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Amy - the super hot cheerleader is desperate to get an A on her paper
I can’t believe she is even standing in my room.

A week ago I overheard the teacher telling her that if she did not get a b+ or better she was going to fail the class, and get kicked off the cheer-leading team. She left the school crying. I knew there was my opening. I texted her:

Me: Amy - I can write the paper for you

Amy: Who is this?

Me: Brad Smith

Amy: Who??

Me: Brad, the fat nerd who sits up front in Mr. Millers class (there is a long pause.)

Amy: You can get an A?

Me: I always get A’s

Amy: What do you want?

Me: Just for you to smile and say hello to me in class

Amy: Fuck, if I get a A on this i’ll give you a fucking blowjob!

Me: Deal?

Amy: DEAL!

I then wrote her a paper about the variations in the moons orbit and how it relates to tidal forces on earth. I also wrote for her all of the questions he would ask to make sure she could respond with simple direct answers.

“Thank you for getting me an A+ on the paper, I am going to pass the class. I am even getting extra credit for answering all his questions. I am going to get a B in the class! ” She smiles at me.

“I told you I could do it” I smugly answer.

She begins to remove her top slowly “I get extra credit, so do you” and takes it off completely. Her long red hair bounces as it fall from her top. She is wearing a red lace bra. I am so hard. She then lowers the bra, and shows off her perfect tits to me. Nice pale skin, with light pink nipples, with freckles all over them

“You should take off your pants if you want a blowjob.” she smiles

She starts to rub her own tits in front of me, and I stand up and remove my pants and underwear.

“WOW, your big and hard” she says

She is the first girl to ever see my dick. I know I am bigger than average.

She takes off her sweatpants showing me a red lace thong. She turns slowly a few times and asks if I like it

“UHHHH" is all I can get out.

She giggles at that.

She slowly comes to me, smiling and licking her lips. She sits on my leg, reaches down, and starts to rub my dick.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” I moan, as I cum seconds after she touches me.

She keeps jerking me while I shoot.

She giggles even more. I am so embarrassed.

Her hand never leaves my dick. “Well that was quick. Don"t worry, the next one will be in my mouth” she says while stoking my cum covered dick.

She then puts her left tit right in front of my mouth.

"Suck it” she commands, and I am happy to do it. She tastes sweet, I start licking and sucking. I start to play with her other tit with my hands

“OHHH thats nice” she says as I keep sucking.

I try my luck and bring my hand down to her ass. She does not complain, and in fact gets in a better position for me to feel her ass.

Her hand is still stroking my dick.

She then slides off of me, and in one quick motion takes my dick in her mouth. “OOOHHHHHHH" is all I can moan, as she start to bob her head up and down on my hard dick.

“MMMMMMMM" I hear her say, and she keeps blowing me. Her and then starts to caress my balls. She takes her mouth off and says “you can cum in my mouth” smiles at me then goes back to sucking.

It is all too much for me, and I feel it start to build. She knows it to, because she starts to go faster. Again I moan out loud, as my second orgasm hits me and I cum even harder than before in her mouth. She keeps sucking, and I hear her giggle too.

She makes sure my dick is clean and comes back up.

“Are you a virgin?" she asks

“Yes, your the first girl to ever touch me” I answer honestly.

“Wow, Well my virgin, are you ready for your extra credit bonus?”

“Uhhh” is all I answer

She stands up and takes off her lace panties.

“Do you want to lick my pussy?” she asks

“Oh yes” I answer

“Lay down on the floor” and I do,

She then squats over my face giving me the best view ever had, As her pussy hits my mouth, I start to lick and suck all I can, just like the videos I watch. She starts to moan. I take her ass in my hands and I start to thrust her into my face. She soon gets the idea and start to really fuck my face. "Oh oh Oh” she moaned with each thrust, I get as much of my tongue on her clit as I can.

“Ohhhh IM CUMMING” she announces. I start to suck her entire clit hood, and I also push a finger a little in her ass

“OHHHH AGAIN” She cums a second time but I do not let her get up. I still have a free hand and I push two fingers into her pussy, and push harder into her ass.

“OH SHIT YES” she screams and comes for a third time.

She falls over next to me breathing hard.

“That was the best anyone ever ate me out” as her hand cups her pussy. “Give me a minute” she says

She looks up at me. "A virgin?"

"Yes, I have jerked off to thinking about this for years." I tell her

"If I knew you were that good I would have had you eat me a year ago!"

She then stands up and hovers over my dick.

"Ready?" she asks

"Ohh yes" I answer, and she lowers herself onto my dick. I never felt anything like it, Warm, soft, wet and she sits all the way down. “ UUUUUHHHH So big” she moans as she starts to buck on top of me.

I reach between us, and start to play with her clit as she fucks me.

“Yes, rub my clit…. do it” she moans

She starts to go faster and faster. Her own moans come quicker and louder.

Then she stops moving and just breaths out. I feel her pussy squeeze my dick, and I start am able to hold back. “CUMMMMINNNG” is all she can say as she cums again. She looks at me and smiles. "You didn't cum yet?" she asks .

"No" I answer.

She gets off me and turns around so I can watch her ass. She lowers herself again.

With the power from all the years of cheerleading, she bounces on my dick, I see her perfect ass going up and down, and I pull her down all the way onto my dick, and unload my cum into her. She feels me squirt inside her and it triggers another orgasm for her

After we come down from our orgasms, she slides off me, leaving a wet hot mess.

“Wow that was incredible!” she says and comes up to snuggle with me. She then kisses me on the lips. “I think I am going to fuck you a lot more” she says.

“And I think you are going to get an A on every paper”

“I think the other girls on the squad need papers as well. When they find out had good you are, they may even write papers for you.” she laughs…….


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good story!


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Well done

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