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Father Daughter dance, with a friend.
Sins of the Father: Chapter 3

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Friday: Ten Days later

Ten days… ten days!

That’s a long time to be away from your new lover. What made it worse was that my new lover was so close by, so very close. The only thing that stood between us was my wife. And my two sons. And the civilized world, too.

If I could just hang on a few more hours.

Last Tuesday was supposed to be our day, we were both counting on it. But I had an issue at work that had to be attended to, and Ashley and I missed our window of opportunity.

Fortunately, we had other plans. Tonight was the annual Father/Daughter Benefit at Ashley’s school and I had not one, but two daughters going with me. Alyssa wasn’t technically my daughter, but the school didn’t mind as more attendees meant more donations.

I was terrified when I first found out that Ashley had told her friend Alyssa about our goings-on. A father and daughter romance is not something you want made public. The repercussions would be… well, too terrible to contemplate. But Ashley assured me that she and Alyssa were beyond tight and nothing would ever be said, no matter what.

My wife had the boys ready and packed for their weekend baseball tournament. She’d promised me a blow-job complete with swallowing if I took Alyssa to the father/daughter thing. Little did she know that she didn’t have to ‘pay’ me to do that! Ashley told me how Alyssa was gearing up for the event, and the subsequent sleepover.

I kissed Blaire good-bye and told the boys I loved them and to keep me up to date with their games. And that was that.

Now, what does the well-dressed dad wear to this kind of event? Ashley said no to a suit and tie. She wanted me to look good, though, so we settled on dress shoes, khaki pants, and a nice untucked long sleeve shirt. Topping it off with a cardigan, I kind of looked like a hipster, a mid-40s hipster. Oh well, I thought. She likes it.

“You know what,” I started as Ashley put the finishing touches on her lip gloss. “We could just skip the whole thing and do some… stuff.”

“Calm down, old man,” she teased. “We can't skip this, I’m on the planning committee. Besides, Alyssa is really excited but really nervous. This will give her a chance to warm up to you.” She puckered her shiny lips a couple of times.

“Cherry?” I asked.

“Strawberry. I know you don't like cherry, Daddy-O.”

Her phone buzzed and she checked it.

“Will you let Alyssa in? Her mom’s dropping her off.”

I headed downstairs, feeling funny. I was going to have to talk to her mom. Jennifer and I had talked at least a thousand times over the years as the kids grew up. But now I felt like a naughty boy who’s trying to hide his dirty thoughts from the parent.

“Hey you guys!” I said as I opened the door. “Come on in! Ashley’s upstairs, of course.”

Alyssa was just in school clothes as she gave me a quick little wink and a semi-hug, then she dashed up the stairs to get dressed. Jennifer gave me a hug that lasted a couple seconds too long.

“I’m just… so grateful you could take her to this. Darryl has been such an asshole these last few years. She needs… she needs a father sometimes. Men have a certain way of dealing with problems… hey where’s Blaire, is she upstairs too?”

“She took the A-Team to Springfield for the weekend. She’ll be back late Sunday.”

She gave me a flirty little grin.

“Oh really now. Well, damn. Almost makes me wish I wasn’t going with the girls to the spa! You gonna be okay with these two?”

I assured her we’d be fine as they had plans and I had a lot of work to do. No worries, babe.

She made another innuendo about her and I, but I made some comment how being married has really put a damper on my dating life. She laughed and said goodbye after another too-long hug.

Try not to eat your sorrows, babe. If you dropped 30-40 pounds, things might improve for you.

I brushed my teeth and waited impatiently for my girls. I tried watching some historical videos on YouTube, but nothing seemed to hold my attention. I kept hearing the girls giggling upstairs, which didn’t help. I checked out online pics of father-daughter dances and then made a snap decision: I wasn’t going to wear this hipster shit. I’m going to dress like a fucking man should dress.

The girls finally made their grand entrance, parading down the stairs. Their matching Michael Kors party dresses made them look like sisters. I was so relieved about the dresses because most of the time they wore these skimpy little whore-looking dresses that would be inappropriate for Dads. But these were just adorable, catching the part girl/part grown-up vibe perfectly.

Then, they gushed over my simple black Ralph Lauren suit. I worked out pretty religiously and was able to fit into the slim-fit styles. With my hair slicked and styled, silver tie and pocket square, I didn’t look too bad for a middle-aged-father-type, if I do say so myself.

The girls posed and I took three thousand snaps of them. Then, I posed with Alyssa in several different shots, but I made sure they looked completely chaste and innocent. I did the same thing with Ashley but a problem developed. Alyssa wore a bra because she had to, they were just too big. But Ashley was braless, and her girls kept bumping into me. I got a full-on erection.

A few shots later, Alyssa said, “Guys, I can’t take any more pictures. Look.”

She held the camera for us and you could clearly see the bulge in my pants. Also completely apparent was the way we were looking at each other. Yeah, these wouldn’t do at all.

“Maybe…” Alyssa began. “Maybe you guys should just go. I don’t want to be a third wheel. I can, like, watch Netflix or something…”

Ashley looked at me pleadingly. Do something, Dad.

Yeah, I needed to do something and do it fast. She was obviously uncomfortable with me and didn’t know how she was going to fit in with Ash and I. I walked to her and put my hands on her shoulders.

“Young lady. You are pretty much a member of our family already. But tonight, I want you to be my honorary daughter. I will treat you no differently than I do my Ashley. You will be… my Alyssa. How does that sound?”

A shy smile crept across her face.

“Do I still have to call you Mr. Gussman?”

“Mmm, maybe just in front of the other parents. But now, when we are alone, you can call me Jeremy.”

“Oh,” she said, dejected. “I thought I was going to be your honorary daughter.”

I looked at Ashley, her eyes glassy with emotion. She nodded her head enthusiastically.

I pulled Alyssa a little closer to me.

“You could call me… Father?” I couldn’t help but tease her. I’m the fun dad, ya know?

She shook her head and made a face at me. I tried again.

“How about… Dad? No? Hmm… then it has to be Daddy.”

She giggled and threw her arms around me. I hugged her tightly, my hands on her back. She ground up against my hard cock, then looked up at me.

“Daddy?” she whispered up at me. “Will you, like, let me kiss you?”

“Of course, sweetie,” I replied and I presented my cheek to her up-turned face.

She planted her mouth on my cheek, but it wasn’t a quick peck. I felt her wet mouth linger on my cheek, then she traveled closer to my lips, until finally she grabbed my chin and turned my head so I faced her directly. Her lips found mine, and we kissed for only a few seconds when her tongue licked my lips. I hesitated for a couple moments as I began to wonder what Ashley was thinking about all of this. That didn't last long as Ashley came over and hugged us both. I broke the kiss with Alyssa and turned to Ashley, she kissed me long and hard. Then Ashley kissed Alyssa and… well I lost track after that but there was lots of kissing between us.

Ashley’s hand groped my rigid cock. “You should feel this, Lys.”

I felt another hand on me, beginning to stroke me through my slacks.

“Hey, um… the uh, Father (cough) daughter dance… well... Blaire is expecting pictures.”

They both smiled at me. Ashley began, “Yeah, shit. I almost don’t want to even go now. But, we have to, right?”

We reluctantly separated and each began our touch-ups. I just needed to wipe all the lip-gloss off my face and check my hair, then I was ready.

The Event

We arrived a little late, walking in and finding our seats just as they were finishing up the, “thank you’s.” I was glad to see we weren’t the anomaly, several other dads had two girls with them also. The men at our table nodded at me, and the girls all giggled and complemented each other.

As we settled in and watched the first of several student-talent acts, I felt feet working up each of my legs. Those little minxes are going to get me in trouble.

I should probably mention some of Alyssa’s physical characteristics at this point. Where my Ashley was very petite but with an impressive chest for her small frame, Alyssa was more of the athletic type. Several inches taller than Ash at about 5’9”. She also had some thick thighs and an ass to go along with it. But what most people noticed was her rather busty nature. I couldn’t say for sure, but I was guessing very full D cups which were quite impressive. Her statuesque appearance starkly contrasted with Ashley's little pixie vibe, but I found her immensely sexy. My Ash was the prettier of the two, her well-defined features made people notice wherever she went. Alyssa was more girl-next-door type, pretty but not quite model-quality like my daughter.

At the intermission, the other dads seemed very interested in me and my situation; complimenting me on my daughter and her friend. I made sure to keep the whole conversation on the up and up as I wanted no implications, complications, or insinuations. I was pretty sure, though, that a couple other daughters at the table were giving me the once-over. I mean, you know, most dads hit thirty-five and the “schlub” factor starts increasing exponentially. Whereas I worked out and took care of myself so that even though I’m past forty, I looked better than most of the dads there. Plus, I had the suit on and most of these dads wore outfits that seemed to magnify their dad-bods.

After some speeches about Grandma’s House of Hope (a really great group doing things for at-risk families), we finally got down to the dancing. The first few songs were fast and danceable so both of my “daughters” danced with me. A few other dads had both their girls with them so we didn’t look out of the ordinary. We had fun trying to keep it clean in spite of the suggestive looks they both kept giving me.

The DJ then announced two slow dances were coming up to end the dance portion of the evening. Alyssa sat down as Ashley stepped up to me, her arms encircling my waist.

“Honey, we have to dance proper, okay? Put your right hand out to the side, good girl.” The lights lowered as the Amy Winehouse rendition of “To know him is to love him” eased forth from the speakers. Such a beautiful song with poignant lyrics, it made both Ash and I teary-eyed as we moved around the floor. She also made sure to brush her breasts against me now and then, smiling when that happened. By the end, my sizeable erection pressed into her as we hugged and quickly kissed each other on the lips.

Fortunately, the lights stayed low as that song ended and Ashley departed, soon to be replaced by Alyssa as “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts began playing.

However, as my dance with Ashley was fun and loving yet still proper, this dance began with Alyssa clutching onto me tightly. Her shoulders jumped as she sobbed into my shoulder. Still with my hard-on, I felt her unusually large breasts crushing into me. My mind spun as I tried to reconcile my body’s reactions with what I should be doing; comforting this poor girl who’s dad was a shit-heal.

I shushed her and stroked her hair while we danced, and she calmed down a bit.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“Nothing to be sorry about, Lys. I’m sorry about my, ummm…” I wiggled a bit to show her I meant my cock.

“Mister… I mean, Daddy… I just don’t know what to say. My Dad is like… well, such an asshole. And you’re so much not an asshole. Thank you for bringing me here and… everything else you’ve done for me....”

She hugged me harder and I could hear her sniffling. I’m glad my Ash is so observant, she saw this and came out on the floor immediately as the song ended to escort her friend to the ladies room. With people’s eyes on them, nobody seemed to notice my tented slacks as I quickly made my way to our table.

“Is she okay?” asked Jack, a nice guy with a cute daughter to my right. The whole table looked at me.

“She’s just very sad about her real father. He left a few years ago and has been absent and out of touch. We thought this might be good for her: you know, me stepping in and being a pseudo-dad. But now I’m not so sure.”

The other fathers reassured me that I was doing an honorable thing. I wondered what they would think in about forty-five minutes, if getting it on with her was still honorable.

My phone buzzed.

“Oh,” I announced to the table. “Well I guess our evening has come to an end. Alyssa needs to go home, it seems.”

I shook hands with the Dad’s and promised to pass on the good wishes to Alyssa from the girls. I found my dates and we walked out of the hallway and into the parking lot with a daughter on each arm.

“You okay, Lys? Can I do anything?”

Her head leaning on my shoulder, she spoke in low tones.

“You can take me to your house and fuck me. I mean, after Ashley, of course. But can you fuck me soon? Ashley promised me you would.”

“She did? Well, I don’t see a problem with that. But first, Ashley is going to need a spanking for making promises that concern me without telling me.”

I turned my head to see Ashley looking up at me. Her eyes sparkled in the pale light of the parking lot.

- - - - -

“My room. Ten minutes.”

The girls scampered inside as I made my way to the bar. I poured myself a couple fingers of Maker’s Mark into a tumbler. I thought better of that and poured another finger, drank about half of the glass, then went up to my room.

I got undressed and brushed my teeth. I thought about rinsing down with a washcloth, but then I thought better of it.

These girls need to know how a man smells.

I lit a couple candles and set the bed lights on low with the dimmer switch. Sliding into the bed, the silky sheets felt great in my bare skin. I sipped my whiskey and got some soft jazz on my phone and played it through the Bose system. Because of the music and lights, there was a soft, romantic ambience that permeated the room.

I have to admit, a few warning bells were clanging pretty loudly in my head. I took another sip of the Maker’s and tried to rationalize my behavior, maybe quiet those bells. Alyssa was pretty much a grown-up, sort of. She could keep a secret, I was sure. And as long as I had known her, she never seemed vindictive in any way. Yeah, it was going to be okay… I hoped.

“Daddy? Are you ready?”

Too late to back out now.

“Yeah, come on in!”

The girls came in wearing Ashley’s robes; Lys had on a way-too-small “My Little Pony” robe from I don’t know how long ago, and Ash wore her regular Spiderman robe. They giggled as they showed off their stylish evening wear to me, twirling each other and then curtseying to me. It was very cute and very little-girl-like, a rather sharp contrast to what was coming.

With each hand, I patted the spaces beside me. They looked at each other, then jumped on the bed and scampered up to me. As they moved the sheets around to get under them, they both noticed my semi-hard cock just hanging out down there. I put my arm around each of them as they snuggled up on me; Ash on my right and Lys on my left. Both of them leaned into me, crushing their breasts into my sides. The thin robes did almost nothing to protect their flesh from mine; I went fully erect in just a few seconds.

“Did you girls enjoy the benefit tonight?”

“Yes, Daddy,” they both said in unison. Then both said “Jinx!” again at the same time and fell into hysterics.

After they settled down, I kissed each of their foreheads and told them how proud I was to be there with the two best looking girls in the world. Ashley turned and leaned up to kiss me, her left hand around my back and her right holding my face. I sighed into her mouth as her soft, wet lips met mine in a deep but tender kiss. Then another hand found my cock and lightly surrounded it in a gentle grip.

I broke the kiss and leaned my head back with an audible “Ahhhhhhh”. Ashley put her hand partially on Alyssa’s, I could feel both of them grip my erection. Lys moved up and kissed me with her full lips and bigger mouth. Her large breasts crushed into me while I pushed my tongue inside her hungry mouth. I still had an arm around each of them, basically unable to touch anything except their backs.

Ashley turned to kiss my cheek and then worked her mouth onto mine meeting Lys. The feeling of kissing two mouths and two wet tongues began to overwhelm all of us and we began giggling. Pulling apart, we tried to maintain but just couldn’t. Silly girls, I thought. But I was right there with them, laughing and unable to keep a straight face.

“Alright you two,” I said, in a mock-stern voice. “Time to get rid of those silly robes. And I think somebody is in line for a spanking.”

“That’s me,” volunteered Ashley as she pulled her robe off her petite body. She then helped Lys with the knot on her belt as it was stuck somehow. Finally, they got it undone and yanked Alyssa’s robe off.

“Ta-da! Aren’t they marvelous, Daddy?”

Ash seemed very proud of her friend’s boobs, while Lys seemed a little self-conscious. Ash got behind her and held Alyssa’s breasts up for me to inspect.

“They’re…” Lys began. “They’re too big and fat, aren’t they?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I tried to reassure her. “They’re spectacular!”

And they were. Large, as I said before. But with the firmness of youth, they stood out from her chest in such an impressive manner. Her large areolas surrounded her hardening nipples which probably measured a full inch in length. I leaned forward to kiss each of them, holding them with Ashley as I smothered them with love and kisses.

“Be proud of these,” I said after a minute or so. “Any guy that doesn’t love these isn’t worthy of you.”

“You really think so?”

I kissed her on the mouth again.

“Yes, honest to God.”

“Mister… oh shit I keep doing that! Okay, Daddy, Lee-Lee said you, like, spanked her boobs last week. Can you do that to me too?”

I surmised that Lee-Lee was her nickname for Ashley. I’m quick like that. I do work for an aerospace company, so, perhaps with a little bit of truth-stretching, I am a bit of a rocket scientist.

“Well let’s see how this goes. Ashley needs her spanking first, then tell me what you think. Ash, lay down across my lap... that’s my good girl.”

I sat up in the bed, leaning against the headboard. Ashley crawled over my thighs and laid face down, centering her bubble butt over my right leg. She mewled as she rested her head on her hands and looked at me.

“I’ve missed you, Daddy. We have, like, a lot of catching up to do.”

“We certainly do, my little love.”

I began spanking her lovely ass with just some moderate, borderline friendly little slaps. My hand didn’t even raise a foot off her skin, so these were fast but light slaps. Ashley moaned as my hand traveled fully over one cheek and then the other.

My cock, smashed up against Ashley’s side, leaked pre-cum at a prodigious rate. Ashley wiggled against it a few times, pushing out more fluid. Alyssa just sat in a squatted position, taking it all in with a look of awe on her face.

I spanked Ashley’s ass for a full minute and then took a break. Her pale skin was turning a lovely shade of light pink right before our eyes.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Lys. “It’s… it’s beautiful. Does it, like, hurt, Lee-Lee!

“Mmmm… not really. It tingles and like, makes me feel all warm inside.”

“Spread your legs, Ash. Show Alyssa how wet you are.”

Alyssa leaned over to inspect Ashley’s pussy as she opened her legs wide. We both saw the lips of her vagina glisten with desire. I reached over with both hands and spread Ashley’s cheeks apart, further displaying her asshole but my thumbs obscured the view of her wet petals.

“Alyssa,” I said I’m a low voice. “Kiss her there.”

“But I can’t reach… I mean you’re covering… you mean kiss her butt?”

Alyssa made a face and recoiled a few inches. I let go of my daughter’s ass and reached for Alyssa. Her large breasts dangled as she still leaned forward. I grabbed her nipples roughly and twisted them a full three-hundred and sixty degrees while pulling her breasts closer to me.

“We kiss ass in this house, Little One,” I spoke in my low and slow voice, in what I hoped was a menacing tone.

“There are punishments...” I said as I yanked on her twisted nipples. She yelped and looked at my face with her big brown doe eyes, becoming slightly glassy with the beginnings of tears.

“... And there are rewards.” I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips. As our open mouths worked gently together, I slowly relaxed my grip and let her nipples return to their normal state. I gently massaged them as our tongues found each other, swirling in ecstasy. She moaned in my mouth.

I pulled away and left her leaning forward in this semi-trance state.

She’s becoming mine, I thought.

“Lys?” I queried.

After a few seconds she said, “Huh? Oh… yeah. I mean, yes Daddy?”

“Get behind her.”

I pulled open my daughter's cheeks again. Without the slightest hesitation, Alyssa slid forward and dove in face-first to Ashley’s ass. She licked Ashley’s asshole slowly at first. Then she picked up the pace and covered her butt in saliva.

Boob man that I am, I held a breast from each of my girls as Alyssa now held her friends ass open. Both girls moaned as erogenous zones were stimulated.

“Stiffen your tongue, push it inside her.”

Lys obeyed me and slid her tongue inside my daughter’s little brown asshole. After just a minute or so, Ashley’s moans noticeably increased and I could tell she was beginning to climb.

“Alyssa, good girl. Now, back off a little bit… good.”

Ashley whined as she was getting nothing for a moment, and then my hand hit.


It was a hard hit from on high that landed squarely on her left cheek. Ashley grunted as I lifted my hand above my head again and let her have it on her right cheek.


Alyssa’s eyes practically bugged out of her head as she watched the spankings from up close. Ash grunted again, then moaned in agony/ecstasy. I kept spanking, hard on her bare ass.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Each slap resulted in louder grunts or cries and her ass turned a deep, inviting rose color.

I encouraged Alyssa to examine Ashley.

“Feel her skin… see how warm it is? And look at her pussy, I’ll bet it’s dripping.”

“It is, Daddy. She’s oozing juice.”

“Don’t touch her pussy, she’s right on the edge. Tell you what, Lys. Go over there to Blaire’s makeup counter… yeah now look to the right. See that hairbrush? Bring it over.”

“Please Daddy,” Ashley begged me.

“Please, what? Please stop spanking you? Please hit you harder? Please let you cum?”

Ashley could only choke out one word at a time, it seemed. “Please… just… please.”

I… enjoyed her suffering and torment. What kind of sick fuck enjoys the suffering of others? Apparently, the kind that spanks his daughter.

Lys handed me my wife’s gold-handled hairbrush. It was mostly for decoration, but it was perfect for this; long and wide, the gilded metal brush had a perfectly flat back to it and a well-formed handle. I raised my hand up over my head again, and I brought the pain, swift and true.


Ashley shrieked into her pillow as the hairbrush quickly caused a welt to appear on her right ass cheek.

“This has some kick to it,” I teased. “Doesn’t it, Ash?”


Ashley screamed, then trembled and shook as her orgasm finally got the best of her.

“Jesus Christ,” whispered Lys.

I targeted a couple inches higher on her cheeks, and let fly two more swats in rapid succession.


Tears poured down her face as she cried and screamed… and continued to orgasm.

SMACK! SMACK! Again just a little higher. Her first welts began to show some serious color as the bruising had begun. I continued spanking her with the hairbrush, hard strokes, on both cheeks and on her center where the blows concentrated on her vagina. Ashley just moaned and cried, her breathing ragged as she could barely keep up with her orgasms which continued to wrack her little frame.

I looked over at Alyssa who was watching me spanking my daughter intently. Her right hand rubbed her own pussy furiously while she rested her left on one of Ashley’s legs, ostensibly providing some comfort. She looked up at me when she noticed me looking at her, and she smiled. I smiled back and mouthed “You’re next,” to which she grinned and nodded her head vigorously.

I finally stopped the spanking at about this point, I figured she would already have trouble sitting down the next few days. Besides, she was full-on crying… which… turned me on immensely…

“Ash, babygirl. I think twenty-five is enough. Come up here and kiss me, love.”

She quickly turned and climbed up on me as I sat on the bed. I held my cock straight up so she could just slide down on me, which she did, impaling herself.

I held her as she sobbed on my shoulder, her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. I kissed her neck and side of her head as the tears flowed. Lys came up and hugged her from the back and side, her breasts crushed into my arm.

“It’s okay, honey,” I whispered. “Let it all out… yes baby… I know… I’ve got you now… shhhh… just feel my love inside you, you know I love you more than anything.”

Her crying relented over the next couple minutes. Alyssa went and got a handful of tissues so Ash could properly blow her nose and wipe her face.

Ash looked at me after throwing the tissues off the side of the bed.

“Thank you, Daddy. I have, like never, ever cum like that!”

She wrapped her legs around me, allowing my cock to drive deeper into her pussy and her clit to grind on me. Having had such a strong orgasm before, her clit was still super-sensitive. She tried to kiss me, but her constant moaning precluded any real kissing as she couldn’t form her lips properly.

Lys reached around and cupped Ashley’s breasts in her hands. Ashley released her grip on me and fell back slightly into Alyssa’s clutches, still on my cock, though. I pumped up and down into Ash as Alyssa tugged and twisted her nipples.

“Daddy… oh fuck… I’m cumming again… Daddy… yesssss…”

I felt her orgasmic contractions on my cock as she came for the umpteenth time. My cock was as stiff as a crowbar and I wasn’t done yet. Ashley slumped down and Alyssa’s quick reaction time allowed her to grab her firmly and let her down onto the bed slowly, my cock reluctantly sliding out.

“Mister, oh shit, I did it again! Okay, Daddy, Ashley looks pretty used up for now. And I’m… like… ummm… can you do stuff to me now?”

“You sure want all that?” I asked her, referring to the spanking.

She smiled at me for a moment, then she turned around on all fours, and crawled on top of Ashley, kissing her as she lay flat on her back. Alyssa’s ass stuck up invitingly, very invitingly.

“Ash?” Alyssa asked quietly. “Is it okay for your dad to, like, fuck me and stuff?”

Ashley broke the kiss, then turned her head to look at me. Alyssa lay her ass against Ashley’s and they both looked at me, cheek-to-cheek.

“Daddy,” whispered Ash. “I want you to show Lys, like, how it is. Will you, please Daddy?”

“Please, Daddy?” added Alyssa. “Spank me and make me cum like you did Ashley.”

Having one sexual daughter was amazing. Having her friend call me Daddy and want the same things, well my head nearly spun all the way around.

I laid down on my side next to them so my cock pointed at both their faces. I pushed my cock into Alyssa’s hot mouth first. She accepted my hardness with gusto. Unlike my daughter, Lys had several partners before me; she could take my cock nice and deep. I alternated fucking each of their mouths, pushing in until one gagged and then going into the other mouth. Two hot and receptive mouths… I considered cumming on both their faces for a moment, but I nixed that idea in favor of breaking in my new girl. I pulled away from them despite their protests.

“Alyssa, do a one-eighty. Yeah, face down by Ashley’s pussy, but stick your ass up in the air. I want Ashley to see this up close.”

Alyssa stuck her naked ass up high for me. Her pussy glistened with desire, and she rapidly contracted and relaxed her pussy muscles which seemed to make her asshole wink at me.

I reached out to her, both my hands on this forbidden flesh, this soft ass of my daughter’s teen-aged friend. Alyssa moaned as my hands kneaded her meaty ass, and she giggled when my fingers would brush over her wet pussy or asshole.

I used my left hand to touch her pussy lips, and dragged some of her juice up to her hot little backdoor. Just as she giggled and purred from that sensation, I lifted my right hand high, and let it fly.


“Oh shit!” Lys hollered. But I didn’t give her any time to adjust to this new sensation.


“Ow! Fuck!”

Swat… Swat Swat Swat Swat!

My hand traveled all over her ample ass, swatting her up and down, left and right, and right in the middle, too. Right there where much of the jolt went straight to her pussy.

Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat!

Ashley clamped her legs around Alyssa’s head, pinning Lys down to Ashley’s pussy. This served to reduce the volume of Alyssa’s screams as her face was now mostly in Ashley’s wet sex.

Ashley smiled up at me from underneath Alyssa.

“Daddy, spank her more.”

I laid down a fury of blows to Alyssa’s ass, the pink skin turning darker red as I watched. Her screams turned to sobs… jackpot.

I pushed two fingers hard up inside her vagina and twisted my hand a little so my thumb rubbed on her clit. After just a few hand thrusts, Alyssa’s body stiffened and convulsed as an intense orgasm overtook her. The room was filled with her screams, followed by long, low, deep moans. Secretions dripped out of her wet sex and into my daughter’s waiting mouth.

Alyssa would have rolled off of Ashley completely except Ash held her legs tight keeping her in the ass-up position. It was so inviting, seeing Alyssa’s ripe, red bottom sticking up in the air with her wet lips dripping spiderwebs of goo. I crawled up behind her, finding a place for knees amidst all the other body parts. I positioned my cock at her wet entrance. And I pushed.

Alyssa rose up on her hands as I penetrated her fully. Her tight pussy was super-lubricated and was no match for my passionate charge. I rammed my cock in and out of her with a fury seldom seen in men over the age of forty. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back with my left hand as I spanked her ass cheek repeatedly with my right. She moaned and squealed in pain and ecstasy as my daughter encouraged me vociferously.

“Go Daddy! Fuck her hard! She’s just oozing on my face, don’t stop!”

I reached around Alyssa to squeeze her breasts as hard as I could, she screamed and I felt her pussy contract on my cock as she came again for the nth time. I spanked the sides of her breasts so they slammed against each other and bounced back out for me to smack again; what a fun game to play while fucking.

Alyssa’s arms gave out and fell back down onto Ashley again. I grabbed her hair again and growled at my daughter to put her mouth on her while forcing Allysa’s pussy down onto my daughter’s face. It was all becoming too much for me. I had been holding back but enough was enough, I reasoned. I was only going to last about a minute more.

“Girls,” I panted, the sweat dripping off me. “I’m going… gonna cum soon.”

Allysa turned her tear-streaked and pussy drenched face back to me and said, “Daddy… give me your seed.”

I slapped her face and asked her, “Are you my dirty cunt? Huh? My dirty cunt like Ashley is?”

Stunned, she nodded to me.

I slapped her face again.

“Say it.”

With tears in her eyes, she moaned, “I’m your dirtiest cunt, Daddy. Give me everything you fucking got.”

I slapped her face harder this time, then spanked her ass repeatedly as my orgasm approached with the subtlety of a freight train.

I slammed my hips into Alyssa one final time, roaring at the top of my lungs as my sperm shot out of my cock, flooding her cervix. Her pussy contracted tightly on my cock as I continued to pump seed into her, draining me. Ashley moaned incomprehensibly, maybe she was cumming too.

I collapsed on top of Alyssa, then rolled off to one side and fell behind her.

Ashley banged my leg like she was trying to get my attention, so I looked back to where she was, and gasped at the sight. My cum was pouring out of Alyssa’s pussy… into Ashley’s mouth. Ash licked and consumed all of it, pulling Alyssa’s lips apart to be sure she got it all. When the flow stopped, I pushed Alyssa off and kissed Ashley right on her mouth, tasting my own cum in the process. Ashley threw her hands around me and we kissed hard, loving every second of our embrace

Lys coughed several times, and began sobbing. She crawled up to us and we let her in the mutual hug. She kissed Ash very hard, then grabbed me and kissed me so hard our teeth clicked together. She laughed uncontrollably, cried, and hugged me more. I pulled her with me so I could lay on my back and each girl took a spot on each side of me.

“Are you okay, Alyssa? Love?”

She nodded affirmatively at me, unable to talk as she was so overwhelmed with emotions, orgasms, and residual pain.

I hugged both of my girls hard, telling them I loved them both, how amazing they were, how sexy and beautiful they were. I kissed both of their foreheads as they cuddled on my chest, facing each other amidst my chest hair. Ashley was nearly as wound up as Alyssa, but she had been through this before and began to settle down rather quickly.

Lys, on the other hand, was still sobbing but trying not to, which only made her sobs more intense when she let them happen.

“Daddy,” Ashley offered. “You should lie down on top of her.”

I cocked my eye at her, as if to say why?

“She needs, oh it’s hard to explain. But just do it, okay?” She rolled off me, and I pushed Alyssa onto her back. I climbed over on top of her, most of my weight on my knees and elbows.

“No, Daddy. Lay down on her. Make her feel your weight.”

With a questioning glance at Ashley, I complied and let myself down further on Alyssa to where most of my body weight was crushing her. Her arms wrapped around me, holding me. I pushed my arms under her and held her close as we kissed tenderly. Her sobs quickly waned, I kissed the tears on her cheeks and she smiled at me.

Ashley squirmed her head in there also, kind of sideways, and whispered, “It’s okay, honey. He’s your Daddy too.”

New tears of joy sprang from Alyssa’s eyes as all three of us kissed, and tongued, and held each other.

- - -

I woke up at about one in the morning, both girls were still attached to me as I lay on my back. Ashley’s technique of me laying on top of Alyssa seemed to calm her down. Maybe it’s like with newborns when they get fussy; you wrap them up tight in a blanket, burrito-style, and they calm right down. It’s somehow very comforting to them.

I shook them off, but they both woke, worried.

“It’s okay,” I said quietly. “I’m just thirsty, I need some ice water.”

The three of us went downstairs so we could fill up some glasses. We all let out a nice “Ahhh” as we took long drinks.

“Can I like, just say something?” asked Alyssa. Ash and I nodded. “I mean I don’t, like, know how to say a speech or anything… but like, I just wanted to thank you guys. This has been the best day of my life and…”

She lowered her head and Ashley went to hug her. The two girls kissed lovingly, it was a beautiful sight to see. Then, they stopped and looked at me.

“Well?” asked my real daughter. “Are you, like, just gonna stand there, all conceited and shit?”

I laughed and took a step forward in their direction, my semi-hard cock preceding me by several inches.

We did the triple-hug thing, which we were getting quite good at now. Both young, soft bodies pressed up against me ensured my cock went to full power very quickly.

“Okay girls, who remembers what I said to Alyssa, right before we started this whole… escapade tonight.”

They thought, hemmed and hawed, and came up with nothing.

“Really?” I asked, feigning incredulity. “I thought it was rather important. It was when I was spanking you, Ashley, and Lys was looking at your asshole. And I said--”

Ashley interrupted me, “You said, and I quote, 'We eat ass in this house, Alyssa’.”

We all laughed for a moment until I interrupted them. “Ahem. Well, the point of that was, or is, that nobody has licked my ass. And it’s starting to piss me off.”

And that is how, ‘The War For Daddy’s Asshole,’ began. The battle was well-fought by both sides, and neither could be called a clear winner. A truce finally had to be called on account of ejaculation. Thankfully, no poison gas was released and there were no casualties. The combatants dutifully cleaned up the battlefield.

However, that war rages to this day.

- - - - - - End - - - - - -

Special thanks to Melanieatplay for her editorial work!



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