts down, straight down around his ankles.

Susan’s eyes were completely fixed on one spot. Her mouth agape. Michael had an average length penis but it was much thicker than her husbands, and it was currently semi erect.

“Michael what the hell are you doing?”

Sharon had stepped into the kitchen seeing her son naked in front of his aunt.

Michael spun round at the sound of his mother, forgetting that he was uncovered. He realised his mistake when her hands raised to her face and she covered her eyes, momentarily, then peeking at this part of him that she hadn’t seen for many years.

Michael's hands went to cover himself. He stepped back and tripped over his shorts, falling flat on his face. Both women rushed to his side to see if he was hurt. He wasn’t but his ego was. He turned sideways to get up and displayed a full erection. Both women looked, no stared! That was a sight to see and Susan’s mind was imagining how she could possibly get it in her mouth. And then she realised what thoughts she just had and was astonished, until she looked at Sharon to see the same expression on her sister’s face.

Sharon scurried out of the room again, Michael rolled onto his back now his penis was erect and fully visible to Susan. She looked at Michael’s face, he showed every sign of wanting her to make a move. Susan stretched out her hand and hovered over Michael’s body. He lay flat, not moving, watching her intently, waiting. Susan lowered her hand and laid it out flat on top of Michael’s penis. It was hot and it kept bouncing up at her hand, reacting to her touch.

Again Susan looked toward Michael’s face. He was waiting, a secret challenge, but she was going to have to take the lead, this was crossing a number of lines. Susan turned her face to look down, she was shocked to realise that she had already made contact. She rubbed the flat of her hand along his penis, then turned to grip it, there was quite the size held in her hand, she slowly pumped her hand up and down and she felt it get even larger, wider, thicker.

Michael stayed still, flat out, watching like a hawk. He had waited for this moment, had dreamed about Sharon and Susan, had deliberately chosen girls who looked like his mother and his aunt. And right now, right here it was going to happen.

Susan’s eyes were glued to her hand and his penis, she shuffled back a little way and started to lower her head. There was no rational thought involved. Lowered her head, pulled upwards with her hand, stick her tongue out and flicked the top. Michael’s moan was so deep that Susan reacted, pulling back. She returned to her position and this time tried to take his penis in her mouth. She could not stretch her mouth wide enough, she got the first half inch sitting between her lips, she stayed still wondering how to proceed. She felt pressure on the back of her head pressing her down and forcing more of him into her mouth.

She heard her sister’s voice.

“Susan slap my leg if it gets too much.”

Sharon was adding the pressure and Susan’s lips were parting a little more each time, she would have lockjaw if this kept going, but his penis slipped in, she had got over the larger head and now two or three inches was in her mouth. She closed her lips around his penis and felt the pressure leave the back of her head as she now could see Sharon standing in front of her and Michael watching the process. Susan’s brain kicked in with my nephew, my sister, but it didn’t tell her to stop.

Susan did not get much sex, she had only given a few blow jobs and they were a long time ago. She simply moved her head back and forth, her lips clamping onto his penis and making the flesh move, it seemed to be working, judging by the noises Michael was making.

She looked up to see that Sharon was kneeling on the floor hands covering her face but able to see and watch and stare at Susan. Susan had got so aroused she thought she might come, this was so hot, so wrong, so good, so right.

Michael saw his mother walk back into the room, push down on Susan's head then stand and finally kneel down beside him. He was halfway to the fulfillment of his dreams. He stretched his right hand and placed it on his mother’s knee. Sharon took a moment to realise but then turned to face him. He watched the rapid calculations sweeping through her expressions.

Sharon moved a few inches and started to hitch her skirt up. Michael’s hand following the hem of the skirt upwards. Sharon was bare legged, She kept hitching until the skirt hem moved over the panties. Michael had watched the uplift of the skirt and now finally he could see his mother’s panties, He delayed moving his hand, he stretched his fingers and he slowly, very deliberately proceeded. His fingernail touched the cotton and Sharon shivered.

None of them had thought this through, there was no plan, it was all reactionary.

Sharon shuffled forward a little so that the fingernail pushed more into the material and pressed against her. Michael bent and flexed his fingers and then all four fingers were pressing the material into Sharon’s vulva, creating a camel toe. A damp camel toe.

Sharon was staring at Susan. She watched her younger sister bob up and down on her son’s penis. She was not sure how this had got to this point but it was something she had fantasised about for a while. And it always included Michael and Susan. So not one overreach of normal behaviour but two or more. She and Susan were very similar in shape and size and it was much like looking at a mirror image, and it could be her kneeling over Michael, not Susan.

She twisted her body and widened her legs, she put her hands under her skirt and pushed her panties down, they didn’t go far because of her position but they cleared her vulva and allowed Michael’s hand access to her vagina and clitoris. He could not see, he had to feel his way and as he did so it got Sharon very excited. She had no idea how knowledgeable he was or how often he had been with a girl or woman, but his fingers were doing a very good job on her.

Sharon kept making adjustments to her position, almost guiding Michael’s hand and as his fingers entered her vagina she let out a very deep sigh. My oh my. Life is changed forever.

Susan had been working her magic on Michael for a while. She didn’t know it was magic all she was doing was following her own instincts. She had an object in her mouth that was too big and wide, so she simply sucked it like a lollipop. She could feel Michael’s responses and she was convinced he was getting near to coming. Her experience was limited but the feeling and his moaning told her to keep working.

Michael started to groan and squirm, Susan knew it was imminent and she kept her mouth covering his penis and she could feel the surge rushing through him and as he screamed she felt the semen shooting into her mouth and she gulped, swallowing.

This was a first, never before had she let anyone come in her mouth, let alone swallow, but this was the day, a new day of amazing surprises.

She stopped bobbing and allowed him to complete his explosion in her mouth. She swallowed and then eased up and started to lick him clean. Susan was not greatly experienced at sex and nearly all of her time had been missionary, so she was instinctively learning a new skill set. One of which she hoped to gain more training and experience.

As Susan straightened up she saw Sharon had now moved to lie on her side with one leg in the air. Michaels hand was thudding back and forth but it was hidden under the folds of Sharon’s skirt. Sharon had her hand in her mouth, biting down on her fingers. Suddenly her hand flew away and she screamed, not a sensible word or words but something guttural and basic. Her whole body was shaking and her face was red. Michael looked like he was in dream land and he suddenly realised where he was. He stopped and withdrew his hand. Looking first at Susan and then at Sharon, coming to realise what had happened and with whom.

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