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Like I said at the end of my last story I was about to do something real stupid!!
Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago #4 – Deep in the state..

Like I said at the end of my last story I was about to do something real stupid!! After having my vasectomy I didn’t have any worry about pregnant lady friends and the word got around about me shooting blanks.. so what did I do..propose marriage to my “girl friend” of a couple years.. Cheryl and Carmen were pissed and two that I worked with but hadn’t bedded yet weren’t real happy.. I had lost track of Michell and Linda..the ladies that worked the houses were very mobile and Cheryl was making noises she wanted to move on..I think she was hoping I would marry her but the age difference was to much for me..

The soon to be spouse made all kinds of plans for the wedding that was to be in Virginia of my favorite places.. she made sure her folks would be there and I couldn’t think of any two people I liked less..her mother was and is the biggest phony bitch I’ve ever bought tits and chin..always complaining and picking on her old man and giving me dirty looks! The soon to be spouse started out the day drinking tequila shots and by wedding time was standing in front of the JP swaying like a spindly tree in the wind..

The party after went from bar to bar and the new wife was shit faced giving me hints as to the future..a coworkers lady started putting the move on me which he didn’t care about but the new wife saw her rubbing her pussy on my leg and stepped in with “that’s my old man your fucking with!” and that came to an end..the nite came to an end with me carrying her to the hotel and throwing up all over the pussy that nite and I had a very uneasy feeling as to the future..

Gold and silver mining in the west required moving around and in 8 years I moved 4 times. 90 to 93 I was based in Winnemucca, 93 to 95 I was in Round Mountain and 95-96 Reno and back to Winnemucca 96 to 98..

Living in RM had it’s pluses and minuses .. 250 miles to Vegas, 250 to Reno, 250 to Elko and 200 to Winnemucca..the middle of nowhere did apply. There was one bar and one bar/restaurant. Exploring the ghost towns was wonderful and I even found a long lost relative buried in 1867..I was in 7th heaven but my spouse wanted more excitement and booze! She always watched other women around me and seemed to eyeball them in a strange way.

While in Round Mountain the one bar - restaurant , Smokey Valley opened under new management..oh damn who says life doesn’t go in circles..I waited for the crowds to subside a bit before heading there for lunch with my assistant, Frank who was married but his wife stayed elsewhere and he would head to his home in Elko on the weekends. We sat there and checked out the place which was huge! We ordered iced tea and burgers from the waitress who looked a bit familiar from my days in Winnemucca but I said nothing. We sat there and discussed goings on at the mine and our food was delivered and I didn’t look up but when the server walked away and the rear view looked like a bit heavier model of a set of buns from the past..OMG..Linda from the Wild Horse?? My exclamation of HOLY SHIT..caused her to turn around and her face became red with embarrassment and she stopped dead in her tracks..Frank asked “do you know her?” and I said “yes” and didn’t say anything else and Linda headed to the kitchen.. We finished lunch and upon leaving I slipped a business card into the money and asked the waitress to give it to Linda. Without looking at the card she said “sure Mike” and again I wondered where I knew her from??

The ride back to the mine was quiet but Frank did ask “where do I know Linda and the waitress from?? I said “ I don’t kiss and tell”.. I had a meeting with mine management and my phone rang twice during the meeting and I let it go to voice mail..when I got back to the shop I checked messages and I had from Bonnie, Cheryl’s roommate from the Circle in Winnemucca and now waitress and co-owner at the Smokey Valley and she asked me to call and not mention to anyone how I knew her and one from Linda saying the same thing..

I called Bonnie and told her I understood her wanting anonymity in her new endeavor and would honor her request. I asked to speak to Linda and she asked me why I didn’t just call her on her cell..I told her my wife was extremely jealous and always checking my phone. She handed the phone to Linda and right off she thanked me for not letting anyone know her past..I told her I was not a kiss and tell kinda guy and respected her wanting to get away from the “Cat House” way of life. She asked if I ever went out at night and I said not that often as the wife is a pain in the ass but maybe this weekend for a beer.

We stopped by Friday night, shot some pool, shuffle board and drank beer..lot’s of beer. I slowed down and the wife was her normal nasty drunk self.. The place started to empty out about 10 PM and I told the wife it’s time to go..she said NO! I’m talking to Linda.. so I sat down and Bonnie brought me a coke..when she leaned across me to grab the glasses she whispered in my ear that Cheryl told her I was a great fuck and a pro at eating and washing pussy’s.. I just shook my head and smiled. I looked over at Linda and she was smiling and shaking her head. The wife couldn’t see past her nose and had her normal shit faced look and tried giving me one of her sewer pipe kisses..

A couple weeks later the wife said she was going to Mexico to be with her parents..HOT DAMN..small favors..I loaded her truck and sent her on the way hoping maybe she wouldn’t make it back..wishful thinking..

Friday nite I texted Linda that I would stop by and she texted back to make 9:30 or later to help her close. I got there about 10PM as I fell asleep on the couch and the parking lot was empty…good sign! As I was pulling the door open Bonnie had hold of the inner handle and I ended up with catching her in my arms stopping a tumble down the steps… she squeaked a hello and commenced to plant a kiss on my lips..she pulled me inside and said Linda has been unbearable all night waiting on you. I walked past her to the juke box and punched in Unchained Melody and walked back to Linda and asked if I could have this dance.. She broke into the broadest smile and started crying..I have no defense with a woman crying and just took her in my arms, started to dance and kissed her the most sexy kiss threw her tears. I said I hoped these were tears of joy?? She said it’s been a year since the Wild Horse and she’d been thinking of me most every night..but the true answer is yes and no.. she pulled me into the tightest hug I’ve ever got from a lady.. I didn’t mention earlier that she had probably gained 40 lbs and most it was in her tits and ass..she was curvy and a bunch sexier in looks.. The song ended and Bonnie said she would see us later and not to have to much fun but..if we needed any help let her know..

I pushed her back to arms length and asked what the no part was..she looked down and said much has happened in the last year and most of it was bad and at the Wild Horse..I just stood there and said you can tell me all or nothing..I wanted her trust.. She said after I left the Wild Horse all hell broke lose with the mafioso bouncers and they both raped her repeatedly and beat her and Michell bad. Her life for the next 3 months was a living hell. I asked where Michell was and she said Elko at the Pussy Cat.. We sat and talked for a couple hours just holding hands and a kiss once in a while.. I got the feeling that sex was not on the agenda and this proved out.. she said she still had some emotional scars from the abuse and if I needed sexual release we could head to her trailer and Bonnie would take care of me..I told her that I could wait and just wanted to be with her for a while more tonight. We headed to her trailer which was at the north end of the area mine was. We headed in and Bonnie wandered out of her bedroom wearing a tee shirt and gave me another hug and kiss. Linda asked if I needed relief from the apparent hardon I was sporting and I sat down on the couch and said later..maybe. Bonnie raised her shirt to show off her body and I was reminded of Cheryl..I told her another time and Linda headed into the same bedroom dragging Bonnie who was mumbling she needed a dick in her pussy and not a lecture..

Linda came out wearing a similar larger tee shirt and sat next to me. I asked her if she and Bonnie shared the same bed? And she responded they only had one bed and yes they shared bed and bodies..I said that doesn’t help with the hardon visualizing that and she smiled and said go jump in bed with Bonnie and get it over, then we can talk. I leaned back and pulled her into me, put my arms around her and gently stroked her breast, gave her a light kiss on the lips and said I could wait..for a while. She let me continue stroking her tit and commenced to tell me, blow by blow what happened at the ranch. Well so much for that hardon and we fell asleep on the couch.

I woke just at sun up and had a piss hardon that needed immediate release. I laid Linda out on the couch and headed down the hall for the bathroom. I saw no light on and went in to find Bonnie sitting on the toilet peeing. She smiled and said “oh goody breakfast!” I said I really needed to pee and she said not with that hardon and pulled my shorts down and swallowed me to my base in a deep throat. She continued sucking me and I felt her shift around and start fingering her pussy..I said I’d prefer to eat her pussy while she sucked me and she shook her head no and continued blowing me and the feel of her throat on my dick head was unreal. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and stuck her hand in the air and I grabbed it and sucked her fingers until they were clean. The smell and taste of her pussy set me off and as I came my knees tried to buckle.. after 3 or 4 strong ejaculations she pushed off and said I did taste different after a vasectomy. She leaned back and spread her legs and said piss on her pussy.. I started a strong steam pissing on her lips and clit and she moaned “damn I’m cumming!”

Bonnie stood up and gave me a full body hug and said I better take care not to hurt Linda and kissed me full on the lips. Linda was still asleep on the couch face down and her tee shirt had ridden up on her back and her butt looked so good. I started rubbing her back and buns and she started squirming her front down and said if I kept that up she might forget her past..for a while. I leaned over her and gave her a kiss on the neck and said let’s not rush this..Bonnie drained me. She rolled over pulling her shirt down to cover her pussy and I leaned in and kissed her snatch through the shirt and blew a breath in..she squealed that’s hot and Bonnie walked in the room naked and rubbing her pussy..Linda said that looks like it needs a licking and she laughed and said it needs a shower..

I headed home for a shower and change of clothes..the mines run 24/7 and Frank was home in Elko. I worked a long day Saturday and half of Sunday and texted Linda that she could swing by my place with or without Bonnie. She replied that Bonnie was headed to Elko to see Cheryl and she would be over after close which on Sundays was 8PM.

I puttered around my shop tearing my race car apart, I was deep into off road racing all over the west and Mexico. This was the slim thread that kept me with wife and that thread was getting weaker by the day. When Linda showed up I was in the shop starting to close up and she was looking over the car. I told her maybe I’d take her for the ride of her life and she smiled how about tonite? I opened the top and helped her climb in and latched the 5 point seat belts and climbed in the other side and buckled up. I started the engine and she said that doesn’t sound like a VW and I said it was a 3.2 liter Type IV VW / Porsche. We took off up the road to BLM land and I flipped on the top lights that were a couple million candle power and lit up the nite into day! I had put the intercom headsets on without the helmets and she was screaming the whole ride. We did 20 miles or so through the desert and came back to the shop. We drove into the shop and I asked her what she thought..she said it was very exciting but she would prefer watching and not participating..

We went into the trailer and she plopped down on the couch and as I walked towards her she got the most terrified look on her face. I stopped and asked what was wrong and she said she felt very afraid of me and I would rape her.. I sat at the end of the couch and waited for her to break the silence. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and was sobbing deeply. We sat at opposite ends of the couch for at least 30 minutes. I told her it would probably be best for her to head home and get her act together..That was the last time I saw her for 20+ years. Bonnie called me Monday morning and said she left last nite and was headed to New Mexico! I was totally dumb founded and said I’d like to talk to her later in the day. The bar was closed Monday and she said she’d meet me at my place at 5PM.

She was waiting on me and as I got out of the truck she walked over and grabbed me for a hug and a kiss. I told her to hold off till we got in the house and led her to the door. When we got inside she sat on the couch in the same place Linda did and commenced to start crying..again. I thought great and hesitated on approaching her but she reached out to me and said she needed physical touching and had no fear of me like Linda does..

I will end the story here.. the saga with Linda does resume in the future and I made multiple moves around Nevada and back to Arizona. I’m sure the critics will vote negative on this story and I could care less..the truth is definitely stranger than fiction..
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