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Jack knew he could do anything he put his mind to, even breaking the holiest of spirits, if they existed that is.
When he opened his eyes he could hardly believe how stunning the creature was before him. Years of research and careful planning hadn’t prepared him for the beauty that stood before him. Her lithe body was covered in the finest of cloth, as it woven from clouds themselves. Her dress hugged her frame and flowed around it as she glided towards him past the broken pews. Aliyah’s skin was like silk and the color of marble, except where there would typically be black and grey veins there were hints of gold and silver.

He held his breath as she gently stopped his hands with her own. When she spoke, the voice that flowed out of her could be described as a gentle breeze on a warm spring day. It was soft and pleasant, and to a person on the brink of suicide, it would have been their saving grace.

“Fear not, for God has heard your plea and I have been sent to ease your suffering.”

He hung his head, his shoulders shaking. Through her eyes, there stood a broken man who needed guidance in a vulnerable time. She pressed both her hands onto his shoulders, trying to soothe him. Her own expression was caring and understanding. The life of a mortal was fraught with strife and trials, some that seem insurmountable. She was about to speak again to him when Jack tossed his head back suddenly, startling her. There were tears in his eyes, yes, but the cackling laughter startled her enough that she backpedaled.

“I cannot believe that that worked!!” His voice boomed as he lunged forward with the noose and managed to slip it over one of her hands. He grit his teeth in annoyance; he had needed her neck. Jumping off of the stool, Jack landed on the altar and braced himself.

Her wings flapped spastically until she gained enough lift to get off of the ground while being anchored by her wrist. The tighter she pulled the stronger the rope’s hold became.

“What is this? Untie me at once!” She commanded, a slight hint of fear cracking her angelic voice. While she fluttered around the room and struggled to undo the knot that held her she glared at Jack, who now stood beside a pair of batteries. He had assembled two car batteries, both linked together in a circuit with a switch. She yelled and flew at him, hoping to muster enough force to break the rope.

It was exactly what he needed. When she got within arms distance he held up a cattle prod and stabbed it directly into her chest. The voltage that tore through every fiber in her body was strong enough to kill a human. Since Aliyah wasn’t human, that wasn’t something Jack had to worry about. He just had to hope his calculations were right and that it was enough to stun her.

Sure enough, Aliyah’s entire body stiffened mid flight, the momentum of her charge carrying her downward as she spasmed, her feet just barely reaching the floor but providing no support of their own. She was hung by her wrist painfully as the current surged through her from the prod’s point all the way through to the tips of her wings.

Her muscles contracted of their own accord and her body twisted unnaturally right after a loud pop was heard. Her face was contorted in absolute agony and surprise. When Jack finally took the prod off of her she was limp, a puppet on a string waiting to be played with. Placing the prod down, Jack moved to where he had rigged some chains from the ceiling. The angel groaned involuntarily, her eyes fluttering but it wasn’t enough to alarm him as he replaced the rope with a manacle.

He continued as he pulled the chains tighter, lifting her off of the ground by her shackled wrists until her lithe frame was hovering half an inch above the altar. He stepped back to soak in his catch, a grin growing on his face as she started to come to. The fading light from the sun cascading through the stained glass windows danced across her skin as her head hung down on her chest. It took a moment for her to focus in on him, by then he was holding a worn leather bound book in one hand, sitting in a cushioned chair he had dragged in front of the first pew. He barely waited for the small flash of fear to cross as she realized the predicament she was in.

“You should be familiar with all the writings from the Bible, correct? Let me bring your focus onto one from Exodus in particular. 20:4-5.. Ah yes.. ‘You shall not make yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on earth beneath or in water beneath earth. You shall not worship or serve angels, only God himself.’”

He had slowly stalked around to the front of her, still taller than her by half a foot, forcing her to look up at him with angry and wounded eyes. He savored that look and so desperately looked forward to breaking her completely. He stooped just enough so that his eyes were inches from hers.

“From now on, little angel, I am your god. You will serve me and you will pray and beg for me to stop your suffering. To end it. Only I can provide you with the release you will crave once I’ve had my way with you.”

He grabbed a single feather and yanked it out of her right wing. She winced and her eyes burned, both wings moving enough to sway her body as much as the chains would allow. She had almost hit him with it too, and she tried again. That’s when he caught the hollow bone that supported her right wing.

Laughing at her, he chided “I don’t think you’re fully aware of the situation you are in.” He squeezed the delicate bone until she was gasping, trying to yank it out from his grasp. She felt part of it crack and she cried out as the pain shot through her wing and into her shoulder. He let go then and her wing retreated into a folded position, the hairline crack incredibly painful.

He looked up at his contraption that he had built specifically for her and adjusted some levers while humming to himself leisurely.

She looked at him with disdain, wishing that she could free herself. It wasn’t in her nature to hate a person; it went against her entire being. But he was helping her come to terms with this foreign feeling quickly.

“As an agent of God I command you to release me and atone for your sins.” Her voice had a strength to it still that barely hinted at the pain in her wing. The crack was manageable, she would be able to get back to heaven with it at least. She looked up at her wrists, the chains having pulled them closer together. The iron was heavy and any tugs against it sketched a grimace across her face. His dark chuckle brought her attention back to him.

Jack had been watching her again with a predatory stare that made her uneasy. Her wings twitched, forcing her to swing a little. She was thankful that he hadn’t chained her legs and she was prepared to make use of that lapse in judgement. Instead of stepping closer to her, Jack found some lighter chains with clamps attached to one end and shackles on the other.

He saw her body tense up as he approached, anticipating her next move he gave the chain some slack. Aliyah hadn’t noticed, she was too preoccupied with judging the distance between them. When he got within range she unfurled her wings and kicked at him. Jack sidestepped her with ease and swung hard with the shackle side of the chain. It collided with her thigh and wrapped around it, the heavy manacle thudding into her asscheek and forcing a short shriek out of her. Undeterred she did her best to lunge at him again until the shackle whipped through the air again, the impact on her sternum. She shrieked louder as the pain worsened with each new breath. A second lash to the same spot subdued her.

Having dealt with her futile assault, Jack moved to her side. One hand went to her slender side, running down the soft cloth she wore. He could feel her unease through his fingertips as his hand trailed down to her hip. A grin flashed across his face when her breath caught once his fingers migrated from her skirt to her bare flesh. When his hand cupped her thigh and moved upward she started to squirm again, and she managed to bring a knee up into his cheek. He stumbled backwards, holding it with a hand as he glared at her. “You’re going to fucking regret that, bitch.”

Aliyah spit at him, some landing on his arm. He looked down at it, then back at her with a rage behind his eyes that almost made her cower. As he stalked forward she looked up at her shackles and tried yanking on them, the seed of terror in her stomach taking root inside her.

The strike to her face stunned her and she yelped. The panicked reflex of trying to knee him again stopped as a second blow landed straight into where the seed was planted, knocking all of the wind out of her. As she struggled to regain her breath his hand moved up to her throat, gripping tightly. Her eyes widened and as she tried to fling her wings to escape him his arm wrapped around her body, pulling her close. Her feathers beat against his arm frantically as her vision flickered. He held her until the flapping stopped and her eyes rolled up behind her head.

Jack loosened the chains enough so that he could lift her up and carry her a short way to where the train tracks were inset into the ground. As he secured her to his version of a crucifix he took some liberties in groping her. Her breasts were firm yet they yielded beneath his grasp. Jack pulled at the cloth that covered her until it tore, letting it hang on with its tattered and frayed edges. He stalked quietly behind her to prepare a few items.

When she awoke there were a few things that had changed. The ache in her wrists had lessened, she was laying face down on an inclined piece of wood and there was silence. It was the last part that terrified her the most.

As she regained more of her bearings and tried to readjust herself she let out a pained cry. Her body had been balanced on a long post, with it’s edge being the painful crux on which she found herself. Aliyah’s arms had been stretched out across a second post, displaying her on a faux crucifix. Even the small detail of her velvet lips being parted by the wood had been paid attention to and it threatened to cut into her delicate flesh.

Looking down at one of her dangling breasts she saw the clamp had been firmly attached to her nipple. Following the light chain up she saw it was shackled to her wing, which otherwise was left free for her to move or pivot- at her own peril.

Below her still on the floor sat several candles, some large ones that would typically found on the altar of a church, and others of varying sizes. All of them were lit, and there were enough of them that she felt the heat wafting up towards her.

Her entire body tried to lurch forward when she felt a hand on her bare cheek. Her wings jerked as well, sending a sharp cry out of her chest as her nipples stretched painfully. The hand gripped her ass, it’s finger brushing against her rim and she tried to look back without moving her wings again.

Jack stood there feeling her up, a smirk on his face. When their eyes met he dug his nails into her flesh and she whimpered, pressing herself into the wood crucifix to try to escape his touch.

“P-please Jack, if you l-let me go I will not report your sins tonight. We can both w-walk away and go our separate ways.” her voice was shaky, she felt vulnerable and exposed and she tried to lift herself on her toes when he pressed his finger into her tight hole. She cried out, a sob stuck in her throat as he pulled it out only to force it back into her.

“I haven't even begun sinning yet, little bird. Perhaps I should get a knife and start carving the list of offences on your back, that would prevent you from forgetting any.” On pulling his finger out again he jammed a second one inside along with the first, his cock stirring in his pants upon hearing her yelp.

She shook her head and pleaded several times for him not to, her body trembling as she believed every word he said. There was nothing she could do to stop him if he chose to follow through.

Aliyah’s begging grew more desperate as she heard his belt unbuckle and his zipper slide down. She struggled against the binds on her arms, her wings fluttering and her nipples being yanked from their movement. She kept begging until his hand came down hard across her face. The force of the blow knocked her head into the wood and she ended up biting her tongue.

“Shut the fuck up, slut. You haven't been given a reason yet to make as much noise as you’re making. We’re just about to rectify that though.”

From the altar he collected a candle lighter, letting the end of it drop to the floor so the candle snuffer clanged loudly, echoing through the formally holy house. The noise made Aliyah jump again and she yelped as her chains tugged at her. When he brought the implement to her bare cheek she froze.

“I’d like to see a little more color on you before I move on. Do stay still, won't you?”

His first strike landed just below her cheeks where her thighs started and she let out a sharp shriek. Aliyah cried out as the next hit landed squarely on her ass, feeling the long thin welt beginning to form already.

Jack struck her again and again, letting each strike tilt enough so the length of the lighter crossed over the previous marks. Her wings spasmed as he took a step back so the candle snuffer landed heavily on her reddening cheeks. When the sniffer landed on an angle the metal cut into her skin, leaving crescent marks that droplets of blood leaked out of.

Aliyah was shouting for him to stop by the time his swinging slowed. He leaned the candle lighter in a way that its tip sat above one of the large candles on the ground. By the time he returned his attention to her ass her shouts had become desperate pleas.

His hand came down hard on her left cheek, eliciting a shriek from her. He spanked her again on her right cheek and inspected his palm, that had several splotches of blood on it. Moving up towards her face, he wiped his hand on her wing and pushed it up out of the way, holding it by the fractured bone while the chain threatened to rip her nipple off of her. She was sobbing by this point, the pain overwhelming as he lowered his face to hers.

“You’re going to learn a valuable lesson now. One that you should take care to learn, as your life will depend on it.”

He squeezed her bone until it cracked further as he picked up one of the candles, watching the fear flash bright across the tortured look on her face.

He yanked out another feather and she whined, doing her best to keep them still. Jack let the tip of the feather of the feather kiss the flickering flame. Aliyah’s eyes widened as the white tuft slowly brightened to orange, the light reflecting in her eyes, before browning and curling as it burned.

“I’m sure you didn’t need to see it, as you’ll be finding out how it feels now.”

“J-jack n-no no p-please I’ll do anything p-please don’t burn my w-wings!”

He ignored her as he lit the edges of her feathers on fire. While they started to catch he said with a calm voice, “Try to listen closely then. You’ll keep more plumage if you do." Several had started smoldering and Aliyah was groaning painfully, her wings fluttering to try to extinguish the sparks but only succeeded in fanning them into an orange glow against her white down feathers. And still he lit more on each wing.

Only when her sounds grew louder did he continue speaking “These will burn until you address me as Dominus. Your suffering will not end once you submit, it will only shift into a new torture.”

She cried and tried to put the flames out, her arms straining against her binds in vain. While she spasmed and shook he stroked himself to her wounded sounds, the pitch in her voice making his cock jump in his hand.

He dropped the candle and stepped over the base of the crucifix, hands moving onto her ass. He pulled her bruised cheeks apart, pressing his thumb into her asshole and making her shriek “Jack NO!” atop of her sobs from her smoking wings.

Jack lined his head up to her tight hole, taking some of of the blood from her cuts and wetting it slightly.

“Take as long as you need to learn your lesson, slut. Your screams are only making me harder.” With that statement he slammed himself into her, breaking her rim and ripping her open. She screamed until her voice cracked, her pussy biting into the wood it was split on and her wings seizing from the explosion of pain.

The climbing fire had moved onto new feathers, leaving charred quills and exposed nerves. He found one, still hot to the touch and squeezed, yanking it out to force another shriek out of the crying angel.

Her body tried to flatten itself on the wooden crux as he thrust inside her and reached for another burned quill. She cried out again, pleading “Jaacckk ppleaaseeeaaaghhhhh". He laughed at her anguish as he gripped her hips, fucking her harder.

“You know how to end this, angel.”

Aliyah turned her head away into the wood, her cheek red and splintered from rubbing against it. Despite the shooting pain inside her from each thrust and the growing flames on her wings, she would not give him what he wanted.

More feathers had caught on fire and she cried harder, her fingers digging into the crucifix on which she was being nailed to. Jack reached up and grabbed both hollow bones to use them to pull himself into her writhing body.

He wrenched them down, her breasts attempting to follow the movement while her back arched as best as it could within her restraints. Aliyah’s vision flickered as his grip on her wings tightened. She felt another crack forming in her injured wing, the pain unbearable as she blurted out “D-dominus stoopp!! P-please!”

He grinned wickedly upon hearing her cave, speeding up his harsh thrusts and groaning “I lied, slut. There is no stopping just yet.”

Jack moved his hands to her cracked wing, yanking, pulling and squeezing as she screamed and tried to free it from his grasp. She wailed “D-dominussaaahhhh!!” just as the hollow bone shattered within his hand. The bone fragments sliced into her muscles as he kept tugging, his moans of pleasure drowned out by her pained ones.

A few more thrusts was all it took for him to unload inside of her. Ropes of cum filled her stretched hole and stung her insides. As he finished he released her wing, which fell to the ground immediately, knocking down several candles.

The agony from the weight of it pulling at her strained tendons on top of the flames now licking at her broken wing had her screaming once more.

Jack pulled out of her and grabbed a bucket of ice water he had placed by the altar and tossed it over her body in an arch, extinguishing most of the flames. Her gasp from the sudden rush of cold left her even more breathless than before. He dropped the bucket and walked to her wing that was draped over the candles. He snuffed them out using his foot, grinding her feathers into the ground and producing another wail from the woman.

Rolling his shoulders, Jack walked to his armchair and sat down, collecting a glass of water and drinking it as her cries settled into whimpers. She had kept her face turned away from him while he watched her but it didn't matter. Her body trembled which each receding sob.

Only after she quieted did she turn her head, unable to prevent scratching her cheek on the wood as she did. To him, she looked like a wounded animal would. Involuntary little spasms throughout her body, timid eyes watching him warily. When those eyes flickered to his drink he smiled and took another sip before pouring it onto the ground. The noise that rose out of her throat was pitiful.

“The only thing you will get to quench your thirst is my cum or my piss, and you will beg for either. However, I think I need to break you more to have you accept that as your reality.”

Jack walked over to her, savoring the physical recoil that his presence triggered. Kneeling down he twisted free a bolt that held the horizontal part of the crucifix free, her hand still bound to it.

He rotated her wrists within the restraints until the block of wood rested on the back of her hands and with some effort he forced it over the back of her head behind her shoulders and pressing onto her wings, making her groan painfully.

He then gripped the vertical piece and lifted it, the edge digging sharply into her slit making her cry out again. Once it got to a certain point her weight caused her to slide down the wood and she shrieked as it splintered into her lips and mound. By the time her feet hit the ground she was shaking badly.

The wooden brace that held her arms threatened to topple her save for Jack grabbing it with one hand with a tsk sound.

“Oh you’ll sit, angel, but not on the ground. I have something special for you.”

Leaving her to struggle with the weight of the cross, he came back swinging a censer on the chain. It wasn't smoking like it would normally be. Instead, it seemed to have steam coming out of it. Jack had placed dry ice in its golden chamber beneath its large and pointed top.

When she saw it she shook her head vigorously, almost knocking herself down because of the brace. “Jac-Dominus Lord no please no don't do this, please!”

“There is nothing that you could say that would stop me from doing what I want to you.” he said as he placed the censer down just behind her.

Aliyah was helpless as he grabbed the brace and pulled backward, forcing her down until the tip of the censer jabbed into her bruised asscheek. She shrieked and fought as much as she could, which was her demise as the point slipped between her crack and her weight crashed down onto it.

She screamed and bucked, her body coming to a stop on the first large bulb, the triangular tip cutting the inside of her asshole. It was frigid cold, and it burned her insides fiercely. They could hear the hiss of the heat of her body combating the frozen metal; she sobbed and he grinned.

Jack leaned on the brace as he stood, putting more pressure onto her forcing more shrieks out of her as her rim stretched for the width of the bulb.

He circled her trembling body like a shark, his dark smile still plastered on his face as he saw her torment. His hand found his cock and he started stroking it as the woman before him filled the air with tormented cries.

The cold censer’s bulb disappeared inside of her and she balked as the next shape was had four edges that widened into the main chamber of the censer. Jack put his hand on her forehead, holding her head back and pushing her down. Her mouth hung open in a shriek as he brought his shaft closer, allowing himself to lean on her head more. The frozen metal stretched her wider still, small streams of blood coating the golden instrument. Some of the red dripped inside the censer and hit the dry ice, creating more steam which furthered Aliyah’s agony.

Releasing her head he knelt down, forcing two fingers into her snatch and making her jerk backwards as she sobbed and slid further down onto the censer. He withdrew his fingers and wiped her juices on her face, commenting snidely “Divine luck is on your side, your cunt is still warm enough for my cock.”

Jack spread her legs to expose her slit, angling himself just right and plunging himself inside of her. He lifted her legs up, forcing all of her balance to come from his cock and the point buried deep within her asshole. Her hole was tighter than he had imagined possible and he could feel the metal through the thin membrane between her holes.

He groaned as he rammed into her, her noises and words becoming incoherent. When her head dropped back against the brace he leaned down on her core to force more of it inside of her. Her head flew forward as she shrieked and her legs quaked within his hands.

“M-m-mercy D-dominus, MERCY!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as he held himself onto her still. The breaking of her voice and the desperation in it drove him over the edge and after a few more thrusts Jack found himself cumming hard inside of her.

He caught his breath while he leaned on her, prolonging her agony. When he finally lifted himself up off of her and dropped her legs she was crying again. Her trembling legs did what they could to try to alleviate the searing pain in her backside.

Jack stepped on the bottom of the censer to hold it in place as he lifted the whimpering angel off of the censer. It stuck at the bulb and he yanked her up, forcing a sobbing shriek out of her. He dropped her onto her knees, she doubled over instantly and the only thing stopping her from crushing her head from the brace was the other part of the crucifix.

Slowly he unbound her hands, letting them fall down without much thought. Aliyah retracted them quickly, hugging her torso with one and gingerly fingering the gaping hole behind her. This painful exploration left her weeping.

Not worried about her trying to escape, Jack took his time rebuilding the crucifix, screwing the pieces back together and positioning it so the horizontal piece was flush with the top stair of the altar.

Gently putting his hands on her shoulders he picked her up and let her take small steps towards it, suffering with each one. His gentleness came with thorns though, as he had her sit on the crux again as he held her. Despite herself she clung to his shirt, burying her face into the cloth.

When her crying had quieted he laid her back onto the crucifix, the wood biting into her bleeding ass and hurting her back. When he reached for her wrist she shook her head no, her quivering lips parting in a plea, clutching her hands to her chest.

Jack's expression soured, and she saw his kindness wither away as he snatched her hand and brought it back to its familiar bond against the brace. She complied with the second one easier, hoping to sate him but he made no indication of that being the case.

Once her ankles were bound, Jack stepped behind the counter and returned with a hammer and three nails.

“Jesus was nailed to the cross and it took three days for him to die. I wonder how long it would take you to do the same.”

Aliyah pleaded with him as Jack kneeled down on her wing, trapping the fluttering white and black limb to the wooden crux. He placed one nail on her bone and gave her horrified face one sadistic glance before he brought the hammer down onto its head. The nail pierced her bone and bit down into the wood.

Her scream was deafening and had barely tapered off as he nailed the middle of her wing to the crucifix. Having pinned the mobile one he toyed with the last nail as he looked at her writhing for.

“Now, while you are here. You will call to your God, you will pray for his help, his mercy, his love. If he is all that you believe he is, he will come for you and he will be your salvation. Or some bullshit like that, right?”

Moving to her other side, he found where her wing had shattered the most and he placed the nail there, drawing his hammer back and intentionally missing with an “Oops". Aliyah blacked out from the pain, the last thing she remembered was his face.

While she was unconscious, Jack lifted the bottom of the crucifix to a standing position where the top was wedged inside a broken step. He inspected it to make sure it was stable and when satisfied he gave her one last look before departing.

When she awoke, she was alone. She did as he said. She called for God, pleaded with him and begged. The minutes turned into hours as her desperation turned to delirium.

As she hung upside down, she felt lightheaded from lack of blood and dehydration. Her body was torn and broken to the point where she barely felt the discomfort of the shackles on her ankles that she was hung by. The nails in her wings ached painfully, occasionally dripping blood onto the floor inches below.

It was difficult to tell how long he had left her there for, his cum oozing out of her holes and slowly dripping down her body before drying on and inside of her. Aliyah recalled that it had been early morning when he had strung her up but it was hard to remember if it was really only a day or if more had passed.

She had looked up at some of his cum that had collected on her lower stomach and licked her cracked lips. It hurt her so much to think about how that would help sate some of her thirst. Her throat had become dry from the first time that he had raped her, and it had only gotten worse.

When the door to the church opened she flinched, the chains rattling around her. The noise of his footsteps down the aisle quickened the pace of her heart. She was dizzy and it affected her vision as he walked into view, his hand on his belt already. His smug look told her all she needed to know as she heard the belt slide through the pant loops.

“Are you ready for your holy sacrament, whore?”

“Nnuuhh n-no” She tried to respond, shaking her head. The movement sent a numbing tingling sensation through her bruised neck and she whimpered.

He smirked, and folded the belt over in one hand, stepping closer to her. Her pink lips were spotted with splinters and small cuts. Her ass hadn’t completely recovered yet from the sodomy she had endured from two nights ago.

Jack kicked her nailed wing, eliciting a yelp from the tormented angel. He tested the belt on his thigh as he licked his lips.

“We’ll see how soon you’ll be begging for your Eucharist, slut.”

The belt came down hard on her inner right thigh. He had no intention of aiming quite yet, as her in agony in any way was certain to aid him in achieving his goal. The next strike hit closer to her core and she shrieked.

Aliyah’s legs jerked at their restraints as the third lash bit into her inflamed clit. Her scream heightened as another two quickly followed in the same spot.

“Are you ready for your holy sacrament?” He asked again as he brought the belt down for a sixth time. The noise that shot out of her stirred his loins and he rubbed himself lightly through his pants as he swung again. As her body wasted what liquid it had left on tears, his pleasure swelled almost painfully and he groaned.

Her broken wing spasmed at the joint from each strike, the shattered bones scraping against tendons, threatening to slice through them at any moment. The next lash had her shriek and raise her shackled hands up to try to stop any further ones. Aliyah could barely see through her foggy eyes, blinded by pain and tears. The sadistic gleam in his own only grew as she refused to answer him.

Jack continued belting her slit until small splatters of blood followed through the air on the recoil. Her pleading became more desperate and her shrieks burned her dry throat almost as badly as her cunt burned and bled.

It was when he shifted the belt in his hands so that the metal clasp was at the end when her resolve began to break. The buckle found her slit and the agony threatened to make her retch. There were two more strikes before her voice became hoarse and she tried to speak to him.

“D-domi--AAHH pleAAHHHssee!!” was all she could get out between tormented screeches. She had no tears left to accompany the sob that escaped her throat as she couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

Aliyah cried out to him, her voice breaking partway through “P-please m-may I have your b-blessed sacrament, D-dominus?”

Her scream didn’t stop the lashing. Instead, it frenzied him and his strike hit home over and over until she had welts appearing on her broken slit. Her lips were puffed and red from blood and swelling, the trembling in her legs splitting them painfully. Only when she was stuck within one continuous scream did the belt stop swinging.

“Unlucky for you, cunt, I’m too hard now to give you what you so desperately want. Do you see what happens when you don't accept gifts right away? Your suffering intensifies.”

He dropped his pants, freeing his aching shaft and stroking it as he approached her quivering form. Her cries had been reduced to pained whimpers as his hand gripped her marked inner thigh, reigniting them. He jabbed his cock at her mouth and at first she refused to open it but a quick and harsh slap to her bleeding pussy corrected that.

Jack didn’t hesitate to force his way into her throat, making her gag and choke instantly. He groaned again, her mouth warm but not wet enough to be completely satisfying. His fingers found her torn entrance and dug deep into her snatch, making her scream around his cock. He thrust into her face hard and fast, savoring how her throat vibrated around him.

Aliyah’s hands had wrapped around his legs, trying to dig into them to stop him or to allow herself a chance to breathe. The fire between her legs was overwhelming and his fingers magnified that into an inferno. She could feel his fingers move faster as her blood lubed them and it hurt all the worse.

When his other hand pinched and pulled her abused clit she whited out for a moment, only to be brought back by a harsh thrust into her throat. She dry heaved around his cock and the constriction of her esophagus sent him over the edge. As he came he held her close, ensuring she’d choke on his seed.

By the time he stepped back it was leaking out of the side of her mouth and her bruised clit was throbbing painfully. She sputtered and tried to fill her lungs, some cum dripping down her face into her eye.

“Beg for it, angel.”

Still gasping and shaking she looked up at him with her clean eye. She swallowed the cum in her mouth along with what was left of her dignity as she stammered “D-dominus p-please bless me with your h-holy Eucharist.”

As the last word left her mouth his hand had taken his softening cock in his hand and aimed it straight for it. His stream started, hitting her chin before moving up to her neck and down between her wide open lips.

The angel took in as much as she could, the degrading act eating at her insides almost as badly as the dehydration was. Aliyah was able to get two good mouthfuls before he finished. Jack wiped his cock off on her damp cheek, her hair catching quite a bit of the yellow runoff.

He scoffed as he made the sign of the cross and said “The Piss of Christ", slapping her cheek before moving away to clean his hands of bodily fluids.

Aliyah managed to shed one tear as she whispered “Amen". Her mental state was precarious at best at this point. The position of her body, the spiritual torture mixed in with the physical were proving very effective.

Jack sat down in his armchair and studied her damaged form. Her wings had been mostly plucked or singed, the white plumage splattered with red on the floor below her. One hung limply from her shoulder, the weight of it wrote several lines of agony across her damp face. Her hair was matted with piss, tears, sweat and cum. He smiled to himself as he watched her have trouble focusing in on him, her eyes occasionally clouding over from lightheadedness.

The silence must have worn on for too long as her raspy voice broke through it barely above a whisper, “D-dominus? P-please ma..may I c-come down now? I can’t.. I c-can’t go on l-like this.”

He let her request linger in the air unanswered for a moment longer before standing. Jack crouched down and softly placed his hand on her tear stained cheek, feeling her flinch under his touch and the look of fear in her eyes as she tried to hold his gaze.

Silently he took a hammer and pried the nails out of her wing, undid her shackles on her wrists and stood to release her ankles. Just before she fell he caught her legs and guided her body to the ground.

Aliyah was crying again, from relief and from thankfulness. She watched through bleary eyes as he returned to his armchair, suddenly and unexpectedly feeling very alone without him next to her. Shakily, she got to her hands and knees, and crawled towards him. Her one wing collected the discarded feathers as it was dragged down the steps and the other was folded perched on her shoulder. She nearly collapsed into his leg when she reached him and she wrapped her arms around his shin.

“P-please don’t leave me again, Dominus.. please" she begged, fresh tears falling as she felt his hand gently stroke the top of her matted hair.

“Give me a reason as to why I shouldn't.” He demanded, tilting her head back to look at him with a slight pull of her hair.

Her eyes portrayed her worry as she questioned whether she could provide him with one. She couldn't remember at what point it was where she had stopped praying for God’s salvation and started praying for his. She wasn't entirely aware of the magnitude of her words when she said them but it felt right as they spilled out of her aching chest.

“I-I swear myself to you, Dominus. I’ve accepted your h-holy sacrament and I crave it. I will w-weather any storm you wish to cast upon m-me and I will s-serve only you.”

Her total submission had stirred his groin and he stood, meeting her upturned eyes with his own. She kissed his thigh that she still held and his hand moved to the back of her head.

Jack stroked her hair for a moment, looking into her bright, cautiously optimistic eyes before he shoved her backwards onto the ground. She fell with a short cry and he pounced on her as a tiger would a fallen deer.

His knee wedged her legs open, which at first she resisted but soon gave way him. Her charred wings were splayed out on the floor, a plethora of feathers missing from each. Her eyes watched his face as his attention followed his hand down to her dark and bruised nipples. Her breasts, formerly white as snow with silver streaks in them, were purplish and the streaks struggled to shine through.

Her back arched as he groped each and twisted both nipples, a hiss escaping her lips. He released one to guide his cock into her once more. She moaned as his shaft filled her until his hand came down across her mouth, silencing her.

“Your only purpose is to pleasure me, slut. And to do that, you need to scream for me.”

Jack shoved himself inside her as he struck her breast, sending it flying into the other. She yelped and shook as he pinched her aching buds with his nails. Her head fell back as she groaned in anguish, her hips rising up to meet his.

When he released them she whimpered, the blood rushing back into them. He thrust into her abused pussy as he lifted her ass up, his fingers digging into her cheeks. They reignited the lashmarks she had, making her cry out once more.

Her one wing that still moved twitched as he slapped her ass, fingers groping towards her gaping hole. He could feel the dried blood crack under his fingertips and it made him fuck her harder remembering all he had done and thinking about all he would do to her in the future.

Jack leaned down over her, one hand slapping her cheek and drawing her focus back onto him. He whispered between his teeth as he gripped her neck fiercely. “Who is your god, whore?”

Her busted lips trembled as she tried to breath, whimper and scream all at once. Her eyes were painfully wide and fearful. Gone was the anger she had held since the moment she was captured. She was so completely and utterly broken before him, her physical form, her psyche, all shattered on the floor below them in a cloud of bloody feathers.

She managed to gasp out two words as her vision began to fade, the image of him distorting before her, “You, Deus.”

He released her neck and before she could catch her breath he kissed her, feeling her being melt within his embrace.

When he pulled back, looking down at the creature before him he knew that she was solely his. Her eyes were dreamlike as she watched him scoop her up, holding her just under her wings and her knees. Her delicate and discolored arm went around his neck as she leaned into him and he kissed her forehead. What he whispered against it made her smile weakly.

“You will heal, and I will break you all over again.”
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