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This is a cursed story about the legacy of the Deeprock Paladins.

This is not a story for the weak-minded.

That said, enjoy!
Drops of sweats flew in the air as the knight in armour barely avoided the thrusted spear. The spar had lasted more than the average combat duration, and it showed as the two opponents caught their breath, both exhausted. The knight and the experienced old man silently faced each other, waiting for the slightest instant of weakness from the other side.

"Enough" declared the old man, lowering his spear. "Andrea Deeprock has proved her worth. I hereby declare she knows how to fight, and have nothing more to teach her" he proclaimed, looking at her with a proud gaze.

The crowd of apprentice knights erupted, cheering with excitement and praise while the knight stood still, not yet realizing what happened, her adrenaline built-up during the fight slowly dissipating. The knight lowered her spear, and meticulously took off her helmet, granting her even more cheers from her audience.

The helmet off revealed a beautiful blonde woman in her early-twenties with blue eyes, sweating profusely as her hair stuck on her face. She would have been the ideal of a perfect lady if not for her fierce gaze and small scars on her skin that told of her hardships. She dropped her helmet and raised her fists to the sky in a celebrating manner.

"YAAAAH!" she shouted with passion and pride.

Twenty-four years. It had taken her twenty-four years to meet the requirements to become a Paladin. These frightening conditions, imposed by her mother, the current Saint Paladin, had nearly pushed her to the edge. Absolute mastery of studies, knighthood etiquette, and melee fighting, were domains that would have taken a normal human's entire life to master just one, but she had managed to do all three.

"To become a Paladin, to replace Me, study the arts and science, and master the spear. Only then will I instil you with the sacred knowledge of Paladins passed down from generation to generation!" had demanded her mother, many years ago.

And Andrea had upheld her promise.


Evening; having celebrated her accomplishments with her knight comrades, Andrea decidedly walked towards the largest structure in the city, the Saint Cathedral, where her mother took office. One of her mother's tasks was to say mass, so she knew where to find her. Standing on the entrance, she opened the large double doors without any caution, casually interrupting the nightly ceremony.

The audience turned their heads and sat silent, admiring the pretty female knight crossing through the central aisle with solid steps. She stopped before the altar, pointing her glaze at the woman saying the mass, a large book in her hands. The religious woman had prestigious papal vestments which she wore proudly, standing straight with her shoulders back.

In all these years, she had never seen the woman bend down to anyone. She stayed calm at all point, saved her words for important matters, and kept her face still against any adversity. This lady holding mass on peaceful nights was a pure demon on the battlefield, spreading bloodshed while protecting allies. This prideful woman was her mother, the Saint Paladin Mary.

Frugal with words, she directly inquired her daughter's arrival with an asking glance, raising an inquiring eyebrow.

"Mother, I upheld my promise!" Andrea simply declared, and it was enough indeed.

Her mother, usually still as an ocean, suddenly reddened with unusual emotion before quickly controlling herself, managing to emit a few closing words to the rest of the audience.

"Dear members, this evening's mass has come to an end. May you have a good night, and God bless you all" she struggled to declare.

The audience quickly understood and promptly left, the matters between a Saint Paladin and her daughter being way above what their status could afford. A few minutes later, the cathedral was void except for the two similarly looking blonde women.

"Andrea, my daughter, let me first congratulate you for your efforts, I am proud of you" expressed Mary with a motherly smile, sweat building up on her forehead.

She did not have the strength to stand still and slowly went down to sit down, her back still standing straight even in her condition.

"Mother! Are you feeling sick?" expressed Andrea with concern, approaching her mother and only her hands.

"Worry not my dear, sickness it is not; you will know soon enough" she declared with a cryptic tone of voice.

Mary took sight of her daughter in armour, looking as beautiful as a thorny rose. A part of her mind was eager to see how she would transform under the damned procedures, while the rest simply despised the curse of responsibility her family had to bear. She strengthened her resolve and slowly stood up, her back straight throughout the whole raise, her daughter assisting her.

Mary took some distance from her daughter, and standing still, eye to eye with her daughter, asked solemnly:

"Andrea Deeprock, you have proven yourself and are fit to become a Saint Paladin. Are you ready to accept your fate, and embody the responsibility endured by the Deeprock family generations after generations?"

Andrea, looking proud, executed a knight salute and solemnly answered:

"I, Andrea Deeprock, am ready to shoulder that responsibility."

A fateful silence settled, symbolic of a historical moment where a Saint Paladin would pass on the baton to the next generation; or in this case, a stone.

"Marvellous!" expressed Mary with a goofy smile. "Now, follow me..." she said while turning back, towards a backdoor hidden behind the presbytery.

Mother and daughter walked down a long series of stairs, the latter with part apprehension, part confusion, and part excitement. The stairs, initially well-polished wood, progressively became rougher and rougher as it went down. The tunnel transitioned to a still descending cavern with humid stone walls, the only source of light being the torch that Mary conjured from somewhere underneath her clothes.

After what felt like an eternity, they finally arrived in front of large stone double doors. Mary turned her head to check that her daughter was still there, nodding at her with a comforting and mystic smile, before pushing the doors open.

"Beautiful!" expressed Andrea upon entering.

The doors opened on a magnificent and impressive spherical open space; the floor on the sides and the entirety of the ceiling were filled with stalactites and stalagmites, large protrusion of rock and crystals, and for an unknown reason, they glowed with a majestic blue light that gave the room a sacred feel, as if this place had been handcrafted by God Himself.

An altar made of the same blue crystal stood in the centre; on it were showcased many smaller crystal of different sizes and exotic forms. Andrea sweat profusely in apprehension, not sure what these devices were for. Mary stopped in the centre of the spherical room, right in front of the altar, and turned to face her daughter. The Paladin's legs were shaking, half because of having walked such a long distance, the other because of what was going happen.

"Andrea my daughter, it is finally, finally time! We will now proceed with the extraction ritual, which is a Deeprock tradition that all initiates have to behold and implement!" expressed Mary with a lewd and goofy smile.

Andrea looked at her mother with utter confusion as the woman walked towards the altar where she, for the first time in Andrea's life, bent her entire upper-body, making a 90 degrees angle with her legs, her hands on the altar. Her heartrate rose, she started panting.

"Andrea, my daughter..." she spoke, breathing louder and louder, her legs shaking in full effect, "go inside my robe and behold the secret I have embodied for now twenty long years!" she could barely command, spouting drool all over the altar.

Andrea's confusion did not allow her to think too long and she approached her mother's vestments before lifting them and peeking inside. A few seconds of intense silence passed before...

"YOU WHORE!" screamed the daughter, tearing her mother's clothes apart, letting her see the damage in full view.

It was as if she was inhabited by a huge parasite: a very, very large endpoint of a blue crystal stood out from her mother's rear-end, her hole stretched to an inhuman radius, tenderly wrapping the end of the crystal. It was shaped in a way that would prevent it from fully going in, and she guessed the interior was also large enough that it wouldn't leave easily. While she couldn't see the rock directly, the bulge on her depraved mother's intestines and stomach was enough to give a rough estimate of the behemoth: at least 40cm in length, with a 13cm wide diameter at the base.

Andrea took a few minutes to collect herself, the anger leaving place to utter confusion and, worst of all, the fear of the unknown. She thought she understood her mother, but it had become crystal clear that she did not at all, not in the least.

"Mother, Saint Paladin Mary Deeprock, explain yourself!" she demanded with a fierce voice. "Why do you..." she wanted to ask before her brain unfortunately started connecting the dots. Her eyes widened at the realization.

"Paladins of Deeprock, a crystal cave, anal debauchery..." she put her hands on her mouth, as if trying to force her from emitting the logical conclusion, "Oh God..."

"God my ASS indeed!" shamelessly stated the depraved Mary, who slowly wiggled her behind as if mocking her naïve daughter for taking too long. "Twenty bloody years of this cursed stuffing! Would you imagine?!" she asked her daughter in a rhetorical and mocking fashion. Lewd juices were dropping from her nether regions and running along her legs. Her daughter's reaction had awakened her arousal, and she was eager to see how her dear daughter would react to what followed.

"Now now, let's move on with the ritual, I have a lot to tell you as you can imagine" she explained. "You see that thing?" she asked while raising her filled bottom higher in the air in a submissive manner. "Remove it" she expressed lewdly with a wink.

Andrea approached her mother, put one hand on her buttock, and gripped the plug with the other, moving it slowly to test the waters. Mary moaned slightly, and started taking large breaths to prepare herself for the impact. The rock crystal seemed deeply embedded in her mother's behind; this was going to be painful and take a while.

The successor strengthened her grip on the plug, like she would with a spear, and slowly started extracting the device from her dear and depraved mother. Mary suddenly sharply screamed as her anal sides, which were probably merged with the blue rock by now, painfully dissociated themselves from the intruder. Andrea didn't care and continued pulling.

The screams, half pleasure half pain, became yells, and yells became bellows as her mother emitted near-inhuman low-pitched sounds. She had already lost the support from her legs and was directly laying on the altar. Andrea could see with her eyes the bulge retracting from her lower abdomen; she was literally extracting 10% of that poor's woman weight out of her ass. Andrea felt like an executioner forcibly removing a limb from her victim; she never thought that in her life of Knight and soon-to-be Paladin she would be handling anal plugs, even less from her mother.

The crystal behemoth finally popped-out of its receptacle with an aspiration sound, her mother's anal duct not having breathed in twenty years. It was an utter mess: the device in her hands was the most precious and beautiful piece of crystal she had ever seen, but it was soaked with her mother's anal remains, the smell indescribable.

Andrea prevented herself from vomiting by sheer will, but that was before taking at deeper look at her mother's insides. Her inner walls were glowing blue after twenty years of cohabitation with the crystal. Her anus could not be described as a hole anymore: it had become an open sheath, waiting for its sword to be plugged. Her sphincter could only produce a few feeble vibrations that comically made her anus look like it was trying to formulate words. And this back-end mouth was clearly pleading for the return of the deep rock.

Sounds of regurgitation echoed in the crystal room. Blue circles were burned onto her eyes and mind; she would not forget that sight ever in her life. The poor woman who endured the drastic mass extraction lay unconscious on the altar like an empty flask, having screamed her throat out, and cried her eyes out. What remained of her clothes was absolutely soaked of her womanly fluids, having had the orgasm she was fated to have all of her life.

Andrea took a long time to collect herself. She was still holding the heavy behemoth in her hands, not knowing what to do with it. Her analytical mind immediately started running overdrive, trying to make sense of the situation. Her mother had survived with that thing in her insides for all these years, so it had to have some healing properties.

"I can't believe she really meant it when she talked about embodying that responsibility... What a depraved legacy!" she complained as she aimed the rock towards her mother's behind. "Mother, if you can hear me, brace yourself", she declared, before sheathing the behemoth once again inside the unconscious Paladin.

Her body spasmed with life when half of the device had penetrated her. Blue light emitted from her rolled eyes for a few seconds before slowly focusing forward. Mary had her head in the clouds and thought of going back to sleep when her brain suddenly retransmitted the feeling of the foreign but familiar object being injected in her ass. Her eyes widened and she resumed her yells of depraved pleasure and torture, orgasming like she never had along the slow thrust.

"We're nearly at the base, you Paladin whore. Brace your hole", stated Andrea with a cold voice, ashamed of her mother.

Mary sprayed her fluids at her daughter's words, the situation too humiliating and depraved. Wearing the artefact for so long had made her into a severe masochist, which contrasted severely with the cold attitude she had to adopt in public as the Saint Paladin. Revealing her real persona to her daughter in this particular condition was her utmost fantasy, and so, when the rock finally connected and the base was all in, only the flanged end protruding from her rear end, she breathed a sigh of utter satisfaction.

Andrea waited silently, standing with her arms crossed. After a few minutes for Mary to recoup enough energy, the Saint Paladin went behind the altar to retrieve and wear a plain white robe. Parts of her dignity regained, she went back to face her daughter who was eagerly waiting for a deep, deep explanation.

"Thank you for your assistance Andrea, I needed that. It was enjoyable", said Mary in a clear voice, her gaze apologetic.

Andrea raised an eyebrow but did not answer. She was glad that her mother seemed to regain her sanity and the personality she was used to, but the rocky events that occurred before simply could not be ignored.

"The story will take a while. Shall we have dinner?" proposed Mary with a smile.


The nostalgic aroma of chicken broth spread around the little stone room. The dining table, large enough for two people, was provided with a few home cooking dishes, making Andrea wonder how her mother had had the time to learn the required skill. They ate in silence, knowing that discussing the cursed subject was not compatible with appetite.

Bowl empty, Andrea couldn't bear the tensed atmosphere and took the initiative.

"Does it hurt?" she asked, looking at her mother, sat with a seemingly perfect posture, if someone didn't know the reason behind it.

Mary delicately dropped her spoon, and focused on her daughter, weighing her words with caution. She had to convince her daughter to pursue the legacy as soon as possible, and she didn't want to delay the transmission because of an unfortunate use of language.

"The crystal is special, it attenuates most of the painful sensations. It's fine as long as I do not move in a way that would exceed a certain threshold", she meticulously expressed. She sounded sincere because she indeed did not lie; though she did omit the part about the increase in pleasure sensitivity.

Andrea did not reply to her mother's words, and silence reigned again for a few minutes, the two women trying to find the best angle to pursue the touchy and rocky subject. Mary thought of something, and tried a bold angle.

"Maybe... would you like to try?" she asked with a mysterious smile, trying to elicit some curiosity from her daughter.

"Why would I even do something so depraved?" replied Andrea, half disgusted at the idea, half curious.

What Mary instinctively knew and her daughter didn't was that 300 years of tradition had made her genetically disposed and fated to have things in her ass. A Deeprock descendant was somehow eventually bound to embody the artefact; it was only a matter of time. Hence, it was natural that Mary was equipped with the arguments to convince her daughter Knight.

"The crystal confers you with increased strength, mental resilience, and advanced regeneration. The bigger it is, the larger the effect" she revealed with an understanding smile, knowing full well how her daughter would react, just like she had in her youth.

Andrea's eyes widened, and she put her hand to her chin, reflecting deeply on what her mother had revealed, and weighing the pros and cons. She eventually strengthened her resolve, put her hands on the table, focused on her mother, and tentatively asked:

"Do... you have a small one?" asked the beautiful woman, blushing out of shamefulness.


No drop of sweats flew in the air as the knight in armour easily avoided the thrusted spear.

"Marvellous! Your footwork has greatly improved Andrea, you seem a lot more efficient in your movements!" exclaimed the old man.

"Thank you", expressed Andrea with a cold poker face, standing straight with sweat dropping from her forehead. "With that, I will take my leave", she declared before promptly returning to her house.

She quickly entered and locked her door, before rushing to her room and violently removing her equipment, panting in full breath. Fully nude, she unlocked her face expressions and let her tongue out while falling on her knees. She moaned with pleasure as she touched herself turbulently.

Her head laying on her bed, she raised her behind in the air, then took hold of the rocky bit protruding from her anus, and pulled it back and forth. She screamed in pain and pleasure as she fornicated herself with the small blue rock, 10cm in length, ruining her hole with the unpolished stone.

Her mother had told her that the unpolished part was part of the legacy and was supposed to remind them of their duty by making the increase in power a painful ordeal, but after having tested it for a few weeks herself, she was now convinced her ancestor was simply a depraved masochist who had found a depraved way of abusing the regenerative boon for depraved pleasure purposes.

She was glad the stone at least magically took care of her anal waste somehow, making her life easier. This cursed item simply pushed her to venture into the worst situations possible for a seemingly maximum amount of pain and pleasure. The blessing given by the crystal was fortunately enough to survive any ordeal encountered, though at the cost of its owner's sanity.

She simply couldn't envision how her mother was still, mostly, relatively sane after all these years of heavy equipment. Day by day she felt the craving increase, and this cursed artefact that she found daunting at the beginning was now reaching the limit of its efficiency.

She wanted more.


Sounds of galloping horses resounded fiercely throughout the forest in a rhythmic fashion. The small group of knights had been riding together for three hours now, and their tiredness started to show.

"Captain Andrea's resolve in keeping her full-plate armour and even her helmet at any time is astounding!" exclaimed one of them, making sure not to be heard by the Paladin Apprentice at the front of the party. "It is no wonder she is worth becoming the next Saint Paladin..."

The young squire was right about her resolve, but not in the right way.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" screamed Andrea internally, her face a mess behind her helmet, tongue out and her eyes rolled, barely managing to remain on the horse while holding her moans.

She rhythmically reaped what she sowed, the rock grinding her anal walls with every bounce. She felt miserable, but at the same time averaged a surge of pleasure every few minutes. Her poor mount was utterly drenched in her lady juices, which she hope she could justify as sweat for wearing the armour.

She had felt confident when asking her mother for the next step in the ritual, finding the initiation too easy after a few weeks; she had clearly inserted more than she could bear, and that cursed task from the cardinal didn't help. How could she forget about horse-ridding, the nemesis of the Deeprock family?

In all her life, she had never seen her mother ride a horse, despite being the Saint Paladin, and even the use of carriages was pretty rare, limited to the events of utmost importance. She never understood why, until that present day. Indeed, she would now never forget the feeling of having a 20cm rock grinding her insides on horseback for long hours, while having to behave in front of her comrades.


"How did this damn Paladin found our lair?! Run for your lives!" shouted the brigand, dropping his sword to scamper hastily.

Andrea stepped in the cave slowly, taking necessary measures to not let a single one flee. She didn't need to position herself when sword-branding fools were approaching her. Instead, she would simply swing her sword from afar; the force generated by the strike cut through the air like a wind blade, neatly severing the unfortunate men in numerous bloody parts.

Each swing sent a sharp tingle emanating deep from her lower back, making her grit her teeth and her forefront sweaty. Her allies always confused her blushed face, panting and restraint of moves for drawbacks of some Paladin sword techniques, but as usual with the Deeprock family, the truth was always deeply buried.

The swings were extremely crude from a technical standpoint, it was the best she could do with such as device plugged in her. No, what really powered them were her pleasure surges. Within each swing, she would forcefully compress her sphincter and anal muscles to trigger a surge. Only a Paladin apprentice who studied and trained her entire life had the mental capacity to resist the pleasure deluge while retaining a modicum of poker face compared to what she felt internally.

"Hyaaa! Hyaaan! Hyaaaaan!" screamed Andrea lewdly with each swing like a perverted tennis player. Her followers couldn't help but admire the beautiful blonde Paladin combatting this way. She knew most of them spanked their swords at night dreaming of her; she didn't mind, and even used it to fuel her swings even more. The Deeprock, she had started to realize, were also part exhibitionists.

The assault took twenty more minutes before settling. Her subordinates took care of finishing the work, while she went to examine the treasure room. She soon discovered the latter: endless riches, gold and jewellery. The thieves had accumulated an impressive amount. She could even distinguish swords with tasty handles, golden canes of respectable size, and trophies with interesting shapes that would fit so well in...

"God dammit!" she cursed internally, trying to cut her thoughts and cleanse her mind. She had recently started developing the bad habit of analysing objects around her in the search of things she could penetrate herself with.

For instance, the handle of the sword in front of her had such a nice and long shape, the idea of feeling its ridges against her inner walls made her drool...

She slapped herself, regaining control of her thoughts; but she could already feel the need surging again. She needed to act quickly to get rid of the lewd craving; better do it voluntarily than under the control of her subconscious.

Andrea took a deep breath, controlling herself towards the golden sword. She glanced at the entrance of the room, not hearing any noise; she probably only had a few minutes, better be quick. She moved her hand towards her bum, and unlocked a special back-door in her armour, specially designed for her by her mother; God only knew how she managed to procure it.

Her hand was trembling as she opened the back entrance, giving her hand access to her nether hole. Legs shaking, she braced herself and started extracting the rough device out of her insides. She moaned with her tongue out as the rugged and ridged rock scrapped through her inner walls while going out. Her rectum was soon free of its intruder and breathed in for the first time in weeks, glowing with vivid blue.

The deeprock in hand, she didn't know where to put it, as she did not have any storage space in her armour, nor did she want to stain anything with her anal remains. But her depraved mind soon found a solution, which she cursed internally but promptly implemented. Andrea opened her delicate lips wide, aligned her head to avoid a gag-reflex, and progressively plugged her throat with the device.

Her legs gave in when her taste buds finally acknowledged the taste of the device, transmitting the cursed information to her brain, which shut down her entire system until her mind properly understood the ramification of what she had tasted.

Why, in everything that is Holy, and for the love of God and the damned Hell, did that cursed rock taste like fresh semen? Did that device produce it? Did it come from her? Was it fertile?

"How God, the taste! I feel like I'm indefinitely sucking on a penis-flavoured candy. If only I could have it deep in my..." dreamed Andrea before coming back to reality, and being reminded of what she was currently doing by the empty feeling her rectum was notifying her. It demanded to be plugged back by any means, and she had an alternative in from of her.

The large sword planted in the ground stood in front of her, its tempting and ridged hilt the source of her desires. That thing probably measured around 30cm in length, with a diameter oscillating between 5 and 8cm via multiple ridges. The lewd Paladin turned around, positioned her back entrance as to have her anus kissing the pommel, and slowly lowered herself in the most humiliating act in her life as knight and soon-to-be Paladin.

"What a whore I have become, that cursed legacy..." her inner thoughts were interrupted by her moans every time her sphincter encountered a new ridge, panting as loud as the rock in her mouth allowed her as the pommel led the way in her large intestine.

A surge of extreme pleasure hit her when her bum reached the cross-guard, her orgasm awarded by the depraved position she was in: a Paladin anally-impaled on a longsword, with a deeprock in her mouth. Her underwear absolutely drenched with her lady juice, she still wanted more and recklessly fornicated herself on the hilt, reaching the lowest levels of depravity a Paladin could attain. Taste of rocky semen filling her mouth, she went up and down until her legs gave out, leaving her hanging on the sword after many, many surges, her hole in pain but apparently satisfied.

With a lucid mind, she stayed impaled there for a few minutes, pondering her recent actions and how she planned on remediating this issue in the future. It seemed obvious that the current size of her deeprock was not enough to satisfy her anymore.

"Is it me or have all the discussions with my mother centered around anal matters since that cursed night?" Andrea pondered with melancholy.


"It is still too early for the next one Andrea", declared her mother assertively with a stern face.

Mary examined her mess of a daughter and let out a sigh, knowing perfectly well what she was going through. Repeated brutal interactions had let her to become less and less sensitive. Andrea was currently presenting clear signs of withdrawal syndrome: she was sweating profusely, her face blushed, her hands constantly touching between her legs.

She could not bear to see her proud daughter in that pitiful state. The weight of the legacy meant that despite feeling guilty, she had to move on and solve this issue. She face-palmed and took a few seconds to strengthen her resolve, for what she was going to do went completely against what a standard mother would have done. She was a Deeprock Paladin mother after all.

She approached her daughter and touched her cheeks with both hands.

"Andrea, do you believe in me?" she asked her daughter in a convincing tone.

"Yes, Mother" promptly answered Andrea.

"I have a solution for your affliction, but the method is brutal and will last at long as it needs to", explained Mary in a serious tone, trying to hide her worried motherly look under her practice poker face.

"I trust you, Mother."

Mary took a few seconds to prepare for her next words.

"Understood. Strip all your clothes. I will be back", Mary ordered as she went to another room.

Andrea raised an eyebrow at the strange request coming from her own mother, but did not question it as she started undressing. Her armour dismantled piece by piece, she removed her undergarments, feeling the breeze on her large breasts. Her blond hair, blue eyes, pretty face and luscious figure would have entranced any straight man in the country. The lady knight couldn't help but blush; despite her perverted acts, she was not used being naked in front of others.

Mary came back soon enough, raising an eyebrow at the perfect figure of her daughter, but not saying a word. In her hands were various metal and leather apparatuses. She dropped them and took one in particular, a mouth gag with an lockable opening, which she immediately attached and locked on her daughter, not giving her the right to emit any question. Andrea was surprised but remained calm.

The next item was a leather belt with metal protection, with an extension that went up to her lady part. The chastity belt was designed to protect the virgin lady part while still giving free access to the back-door. Andrea started panting lewdly as she starting imagining what her mother had prepared for her.

The final items were a leather mask to hide her identity, and knee protections. Looking at her daughter dressed in this perverted setup was difficult for Mary, but she knew it was essential to protect her a minimum. Her public dignity and virginity were of utmost importance for a lady. Hopefully the street would help fixing the rest.


Two robed figures were walking through a dark alley, deep in the city suburbs. Beggars were everywhere, and for a good reason: the red-light district had a surprising high amount of traffic. Arousing ladies were propositioning lewd services to the passer-by; many young men came here for an easy way of assuaging their lust, and supply and demand hand-in-hand, the district had grown to a consequential size.

The most popular alley, but also the most depraved, was the public discharge area: this cursed place hosted pillories with poor slaves attached there all day, costing only a penny to use. The fees were so low that it was generally considered a punishment for unruly servants rather than a viable economic investment. Despite so, there were quite a few occupied, and long queues were present for the depraved who wanted a quick and easy discharge.

Mary, still robed, approached the guard who was in charge of the place, whispered a few words to him, handed a pouch filled with coins, and promptly departed, not even giving her daughter a glance. The guard gripped Andrea's robe, and removed it in an overt manner, as if revealing a secret prize under the hood. And what a prize it was.

The current pillories' occupants paled in front of this lovely beauty. Her mask, covering her entire face and eyes, leaving the victim blind and deaf, did not reduce her charm as her stunning figure and magnificent bosom were way up the standards of any man in town. The guard smirked at the thought of this lovely whore getting pinned on the public pillory for months. He wondered was kind of mistake she accomplished to receive such a punishment. Maybe the wife of the owner got jealous?

Anyway, the guard did his duty and led Andrea to an open spot, right in the middle of the cursed plaza. Andrea felt worried as she couldn't hear or see anything, the hard grasp on her hand leading her somewhere. The hand then stopped pulling her, and another one on her head made her kneel.

Andrea emitted a yelp of surprise at the cold contact of the stone floor with her legs and knees. She was then forced to lean forward, and soon felt the feeling of wood on her throat and arms, which she soon could not move anymore. The knee and other protections from her mother did not help alleviate the shamefulness of her current position. She couldn't see, could barely hear anything, and the mouth gag prevented her from speaking properly, only allowing her to emit moans and screams.

Despite all that, she felt aroused and eagerly waited for her first customer. She was smart and had already guessed where her mother had led her. The depraved lust made her completely blind of her predicament and long-term situation. She just wanted something in her ass, whatever the cost. Why had her mother removed the rock? She felt some empty...

The guard finished installing the whore and planted a wooden post next to her indicating the price of her hole. Whereas the average pillory was prescribed at around five silvers the session, this beautiful ass was accessible at the symbolic price of one measly copper. She must really have enraged her owner to deserve such a tribulation. He glanced a look of piety at the poor woman and returned to his position.

Andrea moaned when she finally felt a pair of hands pressing on her buttocks. She couldn't hear her first customer being surprised by her blue hole, but she could very well feel his shaft penetrating her without consideration, her bum way too attractive to ponder about her blueness. Andrea felt a surge when she realized she had lost her anal virginity to a stranger in the slums.

She, a Paladin apprentice, really had become a cheap whore; and she realized she didn't dislike it. Until recently Andrea had led a life of a sinless knight and scholar, which only served to overthrow her further more when she discovered her dark side. The lack of introduction to anything remotely sinful had made her extremely vulnerable and now dependent on lust.

She drooled and emitted a growl of pleasure as the gentleman of the suburbs reached base-deep, and she started panting when he grabbed her hair and began ploughed rhythmically. A few slaps to her bum resulted in feminine screams of pleasure, and his release painted her insides white as her legs shook from the final surge. After hugging her from behind, licking and kissing her back, and playing with her breasts, the customer finally withdrew, an utterly pleased smile on in his face.

"This lass is the best hole I've ever had in my life", declared the beggar. "I hope you will be there for a long time, honey; I will come back when I'm full again."

"Hurry up, old man!" complained someone behind.

The beggar turned around and saw dozens of men lined up, aimed at enjoying the newcomer.


Her insides took responsibility for what must have been years of frustration and stress from the general populace. Her lack of stimuli made her focus more intensely on her nether regions and decupled her touch sensitivity. Day by day passed as she was constantly abused, the guard taking care of feeding her a minimum.

Lust and pleasure she initially experienced in her depraved state dimmed progressively, the arousing act turning into something more akin of a routine, albeit a painful one punctuated with surges. She would have lost her mind if it were not for the connections she forged. At some point she had realized her customers communicated more truthfully with her through their roughs actions than they would with words.

One in particular she could now recognize from his shape and behaviour alone. He would release quickly in a forceful manner, as if damning his current existence and cursing God, or himself, for leading him to such as state. But afterwards he would repent by caressing her tenderly, as if regretting his act. He would repeat the act every few hours; he was confused and stuck in his current condition, not knowing what to do of his days, instead reverting to his base short-term instincts.

She did not feel dissimilar; after all, didn't her lust led her to whoring herself in the suburbs? Reverting to short-term pleasure seemed so foolish in retrospective. Having experienced a lifetime of extreme anal experience in such a small time had led her to become cynical at the whole endeavour.

Getting plugged by larger and larger things, and more and more things; what was the point of all that? Andrea finally understood why her mother had led her here: to find a larger goal that would strengthen her resolve and allow her to bear the legacy without losing her way.

The meaning of her life wasn't to get plugged by the largest deeprock.

Her legacy was a means to a grander aim.

"Bravo", congratulated someone, in front of her.

Mary stood in the middle of the plaza, in front of her daughter's pillory. It was in the middle of the night, the only source of light a full moon.

"My daughter, I'm proud of you" she expressed, doing her utmost to keep her tears from flowing. Seeing her daughter in such as state would have been difficult for any mother, but she wasn't any mother.

She approached her daughter's face, and removed her mask. Andrea's tired face was revealed after a month of exotic meditation à la Deeprock. It took a few minutes for her eyes to work again, before she focused on her mother, and expressed her first words in weeks.

"Mother. I think I understand. I think I'm ready", declared Andrea in a raspy voice.

Mary stood in silence, admiring the resolve of her daughter. She had never felt so proud of her daughter. Mary opened her robe and conjured a very, very long and large blue crystal rock, about the same size of her own.

"I sculpted it myself, for you" she explained, showcasing her artwork in front of her daughter, still prisoner of the pillory. "Do you want it inside of you?" she asked, full poker face on.

Andrea only took a few seconds before answering.

"I do not care. Whether I have it or not won't change my end goal." she proudly declared with a confident smile.

"Excellent!" expressed Mary with a beaming smile, glad her daughter passed the hardest test of the legacy. "Andrea, brace yourself!" she said before going around the pillory and behind her daughter.

None of these hardships prepared Andrea for what she felt that day. The feeling of a 40cm-long and 12cm-diameter-wide ridged and rough crystal forcefully rushed in her back-door was excruciating. The reverse birth of the legacy sent her legs shaking like mad, she expulsed juices everywhere, and had her mother not provided her with a wooden rod to bite on beforehand she probably would have ruined her teeth and chewed her lips.

She started crying midway, too much in pain to hear the encouragements from her mother. In a panic, she allowed her lust-self to take control momentarily, converting the pain into pleasure by sheer depravity and masochism. Andrea the whore yelled and screamed like a beast, on and on for long minutes, until finally, it was all in.

Mary was extremely worried for her daughter, and promptly went to ascertain her health condition. Thankfully she was still breathing in. The anxious mother could finally relax; she knew of the extraordinary regenerative properties of the rock and wasn't worried from then on. The legacy was already taking action: mysterious blue light was being emitted from her daughter's back-door, and soon enough, she woke up.

A flash of light sparked and cut the pillory in half, liberating Andrea from its hold. She slowly arose and stood perfectly straight, her eyes glowing in blue. Andrea felt calm and confident.

Mary covered her daughter with a white robe she had prepared in advanced, and after hugging her for a few minutes, she stepped back and proudly announced.

"Andrea Deeprock. By virtue of the legacy vested in me, I hereby declared you as the next Paladin."

Andrea knelt, wincing as she was not yet used to the intruder in her intestines.

"Mother, I am honoured and will do my utmost to accomplish meaningful actions with the powers vested in me" solemnly promised Andrea.

The legacy ritual settled after moments of dignified silence. Andrea stood back very slowly, doing her best to keep her back straight along the way. "This is really going to be a pain", she cursed internally. Mary smiled, guessing her thoughts. Mother and daughter stood in the middle of the slum plaza, alone in the night.

"So, shall we have dinner?" proposed Andrea with a smile.
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