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I'm a long time reader/lurker, but this is my first story here. I hope you all like it!
The Concert

I’m Will, I just graduated college with five of my best friends. We all got our degrees in theatre and had plans to move to California eventually. California being as expensive as it is, that would obviously take some time to save money up, especially for me since I had planned on moving to Chicago up until six months before graduation. The only one of us who was able and ready to move right after graduation was Mariah, who moved out there in the middle of the summer right after graduation. She had had her heart set on California for years, and if one of us was going to make it as an actor out there it was going to be her. Not only because of her acting ability, but she is just one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever laid my eyes on. But, more on that later. Our other friend Casey and her boyfriend eventually made their way out there at the end of that summer. Jake and Kim, who were dating, had stayed in the town where we all went to college while he worked his trade job and Kim worked at the children’s theatre on campus, and Jordan was staying out his lease there before making the jump out after the New Year. That just left me, who had moved back home to Texas with my parents so I could save money and eventually make my own way out to California. But I still went out and visited in the meantime when I had the extra money and time.

We all had a group chat, and a snap group and we talked almost everyday since graduation. We still do. One day in the early fall, Mariah comes in hot into the group text, “Oh my God! Sara Bareilles is playing the Hollywood Bowl on November 2nd!!!” Now, if you couldn’t tell Mariah is a HUGE Sara Bareilles fan. Loves her music, loves Waitress the musical, loves her as a person, and she’d never seen her in concert. All of us clamored in with our own rendition of, “You should get tickets!” However, as the weeks went on and the show got closer, Mariah was having trouble finding someone to go with. Not that, she didn’t know how to take care of herself, but she still didn’t want to go by herself, plus events are more fun if you have someone else to go with. We asked if some of the other people we graduated with who were already out there were available to go, but Mariah said they were either busy or she didn’t think they’d be interested. So, I did what any friend who loves music and traveling would do. I checked my bank account and work schedule. I had just enough spare money to afford a round trip in and out of LAX, and I had already taken the end of that week off, the concert was on Saturday, from work to enjoy my birthday which was the day before the concert. I found a flight that landed in LAX at midnight on Friday night, and I told Mariah that as long as she was willing to pick me up and drop me off at the airport I’ll be out there. “Oh my God, yes! Of course, yesssss I’m so excited!! It’ll be so much fun!” was her response over text. I liked Sara Bareilles, but I was no where near the fan that Mariah was. But I love California, and love to see my friends, and it would be a great birthday present to myself.

The next week went by the same as any other, boring as hell, at least Thursday was Halloween and Friday was my birthday. So I at least had a pretty fun end of the week to look forward to, before my flight. Finally, Friday evening rolled around and I packed my bag and got ready to drive to the airport. I wore my flying clothes, which consisted of track pants, an old fraternity shirt, and some easy slip on tennis shoes. Now, I guess I should tell you about myself, I’m not some guy with shredded abs, and ripped arms, and the perfect face. I’m kinda just your average looking guy. I’m fit, I was an athlete in college as well, and I go to the gym four times a week and eat fairly well for the most part. I’m about six feet tall, with some decent muscle tone, you can see my arms and my abs and whatnot, but I’m not shredded like I said. I’ve got a bit of a round face, although it’s gotten more shapely since I’ve finally lost some of the weight that college puts on you. I’ve got some moderately long scruffy hair and a little bit of scruff on my face. So I looked like your typical, relatively fit guy in comfortable travel attire. Oh, and much like the rest of me, my dick is pretty average as well. It’s about average length, around six inches give or take, average thickness, but I know how to use it and it gets the job done. Plus I have other tools in my arsenal that make up for what I may lack down below.

I got to the airport pretty early, it was kind of a pick your poison. Do I leave early and get there pretty early and kill time or do I spend some more time at home but then sit in Friday evening traffic hoping I’m not late. I chose the former. Luckily my gate was right next to one of those airport wine bars, so I was able to have a couple of glasses of wine and kill the extra time I had waiting for my flight. I knew I didn’t want to drink too much though, because I was going to be able to get drinks in first class. Unrelated, but, I’ve learned that if you’re going to travel, one of the things you should spend the extra money on, if you’ve got it, is a first/business class seat. It really makes a big difference in the flight experience.

The flight was uneventful, as one would hope, I had a couple more glasses of wine on the flight, ate the snacks they brought me and then knocked out for a few hours. Finally, I was awoken by the Captain making the announcement to prepare for landing. We made our way to the gate, I grabbed my bag and got off. I called Mariah as I was walking down the terminal, “Okay, great! I’m coming up to the arrival pick up right now.” I made my way out to the curb, as her Honda Fit pulled up. I threw my bag in the back, and hopped in the front passenger seat. “Hi buddy!!!” She exclaimed as we gave each other an awkward car hug, and drove off to her apartment. We got to her apartment around 1:15AM, we didn’t have to worry about waking anyone up. Her roommates, that we also graduated with, were both gone. Katy was spending the weekend camping with her boyfriend, and Jeff was watching his parents place with his girlfriend while they were out of town for the weekend. So Mariah and I broke open a bottle of wine that she had, and sat at their dining room table and talked for about an hour. We talked about work, how life was going, and then a little bit of personal things. Mariah and I were pretty close and able to be pretty open with each other. We both have talked about our shitty track records when we were in college, as far as the type of people we chose to date and sleep with. I was talking about how I was having trouble finding potentially interested women outside of the controlled environment that was our small university.

“Yeah, but you’re an attractive guy, you’ve been working out. You know how to treat women. Any woman would be lucky to be with you.” I thanked her, but didn’t take anything other than a friendly sentiment. However, there was a break in the conversation and I looked at her while she looked down at her phone, and something in me switched. The way the fluorescent light bounced off her shiny long brown hair, and her beautiful, perfectly smooth tan skin. Mariah was half Mexican, so she had that beautiful lighter café au lait tone to her skin. I had always thought Mariah was a beautiful young woman, who could get any guy she wanted. But I had never thought about her in a romantic and lustful way. Until now. Even just her sitting there in her grey sweatpants and thin but loose light orange v neck t shirt, with barely any makeup on, she was still one of the most beautiful, and sexy people I’d ever laid my eyes on. I could feel myself start to shift under the table, as blood started to fill my dick. And my track pants weren’t doing me any favors. I downed the rest of my glass of wine and tried to relax. Mariah and I fell back into conversation for another ten minutes or so before we both started to feel exhausted. Especially me dealing with the two-hour time change from Texas to California.

Mariah set me up on the couch, which was just long enough to fit my six-foot frame. She brought me an extra pillow and blanket from her room. However, her being 5’6”, her blanket was a little bit small. “If, that blanket is too short or anything just come let me know and I’ll give you another one.” I said I could probably make it work, and thanked her again for picking me up and letting me sleep on her couch. “Of course, thanks for coming out here! I love getting to see you, and I’m so excited for tomorrow night!” With that she retired to her room. But, as she alluded to, the blanket was too short for me. I gave it the college try, I angled it from corner to corner, I curled up into a ball, I kept it covering my feet and left my upper body exposed. But it was just too small of a blanket. I got up from the couch and turned around and I could still see some light coming from around the corner behind the couch where Mariah’s room was, so she was still awake.

“Hey, Mariah” I said as I came around the corner and did that thing where you knock on the door and it opens a little bit as you knock on it. As the door pushed open, I could see Mariah laying on her bed, she had taken her shirt off and had on the purple sports bra that covered and perfectly shaped her round perky breasts. Mariah didn’t have big breasts, but they weren’t small. I’d say probably on the bigger side of a B cup, maybe small C’s. But their shape, is what made them for me. I had never seen more perfectly shaped breasts, well over clothes at least. I had never actually seen them. Almost at the same time that I noticed she didn’t have a shirt on, I noticed she had her hand down the inside of her grey sweatpants. But she was able to pull her hand out quickly, and it all happened so fast that I wasn’t sure that I had actually seen what I thought I had. I was pretty sure, but could my lustful mind have been playing tricks on me? We both stood there just looking at each other for a minute, before I was finally able to stammer out, “ehem, uhm, could I actually get another blanket. I tried to make it work, but it was just too small.”

“Oh yeah, for sure. Let me grab one.” She said nonchalantly, and she got up off the bed and walked over to her closet and pulled out another blanket. It seemed like she was trying to play it off like maybe I didn’t notice. I think both of us were still trying to confirm if I had seen what I had, or if we were both imagining. I thanked her and made my way out of her room and back to the couch. I laid back on the couch, with my two blankets now cozily covering my whole body. But sleep didn’t come easy, as the image of Mariah in her sports bra with her hand down her sweatpants replayed over and over in my mind. As well as questions. Being in theatre you’re going to see some people in their underwear from time to time in dressing rooms and whatnot. It happens, and Mariah and I had seen each other in underwear when we were in a show together. But it was the hand in her pants that had me questioning. Was she masturbating? Did I really see that? What was she thinking about? Could she be thinking about me? Probably not, but a guy can hope. Like I said, Mariah and I were close and we had talked about porn before and what we’ve watched. But in the way the I would talk to one of my guy friends about what we’ve watched on porn sites. But my mind kept coming back to hoping she was thinking about me. Blood quickly filled my throbbing dick at that thought as it sprang to attention inside my track pants. “Great,” I said to myself, “what am I supposed to do with this now?” I rubbed myself a little bit over my track pants as my dick continued to throb and jump at my touch. I picked up the pace and rubbed my dick faster. I was starting to lose myself, a quiet little moan escaped my lips when I realized that I was bout to cum. Not only that, but I was going to cum inside my pants. I pulled my hand away and clenched every muscle in my body. I wasn’t about to cum in my pants on Mariah’s couch. A drop or two may have escaped, but my last minute attempt to hold it in was mostly successful. My underwear was still a little damp from all the precum, but I’d rather that than actually cumming in my pants. With my dick the hardest it’s ever been, and the image of Mariah with her hand down her pants replaying in my head, I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the unsettlingly loud chiming of my iPhone alarm, if you’ve got an iPhone you know the one. I scrambled to find my phone hoping to not wake anyone else in the apartment. I threw the blankets off frantically searching all areas of the couch until I found it squeezed between two cushions. I turned the alarm off and waited in silence to see if I had woken anyone. I then remembered that other than Mariah, no one else was home. I relaxed realizing that I hadn’t interrupted anyone else’s sleep by the sound of it, and moved to get up off the couch feeling the dampness still on my underwear. “Guess I know what I was dreaming about last night.” I said to myself. I looked at my phone, it was about 9:30AM, I knew Mariah probably wouldn’t be awake for another hour or two, so I was kind of on my own out here until then. I went into the kitchen and found some eggs, and started to whip those up, making some extras in case Mariah wanted some.

A little while later Mariah came out of her room in the same grey sweatpants and loose orange v neck she had worn the previous day. My mind instantly shot back to last night when I saw her with her hand down her sweatpants. But I was able to pull myself back to reality.

“Wow, this smells really good.” She said

“Thanks I used some of the eggs and spices and whatnot y’all had here. I hope that was okay.”

“Oh definitely, Jeff is really the only one that consistently eats eggs anyway.” She said with a chuckle. We sat at the table with our breakfast and talked about what the plan for the day was. Mariah had the day off of work, so we could really do whatever we wanted to kill time until the concert that night. We decided we’d chill for a little while and then go get lunch and maybe do something in the early afternoon, since the concert wasn’t until 7PM. We went back to her room and I sat in the big chair she had, and she laid on her bed and we turned on the newest season of Big Mouth. Say what you will about the show, we think it’s hilarious. However, I could sense some kind of tension in the room. Not in a bad way, and it wasn’t so tense you could cut it with a knife. But it was there. So I decided to try and break the tension, “Hey, I’m sorry I kinda walked in on you last night. I totally didn’t mean to do that, I should’ve knocked and waited.”

“Oh, don’t even worry about it. I left the door cracked and I should’ve closed it all the way. I usually leave my shirt on whenever someone is over. I was just so tired I instinctively took it off. But it’s not a big deal, you’ve seen me in a bra before.” She said alluding to the show we were in together back in college. But I noticed she made no mention of her hand down her pants. She really didn’t think or know I had seen her. Then the doubt crept into my head, maybe I hadn’t actually seen her. Maybe my lustful mind was playing tricks on me. And although I know it happens, I started to feel a little bad and guilty for thinking of one of my closest friends in that way. But I just couldn’t help it. The feeling was there, and it was growing.

After a few more episodes of Big Mouth, we decided to start getting ready for lunch. She let me use the shower first since I was the guest, “Just leave the door cracked a little bit, otherwise the steam will build up and make everything in there super damp.” She told me, which was fine, that’s what I do at home as well. I went into the bathroom and turned the water on, got it nice and hot, stripped down and I noticed my dick started to swell. My subconscious knew what was coming. I stepped into the shower, and as soon as the glass shower door shut I realized I had forgotten to grab a towel. “It’s alright,” I thought to myself, “people usually have that little cabinet in the bathroom with towels in it anyway.” With that thought, I proceeded on with my business. I didn’t want to take too long, since I wasn’t the one who paid the water bill. Plus I didn’t know how much longer I’d be able to wait. So, I lathered up some soap, reached down finding that my dick was already straight out and hard as a rock and I started to stroke myself. I started stroking slowly with my left hand adding in a circular motion as I went up and down my shaft. After maybe thirty seconds of stroking myself, if that long, I knew this wasn’t going to take much longer. I reached down to tickle the underside of my balls a little bit, and I felt a little moan come out from between my lips. I started to pick up the pace just a little bit, as I continued to play with my balls. I felt them start to tighten up, and I knew my orgasm was imminent. As I felt it start to rise through my body and into my shaft, I let out another moan, this time it was audible. And then I felt it, my orgasm rocked through my body. I started to shoot my cum all over the floor of the shower as I reached the height of my orgasm I moaned, “Mariah” as rope after rope of thick cum shot out of my dick and on to the shower floor. I kept stroking and cumming until I felt my knees get weak and almost couldn’t stand anymore. Just as I was recovering there was a knock on the bathroom door, “Hey, I realized I forgot to give you a towel.” Mariah said her beautiful voice coming through the cracked door.

“Oh, thanks I’ll come grab it---”

“I’ll just drop it inside the---” We both said simultaneously as I opened the shower door to step out, and she opened the bathroom door to drop the towel. There was no hiding anything. There I was half stepped out of the shower fully naked, my still semi-erect dick hanging as Mariah and I both just stared at each other. I slowly reached a hand out and grabbed the towel, “…thanks” I said trying to keep the tone light and not make it sound like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. “Mhmm” Mariah said as she slowly backed out of the bathroom and went back to her room. I went back into the shower and finished up, washing my hair trying not to think about the fact that Mariah had just seen me butt ass naked. I got out and dried off and brushed my teeth and went to put clothes on. Only to realize that the pants that I had grabbed out of the laundry before I left home were not mine. But my mothers. Who is considerably shorter than I am. So I put my track pants and baggy shirt back on, and went to knock on Mariah’s door. She said that there was a mall five minutes away from where we were going to get lunch. Mariah showered, and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, “I’ll go shopping too, you know in solidarity.” She said with a laugh, however being a shopaholic myself, I couldn’t put up much of an argument.

We went to this burger restaurant in LA, as much as Mariah and I pay attention to eating well and healthy, both of us have a weakness for burgers. After we order, we’re both just kind of sitting there, almost as if we’re avoiding conversation or eye contact. Finally, it’s Mariah this time that breaks the tension, “Hey, I’m sorry about walking in on you this time. I should’ve just left it outside the bathroom or something. I just didn’t want you to have to come and get it from outside the—”

“How much did you, uhm, see?” I interrupted her. There was a pause, “…everything.” She replied.

“Good good…great…” I said, not trying to sound embarrassed as I could feel my face start to turn bright red.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said comfortingly, “it’s not like I’ve never seen a dick before, duh.”

“Yeah, but you’d never seen mine!” I said jokingly but also defensively, “And, like, if you were ever gonna see it, this isn’t exactly the ideal scenario” I laughed. “But, I saw you last night, so I guess it’s only fair.”

She laughed in response, “If it’s any consolation, yours looked pretty nice and was well groomed.”

“Well thank you, I do what I can.” With that our food came, and the tension and my embarrassment had subsided. We were able to enjoy our lunch and head off to the mall. Both of us being shopaholics like I said, it took all of what we had to not buy everything we wanted. I finally settled on going into Express. I got myself a pair of deep blue slim fit jeans and a two-toned gray floral patterned button down shirt. Then we went over to Francesca’s, which was also where Mariah worked so she got a nice discount as well. She had grabbed an armful of outfits, and she fashion showed them for me. Coming in and out of the dressing room to do a little walk and turn for me. Some were tight outfits that accentuated her thin frame and nice perky ass, others were short that showed her beautiful slender legs, or low cut and showed her shapely breasts. I was giving honest advice about what I thought looked good and a direction for her to go in. But I was also really enjoying the view. She finally settled on a sky blue jumpsuit, which was just a different color of another jumpsuit she had tried on earlier so she didn’t fashion show this one for me. I honestly could not wait to see it on her.

We still had a little bit of time to kill, so we went back to her apartment to change and freshen up before we made our way to the venue. I shaped my hair and threw a little more pomade in it, added another spritz of cologne and changed and I was ready. I sat down at the table while I waited for Mariah to finish getting ready. About five minutes before we needed to leave, she comes out and my jaw almost hits the floor. She’s got her makeup done perfectly, from the eyeshadow to the lipstick it’s all perfect. The red of her lips isn’t an overpowering fire engine red, but not a maroon or burgundy. It’s a beautiful deep red. And the sky blue jumpsuit accented her skin perfectly. The light tan of her skin paired with the sky blue was a fantastic combination. The jumpsuit wasn’t too tight but accentuated the shape of her body. You could see all of her natural curves as well as the petite slenderness her body had. It was just low cut enough to show off the top of her perfectly shaped breasts, but you could see their shape and perkiness. As she turned it hung to her hips just enough to show her shapely and perky round ass. Her long brown hair was shiny it could blind someone, and it was loosely curled just enough that it wasn’t a boring shape. And her little streak of hair that didn’t have any pigment laid perfectly down the side of her face. And then I was always a sucker for the gold nose ring she wore. She preferred the ring to a stud, and I had to agree. She looked perfect. She giggled as she saw me with my mouth literally wide open when she did her twirl in front of me. She put her shoes on that had just a little bit of a heel to them and flipped her hair over her shoulder to look back at me, “When you put your tongue back in your mouth and are ready to go, let me know.” She said and smiled at me, with her perfectly straight bright white teeth. I laughed, and started to get up, clenching a muscle in my leg as tight as I could in a futile attempt to prevent an erection. However, wearing jeans, there wasn’t really anywhere for it to go. I followed Mariah through the corridors of her apartment down to the garage, not knowing if I should stare at her long hair swishing back and forth or her ass swaying back and forth in front of me. I resigned to just go back and forth, before I decided I’d been behind for too long and took a couple of bigger steps to catch up.

We drove through the streets of LA making our way to the Hollywood Bowl for the concert, listening to music talking, gossiping, laughing and enjoying the company of each other. We finally got to the venue and parked, we got out and walked to the line to get in. Showed our tickets and as we entered I offered my arm, which a little bit to my surprise, she took and we walked through the bowels of the Hollywood Bowl. First stop, bar. We both got red wine, we walked up into the stands and found our seats. We sat down, and cheersed our wine and drank. We killed time for about ten minutes until the show started. Mariah spent the whole show standing, and cheering and singing and dancing in our little area. I danced a little bit and sang to the songs I knew the words to, but Mariah was obviously the bigger fan. I ran down and grabbed us each another glass of wine, and I found myself dancing a little more, and edging a little closer to Mariah. And her edging a little closer to me. We weren’t drunk, barely even buzzed, but our inhibition were starting to get lower. It was when she played a slow song that things changed a little bit. We were both just kind of standing and swaying to the music when we bumped each other. We looked at each other for a minute, and I offered her my hand. Seeing all the couples around us doing some variation of whatever slow dance they could in the cramped area where our seats were, I thought that she deserved to be able to dance with someone if she wanted to, even though we weren’t actually dating. She took it and I pulled her in to me and we took whatever slow dancing steps we could for the duration of the song. We may have just been swaying like middle schoolers at a dance, but it was nice to actually dance with and hold someone. Even if it was just a good friend. But I noticed that she was looking at me a little bit differently, and I could tell I was seeing her a bit different as well. Her brown eyes could see right into my soul, and they glowed and sparkled in that beautiful California night. The song ended, and we held each other for an extra moment before releasing. There were a few more songs and we went back to dancing and Mariah went back to singing. But we stayed close to each other, each one of us sometimes making purposeful contact to make sure the other person was still there.

The show finally ended and as we made our way back to the car, I again offered her my arm, which she took without hesitation. We made it back to the car, and feeling bold, I made the suggestion. I turned to her, “Nightcap?”

“I was just about to suggest that.” She replied with a smile

We drove back in the direction of her apartment and found a pretty chill, well chill for a late Saturday night, lounge off Ventura. Really cool vibe, slightly upscale, but very laid back. We found a little booth against the wall, I asked her which side she wanted, thinking I’ll just take the other side. But she sat down on the booth side and pulled me next to her. A waitress came by and took our drink order and we ordered some French fries as well. Mariah got an amaretto sour and I got a white Russian. Our drinks and food came and we talked and reminisced about our time in college and how we didn’t know how simple and easy we really had it. Then we talked about the concert, “Thank you for coming out here, I’m really happy you came. The concert was so fun, and I’m glad I had you to dance with.”

“Anytime,” I responded, “I’m no where near as big of a Sara Bareilles fan as you are, but this has been one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. And you can dance with me any time.” She smiled at me, and me back at her and we just looked at each other. Even in the dim light of the lounge, I could see the sparkle in her eyes. And the beautiful shape of her face. I had noticed she had been touching my arm more frequently since we’d been here, and now my head was going crazy. “Do I do it? Do I do it? Do I do it?” This was all happening in the matter of a couple seconds, mind you. But, as I finally got the balls to lean in to kiss her, the waitress interrupted, “Can I get you two anything else?”

“I’m good as long as the lady is good.” I said gesturing to Mariah. She said that she was good and the waitress left the check. We paid and again walked arm in arm back to the car. We finally got back to her apartment, we went into her room, just continuing the conversation we were having. I was standing near the doorway as she threw herself on all fours onto her bed, giving me a great view of her ass as the fabric of her jumpsuit was pulled against it. And an even better view as she slowly slid herself down onto her stomach and her ass grew tighter and tighter until the fabric was bunched up between the cheeks of her beautiful behind. As we finished the conversation, we agreed neither one of us was exceptionally tired and decided to watch a movie.

“What do you want to watch?” I asked, it was November now, so Halloween movies were out of season, and Mariah hates Thanksgiving, so I knew she would now be in Christmas mode.

“Hmm, what about…” she trailed off thinking, “what about Elf?”

I readily agreed, Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies and I’m a sucker for Zooey Deschanel. “Let me go put on my comfy clothes real quick.” I said

“Oooooo good idea!” She replied

I went out into the living room to put my track pants and baggy shirt back on. I had just taken my wallet and stuff out of my pockets and my shoes off when I hear Mariah call, “Hey Will, can you come unzip me real quick?” I went back into Mariah’s room to see that she had both of her arms contorted behind her back, yet still unable to grab the small gold zipper to unzip her jumpsuit. I pulled it down for her and the top of the jumpsuit immediately fell from her shoulders as she turned to face me revealing a light blue lacy bra, almost the same color as the jumpsuit covering her beautiful breasts. The only thing that kept the jumpsuit from falling all the way to the floor was her hands that it had caught on its way down. I must have let out a gasp, because she turned to ask with a giggle “Are you okay?” I just nodded and let out an audible ‘mhmm’. “Great,” she replied as she dropped her hands and dropped the rest of the jumpsuit along with it. Revealing a matching light blue lace thong that, barely yet perfectly, covered her pussy. That triangular piece of lace fabric was the only thing keeping me from seeing her naked pussy. It’s a good thing that I hadn’t had a chance to change into my track pants yet, because if I thought last night on the couch was the hardest I had been I was sorely mistaken. I kind of just very obviously gawked at her, to which she replied, “You like them?” All I could do was not in approval, “Thanks, I got them as a set the other day and I’d been dying to wear them. What better occasion than tonight, right?” As I turned to leave she stopped me again, “Oh, one more thing. I guess I tweaked my shoulder or something reaching back for that zipper, so can you unhook my bra for me?” I slowly walked back over to her, and she turned around. Revealing her bare ass to me. I had seen it in leggings and tight jeans all throughout our time in college, and I had seen it all night tonight. But this was the first time I had seen it in person and it was just as round and perky as I could’ve imagined. The only cover it had was the little bit of fabric between her cheeks covering her asshole. I just stared at her beautiful ass as I approached her, and reached up to unhook her bra. As I did so, she let the straps fall off her shoulders and just pressed her arms by her side which held her bra in place. She stepped away and turned which caused her ass to move and I was hypnotized, until she said, “Thanks” and smiled at me which brought me back to reality very quick. And I smiled back and returned to the living room to change.

I threw on my track pants and baggy shirt and sat on the couch for a minute trying to compose myself, I could feel precum already starting to dampen my underwear. I knew my erection wasn’t going away, but I had to try and mitigate it as much as possible. I was able to get my rock solid dick to soften enough to my liking before going back into Mariah’s room. I saw that she was in the same gray sweatpants and light orange v neck t-shirt that she was in last night, and had taken most of her makeup off. Although she was beautiful with makeup on, she was just as beautiful without it. As I made my way to the chair in her room, I noticed she had thrown her clothes on it.

“Where would you like me to put these?” I said, gesturing to her jumpsuit, bra and various other clothing items on the chair

“Oh don’t worry about those, you can come lay here if you want.” She said with a gesture of her own to the empty space on her bed next to her. And who was I to say no to a young woman as beautiful as her.

I threw myself down on the bed next to her and she started the movie. It wasn’t long before we were both quoting and laughing at the whole thing. As the movie went on, I noticed we had grown closer to each other. It wasn’t one or the other, it was both of us, we were both closer to the middle of the bed than when we first started. I also realized that she had started to nuzzle her head against my shoulder. However, me being a guy and not able to take any sort of hint what so ever, but also wanting to be sure, I played the long game. I moved my arm from my side and put my hand behind my head, so my elbow created a point. Mariah held her position for a little while, but then she nuzzled her head close to my chest. Then I went for the, ‘I’m just stretching my arm’ as I put my right arm completely out horizontal. She again nuzzled into my chest. So I finally went for it and dropped my arm around her and she nuzzled her whole body into mine. I could feel her warmth and her soft skin and her soft hair. We cuddled on her bed for a little while, just enjoying each other. I was just about to lean in to kiss her when she paused the movie and interrupted, “So you caught me didn’t you?”

‘Every fuckin time’ I thought to myself, but I looked at her not entirely sure what she was asking.

“You caught me. Last night, like, you saw me.” She said, now it made sense what she was asking. I kind of averted my gaze, and mumbled out, “Yeah I did, I wasn’t going to say anything because I didn’t know if you knew I had.”

“Well, I didn’t at first. But then I heard you in the shower this morning.” I immediately felt my face get bright red, knowing that she had heard me moan her name while I was masturbating in the shower. I tried to stammer out something, anything, but no words came out of my mouth. She laughed, “It’s okay. It was funny because, I heard you but didn’t think seeing just me in a sports bra would set you off. Because you’ve seen me in a bra before. So I tried to think back to if anything else happened, and that’s when it hit me that I had been masturbating right as you walked in.” I gave her a shy grin and kind of just nodded a little bit.

“Did you like what you saw?” She asked, I was taken aback by the question

“I…I didn’t see much, just, like, maybe a second” I stammered out

“But a second that was more than enough for you to replay in your head when you jacked off in the shower this morning.” She said and she got closer to me and breathed in my ear. I could feel my already hard cock oozing precum. “So, I’ll ask again, did you like what you saw?” she said in a lower but gravellier voice into my ear and I looked at her and nodded and she giggled and said, “Good, because I liked what I heard. And then when I saw you in the shower during our towel exchange, that was all I needed. I came back in here and got myself off while you were in the shower. ” And she ran her slender manicured fingers up the shaft of my dick over my track pants. And then she jumped on top of me, and pressed her lips against mine, our mouths open as our tongues played with each other. Both of our breathing got fast and heavy as she began to grind her warm sweatpants covered pussy over my dick still trapped by my track pants. And my hands began to explore, I ran my hands up her arms and all down her back. I went back up her back underneath her shirt, with no bra strap anywhere to be found. Our tongues still played together, as my hands found their way to her perfectly perky ass. Even over sweatpants it was the best thing my hands have ever held. She began to run her hands through my hair, and she reached down between us with one hand and started to rub the end of my hard cock. A soft moan escaped my lips, to which I could feel hers turn into a grin, as we continued to make out on her bed while she began to rub my dick through my underwear and track pants. Which were both now dampened by the immense amount of precum that had oozed out of my dick. She then snaked her hand down the front of my pants and inside my underwear and began to finger the head of my cock. I’m not a man that makes a lot of noise, but her soft hands were magic and moans were coming from me left and right, as she slowly stroked my cock inside my pants. Then in one swoop she pulled my pants and underwear off, and broke the kiss, which felt like the first time I had breathed in ages, and she pulled my shirt off. Leaving me again, naked for her to see, only this time I wasn’t embarrassed. She returned her lips to mine and our tongues played again for only a moment, as she began to kiss around my neck and whisper and breathe in my ears, “I want to taste you,” she said with a soft moan into my ear. And with that she began to kiss her way down my neck, and down my chest, giving my nipples a little suck and flick with her tongue on the way down. She kissed and licked all around my waist and hips, and my inner thighs. Getting ever so close to my hard throbbing cock, now standing at attention.

‘Oooo, one for a tease, huh? That’ll come back to haunt you later.’ I thought to myself with a grin. She began to kiss and lick around my balls, and underneath my balls. Which a girl had never done to me before. She finally gave one long lick from bottom to the head of my shaft and engulfed me in her wet warm mouth. She took almost my whole length on her way down the first time, like I said, I’m not huge but I still feel like that’s a feat anyway. She began to bob her head up and down in a steady rhythm as her tongue played with my shaft on the way up and down. She would come up to the tip of the head, and just as I was about to be released from the suction of her mouth, back down she went. Taking the entire length of my throbbing cock. She began to pump a hand up and down with her mouth, adding in circular motions. A woman after my own heart. Then she came up and began to play with the tip of my dick with her tongue as her hand began to tickle and play with my balls. I knew my orgasm was coming as the feeling started to build. Back down she went, as I felt my dick almost gag her at the back of her throat, she continued to tickle my balls as I felt them begin to tighten. I started to run my hands through her soft brown hair. And my moans got louder and became more steady. Until finally, “Oh god Mariah I’m gonna cum” I moaned as she went all the way down and I let out a long moan and began to explode inside her mouth. My hands on her head, almost holding her in place, but she didn’t try to move as I heard her gulp rope after rope of my hot cum down her throat. An even stronger orgasm than the one I had in the shower had just rocked my body, as Mariah gulped down every drop of cum I squirted into her mouth and down her throat. She even licked all over the tip and shaft and base of my now softening cock to ensure that she didn’t miss a drop. I didn’t even wait for her to work her way back up, I pulled her back up to me and pulled her face to mine and gave her the most passionate kisses I had ever given.

“That was the absolute best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life.” I said, once I was finally able to catch my breath and formulate thoughts again.

“Good, I’m glad it was,” she said with a giggle, “the night is young, definitely more where that came from.”

“There definitely is.” I replied as I began to kiss her again, our tongues began to play and reacquaint themselves. And I pushed my thigh between her legs, right up against her pussy. I could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy, and I could feel the wetness of it through her sweatpants. As I rocked my thigh back and forth on her pussy, she began to meet me with her own grinding rhythm. She then pulled me on top of her as our kissing intensified. I continued to rock my thigh back and forth over her pussy before I finally broke our kiss and began to kiss around her neck. I began to pull her shirt off, and confirming my thoughts from earlier, saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. And right there in front of me was the most beautifully shaped, perfectly perky pair of breasts I’d ever laid my eyes on. Like I said, they weren’t huge, but they weren’t small. And her perfect nickel sized nipples right in the middle of them. I couldn’t hold back any longer and began my oral assault on one of them while grabbing the nipple of the other one between my thumb and fore finger. I began to pinch and squeeze one nipple as I licked and sucked the other. And added in a little bit of teeth which elicited a squeal moan from Mariah. Her breath began to quicken as I changed my assault from on breast to the other. Finally satisfied with the work I had done, for now, I moved my kisses down her stomach to her waist. I kissed and licked all around her waist. Beginning to return the teasing favor. I rubbed her warm pussy over her sweatpants, just enough for her to barely feel it. I then put my fingers inside the sides of her waistband and pulled her sweatpants down and off her slender tan legs. I began to kiss and lick down the length of one leg and up the length of the other. Her breathing hastened a little and little soft moans began to escape her lips. As I kissed and licked and nibbled all around her inner thighs her moans began to get more urgent, almost like a beg but without saying anything. Finally I ran my tongue along the length of her slit through those same light blue lace thong panties she had on earlier. I dove my face right into the middle of them to take in as deep a breath as I could of her sweet scent coming from that pussy. I began to rub her pussy over her panties, as her hips began to rock with the rhythm of my hand. After smelling her musk, I finally gave in and grabbed the thin waistband of her panties and pulled them down the length of her legs. I didn’t even give her time to reset herself. I pried her legs apart and dove straight down into her sweet shaved pussy. “Oh fuck!” she moaned, as I caught her off guard. I licked up the full length of her slit all the way up until my tongue made contact with her little hood. I went up and down her slit a few times with just my tongue, each time eliciting a groan from those sweet lips. Finally, I began to flick my tongue and play with her clit with my mouth. A long grateful moan was let out as she began to run her hands through my hair and press my face into her pussy. Her juices were flowing, and as I continued to lick and suck her clit I began to run my middle and ring finger up and down the length of her slit. Feeling the heat radiating from her pussy I plunged my two fingers into her as I sucked on her clit. “Oh my fucking god!!” Mariah moaned, a little bit quieter than a yell. I started pumping in and out, and then began to shift my fingers into a come hither motion. As I ran my finger tips along the upper wall of her pussy I felt the little sponginess of her g-spot. Impressed by my own coordination, I began to continue to finger her g-spot and lick and suck her clit. My cock, now fully recovered, was rock hard and ready to go again. Mariah’s moans became louder, quicker and less put together. As her hands running through my hair began to pull and push my face deeper into her pussy. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” She screamed as she pushed my face so far into her pussy I thought I might suffocate. I continued to lick her clit, and pump my fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy, rubbing her g-spot on each exit. “Oh fuck, Will, I’m gonna cum!” She screamed, “Oh my god I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING” and she arched her back and hips, and then there was silence for a moment. No movement, no breathing, no moaning. She was frozen in her arched back mid-moan position. Not knowing what to do, I continued on. And then her orgasm racked her. She let out a long guttural moan, “UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHH” as her body seized and shook. I just continued to attack her clit and pussy with my tongue and fingers, until she told me to stop, grabbing on to her thighs for dear life. Finally she pulled my face away from her sopping wet pussy.

Mariah just laid there, as she tried to catch her breath and make sense of the orgasm that just rocked her body. “Oh my God,” was all she could make out as she was still catching her breath, “I’ve never had an orgasm that hard before. No one has eaten my pussy that good before.” Before she attacked my mouth with hers, not minding any of her own juices that covered my mouth and cheeks. I broke the kiss, “Good,” I said, flattered, “there’s more where that came from.” I pulled her in to me and we laid there listening to each others breathing, taking in each others scent. It seemed like we laid there for an eternity, but was really only maybe five or ten minutes. My rock hard cock trapped between the two of us. I could tell Mariah was back and ready to go again because she took notice of my cock between us, “My my, someone seems ready again.” I just kind of smiled and shrugged. “Let’s see what we can do about that.” She reached over and grabbed the shaft of my hard cock and began to stroke it’s length. As she got me more and more worked up, my dick began to ooze precum. As my natural slick lubricant began to coat my dick and Mariah’s hand her strokes got a little bit faster, she then whispered in my ear two words I’ll always remember, “Fuck me.” And with that she pulled me by the dick on top of her and began to position me with her sweet hole. Finally I obliged and pushed myself into her hot wet pussy. We both let out a moan as I entered her. We stayed there for a moment, just looking at each other. The glow and sparkle in her eyes was there, it was even more prevalent than it was before. We then shared a passionate kiss and our tongues began to intertwine again, as I pulled myself almost all the way out of her, all the way to the tip of the head and then pushed myself back in all the way to the hilt. She let out a long moan into my mouth. I began to fuck her, as we both started to get more into it, I picked up the pace. But still plowing into her just as hard. She pulled me down to her, “Fuck you feel so good,” she moaned into my ear as I continued to thrust myself deep into her wet pussy. “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck this pussy” she moaned, thank god I had that strong orgasm earlier, because this was definitely the best pussy I’d ever been in and wouldn’t have lasted very long if we went straight to this. This was great, but I wanted to give her something more, so I pulled out of her, “Wha-what are you—” was all she could stammer out as I flipped her over onto her stomach with her beautiful ass up in the air. And I brought my hand down and gave it a firm smack. “OH! Fuuuck” she moaned as I spanked her bare ass. “MMMMM YEAH!” she moaned as I spanked the other side of her ass. I then without warning or hesitation, thrust myself back into her pussy from behind, “UUUUUUNNNNNNHHHHH” she moaned as I began to fuck her from behind. Giving her ass the occasional smack for good measure. “Oh fuck yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she moaned, getting louder and louder. I grabbed her long brown hair and pulled it back so her head came up. “unh unh unh” she moaned as I pounded into her pussy. I then pulled out and turned her back over, and pushed myself back inside her. As we both started to moan again, and I watched her breasts shake with the rhythm of my thrusts, and I looked up into her eyes. And we held eye contact for a moment before I leaned down to press my lips to hers. As I continued to thrust into her, my moans started to pick up and I could feel my orgasm start to build. Mariah could sense it too, because she looked in my eyes and whispered in my ear “unnhhh I want you to cum inside me. Please cum inside me.” That helped to expedite my orgasm, as I began to moan louder. “Oh yeah I’m gonna cum with you,” she began to moan, “unh, Will, cum in me. I wanna feel it, I wanna feel your cum in me.” Mariah wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her as hard as she could. As my orgasm began to hit, I leaned down and kissed her passionately, as we moaned into each others mouth, I felt her pussy begin to contract and grip my cock as I began to unload rope after rope of hot thick cum inside Mariah. We both moaned, stifled only by each others mouth as we came together, and started to come down from our orgasms. “Unh, your cum feels so good.”

Unable to move, spent, we just laid there, with me on top of her, still inside her, as my dick finally began to soften enough for me to pull out of her. I finally was able to gather the strength to roll off of her, and she got up to go pee, just to be safe. She came back and I could see my cum running down the inside of her thigh. She turned the light off, save for the light coming from the TV, Elf had started to replay, and climbed back into bed. We shared a long kiss, before she nuzzled her head to my shoulder and I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my chest with her arm draped across me and we drifted to sleep.

I was awoken by an urgent feeling in my loins, I carefully peeled Mariah’s arm off of me and slowly let her head down as to not wake her, and then scrambled for the bathroom. Ah, sweet relief. I made my way back to bed, and looked out the window, it was barely light out. The sun had just broken the horizon. But I could clearly see the beautiful silhouette of Mariah as she laid asleep in bed. Then, I had an idea. I climbed back into bed, Mariah had rolled completely on to her back, which worked in my favor. I pulled the covers back, to reveal her pretty pussy, and I saw that it was already, or maybe still from earlier, slick with her sweet juices. I reached down to touch her, which brought the softest of moans from her sweet lips. I lightly ran my finger up and down her wet slit, and began to thumb her little clit. Which brought slightly louder more audible moans. Finally, I just went for it and ran my tongue up her slit and began to flick her clit with my tongue. Her moans began to come more steadily, but no other part of her body moved. So I was sure she was still asleep. I continued to suck and flick her clit until she caught her breath in her mouth, and then her body began to shake and a low moan came from her throat as she came again. She then reached down and ran her hands through my hair, “Mmmmmmm” was all she said as I came back up to lie next to her, “Thank you for that, next time why don’t you fuck me awake?” and she rolled over on her side facing away from me. “Don’t think I wont,” I said as I rolled on to my side and put my arm around her and pulled her into me.

I was awoken this time by the bright rays of light coming through the window, as the sun had come up and the day had started. I looked at the clock, it was only 9:30AM, we still had all day to do whatever we wanted. I looked back down at Mariah, and I could feel the blood start to rush to my dick as I began to feel her ass pressed against me. I decided that I was going to oblige her request from earlier, as soon as I was done admiring my now hard cock resting in between the cheeks of her perfect ass. I then lifted her top leg, just barely, enough for me to position myself and I inserted myself into her. And I rocked back and forth as I started to fuck her from my big spoon position. Her breathing started to pick up in pace and I could tell she was beginning to wake up, I saw her arm begin to move, and I looked over and she had began to rub her own clit while I fucked her. I continued to rock back and forth as I felt my orgasm start to build, finally I let out a moan as I felt my balls tighten and I deposited another load of cum inside Mariah’s pussy. This orgasm wasn’t near as powerful as my previous ones, but it was a more drawn out one. “Mmmmmm, what a nice thing to wake up to.” She moaned as she rolled over towards me, “I love to feel your cum in me.” She gave me a kiss as we both started to wake up, but I noticed she hadn’t stopped rubbing her clit. So I laid there and enjoyed the show as she continued to masturbate herself. She rubbed her clit in circles, and varying from quick to slow. She finally settled on a rhythm and then inserted three fingers from her other hand inter her pussy. I watched as she rubbed her clit and fingered herself, “Mmmm I like it when you watch me,” she moaned as her orgasm got closer, “Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum” and then her body began to shake and quiver, and I could see the juices flow out of her pussy as she came, and she let out a moan “Unnnnhhhhh” She pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and spread them to show the cum on her fingers. Then she stuck a finger out towards me, and I put it in my mouth as I licked her cum and juices off of it, and she stuck the other two in her mouth and licked her own cum and juices up.

We finally got up and got in the shower together, we spent a lot of time making out and washing each other. We lounged around in just our underwear for most of the day, she in her light blue lace thong panties, and her purple sports bra and me in my boxers. We spent most of the day just cuddling and watching Netflix, save for the occasional makeout and petting session. We were both still pretty spent and exhausted from the previous night. Finally the evening rolled around, and we had to get dressed and I packed to go back to Texas. We held hands as we walked through the corridors of Mariah’s apartment to her car, and made the drive to LAX. We talked and laughed as we had done after she picked me up. As we rolled up to departures, we just looked at each other. The glow and sparkle in her eyes was still there. It’ll always be there. As we got out of the car to say goodbye, she gave me a tight hug, “Thanks for coming out and going to that concert with me. It was so much fun, and I’m so happy you came.”

“Of course, it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had.” I replied with a big smile on my face. We shared another big tight hug, and a passionate, but tame we’re in public, kiss. “Now save up the rest of that money and get your ass out here so we can do this again, and again.” She said giving me a pat on the ass as she said it with a smile on her face. I grabbed her face and gave her one more kiss before I left, and then I walked up to the door turned and waved goodbye. She blew a kiss and I caught it and put it in my pocket.

I made it to my gate and I’m waiting at a, you guessed it, wine bar for them to start boarding us when I got a text from Mariah with a bunch of pictures and a message that said “See you soon!” with a winky face emoji. I open them up to see selfies of her in various positions, in various lingerie. The matching light blue set she wore last night, her purple sports bra and nothing else, completely naked in various positions, and my personal favorite, her in her purple sports bra with her hand down her grey sweatpants.

Our friends that we have that group chat with and still talk to from college are still none the wiser, yet. I’ve now got just about all the money saved up for the move out to LA, my move date is actually in a little over a week, and I couldn’t be more excited. Mariah said she might have an extra room in her apartment if I want it, seems tempting. Mariah and I still talk almost every day, and are still really close friends. We have our own chat where we send pictures, raunchy messages, but also romantic and normal conversation. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when I get out to LA. With my life, with my career, with us. But I know we’ll always be really close friends, at the very least. And no matter what happens, we’ll always have that weekend, that night, and the concert.


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