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20-year-old Jason, meets 14-year-old Jamie at the pool on a cruise ship. It doesn’t take long for him to talk her into an FWB experience, despite her young age.
When I graduated from college, my parents gave me a cruise for a graduation present. I flew to Fort Lauderdale and boarded The Allure of the Seas luxury cruise ship. My parents didn't know of my appetite for young girls . . . otherwise they would never have booked a cabin on this ship since it was a cruise for children of all ages. I was one of the first to board and, after getting my charge/door card, a steward showed me to my cabin which had a balcony. After I tipped him twenty bucks, I unpacked, changed into a tee shirt and a pair of cargo shorts, and wandered around the ship. It was getting close to dinner when I decided to go up to the 15th floor and check out the pools. Most everyone had gone to get dressed by now.

Then I saw her. She was about ten feet away, and was standing on the springboard in the deep end looking at me, all five foot of her. She was absolutely gorgeous and cute into the bargain. I guessed she was maybe fourteen or older. I was pretty good at telling how old girls are, but I sometimes got it wrong. It's difficult to determine their age since it depends on how far into puberty they are.

She had golden blonde hair that was fixed in a knot on the top of her head. She had on a pale-blue, one-piece swimsuit and I could make out the small swells of her breasts. Looking up and down at her on the springboard, I noticed her pussy looked large for the size of her body. It swelled up from her flat tummy between pointed bony hips, and my cock began to fatten as I saw a perfect camel toe. When she saw me looking at her, I detected a slight pullback of her shoulders . . . to emphasize her small breasts. She smiled at me, and I smiled back.

With hardly a splash, she dove into the water and swam to the side near where I was sitting. She put her forearms on the side of the pool, cradling her petite breasts. Up close I could see her gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes and her wide, full mouth. She smiled and said, "My name's Randi, what's yours?"

"I'm Jason," I replied.

"I saw you looking at me," she said.

"You're a very beautiful girl, Randi and you have the most gorgeous blue eyes I think I've ever seen."

Randi blushed a little. "Thanks," she said. "You here by yourself?"

"Yes, it's just me. How about you? You with your parents?"

"No, it's just my older sister and me. She's almost twenty."

"And how old are you, Randi?"

"I just turned 14 yesterday. This cruise is part of my birthday present from my grandparents. So how old are you, Jason?"

"I'm twenty-one. I just graduated from university."

"That must be nice. You wanna be my friend for the cruise?


"I'd love to be your friend, Randi. Is that as just a friend or . . . as an FWB?" I'd heard that acronym for “Friends with Benefits” one time before. Randi blushed a little, then said something that got my blood heading south.

"I know what that stands for . . . but we need to be careful that my sister doesn't find out, but I'd love to be your FWB."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Uh-huh," she replied.

"Do you do this a lot . . . I mean approaching strangers and striking up this kind of conversation?"

"Just a few times. The others treated me like a kid and told me to bug off. I've seen the way some older men look at me . . . well it's more like a stare, and I avoid them. They're pervs."

"But you don't think I'm a perv?"

"No, Jason. You weren't ogling me like the others. You were admiring my body, and there's a big difference."

"You're very grown up for a fourteen-year-old, Randi."

She giggled, reminding me she was just a young girl. She said, "My sister says I'm forward for my age. She said it will get me into trouble one day. She gave me motherly advice; like don't talk to strangers; don't get into a stranger’s car; stay in public spaces and all that stuff."

"Can I ask you a personal question?"


"You a virgin?"

"No, I'm not."

"Hmm, lucky, lucky guy."

Randi giggled again and replied, "It wasn't a guy, it was the rather large handle of my hairbrush."

"Well, you have a very lucky hairbrush then."

That response brought on a fit of giggles. I saw Randi's breasts moving a little inside her swimsuit.

"You've got a great-looking body," I told her.

"Thanks," she replied, "but I wish my boobs would get bigger. Most girls my age already have larger ones than me. My best friend Emma wears a 32B bra."

"Let me guess, you wear a 30A."

"Yeah, they're more like bee stings than boobs."

"I think you're being a little hard on yourself, Randi. I love to take a girl's whole breast into my mouth, and you can't do that with a B-cup boob." I knew I was taking a chance being that forward, but I was curious whether she would take the bait and see how far I could lead her to my other perversions.

Randi got a serious look on her face as she said, "We're going to have a lot of fun the next seven days, aren't we?" with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yes, we are. Where is your sister right now?” I asked.

“Probably back in the cabin, texting her boyfriend. She told me she was missing his ‘lengthy organ’ last night, and knowing those two, they are probably sexting each other.

“How do you know they send naughty pictures to each other? I asked. She blushed and then leveled with me:

“Cuz, I know Mandy’s password on her phone and when she leaves it out, I get excited looking at his messages with shots of his cock and I have seen what she sends to him as well. It’s kinda kinky . . . but it’s very fun to look at.”

“I see. So you kinda get off looking at porn then . . . am I right?” I asked and again I got a red face from Randi, before she answered.

“Yeah . . . I like to look at them . . . all naked. So does that make me a pervert too?”

She asked in a tone where I knew she was curious what I thought.

“Not any more than I am,” I stated and then I looked around and realized a nearby whirlpool was open, with no one around. I was determined to see how far I could get this girl, to excite me further.

“Most everyone is at dinner. Let’s go over to that whirlpool over there (as I pointed to the small pool) and see if we can begin our fun together. I mean you are my FWB . . . right?” She nodded her head, found the nearby railing and climbed up onto the deck. I placed my arm around her shoulders as we navigated over to the whirlpool.

“Go ahead and get in,” I specified as I found a nearby chair and pulled it up to the side of the small pool. I looked around and realized in this position, very few onlookers would be able to see what we were doing.

“Wow this feels so warm,” she said walking into the whirlpool. The water came up almost to her pussy in the center of the pond.

“Come over here,” I instructed. I had my cell phone in my upper pocket and took it out. She had a curious look on her face as she approached the side of the pool.

“What’s with the camera,” she said, very typical of someone her age.

“Well . . . Part of our FWB experience will be sharing pics of each other, so we can look at them later together,” and with that, I switched on the camera function and took her picture.

“Okay . . . but hopefully it won’t just be you taking pictures of me,” she said.

“That wouldn’t be fair, now would it. I will be passing the camera off to you very shortly. Right now, I want you to lean over along the side here, pull down one side of your bathing suit . . . and show me your bare titty.” Immediately she stared at me, and then once again turned red with embarrassment.

“Go ahead my little FWB . . . time to start getting to know each other,” I said.

“People might see,” she warned.

“Not going to happen. The way we are sitting, no one can get behind us. Come on . . . let’s begin . . . unless you are too young to have an FWB relationship.” I knew that would either end our little escapade or get her off the blocks and headed into my fantasy world.

“This is getting way kinky, Jason . . . but it’s also kinda exciting too,” she said. Looking around one last time, she reached up to the top of her shoulder, found the upper strap and slipping her hand underneath, slowly pulled the strap downwards. Since the back of her suit was open and dipped downwards toward her tight little ass, it didn’t take long for her pair shaped breast to appear. I gasped quietly as I feasted on her gorgeous tit. It was perfect in shape with impeccably formed dime-sized pink areolas and tiny nipples. I pretty much just kept me finger tapping on the white circle on my iPhone, taking multiple shots of her bare breast.

“Something tells me, you like what you see,” she said, with a smile on her face. I realized she was watching the front of my cargo shorts, which were poking directly upwards, secretly displaying my full erection.

“Your titties are absolutely beautiful, Randi. I want you to rub your finger over your bare nipple for me, and then I want you to pinch it,” I instructed. I was expecting some resistance, but examining her titties closer, the exhibitionist behavior she was exhibiting . . .was exciting her as well. As I looked into my camera, I zoomed in so that just her titty was showing and I watched her index finger gently go over her bud, followed by a tender pinch. I thought I was going to cum inside my shorts I was so excited. But I was going to take this one step further.

“You don’t need to show me . . . but I want you to keep rubbing and pinching your nipple but at the same time, slip your other hand to your pussy . . . and rub it for me . . . just like you do at night time.” It was almost like I had read her mind . . . and without any hesitation, she moved her left hand down into the trembling waters of the whirlpool, right to the target she was itching to stimulate.

Next to my chair was a blue towel, left by another swimmer. I put down my phone and carefully covered my shorts with it, making sure to spread it out so that it almost came to my knee and at the same time was up to my navel. As I watched Jamie, stimulate her body in front of me, I slipped my hand under the towel, found the clasp on my shorts and slowly pulled it down to the bottom. I desperately searched through my boxers, and located my cock. I watched Randi’s eyes become excited as I carefully pulled its entire length out into the open under the towel. The tip of my shaft had leaked almost a teaspoon of precum so that the head was well lubricated. With my left hand, I pulled up the edge of the towel that was closest to Randi, and with my right . . . I began to jerk off . . . right in front of her.

More than likely she hadn’t had much experience with a boy masturbating about a foot away, as she began to rub herself down below more urgently and at the same time eagerly pinching her nipple. I hated to interrupt . . . but wanted to keep my part of the bargain. With my left hand I leaned over and picked up my phone, making sure to keep jerking on my rod.

“It’s picture time Randi. Keep rubbing that cute little pussy underwater, that I am dying to see later, and take my picture,” I instructed. Once again she looked around . . . and satisfied that we were not being observed she took her fingers off of her breast and captured the iPhone. While she was fooling around . . . aiming the camera and positioning her finger to hit the white dot, I lifted the front of the blue towel so that she could see me jacking off. Wanting her to see my full 7” naked cock, I touched my thumb to my index finger and continued to squeeze my shaft up and down.

“Oh wow!” she whispered. “You have a real big one, don’t you?”

“Uh huh, and I want you to slide the phone over to the video position, so that this is a movie for us to watch together,” I said. She stuck her tongue out slightly as she made that adjustment. I secretly hoped that tongue would be making its journey all over my cock sometime later.

“All set,” she said looking proudly.

“Good . . . now it’s time for you to talk . . . very dirty to me . . . Jamie. Tell me what you are doing, what I am doing and what you expect will happen soon.”

“This is soooooo kinky Jason. I don’t believe you are having me doing this. Alright . . . here we go . . . I just met this older guy named Jason. I am a 14-years-old girl and I have my fingers under my bathing suit and I am rubbing my pussy . . . and getting really excited doing it. Jason is jacking off . . . right in front of me . . . under a towel . . . and now he is lifting it up, so that I can see his big huge COCK. I know if he keeps rubbing it, it will explode any minute.”

“Have you ever watched a boy masturbate before, Randi?” I asked.

“No . . . but I have seen pictures of my sister’s boyfriend’s cock shooting off.”

“And did you like those pictures?”

“They were pretty naughty, but yes, it made me . . . get excited.”

“Well, you are going to get your wish little girl. Keep shooting regardless what happens,” I warned and then I knew I couldn’t last any longer. What she hadn’t known was that in my dorm room at college, a few of us use to get high and take turns shooting cum from our cocks across the room. Keeping this thought in mind, and the fact that I always won . . . my shaft began to twitch, signaling what was going to happen . . . and suddenly . . . rapid ropes of hot cum came belching out of my shaft and immediately splashed on Jamie’s forehead. I pulled back the towel to my waist, grabbed the camera from her and continued to empty both balls of hot cum . . . all over this 14-year-old girls face.

“Open your mouth,” I demanded, and almost mesmerized at what was happening, her lips opened, just in time for my final two jets to zero in on her tongue. I continued to film the experience and then getting slightly worried we would be caught, I pulled down the towel and laid back in total satisfaction. I looked up and Jamie still had almost a teaspoon of slippery cum on her tongue with her mouth still wide open.

“Close your mouth and swallow,” I commanded, and with some hesitation, Jamie did just that.

“How was that for our first FWB experience?” I asked.

“Way over the top . . . but I loved it,” she said as she dropped her head into the water and began to wash the streaks of cum off her face. At the same time, she pulled up her bathing suit strap and the cotton fabric that quickly covered her awesome breast.

“You want to come to my cabin now?" I asked, gathering our gear.

"Kay," she said.

Randi climbed out of the whirlpool and followed me to my cabin.

"Wow, Jason! Your cabin is much bigger than ours, and you have a balcony, too," Randi said once we were inside.

"You want to take your swimsuit off . . . and take a shower with me?" I said literally inspecting her body still being covered by her one-piece suit.

"Kay," she said. We both entered the small bathroom. I watched as Randi pulled her hands through the armholes of her swimsuit and tugged it down over her slim hips and off. I stifled a gasp as I lewdly studied her naked body. Her boobs were petite but perky, and her nipples were hard like tiny beads. I was surprised that the intersection between her legs was bare . . . leaving her pussy lips easy to see. I turned the water on and quickly shed my cargo shorts and tee shirt. We got into the shower, that wasn't large, and my cock kept bumping into Randi's tummy. Soon I started to stroke it . . . while she watched. I wasn’t surprised that I once again had a full erection.

"Can I do that?" she asked.

I let go of my cock and Randi put her fingers around it and began to stroke me, just as she had watched me . . . minutes before. It was evident to me that she either had memorized a porn flick on how to give a handjob or had done this more than a few times before, since she was doing all the right things like rubbing her palm over the head, and making my cock more sensitive.

"God, Randi!" I said. "You sure know how to give a good hand job."

She smiled and said, "I love to watch porn."

Randi was really going at it now, twisting her hand as she stroked me. I was getting really close. My scrotum was drawing up tight, and that warm feeling was spreading through my groin.

"Gonna cum, Randi, whatever you do, don't stop."

The first load of cum . . . burned almost painfully up the shaft and spurted out the end and splashed onto Randi's small breasts. I had to put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself since I was getting weak at the knees. After I was done, I looked down and saw that she was using two fingers to scoop my cum off her breasts . . . and putting the slippery juice into her mouth.

“I know its wicked, but I kinda like your cum,” she said.

When we washed off and dried, we lay on my bed. I once again, clicked on my cell phone to the video setting and opening it up for a wide shot, put it on the dresser next to us. Then I leaned over and took the whole of her breast in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the areola and nipple, feeling it bead up. I switched to its twin and soon Randi was breathing hard. I shuffled down the bed and opened her legs. Her gorgeous pussy flared open, revealing the bright pink folds of her inner labia and her clit at the very top and the dark red opening of her vagina at the bottom.

Randi had my head in her hands as I worked my magic on her clit. She was grinding her pussy into my face. Her moans were getting louder, and I could feel her whole body begin to tremble. She was grinding her pussy harder into my face, her clit was squashed against my chin as she climaxed. I never know what to expect when a new girl climaxes. Randi's was quiet with just a snort as she breathed in sharply through her nose. Then her whole body relaxed, and she let go of my head.

"Mmm, that was fantastic," she said a few minutes later as she lay beside me with my arm around her shoulder and her head on my chest. "I'm glad I found a willing FWB partner. But . . . I'd better get back to the pool. My sister will be wondering where I am."

I watched as my new FWB got off the bed and padded to the bathroom, her cute bottom undulating sensually. She came back out with her swimsuit back on. A shudder ran through me as she kissed me on my lips.

"See ya later, Justin," she said and left.

I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the aroma of Randi's juices on the sheets. Then I got up and went looking for a place to get a beer.


I didn't see Randi until the next morning at breakfast. She was sitting at a communal table with whom I presumed was her sister a beautiful young woman with the same color hair and gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes. Randi smiled at me. I put my tray down opposite her and her sister. They both looked up and smiled at me.

I reached my hand across the table and said, "Hi, I'm Justin."

The sister shook my hand and replied, "Nice to meet you, Justin. I'm Mandy, and this is my sister Randi. You here on your own?"

"Yup,” I replied. "The cruise is a graduation present from my folks."

"That's nice. I'm a junior, and can't wait to graduate," Mandy said, brushing her hair behind her ear and smiling at me.

All the time I was talking to Mandy, I could see that Randi wasn't happy with the way her sister was flirting with me. But she didn't have to worry, since I had no interest in Mandy sexually. I'd had quite a few women come on to me, and they probably thought I was gay since I showed no interest in return.

Later that day, with Mandy being pursued by a good-looking guy and her playing hard to get since she already had a cock at home, Randi and I stole away to my cabin once again. Once inside with the door locked, I quickly shed my tee shirt, shorts, and underwear. Randi took off her bikini.

"Let’s put back on the camera and I want to do what my sister does to her boyfriend, right now!" she said. I quickly found my phone, made the proper settings, carefully aimed it and began the recording.

I knew what she had in mind, and I was fully aroused, as witnessed by my cock lying against my leg, slowly getting fatter. Randi took my hand and led me to the bed. I had never met a young girl with such an appetite for sex.

I laid on my back on the bed, and Randi lifted my now fully erect seven inches off my stomach and lowered her mouth over it. I caught my breath as I first felt her hot breath on its head and then her soft, full lips encircling its underside. She could only get the head inside her mouth.

“You must have been looking at movies again,” I joked.

She took her mouth off of my excited shaft and remarked, "Yours is a lot fatter than most of the guys I have watched."

Randi went back to sucking just the head and swirling her little tongue around the end. As she stroked the shaft, she expertly twisted her hand. At one point she took my cockhead out of her mouth and spat into the palm of her hand then went back to sucking and stroking me. I debated whether to let her know I was going to cum, but figured by now she’d know the signs. Besides, she'd already tasted my cum.

I began to have that wonderful feeling in my groin. Then, as I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm, Randi took my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me with those gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes and said, "It's okay to shoot all of your cum into my mouth. I’ve kinda become addicted to that taste."

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I felt my cock swell, and the first rope of cum jetted into fourteen-year-old Randi's waiting mouth. My cock was painfully hard as more loads of cum flooded her mouth. Then, all too soon, I was done, once again empty, but eminently satisfied. Randi squeezed the last of my cum out and licked it off.

"Mmm, you taste nice, Justin," she said after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“It’s always here when you need it,” I joked, wiggling my cock at her. But this was just the first of many days, I would be getting her ready for younger boys and horny young men like me.


2019-11-20 02:07:29
The names kept changing, which was a bit confusing
Otherwise, it was really good


2019-11-13 04:27:56
Jason, Justin, Jamie, Randi??? Good story but please get the names aligned.


2019-11-12 07:38:30
Good story, but you changed the names a few times. Also, Allure of the Seas is a really big ship, but the food is garbage so I wouldn’t call it luxury.


2019-11-05 19:03:39
great story. keep it up

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